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tv   101 East Chinas Hidden Children  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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treasures were found in isa, car and acropolis. that's a sight near the capital cairo said to hold many untold secrets, gillian wolf has more honor that a cemetery south of the geese pyramids. this latest discovery is the 5th big reveal by archaeologists who have been working at the site since 2018 hundreds of ancient egyptian coffins with mummies inside, along with dozens of bronze statues of their gods, dating back some 2500 years ago i had a derby in one wooden sarcophagus we found for the 1st time a complete and seal to piracy. immediately the spiral was moved. the egyptian museum for sterilize ation. and in order to conduct the needed studies, i think this piracy is similar to the ones that were discovered. 100 years ago, in that talk about the book of the gates and the book of the dead, the coffins are expected to be put on display at the grand egyptian museum to the open, later this year. and with only a quarter of the site excavated there,
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sure to be many more treasures to unearth chilling woof al jazeera. ah, i took a check on the headlines here on al jazeera european union leaders of agreed to impose a partial ban on russian oil. more than 2 thirds of all imports will be bound by the end of the year. the breakthrough followed months of negotiations among the member states. france has called for an investigation into the death of a french journalist, killed in ukraine's lance region. ukrainian official say, frederick mcclurg, m half was killed when russian shelling hit a vehicle that was evacuating civilians. john is foreign minister, has been unable to secure an economic and security pat with several pacific ocean island nations long years regional tool has u. s. allies concerned about beijing's military and financial ambitions in the
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region. well, those were the headlines. the news continues here on al jazeera after $11.00 east. but before that though, we leave you with memories of serene acclaim, the voice of palestine al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and the eoc bye to westbank. sharon was shot in the head ice ready forces while she was on assignment in jenny. ah no, not a from with to be honest with you the story. i'm interesting to you. also to say that the home a
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i live in china. tens of thousands of children are abducted every year in divorce cases. the culprit their own parents, a sierra. now a matter of fact, each and the judge about heights is on wabash on auto. when chinese couples separate abducting and hiding a child is a common tactic to win custody with little legal recourse. the other parent places an impossible situation with a high the be tell dr. hawk powers you until you draw hazel holly where you are chance you shall for the giant. it's in a long time or you look, we've had a series of rolls of idea what your doctor depot pulido for the lives of the option
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one or one east investigates child abductions in china and meet the parents desperately searching for their children. charles joan foley is the mother of a 5 year old boy, but the only signs of him in her begging apartment are these photos and a handful of toys. she only sees him on a video call once a week. what the, his issues that are in our union that are you are hot by day so. so he sends out what the reader headsets are. what you should major. i should have drawn a shipment. that will be which i have n alley. ah ah ah ah,
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who tit ah, ah, ah, ah, on the morning of february 2nd 2021, john fung hugged her son and left him in the care of her mother in law. her husband had filed for divorce and they had a court hearing that day. but when chung fun returned home, her son and her mother in law were nowhere to be found. are strictly to fashionable tura, which was i know go you lot are a can only 1 dollar should younger what dilation were use. outlook you had fillings up with a one me was under has a who'd be dazzled. yeah. she, she called the police, but she was told there was nothing they could do because it was
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a family matter there. after 5 months of searching, relatives told her that her son was with his grandparents, insures y'all more than 400 kilometers from beijing. she went there to confront my rugs, along with the sun was driven away that day. it was the last time she saw it in person clothes or general partial that may above do what i shawn or what there isn't. all that devastated young fung returned to beijing alone. her father shall jim don't now lives with her. he's laugh on what you want her to what. what was she when you hook to jackie? don't we hook up from ever when she bought from a ship?
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your units went with her. so we went to the fall semester. don't don't watch. chung tries calling her estranged husband again in the afternoon. this time she's able to talk to her son. oh. 6 w o. w o. just as i see young coma. wish michael good ma'am. and so so when i clicked on bob bob, bob, osa susan, even give me a gentle mamma is shanteria bishop. ah . okay. did you say you. 2 didn't family did. so did you poor uncle was
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him. tim. think i thought i'd be dead or chunk or good. he's hung, utilize a judge or one guy. would you? hygiene your number triggered dorsey? would you the 100 shoots i to i should in a chimney equal that'll help you. ready to the loo, he's our ha ha ginger one unit, the epm case needs mccain. mccain cannot. ah ah, this is she? yeah. you josma. ah sure, sure. ah, she was yes. 2 a nanny to learn a whole new se owning will i imagined with you near. lemme continually malcolm manor by ha ah. then
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it will. it uses actually, la cima. a. oh and is your head will holler. honda, bad, back on the back. his aides. yeah ha. the cool up you can manage on c, i a toys organize a shipping? oh, we don't typically uh, with cindy. we mean the elegant emerald city, the intellectual. oh, which was i, cbs, or future to would. so you won't be me out about wish with your daughter without baja. be optional by with as easy to know who partial bizarre she is that the acidity is ha, ah, chinese authorities have long considered a parent hiding a charm from their spouse a family dispute. so far, not
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a single case against a parent abducting a child has been accepted by a chinese court. chung phong's only hope for reuniting with her son is to win custody rights by filing for divorce. however, as past cases show, the parent with the child is usually awarded custody. with a high let me tell doctor ha ha we see until you don't have a holly where you found chancey shot when the giant gets in a drunken article with alison with waterhope. either what your doctor g fall clearly to hoard the light of fountain? no, sir, we are true geology. don't fancy your fat. we are reward yours as our thank john panel one shows you joking and you don't i should you bring jobs hides job or my al sadi or i shall found new dot. oh mm hm. till yeah, so hm. but then so new soon, so off when the new supercomputer then gene is shown phones lawyer and an expert on marital law. she regularly,
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she has videos on social media to help women learn about their legal rights for the number of children being a doctor to buy their own father or mother has risen in recent years. based on chinese court records ging estimates 80000 were abducted in custody disputes in 2019 client or the jogging caea. go ah shirts. home food. you the new scene sir? 0 down. nice. yeah. the jackie down. rhonda beatrice hazel aliana. she'll daughter nice in that jacket. oriental he swayed out to hoyle, you, when i said hard your shirt you be, shall gwyle a needs or your holla has a natural warm as yadda. we're down there you go. this her corner, you're going to the where her to go try and haunt the gwinnett. your grand child wants. how new new the jiggle then he and that 3 and that is in yet the devilish were fancy way. so i was actually down in session. we're down to your la global
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fight. you at cindy's on the to lee. how are you? she seemed hacked. you should say use of omnia yoga. worship were young. 3, it's i the, when the city hall, we don't you had your was home and you go and that you, that you well ah well chung at least get to video call her son another mother zunker in ye isn't so fortunate. it's been more than 4 years since her life was torn apart. after the new, separated from her husband, his relatives snatched her son off the street near her home. in song joe said center, since he assured us in our so order book and shit that i can laziness. the cctv 40 shows the moment the 2 year old was adopted or by that a hides as i saw she o sat sub ball come and you know sierra now niger down no matter what back not east
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asia and i ga bah heights is home or bash on bouts of the hot dosher or tallow shower a holiday and you shall have always on. has it bates ha ha ha damsel mung rubbed over the next 4 years. the new never got to spend time with the sun. as her father continued moving him owned senior husband finally agreed to a divorce in 2020. the court awarded him custody rights on the ground that the boy had lived with his father for a long time. thin, you finally discovered his son was in shanghai when she saw a photo taken on his birthday. she immediately moved to the city and track down where he was and where he went to school. senior waste outside to some school gate every morning and afternoon hoping to catch a glimpse of him from a distance. now that now
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he number shows and you got my and i thought you had a crazy ha ha ha ha ha! while above, i ended up getting a wanting to not change and band always thought or the grandmother wish or the what was it about is to with males or maybe a deny of my money. michael ended up in what it, how thought he an up and i had on i for was handed out was this of the or with ha ha ha. once when senior trying to approach his son after school, her mother in law and sister in law intervene a fight broke out in front of the school day. i met
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with his attorneys, angel. that was, he has a business manager, come hide, they they found thought he had me, had them put social with their bank robbery. after witnessing the scuffle, many other parents had come, sympathetic, dizzy about when they drop off their own children. they keep track of with on last come to school or not, i was involved a possibly anger team down on i need to know who i was supposed to from without going on because i was on the voice. it was i was and had to go with, we are just a new video. you've been in 60 percent of cases. it's fathers who have duck children. and usually those
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taken a boys under the age of 6 sons are traditionally favored in china because they carry on the family bloodline downsizing now high, a top translators. it there is concerns as high as a teen tentative candle to hide those as util. 5 until she did a back li out you book any gdc on? did you do the hi. this is your hotel or pin to wait. oh sure. awards abn it isn't that far for now? john hadn't has his usual order. religious judah? he laughed heights. did i fall for no joke? i just told her now i am with now. what can you do? a shaw websites are unable to see your son at school. she contacts the all china women's federation,
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a government organization that supports women's rights in a doug hodges id or nancy, some kind of answer those hello hey, that was answered on hand. sorry johanna. i love about my lewalma with they don't know. i know la milton yet. i don't know what you get on. ha, ha, ha ha. i said this is because the husband refuses to communicate. it seems the women's federation, the school and the neighbourhood committee are all unable to help cindy. re unite with her son. so she decides to take matters into
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her own hands. she's come to a husband's home to try to talk to her son. either me the down to the cape kinda by not tommy's. i have your, your, your door here is a godaddy putting of our weights in our booking that you say that in depth or fuller was that, that management of what he does well, so that'd be for him. my put her in a dangerous and unpredictable situation. earlier attempts by the need to visit us on at home in the dim violence and assault. but it's no use this no response and senior is left with little choice but to leave without seeing a thumb broken beijing chunk funds, husband withdrew his divorce, filing in october, 2021. chung fung has now decided to far for divorce herself to try and get custody
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of her son. she thank you for sure. with our has a bit. desert said he should don't care much as as alley try really so. sure. you have one yell, leans hotel. nicolette shall take her child. here she is. they were the easier but half bonds that were the trial and hope. our sins, ours, you look aaliyah to shall your should goldfish. no, john john dollar your cow shipping. the sho! get in there. john pollock gala. so they took them mel, a bag, a hot. so on the go hood. disney junior mayo den north palo to help and i saw i see a lot better. shes asher vac. don't tell you what i see as the marshal. so he says, do savannah that will energy holds him the better to have fun. yeah, i think that's a church. there's a good move. listening to reduce whoa, whoa, shamia me, dental of dental work at the kaiser. when you leave my son, samuel joe bishop. mamma come up with condenses. she was
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a $1.00 0 $1.00. her father, a mule wall, from the guys. asher commands with her until recently, stability was a key factor that caught considered when grand in custody. this made abducting a child a common tactic. a legal amendment in june 2021 band parents from snatching children in custody dispute shell chunk phone and her lawyer gene. a hopeful that she may now have a better chance of being re united with her son. had say it all. yeah. all the years of all. what are you all those? she said bays only it's out on the 20 cheers. the wife on the day that the a rule. it's how you to do a high the light for tricia, you will to at least on the you got tricia, so you got to hi fi doing quite well. they, you go to hoodie therapy. john lied to me. i bought one of the train lead. now what much was a gillian uses him had shoot 20 eliza diggle. empty couples as your father at home . what am i and you have the day
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before the hearing chung visits jean's office to prepare. ha, ha ha you so on he nancy on the be me 8, her da yolanda and alma ha ha ha ha, major trula. no, we see i should be angela. i know it's a fast angle. reach. empower, sol, solved as b g i. since i had that light from trashes, yamma isn't one mission as yet and the lady and she saw our metal which are kind of valued or 25 pounds was yes. sure. sure. so they ante amena bar hides, little cool them and i show harsh. no peggy, one that what may ye or john should peggy? well one that one. the young hides of the pouch, ga one the door, shall they are the hides of the eagle shooter hush. on january 6th, 2022. the court hood chung's divorce case, she confronted
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a husband during an emotional hour, long hearing the love herschel. no later than a good deal guar. i want the pounds of it. oh. well, if i don't like it, we're all good. with your father, she said he, louisiana blue, hear the 2 adults about his visitor and towards the to the machine. i think i have a shot to that that he would really interesting. okay. cool home. if i were is it we are a laser who selection to come up with . chung fun holds on to hope and her memories of when she and her son were together, this video was taken days before he was taken away. i got back.
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ah ah ah ah ah, which is you and i sure hope my sandra did our my name here. what kind of weight powder? how valid? now, with zoom the ladder to the show goes with how come out with that. you submitted your layer of you don't want intruder. ha commercial you or can we on general fashion? lie you half way down to sound how may your believe how what yeah ah ah. after an anxious to month wait, the court reaches
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a verdict. oh oh. oh oh yes, yeah. what? yeah. okay, well, i'll go you through. oh and lena that union we all, you shoe walk in june june foods actually use edge a union john, what's your anthony law with john gashodi there? sure. what you, what the law, what nation the value of i know was i had powdered in should soon long would you go to washington. we shall see it too. yelp or having been given custody of his son. chung fung, contact her husband. she hoped the verdict will make him bring their child back to beijing,
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but she finds he is no such plans. way. oh wow . i'm a nurse when you can. you can dollars mat patricia pan. joshua ah, so mcgraw was so much all nonsense. i should though. yeah, i missions out miss we go away, you going on down on how sounds like patricia was on sale which opened on down when i had that with major. ah, you do son ye that are sions. yeah. yeah. hi, sure. your job. title brownwood yeah. hi. as of july, i just i was out sal way. okay, deal with high the oil shall eat. what do you my my you tell eat chung is devastated that despite winning custody she can't see her child until her husband's appeal is heard. but she refuses to stop fighting for her son
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to day. she makes another video pool with him. he had the other 2 money. hello. hello john and yeah. now look a soon now. wow. way and yeah, near shannon. oh, not even seen by wires. council, atlanta, i think it's in his sample. i have boon. 2 samples, i should say. bonita allen and daughter balla, how many? oh and 10. it's a and i'm adding isn't bozeman. sonya, how should that play land value lie? oh, mel. one thing is, i also want to know what the short one. that's one i brochure one every day. when i,
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when i me against articles aguilar share, good. ah, well chung phones, husband appeals, the custody ruley. she can do is wait back in shanghai. see mean is also waiting on a court hearing. she hopes she will finally see her son next summer holidays. even though the recent legal amendment clearly burns abducting and hiding children, critics argue the law is an empty threat because it lacks effective enforcement methods. now they chung north, the nice husband received any punishment for abducting their child. the 2 men did not respond to our request for an interview. in china, there were thousands appearance, forcibly separated from the children. many give up,
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but those like chung fung and see me are determined to keep on fighting. no matter how long it takes. both mothers is still waiting for the day. they can hold it sons again. nima hundreds of thousands follow visits. they think have supernatural healing and fortune telling powers one or 18th. it is the magical world of the buddhist who called on al jazeera al jazeera correspondence. bring you the latest developments on the war in ukraine. we had to take cover faces of happening on a daily basis. the medics here say he is incredibly lucky. those coming out last across the lines of no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled town. they take us to their basement, where we find others sheltering from the shelling police evacuation. now by so 3
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day journey devastated buildings cornell, a grim reminder that the russians were here, 2 young women in morocco staying with local families. morocco really woke me up and is definitely changed my life in a good way. american students learning to live in north africa. i'm getting better at haggling and shopping and morocco. knowledge is there a world follows that journeys of cultural emotion, leading to some surprising consequences. an american in my home on al jazeera we understand the differences. americans have cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it out, 0 will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you count as ero. mm.


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