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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i am sammy's. i dan. this is the news i live from del. how coming up in the next 60 minutes, russia continues. it's advance in the don bass forces, inch closer to the center of nevada, done yet, skin regions, largest city politicians, man free officials and propaganda agents. ukraine's top prosecutors, he says over 600 sauce bikes have been identified, possible war crimes. as lebanon's, political, new commerce march had changed, the new parliament relaxed the sang speak of 1st term. fences come down and lie
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returns to the street south to china, eases curve at 19 restrictions in 2 of its biggest cities, plus on night patrol in south africa to catch criminal gangs, stealing their electricity, supply and in sport. madame casablanca had become champions of africa, and for a 3rd time american teen beat al alley of egypt to nail in the file. with we begin in ukraine, where a fierce battle for control is being waged along its eastern front line. tuesday may the 31st on the 97th day of the war and this is what it looks like. there you go. can see the graphic areas in red, controlled by russia and it's separatist allies or russia is focusing its main combat efforts on the city of severity done yet,
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skin the hands. ukraine says it's in control of only half the city is heavy fighting in these parts. the dumbass region, russia trying to break through ukrainian defenses and in circle its forces. on the southern front, ukraine is pushing a counter offensive to try and recapture harris on the international criminal court . and ukraine's chief prosecutor say they're looking into possible war crimes committed by russian forces. ukraine says it's identified $600.00 a legit russian war crime suspects and has started prosecuting 80 of them the i c. c describing ukraine as a crime scene. this is a criminal investigation. i've said when i was in boucher, in fact with the prosecutor general, that unfortunately the reality seems to be that ukraine is a crime scene. and we'll do our best to focus our resources, to make sure we couldn't get to grips with what has taken place and elevate the most serious,
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apparent crimes for investigation. and we'll keep going hopefully early on tuesday, ukrainian called sentenced to russian soldiers to 11 and a half years in jail for shelling civilians. ukraine has also accused russia of looting. it's resources with several reform saying moscow has been trying to move plundered goods on tuesday. a separatist leader from done yet, sc announced thousands of tons of metal had left mario pole for russia. russia's fondness to says moscow will guarantee the shipping of ukrainian grain, but with conditions speaking in bahrain saga lever off says, allowing grain exports by sea requires ukraine to remove mines from its ports. lay of to with your privileged wilbur, we aggrieved our friends in detail about the measures taken by the russian side for more than a month to ensure the free passage of ukrainian grain carrying ships which are currently trapped in ukrainian ports. but for this,
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ukrainian officials must clear minds from ukrainian territorial waters. if the de mining problem which we have been drawing the attention of western colleagues for several weeks is resolved, the russian navy will ensure that these ships pass into the mediterranean and then to their destinations. let's go live to zane bus harvey now he joins us from the ukrainian capital. so does it look like war crimes trials are about to step up big time zane that's exactly right. the icpc during that meeting that you just talked about did confirm one very key piece of information. there will be of great interest not just to the ukrainian officials dealing with war crimes and investigations and not just the government of the ukrainian people as well. the i to see confirm that it will be opening off an office in ukraine to collect evidence and investigate crimes and the allegations of war crimes since the russian invasion began. so it's definitely a key part of the ukrainian strategy to,
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to internationalize. what is happening here, and the prosecutor general speaking very openly and candidly about the level of and the scale of how many were crimes they intend to look into. as you said, 600 suspects have been identified. and she detailed that those included politicians, senior commanders in the russian hierarchy, as well as people that peddled propaganda. but she really crucially stated that there are 80 people in custody and they are war crime suspects were criminals, that they intend on prosecuting and everything is going very quickly today on the day that she was meeting it at the i c. c, with a prosecutors there. the 2nd war crimes verdict was handed down. and what has to be said these, these war crunch? charles are moving very fast, but speedy justice is what ukrainians consider justice served at the moment. there is a great deal of anger from the ukrainian people at what has happened and there is a great deal of appetite by the ukrainian government to satiate that anger by being seen to be doing things quickly. now these were 2 soldiers who were sentenced to 11
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and a half years in prison for being part of an artillery unit that fired on civilian targets in car keys. now the defense of these men argued that they were just following orders. and during the course of the trial, they also repented for their actions. but nonetheless, they have received a lengthy prison sentence. and it is likely that we will see many more of these going forward. and just to give you a sense of the mood of ukrainian people, what we've been hearing in the local media is that the government has been critical of ukraine's on budget office. this is the office that is charged with dealing with incidents and cases and allegations of sexual violence committed by russian soldiers war crimes committed in that way. throughout the course of this invasion in war and the on button has been criticized for not moving quickly enough to investigate these crimes. so certainly there is pressure on ukrainian authorities from ukrainian people to seek some kind of justice even as well as this work continues to go on talking about the war going on. how bloody a battle is it shaping up in savanna done yet sc?
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well, you know, the, the, the east as well as the south. it's, it's a patchwork of fighting, and it's been going on for some time. but the spotlight has really been onset and ask for some time because it seems to be a city that is so put upon by the russian advance that it could be the next city that falls into russian control. at least that's what we're hearing from russian media outlets. what the ukrainians are saying is that the russian advance into the center of the city is happening, but it is happening slowly. now the city administration head in 7th and asked says that only half the city is under russian occupation. but just to give you a sense of how quickly it's moving yesterday, only a 3rd of the city was considered to be occupied by russian forces that have been advancing for several days and weeks. now in terms of what's happening on the ground there, it is really difficult to know ukrainians tell us that they're very concerned that this could be another or pin or another butcher, another bird younger. and there are estimates that as many as 1500 civilians may
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have been killed. the c d minister has been quoted in reports to say that many people are dying as they're being shell directly as they shelter in basin. so you know exactly how bad it is, will only be known by the people that are experiencing this now. and if and when you craniums are able to go into places that have been show, the worry is that it will reveal that this war has been extremely, extremely deadly. this fight for several, the next has been extremely deadly. evacuations happened halted. that's been what the ukranian government announced yesterday. we also saw that an evacuation bus it was meant to bring people out. an armored car was attacked yesterday as it was trying to go into the area to pull at least 10 people out to safety. and a journalist was even killed trying to cover that part of the evacuation. talking about journalists being killed from shelling, then going to ask you to stay with us for a 2nd because hadn't got more to talk about that theme. and i want to show you now some, some disturbing pictures that emerge from ukrainian or rather ukrainian,
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and foreign journalists along with ukrainian soldiers coming on the far hold. this video was verified by our team and al jazeera, the exact location. that's not certain journalists, though clearly marked with press fans can be seen, are falling to the ground as a shall. last and yesterday, the news of a french journalist being killed in lance colonel 24 journalists have been killed in ukraine since the conflict began over 3 months ago. zane, i mean, talk about disturbing pictures that's going to keep for war crimes trials, busy. one imagines for a while pictures like that. that's exactly right. it does seem like these kinds of things seem to have become very regular occurrences. we see videos like the circulating very often on social media
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here in ukraine. that particular video was circulated by russian media in which the text seems to suggest that this was the case of russians targeting ukrainians who were with the journalists. and it was almost boastful in the post on that russian media outlets. we spoke to one of our colleagues that 00 who's just returned from the front line and he's one of our local producers saying one of the warnings that comes from playing and soldiers being given to journalists and make a way to the front line is that the russians have the technology to track cell phone signals to track of communication devices. the journalists often using a hostile environments. and the suggestion was that you have to take extra precaution, especially when you're close to the front lines. and especially when you're in population centers, because those cell phone signals can send out a bloom, the russians can see it. and they targeted specifically. and that seems to suggest that the russians know exactly who they're shooting at and do seem to be directly targeting the people that are telling the story that's really having to results it
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is creating a level of mistrust among ukrainian people. we've ourselves been in situations where we've gone to towns and villages that have been near a missile strikes and we've been told to leave and no uncertain terms. the ukrainians are worried that if they speak to journalists that they will be targeted or their families will be targeted in those is definitely creating a mistrust for those of us and reporting the war. the other reality is that the number of dead covering this were may pale in comparison to the 9000 civilian deaths so far. but journalists are often the ones that are going in the other direction as refugees are streaming away from the frontline journalists, unarmed civilians are going into the same places as soldiers to help tell the story from the front line. good stuff, there is always something, but the key is, see you leaders of rat south an extraordinary summit and brussels dominated by the war in ukraine. or monday they decided to partially ban russian oil imports by the
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end of the year. it was a compromise deal to overcome objections by hungry and other member states to more dependent on russian energy. you might remember that in that say the lead us decided to phase out the dependency on russian fossil fuels as soon as possible. we started with coal yesterday in the middle of the night, we decided then to have a band now on the fact to 90 percent of russian oil imports to the european union by the end of the year. james bayes has more from the summit than brussels. what was achieved at this summit, as the e u has finally passed the 6th round of sanctions, which had been sold for over a month. but they had to water down the proposals to get the pass. the original plan was for a total ban on oil imports from russia. now they've decided on a compromise to keep hungry and hungry. prime minister victor oberon had been
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blocking this to keep him happy. they decided that oil that comes in on a ship from russia must be banned all coming in on a pipeline from russia for now has a temporary exemption. now 2 countries, poland and germany say even though they get that all by pipeline, they will pull in terribly, decide not to have that whole anymore to stop those in port. but that temporary exemption, particularly for hungary. how long does that last for no time scale has been given, and it's interesting that the hungarian prime minister, victor, or bon, has been on facebook, you posted on facebook, a boastful post hungry is exempt from the oil embargo, so questions still on that issue. they also discussed food security and the problem of getting the grain that's trapped in ukraine out of the country. but one thing that wasn't discussed at this summit is the candidate status of ukraine to join european union. that's something that president landscape once it's near the top of
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his list, that's been deferred to the next use summit, which take place in just under a month's time war and ukraine is pushing out prices in the eurozone, reaching another high in may. the 8 point one percent inflation rates is the highest since records for the euro began in 1997. b increase is partly due to the 39 percent rise in energy cost this year. foods, alcohol, tobacco prices have risen. 7 and a half percent. eric cheney is an economic advisor to the institute, montana, a think tank dedicated to public policy in france and europe joins us live from paris now. so the rise in inflation has thought with that some record numbers being set. is it all down to the war in ukraine? oh, yes, it's partially due to the war and the grand to the russian aggression to ukraine. but the truth is that inflation was already creeping up before the beginning of the
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invasion. and it's a kind of global phenomenon which started with the 1st coffee recoveries and all the bottlenecks in economy around the world. so yes, the war in ukraine as added to this pre existing inflation through energy prices and progressively through food prices. but when you look at the numbers in detail as i do, you see that unique labor costs are also rising. and companies are telling that they are going to in korea prices because their input prices have been increasing and the impact on consumption is not very high because there is a very high level of savings which i can relate to during the coffee crisis. ok, eric, let me jump in hand, just break down maybe trying to simplify
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a little bit the things you had there. so we talk about when we say things like coded and supply, we're talking about basically a lot of money was pushed into the systems during cove. it to keep people afloat, and that will naturally create inflationary pressures. and then the supply chain breakdown making products a little more scarce, and then on top of that, the worn ukraine disrupting, even more the supply chain. that is absolutely right. you have all these factors playing together. but a very important point is that despite rising inflation, you mentioned another 8 percent. that is quite a lot that is more than during the german unification where inflation was at 6 percent up. this should lead to a drop in consumption because the purchasing power of families of wage earners is going down. and this is not really happening because a lot of savings of been accumulated over the last 2 years,
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which allows people to spend, even though they're incomes ah, dented by inflation. and that the hurricane without even got money. i mean, not everyone, right? if we talk about the working classes that we talk about, the vast majority of people may be in under develop parts of the world. the day laborers who survived, you know, from day to day by what they earn in 24 hours, then awful, all the savings. now you're absolutely right. but when you look at the numbers and we have very detail numbers, i can say say that for the french economy, it is about 80 percent of households that i've accumulated savings during the covered crisis because they were subsidized by the government. all wage earners were subsidized. and there is a lot of savings, 130000000000 euros of excess savings. now father, really lower part of income. there is a lot of government support, you know,
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that is the mantra that you should not let people suffer from the rise of inflation . and that is way in france, but not only in france, the germans and the brits are doing the same. there are a special subsidies to low income families to fend off this rise of inflation, which is largely concentrated, as you said on energy and food. war half and now since we're mentioning energy, what's gonna happen with energy supplies and energy prices when we get into winter, because now it's bad as things are in the summer. you're absolutely right. that's a big question. but that's a big question for some countries. and the country for which it's the most dramatic is germany. that is also the case for italy to some extent. and of course, some eastern european countries, not, not hungary, which will continue to benefit from
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a hydrocarbon export from russia. so the question is, with less energy supply, will the economy continue to grow? and my hunch is that there will be a recession, a recession, not only in europe, by the way, i think that the odds are also for a recession in the u. s. and a global recession, that is simply because when you have less supply, demand has to go down. and that implies slower economic activity and perhaps a drop in economic activity. i think that is the main threat linked to all the shortages in supply. when we have mentioned energy foss, this is important, but you ever saw a lot of middles coming from russia. you have food and, and that is extremely important, not really for europe, but it is important in terms of price is very important for some african countries . so when you put all that together, it seems to me that we are going to have
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a global recession. europe will not be spared in the holy gentry. american office question though, if it's going to be recession or that mean for the inflation, is that gonna cool down the rising prices or even have recession plus inflation, that kind of nightmare scenario? yeah, in the 1st, in the 1st stage we are going to have both inflation and a slowdown. perhaps the recession, which is what we called stagflation in the 1980s after the old shocks of $75.79. but with demand adjusting. downside, and this is painful, by the way, are you are removing the roots of inflation. so yes, that is a way to have a slowdown in inflation, but only next year in 20232024. but for this year, we are going to have both inflation and slower economy growth,
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perhaps recession while keep the money under the mattress. thanks so much. eric cheney the ah now the speaker of lebanon's paulman for the past 30 years has been reelected. nearby berry was chosen by am pays in the 1st session of parliament following an election early of this month before he was narrowly voted in peace making their debut march to parliament calling for change. so to hold the reports from beirut. 4 0, it's a moment of change. oh, representatives of lebanon's protest movement making their way to parliament. they walked past security forces, who once kept them out during massive demonstrations in recent years. it's the 1st
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session of the new. ready elected legislature, and these 1st time m p 's are hoping to bring change to a decades old system. there is no democracy in lebanon. what the consultation and completion system. but we are here to leave wars, democrats in lebanon, and to, to you for steven, right. what gun on that if you with any, any kind of compromises. compromises based on power sharing between the political establishment of them have long been how politics is done here. that's how parliamentary speaker to be. but he was re elected to run hardwood and he has been in the position for 3 decades and for many a symbol of a failed system, riddled with corruption. but this time it was different. bery failed to get the endorsement of a majority and one with the slim of march him a blow, but symbolic and normally come on. had they looked at her at the age of her bet for
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those who were hoping for radical change that hasn't happened. change in peace, couldn't win enough seats. the status quo didn't change. it was only and it's 70 leaders who have been in power, who are to to have the final say on what's next. so vote for a new speaker starts a constitutional process that includes the formation of a new government and in a few months, the election of a new president. but the current landscape in parliament, the lack of a clear cut majority means there could be protracted negotiations. an extended political vacuum won't help a state and an economy that has all that collapse. the parliament have failed over the years to implement or undertake any economic reforms for that matter. and during the crisis, in fact, the parliament obstructed economic changes and economic reforms. politicians are also accused of the struggling accountability for the bay route port explosion that killed more than $200.00 people. 2 years ago,
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though in the state killed my brother, they are responsible and we want to know the truth. those who are confronting the system, no democratic change cannot come overnight, but today's vote appears to be the beginning. then bailed on paula jacobi on is a lebanese member of parliament who took part in that march. she joined us now from day route. good to have you with us. so 1st of all, does the re election of to be buried? does it really demonstrate that at the end of the day, the political class finds a way to keep itself back in establish power? well yes, they know how to stay in power. this matter is very powerful. we have no doubt we were definitely will think that there be more independent, empty, more empty october, 17 uprising, however,
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legal realistic since the beginning, me. so there are huge campaigns all over lebanon, the money is spent, and this time in this election day, bold people in buying people, lebanon, is becoming cheaper by today, with the economic went down with the financial crisis. so let these and peace were elected again because they spend a lot of money now because they were chosen by the people with their a 3 when we got to 16. and these thanks also to the news ex, facts that they couldn't buy. i'm not saying that they were every one, but they both a lot, a lot of people. and unfortunately we're trying to tell people this sign used to both your voice to change in lebanon, but don't, don't sell your votes. and unfortunately, here we are again,
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stuck with the it was the same people, but the stature go, has changed. i heard that your report receptacle is the same. i don't agree on that last. i'm vertica 9065 and there's 5 or 6 mpg who doesn't want to reveal that they voted for him. if they were, they booked a tour and then in the darkness they were saying they would not vote for him. so not things are changing. it's slow, but we are going to we're change the ones. okay. tell me what you think though you can change. i don't wanna put down your achievements for your 13 out of 128 members of parliament. he does have a commanding majority. do you yeah, let me tell you 1st before entry, if i lived in for the 1st time, we changed something and they said to go, this is the 1st time they do read proper elections without knowing beforehand
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what's the outcome they wish whitney. nobody knew if she will get 65, they try to get the vice president elected to 64 rolls, and we also would not accept this. so it wasn't this time, it was hard to get the results. so you more than doing years and years. so this is something that is changing. second, there's important reform knows that we're going to push to to make it pass and didn't tell people. and who would shave them? a name by me. we will tell people who are the empties for that not hold with. was this notice before that i couldn't tell. i don't know how i voted before, but it's so apply in the past. the department is kerry and this is also something that we will work on changing and we think we have enough and is that we can work
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with to push this reform agenda. ok. and just to break it down 5 years for now, we'll talk about the magic number, 65, that's basically so that any one block has a majority, right? so in a sense you've been successful to disrupt the business as usual of blocks have on the downside, do you think this coming period is gonna be well, a period of deadlock, rarely because this is one of the most divided parliament's now right? no one has a majority. yes it is. the forces who were close to march holstein were claiming that has bella has 60 boats right now. 5960 bo. at what result the day they have more and we don't know who are the employees that are moving forward, then let's go to the march 8th. as for us, the 13 and piece of change. we are neither with a, neither with 14, we are,
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you know, just trying to do the right thing for the newspaper and our host. we've gotten this direction, whatever, no age necessary for this country, whatever. nobody wants to pass louis basset with the majority that we can have the majority that he's willing to, to work for us for a different lebanon. and let's see how easy it will go with the formation of a government. thanks so much paula coby and thank you for having oh, still i had an al jazeera i'm gabriel's on to it. new york city, where the mayor has ordered the force for removal of all old listen cabinets. it's proved to be highly controversial. that story, coming up, my sport a big moment in the major league baseball season, details coming on. ah
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ah, hello, we have the shamar wind easing now across the arriving peninsula, particular cross at eastern side of the peninsula here. so things will quiet down for us here in doha temperatures. 40 wrapped around $37.00 celsius, we have some thick with easily feed on our wind. so it is going to feel increasingly humid by night elsewhere, more lifted dust and sand into southern parts of saudi arabia. pushing towards yemen, pushing towards a mon, quiet weather, but hot weather there for baghdad. m for ki. wait, we're into the forty's here. now. high thirty's, therefore, damascus one or 2 showers for a time across sir turkey. but essentially, hotline sunny pretty much sums it up across a good part of the region. on sunday, 2 of us, northern parts of africa generally settled 36 celsius there in cairo near 27. therefore algiers, with the dust and sand across the har as per usual,
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and then we got the, a seasonal rain started to push it nicely across. good part of west africa, southern parts of molly guinea, seeing some heavy showers. so you have the showers there for liberia joining up with the showers that we have across the central belt, starting to see a few more showers just coming into that eastern side of southern africa was a go on through the next day or so. so welcome shells. pushing across these tanza near into kenya, but try to the south. ah frank assessments. what are the political risks of batting russian oil? a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports possibly for such informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jedi, still resumed media. they're going to be attacking from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera. when the news
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breaks, i read that the family is receiving mourners inside. often the body of this, what i've seen when people need to be heard and the story told, with social media, we have no idea of what's written in that algorithm with exclusive interviews. and in depth reports for them 22100 women, al jazeera, has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied nice . lou ah, you're watching al jazeera time to recap on headlines now. speaker of lebanon's
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parliament for the past 30 years, the big battery has been narrowly reelected before parliament reconvened for the 1st time since the election. early of this month, 13 independent newcomers march to demand reforms of the political system. russian forces have seized control of half of the east in ukrainian sea city of cereal. don yet is considered key to moscow's efforts to take to a hunt, which is part of the dumbass region. russia has supported separatist that for years . the international criminal court and ukraine's chief prosecutor say they're investigating suspected war crimes committed by russian forces. crane says it's founded prosecuting 80 off of $600.00 russian suspects. and toby cabman is the co founder of the guar nick, her group and co head of gordon. the curt, $37.00 international justice chambers in london, he says the timeline for the investigations will be
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a lengthy 1. 1 of the greatest challenges that they do have is that the, the war is raging on as we've seen. where we're also seeing mass graves being uncovered even even today. so it is a very, very difficult task. i think what's important is that we are saying unprecedented resources being, being given, to the prosecuting authorities and with the joint investigated tough forces that are bringing together countries like prevalent lithuania countries that have an interest in investigating and prosecuting these matters domestically. i think that the resources are being placed there, but i think what we would like to see much more is the strengthening of the prescript general's office and support being him to her officer that they can be properly investigated. as we know, the court will not be able to deal with everything the length of time, what kinds investigations, by their very nature are complex and can take many,
6:36 pm
many years. so i think we'll be looking at the situation in ukraine for many years to come. as we've seen in other areas such as a governor where they're still prosecuting rooms from a 90 to 95 conflict in terms of whether we can get the perpetrators before court. yes, of course, the majority of the perpetrators are going to be russian military and political figures that will not necessarily cooperate with an investigation. but that's why the documentation of these crimes has to can so that the evidence is safeguarded. so even if we're not able to get through them before our court today or tomorrow, we will be able to get the most senior trades before court one day on turkeys president has written an opinion column to explain why he's against sweden and finland joining nato. he insist they given their giving support to members of the p
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k. k armed group considered a terrorist threat by the turks in an article published in the economists to raj. a play about of the one says turkey once the candidate countries to curb the activities of all terrorist organizations and extradite its members. we provided clear evidence to the authorities in these countries and waited for action from them. let's take a look at turkey's role within nato. it joined 70 years ago after the 2nd world war . 9800000 personnel. turkey has the 2nd largest army in the alliance, finland and sweden were allowed to fast track their application. shortly after russia invaded ukraine, but all 30 nato members member states must agree on new members. and turkey's presence has so far said he'll reject finland and sweden's bit. amato sal is a professor, stumble university and director of all sam, that's the center for middle eastern studies. he joins us by skype from anchor,
6:38 pm
a good to have you with us. so basically when you read that article by the turkish president, you are asked the question, is there a double standards within nato, where threats to the security of some countries are deemed more important than others? no. hello to one. of course the key. it has a valid position and we know also the nato applies this double thunder. so when it comes to turkey, because turkey has a legit submit a legit, the mistake of the concerns about the terrorist activities and also the membership of you know, other companies. if you are joining a club, of course, you have to consider the you know, the concerns of the present member center key there. but as a member and nato, as a picture of the institutional so has to take into consideration of what you want.
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then turkey demands simple things, you know, to not to allow tentative activities also in their territories. and even sometimes they do the opposite. they allow their, these activities and even sometimes they sponsor such activities in the, the, the p k, k. and they're related groups that we have in syria and iraq and other places. so let me, let me give you the perspective of sweden and finland. the swedish pharmacy put out a statement saying, no, that's not true. we don't support terrorism. we give a money in general, i think 376000000 goes towards aid in syria, but they were kind of saying, we don't give money directly to terrorist groups or the y p g. all of this dispute is over the y p g. and whether, you know, sweden should consider it a terrorist group. yes, they play this naming game out of a name. it's like y p g,
6:40 pm
but they are the same organization with ideology, with recruitment, with the training, with the networking they have. so they, i mean, they also sometimes admit medical official admitted they are the same organization and, but they play the, you know, they, they, the, because they name it differently doesn't make a difference. and we know they are the same organization with ideal gdc or john post sort of in all these areas that they control, the white pg, controlling and also the mean turkish operation. circus. automate, in the recent operations found out this 80 for anti vehicles. the rec rockets and you know that we have proof also we have a very serious and long i mean long deal concerns and demands from these countries. and because the fin, the 3 them down this far away from turkey, they thought they,
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they can never turkeys demand demands and turkey concerns. but this time they got caught they, they have to listen to what he says. and turkey demands and turkey serious about these demands. because as if nato is a security institution, they have to consider, they have to take into account what are the key ones for these members? and they are the ones that are willing to join, like when you want to join to you they of course the current members have, well, it demands that and whether they're concerned. now, turkey has the, as the man and turkey is serious about them, let me pick on one point that you've mentioned, the claims that swedish military equipment has been found in the possession of some of these groups. is there any evidence that this has been supplied directly in other words, is anchor's position that sweden is directly arming,
6:42 pm
not just funding, but arming, sending weapons directly to these groups in syria, or is the suggestion that somehow through 3rd parties or recklessness? this weaponry is the, is ending up with syrian codes like the y p g. i think it says that my tech support for the white bt and the p k. k. air from both of these countries and the turkey has for a long time, we're complaining about that. not all mean necessarily this, you know, membership development. i mean a b flat spot, a long time turkey was demanding. and especially in finance, you know, we know b k, k is allowed to do anything they want. they even collect taxes from some time, you know, kish or kurdish origin son sometime intimidate that. man. it is very common, even they are walk of about this. so it is not
6:43 pm
a secret that they are supporting the plumbing model and it may be financial support. and also these episodes and up in their hands is not a coincidence. and right, i think this, that systematic approach from them and change. all right, thank you so much for your thoughts on that. thank you. serbian president alexander, which has been sworn in for his 2nd term in his inaugural speech, which is the country will continue on the membership war and ukraine and foot service under pressure to choose between times with moscow and it's aspirations to join the u. s. by voting in favor of 3 un resolutions condemning the invasion of yours, the only european state that is not joined sanctions against russia. kind of virus restrictions in china's to biggest cities of finally eating for millions of people who've been stuck in doors. shanghai is lifting it to month, locked down for midnight from midnight on wednesday. in beijing, gyms,
6:44 pm
museums and faces all reopening, but with limits on visitors. katrina, you reports from bay jing. this is the busiest this area has been for weeks, were invading eastern young district. the biggest district in the city where people have been told they no longer need to work from home. authorities in beijing say the current corona virus outbreak is basically under control and many restrictions on easing. public transport has resumed here after almost 3 weeks of being florida shopping centers move libraries in june can also open back up thought a limited to 50 percent capacity resident say they're relieved that the capital has managed to avoid a hard lockdown and are looking forward to getting back to change it and what are the prevention and control measures policy, which was really tough. that was difficult. time. now it's back to normal. what a good feeling, right. we've been waiting for this day for so long. finally,
6:45 pm
we can walk really on the street, but in some parts of the city, especially in the cities west that also some restriction in place and throughout all of the aging schools source i'll remain online and restaurants can only offer take outs services. there are still a few core of ours cases being found in the community. and because of this, residents need to take care of a test 32 days in order to enter the public areas. new york mayor is being criticized for how the city treats homeless people. activists are accusing eric adams of ordering unnecessary and heavy handed raids on shelters. deborah, on the reports that was voice. i'm not a stimulus. no neil seeing is in shock and feeling stressed. have a group seeing and his partner are homeless. the 2 of them live on a sidewalk in new york's chinatown neighbourhood in an encampment they call home this house i will go by. so i will put on this day under the watch of police
6:46 pm
officers, city workers had come to dismantle it. effort all their possessions were thrown away for everything a mile away. brand new from blankets, so close to see good shampoo, nobody oh shoot. the order of every good was brand new still cuz the guy the own it though. so how does that make you feel? i'll be, will, beth? it goes out mostly it's on people. gimme a were full. this is what i do all day. glass bottles and chairs and metal. dozens of such sweeps of homeless encampments had been conducted in recent weeks in new york city. i'm homeless advocates say it's heavy handed and a waste of resources. how many cups were here? there was 2 vans of cops around the corner. troops responding to 2 homeless tends to do homeless people, intense that the amount of money that is spent every day on the sweeps on these raids, which is what they are can be $1.00 day can pay for a week's housing for everybody in this,
6:47 pm
in camp president joe biden recently announced new initiatives to combat homeless vis throughout the united states. it calls for among other things, more funding for affordable housing. but here in new york, the mayor eric adams says the 1st step is to clear homeless from the streets. and that's why he's ordered this sweeps, we have tolerated homelessness, won't pass our brothers and sisters who are living in tents on the street. and we normalize homeless encampments have increasingly become a national issue from los angeles, san francisco, portland, to boston in new york. as the sweeps continue, rust talk about the bell. so to this a protest in opposition to them. oh, many fear the sweeps will force them back into homeless shelters. they say, are unsafe,
6:48 pm
i'm going to be facing homelessness sooner. i would not choose an option of the shelter. it's a worse place to put human beings. every one is crowded there that the conditions. all of that though that the, the cleansing us inside of the shelter with that many people is not up to standard . it's not an easy issue. one person to eyesore is another person's home. gabriel's hondo al jazeera new york south africans are struggling to keep the lights on electricity. blackouts are affecting millions as pals stations can't supply demand . and thieves stealing electricity cables are worsening. the problem for me, the miller reports from janice book, students at the university of johannesburg in so way to demonstrate following weeks of intermittent powers which have hampered their studies. the university's management plane, he's stealing electricity cables for the black us in phosphorus,
6:49 pm
east of johannesburg, more power cuts because of crime. nicholas sharpie owns a small food business, which is costing more to keep open because she has to buy gas to replace the electricity supply. and so already the cost that might be moved. so we normally start at 5 am and that's when we get most of our customers. we have to tell them there's no power. and so we lose those morning customers, school children and commuters landed by the buses in thieves have been video ticking up cables, sometimes in broad daylight much of the theft takes place at night during the electricity black house, while south africa battling to keep its lights on because of issues like aging facilities, the problem being worse and by ramp and crime, electricity cables are being stolen at an alarming rate. and officials are trying to stop as much of it as possible. in sorento, frustrated people and police go on night patrols to try and stop the vandalism. but
6:50 pm
they're hindered by the lack of like, a thieves are off to copper which sells for up to $20.00. a kilo on the black market with son is shipped overseas and is a bit more pleasant casing, but the minister get through it and they take the copper out strains of copper cable, it is, and they burned dead in plastic casing to get to the actual company power company say the demand for copper is higher than ever, and crime syndicates control the trade. didn't sell it to this is sort of a scrap metal deal us sometimes we get to this, what we call packet shops, which ah, and was just that is scrap metal to last. that would be at level 2. then from level 2, they didn't take it to like, do i router cyclists in route? if i know if i notice in the other guys, then we'll gladly relate this thing in biker and relating it a deformity. while official patrols happen about 3 times a month,
6:51 pm
residents gather nightly at their own risk, often facing heavily armed feeds, keeping an eye on power lines in an attempt to keep the lights on, and the community saying that meet amola al jazeera, so wet or south africa or cilla had an al jazeera installed semi final places are on the line at the french open action from the and slam of the season. i ah with
6:52 pm
blue ah ah ah, let's catch up with all this falls news, his father. sammy, thank you so much. we, dad, casablanca, had become champions of africa for a 3rd time, a moroccan teen beat al alli of egypt to know in the final. and he richardson reports a hobby due to cov 19 fans haven't witnessed an african champions league final since 2019. their return brought with it controversy. a match was being
6:53 pm
staged in morocco, the home ground of one of the finalists. without casablanca about the rejection, opponents awfully had failed. in an appeal to half, the gang moved to a neutral country. the moroccans team dominated from the stall 00 only to reggie produced a gold worthy the occasion hotly. we're aiming to win this title for a record. 3rd straight c and the tense on champions did have their chances either. but this night was to belong to me to raji, he scored his and with that 2nd just after the break, the lease late efforts reflecting a season of near misses gibson football which saw the country losing out in the africa cup of nations final and fighting to qualify for the world cup
6:54 pm
without finishing up is to know when is and champions of africa for the 3rd sign. and the richardson ouch is era. liverpool football club or demanding an apology from the french government followed claims by the french interior minister that 70 percent of liverpool fans at saturday's champions. league final in paris had fake tickets for balls. european governing body wayfair has now commission and independent investigation. french police fired tear gas at supporters waiting to get into the stab to france. again, dance around the room was delayed by more than half an hour with thousands of little fans unable to access the venue. we are incredibly surprised that someone in that position would make comments in the 1st place at this point when we haven't had adequate time to understand what happened. there hasn't been independent investigations, establish all the facts. and as we said on saturday,
6:55 pm
that need to be that independent transparent investigation and what happens the match that's the start the process. so to the making comments at this stage, prior to any investigation. ready is completely inappropriate. we should know all the facts to make sure that the scenes that we've all seen, absolutely disgraceful from saturday, don't ever happen again. so making comments as deeply helpful as that we just feel that everyone should be focused on getting the investigation right. and west about making its way amatory comments that attempt to deflect responsibility for what happened on saturday night. semi final places are on the line at the french open. raf and dal faces now that jock which later this tuesday, italy's martina traveled through to the last 4 in the women's draw player was open . finally, layla fernandez in 3 said this is already her best performance. adequate american
6:56 pm
teenager cocoa golf is 3 to the last 4 of the 18 c beating her can. patrick, one straight to the van golf is looking to win her 1st grand slam title. on monday, the men's world number 2, daniel metadata was knocked out by martin chillik. the 33 year old ration beat, the russian in straight sets, the former us open champion as 3 to his 1st grand slam quarter final since 2013 danish chaney jer, whole go over install world number 47 i was supposed to reach the last 8th 19 year old french open debbie time beat last year. a finalist in fort set rune who's and prue $350.00 places in the world rankings in just over a year. well next phase, castro root at norway. the or rangers are back in the eastern conference finals for the 1st time since 2015. having been to 0 down in this plan series with the carolina hurricane. the rangers won the decisive game 6 to the team will now play 2 time defending stanley cup champions,
6:57 pm
the tampa bay lightning. and one of that series is in new york on wednesday. and let's take a look at a big moment in major league baseball season. hazy sanchez of mine, the marlins hitting a home run in this game against the colorado rockies of all travel. more than a 150 meters making the longest head of the season. so far was one a few highlights for the marlins in this game as they finished up losing 7 y. okay, and that is all your sport for now, sammy, back to you. all right, thanks so much follow from me for this news. albert, we'll leave you now with some memories of our colleague al jazeera john, the sharina oxley killed by israeli forces. now if you're a media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into her killing me. oh no, no, no,
6:58 pm
no, no, no, no, no, no. i don't need you to look at me about how to put them when you get this message. can you open the home and yeah, today, and we're going to be reset as well. they didn't put me in a lot of fun. when i know, i mean, i mean me shooting them off and you
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aah! along with stories of determination. enjoy a 1000 kito. gina, do i remain a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and camera desert library. the young cyclist and happy africa direct on al jazeera across the world. young activists and organizers around them. motivated and politically engaged. the challenges they face couldn't
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be more daunting. here and they do, we were the ones who had life on what was going on in a way that most me neither didn't. there's nothing start. think about the lebanon is always in the, my number for us formation. we have the agency to create the vibe of the generation chain on al jazeera, who from the ruins of mosul, music as re emerged. these are some of 40 musicians who make up the water orchestra in iraq, 2nd largest city. despite being banned, when mosul was occupied by i so the melodies arrived derfin christian curd arab so need and she has these young men and women represent the diversity of iraq to be able to hear music amid the ruined the muscles. also do you feel strange, but it brings home the resilience of residents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, they remain committed to bringing the city.


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