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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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examining the impact of today's headlines yesterday, our electricity was turned off this paul alive, setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes gonna from europe, then never called an immigrant, the always known as next path, international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform. and inspire, we live one people on this one planet, and we got to work the solutions together on al jazeera blue. this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm adrian for the good. this is what is our live from? doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes,
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i mentioned runs high as ultra nationalist jews. and to the alex almost compound ahead of a rally marking the occupation of east jerusalem. emotional seeing the sort of vigil for victims of the texas school mash shooting. president bible renews cause for tighter gun control ahead of his visit. more people go hungry and became a faso as fighting forces farmers off their land. a vs in columbia said to those in what's been called one of the most significant elections in recent years. and i'm sorry, how much was for israel madrid when a record extending 40 of the champions league, but their opponents, liverpool, demand and investigation of the several of their fans was sprayed with tear gas outside the stadium in paris. ah.
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is really forces dispersed palestinians who are protesting against the incursion of ultra nationalist, religious jewish groups in the alex a most compound. this is all taking place at of a flag march, marking israel's occupation of east jerusalem. in the 1967 war, it had been feared that it could lead to violence at a time of heightened tension. a splinter group of jewish ultram nationalists started to wave is really flags inside the alex a most compound. and that's an unusual scene that provoked anger among palestinian worshippers. they see it as part of a group effort to change the status quo at his lambs, 3rd, holiest sites. and some jewish worshippers prayed at the mosque compound, violating a long standing ban. they're allowed to visit the area, but apart from performing religious rights, israel supreme court recently overturned a court ruling that allowed jews to pray within the site. we have to correspondence following the story in a moment. we'll hear from you in the outside. has it garza but 1st,
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let's join rob matheson, who's in occupied east jerusalem. rob, what's the mood there right now? i did at the moment the mood is pretty quiet. that wasn't the case maybe 2 to 3 hours ago because since 7 o'clock this morning, as you were talking about is really nationalists have been making their way across the esplanade on the the alex, a mosque, copeland behind me there's about a 1044 of them, we've estimated, haven't made their way across in groups of about 30, and they've been escorted surrounded by israel border police. now, they have been allowed to walk across the esplanade, but they have not been allowed to stop. that went on for about an hour and a half, then we started to see social media pictures of members of some of those groups. as they were walking, you're walking past either kneeling or attempting to pray. or in one case, one man was, was one jewish man filmed himself,
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praying. and i was actually filming israeli board of the police who were attempting to make him to stop praying. but he refused to do so, and then subsequently arrested him. no, because of those with those social media posts, there has been an incredible amount of attention now of tension on the esplanade itself. let me just step out of the picture very briefly. just to let you see kind of what we're looking at here. the large building, the rectangular building is the i'll ask a mall. ok, so mosque compound. and on top of that that the building with the golden dome is the dome of the rock. now this is the 3rd most important site in islam to the left of it. is a mosque and to the left of that is the western wall, which is the most holy site in the, the jewish faith. now, when the social media post that i was talking about and materialized, we started to see pictures coming out classes between palestinians who had been on the esplanade waiting for the is really nationalist to walk past who were then
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starting to fight with the israeli border. police, there were some injuries in that we cells and some pictures of people being hit and beaten. one woman is said to have been injured during those clashes. in the meantime, i should point out that to some of the worshippers who would already inside the mosque on the compound, were chained inside the mosque in order to stop coming out as the settlers were moving past. now that's all dying because they have for now at least because they are, the israeli nationalists are only allowed to cross the esplanade at specific points to specific point times during the sunday that 1st time has gone. and when that ended, the people inside the mosque were allowed to go free, so it's gone quiet at the moment. but of course everybody is now looking ahead to the march. it's going to be happening later on this afternoon. and again, that has its own kind of flash points. the 1st one is damascus gate,
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which is on the far side of the old city, which palestinians of believe is the hot of occupied east jerusalem. i'm bet march is destined to go through the damascus gate through the mostly muslim quarter of via the old city and head towards the western wall that has incensed palestinians. it's also incensed and armed groups as well like be run by has vala and hamas, which controls garza. i just quickly remind you that back in 2021. when this march took place. how my, the tensions were so great surrounding it that hamas fogged rockets into israel and that to it, that led to an 11 day war between israel and hamas in garza. and of course, people are very concerned that the same sort of thing could happen again. all right, rob madison reporting live there from okey bodies, jerusalem, let's go to gaza al jazeera, that humid outside is there for us. with that today. are you? oh, yes, adrian. there's an escalating,
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i most fear of tensions, and warnings that has been moving around. policy infections in godsa hops, i have a general state of globalization and raised in their state of a nerd. be set in a joint, a statement that they have a re deployed and repositioned all their members in anticipation of any escalation that my top 10 on saturday evening. the policy of functions also fired rockets through this c or on, on to the seed. aside in i'm in a foreign are threatening messages sent to these really flight wiley's really are. i me deployed more of the iron dome into the cities, not just of the in clay with garza, but also into the cities inside the green line. ah,
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for our in the same context here, we know that a lot of our international mediations have been happening and have been going on the past days and security egyptian delegation. we know through our sources has arrived to the gaza strip this morning. but we know also from our sources in the policy of factions that the situation is very much complicated. since all mediations have not been able to prevent or to are changed israel's mind on the flag march, course that israeli prime minister enough teddy bennett said and insisted that it will take the same course and will go through the old city at the damascus kid. now this is the turning point for the policy of fractions in godsa. this is where they said this is this. they will be an instant response. and until now,
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this is what we are witnessing on different threats and warnings from both sides. are these really site insisting on the flag march to go through the damascus gate and their policy inspections. warning that if this does happen, they will be an instance response of launching rockets to with israel al jazeera, whom the outside reporting lives from garza for the moment till you know, many things. and it will flag march rally as in his really tradition the dates back decades and marks the occupation of east jerusalem by israel following the 6 day war. in 1967, it's organized every year by members of the jewish ultra nationalist movement at the far right activists. and it's also supported by several pro, settlement groups and politicians. while the far right is really groups celebrate the rally in recent years, it's led to anti muslin chance vandalism and the closure of palestinian owned businesses. let's bring in savvy boucher harder who's
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a palestinian israeli member of the class at the joint list. and leader of the ballad party joined us novice skype from. but jaffa, good to have you with us. what are your thoughts on this flag rally day? hello g and i think we should put the whole city into context. we're talking about the society which is sort of rating occupational from other people entry. and i think this is very dangerous. what's happening, this is very fast. the duration of the majority of the jewish population was run into fascism. we were warned by one of the most important scholars and fascism professor sherman from the university. if you use before that this is the direction that there's register site is heading to. we would also warrant by important jewish intellectuals like a label which after the 7 war that the occupation, one of its results with this very fact that the nation of this society,
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morally. and this is what we are saying are seeing dangerous extreme people celebrating the occupation of another people. but we're not just talking about small marginal groups. we are talking about extreme groups that are supported by the israeli government and defended by the israeli police, unsecure forces. which means that also the israeli government, is this act as a legitimate or do you think? then given all of that that we could see a repeat of last year's violence today. i really will, who will not julia to that level of violence? we are as victims of the israeli violence on look you be sure we don't want to see this violence because what usually happens is that the palestinian people pays very high price of the israeli aggression and of the israeli violence. what we want to see, we want to see that the national diplomatic is important to work that wants to
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stop this the, these kinds of seem to want to stop the israeli occupation this impunity that we are seeing lately with the way people are doing differently. mainly was what happened now with the russian aggression occupational your brain. we're seeing 2 different words. we're seeing one world that cares about people who lives in europe and things that in europe there should be no occupation. but simply don't care about the palestinians of been born under occupation for decades. we are suffering from daily israeli. a violent acts of met not just not what we are seeing was this flags issue. and you can see what's happening daily on a daily basis. there are people killed them though god has been siege for nearly 2 decades now. you are seeing that you with the addition of jerusalem on
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a daily basis, was in the continuous process of ethnic cleansing all over by the start, including for better citizens who are citizens of the state of israel. mainly this group that is living in the southern parts of the state, the big ones and the negative does are. so we're seeing all this and nobody is trying to stop israel from doing all this guns are violent activity all the time to work for us to new. so where, where should this international pressure be coming from? a from all the, all the states who see themselves as democratic states and do care about the human rights in the last 2 years. and there have been 5 different reports published from a very important angel. one of the more than is really the human rights in june. but in that struggle, again, there's really no confusion. but then we had another very important to pull from the human rights from amnesty international, from the low human rights clinic in harvard university. i'm from the you and all
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this groups are seeing israel as are heads the what is the world waiting for one and the meaning was is for the way i'm a part that it could be done with israel would not be continued to be dealt with as a democracy won the whole world. anyone who is checking this is seeing it does on the far side you. they cannot continue dealing with as well as a legitimate member in the democratic states. there are a lot of things could be and it could be done. but that should be, 1st of all, a decision that is a must of being above the national lo, it should be dealt with like any normal other than the world. good to talk to you. so as always, many thanks. did something boucher out of that. thank you, jim jeff out 0 media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalists to the occupied westbank. sabrina barclay was shot in the head by israeli forces,
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while on assignment in jeanine, on the day of a funeral, is really forces stormed the procession and started to beat mortars, causing pall bearers. an almost drop her casket that didn't stop thousands of palestinians marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial members of the international community of condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. showing a barclay was without his hero for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. it was the nissan from al jazeera, still to come on, the program outrage in brazil as people protest against police brutality against the poor black people in the end of the day. i doubt that he wants to get back decades on the family. so still fighting to the return of thousands of paintings stolen by the nazis and all are now until the start of a monochrome, pri,
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we'll have actions and qualifying in sport with sun. ah, hundreds of people that attended a memorial service in ovalo, texas, the victims of the mass shooting on tuesday. 019 children and 2 teachers with gun down in their classroom. people are angry over the slow response of the police to the shooting and the killers easy access to guns. the u. s. president is again cold for stronger laws, but as al jazeera chaper tons, he reports now victims advocates. a skeptical united states of america, president biden appeared of the graduation ceremony at his album out at the university of delaware. on saturday, he attempted to frame the school massacre and your valdez, texas as a catalyst for the students to make a difference educator,
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we cannot outlaw tragedy. i know we can't make america safer. we can finally do. we have to pick the lives of the people and of our children. however, members of mass shooting survivors, groups are expressing their skepticism. so often change has been promised each time it hasn't materialized, nothing has changed. actually, we are moving backwards. there are more going out there. gone into 3 has been able to promote more theirselves, made people feel afraid. renewed attention is being paid to the marketing of guns to young people. a tweet from the manufacturer of the weapon used in tuesday's attack is drawing strictly. a small child has shown cradling a rifle. biblical scripture above train up a child and the way he should go. and when he is old, he will not depart from us. it reads, now the company's website displays
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a pop up window, offering his thoughts and prayers to the bereaved. so many other companies, explicitly market by weapons for the young and what we released. here's the j r 15. it's lighter, it's a, this is a version of the assault rifle, b a r 15, but design for children with j. r. 50 right? well junior, 15 feel 20 percent small level operates just like mom and dad's. go know the marketing the traverse at only in the absence of congressional action. once again, there is talk of suing the gun industry. over a law passed in 2005 gives weapons manufacturers and dealers, broad immunity for crimes committed what the weapons they make or sell it for the past is any guide we're likely to see a spike in gum sales as govern things? yes, we're the, perhaps this time congress will acts in addition be bulged response to this mass. the shooting has anecdotally, at least going to been some to buy gun survey can protect their families themselves . she every time see al jazeera washington,
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texas senator ted cruz has been confronted at a restaurant in houston about his views on guns law. i republican was challenged by a man who'd ask him for a photo cruise, a just finished delivering a speech of the national rifle associations, annual convention in the city. the pair engaged in a tense exchange before the man was removed by security. a plains gone missing in the pull. it had 22 people on board. the small passenger aircraft was on a 15 minute flight from the tourist town of bo kara, in the mountain town of johnson. it lost contact with the control tower. shortly after. take off. the trip is popular with tourists who go hiking in indian nepalese pilgrims who visit a temple. a helicopter has been dispatched to search for the aircraft. russian forces of stepped up their assault on so that i don't ask in easton ukraine,
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one of the last major ukrainian health cities in the low hand screech. and so that doughnuts is a key russian target and has already seen some of the heaviest fighting. the governor says that 90 percent of its buildings have been damaged and that ukrainian troops may have to retreat. russian artillery has also been shelling the less chance backward road that moscow needs to take to encircle ukrainian forces. the kremlin latest major game is the railroad time of leman. ukraine says that fighting is continuing near the city will ukrainian forces in the don bass region say that russia is deploying more troops every day. the less guitar subley in the done yeske and especially la, hence regions the enemy is increasing its forces. fillmore, that means every day and night they carry out the task of reaching the defined areas. we further efforts to encircling troops and was rushing forces pressed forward to take cities in east in ukraine. civilians who fled have been describing
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la life under intense shilling. they say they were forced to shelter in basements for weeks. gonna come. schools are just looking it, well, what can i say now the situation is very bad. it's been scary to go outside a while ago we could go outside and let the kids play out of the basement. but now we mostly have been confined underground, michigan latanya who was going to put, you know, we were just sitting there, then the traffic place came, and they told us that we should evacuate as fast as possible since it's dangerous to stay in here. now, i didn't agree with this for a long time. none of us wanted to leave our native city. but for the sake of these small children, we decided to lay some couples and families being reunited, as people start to return to ukraine's 2nd largest city hall. keith, i'm happy with that i have here at the train station. husbands and fathers have been anxiously waiting for their loved ones, khaki faced heavy bombardment during the 1st phase of russia's invasion as its
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forces tried to capture the city, but ukrainian troops pushed back more than 2 weeks ago. subsidy. it's dangerous and still selling ha, it is still dangerous, but i wanted to come home despite everything i wanted to go home. slovakian welcomed us and treated us very well. but it's not the same as being home. a branch of ukraine's orthodox church that remained loyal to moscow now says that it will break with russian church. as a result of the invasion, church leaders have chosen full independence from russia, ending a 2019 agreement. 3 years ago. ukraine was given permission by the leader of orthodox christians worldwide. the former church, independent of moscow, with many parishes, especially in ukraine's east, chose to remain loyal at the time. hundreds of protest, a central anchor have taken to their bicycles to call for president, go to buy a raja parks or to resign the road to a protest site opposite the presidential office. the protest as blame president roger pox are for the countries worst economic crisis since independence in 1948.
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i'll just serious madell fernandez, report to you guys in water cannons con, dampened the anger into yolanda lily's fide will. to stop protested, am heading towards the president's house. in order to march to the president's office, trade union members, artists, religious leaders, and ordinary she luncheons joined the demonstration bill up with my gag ranita. my . the biggest victory for us so far is awakening the public to make people speak out about their problems. take to the streets and to push politicians to provide answers to those problems. we will not stop until we win the struggle. the protein started as a grassroots reaction to fall cut. it's small groups of people gathering at street corners in silence. abuse of a government be accused of mismanagement and corruption but a violent crack. down on demonstrators who camped outside prison, gore, tomba,
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roger boxes. private residence, boost people to take a stand i to bucks if we do. lanka got up here. pretty soon, lanka. oh, it broke up a bit. but um, so really the people i really know how the hell would understand greek and wyatt. somebody decided to stick on me with those problems, include almost new flooring, currency reserves, which means the government cannot afford to buy food medicine fuel and cooking gets paper. now all the time i read in day and night to pay the queues look in for the arm facilities. martin is still diesel with rulers more. no, no. mom forward disorder in this, but he's still de, i struggling to man in their power washer lumpkins are struggling under escalating costs. inflation is 34 or 123 percent depending on who you believe and for the thousands gathered here that will read, you know,
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demand of go to go home, remains unchanged. been a fernandez or just the euro. colombo outrage continues to spread across brazil as people protest against police violence. they say it's mostly directed against minorities. al jazeera, monica young archy of reports now from a black lives matter protest in real. brown holding posters of jenny wilder santas blaming police violence for his death and demanding justice in his knee. a video showing policeman through santas, a mentally ill black men into the trunk of their car, and the leasing a tear gas canister sparked rage across brazil. oh, black lives matter, luke cannot re, sang the crowd, i sample, i want to see this sort of balance against blacks has always been common. but in the past, i mean, there were no cell phones. whole testers are also demanding
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a thorough investigation of the police raid in a slum of li addition, ero, issued out earlier this week resulted in the death of more than 20 people. why watch now? we cannot wait around for the next mass, murder to happen next time it will be $34060.00 dead. we have to unite to defend our lives. last year, police killed more than 6000 people in brazil. most victims are poor in black. more than half of brazil's population is black brazilians will both for present in october, and people here say they will pick someone who will defend their cause, protest her say violence against blacks and minorities has increased during president jade bill. so now as administration, he campaigned on security and gun right bullshit, and he's running for reelection. what that the extreme right like president variable scenario endures, governor clergy, castro know that they have the support of
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a significant member of brazilians who applauds police killings in the slums. and poor neighbor, the policeman involved in the death of santas have been suspended in the raid and we're ser, vela is being investigated, monica, and i give al jazeera, we had a generic, a weather update next here on al jazeera, but still to come up and use our political stalemate in iraq, we'll take a look at why divisions and parliament a paralyzing the country. a sharp satire of our class conflict when this, the top price of the camera, film festival and tennis action from the french open was another of the top players makes it into round for that's coming up in school. ah, a change in those temperature is for italy and the balkans. hello everyone. this is
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after record heats in rome. so here's what's going on. showers and thunderstorms have cooled the atmosphere, and in the zone here, we could see winds whip up to about 80 kilometers per hour, and some spots looking at about 40 millimeters of rain over a short period of time that could certainly trigger some flooding. clouds are drifting into is stan bowl. we may catch a straight shower here, but that's going to do little to put a cap on temperatures hot. it's stay of the year with a high of $33.00 degrees. other side of the mediterranean claudser also drifted in here, so we've got some lower temperatures out of the thirty's, for example, in seville, with a hive 29 degrees in a week band of showers across northern areas of spain, off to the northwest. right now, there's winds, those pesky winds still the problem, northern germany and the low countries, but not as intense as they have been over the last few days. top end of africa, some showers around the gulf of guinea, including sierra leone free town has a hive $28.00 degrees, but very active weather western cape and the eastern cape cape town. looking at
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wind gusts of about 50 kilometers per hour. but as bad as that is, i think for the eastern cape port, elizabeth, we'll see those winds whip up to 75 kilometers per hour. hang on to your hats. that's it. see soon ah, for over a century american parents of entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countess young lives ruined by predators within the organization. and then there was so much. but i could not figure out where it was coming from in a 3 part series, full plunge investigates a massive scandal that the united states scoutmaster part 3 on a just 0 ah, the shake hum, odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations
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for the year 2022. from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w w dot h t a dot q a slash e n. ah, lou ah, it is good to have you with us. hello, adrian finnegan, here in doha with the news, al from al serra the headlines is ready forces of dispos palestinians protesting against the incursion of ultra nationalist, religious jewish groups to the alex, almost compound that's taking place ahead of an annual flag march marking israel's occupation of east jerusalem in 1967 wore some jewish worshippers preyed at the
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most compound. despite the longstanding band, they're allowed to visit the area, but a band from performing religious rights at a memorial service has been held from 19 school children to 2 teachers killed on tuesday of the u. s. state of texas president joe biden as a game called for tough a gum laws. he's to, to meet victims, families. iraq's parliament has failed to choose a new government and president, 7 months after legislative elections. the stalemate is the result of disagreement between rival political blocks out 0. mark went up to what had reports from baghdad . has her de sales called dual total. when al rashid is treat it busy neighborhood in the iraqi capital, like many here, he says he was hopeful for a new government to improve services in his area. i grew home one more and one with
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yahoo! i kept her home. oh, we've had not. what should i say if politicians can't form a government, they should quit? the situation can continue. we have wasted decades waiting for change a parliament on hold. this is what iraq's council of representatives looks like. 7 months since it was elected with no common ground between its rival blocks to pick any president and cabinet divisions, created by different engine does and affiliations along political interests. so anyway, i've been up to a, she a yeah, i will, it's an interest she, a conflict or who controls the sheer decision. look to the outsider was not to share a government with the iranian back parties. but those parties want the consensus government to guarantee their share of power. however, people are fed up with old faces. that's also part of the reason. asada is encouraged to reject the iranian back parties who have been in power for several years. and in that the them quote,
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the block led by influential shia cleric market at the southern has the majority of seeds. it is backed by a sunni coalition, lead by parliament speaker, mohammed had hal bossy as well as the kurdistan democratic party widows, the shia coalition, backed by iran, is allied with the patriotic union of kurdistan party. and a number of independent members since 2005, there is been a political norm to choose a kurdish president. she a prime minister. and as soon the speaker of parliament this impasse has been highlighted by the you and this special representative to iraq. jennine plus heart and her latest briefing at the end, she urged the political elite to end the deadlock and move on with forming a government to tackle a long list of priorities. a change of government was one of the top
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demands of the 2019 mess, protest against corruption and mismanagement. the current in pass means incumbent president per hm. sala and prime minister must have a cousin his case take. a government will likely remaining office until a consensus is reached. what this means change is related to improving people's lives. also remain on hold. mod abdougla had al jazeera by that voters in columbia had the poles in the coming hours to vote for a new president. a leftist candidate could win for the 1st time in the country's history. poles assuring that rebel turned politician gustavo petro is the front runner. alexander impurity reports now from the capitol ball guitar. a small army of police officers follow presidential candidate, gustavo pitt, or wherever he goes. on stage,
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men with large bulletproof shields stand on either side of him. a reminder of what he means to run for office in columbia. especially when promising a drastic rebuke of the status quo a saddle. we are on the cusp of changing history in columbia. changing our history so full of violence, of injustice, of social exclusion to the possibility of building a country at peace. f colombians, head to the polls, the climate is less than peaceful patrons, rise from clandestine rebel to the threshold of become the countries 1st left. this president has meant an uptick in death threats, which he blames under countries deletes a progressive force has never governed columbia. i call what we had here, a hereditary democracy of which is not democracy. 40 families have kept the control of the country for 200 years old. they have concentrated the political and economic power. excluding the majority, the candidates promise of radical changes pushed them to the top of the poles with
1:36 pm
40 per cent of the vote, but probably not enough to avoid the run off in june. better moderated a storm during the campaign, going as far as making a very public and legally binding the lead, not to expropriate any private assets among other actions. but those haven't been enough yet to overcome many people's fear. yet you're gonna say we're good if mean rival for that. eco gutierrez, back by most of columbia, traditional parties is running on a pro business platform. he says he understands colombians, social to man cautions against embracing policies that would put the country stability at risk. you know, in his well look at venezuela, the could nicaragua, it's a social and economic model very different from the one we propose that we will offer change to colombia, but change that will not put the country at risk. we don't need any more head speech and class warfare as well. they're concerned about that. some political analysts say the growing calls for reforms come from the signing of
1:37 pm
a piece deal with fark rebels 5 years ago. and the elimination of at least that means source of war on has led to a rising social demands and rising social protest that has been under tended. and that is now giving way to, you know, popular opinion favoring a lift this candidate on who is speaking directly to many of the social concerns being expressed on by very many different sectors of colombian society. but as this rattled, country looks left for the 1st time. many wonder if indeed a majority is ready for such an historic leap allison lamp. yet the eldest eatable with the united nation, says that more than 72000 people have been displaced in the democratic republic. of congo in the past week, it happened because of fighting between the army of the m. 23 rebel group. m 23 was formed by former conclave soldiers to represent ethnic tutsis. the democratic
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republic of congo has more than 5 and a half 1000000 internally displaced. people fighting burkina faso is causing more people to go hungry. 6 years of attacks by armed groups and the cell region of forced many from their farms that's prevented them from growing crops. some redneck travel to the top of dory. it will malnutrition is a major problem. i said to am a sled, her village because she feared attacks by armed groups. her 8 month old daughter became severely malnourished weeks later, homeless and hungry. i said you couldn't produce enough breastmilk. so she travelled several hours to reach the hospital in the town of dory. when la la mom in the since been displaced, we haven't received support. we used to have food to eat when we were in our home, but we don't think we can return. i'm really afraid my children will starve m i n o . she's among hundreds of thousands. the un says are on the brink of starvation in
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burkina faso. they're hunkers, fueled by violence linked to years of unrest in the largely lawless style region that's forced many from their homes. almost 60 percent of all health centers in the sal had been forced to close. many of the people here of copeland villages where there's no longer any functioning health facilities. by the time they arrive, dr. say the children are often extremely malnourished. many like these babies here need oxygen to survive. dr. see the most severe cases die within 24 hours. after arrival and health workers are preparing for the situation to get worse as security problems increase mutinous soldiers out to the president in january. since then, attacks by armed groups have increased and spread, unless you just also degrade, the situation is escalating every day. and if the government can find the right strategy in 6 months, there will be humanitarian disaster. well, the 2000000 people are internally displaced. most fleeing rural areas for cities,
1:40 pm
which are already short of key supplies. millennium pay water lemming. we don't have water. we don't have anything, i suffer a loss. i really need any kind of support because i'm suffering aid workers are struggling to cope with the rising needs and shrinking funds. because i will, along this way until monday we still need more than $18000000.00 to fill the gap of financial resources in order to take care of these children. my, my trust auntie. warren's. if the money doesn't arrive, the crisis will become even worse. sam redneck al jazeera dory burkina faso. a clean up operation is underway and northeast and brazil. after at least 35 people died in flooding. many fatalities occurred in the si, fi, and the capital of porn and book o state. some of the cities neighborhoods were built in areas that have vulnerable
1:41 pm
to landslides. the state governor has asked the armed forces to help recovery efforts. it's brazil's 4th major flood. in 5 months. the netherlands has allocated millie 6 and a half $1000000.00 to return art stolen by the nazis during the 2nd world war. 140 countries agreed decades ago to ensure that the pieces are given back. but the steadfast reports now from ours for only a few found their way to their rightful owners. they are hidden in one of the most acute art folds in the netherlands fountains of artwork stolen from victims of the holocaust of sold in an effort to stay alive. many of the owners died and hitler's gas chambers. those who survived but many years trying to get them back. these are the paintings. this is it. it took alfred fuss and his family, 6 years to convince the dutch state these 2 paintings were forcefully sold by his grandfather. in 1941 to save his family,
1:42 pm
you have to prove and to prove again and again and again that you are the air behind behind all kinds of excuses. because in the end of the day, i doubt that they want to get back with the knowledge of the day it's, it's shameful. in 4546 people were busy rebuilding. it wasn't a priority at all, but it took a long time to get it to be a priority. many stolen or disputed pieces are still on display in museums or public buildings like this painting by dutch mazda mazda 4 decades shown in parliament building until a few months ago. a collection of paintings symbolizing the impact of the holocaust modern 80 years later. or some of these artworks were handed over to the dutch government immediately after world war 2. they have been in storage ever since. and many might never be returned to their rightful owner. nazi lead us adult,
1:43 pm
hitler and hammond during had an obsession with art and hundreds of thousands of stolen paintings and artworks were collected to build up their own museums and nazi germany. alford fuss is still looking for more than $800.00 looted artworks that were part of his great grandfather's collection. until 1933. when hitler took power, his grandparents were among nearly 100000 jews. transported to camp westerburg, in the east of the netherlands. here is a place where is a connection to the arts because they were probably rescued because they could find some money to pay off the comp common dance. the guy who was in charge here and he let them go a lot. it was very, very rare that any choose relief out of here and could go back to amsterdam. the camp was the last station before our suites and utter extermination camps and is a symbol for alfred. fast fight to get his families art back re shoots. try to do
1:44 pm
our parts in history and to see what we can do in order to gets back office hours to get justice done, and also to showed rules with. however bad the situation is and is always a certain hope for redemption, that researchers have been given for years to investigate the origin of thousands of disputed paintings and returned them to the rightful airs, hoping to complete with some se, should have been done decade to go step, fasten else's era in the netherlands. well, take a look at this, the walls longest glass bridge. as and in vietnam, the white dragon bridge is 632 meters long. it is suspended between 2 mountains. see through bottom is made from 3 layers of glass that's 40 millimeters thick, can support 450 people at a time,
1:45 pm
and he still wouldn't get me on it. still to come here on al jazeera, we'll show you how rail madrid claims yet another champions league title that's coming up in just a few minutes with sunlight and sport ah, every year in china. and it's to make it 80000 children are abducted by one of their parents. one 0, one east. follow some mothers desperately trying to re unite with their children. oh, now jazeera ah, allow the government al jazeera with no answer was an arabic, my name is talent. i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the c. i. a he came up with
1:46 pm
handcuffs, led me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruin the life of an innocent b o mastery case on al jazeera lou. ah and that sir wraps the 75th film festival in cam has now closed 21 fills will competing for the palm door award. the capella relatively obscure fuel into the mainstream. i'll just see was charlie angela has more to win us or mental offend,
1:47 pm
tranquil of sudden, swedish director reuben osland, shocked can with graphic 15 minute vomiting, seen his film triangle of sadness that picked up his palm door, prized with a message of how he missed question in quantity the keep us into cuba. i'm happy that the yury acknowledge the feeling and then it's, it's a cold, mid slash satire. so it's, it's kind of feeling that maybe not just out of tradition. winsted often income. and i wanted to do a fin where absolutely ordnance is engaged and laughing and participating at the same time as you have the confidence that these thought provoking and that you need to discuss afterwards. child got a sadness is a satirical film about capitalism set on a luxury cruise ship, the latest things with a doc comedy about hierarchy of how it can be flipped. freedom and capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient greece. freedom for
1:48 pm
slave owners. idol bloody me, leaning audiences in can gave it a standing ovation. when in the palm though it's wise, which is so rare, when will establish rubin austin as perhaps what many people the re, is living director working today. his films really touches on something that we talk about a lot and we see especially on social media, white liberal guilt and his films that exactly. it's happening to that sensibility . hello. this is the grown. pri was a, would a jointly to french direct declared any for stars at noon. romantic thriller set in nicaragua and close by belgian director lucas. don't sensitive coming of age film about the friendship of to 13 year old boys is barbed as late a torn apart with
1:49 pm
the jury. prize is also shared between ear and gentle filled exploring the world through the eyes of a donkey. it's wrong window washing and 8 mountains and epic love letter to friendship and nature. set the italian out this year can, has celebrated story. today. there are no car chases and special effects. and these winning films destroyed well. told that reminders of the power of independent cinema charlie angela, how does, there are a time for sport? his hello. thank you very much. adrian mariama try to have one a record extending 14th champions league, but their opponents, liverpool have demanded investigation after several of their fans was sprayed with tear gas by police problems with fast getting into the saddle,
1:50 pm
horse and paris forces with delay to the game. eventually it was madrid who came out on top with junior the hero in a one mill victory. but as police reports, the night will largely be remembered. but the shamble legacies of the pitch liverpool funds with tickets leads to be let into the stuff, the friends with the clock ticking downs, that champions league final against rail madrid. police held the gates closed after parents, security breaches by people without tickets. as play is warmed up inside the ground, outside police use tag on fans and hundreds of local youths roaming the perimeter. whether they had seats or not. some did get 3 regardless of those behind the gates . what pepper sprayed this much was meant to kick off at 9 p. m local time. but the biggest game in european club football was delayed by more than half an hour. with liverpool funds, unable to take the seats and chaos on the streets outside the stadium. right police
1:51 pm
entered the stadium itself to try and remove intruders authorities struggling to keep control after this game was moved from st. petersburg with just a few months notice. but tensions continued afterwards. as local youngsters goaded the defeated liverpool fans, answer retires as we can out of the ground. yeah. there's all the guys to close out of the supervisor for shambolic. really not really on for you a for to have such a big event. lost you again, my to seems a bit of bottles were thrown up right. police as tear gas was deployed and ugly end to a match. that will be remembered mainly for the wrong reasons. told reese, al jazeera paris for us, for the football we are mad you had both calon, she lot is now the most successful manager in champions league history. the italian has the and now one it 4 times moving pause then it in there,
1:52 pm
dan and bob paisley on it with madrid and back in 2014 twice with ac milan, where he also won it twice as a player. his real madrid team also won the spanish. lenny get a title by 13 points ahead of their rivals. barcelona. this wasn't presentable, should have been put on. okay. i saw the idea now is to go on vacation and then start on the next season, which we're ready for. just to enjoy this moment. it's been an incredible season. i don't have another word for it. nobody expected. this is i who i'm usually very optimistic, didn't expect this. i didn't think you could have this kind of success. winning 3 competitions. the super cup law, legal and the champions league. i can not think this club and these players enough . yet a lot more. i'm shots love more shots on target, but the most decisive status of june moderates side just to make sure nobody thinks
1:53 pm
i wouldn't congratulate gramma to do that now. but i congratulate everybody president involved outside personally. so i that's called a goal. we didn't, that's the easiest explanation in the world of food. both united kingdom has announced that it will provide military support to cut hard to help keep the fee for woke up safe and secure. later this year, the royal air force and royal navy will help counter terrorism and other threats to the torment, as well as air and sea support. they will also help with venue searches and operational planning. cut out 2022 will be the 1st woke up to be held in the middle east. it kicks off on november 21st tennis. another joke of it is june court and few minutes time of at the french open the well number one i will face argentine as a david schwartz man, well foresee that stefan are set to pass martyred march to his way into the 4th round it 23 old agreed sa barely broke
1:54 pm
a sweat on his way to straight that victory over sweden's, entirely ama last year's finest. it took just 90 minutes to wrap up the match. added to my job, i had to play my tennis. i wasn't really thinking of their ease that i could maybe creates in terms so far a result. but with my good efforts, the way i committed myself to every single point individually. ah then was good just a few hours until the formula one monaco on pierre and it is the driver from monica look hook, cluck who will start from pull physician before i started, 2nd in the chime bishop standing that he'll be hoping for a better outcome than last weekend, spanish on play, as he retired from due to an engine failure, it's just he made a color science that was involved in a crash with the red bulls, sergio paired assa, despite the incident, they qualified in the 2nd and 3rd,
1:55 pm
respectively, while reigning champion at max their stop and it was thought in for it. it feels amazing. obviously the 1st up was, was good was really good. i mean i started pushing a bit more in the in g 3. but the 2nd lapping to 3 was i think one of the best labs i have dawning qualifying and unfortunately i couldn't finish it. but it was, it was really, really good. yeah, i was good i. i was up on my lap and was all feeling good. but then of course i, i saw down the road block in aid, so it's, it's unlucky, it's monocle. we just have to deal with it except that, and from there i'll shoot sizes to j hand. who has that stormed into the lead the at the jury. italia would just one day remaining. the 20th estate in the mountains was won by alessandro covey for his 1st grand, a tour of victory. but the key action no was behind him. as hindley made it, his move, an overnight leader retired to cut our pass that dropped away. can do. now has the
1:56 pm
pink doors in these by one minute 25 seconds heading into sundays file time trial stage. and there was a nasty moment in major league baseball. angel's catch occurred suzuki was helping one of the pitchers wal mart. but for the 3rd inning, when he was hit in the neck. the 32 old was helped from the field and angel say that he suffered and nick concussion and concussion and is undergoing further testing. thank you. is 1st year. yeah, and then i tell, tell the new york ranges have posted the sliding game 7 in their series against the carolina hurricanes. they won 5 to and new york on saturday. game 7 is back in north carolina on monday and the when will face tampa bay in the eastern conference finals. and there was a great goal in major league, soccer dom wire, where the bicycle kick for atlanta united. but sadly, for them,
1:57 pm
it wasn't enough to prevent it too on the feet against columbus school. it was their 1st home lost in 15 matches. and that's it for me. i do. i can do that. you know, somebody fix it. that's it for that is our center, and i will be back up 14 hours, gmc chinese. i am back with you in just a moment though with more of the day's news. i'll see you again. ah no, not a dish . i don't need to hear from, with an honest with you a little that we're gonna give you to where we set up well, be home to put up with
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me all the multiplicity out, obama possible booking for this thing. just to let you know you're the one i don't do a shooting abuto to the ah and with this one's fear warlord during lay barriers, decade long,
1:59 pm
civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord josh reply, he has done with treat children, has attracted to help with and that's protected in effect from public prosecution. despite the recommendation is made by the truth and reconciliation commission for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country across the world, young activists and organized those around them motivated and politically engage the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and beta, we were the ones who had life on what was going on in the way that most me soniega didn't. there's nothing specific about the lebanon is always in a, by nova formation. we have the agency to create the vibe of the generation chain on
2:00 pm
al jazeera stories of determination. enjoy a 1000 kito, gena. do you mean a listing v? i don't get a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron, desert library, the young cyclist and happy africa direct on al jazeera ah . the tensions ron high is also national jews and to the, along some of the compound ahead of a rally marking the occupation of the series.


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