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tv   AJ Selects Journalism  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2022 9:30am-10:01am AST

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i came up with me into interpretation and you documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world grew in the life of an innocent deal mastery case on al jazeera. ah, i'm carry johnson and go on the top stories on al jazeera. beijing says it's agreed to expand corporation with fiji june of visits by the chinese foreign minister wearing. he said his government would help the island nation maintain social stability. as part of a chinese diplomatic drive in the pacific, that's res. concern from washington and its allies, thousands of israeli ultra nationalists march through occupied east jerusalem on sunday for an annual rally marking israel's illegal occupation. after $967.00 war
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police fired on palestinians protesting against the march. the us president and 1st lady have met relatives of the 19 children and she teaches shot dead at a school in texas on tuesday. the justice department is conducting a review of the police response to the shooting of the criticism. they acted too slowly. those are the headlines and he's continues here on al jazeera after a j select. but before that, we leave you with memories of sri and i was actually the voice of palestine. i'll just there up media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigations. the chilling of its journalist in the occupied westbank terrain was shot in the head. buy's ready forces while she was on the assignment in jenny me. oh no, no, no,
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no, no, no, no, no, no. this is i don't need to be here with you to look at me about how will i get to me. i can just leave you a message, you open at the home and ya today and we're going to be you will be set up an appointment with me. i'm a lot of my mother just leave me when i don't want me shooting off the edge of the
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ah, i got a full bill with you and i've been thinking magdalena as you'd see lunch and i had it. i'll come it other than that. it was a little water. if i'm still i'll get it going. thank you. i don't know whether or not it, but if you could, i'd gotten like a lot of money and you know it's going to miles you know. ah
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a server honey on her learning a could do for gardening, and yet, and for the year, i would, i mean, if you give her lena oh, let's do. i don't know whether one thing that had a young man there in it, she nice cunningham division of them on the salem, i had a game of the video market. kind of my dedication, we are val has issues about, you know, one item the has it was, you know, when a nice challenge, you know, well i had to give out that. and michelle has more than he go into another county that might be out of my here you my telephone, a communication muff a ah more of them are no more than with them a little on a will lift. i'm saving me. i'm a huntington mere muslim in when i was on my,
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my old fell on the settlement love, you know, be here to behind him in the ones to them are there in didn't little islam. were there any other and out of your mother and i saw a ton of reveals learning and what you overcome. i would have been in a mind and how can when he's out of his mind and a half it then mil breath. i've been with them and can really danny mirrored montana begin on another baby in one hand and how will win than hannah. yo has a linen that has no mother in your learning and this column now is a, you know, has a mom daddy in with,
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land. nina, you nicely animal planing. i'm up to you here in a gun to love, love me, good love. words that is so love fee, think of as a love with lane or level corta hill. one of the city limits of either one and of but unless for them the bottom of that, so we get to live in color thinking we're certainly with give you with on of if you all on about the video that given clue i get out of eat out about the video that was sort of davis, i didn't get on a holiday in austin of given rules up like in that i don't on african. mm. mm. oh
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ah, i'm just getting the same from the, the smuggler. and when he tell us of key alert curves, so we, we on like so 1st thing that i. 7 my name is ultimate deep. i am a fool. learns john on the call. nina sandra, i became a photographer the 1st time. my uncle sports me if small come yeah. the beginning guy was filming near term the sea and gaza. they buy them a tag to teach myself and to learn by myself.
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2008. the 1st warren gather. i was working with sales and following the bombs on the massacres. i was very way for my fans and my family and any moment i was thinking of all that. okay, my family with a little boy blend. they bought the house of my uncles so they killed it. live in members, my family, my uncles and their sons, and daughters and children as well. it was horrible. for the death of my family meal to vision, to me photojournalist a with
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each time a good tool to cover the conflict. a lot of them just like with as a bit, as opposed to the knowledge, a vs over a 100100. i'm the white glove, the auto with him. i'm also one time i was there and there told me all the a bombed bless and the old sit off a little. so we went there and the 1st thing i saw it's an old man. he was under
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our bill, his face, it was covered by dust. and by blood, i didn't imagine that he will be alive. then i realized that he still paid him ah, i can feel that i was dying any minute because of the bomb bank. i. how are you? i'm fine. i good to the front lines. with a feel there are a lot of similarities between guys asked wish and see and tuition most of the majority of the be able there are a few. jeez, and my family did the are and fifty's no
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. i can feel the suffering of the people who are 50 as well. ah, i feel like the same eyes i see in garza. they are the same eyes who are in syria, a long time, a give a bond. i said. it's a k. it's the last minutes of my life. my uncle for most, for the door on last. another small don. okay. you know, i schuman voided a member of me. this was in olive bull, the photos there, told me there, there was a sniper, but we didn't notice. he started shooting toward us a
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talk with them on the top with a i'm a global in, i'm a bar. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, i oh, i love a,
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an agency. they are not being well. they are dealing with me as i are photographer, as the local journalist, not to like international journals. i feel that there is lucy speak for you and i was but we are the one who is suffering my family, my friends are suffering because we are from the same frontier or at least we are from the community a if there is anything i am the one who will witness may be when the i will be the news itself. honestly, i never like for my family that i am filming in syria. like i don't want them to be very worried about me. a hell of a lot with what i gag
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by a law a if i was a, with a i went to to send a message to the war that these to live in. easy in see, and all the conflict zones in see i now when i go there like i can feel the be more like a lot of life. you can feel it on the ball. so it's not timber lation. i am in touch with them all the time. even if i'm not in syria, we lived together, we slipped together, we had one ways together. we have been in the front lines together,
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the fight as they were carrying there we went and they was k. my we have been which is the camera. ah look at port they lost general golden solos. i was actually going into a little semi levy, sand commode, amiga, if you like. india kill will look at the way. yeah. came up that a lot again, winning for income income. now let's get put there. will that be into mchale in the yellow support? it won't remains. maybe she normally she'll only do one. mm hm. yeah. or total, that will be on the wall. yet. if a dental impulse,
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a like a personal number for mediately, honestly yeah. we'll assume you say care care pick on north carolina coming up this week. give me a 2nd. okay. i'm actually a broker. hm.
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but it was i did a lot. oh oh i with me that you know? yeah. but yeah. yes. well yeah, blunder. before i run through it, yeah, only gabriela, i have you in dublin docket for it came on the list of me boost. it sounds good to
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know what a load me a load load for get the machine thing. get stuck with what we have no claim on that because you come on a little fan and look at us. its explained since he looked for the rest of them. i can plug them. who do i have it. it's one not though. have you been? yes. i looked up, but i didn't get that. absolutely. and it just the
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antenna companion, the home which will kill you are the sweat it was done with us. look at your girl. this was a little that all her booky, the mother, the mrs. is k. r. o. paula, paula or kayla trial total for the beach and oil vehicle with apple. no study in the sort of bank and now your i noticed they don't get an okay. we'll go ahead and go to a hotel, a convoy listing on them on, on a call. i seen a simple been sandal in couple and then the recording for that. also see that i will start. i'm not all pistol. is the woman that'll come with us?
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oh. but the total of the mic is, have it settle to pieces, canteen little boy, that kinda stuff says he nando. i love that song. as in the k u d industry, william leather, olga kin, monday tickled thesis. dean it into thought of it will be in comb. with rock in doses is important the net austin of muslim presented came i will not point you so little game the last demo. say info can them will change on the bottom one of them? yes. so should i go to the middle, you'll put a video, you'll put a few, doesn't go into the best ones that are best on that for me, but i don't look at us
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both those and push out of your migalia, ladon, federal laws, our latest ether, lujan comalla, he has the us in guantanamo glad. a book is well versed. allah. both. edmonds ruthless are not the near logical roseville. true to who this that was here. my little there le ledger dunbar was here. my lawyer, my a younger than america, where you say that was like one us even a letter for me with an illness then and we shall not as if anyone else around back in august. and if balder he and i will ask everybody lobby of the young then will not buy me and i used to live enough what it is will not let any of them paula a quote of players and e boy. yeah. hello. yeah, yeah, go meet a doll was elizabeth, can let it go up. are you? i see i can read a book and don't says i your lesson even. i mean must therefore is that wound from york? and then he had medical by. yeah, many medical ma, nothing go as
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a hold on. i mean while at theda medical is it, these are cases are going to pull. this will usually buy them again until at my and that would be mental, past medical medical annually. when we got as an m o t, as in tomato bill, w m a c. this is debbie one for ah, a jack is vivian one of that and he can let him know it will be in the policy will simply owe his initial medical for lindsey lou amplewood thought she getting with us any them or been mailed to contented. is it gospel, auto mask m a lot of at least the recording is with a lot plus will over to going i'll go to pick up that on. i got finished, can afford to link one cardinals. elegant dutch symbols. good is juan carlos chorus
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members, have 30 humor circles. get better. and the person, the sins will send me that is killer swinging. can oregon just on your end? ah, what did want to get up with those? i want to put those in that. what about almost done with the little skeptical fact? innocently they did the, the benito whole that is equivalent is the my goggles. but as he had fully come, the formidable american with lord lord tony was one of us. my mother. ah
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hello, welcome to look at the international forecast restarting in the middle east where it's largely fine and dry. it's been a little dusty recently with a bridge shamal at wind. we'll just ease down a touch. we are still going to see a little bit of a lifted, dustin st. having said that, 42 celsius here in doha, a similar value as we go on through tuesday. if the truth be known further north charles has some showers just coming in the cross surf funneled turkey up towards the black sea towards the caspian sea. but elsewhere, as you can see, hot dry and sunny lots of hazy sunshine about sums it up. that's the case to cross northern parts of africa getting up to $41.00 celsius there in cairo, showers pushing up across the southern half of nigeria, cameron, seeing plenty of showers. and though showers extending across west africa, burkina faso even seen some showers, southern parts of marley. now getting into the mix, some heavy downpours too. for
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a time into guinea, those showers joined up with a wet weather course across central parts of africa. just rolling across for wonder burn they seeing some heavier showers into uganda. still a little point disappointing on the showers there for eastern parts of kenya, but few more showers there to coming in as we go on through choose. they further south, it's largely dry with one or 2 showers, mozambique ah, join the debate, wonderful as it is that the pl matic language. it really means nothing on the ground on air or online at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she has done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress i haven't seen in operations? do you see sports journalist i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational
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thinking. this dream on al jazeera ah al jazeera i with national chapel. ah, china and fiji agreed to work together as fe james diplomatic blitz sends wives across the pacific. ah hello, i'm sammy zaden. this is al jazeera live from dell hall, so coming up.


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