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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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they discovered that their territory was being invaded by gold mining projects all along their river. the community brought a lawsuit against a po to us government. you've won, you want the unprecedented ruling obliges the state to consult communities over oil and mining projects that impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny scene away community has won a huge battle, but may not necessarily have the last word. since the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests, ah o protection in ocoee bodies, jerusalem, tens of thousands of flag waving israelis marched. we're must have areas of the city. ah,
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hello, i'm darren jordan. this is out as they are alive from dough are also coming up. he cranes, president visits the front lines, his 1st trip outside keith, just the russian invasion began. the u. s. justice department says it'll investigate the police response to the texas school shooting that left 21 people dead and left his ex rebel leads the colombian presidential vote, but he'll face a surprise candidate in the 2nd row. ah, the palestinian presidents, he says israel is playing with fire after $70000.00 flag waving as rainy ultra nationalists march through occupied his jerusalem in one con reports now and a deeply divisive parade which has left the city on edge flags waving. what israel says is a celebration and palestinians call a provocation. ah, these railey flag, much vaulted, was known by his railings as jerusalem date is
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a holiday. when his really force is kept at ease through slim in 1967 during the 60 war the israel, it's victory, but the palestinians, it's occupation in recent years though. oh, tr nationally israeli groups abused the flag march to push their own agenda. ah, i minority openly races fall right group like the harbor, use the march to call for the expulsion of all palestinians from what was once historically, palestine. and for the 1st time publicly called for the dismantling of the 3rd holy site in islam. the dome of the rock in the alexa moss compound. ah, lisha, public security minister omar left has allowed the march to travel to damascus gate . the halt of occupants drew slipped from us which rules the gaza strip is monitoring the situation requires from us. we are not his appeared to use any means in order to stop and to the through the 3rd of the extra mist from doing this to
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big mistakes again, us all people and our policy not in the luxembourg or a jerusalem. and we think it out is what is doing no, because therapy in the through june last year the march combined with forced explosions of palestinians in the shape you're on neighborhood. spoke to the 11 day will on gaza. when her mom threatened israel with rockets, mitchell brock and independent israeli political consultant says along the marsh into palestinian areas is once again dangerous for israelis to fly the flag anywhere in israel in jerusalem, eastern islam. it makes a statement is really, sovereignty is demonstrated there by the israeli army, the israeli police, that is there and is deciding who can march, where can a march, what flag can be flown by which people. and that's going to be a boiling point in areas outside of the old city palestinians clashed with israel.
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police ah, clashes also took place across the occupied westbank where these ready army use lie, fire and take s against unarmed palestinian firms of the marches of alex is excited to the israeli police. oh, how they're going to come in to damascus. i have opened up another route that was never supposed to happen there already a few his writing with just my a huge operations here with your worries, wasn't a victim of is ready place. i'll simply over with the marches openly chanting, hate slogans, and proclaiming that this is a jewish or any land this on generation. the rats in force. i believe that completely. and these people are the ones that are packing these really government and keeping it in power. and as long as that's the case i have very loud voice at the heart of these really government american out a 0. ok ladies recently. so let's get some historical context as to why jerusalem
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is so central to these ready palestinian conflict. when in 1947, the united nations agreed to spit palestinian land into jewish and arab territories . and jerusalem was granted special international status. a year later, during the 1st arab israeli war, israel captured moorland, leading to the division of jerusalem. the city's west fell under israeli control by jordan took over the east. then in 1967, israel occupied eastern slim after its victory. in the 6th day, arab israeli war attention fled again in 1980. when israel's kinessa or parliament declared jerusalem its indivisible capital, and that's added yet another lay of contention, since palestinian see easter useless as the capital of their future state. but join me now from san francisco is nadia tennis? she's a member of the palestinian youth movement. now you're good to have you with her. so israel sees this flag march as a celebration of victory, the palestinians that was seen as a provocation. how incent, very briefly, are these marches. and is this really about at the jewish ultra nationalists groups
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pushing their own agendas? do you think? yes, thank you so much for having me. the flag march is like a theater happens every year. and it is part of a larger continuum of colonial violence that israel has enacted since neck. rab hon . ready the palestinian people, i would like to also point out that there are american citizens who are part of this march. and what does it mean for them to be able to go to so called israel to exact these colonial fantasies of total erasure and obliteration of palestinian people from their context. i think the state of israel clearly and the zionist regime clearly understands how incendiary these marches are. just a few weeks ago, we saw the videos of israeli police trying to bar settlers and right wingers from actually accessing damascus gate. okay. because that does limit us jump in the
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a because time is the. busy time is short, i mean, many observers say these ready prime minister natalie bennett is more right wing than his predecessor benjamin netanyahu. how is not political shift playing out in the clashes that you're describing? of the alex the most of them? yes, i think that the but it is certainly more right wing and he has a very prominent right wing base who themselves are actually calling him soft. there are calls from his base for high level assassinations against the leaders in gaza. and i think additionally, there's a lot of anxiety here under bennett's current, a rule, let's say, or under his term. and there are emboldened by him being present in the connected. but he also is ruling and, and, and in leadership at a time when, you know, just 2 days ago we've seen a law pass, it is really,
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settlers are now able to pray. i'm upset and this absolutely is a provocation. and it's something that yeah and, and as we've seen over the past few months, you know, the spiraling violence of alaska. alexa most than we had the death about a 0 journalist republic le killed bon israeli spy. but is there a danger? do you think that the violence could now spiral into another palestinian uprising or not a gauze? a war? yes, absolutely. as i was saying, the provocation of israeli settlers being present. alexa, never mind praying. there is absolutely a provocation against the palestinian people in jerusalem in the west bank. i crossed historic house and in 48 territories and of course in gaza and in the diaspora itself. and with the murder of sharing a wall outlet, we have seen that tensions are high. this absolutely has the potential to continue to escalate over the next few weeks. not just a final thought to you. i mean, the palestinians say that the united states was never a fan mediator in the israel palestine conflict anyway. what you think it'll take
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them to calm the situation and prevent what shaping up to be perhaps another war. i think it's a difficult thing to say because the more as tensions rise on the ground, the more other forces will really align themselves to try and assess the situation currently arising in israel. i think that israel at present is exploiting the abraham accords and the normalization which has given a green light to say that they can do whatever they want with impunity. so we will see really what happens. i don't think israel has any intent to slow down at this point and so the, with the provocation, of course, will come a response nadia tune us really good to get your thoughts. thank you very much. indeed for talking to us. thank you so much. now the u. s. president and 1st lady had met the grieving families of those lost in the texas school shooting. joe and joe biden travel to valdez to pay their respects to the victims of the massacre.
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it's the 2nd trip to a community devastated by my shooting in just 2 weeks. john henry has the story from a volley. ah, president joe biden visited the scene of the latest school shooting, adding flowers to the growing memorial at rob elementary school. the biden's view $21.00 portraits of grief, pausing at each to pay their respects. the 1st couple attended mass. it's sacred heart catholic church before speaking privately to the families who lost 19 children and 2 teachers. ah many welcome to high profile visitor. it shows the nation so courts, the families agrees with the family. but this isn't by the country. this community voted for donald trump by a margin of 15 percent. i and feeling degree. i don't think it's necessary. at any time,
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much of this town of 16000 can be found here in the center of town. ah, oh, for a song the comfort of company in shared gree. ah, oh. you've all the town square features, $21.00 white crosses, one for each of the victims of today's massacres. and now they're almost entirely obscured by the thousands of flowers that people bring by. it wasn't on president biden's agenda today, but it serves as a spot for people to come and pay their respects. among those who came our local residents, veronica mendez, and maria gear elsewhere the world. you don't, any civilian has no access to this type of weapons. some proponents ah, he would say mention a bad, you know,
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the solution is arming. he turn off your teachers, you say, do you want to carry a gun? no, 6 year old kids and i don't know how to defend themselves. i'm a suitor after video surfaced of parents urging police to go inside. officers acknowledged it was a mistake to wait 78 minutes to enter the classroom and stop the government. screen . on sunday, the department of justice announced it would investigate why they took so long. it was not the 1st man shooting scene, biding his visited and it's unlikely to be the last town in his tenure left to grapple with grief. john henderson al jazeera, you've all day, texas ukraine. the president has visited eastern khaki and his 1st trip outside the key region since the russian invasion. a lot of me as the landscape surveyed the destruction before dismissing the head of khaki state security service, for failing to adequately defend against the russian advance. same authority has
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more lives about the us, despite the secrecy, despite heavy security. a surprise visit a car key ukraine. second largest city is for a leader who was at the very top of russia's kill list at the start of the war. at the very least, a calculated risk president vladimir zelinski personally surveying the damage made it clear. it's never too soon to begin rebuilding when it's 90 d change or should we have to find some money and credit lines and the state must provide guarantees, and cities must find super projects in find the money. because in the cities, governors and mayors are more likely to find one or another european program for housing construction, some state programs and some local programs. this is a chance, a chance to give a new look to such districts you know, just some he even went to the front line to inspect
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ukrainian positions, and met with soldiers stationed in and around the city, handing out awards and service metal. no. i want to thank you for your service, you risk your life for all of us and for our state. thank you for defending the independence of our country. take care of yourself. glory to ukraine. a trip meant to project strengthen, raise morale, to a place that is still very much a front line in this war. a 3rd of the city remains in russian hands and areas not occupied by russian forces come under regular attack. just hours after he left there were missile strikes on the system of the ukrainian president has won widespread admiration for his wartime leadership at home and from allies in the west, which he is hoping translate into more long range heavy weapons. and soon, zelinski is 1st visit outside the cave region comes as russian forces continue to
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pummel cities in the east and south. as part of the russian forces objective to try and consolidate as many gains as possible in the don boss, region, and as ukrainian forces plan and prepare to mount counter offenses to try and stall and possibly push back. what has been an unrelenting russian advance zane basra v o 0 keith no left. his former rebel has won the 1st round of columbia's presidential election, setting the stage for a run of weather pop interest rival next month. gustavo petros, pledging to tackle rising in equality and fully implemented a 2016 piece deal with far rebels. you'll faced businessman rodolfo hernandez, whose ante corruption platform help fuel a last minute surge in support. a lot of sandra petty jointly live now from barometer. alessandra so we're now heading for a 2nd round vote. tell us what's been happening with
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incorrect daren the results of been through this family law to columbia conservative traditional establishment. we have now to add a stablished candidate that will face off on july 19 i clearly i may just surprise essentially 2 very different visions of change that will face off in the 2nd round of this something that we were not a to expand on this one and now joined by a professor of international relationships at the university here, you will get that. thank you for being with us tonight. so help us a little bit, understand why i'm doing all this to me. what are your main take away that the surprising results? i think the main takeaway columbia diety is the tired and fed out for politics as a
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establishment victory where it needs to be seen. which of these 2 vs has never schmidt well with this database that has been overwhelmingly leading, available throughout this entire campaign. in what way now, a little complicated or could come to the gate to things for him. in the 2nd row, i think that is entire narrative as a contingency. well, i believe that the page you know, campaign was was it was supposed bidding on a victory so that then to complete the 2nd run fact it rolls on. this is now passing, the 2nd round, provides a very serious challenge as to victory. and given essentially that he's been leading in the polls for over a year. now he's going to have to rethink his whole campaign narrative with and i
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to combating effectively a struggle against her and his own particular promise of change. a traditional service team establishment now too. so don't support for adults with fear arrival of a true left with this is already happening today. as we speak. many top politicians of the center, the main writing party are now especially in their support for who speculated even before the illusion today that some of the already shifting here and starting to also present the challenge is to it is in the sense that he has campaigning against the establishment now he is receiving the support of the right which are going to support him with an eye to campaigning against and preventing it. perfect
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. thank you very much. i leave on. so this is the situation now from vogue that we're expecting with, and we're gonna have to wait and see how it's going to start changing the strategy now that he's going to have to pay another company. they present themselves as through change in columbia. i was 100, thank you. start fresh or break here now to 0. when we come back, i'm wayne hey, ensue the fiji with the latest on the chinese foreign minister, 2 of the pacific and what it could mean for the balance of power in the region. in the end of the day, i doubt that he wanted to and decades on the families who are still fighting for the return of thousands of paintings stolen by the nazis morning. stay with us. ah.
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the journey has begun. the faithful world cup is on its way to cattle. brook your travel package today. oh, we got the rain clouds gathering for southern parts of japan over the next couple of days. the of the may you front says making its way out of central china dragging right across that similar area into the east china c easing over towards q shoe. same time he says a wet weather coming across the northeast of china, down across north korea. we will see some wet weather coming to south career as we go one through monday. shut by the mount is not too bad for tokyo around $29.00 degrees celsius, but it does turning crazy unsettle. to make a when to the middle part of wiggle parts. we'll see some wet weather across japan . bright skies come back in high still hot enough in beijing. $33.00 degrees celsius foreman after shanghai $29.00 wet weather. they're across the southern half of china set to continue in the coming days with
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a possibility. so localized flooding, have you now pause to a cross, sir, good part of the indo china or into the philippines and pulses of heavy rain coming through here. for much of malaysia, largely dry, the usual heat of the day showers, and a similar picture to a cross set indonesia more in the way of weather weather, making its way to southern parts of india. now the monsoon southwest, the monsoon, has now made his way and across caroline, around 3 days ahead of schedule. more heavy rain, grassy pushing north. i saw air with issue airlines of the journey to young women and morocco, staying with local families. morocco really woke me up and is definitely changed my life in a good way. american students learning to live in north africa. i'm getting better at haggling in shopping and morocco. knowledge. is there a world photos that jeremy's of cultural emotion, leading to some surprising consequences? an american in my home on al jazeera
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oh ah, welcome back. i picked them out about top stories here at this hour, thousands of israeli ultra nationalists of march through off bodies, jerusalem for an annual rally, mocking israel, illegal occupation of the $967.00 war police fight on palestinians protesting homage the u. s. president. and 1st lady had met relatives of the 19 children and 2 teachers shot dead in texas on tuesday. the justice department is now conducting a review of the police response to the shooting. after criticism i ought to, to slow me. i left his former rebel gustavo petro has won the 1st round of columbia as presidential election, setting a stage for
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a run off. next month. you'll faced businessman adult for ab numbers, who's anti corruption platform help fuel. alas, when it's search in support, china's foreign minister is in fiji. a closely watched meetings with the island, nation's leaders, and other pacific foreign ministers. one year says he wants to increase corporation with pacific allan nations on climate change. but countries include in the u. s. sound australia have raised concerns about security when he has more from fiji. well, the timing's interesting, probably not a coincidence this to or of the pacific by when you started last week. we also saw last week and meeting of the quad countries, the united states, japan, india, and australia that grouping pretty much designed to counter the rise and influence of china in the region. we also saw the u. s. president joe biden introducing his indo pacific economic framework agreement, which by the way, fiji has now decided to join. so there's a lot going on diplomatically from the chinese point of view. they would say, well,
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this is just a coincidence. we have long held the view that there are big opportunities for them to forge better relations with the pacific island countries. and that's exactly what they are trying to do. and perhaps that opportunity is highlighted even further at the moment because of what these countries are going through. that very much on the front lines of climate change. rising sea level, their economy have been decimated by cove at 19. so the chinese is saying, look, we can help you with all of these things in this region. there was a feeling that australia, new zealand, and their ally, the united states haven't really treated these pacific island nations with enough respect. and certainly haven't more recently listen to their cries for help enough when it comes to climate change. so again, with china circling, they will be a lot of concern in australia and you feel and, and the united states about what that relationship could look like in the years ahead. sedan has lifted
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a state of emergency imposed after the military. he is controlled and a coo last october. it was announced by the country's military leader, general abdel factor hon. the ruling council says the decision was taken to facilitate fruitful and meaningful dialogue. during the transitional period alia, 100 people have been killed and many more arrested. and mass protests against the armies take over even more with us, more from content. the state of emergency lifted on sunday and put down by the head of the sovereignty council. and the head of the army general had them for the hon was imposed on october 25th last year. the day the military took overpower anything to the transitioning government, meant to lead to down to democracy. now political parties here have been calling for an end to that state of emergency thing that made it very difficult to hold talks between the political parties themselves and the army that has taken over power. one of the things that fell under that state of emergency was the banning of protest. but despite that, since the day of the takeover protested,
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have been taken to the 32 boys, their anger against the military. disregarding one of the state, one of the rules of the state of emergency which banded gathering at least a 98 protest has have been killed in the take over. hundreds have been injured, but do want to continue to take the voice, the anger against the military, the un mission here, along with the african union and the regional in governmental authority for development have been trying to facilitate talk between the various political parties and one of the things they called for was an enter the state of emergency, but they also called for the release of political prisoners to create a more conducive environment. to try to break the political deadlock that has been created as a result of that take over. now it's not clear what impact that would have on the resistance committees, the bodies that have been calling for protests, but many say they don't want to whole talk to the military because they don't want to recognize the military and don't want to negotiate with the military and give them legitimacy protests that they will continue to take to the street. but political parties have been saying that if a conducive environment is created,
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they will sit down whether directly or indirectly with the military to hold talks to try to in present political dialogue. that has been going on for more than 6 months. the netherlands is allocated nearly 6 and a half $1000000.00 to return are stolen by the nazis during world war 2. the dutch government still holds many pieces in storage, which have never found their way back to their rightful owners. steadfast reports now from misfortune. they are hidden in one of the most secure art folds in the netherlands fountains of artwork stolen from victims of the holocaust of sold in an effort to stay alive. many of the owners died and hitler's gas chambers. those who survived that many years trying to get them back. these are the paintings. this is it. it took alfred fast and his family, 6 years to convince the dutch state these 2 paintings were forcefully sold by his grandfather in 1941 to save his family. you have to prove and to prove again and
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again and again that you are the air behind behind all kinds of excuses. because in the end of the day, i doubt that they want to get it back with the knowledge if to day it's shameful. and 4546 people were busy rebuilding. it wasn't a priority at all, but it took a long time to get it to be a priority. many stolen or disputed pieces are still on display in museums or public buildings like this painting by dutch mazda mazda 4 decades shown in parliament building until a few months ago. a collection of paintings symbolizing the impact of the holocaust, modern, 80 years later on some of these artworks were handed over to the dutch government immediately after world war 2. they have been in storage ever since and many might never be returned to their rightful owners. nazi lead us adolf hitler and hammond
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girding had an obsession with art and hundreds of thousands of stolen paintings and artworks were collected to build up their own museums and nazi germany. alford fuss is still looking for more than $800.00 looted artworks. that were part of his great grandfather's collection until 1933. when hitler took power, his grandparents were among nearly 100000 juice. transported to camp westerburg, in the east of the netherlands. here is a place where is a connection to the arts because they were probably rescued because they could find some money to pay off the comp commandant, the guy who was in charge here. and he let him go, that it was very, very rare that any choose reload out of here and could go back to amsterdam. the camp was the last station before our suites and utter extermination camps and is a symbol for alfred fuss fight to get his family's art back. we should try to do
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our part in history and to see what we can do in order to gets back road was ours to get justice done and also to showed rules that however bad the situation is and is always a certain hope for redemption. that researchers have been given for years to investigate the origin of thousands of disputed paintings and returned them to the rightful airs, hoping to complete with some se, should have been done. decade ago. step, fasten else's era in the netherlands. ah, a quick check of the headlines here on al jazeera, thousands of years, railey ultra nationalists of march through occupied east jerusalem for an annual rally, marking israel to legal occupation after the 1967 war lease.


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