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were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from. in a 3 part series full blinds investigates, a massive scandal that raw the united states scoutmaster part 3 or not just the euro. ah it's it was an arabic, my name is helen. i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia. and he came up with handcuffs. them led me into interrogation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruined the life of an innocent
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b o mastery case on al jazeera ah, crisis meetings of the e you come through when agreements reached on banning most russian oil imports over the war with ukraine. ah, hello, i'm down, jordan, this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up a french german. this becomes yet another casualty of the warn you crane, fatally hit by shrapnel. what inside an almond vehicle? it's official. the highest price ever for a sports team goes through the $3200000000.00 deals. he's a new consortium in charge of english football club. chelsea and ancient treasures uncovered in egypt, dating back some 2500 years. ah
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ah, up in nearly a month of deadlock, european union leaders have agreed to impose a partial ban on russian oil. more than 2 thirds of oil imports are banned by the end of the year. they've been pushed by some member states for full ban on russian oil leverage invasion of ukraine. but a group of countries heavily reliant on russian energy. i've been looking the we decided to take the appropriate measures to, to, to react, to make sure that to for touched the security or of supply disease. so very important elementary decided to take into account. and i think that was important to the one hand to, to, to decide to be clear to station the criminal, to sanction russia. but it's on the hedges. it's important to, to take into account a level playing field, but also the secret your supply. diplomatic editor james base has moved from brussels. it's not what was originally proposed, why live on the line?
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when she 1st proposed this, nearly a month ago, it was supposed to be a full ban on russian oil. and they had managed to get that through. they managed to get that through because some countries are uncomfortable with it. and one country in particular, has put his foot down and said it wouldn't accept that, that country is hungry. so what they've decided the watered down version is that they're going to stop oil. that comes from russia to the e. u by ship. that's all going to be stopped by the oil that comes pumped in on a pipeline. 2 countries rational comes in on a pipeline. that is not at this stage going to be stopped. you estimating that that's 2 thirds of russian oil be stopped, but one 3rd that won't, and that one 3rd coming on the pipeline. clearly that is a concession to a country like hungry, which would be putting its foot down even at the start of this meeting. because there are a lot country and they get that oil from russia by
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a pipeline. this is worth telling you the sic sanctions packaged by the european union. they managed to get the other ones through relatively easily. this one was stalled as a say for almost a month because of the objection by hungary showing, i think that we have some difficulty now in the game much further than it has before. and they believe that this will have an important effect on, on russia and on lot to be a putin's government. but i think he will also have seen the 1st cracks, perhaps in the you hear the, the difficulty it's taken to agree this latest step. so what have you done to help you crane so far? well, the block says it's mobilized about 4 and a half $1000000000.00 in financial and humanitarian aid. it spent about $2000000000.00 on military assistance. individual countries have also donated large amounts of arms and heavy weaponry, such as tanks and artillery, the u,
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as also pockets harshest ever functions against russia. ukraine is also push forward its bed to join the human problems as warns fat to take decades from tough demand. the done investigation after french journalist was killed in eastern ukraine 32 year old frederick let him half was fatally hit by shrapnel while covering a ukrainian evacuation operation. it happened as france, his new foreign minister with a visit to keep the promise of weapons to help in the war with russia. then was rodney, as mona and keith, frances knew, foreign minister catherine calona, began her visit to ukraine by paying her respects to the dead in boucher ukrainians . describe what happened to civilians at the hands of russian forces as war crimes suggest the sinners. we must tell ourselves that they should never have happened here. and it shouldn't happen again. from stands for the friend and its allies to do what ever possible to bring back peace,
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support and solidarity likely to help paris reset relations with keith. ukraine has accused france of siding with russia as the war carries on. the hope is france, diplomacy with moscow, will help ease russia's blockade of ukrainian ports and restart the export of ukrainian crops vital to the global food supply. but that is not all ukraine. hulsy chavonee. sure, i have stress today during the meeting that ukraine's need of additional artillery systems of $150.00. 5 caliber remains extremely important to win the battle for don bass. we need to significantly strengthen our artillery potential, which we not unless you a clear message from colonus counterpart, ukrainians who have been paying the price for russian aggression in lives for years . need more help. her trip was underlined by a cruel coincidence. the brutality of the war brought closer to home with the death
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of a french journalist covering the war, frederick the clerk, him half from b if mtv was killed by showing the low husk region while accompanying an armored mission to evacuate civilians. colona called for an investigation into his death. the number of journalists killed covering the war now stands at 20 for the war and towns and villages in the east and south has become a patchwork of fighting. the spotlight is currently on separate. that's one of 2 cities in the last region, still barely under ukrainian control. the russian siege of the city has come at a high price in lives and military assets on both side as the phone alone for medical weapons and ammunition left behind on the battlefield. this russian soldier says are from ukraine's western allies, even as they collect trophies and conquered territory. what they considered decisive battles may not be over france ascending ukraine more help. during her
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visit, the french foreign minister said that her government will be committing more essential equipment to ukraine, fire trucks and ambulances to help cope with your daily bombardment of rushes, villages, towns and cities, but more crucially heavy artillery long range howitzers that it is hoped will help turn the tide of this war in ukraine's favor vain basra, the oldest era, an attack body, ukrainian military and school in the center of rebels held don't x city has killed 2 people out to 0. somebody use us. has this exclusive report from the scene of the attack land. we have our sheila ski at the bottom and we're here in the middle of march of oscar district in the center of don't ask namely in the russian back separatist hell part minutes ago, the school behind me was hit by a rocket was fired from the ukrainian or be controlled area, picture speak volumes. you can see them grave damage cause to the building. luckily, there are no students, but the teaching staff was inside giving online less as to the respective classes.
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they can see to their bodies from among the teaching staff. they feel victims to the attack. he, many others were wounded. the showing caused damage to the building surrounding the school of the districts. in the heart of donors was shelled by the ukrainian army. many civilians were killed and injured. according to the local authorities. they added that as a result of the recent attacks this morning. sig civilians have been killed and doesn't injured. they've also said that more than $550.00 rockets are fallen in various parts of donna, it's far from air is controlled by the ukranian army. china's foreign minister has been unable to secure a broad regional economic and security packed with several pacific ocean island nations. are zeroes, wayne, hey, report some fiji on the latest stop of his island, tor and concerns about chinese plans for the region. as pacific island nation slowly emerged from the cove at 19 pandemic, and new diplomatic battle is underway and china is on the offensive. rebuilding the
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regions economies will take time and outside assistance, and beijing is extending a helping hand. it don't walk, don't be too anxious and don't be too nervous because the common development and prosperity of china and all the other developing countries would only mean greater harmony, greater justice and greater progress of the whole world. the latest stop on chinese foreign minister, one year, 10 day tour of the pacific was fiji, where he met prime minister frank bonnie, madame up. jill political point scoring means less than little to anyone who's all community you slipping beneath the rising seas. whose job has been lost, opened demick, or whose family is impacted by the ip address in the price of commodities. the main feature of his visit to sue there was supposed to be the signing of an agreement with foreign ministers from 10 countries. but it didn't happen the so called common development vision outlines wide ranging plans to improve relations between china
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and the island nations. including increased cooperation on security. last month, aging, signed a security packed with the solomon islands. that some observers say may lead to a permanent chinese military presence. there. this vast region again, finds itself caught in the middle of a much wider struggle for power and influence at the moment being courted economically, isn't a bad situation for these countries to be in. but the area strategic importance has many worried that that struggle could be taken to a dangerous new level. the pacific nations are also on the front lines of climate change. and that's been a feature of the foreign ministers to many countries here are at risk from rising sea levels. and there's a sense there concerns haven't been taken seriously enough by regional powers, australia, and new zealand. despite that, experts, a fiji in particular isn't going to sign any agreements that will harm relations with its allies. figured as i want to have. i think i'm too much dependence on any
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one country. ah, and it's, it's very, i think in fort for fiji to have good relationships with all the major powers. one ye may not have secured the regional deal he was hoping for, but the chinese will be taking a long term view of their pacific relationships. this has been a highly visible to us so far, and that in itself may be viewed as a success. wayne, hey, al jazeera soother, fiji. hong kong, new chief executive has met china as president shipping in beijing. john lee won an uncontested election for the position after getting backing from a select group of beijing loyalists he's due to start work on the 1st of july. a former police chief takes control of the territory. after crackdowns on pro democracy protests and coven locked out. men all on the mainland, current of ours restrictions in china's 2 biggest cities are finally ending for millions. have been stuck in doors. shanghai is lifting its 2 month long, locked down from midnight on wednesday. many businesses can reopen and there'll be fewer restrictions on going out or to work in beijing, gyms,
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museums and theaters are reopening, but with limits on visitors. what's more, so to come here now does air including after day of provocation and violence. israel considers branding to ultra national groups as tara organizations. i'm rob reynolds along the banks of the klamath river in northern california, where the biggest damn removal in us history will soon get underway. ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world carp is on its way to cat book, your travel package today. hello, thank you for joining in. let's go with your weather report for asia. we're going to begin in sub continent, and the southwest monsoon is giving us some drenching rain for them. all these through india is careless state, commonly due,
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and that southwest corner of sure longer that the southwest monsoon will continue to progress further toward the north in the weeks to come. but ahead of it, we are seen some periods of scattered showers and downpours. also downpours to be expected around the bay, a band gall, specifically bangladesh from dock right through to cox's bazaar. the risk of flooding is certainly their next stop se asia, plenty of dry spells across indonesia. but it's really indo china that we've got an area of concern, especially long bangkok, some driving rain, not just tuesday, but in the days to come. here is an update on our seasonal rains in china, or plum rains flipping further toward the south here, but still pulsing in this area out toward taiwan. so a very what day in to pay on to stay with the high 20 degrees. a band of rain is moving across japan's honshu and whole kind of island, so that's kicked back those temperatures in tokyo to just 22 degrees. meantime, we do have lower temperatures in beijing at 32 on tuesday, but your temperatures are gonna hot up in the days to come see you later. casa
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airway. official airline of the journey in ethiopia now is to crat, tend to communist rebels only to be disappeared. her family's tragedy entwined with a violent chapter in the country's history. when you see the blood you see is that going to be my blog on that was to a lifelong search for answers and closure findings. salaam witness on al jazeera. ah ah,
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welcome back. a quick amount about top stories here on the al jazeera european union leaders of agreed to impose a partial ban on the russian oil. more than 2 thirds of oil imports to be banned by the end of the year. the breakthrough follows months of negotiations among member states from cisco for an investigation into the death of a french journalist, killed of ukraine, the hunter region. ukraine and officials say, frederick, the clerk in law was killed. when russian shunning hit a vehicle that was evacuating civilians. on china's foreign minister has been unable to secure economic on security that is several pacific ocean island nations . while he is regional, tall as u. s. allies concerned about asians, military and financial ambitions in the region. now a group of israeli ultra nationalists of march through the main street of hebron. they occupied, west bank crowds with flags and to the ibrahim mos compound during their march through the city. when it comes a day off, the 10s of thousands of flag waving israeli ultra nationalist march through occupied east jerusalem, his rails defense minister says it's time to consider designating extreme whitening
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groups. as tara organizations, human con reports from occupied east rosalie. the 2 groups he's talking about, all the hover and a law familiar law. familiar is a football, hooligan organization. there's no other way of describing them other than that. they follow jerusalem bass hard, but they've been accused of racist behavior of attacking palestinian israelis. arabs ah, and they've also been accused of criminal activity lava. oh, a religious oh to nationalists organization that dedicated to the purity of jewish blood. they don't want any arabs, any palestinian israelis in historical palestine at all. and they were rid of them all, and they espouse things like attacking people, if they find out that they're in a mixed relationship. so that's those, the kind of groups are talking about. but this message, it doesn't mean that those groups will be designated any time soon. a in fact
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actually what might happen is that this could take quite a while because there has to be a wider agreement between all of those members of the coalition for it to go forward. and that's very difficult. the other thing that natalia bennett needs to worry about is the language we saw. the jerusalem flag marks those insults that hate speech. death. the arabs insulting the journey as colon and terrorist. you know we, i was there. that's exactly why i experienced all of that. may mean that another palestinian israeli member, the kinessa key member of the coalition, resigns. if that happens, the coalition falls to pieces. the government falls and this early elections united states has condemned iran seizure of 2 greek oil tankers in the gulf. last week. the ships were seized shortly off the chair and warned it would take action against athens over the confiscation of iranian oil from a vessel off the greek coast. last month with b, u. s. and greece of coolant, iran to meet your release. the seas tank has cargo and crew. the head of the methodist church in nigeria was kidnapped by an arm group has reportedly been freed
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. samuel connor was returning home when he was seized in the southeast state of abbey. circumstances of his release are still unclear. kidnappings or ransom are common in many parts of nigeria, but a less frequent in the southeast police in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro have started using body cameras that move aimed that curbing police violence. the rollout is being closely watched across the country. more than $6400.00 people died at the hands of brazilian police last year. and officers are rarely held to account last week, more than 20 people were killed in a raid targeting drug traffickers in a rio slum prosecutors are investigating reports of summary executions. canada is set to introduce a national freeze on hand gun sales. the proposed law would also cancel the gum licenses, of people involved in domestic violence or harassment. prime minister just intruder said that outside sport and hunting, there was no reason for anyone in canada to own a gun. it comes as the latest us school shooting as put or you'd focus on gun
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control. largest dam removal operation of u. s. history is due to begin in california. it's all part of a wider trend with almost 60 hydroelectric dams torn down in the past 2 decades. as rob rentals reports now from horn brook, this latest operation isn't just about the environment. the klamath river meanders through steep mountains and lush forests. it's banks are home to ospreys and great blue herons, and playful babies of otter's fishing guide. jack trout is worked here for 29 years. there is something about the klamath river that just makes me feel better about life in floating feeling, the waves. but in spite of the apparent abundance trout bleeds, the klamath is in crisis. there was something terribly wrong with the salmon ran, and i mean the spawn was just here and gone so fast. it wasn't natural.
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salmon were once incredibly abundant. here they were the corner stone of the ecosystem and the main food source for indigenous people in the region. the, your rock, the hoopa, and the carrack, those days are gone. this is the iron gate damn one of several built decades ago for hydro power. it blocks off the salmon from their sworn and grounds up stream. the fish have steadily declined ever since it was built on dams. when and we saw these huge population crashes and salmon and other species, these salmon fry are swimming in a hatchery. just below the dam, but hatchery fisher failed to restore the salmon population for the tribal people, the result has been disastrous, without recourse to their traditional diet of salmon rates of diabetes and heart
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disease have sword. so it's really hard to emphasize just how important the salmon are to us. i mean, for me, it's not just a food source, it's also the connection to my ancestors. now, after decades of negotiation and bureaucratic delay, the iron gate dam is going to be torn down. the process will take several years and will be the largest dam removal in u. s. history. when this dam and the others along the klamath river are finally removed, native americans and others who depend upon the river hope that it will once again flow free and clean and full of salmon, all the way to the sea. from here at the mouth of the klamath salmon travel up stream to spawn, after their mysterious journeys in the pacific ocean, where intertwined and every way with the klamath river and without the klamath river. there, there are york people, a river to be restored for generations to come. rob reynolds al jazeera on the
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klamath river. now the sale of chelsea football club, the more than $5000000000.00 has been completed. the london base club was up for sale in march. that was just before the previous owner, russian oligarch, roman abramivitch, was sanctioned by the u. k. government. following the outbreak of the ukraine wool accompaniment bought by an american consortium and by sports tycoon todd boley or gavin hamilton his editor at sport business. he says completion of the chelsea sale will be a relief for the primary well i think it's important to have chelsea in the premier league there was a was a danger that they the do might not be completed. and chelsea would go or go out of business, so that was a concern. so it's a, it's good for, for the premier league that the deal has been completed. and it's good that the consorts him has promised to invest a large sum of that for a 1000000000 into the team and into the infrastructure of chelsea. because robert
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of ram rich spent an awful lot of money on chelsea. you know, he cover depths of, of $1500000000.00 pounds was $2000000000.00. so that has been written off now. but he, it, chelsea was a loss making business. there might be 19 years. so this new consortium has got to be prepared to spend a lot of money if they are to make and keep chose his success in the future. because football is joining business, it requires a lot of money to be spent on new players on players who are big salaries, the support is demanding. they want to see new people coming into the club. so they'll be a lot of pressure on them to spend money, and they need to invest in the stadium as well. so in the short term, it's hard to see how buy will make their money back. i think in the long term technological developments with tv rights may see them make a profit and turn a profit in the future. but i think we're quite a few years of that in the, in the, in the short term. they will lose money. please. it is tear gas to disperse pitch invaders, falling a renovation. playoff matching france sat in fan stall,
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the playing area of the team last to accept sale multiples. so bill market. oh, there are times when the beautiful game can become an ugly mess. and this was one of those occasional chaos in gulf, the pitch i sanity, and were relegated from france's top division after losing a playoff against those there don't go not only did fans invade the playing area, they also heard fireworks and plays into the stands. and even attacked players it's unbearable if it's not sports anymore. no boundaries were crossed tonight. so that was in the bottle. shouldn't happen, but i understand the supporters. we support the clock. we do everything i come from duncan to support dublin. tonight we all disgusted with crowd trouble is becoming a major issue. in francis top league,
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vanity themselves have already been sanctioned. over the behavior of their support is during the campaign and of the game featuring that have been abandoned before full time. really sort of grow the leanest head because of the cut in the senate, france is not alone. however, england, for instance, have also had problems with spectators. manchester cities, title winning celebrations were marked by a pitch invasion that so found the thought, the goalkeeper of their opponents assaulted perhaps a couple of times on his way on the of the paper, stating it was enough concern to see your returns to sort of bad old days of a big stick, your facts is being erected, a grand st kind. each frenzy that has a lot of concern of. ready made the local authorities are been a little bit complacent and maybe also as a social factor, the states that people have been cooped up for a 2 years and locked on it. and there's a little bit of a release going. a lot of people are taking out so burger and so i to the new french football season begins in about 2 months time. football authorities have
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a lot of work to do to try and figure out a solution to their fan violence problem. so hell malik al jazeera, more than a 100 people are either missing or confirmed dead in northern brazil, left a major floods. mudslides tore through neighborhoods over the weekend, forcing thousands from their homes. is the 4th major flood in brazil this year, monica united as more now from religion era. oh, the rescue teams are working around the camp. recovering bodies in searching for those still missing. thousands have been displaced, losing all of their belongings. heavy rainfall began on wednesday in brazil's northeastern state of been on board flooding streets and triggering mud slides. entire house is collapsed with the force of the water, while desperate neighbors help fire fighters dig up their loved ones. under the rubble, this man lost his sister. requoted the law,
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the search parties found my sister's body there this evening. they found her and 4 other bodies that still looking for my brother in law. this is the 4th major flooding event in 5 months in brazil, in february, more than $200.00 people died after torrential rains. if the city of beth properties, 80 kilometers from rio de janeiro, urologist say a phenomenon called la nina, which cools down the pacific ocean waters helps explain the excessive range in been am bulk in other parts of northeastern brazil. a nicky vocal there is no doubt that climate change in the rise of temperature in the atlantic ocean are also responsible for these extremes. cold weather, hot weather, droughts, and rainfalls. they've all become more severe, but it is sides bad weather. poor urban planning in low income neighborhoods, many brazilian cities is also responsible for the number of deaths and the mud
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flights. hearts of slums built on hills were swept away by water in my. c this woman saw her neighbor's house collapse with only their body wampa. the whole family died, the father, the 2 children, the wife all died. president able sonata toward the region in a helicopter, but was told it was unsafe to land. by the 1st of the most awarded pesa, we express our sorrows to the relatives. our main objective is to come to the relatives and to help population with fleming also matter said the government can make available 200000. i was dollars to help victims of natural disasters meteorologist expect more rain and been a bulk or a neighboring states in the coming days. the danger of war mudslides in the regions is far from over monarchy and i give all jazeera, rio de janeiro oncologists, and egypt of unveiled another massive whole of priceless artifacts. the ancient
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treasures were found. louisa carr and acropolis assigned, near cairo, said to hold many untold secrets, gillian wolf has more on earth that a cemetery south of the gives a pyramids. this latest discovery is the 5th big reveal by archaeologists who have been working at the site since 2018. hundreds of ancient egyptian coffins with mummies inside, along with dozens of bronze statues of their gods, dating back some 2500 years in a habitable, had it birby. in one wooden sarcophagus, we found for the 1st time a complete and seal piracy. immediately the spiral was moved, the egyptian museum for sterilization, and in order to conduct the needed studies, i think this for piracy is similar to the ones that were discovered 100 years ago. in that talk about the book of the gates and the book of the dead. the coffins are expected to be put on display at the grand egyptian.


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