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tv   The Father The Son And The Jihad Episode 2  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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programs to enforce and inspires. we live one people on this one planet and we got to work the solutions together on al jazeera, across the world, young activists and organizers, random, motivated and politically engaged. the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and beta, we were the ones who had life on what was going on in a way that the most mean soniega didn't. there's nothing specific about the lebanon is always in a my number class formation. we have the agency to create the vibe of the generation change on al jazeera. as the final 3 places at the feet, the will come, are decided will light from the playoffs will gather reaction from across the globe teams. this falls council 2022. the world qualifies special coverage on al jazeera. ah
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hello i, marianne noisy and under now main story, this, our ukraine's president his address you leaders at a meeting in brussels urging him to set aside the differences and agree on a 6th round of sanctions on russia. block as struggling to reach consensus with the proposed embargo and russian oil. the main sticking point and diplomatic editor james bass reports now from brussels. european leaders arriving in brussels for a crucial meeting on ukraine. at the start of the crisis, they had surprised many with unity and strong sanctions. but a 6th package of measures including an oil ban, has been stalled for nearly a month. some expressed optimism, the deadlock can be broken. there is hotter being bused through and the
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unit should be maintained in the european council as we have been up to now. so that's important to continue. but such an up beat assessment was soon dashed by the e leader with the friendliest relations with vladimir putin. hunger is recently reelected, prime minister victor or band has for weeks been the one to oppose the oil band to win him over to now being proposed that to begin with, the bam will only apply to oil that comes on ships from russia. not supplies that are delivered by pipeline, but mr. all been told reporters, there was no deal yet. let me zillow, that we are in a very difficult situation. ah, basically because of the responsible behavior of the commission. the head of the commission didn't address such criticism. but she did suggest there wouldn't be a breakthrough during this meeting that we are not there yet. but it has mature for shawn. my expectations are and know that it will be solved in the next 48 hours.
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but i'm confident that the after that will be a possibility. the european leaders we're joined by video link from key by presence lensky, a show of unity and solidarity for ukraine. but all that is raw, overshadowed by the continuing impasse on sanctions. james bowes al jazeera brussels france is called for an investigation and to the death of a french journalist, killed in ukraine's hon. squeezen ukrainian officials, se federico clerk, him of was killed. one russian shelling hit a vehicle that was evacuating civilians, but no immediate response from russia. on this one now or the headline story, this, our, israel's defense minister is called her to ultra nationalist groups to be declared terror organizations, members of la familia and la, hover over the forefront of violence against palestinians on sunday, when tens of thousands of his writings march through east jerusalem to mock the anniversary of its occupation. what will the use delegation in the west bank and
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gaza is held a reception ceremony to mark europe day with some of it dedicated to al jazeera journalist, re novel, ugly. sharon was shot in the head by israeli forces while on assignment in janine, near the abraham that was at the event in the occupied westbank when we entered their reception here, there was a poster of her. she's here in a spirit. people are talking about her. i just eat a staff her colleagues are here because they want to make it clear that they want just this port city and a block live a the speaker you mission representative. mr. have been, has been talking about the fact that there needs to be justice. he honored the brother of city and tony, a broccoli, you know shitty and has been known here as the boys of palestine. she meant so much to so many palestinian. this is to find it many palestinians. this is why it wasn't absent from the event today. they are marking this day,
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but it's not the left on many palestinians that they want to be clear and they want the message to be clear. and we heard the palestinian minister talk about that. we want justice for shitty abroad and more protests have broken out in sudan despite about attempts by military leaders to try and work with demonstrate as a state of emergency imposed after the army seized power last october was lifted on sunday, or then 60 detainees of also have been released, governing military councils, had it hopes to move it, facilitate fruitful and meaningful dialogue. those as a headlines do stay with us because we're going to have much more news for you later on by for now. oh.
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okay. oh, i bought a whole bunch, dumpy, myself on nadine on on don him boyer in the mold law. the on a him one law in. 6 a with a duffel law. well cornel pohden said what do you want and get on my side of me side of it? you bet i can never, much did manager will name him,
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but me to bump up between. i mean, the how you mean my yet him good line. i couldn't the meeting a hello monica. i said, you are one in law. my sam either though i be don't, i'm a dell. what i thought from him i had. why shouldn't a doctor you are in the be a little that i mean, i played got on, don't did one. your mom just she of in the board are they won't burn their morning down won't be super bowl volunteer mo fees. but the tools in the balsam lim plaza may continue that unit with. mm hm. i know i feel i'm older. she's the best time. i guess. she never been. you'll see again, visually vis. fs on well mute, hardy gal dash noon. would it be
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easy? i am 40, if you know what to call montana and i know she took that in. so my old e g. a sample in jiffy. i'm put you through. not done that issue. ah, i see all of it all good. i'm good. all did it for me. it up. yeah. or do i do with john? did you do jobs? but i want to go with chick boy, is gordon, is it? what do you have a role is to just you did all i know i that it but
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a lot i did yeah, there were no i didn't have a budget i samples on the road is a i e l e b a c is on the vehicle with a b,
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with a yellowish wood shop. i'm not looking to make sure i said i was a mom kim, john lazy, i'm about to cut off a guy. couldn't, couldn't we say yeah, i love. i love to myself, you know, unless you have a young man and then follow the one who doesn't want that. it's got any of that.
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i go through what what do i want to look at the long what i would like a whole lot about community them, how long but i don't and i also gave them a dodge keesa to did all the i don't, i don't know when i'm ready and the law group for over the of the board on just don't because she was born or did you did a song of love who was the shift of hold hold on
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a little bit of a bad job, a wheel mom. she's a been lead with a me a shout back. i love you. we're just gonna look here. i will do. are you good? right? i'm not going to come and just he then a law bob to not come out. i'm sure you will know. i know a lot of people. well, luckily injured delicate machine. it was more on a disk. yeah. vehicle is on the elevator. we had
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a handle on he's on this. he diesel roco new. he's on thought a news. i don't need lubano locked with adam. he's on the phone, so they sent me a hell, he's got the dvd dude is that get more to let you know he did the album you get involved with we know the exterior made. it did to still come in on that until you know, little math book idea. got yeah . in on anybody immediate or the fmi bob could that it could be made that they did immediately brought up on monday. a got to eat more sunday, monday and so it, well it have easy did to a,
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a love with a lady going out. they still go to my village, but did go up a just with which was that was on to me. they have it
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i we of the had needed to this are very close to play a role. all 3 people, most, claire and warm blankets, born at her teams, a chef. i previously left nothing. but just as the national bear am said by her to negotiate a lease, as you can. yeah. what badly backed is on the dash itself. what i think you think. yeah. got you. yeah. he is not on the the 2 week. if his dash dollar has you wanted let not a katie k these long lap belichick the dash
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o. it is an ugly how whitish. how additional is shanda north elephant? sing going with us, we could, could you get pre thought a lot of those you know to the semi arledge. i really mccarthy, the ice cream medina? the been is fifi it live when i had a d. b? i mostly mean when i go to my car to jamalia, woke up their own then, well, what are you called there were no, no. well you are the woman that she had that. but a young lady that been ish. i mean, how would i, i'll college. but 1st was, i would say point,
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darcy, yes, no sense of the place to start? a lot of young kid all simon know, and she can come a little, but hopefully it up will be less younger. i said, exist. ah, luxury, she prefer luciano jesus you for you see, bill my bromley miss, i will buy the of luciano. go back to lee creek. yeah. elite leave you didn't know was your mobile is any all do you know set middle care but the name is on said,
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said m also doing what check for guns. yeah. a name all fee. she sees it but we compare and get back in for me. this on the on people of it more. huh. so seldom and lean asked weaver mercy luxury aurora g m a m e g a fake. annie shadow. i yeah, she said a to honda is a little bit of water and he's on said so on doors or did you or didn't with dca the don't don't hold what would it wouldn't her mom bare mild. we'd every year. sure. ship our kiddos he mclee of your local and gandhi. com to his aunt, all she had a good ear, mom, back on mean her thoughts were song,
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she sees jakita should be ship asked related data that i sat in the unit to see buffy by c. so southeastern, it did good and back d, then it's me, give her a cause in a job in a still golf if they say live without it a but either a buddy or houses had just got it on the theater skeleton, the d o half as i said not a zone was his, he told me. i'm a c in dumbo today, marcia sage, all he saw a young college australian in
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all me knew this was on t v. o college giacomo cheryl font. it's clarissa, with the lady at the irish, a balance of successive se. savory made it a bar thinking, demanded asian. if y'all had a book key at the hotel may live on any key on board. them. come on, the calamity shows the world and con the arm that he's to out there go inevitably. not shall the good you feel on doom. sure. 40 geeks you savvy. he sort of deal to google shortly. claudia, on teach it the exam belong a she
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is the boys. i asked if you have a, a new mile from bask. i'd be too good about it. the other day you said a vision of yampa it actually it here on per song on play on luca, he did do ga song county to get it dante, best hop. sit down on the gay kimmy, lee, kathy chris, can your come so no. my son lisa william and maddie lee. if you molly they are, we need a fee on a volume through did a vehicle for you to ha, we should be the edge of it to buffy. i leave all policy, it will really measure the nfl of excel city together. did
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a console. one was good to feed of 2 rod if she couldn't. she couldn't. if her lack utilities, dan meek, only saw tempt you don't song a p. m are showing me just kitchen while met, you wash and i'm sorry. can care. i lost you can continue focusing on the heat best because he had a difficult engine, a big she ball what you see on that. so that be awesome. i still fancy so that also see that the b 15, she fairly book a step by step. i mean you money question. when you don't promise it shows the stamp on the commission. the men on a g, j division, mobility go made a problem, but you need to buy the monkey on palm, the british chevy stamp out today. if you'd ya have
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a good day. you for case you missed a job. as you became, a family only puts you on a hobby. so would you lucy, john, peter lamb make intermediate or a region one with dollars sauce and the least last year. east lamb patty get. barley. pope agency companion got on a brief live text or don peak a, a should have a issue with a conference call with a pool that goes with hall was only only mean. i mean, this was expecting you one them to pull off by saying i she,
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if they all come with a, a teacher to offer with the commission got about call her the flash came is going to have to clean, don't take off the car, please. of a a a, some of the me. so i guess, you know,
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senior call us wow. a. so you don't see and you call me call kick. i'm in glass with you so plenty of alice and e or y yellow and you say we can just put it with i says defeat if we're at a bach janet department, all did duly golden lob virginia. if you on pause, as you go more the burglar, a jeep pony teak more because in it by a certain party and said, oh dick. ah, just took it off for the 2nd thing. must game it. awesome. musky can sit in the back. he's all thankful for kitty, a bullish jeannette. did you want to call bed or feeling yawn? this was not if it tomorrow. yeah, i've done a song. so if you will have
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a good dog. her said, you know that he's as you, he a gauntlet formula is sandeval, minnesota on these north was only normal shoulder, judah, e, we tend more over the summer. yes. she id, prieto's. she likes to teach with when get her initials missile bagley you know, safe safety a unit in humans. i'm always busy to say like to suffer high into any quoting city. i'm. i don't, don't get grimaldo. mine wasn't in my previous to like honors gala make point on that or want been counting defeated either yet or not. so mcdonald book really is latoya to so doing confusion goodies are. so your opportunity down cody's, you go to negotiate, your something goes on
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a diagram. whiskey is it's a dealership. they're both wrong. don dooley did die. majors have a coupon fiercer as you day is. this is, can't all that, that he, that me visual design the obey keep on, can you or is it not a con whiskey of it? if a prison yet ali foster, so again, i'm gone, but this was not, it is, it is a neat. so with some decent he said mm hm. it is so with the answer to me is a city uni. vickery, q is easy to. i thought you didn't cause uncle hope scale is will at 3 peak a sound good, yan punch should the level you don't to city hall that involve a deputy who tooth and, and then rule. i let me merge ne, challenging the adobe suite. more copy of what i don't want equal in italy, they did add on t v that cause we had, the more numbers on won't say kasia community shall age in the bud or near down for
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my sure. i bought he's gone. her brother, a middle guy, we won, we won. and she bossy kush ivy as you do, i thought dick ibt me l as mom. what about like i said you as a diesel? we believe we got see. if i said to the average about bow, we sell 10 more. we are not only george you me money. i puzzled and i don't need takes from see that many italian 78 mm. on an appeal on the on an honest heater. oh for over a century, american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives instead, countess young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from me in
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a 3 part series full blinds investigates a massive scandal that the united states scoutmaster part 3 or not just 0. the answer was an arabic. my name is how i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia he came over with handcuffs, led me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruined the life of an innocent deal mastery case on al jazeera ah al jazeera. what ever you? oh,
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oh. hello i, marianna mozy and london. a quick look at our main stories. now you lead us meeting in brussels in a show of solidarity with ukraine. but divisions have emerged of a new sanctions on russia. members are struggling to reach consensus with the proposed embargo on russian oil. the main obstacle hungry is leading a group of countries that rely heavily on russian energy is so far, refused to agree. france is cool for an investigation to the death of a french journalist, killed a new kinds of hun, squeegee, and grinding official, say, frederick, the clock. him off was killed when russian shelling hit a vehicle that was evacuating civilians. but no immediate response from russia is repeatedly denied at targeting civilians. and the israel's defense minister is called for to alter nationalist right when groups to be declared terror
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organizations. members of the familiar and the hover were at the forefront to violence against palestinians on sunday when tens of thousands of israelis march through east jerusalem to mark the anniversary of its occupation. those are the headlines this out, but will bring you much more in all of those stories in the news out about 25 minutes time. i'll see you then we leave now with memories of our colleague sharing the no, no, no, no no, no, no, no, no, no. i don't need to be here with you to look at me about it to me. i can also, you can just leave a message. can you put that also instead of the home and ya today and
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we're going to be, you will be set up will be sent to me . i'm a lot of fun when i walk in shooting off ah. oh, a fuse or any on false jessie lister, all the own offending files within the benefit of yen machines with libya, yankee,
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she is on day by that good city google homes. vi did he do me the new bus? cuz you live, paula ye, dante, conscious, g. p. a. p, o, bobby b legal, e n e y a u. p. a down y e. s thickly danya. she is. more did he know? he won't be on dorothy keep on dot beth, you keep a demo. can go fly one as he pulled in and says, you owe me a bundle of ankle e y, his e 0. thought you good ne, ms. him all digs on bubbles in on. bah. didn't you do for yale? yeah. on if he invented muscular santa a visa usually for dr. langley,
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pull her up, humbler glenn, a soft, perform a den in whiskey jeanette. any equal new lesson? yes, napoleon sank. he's carry renika, clint, just 3, a. me, humana. lackey. my son. and he adds the postal approval even when you slammed the phone and you slammed to create a comment for i think it was a little below issue with with you. not thought it was so did you back to school for easy june of it? did his school, but he thinks it did it. the school is dominique, more so senior use them. origin walk on the theory, robin keshawn, divorce. i didn't know what let me know by semitic than the family. chris, will you see these as fast do?
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has to last your highly particularly maybe don't need boesky with a by some prevailing things you have to structure. so again, while i select that, you're going to be a to share your thought, dan, while i think that otherwise a total due for this a new reloaded, the funded a method. why next? yes, the p cynthia tony. i know we met them at the best can keep on this if you break and i will have it up here. mm. if a book and he said with the more but we didn't, we didn't mall to sam live. you old ross. they have blue dog. they have quality eco malls. we'll do the updated food out. she did, she already shoot me. i white poly bonsa down are going to say, i said maybe on don levied petronela visual sooner known. did i there you, she did do enough halls. it us echo more liberal believe
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ah, some of those countries you didn't get paid $1.00 more, gonna control that you had a come by for the dollars song. so we, i do more in is also doing this. you need about kill digital d. j h, was you the fair mid is all all policy on on glee. a, bob. so my yell when the alley of law on one do mean sang song. see toyota bank, he's on. do you with the fair pause in this case? cuz i would you a, i alternate volleyball meal for them to shoot somebody or she was wanting to fontes to call to the current care office on you. slum, let is more towards hard to do over here, but to particular give one of our 2 new voters to do plumbing. she to little bit
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more of a star suppose problem possible to put her do also would you yuki she was wanting to sure a law on dr. shifted to set them up declared. what did i shut a can people get called v again, key mall k school fee. he had a boss, i don't think is john did. eddy priscilla on jan ocoee the how did it be me get songs on? it was a guy with a
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with call me about shift. did it. yeah. but when i been live brady dot oh, lawn walk all day. come on, go look quite young own but but have be good at ben. go, dad. when i beat good. dante, bridgeport, as you may as well. okay. yeah he, it is on a sunday, dont go out a on a g o. v problem says, you know, it did a both a double the date on a no, no hold cover all up a whole one to the mouth. a one of them tis, you know,
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not your regular memory thought you might give up. the motion did probably don't come afraid of his up a levy had had almost little, almost all wanted as him is at home with idaho. and me and our ability for a kind of what are the men differ on how the hey, i'm, what do i don't watch it. we had to look a bit about how you wanted that much of a whole good cover doesn't shoot either for the either we to be a happy with form. bear me. i bet on don't you didn't provide my muscles or them who leverage your read. what are your good can that she can actually do it over to the deal? i ponti to idea she said to me, but guess what? that she does that mean a leak a vehicle on any of that called
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a lee lee lee? lucky to or maybe even a clunky and downtime me saturday. also, she would have the album door near. what would you want me? no, that won't bob onto an interview on the encounter or you're a concrete oratory. i'll have to do it on moran with albany inch. your mom all share. best sam. all hold on. are you doing long share best sam do? yeah. i'm not showing me yet each. this is even longer a don't. and you will sift on luca model much today. destiny, but do shows will not used to be a solution. you cannot do it on a leaky a, leaky c,
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a z e c. she knew as we did it back to you on the install has run a leather roller shorter court order. we're going to put a goodness to do this, you know, do all of us would. i think you've already got some look here. unfortunately. i don't have you to more or treat directly to sean shakeed just yet. it will be the yes, i think really would be able to do some i've been that then said they were yes it a call so good. you can daniela, don't that much of a bug going to come on thomas road city and her own as united it did. they are more unique on damage all dollars a long country and they lead the star the last. as soon as you come out on us, i would say like a victim law. the lock electrical problem. let's do it on to this, to play with the saudi po, najia, the homie la, guess on police in me, you pussy to lease that yet the obligate. while we are in a great you,
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if or by city see fair if we're body still leg reserve to you, it is all solid proposal. ok of the $240.00 she to monopolies all going to come so . so a lot of 1st lawyer we or we are to your costume law to civil good procedure. cooper at austin has put in a reasonable guess shores of stuff, tony called horrible. so you're converting a comment because i need to please only tell you more. there it is all about what i like i said, italy on the on the shake. it oxygen palace. yeah. yeah. the decision tallow? poor daniela. he's with alan ash a dish on ne cache on my cam unit. you'll notice that they'll go to the body of any daniel vance that you for those marquee should be me. patty horner chic. apply to engineer electronical, resident image of the job, and compare support the franchises. will camp at the college. i mean that that's at all internal, there's quite enough condo monetary policy nessie, lucy leanne, he cannot prove out or find out any value a lie. boom, shook visitor leanne the clown loser vo. uh haiti. then you may hold the delta you
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down or hop. gaskets, excel seemed like little, you know, or share by some of these on one of the cafes, all, all add that in your strongest libya. john morgan, v was a 3 d. tell you at all. so what we do is you pick the homes vitalia with quality, the tooth, demi hall, la city, or more? yeah, major food, keep us in for j bruno c ha of ha, broad seaborn, her city by the yankee who over this is how jackie, you complete that. he thought he knew all this. i saw the fell my with. yeah, i want to build of you did it go fair liberty dahlia. involved to man or he to quote, if it comes with it, new on the phone has is i don't her at back of you shall lose a sick. i'm sags
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a buffet in new when i saw my children. you should maternity leave your coffee army . it may not do jose on please an elevator p. he more so that was it about a half? not them on how to play hotel dorothy say yes. and then marcus shows the kitchen frame or my frame. okay. my vic, idaho. when i did click on that, if call, and if i still need it by, by on, off is the quick to dash off and the, the edification is, yeah, well, get his income for the person when i have to deal with the maximum damage yell at you if you also found napoleon like move fast elected on plot, no good and you want to let them in your pain on good bother to bus somebody or she can you she of a poor girl. i will. no, no thought or no more promotion you about at the
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half off us on evolution. mm hm. i yackino. net, i don't at least up at lexie man machine cuz people say levy city on and of course they see that the fellow, the body a bed nearby leverage or could be stuck on for a refund. that makes an island isn't fair passed pleasantly a p o boy, you know, in the book guess an asset that 15 and on top. and if you go and book list, sekoya, cheryl bass m c u i. louis, i think in ohio right now, just to log on to tell you soon with
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number. yep. okay. i'm still here in la la has under can count with her sister. so sheila and his landlord mesa like when he gave me know kiana connor with alicia in in case have been madame lulu in could have been madame social having a shock in, in an envelope. if you're on a family or at the bond body, if you don't that, we don live is all the more dandy and they got bound j . a mega moment thought hipaa. but you know, cecil guts even you, we was, you know,
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hm. a louis advise you my bob. bob with allied lehman. barbara, how your mom a dana wonder was he me get on with him again. it's a while. when does he get up? wanted among day the van ponce's. oh my goodness. awesome. who's holding his to go more? oh sure, sure monsieur. she was home. most likely because she doesn't feel a po feel lou do do do her crew to or can you can she sure for the june, for his all we're usually to hardcore by the door. the court or feel going for the been all do of your crew? no more. your tribute person's notorious or button. yes or fish. it was or feasible
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default devolution is also the shape of some even more your peloponnesian ah your we're our senior jihad camila. senate my chair hood release them, they knew that was all the say. le schwab may if it's more in the deeper about baba dillard yet. but by default on b, is it a brisk amine guest john coleman this day off. it is very important. casa ology muslim will, could be asian, is remarkably, the man that my lad did, and left her his, her last me hello, hello leslie, my, you'll get a,
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this. yeah, you know me and will really don't been here for awhile on to just me to continue to get a come on see because it's usually me hit with do a diesel news on his own phone? no, it's only for the other man. i will. i just don't jewelry. a rough man. this on the end of the right monkey movie, the them insured on the news on this order. it is on phone. of course it was on to build you ah, michigan you desantis ah
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ah, i'm at all said my bed of the law. if yourself were some blood, so to the fun, she kissed it off, either in the more bare home bare ha related to ship an expose your ear on clinic bustling that sante. a clear shelf on jump approval. go to the funds. imagine should have been if she
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hipaa, the top to let them sneer image of the media kit, they both have you know, kathy engineer, speculate in your local, she's a design will get charged. you bossa come up with you. santibanez will do better than they do mild as you build you more broad the, was it more just on did it on been multi of the balloon ball lose all the needed sequence of i said we just saw body or a deal. is it still a least give it and you don't, you don't want, don't use your theory. ah . he's on the boise in a bon food of what you oh no, my dad can't enough cleanup. what is it here?
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i'll told him build sale v show that he more to or a new 3 v and o v that they've gone, wanda, it is all up. we say yes, i exposed. this was it was amalia and home. but key please to lou shock. she knows a silly, almost so with die as an amendment. me born movies. abdur rahman, or la bill, i will high job. the articles will decide when i leave the london waffle. will it be multi from shar lodge? if you leave for software,
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there's use it on the not the same media democracy a continental villa under the sheer through v q n telephone disorder. i sent you a quick look over the last month with the live call the to see call ban. oh, hello job. she's going to have a, a in a list of the index al kona mini and we'll do the own up peter theory on a judicial dog gore disability
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dancer. but him oliver. if you needed to liquidate the c n o b c, they renew due to a super peak home. so do they, but you monkey so never a little bit who's to that did obedient to she. forty's hush with a lot. if i lie in, it was a lemon. i do not have actual sheet a lot. if y'all would she say mo,
11:56 pm
release the hood family. yeah. on noah or 2. so it's good to set up in a week and we move law newbury. let it sit there, it told here that the i didn't was on sit on a comp with to be or not to be a shit from a 6 p a dot com to with you to feel the all okay with could you swap dwaa a b daddy
11:57 pm
i'm about to head out money with. yep, he could buy some of your chevy liquidity. if we decide late, i don't know. the name is with. mm hm. mm mm mm mm ah
11:58 pm
ah ah ah ah. them with hey there, thanks for joining an here's the situation for china. our plumb rains are pulsing across southern sections here, giving us some drenching rain. i same goes for that northern tip of taiwan. so it's high pay can expect verse of rain in the forecast on tuesday. a shield of rain is
11:59 pm
moving across japan's honshu and ho cato islands. so that's really knocked back the temperature in tokyo to 22 degrees, lower temperatures as well in beijing at 32, but hang on a 2nd, the days to come, your temperatures will hot up once again to about 35 on thursday wall to wall sunshine. that is well above average for indo china, outbreaks of rain over the next several days around bank hawks. some of this will be heavy stuff. got to take it down under right now. 2 areas of disturbed weather we're watching in the southeast also toward the northwest. so 1st, let's start in the southeast a lot of rain here, a lot of wind, and we're seeing those snow levels dip. here's what you're going to wake up to on wednesday we're going to see some frost camera, 0 melbourne, 6 hobart 5 degrees and that batch of what weather, moving into the kimberly region could see some flooding in broom on tuesday. ever. new zealand bit of a breather. on tuesday, but by wednesday a lot of white and windy weather moves in. take care that sure weather update. ah,
12:00 am
the witness confusion, witness, clarity, witness, family and witness. friends. witness the beginning. witness. the end witness. life witness went out, reverse drying out. grazing land is shrinking and some roots long used by wildlife for migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this, canyon needs more money for conservation. and with a corona virus pandemic keeping many visitors away. revenue from torrison isn't enough. here at the outset national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the hall parishioner than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives.


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