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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah oh, i wish the fisher and line of the journey. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm adrian for the good. this is, these are live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes, handshakes other grievance in fiji. but china's economic and security deals with pacific nations fails to take off more western support for ukraine. the french
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foreign minister is in cave will take you there live, whose stuff of that road still aiming to become columbia. as 1st left his leader. as the former rebel winds, the 1st round of the presidential election, a promising action on gun control, the u. s. president consoles grieving parents who lost children in last week's school shooting in texas. and in school, the boston celtics will face the golden state warriors in the n b, a finals itself. it's about the miami heath to win the eastern conference. tampa said, ah, china's foreign minister has been unable to secure a regional deal with pacific island nations. it's the aim of foreign minister wang ye who sin fiji as part of an 8 country tour of the region out here as white hay
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report south from suva. as pacific island nation slowly emerged from the cove at 19 pandemic. a new diplomatic battle is under way and china is on the offensive. rebuilding the regions, economies will take time and outside assistance, and beijing is extending a helping hand, leaving job war don't be too anxious and don't be too nervous because the common development and prosperity of china and all the other developing countries would only mean greater harmony, greater justice and greater progress of the whole world. the latest stop on chinese foreign minister, one year, 10 day tour of the pacific was fiji. where he met prime minister frame binding. madame a jill political point scoring means less than little to anyone who's our community . you slipping beneath the rising seas, whose job has been lost or opened demick, or whose family is impacted by that ip address in the price of commodities. the main feature of his visit to sue though,
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was supposed to be the signing of an agreement with foreign ministers from 10 countries. but it didn't happen. the so called common development vision outlines wide ranging plans to improve relations between china and the island nations, including increased cooperation on security. last month, aging, signed a security packed with the solomon islands, that some observers say may lead to a permanent chinese military presence there. this vast region, again, finds itself caught in the middle of a much wider struggle for power and influence at the moment being courted economically, isn't a bad situation for these countries to be in. but the area strategic importance has many worried that that struggle could be taken to a dangerous new level. the pacific nations are also on the front lines of climate change. and that's been a feature of the foreign ministers to many countries here are at risk from rising sea levels. and there's a sense there concerns haven't been taken seriously enough by regional powers, australia, and new zealand. despite that, experts,
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a fiji in particular isn't going to sign any agreements that will harm relations with its allies. figured as i want to have. i think i'm too much dependence on any one country. ah, and it's, it's very, i think in port for fiji to have good relationships with all the major powers. one ye may not have secured the regional deal he was hoping for, but the chinese will be taking a long term view of their pacific relationships. this has been a highly visible to us so far and that in itself may be viewed as a success. wayne, hey, al jazeera, soother, fiji wife, the beijing out as there is katrina here is there for us. katrina was trying to been saying about all of this. wilton is foreign ministry and chinese state nidia, very much downplaying the fact that the hasn't been any consensus in the pacific islands, in fact, the strip has been covered as quite a positive diplomatic tool by china's foreign minister, one ye, they've been emphasizing the warm welcome he received by fijian leaders and other
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officials from these pacific islands nations. and when asked about this, china's foreign ministry spokesperson, john lee, jen said that he acknowledged that there was no wide consensus agreed on on this pack. but he did say there was some consensus on some other issues and we understand these to be issues of economic development, corvette and climate change. and he said that what was agreed on was an important step towards a final agreement. and he also said that china would continue pragmatic and active discussions to reach an overall consensus. so the view from beijing is that this is far from over. this is far from shelves and china will continue to try to work with these pacific island nations to achieve some sort of packed and clearly it is a region that is very important for china. earlier in the day, president jim paint sent a written address to the leaders of these pacific island nations. he said that china had
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a long history of friendship and brotherhood with these nations. and that if use all of these countries as equal, no matter what size they are, that china equally respects them. and also that this good friendship would continue no matter how the international situation changes. so i think bating is really trying to stress that it's reaching out, or in terms of friendship that there is no strings attached in terms of what it's offering that any deals that they're trying to negotiate are mutually beneficial. and it has deny of past that it's tried. it's trying to militarize the region. i think the main message from she jan pings address in particular that is that aging will not perhaps like some other western nations or put any pressure on these island nations to choose between the west or a china of the zeros katrina you reporting live from bay jane katrina many thanks, da da. let's look into the details of the deal. the paging had been proposing for
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the pacific nations, china's offering to train their law enforcement officers. as part of a new security arrangement. it's proposed to develop a joint plan to raise fisheries output, especially tuna. china's also seeking to set up a free trade area across the pacific region, and it wants to step up co operation in running internet networks. benjamin erskin, which is a research fellow at the school of regulation and global governance at se trillion national university just now fosgate from cambra. good. tell you with us uh, benjamin how much of a setback is this for china? does it amount to a rejection, a slap in the face? it's one of the thanks for the invitation. i think this is an interesting way of framing the issue. my suspicion is that as your correspondent invasion, just pointed out, this is not the last we're going to hear of this kind of deal between china and pacific island countries. on the face of it,
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it looks like beijing it has been rebuffed, but chinese intent here is very serious. it's long term, and china has the institutional capacity and the resources to bring to bear, to seek to we know specific other countries long term. so this is a set back, china probably would have hoped to get the deal across the wine on the 1st go. it hasn't done that, but it's certainly not the last. we're going to hear. ready these kinds of arrangements between china and the citric islands and there's every chance that china. ready ramp up its efforts ran up the diplomatic, the economic, the trade, the logistical. ready the people who people inducements to get something like this across the line. and actually why is trying to so canes develop influence in pacific countries given that it's, i'm a champion and an economic priority for china it's, it's something to do with security. this is a critically important question. i think it's worth while remembering that from the agents perspective,
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the civic in general and the south pacific in particular it's not a primary or. ready jewish strategic concern, it pales into insignificant in comparison to southeast asia in the south, tennessee, china trade route crossing the notion of course, the boss or relationship with japan, all the united states. so it's not a priority, but the fact that china is diverting resources to these kinds of agreements speak to beijing is truly global ambitions. china have the goals and the capacity to we influence and develop relations because the realm of evan is not the most important countries for china economically speaking, strategically speaking, another aspect to this is that even low pacific, our countries are small, demographically, and economically. and also. ready military strategic tons, they are significant play. ready in multilateral organizations, china seeks to develop influence in organizations like united nations, of course, and associated multilateral bodies. and when the pacific on countries is an
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important goal. ready in that talk and then you've got to add to it the taiwan doctrine and all of this from china perspective, there are still countries in the pacific. the recognized taiwan as china and beijing would hope to we. ready countries and spread the one china or approach that recognizes beijing already representing china. so if china gotta keep pushing for deeper political, diplomatic, at economic ties with pacific nations, where, where does this leave? australia we just really in a very awkward condition, frankly, that's really allowing you deal and they have pride themselves in the course of many decades as being part of the choice of being key provided or infrastructure. all assistance in times of desire for times of need and provide a lot of security and expertise. charter effectively saying that the only game in town is no longer. ready screen to less extent you 0 and we are going to be significant. ready player and australia, new zealand. another how's alaskan tend we've large and growing influence from.
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ready b j and a growing capacity for chinese bureaucracies and chinese military's ended chinese. so in general, to muscle and other traditional house in the region, good to talk to benjamin manufactured for being with a spectrum and hush, which there in cambra. thank you. great. who were you here with the news off from out of here a still to come on the program ah. violence in the narrow streets of antibodies, jerusalem israeli ultra nationalists. take part in a provocative march. plus. i'm rob reynolds along the bank of the klamath river in northern california, where the biggest damn removal in us history will soon get underway. added sport, raphael madell sets up
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a quarter final with one of his oldest rivals at the french oak. the french foreign minister is visiting the ukrainian town of boucher where mass graves were discovered off to russian troops left. catherine calona saw an exhibit of photos documenting alleged war crimes. she also plans to meet president vladimir zalinski. let's go life now to key. if out as you are saying, burke was ravi, is that what else is the french foreign minister going to be doing while she's there? say well, ever since becoming the new foreign minister of france, this is her 1st major visit her 1st trip and it is a major one to ukraine of all places. it is an important one to help to try to reset relations with the government here and keep. and i say that because throughout this conflict, france has tried to strike more of a balance and is diplomacy between russia and ukraine in this war?
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ukrainians have perceived that as france being far more pro russia for its liking. so what we're seeing here is a visit by the new french foreign minister, an opportunity to reset that relationship. she was here, she said to express solidarity and support, and specifically very crucially to have some very practical tangible conversations about what has become a global food security crisis. ukraine is an incredibly important country in the global food supply chain, a major export of grain and wheat oil seed. and these are exactly the kinds of conversations we're expecting for. the french foreign minister have with her counterpart, as well as president for laudermill zelinski to try and help to get those exports out of the country. and even though friends has tried to strike that balance with russia, ukraine, that is something that might work in their advantage. now if they try to negotiate with russia to get russia to unclench its fist around ukrainian ports that have been blocking ukraine from getting any exports,
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any large scale exports of these kinds of food supplies out of the country. we also saw that she visited boucher, the town, just the city, just north of keys that became one of the most brutal examples of russia's conflict, rushes invasion of this country. the massacre at boucher was specifically very brutal and very highly, very well documented here in ukraine. she paid her respects and visited the cathedral at boucher, the sight of a mass grave where the victims of the russian occupation were buried. and again, she expressed her solidarity and support for the ukrainian people. and no doubt, this very public visit is likely to go a long ways to resetting that relationship with ukraine. president finance keys, i traveled outside of the cave region for the 1st time since that russia's invasion . what's the latest on the fighting? yeah, that's exactly right. i want to talk to you a little bit about what's happening in the east. it's
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a patchwork of violence and towns and villages. daily death tolls in the dozens. but it's really hard to track because it is all up and down the east of ukraine. it is a very large swap of land, but what we are seeing is that the spotlight currently from the ukrainian side as well as the russian side is on the city of separate the next. now this is one of the 2 places in the hans region which makes up half of the don bus region that is currently in ukrainian hands. and a fierce fight is going on for control of servers. and that's the expert analysis is that it's only a matter of time until russia is able to take it, and thereby other places and control the whole of the hunts region. that same expert analysis says that it's unlikely to yield any long term strategic value for russia, but it's coming at a high price in both russian and ukrainian lives, russian, ukrainian military assets. we've also heard that iraq ukrainians have lost a counter offensive in care song that is enjoying some success. russian forces have
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re mobilized to try to reinforce their lives in care so which may take pressure off other parts of the eastern battlefront presidency. lensky in one of his latest statements said something very interesting. you said that 90 percent of separate jeanette had experienced some level of damage, 90 percent of the buildings there. and that would illustrate that russia is simply railroading and steam rolling all over the places that it aims to quote unquote liberate. but from the president side, he thinks he's already thinking ahead and trying to focus on rebuilding. and that was one of his main messages in a surprise visit to car key, the country 2nd largest city, just on sunday, just yesterday. about the despite the secrecy, despite heavy security, a surprise visit a car key ukraine. second largest city is for a leader who was at the very top of russia's kill list at the start of the war. at the very least,
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a calculated risk president vladimir zelinski personally surveying the damage made it clear. it's never too soon to begin rebuilding when it's 90 d change show or she could mean we have to find some money and credit lines. the state must provide guarantees, and cities must find super projects and find the money. because in the cities, governors and mayors are more likely to find one or another european program for housing construction, some state programs and some local programs. this is a chance, a chance to give a new look to such districts just son he even went to the front line to inspect ukrainian positions, and met with soldiers stationed in and around the city, handing out awards and service metal. no, miss lives. i want to thank you you for your service, you risk your life for all of us and for our state. thank you for defending the independence of our country. take care of yourself,
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glory to ukraine. a trip meant to project strengthen, raise morale, to a place that is still very much a front line in this war. a 3rd of the city remains in russian hand. an area is not occupied by russian forces come under regular attack. just hours after he left there were missile strikes on the 2nd. the ukrainian president has won widespread admiration for his war time, leadership at home and from allies in the west, which he is hoping translate into more long range heavy weapons. and soon zelinski, his 1st visit outside the cave region comes as russian forces continue to pummel cities in the east and south. as part of the russian forces objective to try and consolidate as many gains as possible in the dunbar region. and as ukrainian forces plan and prepare to mount counter offensive to try and stall and possibly push back
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what has been an unrelenting russian advance. zane bas robbie, olga 0, keith, a former rebel fight has come out on top in columbia's presidential election. but gustavo, petro didn't win enough votes to avoid a run off against his right wing challenge up. alexander, appear to report stop from bartow. ha, it's an historic result for a leftist candidate in columbia. but more than 8 and a half 1000000 votes from a rebel fighter, gustavo faith, rocking clearly and top in the 1st round of the presidential elections running on the promise of profound economic and social change. metro managed to get 40 percent of the vote. 10 percentage short of what he needed for an outright victory. oh, coronel cambia will come. you schism. there are changes that are empty. there are changes that don't lead to real change. we want to invite all of colombia in society to embrace real change. yet his success was diminished by the surprised 2nd place of her adult fernandez. a 77 year old businessman who rose in the polls in
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the last 2 weeks as an unexpected anti corruption. crusader o hidden and this a former mayor of the city of bouquet. a manga managed to present himself as an alternative anti establishment candidate. despite being investigated himself for a number of wrong doings. he has been compared to a colombian version of trump. and in the past said he was an admirer of others, hitler. yet his message connected with many frustrated columbian voters in a campaign mostly conducted on social media. or he saw a moscow, you know, alone. we see that citizens have the will to incorruption as a system of government. today, the country of cheap politics and corruption lost the corrupt to thought they would govern forever. last. federico gutierrez, the defeated candidate, backed by the traditional establishment, immediately endorsed hernandez for to run off against what he calls the dangers of
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a petra's presidency. rosemary mandates is potentially tetanus. we're site now. alexa pedro campaign was fairly confident that giving a round when he called a what a one given that he had has his strong association with the right with him, little establishment. the whole situation changes now given his anti establishment discourse, his origins, outside of politics, his most clearly an outsider. the main takeaway here is that these results represent, 1st and foremost, a stunning blow to columbia traditional conservative establishment. the question for gustavo federal though is that if he now will be able to convince enough people that voted for those for it man this, that he represents the true change that columbia needs allison, that i'm p at the, i'll just see it over to the u s president has promised action on gun control back to meeting grievance. parents in texas. as john hendrick reports from alder,
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joe biting visited the school when 19 children. 2 teachers were shot dead last week . ah, president joe biden visited the scene of the latest school shooting, adding flowers to the growing memorial, rob elementary school, the biden's view, $21.00 portraits of grief, pausing at each to pay their respects. the 1st couple attended mass. it's sacred heart. catholic church before speaking privately to the families who lost 19 children and 2 teachers, ah many welcome the high profile visitor. it shows that in the nation. so courts, the families agrees with the family. but this isn't biden country. this community voted for donald trump by a margin of 15 percent. and that was here. and feeling degrees. i don't think it's necessary. at any time,
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much of this town of 16000 can be found here in the center of town. oh, oh. for a song, the comfort of company in shared gree. ah, oh. you've all the town square features. $21.00 white crosses, one for each of the victims of today's massacres. and now they're almost entirely obscured by the thousands of flowers that people bring by. it wasn't on president biden's agenda today, but it serves as a spot for people to come and pay their respects. among those who came our local residents, veronica mendez, and maria gear elsewhere in the world. you don't any civilian has no access to this type of weapons. some proponents, ah,
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you would say men, shannon and bad. you know, the solution is army teachers. your teachers you say do you want to carry a gun? no. 6 year old kids in there. don't know how to defend himself from a shooter after surfaced of parents urging police to go inside. officers acknowledged it was a mistake to wait 78 minutes to enter the classroom and stop the gunman. oh, really. on sunday, the department of justice announced it would investigate why they took so long. it was not the 1st mass shooting scene biden is visited and it's unlikely to be the last town in his tenure left to grapple with grief. john henderson, l g 0, you've all day texas. israel and the united arab emirates are to sign an unprecedented free trade agreement. the 1st steel of its kind between israel and an arab nation. well and 96 percent of old tariffs is really a guaranteed formerly established relations. 2 years ago,
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tens of thousands of flag waving ultra nationalists. israelis marched through the muslim quarter of occupied east jerusalem on sunday. the provocative flag de march celebrates the occupation of east jerusalem in 1967. some chance had braces slurs and fought with palestinians. as imminent, con reports had left the city further on edge. ah, flags wave in what israel says is a celebration and palestinians call a provocation. ah, these railey flag, much vaulted, was known by his releases. jerusalem day is a holiday. when israeli forces counted east through slim in 1967 during the 60 war the israel, it's victory for the palestinians. its occupation. in recent years though ultra nationalists is really groups have used the flag march to push their own agenda. ah, i minority opening races fall right group like the harbor, use the march to call for the expulsion of all palestinians from what was once
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historic of palestine. and for the 1st time, publicly called for the dismantling of the 3rd holy aside in islam, the dome of the rock in the alexa moss compound. ah, lisha, public security minister, him up our lead has allowed the march to travel through damascus gate, the heart of occupants through slim amass which rules the gaza strip is monitoring the situation. requires her mercy. irma hesitate to use any means in order to stop and to do that through the 3rd of the extra mist from doing this sir. big mistakes again us all people and our policy not in the lock samo for joseph him or we think it is or is doing no big catastrophe in this region. last year the march combined with the forced explosions of palestinians in the shape your neighborhood sparked at the 11 day war on gaza. when her mass threatened israel with rockets. mitchell brock and independent israeli political consultant says,
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allowing the marcia into palestinian areas is once again dangerous or israel is to fly the flag anywhere in israel in jerusalem east jerusalem. it makes a statement is really, sovereignty is demonstrated there by the israeli army, the israeli police, that is there and as deciding who can march, where can a march, what flag can be flown by which people. and that's going to be a boiling point in areas outside of the old city palestinians clashed with israel. police ah, clashes also took place across the occupied westbank where these radio me use lie fire and tear gas against anom palestinian. well the thing that the martin is of alex is dictated to the radio police. oh, they're going to come in damascus. i never opened up another route that was never supposed to have already. a feud is really with this my
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a huge operations here. it wasn't a victim of these really place my simply, i mean, the marches openly chanting, hate slogans, and proclaiming that this is a journey land. this young generation, the raft and force of believe that completely. and these people are the ones that are packing, these really government and keeping and power. and as long as that's the case, i have very loud voice at the heart of these really government american audi 0 occupied east jerusalem. al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent inch investigation into the killing of its journalists to the occupied west bank. showing a barclay was shot at the head by his really forces while on assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral is really forces stormed the procession and started to beat mourners, causing pulled barrows to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral
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and burial members of the international community of condemned hook killing and continue to call for an investigation. sharon barkley was without 0 for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine still to come here. all these are sedans, military rule appears to have offered an olive branch to protest us. but that's unlikely to deter them where we live in come to the future of one of the world's oldest cities under threat and sport. another good day for red fullest ferrari had trouble in the formula. one world championship. ah, hello. the weather's looking a little disappointing across a good part of europe. lots of showers around on the call side for western part, you can see
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a fair amount of cloud they're coming in across the british house. and the olive violent sunshine in showers really sums up the weather here. still some live a shower is pushing i, which was at east the side of it. we had some large hail, got golf ball sized hailey to all the parts of italy yesterday. that where to weather that stormy weather is making its way further eastward. and then we got another area of low pressure, good measure that's going to push his way towards spain and portugal over the next day or so they go for monday, then we have got some showers, cross northern spain, pushing into that western side of portugal, pushing up towards the north west, more showers here still a few showers around italy and the balkan some wet weather over towards the year. the baltic states i just easing further eastward, sir. we'll see that clearing a little farther east was still as we go on through were tuesday, showers. they are running down into our remainder, pockets of dry weather there into poland, into austria. not too bad for france. my g sullen areas of spain also doing quite nicely and warm once again. 32 celsius therefore madrid into the thirty's,
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across northern parts of africa. 41 celsius. therefore cairo and plenty of showers right across west africa. ah ah ah ah, it's good to be with us. hello, adrian, how to get to hear it though. how about the news from out here of the headlines. china says that it's agreed to work more closely with fiji on a number of fronts as foreign minister wang ye continues a diplomatic blitz across the pacific. but a sweeping agreement with 10 island patients that was to be signed on monday. it's been shelved, the u. s. president has promised action on gun control. after meeting grieving
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parents and texas, joe biden visited the school when 19 children. a 2 teachers were shot dead last week. tens of thousands of flag waving his really ultra nationalists of march through the most em quarter of occupied east jerusalem. provocative flag day. march celebrates the occupation of east jerusalem in 1967. some chanted racist. slows on fort with palestinians, or palestinian prime minister mileage detail has condemned what happened. some items the showers of israel yesterday has crossed all red blinds in international treaties with its repeated aggression against alexa and jerusalem. allah ok. so it attempts to impose a reality what it doesn't align with the historical status. coke of our lack. some ask jasmine, who are more rallies, are expected against military rule in sudan despite a parent attempts by the john to, to play kate anti government protest as a state of emergency imposed after the military seized control last october was
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lifted on sunday, or when 60 detainees have been released, the government says the decision was taken to facilitate what it calls fruitful a meaningful dialogue. glasgow lived out a car to match as he was. hipaa morgan is the hipaa. will the lifting of this emergency do anything to com, public anger there? well for one thing, protesters have been determined to take to the streets since the military takeover, despite the fact that the state of emergency that was in place meant that they will be arrested by security forces. the state of emergency gave additional powers to security forces to arrest protesters and political activists that has not deterred them from taking bit to the streets. and they have announced that they will be taken to the streets not just on monday, but in the coming days, especially on june to do it to infer it the day that commemorates the anniversary of the attack on a pro democracy sitting in front of the military headquarters, but political parties have welcomed them move. they said that this will pay way for
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more conducive environment to whole tops of the military. regarding the rest of the transition period. on the day of the takeover, general abdel for their and grant said that elections will be held in 2023 and that political parties should be focusing on bad. but the takeover created a political deadlock. now, many political parties have been very careful about wanting to whole direct talk, who talks with the military they, nat admissions has been trying to facilitate talks. but it also has been calling for the lifting of the state of emergency saying that will create a conducive environment, a fruitful, a way to try to end that deadlock. so it looks like if it does not come the public anger and the protesters on the streets, one thing it would do is try to ease the, the, the tensions between the political parties and the army to try to pay for it, for talks to end. the political theory that has been created as a result of the deadlock and the zeros ever morgan live in cartoon huber. many drinks, indeed. 14 bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of
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a plane crash in the pole. 22 people were on board the tara turbo prop when it flew to bad weather on sunday. the flight between the tourist town of pal kara to johnson is popular with mountain heights. this was one, as pilgrim was visiting a temple there, there were violent confrontations between medical students and police in troy, anchor near the president's home on sunday. ah, hundreds of anti government protest is trying to pull down security barriers near go to buyers. go to buy a roger paxis official residence shall anchor is in the grip of an unprecedented economic crisis which has led to shortages of food a few other and medicines. i see that not having a very independent and a class with policy do issue and governance. he's one of the main reason for the pathetic situation that we are facing today. if we can all make bankruptcy and political anarky in my meeting as a citizen,
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i think it's is my duty and responsibility at this time i support people struggle in any way. we can, i didn't want to give correct directions to the statement he gunman, pakistan's new government is facing mounting public anger of a rising inflation. the country may default for the 2nd time in his history. if the government can't agree with the i m f a $6000000000.00 deal, i'll just, he was come, i'll hide our reports now from islam about less than 2 months after shabba should have bought sworn in the country's prime minister. he addressed kid nation for the 1st time and said that he was forced to increase the prices of fuel by 20. but then, because of the conditionality employed by the international monetary fund budget on right now is facing the highest inflation rate in asia. we're doing it just behind it, a lanka, and i did an alarming train. it got it right and fuel prices relate to escalating
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prices at the time when the country only has then point $2000000000.00 read up, which is less than 2 months. so import bed bugs gone of got it looking for help from china. that agreement didn't to work, but the next 2 months will be critic good and it is considerable anger at a cross budget on. oh, what did doug explanation and prices, he will prices all, all of his impact, the poor, the people who are living under the forward, the line and the people in the middle class and the lord douglas suffer from it. so the price, i think, is a very, very good, a judgment from the government and the are backing of the government still has some hard while gaining a head when it comes to the dogs with the international monetary fund. but it also said that the subsidies were put in place by the previous government and that the government had no other choice. but to remove them, dounia may, per, drawn,
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the price of fuel across the globe to skyrocketing with old producers and developed countries under huge strain. but unfortunately, among the form of government for their own political gain has announced a subsidy at a time when there is no room for it in pakistan's treasury holiday. bo, john and that of god will mean that the opposition, which is being led by enron font, is likely to add to the problems because buckets dawn can not afford political instability at that time. like this when this economy is in dire straits. now the previous government had, they agreed with the international monetary fund for the $6000000000.00 loan. half of that was fade. $900000000.00 drawn for left by the i m f objected because the previous government had 4 subsidies on energy, such as the electricity and gas, and also fuel prices. the i m f of got there that don't subsidy and have to go in
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order for august on to meet the stringent conditionality of the international monetary fund. let's get a view from civil khan who is a political and security analyst. she joined us now fos come from his mom about good to have you with us. it's a bit of a mess, isn't it? in pakistan right now, is the country in danger of becoming another lebanon away, as far as the political instability is concerned, and not, of course, the economic meltdown. it is. it is easy to see why we would combat pakistan with lebanon. but leaving these 2 condition decide, i think there are lots of dissimilarities in the political system in the 2 countries. so i wouldn't really come back up august on, in lebanon blackest on. i think if it is compatible and maybe sit, it longer would be a better comparison for what's happening in pakistan. we are to south asian country
1:40 pm
. the focus on the political system is inspired with body based politics of all of their mobile structural differences between city lumpkin. water tics and focused on august any focus on has a very kind of a strong role than the military normally plays in politics. there is a power equation, but we divide between 7 military. pablo, you know, kind of a point light, but i, i'm not too sure that we can have of that he can combat as in lebanon. ok, so what's the way out of pakistan from this crisis is an early election? the answer you mentioned, the military is, is the military going to step in here when there's all the danger? and as we have a boss where the military has stepped in, in various lydia's points of history due to various very different reasons, it doesn't always have to be economic mehldau not even even to insecurity to an instability. live in various different reasons. and this is not the place to go into details when the military has taken over. but of course, if there is,
1:41 pm
if there is massive civil unrest, an instability internally which, which kind of aggravates marcusson's own and on of security and security challenges . and you know, that is ongoing terrorism inside the country. there's ongoing militant threats inside the country that there and there's always a chance that the military would step in endorse circumstances. but currently i dont think circumstances are such that we see any kind of an in grass or any kind of readiness on the military side to step in the arbiter to go to parties that has been a very wants to do still a process. of course, a contested and fought to and you know, a lot of angry of political body, especially b, d, i. that was what did i want a new would have no confidence. but it all happened within a larger constitutional framework. and as long as this one constitutional process continues, i think this of the danger of the military stepping in is not that high right now.
1:42 pm
i don't see that. and also as far as the level of unrest on the ground, in spite of the fact last week, the saw some bar below moves by the d. i. and the last party that in the, with government was followed through on to an fort of no confidence trying to bring people on the capital and threatening a citizen. but none of it really went far enough. of course it to them democracy, you will have a noisy st. we did a mob been a political body does have a lot of political populace ward, but i don't see any large scale threats to the system. economic failure, economic challenges are there would be a contending with that? okay, good store too, but it's actually for being with us from a symbol conver. thank in islam about a bi, the largest dom removal operation in the u. s. history is due to beginning california as part of a white, a trend, almost 60 electric hydro, electric times have been told down over the past 2 decades. i'll just do as rob rentals reports now from holbrook on this latest operation. the
1:43 pm
klamath river leander through steep mountain sand. lush forests. it's banks are home to ospreys, and great blue herons and playful babies of otter's fishing guide. jack trout is worked here for 29 years. there is something about the klamath river that just makes me feel better about life in floating feeling, the waves. but in spite of the apparent abundance trout bleeds, the klamath is in crisis. there was something terribly wrong with the salmon ran. and i mean, the spine was just here and gone so fast. it wasn't natural. salmon were once incredibly abundant. here they were the cornerstone of the ecosystem and the main food source for indigenous people in the region. the, your rock, the hoopa, and the carrack,
1:44 pm
those days are gone. this is the iron gate damn one of several built decades ago for hydro power. it blocks off the salmon from their sworn a grounds up stream. the fish have steadily declined ever since it was built on dams. when and we saw these huge population crashes and salmon and other species, these salmon fry are swimming in a hatchery just below the dam. but hatchery fish, a failed to restore the salmon population for the tribal people. the result has been disastrous, without recourse to their traditional diet of salmon rates of diabetes and heart disease have sword. so it's really hard to emphasize as how important the salmon are to us. i mean, for me, it's not just a food source, it's also the connection to my ancestors. now, after decades of negotiation and bureaucratic delay, the iron gate dam is going to be torn down. the process will take several years and
1:45 pm
will be the largest dam removal in us history. when this dam and the others along the klamath river are finally removed, native americans and others who depend upon the river hope that it will once again flow free and clean and full of salmon, all the way to the sea. from here at the mouth of the klamath salmon travel up stream to spawn, after their mysterious journeys in the pacific ocean, where intertwined and every way with the klamath river and without the klamath river. there, there are york people, a river to be restored for generations to come. rob reynolds al jazeera on the klamath river, still to come all that he saw it, sport the french sportsman to serve as her say, about the treatment of friends, of saturday's champions, league final in paris, silas here with that in just a moment.
1:46 pm
1:47 pm
ah ah ah hello, i get a libby of one of the world's oldest cities is under threat from mother nature and from decades of neglect by the government. out 0 is not a trainer reports now, on the struggle to save a dummies where many buildings are on the verge of collapse. adamus, the ancient berber city was a cross road for major cultures of the african continent and the mediterranean basin. a spring deep in the desert has made it an attraction for
1:48 pm
thousands of years. the old city is a testament to live in history and culture. and one of 5 eunice go world heritage site here. not here, but in the dallas thought about. adamus is an important here to site for all mankind, not just libya, so it's something that should be preserved. it's a tourist attraction. it should be priority for officials, but all of libya, historical sites are suffering from a lack of funding via castleton airstrikes during world war 2. in 1943 leveled entire neighborhoods, the rival remains to this day. to day the site faces a different kind of threat. the old city has survived the harsh conditions of the desert for centuries, but to continue to persevere, people here say ill need more attention and funding from the government. harley dell has g, is
1:49 pm
a local tourist guide. he says parts of the city have collapsed because of rainfall in recent years. with a manager, we do have your branding been hold, the level of destruction is clear, not a single government has given you the tools any deserves love for development. authority does what they can back up with what little funding they get to the door to libya. it's wedding season. salem has been making bellas for decades. his hand made shoes are the most sought after these brothers adorn traditional red robes and bulk us. during the hannah ceremony, a gift from the bride wanted the groom tattoos his hand with the hana pays. it means he has accepted her hand in marriage and the week long wedding ceremony begins. it's traditions like these past down for generations, that face in imminent threat. there are fears that if the government doesn't act,
1:50 pm
the city will eventually collapse. but people here hope their city traditions and culture will continue to live on. malik, trainer al jazeera cordano starting time for sport here. santa, thank you very much, adrian. while the boston celtics will face the golden state warriors and the n b a finals, the celtics edged out the miami, heated to when the eastern conference championship and the richardson reports. ah, after a weight of more than a decade, the boston celtics a once again, eastern conference champions, following years of near misses in the playoffs. this was a moment of redemption for one of the games most faint franchises. to get over to help with this group. i mean everything. oh, so i can be proud of you guys. the road we took beginner. oh no, not a lot of people believe it. we took the topic route and i were go. 7 jason tatum
1:51 pm
was once again, a key play for the celtics in this decisive game, 7 against the miami heat. the heat, jimmy butler had scored 47 points in games 6, and he appeared intense on making this his nights a success. but takes him, was just about able to keep the celtics ahead, his him 26 points. and he was on his way to being named the series most valuable player with 2nd remaining butler have the chance to put the heats ahead of the celtics of only 2100 to 96 there into the n b a finals for the 1st time since 2010 is hard to win in his leg, especially in the playoffs. any given night, you know, things to go differently, but no, a good team was able to respond. a good team is able to put their best before each and every night knows a couple games that we felt got away from us and. and instead of carrying it like baggage, we were like no,
1:52 pm
a badger of experience. i didn't do my job own stats don't mean because i say over and over again, the boston celtics do with they came out to do in the series and i learned that i have to be better and that will be better. next for boston game, one of the finals against the golden state warriors. that series starts on thursday, and he richardson al jazeera ariel madrid, spent sunday night celebrating their records extending 14th champions league title . thousands of fans aligned the streets of the spanish capital ahead of the presentation at the clubs. bern about stadium already defeated, livable one. not side of hans on saturday night. it's been a great season for the club who've also won the spanish league, and supercar. francis sports minister is meeting with footballs that european governing body to discuss the treatment of liverpool fans outside the stadium. ahead of that final in paris,
1:53 pm
french police have been criticized. we'll find tier guys and pepper spray add people waiting to get in. the minister has claimed a master gathering of supporters with fake tickets. started the problems. liverpool have uprooted that that version of events describing the treatment of their fans as unacceptable. and the relegation payoff a match in france ended with the pitch invasion assent. it's our fans that's formed the playing area after the team it last talk. there are police use tear gas to disperse porters that defeat ended an 18 year. stay in the top flight for sent it. yeah. all things for us fans are celebrating their teams returned to the premier league for the 1st time in more than 2 decades. forrest beat had this failed, and the championship at playoff finite wembley, they returned to the top flight, complete a remarkable turn round up for the club. they lost 6 out of their 1st heavenly games this season. and i found the dow has set up
1:54 pm
a friend to open call to final with his old rival and tops, he had no back a joke of which a da survived a fire set battle against that phoenix the orgy. alyse me in the last 16 after losing the 1st set against the canadian, the $21.00 time a grand slam champion, eventually came back to sill victory after those to 5 hours of play. this was only the 3rd time in his 112 matters that one on gauss, that nadar has been taken to 5th for may have been a no the idea situation to the right here. but here we are. we are enrolling garcia's my favorite blade without a doubt on god. only thing that i can tell you. hi, are you going to be focusing on tomorrow? gonna try my best. as always, i don't know what gonna happen, but the only thing that i can guarantee on tires on gillian. so many things are difficult. advanced with the straight said victory over dear gosh, weitzman that playing in his 1st major of the year. the serve is aiming for record
1:55 pm
equaling 21st grand slam title in paris. and red bulls. sergio perez has picked up his 1st victory of the season, winning the monocle gauntlet. heavy rain meant the thought was delayed and a big crash involving mixture mocker forced the race to be suspended. he hast driver walked away unharmed while having started the 3rd period that timed his fits stops to perfection to get the win. is he met max for stop and came 3rd and he now has a 9 point lead and the drivers findings overthrow is charlotte luck. hi, it's a, it's a dream comes to, i mean, as a guy you'll, your dream of winning here is up there. you home, right? i thing is, there is all that more research on the weekend to waynesville to the, to the way than their way with it. you know, we just made it. i was calling for ourselves that at the end. but what you're studying with raining, i had did not make any mistake being at home, but keeping carlos gully. i wasn't easy as a whole team. we can be very pleased with the sunday and he was
1:56 pm
a very hectic one with the rain and stuff. but i think we executed it well and i extended my born sleep, which i didn't expect last night. so i think that supposedly and a former f one driver has secured victory and one of motor sports most famous races . this late crash at set up a sprint finish at the indianapolis that 503. this dr. marcus harrison nel was able to keep his lead at the re thought and came the biggest type of his career, named after the 500 miles completed by the cars is the flagship event of the north american indie car series. and that's always full for me. that's u ha, somebody thinks in did santa and i will be back at 1300 alice g m t, but that's it from us. for this news i'll will leave you with memories of our friend and colleague shall be in. i will upgrade the voice of palestine. the al jazeera journalist was shot at the head by is worthy of forces. while she was on
1:57 pm
assignment in janine me the what? what do we need to know that on this, which i don't need to be with them when you look and i'm just going to put them to me and they should have been you open to home and ya today and all of us were going to give you what we said as well, they didn't put me in. i'm a lot of fun at the booking for the streaming. yeah. when i don't,
1:58 pm
i mean, i mean, i shooting them off and just ah and frank assessments, what are the political risks of batting russian oil, a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports possibly for such informed opinions, pharmacies not abandoning to fight against jeddy still resumed media, they're going to be arching from missouri and from chad critical debate. could
1:59 pm
china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera talk to al jazeera, we ask, what is the time table in your mind? when do you think that you are, can be off of russian gas? we listen or, and i have seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy. they smile in we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store restock matter on al jazeera, the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground. in the
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world and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w. h of making a healthy, a world for you. for everyone, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you've seen, winter been used in current calls that matter to you, ah . hand shakes and agreements in fiji, but china's economic insecurity deals with pacific nations failed to take off. ah,


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