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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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ah ah full shatter an official and on the journey stories of determination and joy. hey will. how busy luck thou indeed. quito gina duke. i remained a listing v. i don't get a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron, desert library. the young cyclist and happy africa direct on
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al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm adrian finnegan. this is that he is alive from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. lebanon's political view come as march to the mon change was parliament relax roughly bobby, a speaker for a 7th consecutive tub e leaders reconvene the morning after crunching a late night deal to foreign most russian oil imports. it will cut about 2 thirds of russia's oil exports to the e u, which means 2 thirds of the monies that we sent to russia will no longer be sent to misses. very, very good news. indeed fence has come down to life. return this to the streets of
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china. ease is cove at 19 restrictions in 2 of its biggest cities. plus i'm gabriel's on to in new york city, where the mayor has ordered the forceful removal of all home listen cabinet is proved to be highly controversial. that story, coming up and in school with ad cousin blanca had become champions of africa for 3rd time, e martin seen let me tell you of egypt to know in the final ah, the matter is held, the jobs, the 3 decades has been reelected. a speaker of lebanon's parliament knobby body was chosen by m p. 's and the 1st session after the election this month earlier on tuesday, a group of 1st time and peace march to parliament from the scene of the devastating bay route port explosion. they're part of
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a protest movement which emerged after the disaster. i am the countries economic crisis, the m. p. 's, demanding political reform and accountability. i'll just arizona hata is outside parliament in beirut. what's been the reaction been to the re election of parliament speaker? well, many were not surprised. they knew that lebanese politicians where bargaining under the table, if you like, making what is known here as lebanon. style compromises compromises to share power between the different political parties that make up the traditional political establishment. butree, a very influential figure in this country, even during the civil war which ended in 1990 and post civil war. you mentioned that he has held this position since 1992 that's 3 decades. but for the 1st time, he did not secure the votes from the majority of the m. p. 's. in the past,
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he used to get 90 votes, 100 votes in the 128 member legislature today. $65.00, he just barely made that because you need 50 plus one. so this was not a foregone conclusion. like in the past, deals were made behind closed doors, which many will tell you find this is a symbolic blow if you like to the political establishment, which is still very much empower. they're still very much in control of this country. but cracks are appearing and radical change does not happen overnight. so there is hope that change will come, but it will take time. nonetheless, his re election must have frazier frustrated. that new intake of m. p 's, who a part of the country is protest movement. yes, they're not under any illusion that this is going to be an easy fight. they know that this is going to be a tough battle. they marched their way towards the parliament. they visited the
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center of the protest movement, martha square. they went to the bay with port at the sight of that major blast, 2 years ago, which killed more than 200 people. they called for democracy, the rule of law. yes. lebanon is a parliamentary democracy. but the politicians, the mainly sectarian political parties, they operate outside the framework of the states outside the framework of the law. in fact, there is stronger than the state, so they're not under any illusion that this is going to be an easy fight. and for the 1st time we saw them walk and make their way into parliament. security forces actually allowed them in because these were the same protesters who for months demonstrated outside parliament, tried to storm parliament and demanded change. they are a handful of emp, is 1213 emp is, it depends who you count a part of their coalition. but if they form coalitions with others in the opposition, that the traditional opposition, they will have a more influential and stronger voice in parliament. this is undoubtedly
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a new beginning, a turning point in lebanon's history, but the status quo overall has not changed out as arizona reporting live that from a route for the moment to many thanks. deed, hassan, i'm a kalu is a lebanese political analyst. he also contested this year's election joins us now live from london. good. have you with us or what's your reaction been to the re election of the speaker of parliament the relapse showing his depo. the problem with all due respect is just a confirmation of the state made that love and is under. i consider that of any citizen who has been fighting for many, many years over 25 years in order to liberate from being taken as hostage. i believe the whole population of lebanon is hostage to a bunch of political parties, which although they look like they have into fighting each other. but they're actually one of the just disagree on the proportion is not on the principle. and
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they are basically a station making, making the any part of that becomes weak and the senate and any party that is too strong, they weaken. but the bottom line is that the whole population of 11 and by 92 since the code has been actually taken hostage by a bunch of politicians i call and it taught 7 to 8 of the 1st grade at night 10 of the 2nd grade. they literally bankrupted the country and they have effectively looted the treasury. they have abused the trust that many 1000000 needs as a broad haven't trusted and what used to be one of the most peers and sort of back extensive in the world. they literally back up to this as well as the most tragic of the whole making that there is no accountability,
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no by be brought back out to the i do today this morning, a circle which unless we break that circle, we're going into a situation which i wouldn't like to even imagine effectively that is an electron or low under which the current political leaders are reelected and then they are assuring always buy buy meeting and the load, the 3 sewers. ok, then they those, this alliance choose to protect it, sensitive by governor ok. under any national law or even law of a banana republic would have been in prison for protected. i'm sorry to interrupt you. so how do you break this call of what i i guess it's corruption that you're alluding to hear. as we heard the speaker only just scraped in this time, democratic change can't come overnight or kenny is. how can this,
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how can you break this, this, this cycle of as your alleging of corruption? number one, the speaker of the house though he is alone with other petitions. as i said, there are 6 or 7 of them. first grade and 9 or 10 or 2nd grade. but he is effectively the, the key man under his leadership as a speaker of the house. but who is also in the disaster. we have that. and, and, or do i need to part of that? because of the type a court. we don't have one president, we have 3 presidents. but the effective parented public is effectively the speaker of the house because nothing goes through forming government bashing legislation. it cannot go without the parliament as he does that parliament as if it's his own private house or private party. so anything he doesn't like, he puts it in the door. anything that he likes immediately,
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even if it gets 5 boats out the point by the 8th, no accountability. unfortunately, you asked me the question, how can we break disturbance of the whole country being grounded by corruption very briefly for the come come to the nation and pressure and international pressure will not come unless that is it is the of the regional complex that takes place starting from the gulf, iraq situation, all the way into that. i'll show you as a jewish. ok. good to talk to somebody. it's actually it has an i'm a colleague in london. thank it. with the nissan from al serra still to come on the program can a former rebel fighter clear another electoral hurdle in order to win columbia's presidency? we'll take a look ah,
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we'll meet the people joining the police on the night patrols in order to catch criminal gangs who are robbing south africa of electricity. and it's worth a big moment in the major league baseball seasoning center here with that. and the rest of those action ah, european union leaders say that russia's war effort will take a significant financial hit after they agreed to ban most of its oil. they reached a late bike compromise to overcome objections from member states, which are more dependent upon russian energy. in a moment will be live without diplomatic editor. james bass was in brussels, but 1st, his report. european leaders arriving in brussels for a crucial meeting on ukraine. at the start of the crisis, states surprised many with unity and strong sanctions. but a 6th package of measures including a ban on oil from russia,
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had been stalled for nearly a month because of objections from the e. u leader with the friendliest relations with vladimir putin, even at the start of the meeting hungry, his recently reelected prime minister victor oberon seemed opposed the whole agreement. of course, what the problem is, the law that we are in a very difficult situation. ah, basically because of the responsible behavior of the commission, the head of the commission didn't address such criticism, but she to suggest it, there wouldn't be a breakthrough during this meeting to. we're not there yet, but it has matured for shawn. my expectations. i know that it will be solved in the next 48 hours as ever the formal sessions at these. it's a close to the public. but president zalinski is off his release part of his speech when he joined the meeting by video link. and that is to my problem in this bullock each wire. finally, all quarrels in europe must end it in tele disputes that only encourage russia to
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put more pressure news on the whole of europe. now that the sick senses package must be agreed and seen, it must be effective or including oil to make russia fill the consequences of what is doing to ukraine and the whole of european was that there. it's not clear where the presence lensky is. intervention change things, but there was a breakthrough soon afterwards. the final sanctions package agreed, but this is not the original oil band proposed by the european commission. it's been watered down. it now covers just russian oil that is shipped into the e. u, not oil. that is pumped in by pipeline, an important concession for a landlocked country like hungary, well, after midnight in brussels and the european commission president, along with the president of the european council, we're back to mark the fact that a deal had finally been done. thanks to this, ann cowan, so should now be able to finalize a ban on almost 90 percent of all russian oil inputs by the end of the year. this
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is an important step forward and the remaining 10 percent on these one. we will soon return to the issue of these remaining 10 percent pipeline oil. the leaders here also know that while this action punishes russia, the economic consequences will likely be felt hard inside the e. u. 2 and amendment was picked as a bus, robbie who's in cave dosage a barrier standing by for us in moscow. but 1st, let's speak to our diplomatic editor james base. his report, you just saw very positive spin then being taught on the fact that a deal was done. but it's quite a compromise, isn't it? it is very much a war to down deal interesting that you heard that the president, the europe in commission talk about 90 percent of russian oil being stopped. well, if you look at the figures, it's 2 thirds of rational actually that come by pipeline. but i think what they've done is well in terribly they've got germany in poland to say,
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then they're going to take no longer take russian oil, which comes from a pipeline to them. but it's still raises the question, when is the rest of the russian oil going to be stopped? the actual words of their agreement, say, a temporary exemption for crude or delivered by pipeline, but no definition of what temporary means, how long that oil will continue to come from russia to countries like hungary and interesting to get the response of the hungarian prime minister. victor or van, he's been on facebook, he posted enough boastful post, so i think hungry is exempt from the oil embargo. and again, not he didn't mention for how long that exemption will last because that i think is an issue that has been fudged by the leaders. they've moved on to other issues when discussing defense cooperation. and they're also discussing the global food crisis right now. and how to get the trapped grain in ukraine out of the country. the use already started with some plans for that and the wider implications and to
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demonstrate the wider implications that we enjoy about mikey sol, who's the chair of the african union, the president center goal, who will be talking, i think about how this crisis is impacting countries, further afield in asia and african diplomatic, a james bay is reporting live from brussels. james many thanks indeed. all right, let's get to moscow ounces. here is dawson very. is there any word from moscow on this european oil ban? no, we haven't had any official reaction as of yet, but in the past the as package of sanctions that have been passed and putting pressure on the different companies in this country. they officials here have just said that these sanctions hurt the european countries more than they do with a russian economy. and, and this is now a country that is the most sanctioned in the world as a result of its so called special military operation,
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which began in february and ukraine. officials here have the position that russia has many options. really. they can now focus their attention on selling their gas and oil to the east. and they've had a lot of discussions with china and, and they are focusing their m release stockpile of oil and gas to really shift the focus of where they export. we've also been hearing and some interesting figures this fight at the sanctions coming in that there is a and what the officials have been saying. it is clear that the sanctions have had an impact internally on local businesses. we have heard from the russian presidential a business armed of meds, post person, he is in charge of and basically looking at issues that come up from various businesses within government disputes. and that this person has done a recent survey at speaking to over 6000 russian businesses in 85 regions in the
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country and 86 percent of these companies say they have been affected by sanctions . and that 12 percent of them have now failed to really keep going. there is a sense that from this later survey that there needs to be a drastic change of the business owners in the country of said they don't need a cosmetic changes, which the government has so far put in place to try and combat the sanctions that have come into being that there is a sense that local businesses are certainly feeling the effects and the header of this organization has said that crisis is here and it is evolving. and there is a sense from even the russian president vladimir putin who has said that there needs to be changes made to try and accommodate the changing status of the economic future for the country. for the time being in terms of these latest sanctions from the e. u, the officials here have remained very quiet beds. the position remains the same that it really hurts them more than it hurts russia. dawson,
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jibari reporting live from moscow. many thanks dawson, ourselves and bas robbie is in cave. he's with us sir. now live, we saw president zalinski addressing that summit in brussels. what's been re crane's reaction to europe's oil back. well, you crane's reaction is, is really the same. it's been all along, but specifically with regard to the meeting yesterday, presidency bodamer, zelinski speaking in his nightly address said that this is something that should have been that has been a long time coming. it should have happened much sooner. and he also made the point that it doesn't go far enough. ukraine government knows that this is a big last year of depends a heavily on russia for its energy. but you can government continues to state that it is not fighting russia just on its own behalf. it is fighting on europe's behalf in the least europe can do is not put money into russian coffers that might help it continue to wage war,
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continue to push this invasion forward. the transitive property is really at work as far as ukraine's logic goes, when it comes to russian oil exports into europe. they say that europeans pay russia for this in russia is waging war on ukraine and europeans are indirectly helping that russian war effort. now president, lindsey also went further to make the point that this is a war of economies as much as it is a ground war. he said that pressure remains on ukrainian ports from this russian occupation. he made the point that 22000000 tons of grain, one of ukraine's prime exports, are stuck in the country and now cannot make it to world markets where it is desperately needed. he pointed out that there is now because of ukraine's role in the global food supply chain, a global threat of famine and migration crisis. and he said that russia knows this and is knowingly blocking ports from reopening. in fact, he also made the point that russia is already taken over half a 1000000 tons of ukrainian grain, that it is effective,
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reclaimed as war booty in occupied territory and is now trying to sell that on the open market and saying what we've got here. what's the latest on the fighting in the east of the country and the evacuation of civilians? yes, i mean what we've been discussing very closely for a few days in the city of several and ask now we've been monitoring that closely. it is considered to be a place that is heavily under dispute. right now. russia claims that it is almost taken it over, but ukrainian officials confirm that that is not the case. they are still actively fighting for control of that city in the east. and the head of that city has said that while russian troops are slowly advancing its troops, continue to fight back. the problem is that that is hindered evacuations of civilians from that area and is become very dangerous for anyone to go in and get people out. it is a city with the population of approximately 300000 people. we reported yesterday,
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sadly the death of the journal is trying to cover that evacuation of civilians. now we know it has been stalled. the head of that city saying the city is still in ukrainian hands and it's putting up a fight. but evacuations are not possible due to that fighting and civilians once again caught in the crossfire and were only likely to know the true tragedy of what is happening there. if you crane is able to maintain control and take back what is now in russian. hence, odyssey resembles robbie live in cave, when he thinks indeed zane australia's duly elected labor government has now secured a majority in the lower house of parliament, which means the prime minister, anthony albanese, would need to rely on independence to pass legislation. the counting of votes continued for days after the election on may 21st. some constituency saw very tight races, competing climate change, and the establishment of a new emptied corruption commission told the new governments agenda. taiwan of the
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u. s. a. planning what's being called co operation between the islands military of the us national guard time once president said that it was a sign of deepening security ties. announcement came as a us senator visited time pay turn in here was the last july senator duckworth was one of the main sponsors of the taiwan partnership act, which received bipartisan support in the u. s. congress. as a result, the u. s. department of defense is now proactively planning cooperation between the u. s. national guard anti ones defense forces. sen. duckworth also recently introduced the bill the further prioritizes or taiwan security, as part of us military deployment. in the indo pacific region, corolla virus restrictions in china's to biggest cities of finally easing for millions of people who been stuck in doors. shanghai is lifting, it's 2 months locked down from midnight. wednesday. many businesses can now reopen and they'll be fewer restrictions on going out and working in beijing, gyms,
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museums and theaters reopening, but with limits on visitors. i'll just here as katrina, you reports out from aging. this is the busiest this area has been for weeks where in beijing, eastern young district, the biggest district in the city where people have been told they no longer need to work from home. authorities invading say the current growth of ours outbreak is basically under control and many restrictions are easing. public transport has resumed here after almost 3 weeks of being florida shopping centers moves, libraries in june can also open back up thought a limited to 50 percent capacity. resident say they're relieved that the capital has managed to avoid a hard lockdown and looking forward to life, getting back to chance. she was a prevention control measures policy, which was really tough. that was difficult time. now like the normal what a good feeling we've been waiting for this day for so long. finally,
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we can walk really on the street. but in some parts of the city, especially in the cities west that are still some restriction in place and throughout all the aging schools source, i'll remain online and restaurants can only off the take out services. there are still a few current of ours cases being found in the community. and because of this, residents need to take a course test every 2 days in order to enter the public areas. in the u. s. has growing opposition to the way that authorities are dealing with homelessness. activists in new york city of hit out at raids on homeless shelters ordered by the map out as heroes. gabriel elizondo reports i. it's not a stimulus. no, neil seeing is in shock and feeling stressed out of a group. seeing and his partner are homeless. the 2 of them live on a sidewalk in new york to chinatown neighbourhood in an encampment they call home. this house i will go by. so i will put on this day under the watch of police officers,
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city workers had come to dismantle it. effort all their possessions were thrown away at the everything a mile away. brand new from blankets so close to sneakers. so shampoo low buddy. oh shoot. the order is everything is brand new still gives the guy the own it though. so how does that make you feel? i'll be, we'll bab nichols out mozambie leukemia were full. this is what i do all day collect bottles in care today and metal. dozens of such sweeps of homeless encampments have been conducted in recent weeks of new york city. i homeless advocates say it's heavy handed and a waste of resources. how many cups were here? there was 2 vans of cops around the corner. troops responding to 2 homeless tends to do homeless people in tents that the amount of money that is spent every day on the sweeps on these raids, which is what they are can be $1.00 day can pay for a week's housing for everybody in this,
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in camp president. busy joe biden recently announced new initiatives to combat homelessness throughout the united states. it calls for among other things, more funding for affordable housing. but here in new york, the mayor eric adams says the 1st step is to clear homeless from the streets. and that's why he's ordered this sweeps, we have tolerated homelessness, won't pass our brothers and sisters who are living intent on the street. and we normalize it. homeless encampments have increasingly become a national issue from los angeles, san francisco, portland, to boston in new york. as the sweeps continue talk about santa bell. so to this, a protest in opposition to them. oh, many fear the sweeps will force them back into homeless shelters. they say are unsafe, i'm going to be facing homelessness soon and i would not choose an option of the
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shelter. it's a worse place to put human beings. every one is crowded there that the conditions. all of that though, that the, the cleansing us inside of the shelter with that many people is not up to standard . it's not an easy issue. one person's eyesore is another person's home. gabriel's ando al jazeera new york legislation is being proposed in canada to ban handgun. the sales from it is to justin trudeau said that there was no reason for anyone in canada to own a gun except for sport and hunting, the latest school shooting in the u. s as renewed the focus on gun control north of the border, the proposed law, but also cancel the gun licenses of people involved in domestic violence or harassment. we'll get a weather update next hill that is out then. people in northeastern brazil counting the cost on the days of flooding. that's displaced thousands and thousands of deaths,
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ancient treasures uncovered in egypt. some dating back 2500 years. and it's bought danish teenagers, stones, one of the was best players, the friendship. ah hello, the weather's quieting down nicely. now across a good part of yours lobby, sunny spells coming through for the most part we have got some lavish i was asked, of course, is usually the case. nasty little area of low pressure up towards the baltic, states and wet and windy weather coming in across the region here extending into scandinavia. few showers there just around the out. so then we got some, or are the wet and windy weather, lurking just off the coast of a porch, golden that will bring some rather wet and windy weather into spain and portugal. as we go on through the next couple days. still some showers there into the
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northwest, right across the u. k. republic of ireland, generally fine and drive some showers there for northern others. gotten wells and england lives shower se just around there, the outs. fine. it was a good part of the mediterranean and more of the same as we go on thru wednesday by wednesday. that rain up towards barouche towards sir ne, if europe will pair pop attached, there will be some localized flooding war. wet weather, also coming in across spain and portugal at that state. still a few showers into england wells and scotland for wednesday, for the jubilee celebration, sir, as we go on, is the latter part of the week. it looks pretty good. it turns warmer dryer. finer and sunny. ah, he may and ma, hundreds of thousands follow visits. they think have supernatural healing and fortune towing power one or 18 inches. the magical world of the buddhist to called
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on al jazeera june on al jazeera as watches, invasion of the frame approaches, the 100 themes. we bring you the latest from on the ground and the wars global impact. and you 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art, funded by colonialism and still housed in european museums today. the g 7 m, nato, hold key summits with the water, ukraine, and the growing global food and cost of living crises. this much to discuss as the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to itself or claimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world help qualifies a nail biting opportunity for countries to secure their spot for cut our 2020 to june on al jazeera lou .
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ah, hello dennis, do terry with us. adrian finnegan here in doha with the usa. from al jazeera, the headlines lebrands. do paula is re elected nearby? barry asked speak up. he's held the job since 1992. early a 13 independent newcomers washed the full parliament convened demanding reform of the political system. for one of ours restrictions for millions of people in china's to biggest cities of finally easing, shanghai is lifting its 2 month, locked down, gyms, museums and theaters. reopening in beijing. european union lead us say the brushes war foot will take a significant financial hit because of that battle, most russian oil exports leaders in brussels, reached a compromise to overcome objections from you members who are more dependent upon
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washing energy. but for more on that, let's up bring in, bruno later who's a senior fellow at the german marshall fund of the united states in brussels. he georgia style life from that could have you, melissa bruten, indiana. it was quite some compromise, wasn't it? does this show, perhaps that there are cranks beginning to show in, in the stance of the ears response to ukraine? one of these are, these were thought of negotiations, and we also need to understand that is already the 6 package of sanctions that he was imposing on, on russia. so finding mutual agreements is becoming increasingly harder. countries in the u, the member states each have their national interest, of course, and when it comes to energy. this is a very delicate question, of course, because many countries in the are dependent still on the, on the russian oil with those of gas. so many happened, those who are quite reluctant to, to impose
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a far reaching sanctions in the energy sector. the deal is there, however, one political deal is good. the implementation of it. of course, it's not for today. it's not for tomorrow, it will still take several months before this political deal will be real on the grass. he really does say that russia will take a significant financial hit because of this ban on most russian oil exports. but is that right? what's to stop russia just selling the old or someone else? look, i think the impact will be fairly limited. first of all, oil represents just a small chunk of energy and boards that he was important from russia. the really important here is gas. gas really what's hard russian economy, so it's still fairly, fairly small percentage. on the other hand, we also need to understand that right now the bad old refers to go to europe by sea
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. so they will continue to flow to pipelines that are going through europe. now these pipelines are not have capacity yet, so there's no reason why russia could strengthens increase the capacity to the pipeline and basically keep on the level of export. so obviously, and politically, the very important what have happened here yesterday in brussels, but the financial impacts remains to be seen on really will russia, as you said, the issue of gas, what's been left aside for what, perhaps a 7th round of sanctions. but as you say, the europe is much more reliant upon russian gas than it is on russian oil. when, if it was hard to get a get a deal of sanctions on russian oil, it's going to be much, much tougher to get agreement of a gas, isn't it? i agree with you. i think there are some countries and in europe that
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are more than how dependent on, on russian gas. so as he is increasing, hard to maintain, you know, i think there will be desire to, to keep gas for a house on the table right now. i don't see that there's unity into european union today to impose a gas action on russia. it's just not there really good to talk to you bruno. many thanks for being with us, but no later that in brussels into israel's defense minister says that it's time to consider designating extreme right wing israeli groups as terrorist organizations. it follows an ultra nationalist march through hebron and they occupied westbank on monday, which led to an incursion of the ibrahim most compound, the day before violence broke out during his ready flag de marches in the muslim quarter of occupied east jerusalem. iran con reports now on who may be targeted in any proposed terrorism designation. the 2 groups he's talking about ali hava
1:37 pm
and la familia, la familia, is a full hooligan organization. there's no other way of describing them. other than that, they follow jerusalem by tar, but they've been accused of races behavior of attacking palestinian israelis. arabs ah. and they've also been accused of criminal activity. the other. oh, a religious ojo nationalist organization that dedicated to the purity of jewish blood. they don't want any arabs, any palestinian israelis in historical palestine at all. or they want rid of them all and they espouse things like attacking people. if they find out that they're in a mixed relationship. so that's those, the kind of groups are talking about. but this message, it doesn't mean that those groups will be designated any time soon. a, in fact i say what might happen is that this could take quite a while because there has to be a wide agreement between all of those members of the coalition for it to go forward
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. and that's very difficult. the other thing that natalia bennett needs to worry about is the language we saw the jerusalem flag box, those insults that hate speech, death, arabs insulting the gymnast cooling and terrorist. you know we, i was there. that's exactly why i experienced all of that. may mean that another palestinian israeli member, the kinessa key member of the coalition, resigns. if that happens, the coalition falls to pieces. the government falls on this early elections. the out 0 media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and the occupied west bank. shaheen abu, our clay was killed that was shot in the head run by israeli forces one on assignment in jeanine. on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm the procession and started the beat mourners causing pull bearers to almost drop her casket. but didn't stop thousands upon estonians marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial members of the international
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community of condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. she'll be in a barclay was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. results from the 1st round of columbia's presidential election on sunday took many by surprise to anti establishment candidates. will now face off in the 2nd round on june 19th, a leftist former rebel fighter will be up against a populous candidate who was little known until recently, alexander and pierre to report style from bogota. downtown book i was com the day after one of the most consequential presidential results in columbia history left his former rebel fighter. gustavo pedro came on top, but we'll now face an unexpected uphill battle against the surprise. second place candidate through a door phelan. and this aright, leaning populist anti corruption, crusader than managed to capture an important section of voters. disenchanted with
1:40 pm
the status quo, and monday he spoke to as to porters, v. s. social media. every day they will come up with something that i am an obispo, that i am a patricia or that i am neutral, that i am being investigated. but the truth is, my only allegiance is with the columbia people. but many working class colombians who were thrilled to less hope of any stoic takeover of the presidency felt deprived. i say this, any money that would kill your kinetic, i'm happy, i'm discouraged. i want to petri to win because he defends elderly. some people say he is bad, but we don't care. we're not interested in his past life. we're interested in the present while thrilling 12 points behind evelyn. this could spoil the, let's hope, by capturing the majority of the conservative voters that back to the establishment candidate on sunday, and whose biggest fear is the possible arrival of a true left the steam power in man this rose in the polls within an orthodox
1:41 pm
campaign and social media focusing on a single message against corruption. some see him as a, colombian, trump, and fear. some of his proposals are undemocratic or simply awkward. like promising to close embassies pay off student loans. in saying, all colombians will have the right to visit, to see at least once at the government expense, his chief communication strategist says in none this straight talk appealed to many voters, disgusted by politicians. remember that we prioritize the candidates truthfulness, a candidate without any makeup, without any distractors and a candidate that spoke frankly about all the matters and obstacles the country needs to overcome it. to move forward. with that, i had counted on a change versus the establishment narrative to win the presidency in the 2nd round hall he now as 3 weeks to radically rethink his strategy, hoping to convince enough other than this voters that he doesn't represent real
1:42 pm
change in that he will fall in the hands of the old establishment. it could prove to be a difficult challenge. allison and beauty and says eda, but with that, the president of peru says that he'll bring in a law to end immunity from prosecution of the senior government officials. but at the same time, you'll feel better castillo, as rejected the investigation against him when it were alleged influence. peddling it and eyes knew, corruption, accusations he normally went on emergency crews in northeastern brazil are still looking for more than 25 people after severe floods. and landslides at the weekend, at least 91 people have been confirmed dead. monica younger care for ports from rio . oh, the rescue teams are working around the clock with covering bodies in searching for those still missing. thousands have been displaced, losing all of their belongings. heavy rainfall began on wednesday in brazil's
1:43 pm
northeastern state of been on board flooding streets and triggering mud slides. entire house is collapsed with the force of the water, while desperate neighbors helped fire fighters dig up their loved ones. under the rubble, this man lost his sister. requoted to law, the search party found my sister's body there this evening. i found her and 4 other bodies that still looking for my brother in law though. this is the 4th major flooding event in 5 months in brazil, in february, more than $200.00 people died after torrential rains. if the city of that properties, 80 kilometer is from rio de janeiro, leader ologist say a phenomenon called le nemea, which cools down the pacific ocean waters, helps explain the excessive rains in been on bulk or in other parts of northeastern brazil. a nick, you book or there is no doubt that climate change in the rise of temperature in the atlantic ocean are also responsible for these extremes. cold weather, hot weather,
1:44 pm
droughts, and rainfalls. they've all become more severe planet besides bad weather. poor urban planning and low income neighborhoods in many brazilian cities is also responsible for the number of deaths and the mud flights. hearts of slums built on hills were swept away by watering my. this woman saw her neighbor's house collapsed, only there, but it won't buy. the whole family died. the father, the 2 children, the wife all died. president j able sonata toward the region in a helicopter, but was told it was unsafe to land. when the 1st one was awarded purser, we express our sorrows to the relatives. our main objective is to come to the relatives and to help population from also matter said the government can make available 200000. i was dollars to help victims of natural disasters. meteorologists expect more rain and been
1:45 pm
a bulky and neighboring states in the coming days. the danger of more mud slides in the regions is far from over. mano, keianna, give all jazeera rio de janeiro. south africa is struggling to keep the lights on crumbling. infrastructure and power stations are overwhelmed by demand. it's made worse by thieves have been ripping up electricity cables. don't zeros from miller reports now, from johannesburg. students at the university of johannesburg in sausalito demonstrate following weeks of intermittent powers which have hampered their studies. the university's management blamed he's stealing electricity cables for the black us in phosphorus, east of johannesburg, more power cuts because of crime. nestle shopping owns a small food business, which is costing more to keep open because she has to buy gas to replace the
1:46 pm
electricity supply. i saw already because that might be more so we normally start at 5 am and that's when we get most of our customers. we have to tell them there's no power. and so we lose those morning customers, school children and commuters get by the buses in thieves have been video ticking up cables, sometimes improve daylight. much of the theft takes place at night during the electricity black house, while south africa battling to keep its lights on because of issues like aging facilities. the problem being worse and by ramp and crime, electricity cables are being stolen at an alarming rate. and officials trying to stop as much of it as possible in so little frustrated people and police go one night patrols to try and stop the vandalism. but they're hindered by the lack of like a thieves are off to copper which sells for up to $20.00,
1:47 pm
a kilo on the black market. the sun is shipped overseas to ms of the of plaza casing, but they may need to get through it. and they take the copper out strains of copper cable inside and they burn dead plastic casing to get to the actual company. power company say the demand for copper is higher than ever, and crime syndicates control the trade jayden, sell it to this is sort of a scrap metal deal us sometimes we get this, what we call packet shops, which ah, andrews, just that is scrap metal, kill us that would be 11 to then from level 2. they didn't take it to like, do out a cyclists in route to find them. if i notice in the other guys, then we'll be glad to late this thing in bike and i'm relating it a deformity. while official patrols happen about 3 times a month, residents gather nightly at their own risk, often facing heavily armed feeds, keeping an eye on the power lines in an attempt to keep the lights on,
1:48 pm
and the community saying hello, let me tamela al jazeera away to south africa still come on, but he's off. 48 hours. this is your captain speaking. sawing some new heights. how the top gun sequel is hoping to restore confidence of pulling power of the big screen. and in sports fans make a controversial return to the biggest match. it african club football center here with that for the rest of the place. ah, i'll just erase correspondence. bring you the latest development on the war in ukraine. we have to take cover. this is what's happening on a daily basis. the medics, he said he is incredibly lucky. those coming out after the lines of no, no man's land, where one of the few to gain access to this embattled talent,
1:49 pm
they take us to their basement, where we find others sheltering from the shedding. these evacuation place like 3 days journey devastated buildings are now a grim reminder that the russians were here. lou ah, elegant hollywood is celebrating the return of sold out cinemas. off the tongue crucis new film top gun, maverick blasted to the top of the box office chart. already 88. is your captain? 3 you 3, the long awaited sequel to the star. 1986 action hit more than $100.00. $50000000.00, and it's 1st 4 days it us theaters. john murray is
1:50 pm
a tv present on pop culture expert. he explained why this film is drawing audiences back to cinemas. why to tell you this was my 1st time in the theatre since colbert, myself, you know, and i felt safe. i wore my mask in the movie theatre, and people are looking for good entertainment. but this is what happened with top gun map. they had a great story, an excellent marketing campaign, and people were intrigued by these fresh faces. listen, tom cruise is what you've got. bow cameras back or what. there are some great new characters by jennifer connelly and harris, charles cornell, and john ham. what the fresh faces are invigorating the millennial and jim the fans of movie going. so you got j. l is the miles teller. last year saw han, but there's a 1st face named greg tarzan davis that was going to be a hollywood one to watch and all of those elements together. maybe we'll buy these tickets and go to the theater time for sport here santa. i've seen it. i'm seeing that tonight til it's a load of old rubbish,
1:51 pm
but it's fantastic. you will love it. it's awesome. i look forward to it. thank agent. while without casablanca had become champions of africa for 3rd time, he immoral contain bee tele, any of egypt to anal in the final and to which is in report is due to cov 19 fans haven't witnessed an african champions league final since 2019 they returned brought with it control the c, a twisting stays in morocco, home, ground of one of the finalists without casablanca, but their chips, opponents awfully, had failed in an appeal to half the gang moved to a neutral country. the moroccan team dominated from the stone. oh, z. we're only tara gee produced a gold worthy the occasion. hotly, we're aiming to win this title for a record 3rd straight season. and the tense on champions did have their chance. his luck with that. but this night was to belong to only to raji. he scored his and
1:52 pm
with that 2nd just after the break. ah, with these late efforts reflecting a season of near misses fit, gyptian football awe which saw the country losing out in the africa cup of nations, final and feigned to qualify for the world cup without finishing up his tuna. when his and champions of africa for the 3rd sign on the richardson out his ear liverpool football club or demanding an apology from the french government. it follows claims that by the french interior minister, that 70 percent of liverpool fans are saturdays at champ, is the final in paris had fake tickets, while footballs. european governing body fat has now commissioned an independent investigation. french police fire tear gas at supporters waiting to get into the
1:53 pm
stud of half the game against rail madrid was delayed by more than half an hour with thousands of liverpool fans unable to access the venue. we are incredibly surprised that someone in that position would make comments in the 1st place at this point when we hadn't had adequate time to understand what happened. there hasn't been independent investigations, establish all the facts, as we said on saturday, that needs to be done. transparent investigation would have to match up. that's the start the process. so to be making comments at this stage prior to any investigation. ready launched is completely inappropriate. we should know all the facts to make sure that the scenes that we've all seen. absolutely disgraceful from saturday, don't ever happen again. so making comments as deeply and helpful as that,
1:54 pm
we just feel that everyone should be focused on getting the investigation right and west about making inflammatory comments that attempt to deflect. ready responsibility for what happened on saturday night men's tennis wall. number 2, dana medford have has been knocked out of the front, opened by marian tillage, while the 33 year old creation that beat the russian st sets from us open champion is true to his 1st grand slam caught the final 5th, 2018 then his teenager hole governor stunned that world number fullest finals that sits a pass to reach the loft. a 19 year old friend opened debit card and beat loftiest finalist in full set. luna, who has a 50 places in the world rankings in just over a year when next? faith, cass food of norway with ready?
1:55 pm
well, number one, the eagle wine take is the big favorite to win the women's title on. on gauss, the polish at topsy, that last the 1st set against that she, when john of china, in the last 16 match. but twine tech was able to gone africans executive when he'd be amount the american jessica who allows for place in the semi finals and was of it is all been with them until really the labor the new york rain, dissolved back in the eastern conference finals for the 1st time since 2015 having been to 0 down and the sale there's the carolina hurricanes the ranges wanted the size of the game as 6 to the team will now play 2 time defending stanley cup champions, the tampa bay lightning game, one of that series is in new york on wednesday. and let's take a look at a big moment in the major league baseball season. his his sanchez, to all the miami marlins that hit their huge home on the andrew game against the colorado. well traveled more than 150 meters,
1:56 pm
making it the longest head of the season so far. it was one of the few highlights that for the mountains in this game as they finished up losing $71.00. and that's it for me, adrian. no. okay, i'll just sit egypt have presented another massive whole of priceless artifacts. they were found in the so called metropolis, a slight beer, cairo, gillian wolf reports on earth that a cemetery south of the gives a pyramids. this latest discovery is the 5th big reveal by archaeologists. who have been working at the site since 2018 hundreds of ancient egyptian coffins with mummies inside, along with dozens of bronze statues of their gods, dating back some 2500 years ago i had a derby in one wooden sarcophagus. we found for the 1st time, a complete and seal to piracy, immediately despair pirate was moved,
1:57 pm
the egyptian museum for sterilization. and in order to conduct the needed studies, i think this preposterous is similar to the ones that were discovered 100 years ago . in that talk about the book of the gates and the book of the dead. the coffins are expected to be put on display at the grand egyptian museum did open later this year. and with only a quarter of the site excavated there, sure to be many more treasures to unearth chilling woof al jazeera and that's it's from the news our moline back in just a moment with more news. we'll leave either with memories of our friend and colleague sharina barclay, the voice of palestine al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation of the killing of its journalist in the occupied. westbank. me the what?
1:58 pm
what we need to know that on this is i don't need to be with them. when you look at me, when you get to me, i just need you to whom and ya today. and we're going to give you what we said that well the people cuz i'm a lot of money out of them at the book. if you're the one i don't want me shooting them off the edge of the
1:59 pm
ah frank assessments. what are the political risks of panic? russian oil gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports possibly, was informed opinions, fantasies not abandoning to fight against jedi, still resumed media debt. going to be acting from leisure and from shod critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera generations? this indigenous community has lived off of what the rain forest provides. but when
2:00 pm
they discovered that their territory was being invaded by gold mining projects all along their river, the community brought a lawsuit against a po to us government. you've won, you wanna be unprecedented ruling obliges the state to consult communities over oil and mining projects that impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny seemingly community has won a huge battle, but it may not necessarily have the last word. since the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests. ah domain, the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolutions in his yeah. her mission to entertain, educates and provoke debates through satire, her weapon of choice, theater, an intimate look at what inspires one of tennessee as most popular comedians to make people love. my tennis. yeah.


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