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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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generation on al jazeera women use, bruce surely. now in coming shells loud, very close to the building. when people need to be heard. and the story told it's kind of inspiring moment for me, for all of them, with their guy from their community, with exclusive interviews, and in depth reports what the, what is still really al jazeera has the teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries, and lied news. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy. welcome to the news out. lie from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. i thousands of israeli ultra nationalists fuel tensions with
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a provocative march through occupied east jerusalem. i was earlier israeli forces dispersed palestinians protesting against jewish settlers. entering the alex, i'm most compound and praying that president biden and his wife travel to texas to grieve with the town torn apart by america's latest school shooting and ukraine's president visits the front line in the east. on his 1st trip outside the key region . since russia's invasion and sport rather than adel sets up a french open quarter final against all, drive all the top brian to to know back chalk ledge a comes after the spaniards to broaden epic last 16 battle against the lights. aware aliya semi i laughing, the canadian in 5 said ah,
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ah, hello and welcome to the news. our thousands of flag waving his re ultra nationalists have marched through occupied east jerusalem during a provocative parade which left the city on edge the annual flag, march marks, israel's inc, and occupation of east jerusalem after the war. in 1967 event, it was organized by our nationalists jewish groups and drew huge numbers of chanting participants to the streets. and mon cohen has more now from occupied east jerusalem. ah, flags wave in what israel says is a celebration and palestinians call a provocation. ah, these railey flag ports of what is known by his releases jerusalem date is a holiday. when israeli forces kept at ease through slim in 1967 during the 60 war the israel, it's victory for the palestinians. its occupation in recent years though, oh, to nationally says railey groups have used the flag march to push that an agenda ah,
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by minority opening races fall right group like the harbor, use the march to call for the expulsion of a palestinians from what was once historic and palestine and for the 1st time publicly called for the dismantling of the 3rd holy a site in islam the dome of the rock in the alexa mos compound. ah, this year public security minister, omar bar live, has allowed the march to travel through damascus gate. the heart of occupants strew slip. hm. us which rules the gaza strip is monitoring the situation and careers from us. we are not as appeared to use any means in order to stop and to do that through the thought of the extra mist. from doing this, sir, big mistakes again us all people and our policy, not in the lux home or for a jerusalem, or we think it is or is doing no. victor dystrophy, in the through june last year the march minded,
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the full expulsions of palestinians in the shape you're on neighbourhood, spoke to the 11 day. will hon garza when her mass threatened israel with rockets? mitchell brock and independent israeli political consultant says along the margin into palestinian areas is once again dangerous, or is railways to fly the flag anywhere in israel in jerusalem east jerusalem. it makes a statement is really, sovereignty is demonstrated there by the israeli army, the israeli police, that is there and as deciding who can march, where can they march? what flag can be flown by which people? and that's going to be a boiling point now. in areas outside of the old city palestinians clashed with israel, police ah, clashes also took place across the occupied westbank where these radio me use lie, fire and take s against anom palestinians. when i say that the marches of ox with
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excited to these radio police, oh how they're going to come in to damascus. i have opened up another route that was never supposed to happen, or only a few, his re lease it just my a huge operations here. it wasn't a victim of his way to place a simply over with the marches openly chanting, hate slogans, and proclaiming that this is a jewish or any land this young generation, the raft and force. i believe that completely on these people are the ones that are backing these really government and keeping it can power. and as long as that's the case i have very loud voice. the halls of these world government american out 0, occupied east jerusalem. or several hours before the flag march is ready forces dispersed, palestinian worshippers protesting after a splinter group of jewish alternation entered the alex a most compound. when they started waving israeli flags, they see it as part of a group effort to change the status quo. it is lambs, 3rd,
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holy site. some jewish worshippers also prayed at most compound is violates a longstanding agreement in place. since 1967, they're allowed to visit the area, but a bard from performing religious rights. and so in terms of historical context around what we're seeing today, why jerusalem is of course so central to everything. in 9047 united nations agree to split palestinian land into jewish in our territories. jerusalem was granted special international status under un governance a year later during the 1st arab israeli war, israel captured more land leading to the division of jerusalem. the cities west fell under israeli control while jordan took the east. then in 1967, israel occupied east jerusalem after its victory in the 6th day arab israeli war. tensions fled again in 1980 when israel's connecticut or parliament declared jerusalem its indivisible capital that added yet another layer of contention. since
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palestinians the east jerusalem as at the capital of their future state. or in other developments, at least a 163 palestinians were injured including 20 by live fire and confrontations between palestinians and israelis. security forces in the occupied west bank. the abraham has more on this now from bait al. with fin the use of life ammunition here behind us when young palestinians were coming. he had armed only with rock that we can say that they were even arms, but they were met with an excessive force by the israeli forces. live ammunition was use tear gas was used, which resulted in application of many palestinians also sung renee's as well as a slope or could feel bullets we are seeing some sort of home situation know or the say like the process sort dying down a little bit because it's darker, it's always proposed to maneuver. they know that they are overpowered by the really
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army. but still we've got information from our sources engineering and also the occupied with the bag that palestinians have to use 15 easy, which shows which are improve wise exclusive devices. and the targeted them and use them against the is really, really on the end is where you need a 3 points there. so as you can see, it's a tense situation. a lot of compound jerusalem, hold a very big importance in palestinian horse and moines. they wanted to show that they are with the palestinians that occupied you through sort of even if they don't have permission because they need to really military firms, even access the city and get through the checkpoint. but even if they don't have those, they want to show that they are with the palestinians, even with their, with their fellow citizens and families, and brothers and fellow people,
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even if they can't be with them physically sally i spoke to out, is there a senior plesco and asked marron shire e told us more about the interplay between jewish groups. it is spacing in march to day. and the israeli government, this sort of a religious zionism that we've seen manifests itself to they in jerusalem is of course not just about symbols like flags. it's more concrete way it's about is read reclaiming, re occupying, re imposing its sovereignty on unoccupied. 30 to record is jerusalem. so we have this are basically ultra national zionist, dictating its logic on these early government and enabling this new generation of israelis that's been indoctrinated to hate arabs indoctrinated to reclaim palestine as their own. and i think this cultural hate it based on some awkward religious
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teaching is, is the problem here. and in so many ways, this generation that we see in front of our eyes now is the future generation of israel because we see them multiply and proof a rate. and we see the others, the presumably so hold more secular, more moderate, either leaving the country or keeping quiet. once upon a time we thought some 2025 years that would the could be a win win. that there could be some sort of a piece process diplomatic process where they could be mutual recognition. and the 2 people could separate into 2 states. and israel, for all its citizens at palestine forwarded citizens that did not work out. and this is really government is basically 100 percent against negotiations. does not even recognize the palestinian authority would not meet with the policy and authority. and so it's the logical force, the logic of power, the logical occupation that is dominating and dictating everything. meanwhile, al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent,
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and transparent investigation to the killing of its journalist and the occupied westbank. sharina barkley was shot in the head by his railing forces while she was on assignment and jeanine. on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pul barrister, almost drop a casket, members of the international community of condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. i wish i could have been with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine watching the news, our live from london coming up on the program. green, columbia polls are closing and as discontent with the status quo, which could turn a form, a gorilla fighter. the country's verse left as president, warnings of a humanitarian disaster and became a faster way, years of violence have left many on the brink of starvation, matrons or a star forward piles on more hurt than liverpool details later.
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ah, well you as president joe biden and his wife are an oval day texas, meeting with families who lost loved ones in america's worst school shooting for nearly a decade. this is their 2nd trip to a community devastated by mass shooting in the past 2 weeks. he has renewed calls for stronger gun control measures. the u. s. justice department also now says that he's going to investigate the police response to the shooting officer waited for more than an hour before confronting but gunman. in that time, 19 school children and 2 teachers were shot dead. most of the children were aged 9 or 10. i'll just there is john hendrick joins us live now from over. a tax isn't an emotional day for president biden, and his wife it has to have been very arrived at the scene of the school, rob elementary school,
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and they laid down flowers on a growing pile in tribute to those $21.00 people and they stopped at each of the $21.00 portraits of those who had died at paying their respects to each and every one of them at with the bulk of the day is being spent with the family members. there is no pool camera in there, so we won't get an eye on that, but that will be where the emotion really comes. these are the people who have just this very weak lost family members, and that is why biden has spent so much time setting aside time to talk to them. at the end of the day, he's going to want to 1st responders as well. but he took mass at sacred heart catholic church a little earlier and popped out briefly. but it has to be a particularly emotional day because it's so ra here and you can feel the emotion all over town here in the town square. if you just look behind me, you can see how many people just are gathered here. this isn't even
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a stop on biden's tour. this is a place where people come to pay their respects. are definitely an emotional time. most people have said they are welcoming the president being here because when he's here that means the nation grieves, we have talked to some people who have said they didn't want to come here. they didn't think it would help. and there's a reason for that. this isn't really biden country from an electoral perspective. donald trump one this area by 15 percentage points, but today biden seems pretty popular with people. we've talked to john to the president face call said for action on gun control. he did when he stepped out of the church, a man yelled, do something, he said we will. and then the crowd chanted, we will. it's not exactly clear that he really will be able to do something because he doesn't have the 60 votes he needs in the senate to push something through. he's tried before and so have democratic presidents before him. i talked to
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a pair of teachers here and asked them what they thought about that. they said they thought there needed to be strict gun laws. they said everybody's talking, what we're hearing from particularly republican politicians is that it's a mental health problem. we need more mental health screening and we need teachers to have guns, and i asked them, i said you to or teachers, would you like to be carrying guns? and they both said no, absolutely not. that's not what i'm an expert at. so were biden offered a little bit of a promise there that he would take some kind of action. but if, if that action is gun control, it's not really clear that he has the ability to do that. all right, thank you. john hendrick involved a texas or us vice president comalla harris has made an impassioned plea for a ban on assault weapons. a political poll conducted the day off to the val they shooting chose the majority of americans support straight to con laws. 67 percent of voters want to see a nation wide ban on assault style weapons, with 69 percent wanting the sale of high capacity ammunition magazines, logs,
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88 percent of voters support, mandatory background checks for all gone sales. and there's similar to support for expanded screening for the mentally ill and a bad on firearms to people who to people whose mental health providers consider dangerous 80 percent of votes his back raising the legal age to buy a gun from 18 to 21 years old. jacqueline shield crowd is an associate professor of criminal justice at the state university of new york. it's a sway gun annex, but all mass shootings joined us now from syracuse. first of all, you've done a lot of research on the regulations and measures that do exist and the event of a mass shooting. how do you explain way in which police reacted in ovalo day, which is now going to be separate investigated by the u. s. justice department, you know it's, it's really hard to kind of answer that at this point. there's been a lot of information and then misinformation spread about enforcement response.
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what we do know is that at least on the surface, it seems that they broke the protocol that's been in place for the last 23 years. since columbine, which is, you immediately go in to start killing and start the dying. now we're seeing bipartisan efforts currently in congress to try and see about gun control measures . but we've been here before, haven't we? in 2012 to 20 children were killed in sandy hook. the senate defeated measures to ban assault weapons in high capacity gone magazines, and we're just looking at the percentage of the american population that supports greater regulation on that. why, why has action not been taken specifically on those assault style weapons? we actually had a assault weapons ban in place from 190420048 had a sunset provision in it, which meant it expired unless it was renewed. and they've tried our legislator such as diane feinstein, have tried every single year to get that reinstated,
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it just hasn't been successful. think a challenge is, is that in our country, gun rates are and the gun control debate is incredibly polarized and is often talked about in an absolute view that it's either all or nothing. and i think because a lot of that conversation is driven by those at the ends rather than in the middle as, as you just showed in the graphic with, you know, almost 90 percent. i'm supporting like universal background checks. you still can't get those past and it's very difficult to debate to have isn't it? because this is a sort of signature measure by liberals is to try and get an assault weapons ban. but has that increase the popularity of this specific weapon by those who subscribe to this ideology, is it boosted that sales? ah, that i can't answer on what i can say is that we are seeing, you know, it's in the context of mass shootings that these of the weapons are being used more frequently. although hand guns are still used more commonly,
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but they are associated with more lethal shootings. do you think that anything is likely to change this time? we have seen multiple efforts in congress to look at restricting gone sales, who looking at it efforts to try and change the agent, which you can purchase a gun from 18 to 21 years old on of course, universal background checks. do you sense that there has been some kind of shift as a result of this shooting of val dale? will it just lead to the, the log jam that we've seen before? you know, i think all of us are, are hopeful that this will be the change, but we also were all incredibly hopeful after sandy hook that there would be measures put it into place to at least try to prevent this. these are not going to be a 100 percent prevented, and certainly the ideas are not ever to criminalize law abiding gun owners, but instead more to keep firearms out of the hands of individuals who shouldn't have them. and who are going to go out and do things like this. you know, again,
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we thought sandy hook would be that turning point. maybe you've all day will on, but only time will really tell on that. all right, jack and shell crowd. thank you. thank you. oh, so the nation reels from yet another mass using several boxing fans have been injured off to trying to escape an arena in new york during a shooting sky. some spectators had noises when a match ended, which they thought was gone. fire social media video shows people trying to flee the barclays, sent up 10 people, suffered minor injuries. great forces of injured have yell tillery barges, is russia escalates its efforts to take the keys, sensitive to var done yet. for isn't rosie me. zalinski says, russian shelling has destroyed all the cities critical infrastructure, and more than 2 thirds of its housing stalk, so large as ukrainian health city in la lance region. and has been the focus of
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fierce fighting for weeks. the governor of lance as russian troops of hold up in a hotel on the northern outskirts of the city and taking heavy casualties. facials say that near constant shelling has made it difficult for the 15000 civilians who remain in the city to evacuate. earlier, present savanski visited the eastern harkey region. his 1st trip outside the key of areas since the russian invasion he surveyed destruction there before. dismissing the head of harkey state security service, failing to adequately defend the region in the early days of a war. same bas rami has more on this now from keith. also, despite the secrecy, despite heavy security, a surprise visit a car key ukraine. second largest city is for a leader who was at the very top of russia's kill list at the start of the war. at the very least, a calculated risk president vladimir zelinski personally surveying the damage made it clear. it's never too soon to begin rebuilding when it's 90
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d change or she could mean we have to find some money and credit lines. the state must provide guarantees, and cities must find super projects and find the money. because in the cities, governors and mayors are more likely to find one or another european program for housing construction, some state programs and some local programs. this is a chance, a chance to give a new look to such districts just son he even went to the front line to inspect ukrainian positions, and met with soldiers stationed in and around the city, handing out awards and services. well no. i want to thank you for your service, you risk your life for all of us and for our state. thank you for defending the independence of our country. take care of yourself, glory to ukraine. a trip meant to project strength and raise morale. to
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a place that is still very much a front line in this war. a 3rd of the city remains in russian hand. and area is not occupied by russian forces come under regular attack. just hours after he looked, there were missile strikes on this. if the ukrainian president has won widespread admiration for his war time, leadership at home and from allies in the west, which he is hoping translates into more long range heavy weapons. and soon zelinski, the 1st visit outside the cave region comes as russian forces continue to pummel cities in the east and south. as part of the russian forces objective to try and consolidate as many gains as possible in the dunbar region. and as ukrainian forces plan and prepare to mount counter offenses to try and stall and possibly push back . what has been an unrelenting russian advance zane basra v o 0 keith,
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where your crane is started receiving anti ship miss alice to bolster it forces in the fight against russia. the shore to ship miss ellsworth from denmark will be used to defend ukraine's coast, clearing the southern port city of a death where defense minister alexi resnick coff has been giving awards to ukrainian troops. more arms have also been received from the u. k and the netherlands are sure is blockaded. ukraine's ports unused its black sea fleets launch tax on ukrainian territory. discussed some more with alexi menu is quite right. tra formulations and international security programs that you kind of some of sent to think tank. he joins us now from here. first of all, if i can ask you about the supplement and the fighting around. so that are done yet, which is where the russians seem to be focusing. now. we don't seem to see any sudden at large gains in east, but they seem to be pressing their offensive. how. how painstaking is it going to be? the situation is really critical,
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and despite a our, a worse kind of showing all the premium. forcing this in the say remains pretty high. but the good news is that, as i said, for the last few, a slight a day it should. so this is something that you can do in the we use the most critical. ours was as ukrainian retreat from savannah. done yes. then looking to be inevitable, a little more. i think it was more when do you know general staff the science to see people and to do some tactical when you're in. it would be
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a, despite that it's really, really social or your brain, you know, so what the, what the full, a set of ideas mean for the rest of the region. this is very important for the russians in this way. they would at least be able to report all that human because they all and for the tire region 2 to reach the border beach, our be player to the main goals are asian. and, but if you bring in the course, it would be just as a, as i said, just affect the future. and it works for you or solid base is now in pain. yes. deliberately, every was a garage and both of them. at
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the same time, you came in for a very effective sense on offensive. what about the artillery and the weapons that have been delivered by western countries to ukraine? it could be, could it cause tensions, perhaps, even as an uncertainty in the west support for your crime? if the ukrainians use that to launch attacks deep into russia as been benson many times article, the one that you pay in the on so able to defend this effect with lee at the cham, because they are just a number. but also because more russia, more or less than sport, i mean to claim a long range. it's hillary missile system is and system ukraine role. how i believe it in metro,
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we will be able not just for forces for one should be offensive operations. you got in the room or, or these discussions. why asked about it, you're going mediately will start it targets on the russian territories. that's exactly not true because the main target style ration targets or key get on the ukranian, russia with territories. and even if you're playing at the moment, we'll decide to target a military installation behind the ukrainian border search in structure like that actually in, during, during our thank you very much. alexi melnick for joining to me. as i'm concerned her then came we're kind of capital has been celebrating anniversary of
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its founding on and a half 1000 years ago. special events, well across 50 cloud, the gal that it gives arch of the freedom of the ukranian people where they listen to music, enjoy sunshine. just a few weeks ago, he was being attacked by russian forces. they were pushed back from seizing the capital. so that for you on the program, to turn our attention to see don military lead a lift estate, the emergency has been in place since the army seized power in october. why it's taking decades for artwork stolen by the nazis during world war 2 to be returned to their rightful owners and ins for scary management monitor. wrong pre, why will the f one action in this ah
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hello. we still got some heat into southeastern parts of europe, but up towards the northwest. it has been a little lonely, cool, so disappointed me call actually, that is courtesy of a large area of high pressure winds. coming in from a normally direction was a cool direction at this time of year goes pretty much any time of year. it's pretty cool that does this way down across a north sea. and it's been suppressing those temperatures somewhat. so are the 16 celsius in london around 4 or 5 celsius below. what we should be here. cool enough, actually in bordeaux already 22 degrees warms up nicely over the next couple of days down to the southeast that you guys could even see a 34. therefore anchor river heat getting squeezed a little further southwards and east was but starting to see those temperatures recover up towards the northwest as we go on 3 wet and stay 19 in london, getting up to 31 decrease there in board a there are a few showers around just tempering that cool weather. you got the some wet weather
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just coming into parts of scotland. wells, england's lenorud republic things. what were the 2 showers there into central parts, some heavy array just lurking around the black sea on a positive you cray pushing down towards the balkan snow? the parts of africa it is generally dry. once again the usual showers. they are now making good progress across the gulf of giddy. ah! the latest news as it breaks sharon's grave has now been sealed, but even after her death she continued to tell policy in story with detailed coverage. a newly released report says that gun related death in the united states reach an all time high during the pandemic from around the world. the heavy pushback has long been a whole lot of the outgoing administration. rodrigo declared, they had little tolerance with the activists,
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radical and the founder of african cinema. out in the world, tells the story of the more italian direct a style for that he made the brake fluid. a way to me is a med was a fighter. his weapons were his mind and his intelligence. med honda rebel african . tell me on how to hulu. ah, ah, look at made stories recovering. the thousands of israeli ultra nationalists of march through occupied east jerusalem in a provocative parade is already forces dispersed palace, city worship,
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as protesting that off to some jewish wash bas bright inside the deluxe. almost compound, u. s. president joe biden, and his wife and o val de texas meeting families who lost loved ones in america's was school shooting. for nearly a decade, the us justice department says it will investigate why police took so long to confront the gunman who killed 19 school. kids and 2 teachers and ukraine's president has visit the to the harkey region in his 1st trip outside of cave. since the russian evasion on him, his lensky said intense russian shelling of the eastern city of savannah don. yet because destroyed all critical infrastructure that well now serbia is agreed to and you 3, a contract to be supplied gas by the russian energy giant gas prom present. alexander lou church said the deal was made during the cool with the russia, with his russian counterpart vladimir putin. mitchells, i said he agreed to discuss expanding gas storage in serbia. all the european
12:34 am
countries have promised to phase out russian oil and gas because of the war in ukraine were below cyclical regular one that was certainly by far the best prize in the whole of europe. what we agreed resident 13 and i is very good news for citizens of serbia reapply, that we will sign a 3 year contract and not one month contract like 3 as some anticipated islamic. that is the 1st element of public concern that suits the serbian side. very well, this is a book order or voting as just ended in columbia's presidential election, where for the 1st time in many years, a left wing candidate is the favorite to win. gustavo petro, seen as the front runner, but they'll need to secure more than 50 percent, to avoid a run off next month. 62 year old is popular with younger voters, dispatched to make major social changes. whoever wins needs to tackle an economy hit by the pandemic. social unrest, organized crime and an influx of venezuela migrants august della petra is
12:35 am
a former gorilla fighter, and mayor of bog tar. his victory would radically changed the political landscape in the country and the region a drinker, tara, is, is seen as the continuity candidate of the current present, even to case administration. he is a conservative for my mayor, of nadine polls have him at 25 percent. but the wild card is businessman randolph hernandez, who enjoyed a recent bumping the poles. he's campaigning as a 3rd way candidate with a strong focus on corruption and at sergio for harder is polling. 4th, he is a mathematician and former governor of the anti choir region. he missed the 2018 run off by just 2 points. i sandra petty is life arrest in the capital bog, a tar where a poles of just close toilet. tell us what's happening there now. alessandra? yes, marian, my post clothes, roughly 30 minutes ago. and what could prove to be one of the most significant elections in recent columbian history. let me show you right here behind me,
12:36 am
some of the full workers that are counting the vote as we speak these votes will then be sent to the electoral authorities. say here in the capitol bogo staff for what is known as a quick count to so we should start receiving the 1st results very soon. possibly in the next couple of our hours, we should already have an idea of exactly what that will happen. and as we were seeing, these could be quite significant elections. kaz, the man who's been leading in the polls throughout this campaign, considered out to be the 1st left his president in columbia history. that is a gustavo bathroom for more than that. i'm joined now by saint hill, who's mine, who is the director of columbia risk analysis. thank you very much for being with us. so let me ask you if bethel indeed, at wayne's becomes the 1st left,
12:37 am
he's president of columbia. how difficult would it be for him to implement this very ambitious plans to change at the for example, the, the, the classic economic as system a of columbia? absolutely. l is 100. thank you very much for having me. first of all, i think the next president is going to have a very difficult time passing any meaningful legislation through congress. bethel will not have a majority either in the upper house or the lower house of fungus, making it imperative for him to negotiate pension reform, health care reform, tax reform, or any significant decree to change the country's economy. i think that that's the most important issue. he will not have the ability to pass if that is the case though, given that the great expectations that there are in this country for a to respond to the man social needs, do you think that that could create a great deception and longer has voters? oh, absolutely, and as inflation mounts in the country,
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we're expecting there to be a social unrest, not of massive proportions, but very importantly, colombians are dissatisfied with the economy, with the cost of living, with the direction that the country is going. and that's going to roll over into the next administration. come with me and it will create problems for federals further down. the line. better has been clearly leading the poles throughout march of this election campaign, but he will probably not have enough votes to avoid that ran off. now in june. if that is the case. if either as the bane challenger federico gutierrez or the wild card that or don't fernandez, happened to come in 2nd, could they had the day the election become quite tight? absolutely. i think in this scenario we're fed equal will, dear, is confronts who stop and throw in a run off who stop and throw basically has won the selection. if the case is that 30 go for the non this and who's the hope it will make the run off. it's going to
12:39 am
be a much tighter race for the simple fact that theoretical will get his represents continuity . android for non, this represents change in a change continuity election change has a great advantage of winning in a change change election. it will now be on to gustavo, better to demonstrate why his version of change is more important than road fernandez. version of change. thank you. very much i have here. so you've heard from sasha. this is an election in which colombians are putting to test their desire of changing that in many ways that the way this country has been working a for many decades now with a clear, traditional, conservative majority. indeed, we're gonna have to see if that was that fits and we'll be able to get enough votes to when i was right today or face. i run off in june, that could be more difficult for him. all right, thank you. allison ron p as in bob newly released images show the level of
12:40 am
devastation caused by heavy rainfall in northeast and brazil on friday and saturday . at least 44 people and now known to have died in the resulting floods and land slides. dozens are also missing. most of the deaths reported in the parent m bukosa state capital receive fe. it's brazil's 4th major flooding event in 5 months, and as raised questions about the role of climate change. will torrential rain and landslides of killed at least 15 people in southern china. 2 buildings collapsed in virgin province, killing 8 people there. while in quandary region flood waters swept 3 children away . 2 died and one survived. state media reported that 5 more people died and your non province roads, bridges, power and phone lines have been damaged in flood hit areas. well now china is easing corona, virus restrictions in it's 2 biggest cities. shanghai is 2 month long locked down is to end on tuesday. millions of people have been stuck in doors and many businesses forced to close from june. first,
12:41 am
many businesses can resume trading though residents wanting to go out or to work also face fewer restrictions. meanwhile, and by doing public spaces like gems, museums and theaters are all reopening, but there will be limits on the number of visitors. people in some districts can return to work on public transport, has also resumed will not as you will anchor anti government protests of turned violent again. this time medical students clash of police near the president's official residence. oh, under students from universities around the country gathered in columbia and tried to pull down security barriers. many shoreline cans are angry at the unprecedented economic crisis, which has led to shortages of fuel and medicines. a cues the president in his family, of ruining the economy. earlier, thousands of cyclists joined to anti government protests and sri lanka. many rode through a capital with banners, calling the president to resign. the prime minister renelle, which are missing as,
12:42 am
as he's trying to change the law to make the president and the cabinet accountable to parliament. all of us we are not carrying a very independent and advanced ribbon closely fusion and good governors use. one of the main reason for the public situation that we offer is you did the economy bankruptcy and political and argued inmate than r as a citizen. i think it is more duty on responsibility of this time to quote people struggle. anyway, recur madigan to give correct are actually in statement here, government see the on is lifted a state of emergency imposed off the military seized control in a qu, in october last year journal until for top or on the countries militarily does issued a decree lifting the order, the sovereign council says that official was taken to create the right atmosphere, a fruitful dialogue. during the transitional period, dozens of people have been killed and hunter is arrested by security forces in mass protests against the armies. takeover if morgan has more from heart to the thick of
12:43 am
emergency lifted on sunday into dime by the head of the sovereignty council. and the head of the army general had them put, the upper hon was imposed on october 25th. last year. the day the military took over power, ending a 2 year transitional government meant to lead to down to democracy. now political parties here have been calling for an end to that state of emergency thing, but it made it very difficult to hold talks between the political parties themselves and the army that has taken over power. one of the things that fell under that state of emergency was banning of protest but despise back. since the day of the takeover protested, have been taking to the 3 to boys their anger against the military. disregarding one of the state, one of the rules of the state of emergency which abandoned gathering at least 98 protests who have been killed since the take over hundreds have been injured. but demonstrators continue to take to the street to voice the anger against the military. the un mission here, along with the african union, and the regional inter governmental authority for development have been trying to
12:44 am
facilitate talk between the various political parties. and one of the things they called for was an enter the state of emergency, but they also called for the release of political prisoners to create a more conducive environment. to try to break the political deadlock that has been created as a result of that take over. now it's not clear with impact that would have on the resistance committees, the bodies that have been calling for protests. but many say they don't want to whole talk to the military because they don't want to recognize the military and don't want to negotiate with the military and give them legitimacy protest. i said they will continue to take to the street. but political parties have been saying that if a conducive environment is created, they will sit down whether directly or indirectly with the military to whole talk to try to and prevent political dialogue that has been going on for more than 6 months. kena faso is facing his was tongue crisis in 6 years, attacks by armed groups in these sol region of displaced hundreds of thousands of people, including farmers,
12:45 am
preventing them from growing crops. the un says more than 630000 people on the brink of starvation from the town of dory. some magnetic reports i sent you home of fled her village because she feared attacks by armed groups. her 8 month old daughter became severely known. nourished weeks later, homeless and hungry, i still couldn't produce enough breastmilk. so she travelled several hours to reach a hospital in the town of dory. when la illema and on the since been displaced, we haven't received support. we used to have food to eat when we were in our home, but we don't think we can return. i'm really afraid my children will starve m i n o . she's among hundreds of thousands. the un says are on the brink of starvation in burkina faso. they're hunkers, fueled by violence linked to years of unrest in the largely lawless style region that's forced many from their homes. almost 60 percent of all health centers in the style have been forced to close. many of the people here of copeland villages where
12:46 am
there's no longer any functioning health facilities. by the time they arrive, dr. say the children are often extremely malnourished. many lake, these babies here need oxygen to survive. dr said the most severe cases die within 24 hours after arrival, and health workers are preparing for the situation to get worse as security problems increase. mutinous soldiers ousted the president in january. since then, attacks by armed groups have increased an spread unless you just also dig up. the situation is escalating every day. and if the government can find the right strategy in 6 months, there will be humanitarian disaster. all the 2000000 people are internally displaced, most fleeing rural areas for cities, which are already short of key supplies. millennium pay water laming, we don't have war, shall we don't have anything. i suffer a loss. i really need any kind of support because i'm suffering aid workers are
12:47 am
struggling to cope with the rising needs and shrinking funds. because i want these went up till monday. we still need more than $18000000.00 to fill the gap of financial resources in order to take care of these children. and he warns if the money doesn't arrive, the crisis will become even worse. sam, ed nick al jazeera story, burkina faso, the netherlands is allocated nearly 6 and a half $1000000.00 to return art stolen by the nazis during world war 2 decades ago . 140 countries agree to ensure the pieces are given back. that fostering force from armors foot only a few have found their way to their rightful owners. they are hidden in one of the most secure art folds in the netherlands fountains of artwork stolen from victims of the holocaust of sold in an effort to stay alive. many of the owners died and hitler's gas chambers. those who survived that many years trying to get them back.
12:48 am
these are the paintings. this is it. it took off, had fastened his family 6 years to convince the dutch state these 2 paintings were forcefully sold by his grandfather. in 1941. to save his family, you'll have to prove and to prove again and again and again that you are the air behind behind all kinds of excuses. because in the end of the day, i doubt that they want to give it back with the knowledge shift a day. it's shameful. in 4546 people were busy rebuilding. it wasn't a priority at all, but it took a long time to get it to be a priority. many stolen or disputed pieces are still on display in museums or public buildings like this painting by dutch mazda mazda 4 decades shown in parliament building until a few months ago. a collection of paintings symbolizing the impact of the holocaust
12:49 am
modern, 80 years later. some of these artworks were handed over to the dutch government immediately after world war 2. they have been in storage ever since and many might never be returned to their rightful owner. nazi lead us out of hitler and hammond good had an obsession with art and hundreds of thousands of stolen paintings and artworks were collected to build up their own museums in nazi germany. alford foster looking for more than 800 looted artworks that were part of his great grandfather's collection until 1933 when hitler to power his grandparents were among nearly 100000 jews transport to camp wester book and the east of the netherlands. here is a place where is a connection to the arts because they were probably rescued because they could find some money to pay off the comp come and answer the guy who was in charge here and he let them go. but it was very,
12:50 am
very rare that any choose really out of here and could go back to amsterdam. the camp was the last station before our sheets and utter extermination camps. and as a symbol for alphabet fast fight to get his family's art back. we should try to do our parts in history and to see what we can do in order to get back with us our, to get justice done, and also to show worlds. there's one, however, back to situation is and is always a certain hope for redemption. that researchers have been given for years to investigate the origin of thousands of disputed paintings and returned them to the rightful airs, hoping to complete with some se should have been done. decades ago, steadfast and else's era in the netherlands. still i had on my knees, our day of celebrations in madrid, details are coming up and just to my will have all the latest news very short with
12:51 am
ah, the answer was an arabic. my name is how i was abducted by the cia in 2004. a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia. the chamber with handcuffs led me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruin the life of an innocent feel mastery case. on al jazeera, we town the untold story, lou, we speak when others done. ah, we cover all sides, no matter where it takes us. a my, i am power in pasha. we tell your story. we are your voice,
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your news, your net, al jazeera lou with ah, to natural the sport with thank you so much. mariam rosner dell has set up a mouth watering french open quarter final showdown. the spaniard will faced old rival and top seed no back jock of it. on tuesday, the dal survived an epic battle against felix albert ali. a cma in the last 16 is taken to a 5 such by the canadian de losing the 1st sassy 21 time glen sanchez eventually came back to seal victory and a nearly 4 and a half hours roller. this was only the 3rd time in his $112.00 matches that ned dow
12:53 am
was taken to the 5th sex at roland gas. or may have been no the ideal situation to the right here, but here we are. we are in rolling garage is my favorite to play without a dog on dog. only thing that i can tell you. hi, are you going to be focusing on tomorrow? gonna try my best as always. so i don't know what going to happen, but the only thing that i gotta do, so i going to car on gillian. so many things and joked edge advanced by demolishing his opponent. diego schwartz men in straight says to reach the final 8 playing in his 1st major of the year, the service going for a record equaling 21st grandson title in paris. i'm 10 year old carlos al caresses into the quarters. the world number 6 was in hot form, sweeping aside 21st seat, karen catching off in the streets and in the women's draw us open runner up. layla
12:54 am
fernandez, has reached the quarter finals in paris for the 1st time. 19 year old beat. amanda anna samo van 3 sets shall now face italian pair. my team at travis fact cocoa golf is also through the quarter finals. the american teenagers sailed past the least mountains of belgium and straight fence. 18 year old faced, her compadre had flown stephen red bulls. sergio perez has picked up his 1st victory of the season winning the monaco grand prix on what was a day of disruptions. heavy rain meant the start was delayed and a big crash involving mach schumacher for 3 to be suspended. hast driver walked away unharmed? ask for pres, having started in 3rd. he timed his pit stop to perfection to get the when she made an extra shopping, came 3rd and now has a 9 point lead and the driver standing over ferrari's show. claire finished and for it's gone through, i mean, i said i your, your dream of winning here is
12:55 am
a home race i thing is there, is there more fish on the weekend the way until to the, to the way then that way within, you know, we just made it then you went to that mean with regrading, i have to not make any mistake, bring it home, but keeping carlo, color the i was anything as a whole thing, we can be very pleased with the sunday. i mean, it was a very hectic one with the rain and stuff, but i think we executed it well and i extended my point for which i didn't expect last night. so i think that's supposed to be around madrid. have been celebrating their record extending 14th champions, league paddle club are holding a parade in the spanish capitol, which also involved a function of the iconic with dana can theory cathedral carlo introlatta is team the liverpool one know, and funnel on saturday in paris. been a great season for our on top of winning the champions league. they also won the spanish title. there's been more bad news for liverpool fans falling their teams to
12:56 am
feed in paris with reports that one of their star players, fatty amana has decided to leave the club. the senate goal winger is at a contract next year and previously said he would reveal his plans after the final in paris. and it appears he wants a new challenge. mana has been heavily linked with german champions. byron munich, nothing has been confirmed yet. ralph arrived, nick won't be staying on at manchester. united falling his stint as inter manager. he was expected to take up a consultancy role at old trafford as previously agreed with the club. our plans have been abandoned by mutual agreement due to the demands of right next new job. as austria coach nottingham forest fans are celebrating. their teens returned to the primary league for the 1st time in 23 years. forest beat had us feel and the championship play, our final wembley returned to the top flight, complete a remarkable turn around for the club, the last 6 of their 1st 7 li games this season.
12:57 am
and j henley has become the 1st australian to when cycling is jiro d'italia. the 26 year old finished a 17 point one kilometer time trial ran for owner. i had ever richard carpenter to claim his 1st ever ran to a title. hindley who missed out on the crown 2 years ago when he came in 2nd one, the final stage by one minute and 18 seconds. okay. and that is all your sport for now. it's now back to marry him in london. all right, for a thank you. a couple of other stories to bring you vietnam has beach heiner is the world record holder for the longest bridge. it's made out of glass. the white dragon bridge is suspended between 2 mountains and opened on saturday. the bottom is made from 3 layers of glass and it can hold up to 450 people at a time. at 632 meters long, it's a 100 meters longer than china's glass bridge. in one dawn, and
12:58 am
a swedish grandmother has set a world parachute jump record, a sprightly 103 is old roots. lawson became the oldest person to complete a tandem. skydive jump took place in the town of montana in sweden. arson said she planned to celebrate with a mental. okay. good on her grammy. that's it. the news our oh ah and for over a century american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead,
12:59 am
countess young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from me. in a 3 part series full blinds investigates, a massive scandal that wrote the united states scoutmaster part 3 on al jazeera stories of determination and joy. hey, we're not going to be luck though in the kiddo janet, you have you make a listing v. i don't get a short documentary by african filmmakers from miley wanda and cameron desert libraries and the young cyclists and happy africa direct on al jazeera weavers, drying out greasing. land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife or
1:00 am
migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all these, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with a corona of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from tours im isn't enough here at the obviously national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the hall pressure than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. lou, thousands of israeli alternation is fuel tensions with a prolonged march through occupied east jerusalem. i was earlier is writing forces disposed palestinians protesting against jewish settlers entering the alex. i'm most.


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