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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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ah ah, i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents, and this is mean fighting both isis and the 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father, the son and the g. hi, part tune on al jazeera. how and why did who didn't become so obsessed with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold the corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're gonna rip this deal apart if they take the white house in 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? your weekly take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. ah,
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this is al jazeera ah. hello, i money inside. this is denisa ly from dive hall coming up in the next 60 minutes. a latest meeting, brussels, but difficult negotiations on a 6th package of sanctions against moscow, which includes an embargo on russian oil. a french journalist is killed in russian shelling in ukraine lands, gretchen, halting efforts to evacuate civilians caught in vices. china for short, of winning over 10 pacific on and nations. first sweeping new agreement to boasted influence in the region. a class of 2 populous colombians will choose between a former leftist rebel in a business. i, kate,
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not to sundays. presidential vote has to ronald and it stood since ancient times been out. this libyan city is at risk of crumbling into the disk. and in sport, a danish teenager stands the man's world. number 4 at the french open hole go ruined beads, greek star stefano sets of fists to reach his 1st ever quarter final at a grand slam. hello and welcome to the program. the european union hoped to show a united front ahead of monday summit in brussels. the disagreement either russian energy and ports has stole progressed on proposed sanctions, meant to punish russia for sworn ukraine. james space as the support from brussels . european leaders arriving in brussels for a crucial meeting on ukraine. at the start of the crisis,
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they had surprised many. with unity and strong sanctions, but a 6th package of measures including an oil band, has been stalled for nearly a month. some expressed optimism, the deadlock can be broken. there is carter being passed through and the unit should be maintained in the european council as we have been up to now. so that's important to continue. but such an up beat assessment was soon dashed by the e leader with the friendliest relations with vladimir putin. hunger is recently reelected, prime minister victor or band has for weeks been the one to oppose the oil band to win him over to now being proposed that to begin with, the bam will only apply to oil. that comes on ships from russia. not supplies that are delivered by pipeline, but mr. all been told reporters, there was no deal yet. i'm is you know, that we are in a very difficult situation. ah, basically because of the responsible behavior of the commission. the head of the commission didn't address such criticism, but she did suggest there wouldn't be
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a breakthrough during this meeting, which we are not there yet. but it has mature for shawn. my expectations are and know that it will be solved in the next 48 hours, but i'm confident that the after that will be a possibility. the european leaders we're joined by video link from key by present zalinski, a show of unity and solidarity for ukraine. but all last is rather overshadowed by the continuing impasse on sanctions. james bays al jazeera muscles, your grains. foreign minister says keith is for spate, frustrated by the slow pace of negotiations window. but at night they seemed, you know, well how you're tired and ukraine has some special decisions, half measures, especially approaches. some model for some european capital are constantly inventing for ukraine. we need clear legal confirmation that ukraine is part of european integration project. and such confirmation will be giving you crane the
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status of candidates. meanwhile, a french journalist has been killed by russian shelling in ukraine frederick lick clack. him off was a reporter with b s. m t v. the french foreign minister who is in ukraine, is called investigation into his kenning in law hands. the french president in manju micro also paid tribute by treating the following federal click clack him off with an ukraine to show the reality of the war. he was aboard humanitarian busts alongside civilians, forced to flee to escape russian volumes, and he was fatally shot. same was reviews and keys. he has more in the circumstances surrounding the french jonas death. we started hearing reports of the journalist who had been killed just a few hours ago and now we can name him for president. manuel macross has named the gentleman who was killed earlier today. and his name is frederick le clerk m hoff. and the circumstances of his death are, are tragic. it has to be said. he was accompanying
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a rescue efforts in the haunts region. we're not sure exactly where as yet it hasn't been confirmed, but we're hearing some social media chatter to suggest that it was evacuation is being carried out from the city of separate than that which has been under siege by russian forces for some time during that rescue. operation, the head of the hans region made a statement about the incident that happened. he says that the evacuation has been officially stopped. russians fired at a car that was going to pick up people. a french journalist was killed. an armored evacuation vehicle was picking up 10 people from the area that came under enemy. fire, shrapnel and shells pierced the armored vehicle that was being used in a fatal wound to the neck was received by this accredited french journalist who was covering the evacuation at the time. so certainly a very tragic incident that brings the death toll of journalists in this conflict, since the russian invasion began to approximately 24. that is the latest figure we have pales in comparison. it has to be said to the $9000.00 estimated civilian
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deaths that have taken place. some estimates put that number much higher, but it does indicate how difficult and danger it is to report this war. it's only been going on since february. let's take a quick look at the state of plain ukraine's front lines at the moment, the areas in red, all controlled by russia on its separate just allies. the governor flew hands as russian forces have entered the city of savannah, don yeske as also heavy fighting in these areas as ukrainian troops hold back russian attempts to cycle forces in don't yeske. it's a different story in the south where you crane has managed to launch a counter offensive to recapture caisson biggest big now for hannah celeste, who is a security studies program director at the foreign policy policy and security think tank ukrainian prism. she joins us from odessa in ukraine. thank you for speaking to us on the program. the focus of the battle, as we're hearing in the earlier,
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is in the east right now and smarter than yes, the russians appear to be throwing everything they have at it. they do hold an overwhelming advantage when it comes to weapons and fire. paul, how long do you think the cravings can hold them off as things stand? definitely the last week of the fighting fight to get on the wrong side of that is mostly the bank comes in that region. it is very difficult to, to say now what are, what will be the exact time that ukraine can see like these? because we can't say the russians really involved in some territory. they want more like, gone to some territories they've been advancing. and then so back to the fighting is really just in the need of what is happening. at the same time, the weekend, the next week your brain is cracked. and what is that netflix supply of the heavy weapons that's been all of the and by the united states of america the last week before. 1000000000 the support being signed by the president and all they are we
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are expecting that type of weapons that great healing needs. now for the contra, that's multi long walk it system. that's the june of the company. jewels that ukraine can use over there. and the supply that we can significantly change the operating situation all the way. what are you actually hearing about whether you are going to get these weapons and when, because we've heard keith express frustration a get and again on, on the slow pace of a variety of things. for example, the sanction talks and, and demanding more weapons. do you feel that europe, on the u. s. is addressing your concerns? i would love to nice all comes together because we have really very different situation. some countries, even like the united states, america supplying the weapons very often in 72 hours from the decision made to the actual being overdue, the unit on the wrong. the question is that when you supply generally and it can be
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done easier than when you supply the whole to launch rockets system, you just imagined the sizes and the logistic, especially in the time of war. at the same time, we definitely have the problems like was germany when the is being announced more than a month ago, that their supply in us with the unnecessary our child. and we are still expecting them on the ground. at the same time, it's raining out with 40 supplied as soon as forcible will. they have and even those trulia, the latest decisions brought to the child that we received from them. we received them literally in 4 days from announcement. and you can imagine what is the logistics from australia to ukraine? so i will not say that these frustrations, general against all the partners is definitely against the individual partners and ukraine on the south that we need as soon as possible averaging. that's why we are in such a demanding mood because each day it means that each day of the summer of people on the wrong, we're hearing the term, a war of attrition being used to describe russia strategy in parts of the east.
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what is your understanding of that term, and what do you think the logic is behind russia's tactics? definitely you could see itself or the last 3 months is especially in towns like where you put a whole harkey of bad rushes, trying just to destroy ever since. what is there? there were several reasons for the 1st of all these to bring here for people on the ground. 2 of the people would not support to any of the military actions. and those who can oppose on the wrong, like real support to be just leaving the territory. because then the sounds of the severe actions and sequences the same as one journalist journalist usually not allowed to be there. where are they have very heavy fighting happening for the security reasons. but also because the russian federation currently demonstrated that the armed forces, i'm not so strong as they promoted them. so all the noise,
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they were not able to have a close fight and they started to use the last month as much as possible. the long range missiles that a very destructive you can imagine the if you're again a rod or others. what are the consequences of these messiah? and they also use a lot in houston, ukraine. the on the term are on new styles and the cluster messiah. so those, that most of the countries even prohibited for the use, especially in the residential areas. but in this way, they can not come even to the territory operate. they can be very safe, there will one territory, but demolish as much as possible. all the civilian infrastructure. can you tell us a bit more about what is happening in care song? because we're hearing that ukraine has launched a counter offensive there. how, how, how are they doing in pushing russia back 1st of all the plasma on the sand. but here's the region, the a very long guess. it may be also big, but it's very long because it is covering the whole territory both in the black sea
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. john, i got the crania hill. this is, this is very different from the different parts of these front lines. what would definitely be good for? so be in the, under the occupation since the beginning of march. it is very difficult situation in terms of human rights violations over the russian over the rascal more than 500 people, only in the office on where the demonstration in march and april daily of the i mean pro ukrainian demonstrations of assertions against the russian occupied forces over there, so as to now, your brain is trying to get village by village ward by road, a little bit of territory coming little there to the c g officers sold to have the ability for the counter attack. but also to minimize this is going to attack again we call life seated, and that's one of your so on to the west as well. now, it's really step by step very slowly because the biggest forces are concentrated on the east here. so probably will be the next 3,
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jo. it's sort of the situation on the east will have the lies a little bit more kind of really appreciate you speaking to us on our 0 celeste security studies and program director at the ukrainian prism. meanwhile, the ukrainian winners if the eurovision song contest have auctioned off their trophy to raise money for the armed forces collusion, orchestra announced that they have raised $900000.00. busy by selling to the highest bidder, their songs to fanny at one in italy earlier this month. the more. plenty more ahead on the knees, our including will tell you why pakistan's government has been forced end fuel subsidies. ant. i'm rob reynolds along the banks of the claim of river in northern california, where the biggest damn removal in us history will soon get underway. patterns for the french government claims fans with fake tickets for the capitalist,
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the crowd problems, the champions league final ah . the eas delegation in the west bank and gaza has held a reception ceremony to mark europe day. what some of it dedicates its al jazeera journalist, sharina blackly. sir ian was shot at the head, binds rarely forces while on assignment in jeanine nit. abraham attended the event in ramallah in the occupied westbank when we entered their reception here, there was a poster of her. she's here in a spirit. people are talking about her. i just need a staff. her colleagues are here because they want to make it clear that they want just this port city and a block live a, the speaker a you mission representative. mr. have been, has been talking about the fact that there needs to be justice. he honored the
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brother of city and tony of the i'll clear, you know shitty and has been known here as the voice of palestine. she meant so much to so many palestinian. this is to find many palestinians. this is why it wasn't absent from the event today. that she's going to be honored to room her brother. now we are joined the here today by the you. mission. had mr. been born burke, 30 od. thank you. and i wanna point out that in your speech the day, you talked about justice for palestinians. the fact that they've been suffering, but you also said that journalists are the ones who hold a people accountable, who is speak truth to power. now how are we going to ensure that our beloved could a colleague sitting of the i'll play is we are gonna hold her killers accountant as i said, to my speech, and thank you for having me on. you are very important program. i'm a big fan of,
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of the year, and i think it's important to different tremendous job. i'm very piece that you have such a cohort of support from a 0 you. as i said to my speech, we call on all authorities for a swift, forward independent investigation to pay the sinew side has finished investigation . the attorney side has declined to pursue accumulate investigation. i think international partners are ready to support all sites to actually make sure that those who killed her be brought to justice. we need to noise the to it cannot be that we leave it in the unknown. so i think it's with your thirty's now to do the next step. we can only offer assistance, but the authorities have to requested. and i think ideally it should probably be an international effort for everybody has access to the files and can share best international practice available to ensure that those who killed sharing i've
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brought to just beyond condemnation beyond statement beyond offering. what is you going to do to make sure that shooting gets just but what can you do? i do it concretely. i mean, i'm put the question to you. we make statements, we call on the authorities. we offer help, but we cannot impose ourselves, can we? so you know what i can do, i can basically reinforce the message for justice, accountability, but i can carry out myself the investigation unless i am on my experts are invited . thank you so much. that has been the worst, but we're here at the you're a big at the event where palestinians are coming. they are marking this the but it's not left on many palestinians that they want to be clear. and they want the message to be clear. and we heard the palestinian minister talk about this. we want justice for shitty as well. is there a meeting?
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i will continue to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of a journalist in the occupied westbank. members of the international community have condemned marines murdered by israeli forces and continue to call for investigation . barclay was without reserve 25 years covering the story of the israeli occupation . she was known as the voice of palestine a day off to tens of thousands of flag waving israeli, altered nationalist march through on, keep on east jerusalem and unleashed violence against palestinians. israel is now reportedly considering designating to extreme right wing groups as tara organizations, around con, report, smoky parties, jerusalem. the 2 groups, he's talking about ali hava, and i'm la familia, la familia is a football, hooligan organization. there's no other way of describing them. other than that, they follow jerusalem bass ha, but they've been accused of racist behavior of attacking palestinian israelis.
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arabs ah. and they've also been accused of criminal activity lava. oh, a religious ojo nationalists organization that dedicated to the purity of jewish blood. they don't want any arabs, any palestinian israelis in historical palestine, asshole. they would rid of them all and they espouse things like attacking people if they find out that they're in a mixed relationship. so that's those, the kind of groups are talking about. but this message, it doesn't mean that those groups will be designated any time soon a and find out what might happen is that this could take quite a while because that has to be a wider agreement between all of those members of the coalition for it to go forward and that's very difficult. the other thing that natalie bennett needs to worry about is the language we saw the jerusalem flag box, those insults that hate speech. death. the arabs insulting the gymnast colin and terrorist, you know we, i was there. that's exactly why i experienced all of that. may mean that another
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palestinian israeli member, the kinessa key member of the coalition, resigns. if that happens, the coalition falls to pieces. the government falls on this early elections. a group of israeli ultra nationalists march to the main streets of hebron city and waved israeli flags, crowns with flags entered the bohemian mos compound and marched in the city and occupied westbank. china's foreign minister has been unable to secure abroad regional economic insecurity packed with several pacific ocean island nations. when hey, has its report from fiji on the latest stop off his island, 2 concerns about chinese plans for the region. as pacific island nation slowly emerged from the covert, 19 pandemic, and new diplomatic battle is under way, and china is on the offensive. rebuilding the regions economies will take time and outside assistance, and beijing is extending a helping hand. leave it job war. don't be too anxious and don't be too nervous
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because the common development and prosperity of china and all the other developing countries would only mean greater harmony, greater justice, and greater progress of the whole world. the latest stop on chinese foreign minister, one year, 10 day tour of the pacific was fiji, where he met prime minister frank bonnie, madame up geopolitical point scoring means less than little to anyone who's our community is slipping beneath the rising seas. whose job has been lost or pandemic, or whose family is impacted by the ip address in the price of commodities. the main feature of his visit to sue, though, was supposed to be the signing of an agreement with foreign ministers from 10 countries. but it didn't happen the so called common development vision outlines wide ranging plans to improve relations between china and the island nations. including increased cooperation on security. last month, aging, signed
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a security packed with the solomon islands. that some observers say may lead to a permanent chinese military presence there. this vast region again, finds itself caught in the middle of a much wider struggle for power and influence at the moment being courted economically, isn't a bad situation for these countries to be in. but the area strategic importance has many worried that that struggle could be taken to a dangerous new level. the pacific nations are also on the front lines of climate change. and that's been a feature of the foreign ministers to many countries here are at risk from rising sea levels. and there's a sense there concerns haven't been taken seriously enough by regional powers, australia, and new zealand. despite that, experts, a fiji in particular isn't going to sign any agreements that will harm relations with its allies. figured as i want to have. i think i'm too much dependence on any one country. ah, and it's, it's very, i think in port for fiji to have good relationships with all the major powers. one
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ye may not have secured the regional deal he was hoping for, but the chinese will be taking a long term view of their pacific relationships. this has been a highly visible to us so far, and that in itself may be viewed as a success. wayne, hey, al jazeera, soother, fiji. let's get more or less. we can speak to cynthia watson, who is an age of pacific ominous. she joined us from annapolis in the u. s. state of maryland. thank you for joining the program. now. many if this region's countries are already deeply indebted to china, were you surprised that they didn't sign the pack today? no, i'm not particularly surprised. i think that what we're seeing in this region is the same thing that we're seeing in a number of other places where the belt and road initiative has been so important to china. but that is a growing sense of doubt that beijing, in fact will deliver on some of its promises. and the fact that the by the
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ministration has been aggressively working with its allies in australia. in particular, to try this cement a and an alliance. to submit a message to show that the united states and the supporters of the western system are much more engaged in this region. is probably a real disappointment to beijing who is coming off of a couple of years. frankly, a pretty profound disappointments. how worried is the u. s. by china's overtures in the region and, and, and, and, to what extent do you expect them to counter it? well, there's no question that to many people in washington dc. every single
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action that china takes is something that is leading to much greater anxiety about china's strength around the world. but i would point now that this is the same chinese regime that has found that the united states is more engaged, certainly under the, by the administration. and even under the trump administration, than what many people thought would be true a decade ago. but also this is the period when bridging has proven less successful with their vaccine diplomacy. they've provided far less support to a number of states that need it. and climate change is not something that beijing is generally seen as standing on the right side for. so if i were sitting in beijing today, i suspect that they would be pretty disappointed and the outcome so far of one
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geese visit. many of these countries as we had and from our correspondent that they need a lot of help. but if he can only get a, an from an environment point of view, and at the end of the day, china has been there it's, it's been extending a helping hand long before the u. s. a turned up. i guess the question is, you know, this help that china is offering when it come, what strings attached it does, and that has been true around the world. and this is where some of the frustration, as i noted with the belton road, has continued to grow around the world. the other thing is aging has a habit of making pretty grandiose statements about it support, but that support doesn't always materialize. there will be strings attached because china does not do any thing that it does not see as absolutely supporting its
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national interest. and this part of the world will certainly be where that occurs again. but i think what we see is a much more aggressive australia interested in this region. appreciating the change that has happened with begging at being vocally interested in the south pacific in a way that hadn't been true up up until fairly recently. and that's an area where australia and new zealand, but particularly canberra, sees its interest as absolutely paramount, cynthia watson, brilliant thing to get your perspective, asia, pacific analyst. thank you. our former rebel, pfizer has come out on top and columbia's presidential election. but gustavo, petro didn't win enough fights to avoid a run off against his right wing challenger. i was under amputee reports from buckets. ha, ha, it's an historic result for
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a leftist candidate in columbia. but more than 8 and a half 1000000 votes from a rebel fighter, gustavo faith came clearly on top in the 1st round of the presidential elections running on the promise of profound economic and social change, pedro managed to get 40 percent of the vote. 10 percentage short of what he needed for an outright victory. oh coronel cumby up. we'll come to oscar. so there are changes that are empty. there are changes that don't lead to real change. we want to invite all of colombian society to embrace real change. yet his success was diminished by the surprised 2nd place of rudolf lived man this a 77 year old business men who rose in the polls in the last 2 weeks as an unexpected anti corruption crusader. oh, isn't this a former mayor of the city of luke had a manga managed to present himself as an alternative anti establishment candidate, despite being investigated himself for a number of wrong doings. he has been compared to a colombian version of trump,
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and in the past said he was an admirer of others. hitler. yet his message connected with many frustrated columbian voters in a campaign, mostly conducted on social media. or he saw the moscow, you know, alone. we see that citizens have the will to end corruption as a system of government today. the country of cheap politics and corruption lost the corrupt to thought they would govern forever. last figured. equal gutierrez, the defeated candidate, backed by the traditional establishment immediately and doorstep. man, this 4 to run off against what he calls the dangers of a petra's presidency. our mandate is potentially hetero. a campaign was really confident that given around with what a one given it. he had a strong association with the right man with the political establishment. the whole situation changes, no given his anti establishment discourse,
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its origins outside of politics, he's most clearly an outsider. the main takeaway here is that these results represent, 1st and foremost, as founding blow to columbia traditional conservative establishment. the question for gustavo federal though, is that if you now will be able to convince enough people that voted for a go for it man this, that he represents the true change that columbia needs. well, we can speak to alexander of m p a t is life for us in bogota. alessandra, what are the main takeaways from yesterday's fight? well, i think it's fair to say that we're in a new territory here in columbia, in politics. that's because for the 1st time to clearly anti establishment candidates will face off and run off. i also think that what yesterday's results show a stat to ab gertie of colombians indeed once change and agree and the fact that
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many of the eels of this country being at poverty, hunger inequality, unemployment, and so far are blamed on that establishment. but they are clearly divided on the way forward on the best, the change and what that means for at columbia. and for boy another day said we're now joined us by said he'll boost man who is the director of columbia risk analysis . thank you for being with us. so what do you think it's clear that a majority of colombians indeed one change their tire to with the establishment about now they're going to have to decide between 2 very different versions of that change. absolutely, and thank you for having me in because they have to choose between 2 very distinct versions of change. what this race is going to become more about is who gets the most establishment votes, and you see both candidates,
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or at least who stop it through, is now casting himself as the most pro establishment can candidate the complaint about plays from what he had proposed before or none this on the other hand, the saying, i don't want anybody on the establishment to come to my side if they want to vote for me, i'm not going to say no, but i'm not with the establishment. there are expectations for a paper in the last 5th to be able to wait out right on. on sunday, he's been leading in the polls throughout this campaign. what do you think they've missed there? what happened at that that they weren't able to do so? well, i think they did a lot of things right. but they were overly optimistic about their ability to win in worse round. now that they have run off, they have a 3rd of the country firmly against them. a 3rd of the country that sort of in the middle and a very firm base of support that very firm base of support has dedicated itself to insult and to rampage with the center. and with the right that's gonna make for
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very uncomfortable fellows. if they make an alliance later on at petra, it's try to frame this narrative. i was hoping to frame this narrative as change versus continuity. and the ran off he's will not be able to do so. so how will you have to change his strategy to be able to win in the 2nd round? well, i think the most important element is who's petros cabinet? going to be? how is his minister of finance going to be? who is this minister of defense going to be who his minister of interior is going to be in? was foreign ministers going to be that will bring stability and will give us a sense of really how he plans to implement those ideas or not and is on the other hand, is a black box completely. we don't know who any of his advisors are. he said that he would fuse together the ministry of culture and the environment. and so for now, we don't really have a clear eye, a clear sense of where he's going to go. speaking about that,
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some people feared that ab, man, this could be less in democratic or at least that some of the proposal he has made specifically for example, as you know, are you in considering suspending mayers or even even congress to stop corruption. and then some people are presenting him as a sort of trump of columbia bouquet. la, do you think that's a fair assessment of his candidacy? i think that's a bit of an overreach. of course. all politics is local and had none. this, if anything is, is very rambunctious and is very outspoken against corruption. but there's very little things in his record that actually cast him as an anti democratic and did it . he may have a lot of frustrations and direct a lot of his wrath to the political class, but he does not propose radical changes to the economy. and that for a lot of people is a very important thing when it comes to voting. and finally, do you think that this vote also shows the waning power of what he bees about the
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ard line, the conservatism that has been the most influential political force column in the last 20 to 30 years? yes, absolutely. i think what he ries more had initially thought that was got he wants to log, i was going to be the candidate, then they change horses and went to 30 gutierrez, now road. we're not, this doesn't even want to see them standing side, side by side with him or at least endorse him. him, him giving him support. i think at an on this doesn't owe them anything, doesn't have to make them part of his cabinet or reform his government proposals to assuage them. and so that's a huge loss for them. really. thank you very much sat here for being with us. so i very surprised it. surprising results here in columbia, and there'll be an interesting at 3 weeks before to run off on june 19th, alexander and patsy there. thank you. on kong, new chief executive is matt,
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china's president, gigi, ping and beijing. john lee won an uncontested election for the position. now that backing from a select group of beijing loyalists is d t, it's out work. on the 1st of july, the former police chief takes control of the former british colony, hong kong, now to crack downs on pro democracy protests, and k, that locked downs on the main line. corona virus restrictions in china's to biggest city is finally ending for millions who been stuck in doors saying eyes lifting its 2 month long, locked down from midnight on wednesday. many businesses can reopen and they'll be few restrictions on going out or to work in beijing. james museum's thesis reopening, but with some limits on visitors. the head of the methodist church in nigeria has been kidnapped along with 2 priests police of lawrence in operation to find them. samuel connie was reciting home when he received in the south the state of avia to
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nothing's around. some are common in many parts of nigeria, but a less frequent in the southeast rescue. teams in the pool have recovered the bodies of all but one of the 22 passengers and crew from sunday's plane crash. the tar and turbo prop flew into bad weather on the way from the tourist town of paccar to johnstone. rage is popular with mountain high cases. one has pilgrims visiting temple of decades of worn afghanistan have devastated the country's education system. that school isn't an option for many children, especially those in remote areas. now an innovative project is hoping to change that catalogue as what again as well. this is the only school. most of these children have ever known. a more while school call pen path travels from village to village in kandahar province. in southern afghanistan,
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there are no classrooms or desks, but there is a will to learn. but that's a high did it look it up, is it? it is very nice here and on learning a lot, i just wish that the schools for my eldest sister cousins and other older girls would open again. the makeshift classroom is carried on a motorbike with a tv said and books with subjects taught by 8 volunteers. schools are scarce in these remote areas and across afghanistan, around 3 and a half 1000000 children, mostly girls don't go to school. and that appeared on the hood will, if they want long lasting peace and stability in afghanistan. and if the countries to stand alongside the rest of the world knows all the attention should be given to education, especially in the areas where there have been no schools in the last 20 years. the partial and you know, i call back in march, the taliban ordered schools for girls above the 6th grade to close for girls living
9:40 pm
in remote areas. the 1st challenge is not having access to a school then as they get older, not being allowed to attend one. what you do these villagers support the project. but convincing a deeply conservative society to allow their daughters to study in school isn't always welcomed. but there are differing voices. now let's do it for a couple of the showing junior, we are very happy that boys and girls are able to study here. i think the government must reopen all schools until the 12th grade for both boys and girls. sarah lama rice and it should be given to them. the project has its limits, but the founder hopes it will play a role. however small and helping the next generation, katya low priscilla young al jazeera people in pakistan on a growing frustration with the new government's failure to reign in rising inflation. fuel subsidies will recently scrap to prussia from the m f,
9:41 pm
which is negotiating a financial bailout, comma hydro reports from some about less than 2 months of jo. shabazz should eve void warren in the countries prime minister. he addressed his nation for the 1st time and said that he would force to increase the prices of fuel by great. but then, because of the conditionality employed by the international monetary fund budget on right now is facing the highest inflation rate in asia for doing it just behind it, a lanka. and i did an alarming train because the night and fuel prices will need to escalating prices at a time when the country only has then point $2000000000.00 reads of which is less than 2 months. so import dated august on of got it looking for help from china. that agreement didn't to work. but the next 2 months will be pretty good. and it is
9:42 pm
considerable anger that grossbach has done over a nation and prices fuel prices. all always impact the poor, the people who are living under the over the line and the people in the middle class and the lord ridiculous suffer from it. so the price, i think, is a very, very good, a judgment from the government and the are backing off. the government still has some hard ball gaining. i hate when it comes to the dogs, ready, international monetary fun. but it also said that the subsidies were put in place by the previous government and that the government had no other choice. but due to move them, dounia may, per, drawn, the price of fuel across the globe to skyrocketing with old producers and develop countries under huge strain. fortunately, the form of government for their own political gain has announced a subsidy at a time when there is no room for it. in pakistan's treasury ozzy bo john and that
9:43 pm
of god really mean that the opposition, which is being led by enron hahn is likely to add to the problems regards budget on can not afford wondered, tickle instability at that time. like this, when it's economy is in dire straits. now, the previous government had, they agreed with the international monetary fund for a $6000000.00 loan, half of that was paid $900000000.00 drawn toward the left by the i m. f. addicted regards to previous government had 4 subsidies on energy, such as electricity and gas, and also fuel prices. the i m f of got that don't stop there. didn't have to go in order for august on to mid range and conditionality of the international monetary fund. police have confronted protest as in armenia demonstrated, trying to break through a police code and protecting
9:44 pm
a government and courses in the capital yet event for justice rallied against any territorial concessions in the to speech and nicole nicola back legion. i mean, he lost control of the region in a 6 week with as a by john to years ago. the largest dam removal operation in the us history is due to begin in california as part of a wide, a trend with o, my 60 hydro electric dams torn down in the past 2 decades. and as rob reynolds reports from horn burke, this latest operation isn't just about the environment. the klamath river meanders through steep mountains and lush forests. it's banks are home to our sprays and great blue herons, and playful babies of otter's fishing guide. jack trout is worked here for 29 years. there is something about the klamath river that just makes me feel better
9:45 pm
about life in floating feeling, the waves. but in spite of the apparent abundance trout believes the klamath is in crisis, there was something terribly wrong with the salmon ram. and i mean the spawn was just here and gone so fast. it wasn't natural. salmon were once incredibly abundant. here they were the cornerstone of the ecosystem and the main food source for indigenous people in the region. the, your rock, the hoopa and the carrack, those days are gone. this is the iron gate damn one of several built decades ago for hydro power. it blocks off the salmon from their sworn a grounds up stream. the fish have steadily declined ever since it was built on dams. when and we saw these huge population crashes and salmon and other species, these salmon fry are swimming in a hatchery. just below the dam, but hatchery fish,
9:46 pm
a failed to restore the salmon population for the tribal people, the result has been disastrous, without recourse to their traditional diet of salmon rates of diabetes and heart disease have sword. so it's really hard to emphasize just how important the salmon are to us. i mean, for me, it's not just a food source, it's also the connection to my ancestors. now, after decades of negotiation and bureaucratic delay, the iron gate dam is going to be torn down. the process will take several years and will be the largest dam removal in us history. when this dam and the others along the klamath river are finally removed, native americans and others who depend upon the river hope that it will once again flow free and clean and full of salmon, all the way to the sea. from here at the mouth of the klamath salmon travel up
9:47 pm
stream to spawn, after their mysterious journeys in the pacific ocean, where intertwined and every way with the klamath river and without the klamath river. there, there are york people, a river to be restored for generations to come. rob reynolds al jazeera on the klamath river. in libya, one of the wells oldest cities is under threat from mother nature and from decades of neglect by the government manic china reports in his struggles to save thomas. when many buildings on the verge of collapse, adamus, the ancient berber city was a cross road for major cultures of the african continent and the mediterranean basin. a spring, deep in the desert, has made it an attraction for thousands of years. the old city is testament to live
9:48 pm
in history and culture, and one of 5, eunice go world heritage sites here. not here, but it never thought about. adamus is an important here to cite for all mankind, not just libya, so it's something that should be preserved. it's a tourist attraction, it should be prior to for officials, but all of libya. historical sites are suffering from a lack of funding via castleton airstrikes during world war 2. in 1943 leveled entire neighborhoods, the rubble remains to this day. to day the site faces a different kind of threat. the old city has survived the harsh conditions of the desert for centuries, but to continue to persevere, people here say ill need more attention and funding from the government. harley de haji is a local tourist guide. he says, parts of the city have collapsed because of rainfall in recent years. when
9:49 pm
a man is overweight though, of germanium and hold, the level of destruction is clear, not a single government has given me the attention it deserves love. the development authority does what they can market with what little funding they get us. if it only be it's wedding season. salem has been making bellas for decades. his hand made shoes are the most sought. after these brothers adorn traditional red robes and bulk us during the hannah ceremony, a gift from the bride. once the groom tattoos his hand with the hana pays, it means he has accepted her hand in marriage. and the week long wedding ceremony begins. it's traditions like these past down for generations. that face in imminent threat, there are fears that the government doesn't act. the city will eventually collapse . but people here hope their city traditions and culture will continue to live on.
9:50 pm
malik, trainer al jazeera cabanas fella heads on al jazeera in school, will tell you what spot this dangerous pitch invasion the vocal mass in france, details coming up ah
9:51 pm
ah ah ah ah ah, time for the sports is farrah, marlene, thank you so much women's tennis world number one eager shrine take his reach the quarter finals with french open, but the polish top seed was made to work hard for it by her opponent quinn. when
9:52 pm
jang of china de losing the 1st satch ryans had came back to when the next 2 spots in the last state shall play american jessica pooh left for a place in the semi finals is teenager holger. ruin has stunned world number 4 stuffed are sets as best to reach the last 8 at roland garris. the 19 year old french open debutante beat, last year's finalist and for saxon, his biggest grand slam when today's ruin, who has improved 350 places in the world rankings in just over a year or face a casper root of norway. it will be both players, 1st quarter, final appearance at a major. i have an unbelievable feeling right now a rumor. oh sooners or didn't, but the crowd was amazing to me to homo's the whole tournament. so i'm, i'm so grateful. and so having to re bring others go to guy for me. roman abramoff birch has completed the sale of chelsea football club to a consortium led by l. a dodgers part owner todd bowie. earlier this month,
9:53 pm
the american group reached an agreement by the london team for more than $5000000000.00 from abramoff, which as a russian put the blues up for sale before being hit with sanctions by the u. k. government it's been reported that detail means chelsea will have around $250000000.00 to spend on new players. the summer a french government says a mass gathering of supporters with fake tickets was the catalyst for crowd problems at saturdays champions. league final in paris, french police have been criticized for firing tear gas and pepper spray at supporters waiting to get into the stag to france. countries, sports minister is claimed up to $40000.00 fans were at the final with no tickets or a fake one. liverpool have refuted that version of events describing the treatment of their supporters as unacceptable so good deal concert. the city what was noted was there was massive fraud at an industrial level and organization of fake tickets because the pre filtration saw that 70 percent of tickets were fake tickets. were
9:54 pm
in other words, more than 2600 tickets were confirmed by you wafer as non validated tickets, even though they've gone through 1st filtering thing or 30, the massive presence of these fake tickets, of course was the issue that meant there was a long delay to the match lay premier, there were a number of adverse circumstances that made the problem. even hasha, you know, late arrival on the stadium around the stadium. difficulties in the transportation difficulties also to locate the british people that were a little bit everywhere around the stadium without us being able to know where exactly they came from and how they arrived at the stadium. these are difficulties . we are extremely sorry for all the people whose experience have been wasted all that evening for the people that i bought tickets and were unable to attend the match. earlier we spoke to our correspondent andy richardson. he was at the game,
9:55 pm
and he told us white, his experience wise at the start to france. well, thankfully due to my paranoia as it turns out, justified paranoia, myself, and friend. ours with we got to the stadium on the b, the bang when the turnstiles opened. at 6 o'clock, our experiences that it was relatively smooth getting 3, but our initial observations where we were very surprised, there was no preliminary layer of security ahead of the 10, still checking all tickets which is normal for big game like that. and there were very few turnstiles in operation where we're going in and already one of them was out of action because the liverpool fund was having trouble scanning his ticket. it's been like going into it to an add port. we scan the boarding pass and if it didn't go through it blocked the turnstile. the liverpool defender and the robertson actually took, and after the game saying that the fishing location tickets he had given me on to a friend who had contacted him to say he'd been borrowed from going into the stadium because he'd been accused of being a faith tickets. now, liverpool is
9:56 pm
a club all too aware of what can go wrong with big games. they're involved in the 1985 european kept final and high school, 113 and eventually found died because of, of crowd trouble. and also of course, in 1008, you know, in the hillsburg stadium design, which resulted in the deaths of 97, a liverpool fans being inside the stadium on saturday. very quickly. you wafer in your thirties, wanted to put the blame onto the fans was an official signed one upon the on the school board saying this game is being delayed because of the lights arrival of fans and already were seeing that that all my certainly was not the case so i think what we can hope for is what level are asking for, which is an independent investigation into what did go on at the start difference. now relegation playoff match in france ended with a pitch invasion. sent ad tn sandstorm playing ery after their team last so they're reportedly attacked from the players. please use tear gas to disperse supporters. defeat ended an 18 year stay,
9:57 pm
and the top flight for sent at the boston celtics will face the golden state warriors and the n b finals. the celtics edged out the miami heat. when the eastern conference championship jason tatum scored $26.00 points as the celtics one the deciding game of the series. with seconds remaining the my me heats jimmy butler had the chance to put his team ahead. but the celtic survived winning it a 100 to 96 there in to the finals for the 1st time since 2010. okay, and that is all your support for now? my lean back to you. thanks far and that's it for me, molly. inside for this news hour, we will leave you with memories of al jazeera journal is sharina block, lay the voice of how it's done ah, a with
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to know that on this issue, i don't need to hear from, with, on also to mention it. if you don't use right, most of us can, you also use it at the home, and a lot of you to worry. so to won't be home that the put up with me all the wonderful guy, the multiplan for obama, possible booking for the you know, the whole one. i don't to plug it in. i will see bobby household on walk the mean. i mean shooting abuto to live
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and this is mean fighting both isis and of the 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father, the son and the g. hi. cartoon on al jazeera. now the answer was an arabic. my name is hello. i was abducted by the cia in 2004. a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by garcia. they came up with handcuffs, led me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world new in the life of an innocent b o mastery case on al jazeera ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to come back.


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