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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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of greece, anti immigrant violence is on the rise. they're all you have to go from ivory, dental and vision that this is all from fus ism and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. javiar asked, lamb is helping the pakistani community to find a voice. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack. this is europe on al jazeera ah o. thousands of israeli alternation as fuel tensions with a provocative march through occupied east jerusalem o hours earlier. israeli forces dispersed palestinians protesting
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against jewish settlers entering the alex. i'm most compound and praying that ah, hello i, marianna mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program, president biden, and his wife travel to texas to grieve with the town torn apart by america's latest school shooting. and ukraine's president visits a frontline in harkey on his 1st trip. outside the cave region. since rushes invasion, ah well welcome to the program of thousands of flag waving israeli ultra nationalists of march through occupied east jerusalem during a deeply divisive parade which has left the city on edge. now. the annual flag march marks israel's illegal occupation of east jerusalem after the war. in 1967,
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the event is organized by ultra nationalists jewish groups and draws it huge numbers of chanting participants to the streets. last year's march ended with scenes of violence and led to israel's 11 day war on garza, palestinian factions had warned that this year's event could again reignite conflicts. so earlier is there any forces also dispersed palestinian worshippers who have protesting. after a splinter group of jewish ultra nationalists started waving israeli flags inside the alack some mosque. and now they see it as part of the group effort to change the state, the status quo of islam. that 3rd holy a site, some jewish who have she was she was also prayed at the most compound violating a longstanding agreement in place since $967.00, they're allowed to visit the area, but they're bod, from performing religious rights. so m, ron khan is life or isn't occupied east jerusalem,
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where the situation has calm down. but perhaps m, ron, you can stop by running us through what's been happening in the last few hours. well, they're all still cautious. they're all taking place just behind me in shake a gera neighbourhood, we're hearing that jesus settlers are attacking palestinian homes. they're in the shape or our neighborhood. we're also hearing that palestinians have been arrested that as well, the worse and class. she's just about 5 minutes away. from where i'm standing now, in sla who dean street my here in damascus gate. this was absolutely packed with thousands of flag marches. they came in through a route that had been negotiated with the jerusalem police on the a, the, at jerusalem and use a policy. however, at one point, these ready police actually lost control of the route of the march and the march is simply came in from any direction possible. at one point, thousands came through a gate that could possibly hold our to time 3 or 4 people. they were pushing forward, those are real fit that the may will be across those. a stampede,
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for example, would be looking at a lot of people dead. they came into the square. now they were allowed to go through damascus gate, which to some of them could get my cameraman ricardo to was round. and just to show you that damascus gate over there, this was important. they were allowed to go into the air to the old city for the 1st time in many years. they were never allowed to do that before they could gather hill and damascus capable, never allowed to do that before. and the reason for this is one simply of politics . a lot of those ultra nationalist groups support the prime minister natalie bennett. and that's how he keeps his very fragile coalition. together. it may well not have been a quid pro quo deal with the alter nationalist group, but certainly hattie stopped them from going into the master's gate. he would have lost a lot of political support. it's a flash point, obviously supplies for when you walk into the old city, you not that far away from the alex mos compound. you have to actually won't post it to get to the western world. they both back on to each other that says the
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geography of it. now all it would have taken is one of these very young kids are to throw a bottle of palestinian for palestinian to react. and for that would have escalated it very quickly. it looked like that didn't happen, although they were classes outside the gates earlier. and you talked about the a jewish settlers that went in to the alex ed morse compound oliver i. she loved to do that. however, they're not away flags. they're not allowed to print out the site, they did both of those things. yes, there wasn't any escalation now. her mom would have been watching this. ah, with great, her detail. i may said to al jazeera that they were going to react in any way that they saw fit so far. we haven't heard from us. so it looks like leave at tensions hub, deescalate it completely. but as i say, there are still flushed points it occupied is through slim, depending on what these alter nationalist groups through. if they hang around if they try and start something with the palestinians, that may well change the nature of this in the next few hours. all right,
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thanks very much. and monica reporting from occupied east jerusalem. just want attend to some historical context then on why jerusalem is so central to what we see in the region. so in 1947, the united nations agreed to split palestinian land into jewish and arab territories. and jerusalem was granted special international status under you and governance. a year later, during the 1st arab israeli war, israel captured more land leading to the division of jerusalem. cities west fell under israeli control while jordan took the east. then in 1967 israel occupied east jerusalem after its victory in the 6th day arab israeli war. tensions fled again in 1980 when israel's canal little parliament declared jerusalem its indivisible capital. this added yet another layer of contention, since palestinian sea east jerusalem as at the capital of that future state. also
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demonstrations have been taking place across the occupied west bank and then also in garza with at least a 100 palestinians, injured bare, including 8 by live fire to abraham, has more on this. now from bate l. we've seen the use of live ammunition here behind us when young palestinians were coming here armed only with rock that we can say that they were even arms, but they were met with an excessive force by the israeli forces. live ammunition was use tear gas was used, which resulted in supplication of many palestinians also. sung renee's as well as proper could feel bullets. we are seeing some sort of home situation know, or let's say like the processor dying down a little bit because it's darker, it's always proposed to maneuver. they know that they are overpowered by the israeli army, but still we've got information from our sources engineering and also the occupied
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to expect that palestinians have to use 15 easy which, which are improvised explosive devices and the target to them and use them against the is really, really on the and is really me the 3 checkpoints there. so as you can see, it's a tense situation. a lot of compound and jerusalem hold a very big importance in palestinians force has more if they wanted to show that they are with the fellow palestinians, with easters. and even if they don't have permission because they need to really military permits to even access the city and get through the checkpoints. but even if they don't have those, they want to show that they are with the palestinians, even with their, with their follow policy. and, and families and brothers and fellow people, even if they can't be with them physically, lazarus and plesk, alice mer,
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one to shy, joins me in the studio. number one. how would you describe the belligerence that we saw in jerusalem to day and the people who were marching it? we took him a handful of extreme esl that great implications to this. clearly there is are a major segment of the israeli population. that is growing lea, a religious at nationalists, extreme, ah, hateful, racist. and i would say even a book elliptical, but they're not isolated there almost a quarter of the population quarter of the members of parliament. but they're also enabled by the israeli government and this early army. even the prime minister himself, of course, is an alternate nationalist, religious extremists. mister bennett, mister bennet boasts of his religious extremism. so this sort of a religious zionism that we've seen manifest itself, are they in jerusalem, is of course not just about symbols like flags. it's more concrete way it's about
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is read reclaiming, re occupying, re imposing its sovereignty on unoccupied. 30 to record is jerusalem. as, as is, as i said, these are not people that are acting of their own volition bit are being facilitated by the government. and we're talking across the political spectrum, not necessarily left wing right wing bit collectively what they are more altering nationalist zionist. but as we all know in this government that is headed by an altro zionist nationalist, there are liberal party and merits party and even a small islamist party. right? so we have this are basically altered our national zionist dictating its logic on these early government and enabling this new generation of israelis that's been indoctrinated to hate arabs indoctrinated to reclaim palestine as their own. and i think this culture of hate it based on some awkward religious teaching is,
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is the problem here. and in so many ways, this generation that we see in front of our eyes now is the future generation research. because we see them multiply and proof a rate and we see the others, the presumably so hold more secular, more moderate, either leaving the country or keeping quite a thing. images earlier on the, we're actually a video of an elderly woman being pappas sprayed and, and, and lisa, this is a sort of thing that we see all the time in and to slim and assigning occupied westbank. so what is all this mean for the palestinian population? it's a 0 sum game. there's no doubt. once upon a time we saw some 2025 years. it would, that could be a win win. that there could be some sort of a piece posted diplomatic process where that could be mutual recognition. and the 2 people could separate into 2 states and israel,
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for on its citizens at palestine forwarded citizens that did not work out. and this is really government is basically 100 percent against negotiations. does not even recognize the philistine authority would not meet with the policy in authority. and so it's the logical force, the logic of power, the logical occupation that is dominating and dictating everything for the palestinians. this is definitely as a 0 sum game, the more israel again, the more they lose. but there's an extra element which is surprising. everyone and the palestinians skipped some price surprising themselves. what israel continues to win is that the palestinians would not loose. it's very difficult to declare victory when your victims will not declare defeat, would not admit defeat when your victims continue to resist occupation where that person but in a passive pacifist ways or in and with violence. and i think the palestinians have shown us over the post, more than half
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a century on that occupation that they are steadfast. and that while israel might be superior militarily, when it comes to stubbornness resistance, endurance, and the capacity to continue, they have the will to do so. but also they feel that they are part of a larger arab and islamic world of from $400000000.00 out ups full around and a 1000000000 plus muslims. and they feel that extension of arab said most rem support and an increasing support among western public opinion. as well, i thank you very much. not on the shy. well out there, a media network continues to amanda. a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist in the occupied westbank. sharina barclay was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm, the procession started beating mourners,
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causing the poor barrister nearly drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied is jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial members of the international community of condemned her killing and also continue to call for an investigation. i wish i could have been without 0 for 25 years, covering a story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. ah, now you as president joe biden and his wife are in vol day, texas meeting families who have lost loved ones in america's worst school shooting and nearly a decade. this is their 2nd trip to a community devastated by mass shooting in the past 2 weeks. he has renewed calls for stronger gun control measures. 19 school children. 2 teachers were killed by teenage gunmen to val days, rob elementary school. on tuesday. the u. s. justice department is saying is going
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to investigate. the police responds to the shooting. anger has been mounting since it emerged. the officers waited more than an hour before confronting the gunman, a delay, some parrot se cost children's lives. john hendern is involved a texas. he brings us more now on the review and also president, i'd and visitor president joe biden is in, you've all the he has visited, rob elementary school where he has touched the pictures of each of the 21 victims of that shooting on tuesday, along with his wife jill, after that, they went to attend math at sacred heart church and we'll spend the bulk of the afternoon talking to the families of victims before speaking to 1st responders. and we have some news on that. at the mayor's request, the department of justice is going to investigate why it took police so long to respond to that scene. it took them 78 minutes. well over an hour before they went inside of that school and shot down the gunman. by that time, of course, 19 children and 2 teachers had been slain. biden has been pushing for gun control
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measures, but we'll have trouble trying to get that through the senate. the big question people here and you've all they have right now is why it took so long for those police to come into those classrooms. much al, jazeera life and london still ahead ah, more violence in shall anchor. as students, angry economic crisis trying to pull down barriers outside the president's home. and colombians vote in an election which could turn off from a gorilla fighter into the country's 1st left as president. ah, how i wish there was some heat into southeastern parts of europe, but up towards the north west. it has been
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a little lonely cool. so disappointed me call actually that is courtesy of a large area of high pressure winds. coming in from the north direction was a cool direction at this time of year goes pretty much any time it gets pretty cool that dies his way down across a north sea. and it's been suppressing those temperatures somewhat. so are the 16 celsius in london, around $45.00 celsius below. what we should be here, cool enough, actually in bordeaux at 22 degrees, warms up nicely over the next couple of days down to the southeast. there you go. could even see a $34.00, therefore anchor of that heat getting squeeze a little further southwards at east was but starting to see those temperatures recover up towards the northwest as we go on through wednesday. 19 in london, getting up to 31 decrease there in board. a, there are a few showers around just tempering that call. whether you got there some way, whether just coming into parts of scotland, wild, england's lenorud republic, things and what were the 2 showers there into central parts, some heavy array just lurking around the black sea or the passive ukraine,
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pushing down towards the balkan snore. the parts of advocare, it is generally dry. once again, the usual showers, they are now making good progress across the gulf of giddy. ah, any v o p and ours to cracked tent communist rebel, only to be disappeared. a family's tragedy entwined with a violent chapter in the country's history. when you see the blood, you see is that going to be my blood on that was to a lifelong search for answers and closure findings, salon witness on al jazeera. ah ah,
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ah, welcome back. a look at the made stories. now, thousands of flag waving israeli internationalists have launched occupied east jerusalem, a deeply provocative parade. some jewish wa strippers, also pride in the alex. i must compound violating the agreement in place since 967 . and that will confrontations between policy residents in the old city, members of the ultra nationalist, jewish woods. there is ready, security forces, detain several people, and at least a 100 people were injured in demonstrations across the occupied west bank and in the united states president joe biden, his wife are involved, a texas meeting families who lost loved ones in america's worst school shooting. and nearly a decade, us justice development as it will investigate the police response to the shooting at rob elementary school. when 19 children and 2 teachers were killed.
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al ukrainian forces, if injured, heavy artillery, barges and russia as russia escalates its efforts to take a key eastern city of sir vera, done yet. this is the largest city still under ukrainian control. the region of the hands has been the focus of fierce fighting for weeks. the governor of landscape eng russian troops of hold up in a hotel on the northern outskirts, the city, and taking heavy casualties. official zenia constant russian shelling is made it difficult for the 15000 civilians who remain in the city to evacuate. where you came with cries, present has visited the eastern harkey region in his 1st trip outside here since the russian invasion, laudermill zalinski survey damage in harkey and its surrounding areas. and also thank the troops who were there on the front line. russian troops on boarded the eastern city throughout the war, but have retreated in recent weeks to re focus their offensive on the dom bass region. zalinski says more than 2000 buildings have been destroyed in har keith, because of russia's offensive zane basra,
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the has more now from here. the last time we saw the president leave, keith city. it was to another nearby area, just a short drive away and that was in boucher. and that was after the revelations of the bloody massacre in boucher that resulted in so many civilian deaths. he did visit to take stock of that incident. but the 1st time he left keith region is this time to visit car key. certainly a calculated risk one to illustrate that the country is on a strong footing, no doubt to raise morale, or keep morale high as ukraine continues to fight the russians on multiple fronts. along the eastern side of the country as well as the south. he handed out service metals to troops there. he talked about the reconstruction efforts that will happen to bring car keys back from, from the destruction that it is faced by russian attacks and has to be said, those attacks have continued. he has gone to
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a place that remains under threat by russian strikes and just days ago we saw a number of casualties in car q a result of russian missile strikes. he also very crucially had a message for the troops there. he said that he wanted to thank each of them. he said, i want to thank each of you for your service. you risk your life for all of us and our state. thank you for defending ukraine's independence. keep yourselves safe. so a very strong message from the president at this critical time in ukraine's conflict. now savvy as agree to a new 3 year contract to be supplied at to be supplied gas by the russian energy giant gas prom president. alexander zu church sent the deal was major nicole with his russian counterpart let him in. the church also said you agree to discuss expanding gas storage and other european countries have promised to phase out russian oil and gas because of the war and ukraine to be love cycle video. and that
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was certainly by far the best prize in a hold of europe. what we agreed resident with a thing and i is very good news for citizens of serbia that we will sign a 3 year contract and not one month contract, not 3. that's some anticipated that is the 1st element of the contract that suits the serbian side very well is that the lower l search teams in nepal have suspended that search for a missing passenger plane. for the night. small aircraft disappeared in bad weather on sunday with 22 people on board. the tar airplane was on a short flight from the terrace town of kara to the town of john. some 3 crew members were among those on board furniture say they saw a plane on fire. well now, anti government protesting rancor of again turned violent. this time medical students clash with police near the president's home. i was hundreds of students from universities around the country gathered in
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columbia and tried to pull down security barriers near president got a fire or japan as official residents. then each rankins are angry at the unprecedented economic crisis which is led to shortages of fuel and medicines. they accused the president and his family of ruining the economy. so early a thousands of cyclists joined the anti government protest as in lanka. many rode through the capital with banners, calling for president roger fox to resign on sunday prime minister ron wicker, i'm a senior said he is trying to change the law to make presidents and cabinets accountable to parliament. all of us feel that not having a very independent in advance with the policy do is you and, and governors use one of the main reason for the better. the reason that we have is included with the economy, bankruptcy, and political, and argue in miami than r as a citizen. i think it's is my duty of responsibility at this time, i support people struggle in any way. recur madigan to give correct directions at
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the statement. colombians are carney voting for the next president, and this is an important vote because for the 1st time in decades, a left wing candidate is the favorite to when gustavo petro is seen as the front runner, but he will need to secure, more than 50 percent, to avoid a run off next month. the 62 year old is popular with younger vote as nice pledge to make some major social changes in the country. whoever wins needs to tackle an economy that's been hit hard by the pandemic. or there's been a lot of social unrest in the country, organized crime is a continued problem and an influx of venezuelan migrants. o, gustavo petro is the man. every one is watching carefully. he is a former gorilla fighter. he is mayor of bog guitar. his victory would radically change the political landscape in the country and the region. federico could terrace is seen as the continuity candidates of the current present. yvonne decays administration. he is a conservative former mayor of medina and at some latest pulls,
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i've him at 25 percent. the wild card in this race, businessman rodolfo hernandez, who enjoyed a recent surgeon the poles. he is campaigning as the 3rd way man, with a strong focus on anti corruption. and then sergio for hider is polling in 4th place. he's a mathematician, a former governor of the anti choir region. he missed the 2018 run off by just 2 points. alessandra, because he is in bucket, i joins us now. and so how significant is this election going to be? could we see a left wing president for the 1st time? i think after nearly a century of, of right, when rule in the country. absolutely, ma'am, yes. if can truly be one of the most nice because then come to wait until elections in columbia as recent history for sure, because i couldn't seem to be ready to vote into office as president
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of this kind of chat through last is for the 1st time we have a face that has been leaving the falls throughout the campaign and clear, don't feel have enough votes to win out right today he will need 50 percent plus one percentage of the vote to do that. the most likely outcome will probably be run off and june 19th, either against his vein challenger after that he would get it to his back by practically all the traditional parties in the country or this a 3rd party populist who has been surprised that are those who have 9 this a former mayor of the city got among guy who has had a very successful and as soon as they have come play mostly on social media on his facebook page on talk with practically none of the traditional
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political events in the plaza in cities across the country, yet he has had a surprising rise. in the poll, what is clear is that a majority of cologne bins that wants to change in the country. all polls show that at least 70 percent of colombians want to see a change. not everybody, obviously, to use that change in gustavo, paper and is more radical policies is more radical proposals to how to change the economic of this country. how to try and reduce and tackle they are rising inequality and pover poverty, reduced violins. how to deal with the drug trafficking and in this country, what i can tell is that we are expecting a higher than usual turn out. we're seeing lines since the early hours of the, of the morning and the many of the pulling stations here, for example,
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in the capital will let them play lot of excitement and anticipation ahead of this election as it translated into a large ton out. yes . that, that the expectation is that the turn i will be hired definitely then in march parliamentary elections and there's a mix of hope and fear. if we wanted to talk to people on this to you, sir, you can find many people who are saying this is the moment for change in the come to really feel that the this is an opportunity to transform what is traditionally been a very politically conservative come through the other hand, many people who are afraid of what that will be to the presidency, could mean in a country that has never seen a less this the government of before. that's fear that this could have put into
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question the economic stability of columbia. as usual, markets friendly, politics and economy. so we're gonna have to see just in a few hours. polls will close if we can expect the 1st numbers to come in quite quickly after that. thanks very much from bogota. lesandra betty reporting to us just wanna bring you these newly newly released image is showing the level of devastation caused by heavy rainfall and ne and brazil on friday and saturday. at least 44 people and now known to have died in the resulting floods and lance light, dozens and missing. most of the deaths reported any better now because state capital receive fed. it's brazil's 4th major flooding event in 5 months as raise questions about the role of climate change. ah, look at the main stories now and thousands of flag waving.


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