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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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wonderful as it, as discipline magic language, it really means nothing on the ground on an online, at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress? i haven't seen enough racial as do see sports journalist. i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this green on al jazeera, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. ah, russia continues its advance in the dawn. bass is forces inch closer to the center
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of the severity done yet, regions largest city politicians, military officials and propaganda agents. ukraine's top prosecutor says over 600 war crime suspects been identified. ah, crime, sammy's a. then this is al jazeera live from dell hall. so coming up, the european union agrees to ban most of russia's oil and faults, as ukraine war pushes eurozone inflation to another record high. as lebanon's political newcomers march for change, the new parliament ria likes the same speaker for a 7th term class. on night patrols in south africa, the catch criminal gangs stealing their electricity supply.
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we begin in ukraine where a fierce battle for control is being waged right along the eastern front line. tuesday may the 31st the 97th day of the war. and this is what it looks like for the areas there in red bank controlled by russia and it's separatist allies. russia is focusing its main combat effort on the city of severity done. the exc enhanced ukraine says it's in control of only half of the city now is heavy fighting in these parts of the dumbass region. russia trying to break through ukrainian defenses and in circle its forces on the solemn front. while there ukraine is trying to push a counter offensive and recapture had a son, the international criminal court and ukraine's chief prosecutor say, to looking into possible war crimes committed by russian forces. ukraine says it's identified $600.00 a legit russian war crimes suspects and it started prosecuting 80 of them the i c.
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c is described ukraine as a crime scene. this is a criminal investigation. i've said when i was in boucher, in fact with a prosecutor general, that unfortunately the reality seems to be that ukraine is a crime scene. and we'll do our best to focus our resources, to make sure we couldn't get to grips with what has taken place and elevate the most serious, apparent crimes for investigation. and we'll keep going, hopefully earlier on tuesday, ukrainian called sentenced to russian soldiers to 11 and a half years in jail for shelling civilians. ukraine is also accused russia of looting its resources. several reports of sang moscow's been trying to move plundered goods on tuesday, a separatist leader from done yet can out. thousands of tons of metal had left mario po for russia and basra avi is in care of. he explains why ukraine is pushing
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for investigations into alleged crimes by russia. the, i see confirm that it will be opening, offer an office in ukraine to collect evidence and investigate crimes and the allegations of war crimes since the russian invasion began. so it's definitely a key part of the ukrainian strategy to, to internationalize what is happening here. and the prosecutor general speaking very openly and candidly about the level of, and the scale of how many were crimes they intend to look into. as you said, 600 suspects have been identified and she detailed it, those included politicians, senior commanders in the russian hierarchy as well as people that peddled propaganda. but she really crucially stated that there are 80 people in custody and they are war crime suspects were criminals, that they intend on prosecuting and everything is going very quickly today on the day that she was meeting it at the i c. c, with a prosecutors there. the 2nd war crimes verdict was handed down. and what has to be
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said these, these war crunch? charles are moving very fast, but speedy justice is what ukrainians consider justice served at the moment. there is a great deal of anger from the ukrainian people at what has happened and there is a great deal of appetite by the ukrainian government to satiate that anger by being seen to be doing things quickly. and disturbing pictures have emerged of ukrainian and foreign journalists along with ukrainian soldiers coming on the fire. oh, video was verified by our team in the exact location though, that isn't known for sure. journalists so clearly marked with press vast can be seen falling to the ground there as a shout landed yesterday, a french journalist was killed in the hunts 24 journalists have been killed in ukraine since the conflict began over 3 months ago. and the leaders of wrapped up
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an extraordinary summit in brussels, dominated by the war in ukraine. on monday, they decided to partially ban russian oil imports by the end of the year, was a compromised bill to overcome objections by hungry and other member states. jamal, dependent on russian energy. you might remember that in versailles, the lead us decided to phase out the dependency on russian fossil fuels. as soon as possible. we started with cold. yesterday in the middle of the night, we decided then to have a ban. now on defacto 90 percent of russian oil imports to the european union by the end of the year. james bayes has more from the summit in brussels. what was achieved at the summit as the e u has finally passed its 6th round of sanctions, which had been stalled for over a month, but they've had to water down the proposals to get them past. the original plan was for a total ban on oil imports from russia. now they've decided on
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a compromise to keep hungary and hunger is prime minister victor alba, and who been blocking this to keep him happy. they've decided that oil that comes in on a ship from russia must be banned all coming in on a pipeline from russia for now has a temporary exemption. now 2 countries, poland and germany say, even though they get their all by pipeline, they will voluntarily decide not to have that all any more to stop those imports. but that temporary exemption, particularly for hungary. how long does that last for no time scale has been given, and it's interesting that the hungarian prime minister victor, or burn has been on facebook. you posted on facebook. a boastful post hungry is exempt from the oil embargo, so questions still on that issue. they also discussed food security and the problem of getting the grain that's trapped in ukraine out of the country. but one thing that wasn't discussed at this summit is the candidate status of ukraine to join the
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european union that suddenly that president zalinski once it's near the top of his list, that's been deferred to the next you summit, which take place in just under a month's time while the war and ukraine is pushing up prices in the eurozone, reaching another high in may. the 8 point one percent inflation rate is the highest since records for the euro began in 1997. the increase while it's hotly due to a 39 percent rise in energy cost this here, food, alcohol, and tobacco prices have risen $7.00 and a half percent. still ahead on al jazeera canada looks at battling the sale of hand guns. falling recent mass shootings in the us and brazilians are struggling with the aftermath of days of flooding. that's dozens dead, thousands displace. ah
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hello, we have the shamar wind easing now across the arabian peninsula, particular cross at eastern side of the peninsula here. so things will quiet down for us here in doha temperatures. 40 wrapped around $37.00 celsius, we have something with easily feed on our wind. so it is going to feed increasingly humid by night. elsewhere more lifted dust and sand into southern parts of saudi arabia, pushing towards yemen, pushing towards our mon, quiet weather, but hot weather, therefore, back down for key. wait, we're into the forty's here now. high thirty's, therefore, damascus one or 2 showers for a time across sir turkey. but essentially hotline sunny pretty much sums it up across a good part of the region. on sunday, 2 of us, northern parts of africa generally settled $36.00 celsius there in cairo near a $27.00, therefore algiers, with the dust and sand across the har as per usual. and then we got the,
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a seasonal rain started to push nicely across good part of west africa, southern parts of molly guinea, seeing some heavy showers. she had the showers there for liberia joining up with the showers that we have across the central belt. starting to see a few more showers just coming into that eastern side of southern africa was a go one through the next day or so. so welcome shout, pushing across tanzania into kenya. but try to the south. ah, the frank assessments, what are the political risks of batting russian oil, a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports. miss harrison was informed opinions, france, he's not abandoning to fight against jedi, still resumed media. they're going to be attacking from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera
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lou? ah, welcome back. you're watching. i'll just hear a time to recap on headlines now. russian forces have seized control of half these in ukrainian city of savannah. during the ets, it's considered key to moscow's efforts to take to hunts, which is part of the dumbass region. that is where russia has supported separatists for years. european union, they to say rushes war effort will take a significant financial head because of that battle. most russian oil exports leaders in brussels, reached a compromise to overcome objections from you. members more dependent on russian
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energy. the international criminal cause and ukraine's chief prosecutor say they're investigating suspected war crimes committed by russian forces. crime says it starts with prosecuting 80 out of $600.00 russians. suspects of toby cabinet is the co founder of gotten the cut and co head of gordon iq a 37 international justice chambers in london. he says the timeline for the investigations will be a lengthy 1. 1 of the greatest challenges that they do have is that the, the war is raging on as we've seen, where we're also seeing mass graves being uncovered even even today. so it is a very, very difficult task. i think what's important is that we are saying unprecedented resources being, being given, to the prosecuting authorities and with the joint investigated tough forces that are bringing together countries like prevalent lithuania countries that have an interest in investigating and prosecuting these matters domestically. i think that
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the resources are being placed there, but i think what we would like to see much more is the strengthening of the prescript general's office and support being him to her officer that they can be properly investigated. as we know, the entire court will not be able to deal with everything the length of time, what kinds investigations, by their very nature are complex and can take many, many years. so i think we'll be looking at the situation in ukraine for many years to come. as we've seen in other areas such as a governor where they're still prosecuting from a 90 to 95 conflict in terms of whether we can get the perpetrators before court. yes, of course, the majority of the perpetrators are going to be russian military and political figures that will not necessarily cooperate with an investigation. but that's why the documentation of these crimes has to can so that the evidence is safeguarded.
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so even if we're not able to get to them before a court today or tomorrow, we will be able to get the most senior trades before court one day. the speaker of lebanon's following for the past 30 years has been reelected. everybody was chosen by nps in the 1st session of foreign one following an election early of this month or before he was naturally voted in peace, making their debut march to parliament, calling for change. santa holler explains from by route. oh, it's a moment of change. oh, representatives of lebanon's protest movement making their way to parliament. they walked past security forces, who once kept them out during massive demonstrations in recent years. it's the 1st session of the newly elected legislature. and these 1st time m p 's are hoping to
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bring change to a decades old system. there is no democracy in lebanon. what the consultation and completion system. but we are here to leave wars, democrats in lebanon, and to, to you for steven, right. what gun on that if you with any, any kind of compromises. compromises based on power sharing between the political establishment of them have long been how politics is done here. that's how parliamentary speaker to be. but he was re elected to run hardwood and he has been in the position for 3 decades and for many a symbol of a failed system, riddled with corruption. but this time it was different. bery failed to get the endorsement of a majority and one with the slim of march him a blow, but symbolic among her. they looked at her at the 8 of her bed for those who were hoping for radical change that hasn't happened. change in peace, couldn't win enough seats on the status quo, didn't change. it was only and it's 70 leaders who have been in power,
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who are expected to have the final say on what's next. the vote for a new speaker starts a constitutional process that includes the formation of a new government and in a few months the election of a new president. but the current landscape in parliament, the lack of a clear cut majority means there could be protracted negotiations. an extended political vacuum won't help a state and an economy that has all that collapsed. the parliament has failed over the years to implement or undertake any economic reforms for that matter. and during the crisis, in fact, the parliament obstructed economic changes and economy could be formed. politicians are also accused of obstructing accountability for the bay route port explosion that killed more than $200.00 people. 2 years ago. though with the state killed by brother, they are responsible and we want to know the truth, remote for those who are confronting the system. no democratic change cannot come
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overnight, but today's vote appears to be the beginning. then. uh huh. there al jazeera belt survey and president alexander voucher ch has been sworn in for his 2nd term. in his inaugural speech of richard said, the country will continue on its path to e u membership war in ukraine as foot, serbia under pressure to choose between ties with moscow and its aspirations to join the e u. spike voting in favor of 3 u. n. resolutions condemning the invasion, serbia is the only european state that has not joined sanctions against russia. 10 days after australians voted in the general election, it's been confirmed. the labor government has secured a majority in the lower house of parliament. that means prime minister, antony albany, is, won't have to rely on independent empties to pass legislation. the st. the left li, the campaigned on stepping up australia's climate commitments and setting up a new anti corruption commission. results from the 1st round of columbia,
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the presidential election on sunday took many by surprise to anti establishment candidates will now face off in the 2nd round on june. the 19th, a leftist former rebel fighter will be up against the populous candidate who was little note until recently. understand that i'm here to report from ball gotta downtown book i was com the day after one of the most consequential presidential results in column in history. left his former rebel fighter, we have a pedro came on top, but will now face and unexpected appeal battle against the surprise. second place candidate 37, and there's a right leaning populist anti corruption. crusader managed to capture an important section of voters. disenchanted with the status quo and monday he spoke to a supporters via social media. every day they will come up with something that's already been that i am at patricia or that i am neutral,
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that i am being investigated. but the truth is, my only allegiance is with the colombian, people that many working class colombians who were thrilled that left hope of any story takeover of the presidency felt deprived. i'm sorry, they sent me money that what you're projected on. i'm sorry. i want to petra to win because he defends elderly. some people say he is bad, but we don't care. we're not interested in this past life. we're interested in the present. well trailing 12 points behind the noun that could spoil the less hope by capturing the majority of the conservative voters that back to the establishment candidate on sunday. and whose biggest fear is the possible arrival of a true less still power in this rosen? the pulls with an orthodox campaign and social media focusing on a single message against corruption. m. c. m. as a, colombian, trump and fear, some of his proposals are and democratic or employee,
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awkward like promising to close embassies to pay off to the loan and saying, all colombians will have the right to visit, to see at least once at the government expense. his chief communication strategy face in this straight talk appealed to many voters, disgusted by politicians. we prioritize the candidates truthfulness, a candidate without any makeup, without any distractors and a candidate book frankly, about all the matters and obstacles the country need to overcome to move forward and get it had counted on a change versus establishment narrative to when the president, in the 2nd round, he now has 3 weeks to radically rethink its strategy, hoping to convince enough other than this voters that he doesn't represent real change in that he will fall in the hands of the old establishment. it could prove to be a difficult challenge. i listen that i'm get the answer. you know what current of
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ice restrictions in china is 2 biggest cities. finally easing for millions of people have been stuck in doors. shanghai is lifting its 2 month, locked down from midnight on wednesday. in beijing, gyms, museums and fits is a real thing, but with limits on visitors, katrina, you report from aging. this is the busiest this area has been for weeks, were invading eastern young district, the biggest district in the city where people have been told they no longer need to work from home. authorities invading say the current corona virus outbreak is basically under control and many restrictions on easing. public transport has resumed here after almost 3 weeks of being florida shopping centers move libraries in june can also open back up thought a limited to 50 percent capacity resident say they're relieved that the capital has managed to avoid a hard lockdown and are looking forward to life getting back to normal change,
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it was a prevention control measures policy, which was really tough. that was difficult time. now back to normal. what a good feeling, right. we've been waiting for this day for so long. finally, we can walk really on the street. but in some parts of the city, especially in the cities west that also some restriction in place and throughout all of the aging schools, sofa remain online, and restaurants can only offer take outs services. there are still a few for one of our cases being found in the community. and because of this, residents need to take care of a test every 2 days in order to enter the public areas. emergency crews, in ne, in brazil are looking for more than 25 people off to severe floods and land slides the weekend. at least 91 people have been confirmed. dad, monica on the key of reports from re, as janera. i rescue teams or working around the recovering bodies in searching for those still missing thousands have
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been displaced, losing all of their belongings. heavy rainfall began on wednesday in brazil's northeastern state of been on board flooding streets and triggering mud slides. entire house is collapsed with the force of the water, while desperate neighbors to help fire fighters dig up their loved ones. under the rubble, this man lost his sister requoted for law. the search parties found my sister's body there this evening. i found her and 4 other bodies that still looking for my brother in law though. this is the 4th major flooding event in 5 months in brazil, in february, more than $200.00 people died after torrential rains. if the city of federal police, 80 kilometer is from rio de janeiro, leader ologist say a phenomenon called linea which cools down the pacific ocean waters helps explain
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the excessive rains and been on vocal in other parts of northeastern brazil. a nikiya booker, there is no doubt that climate change in the rise of temperature in the atlantic ocean are also responsible for these extremes. cold weather, hot weather, droughts, and rainfalls. they've all become more severe when it is sides, bad weather, poor urban planning and low income neighborhoods in many brazilian cities is also responsible for the number of deaths and the mud flights. hearts of slums built on hills were swept away by watering my. this woman saw her neighbor's house collapse, hold on me, that body won't buy. the whole family died, the father, the 2 children, the wife old, died, president able sonata toward the region in a helicopter, but was told it was unsafe to land. by the 1st of the most awarded pesa, we express our sorrows to the relatives. our main objective is to come to the relatives and to help population. also matter said the government can make
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available 200000. i was dollars to help victims of natural disasters. meteorologists expect more rain and been a bulk or a neighboring states in the coming days. the danger of more mud slides in the regions is far from over monica not give all jazeera rio de janeiro. canada's government is trying to ban the sale of hand guns. prime minister justin trudeau says tougher laws were already in the works. mass shootings in the us of spurred more action castillo as already on reports. it's been seen as the most ambitious proposal yet to restrict firearms in canada. prime minister justin trudeau described it as a national freeze of hand gun ownership. what this means is that it will no longer be possible to buy cell transfer or import hand guns
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anywhere in canada. in other words, we're capping the market for under the bill canadians who already have hand guns can keep them. but any one involved in domestic violence or criminal harassment will lose their firearm license. the size of ammunition magazines will be limited, and there will be increase penalties for gun smuggling. the crack down comes days after the school shooting and texas which killed $21.00 people. while canada hast richter gun laws and the u. s. canadians have suffered an increase of gun violence in recent years. in 2020 it band, semi automatic rifles after 22 people were killed in a mass shooting in nova scotia. some gun own or say they're contesting that van in court. the new legislation is expected to be enacted in the autumn, but
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a rush to by hand guns ahead of the ban isn't expected authority, se sales are already heavily regulated. katya little piece of the young al jazeera . now south africans are struggling to keep the lights on electricity. blackouts are affecting millions as power stations cancel, flight demand, and face stealing electricity cables or any was thing. the problem for me. the miller reports from dallas book, ah, students at the university of johannesburg and sweater demonstrate following weeks of intermittent powers, which have hampered their studies. the university's management plane, he's stealing electricity cables for the black us enforce lurise east of johannesburg. more power cuts because of crime. nicholas sharpie owns a small food business, which is costing more to keep open because she has to buy gas to replace the electricity supply. i saw already because that might be more so we normally start
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at 5 am and that's when we get most of our customers. we have to tell them there's no power. and so we lose those morning customers, school children and commuters landed by deposits in an thieves have been video ticking up cables, sometimes in tort. daylight much of the theft takes place at night during the electricity black house, while south africa battling to keep its lights on because of issues like aging facilities. the problem being worse and by ramp and crime, electricity cables are being stolen at an alarming rate. and officials are trying to stop as much of it as possible. in sausalito frustrated people and police go one night patrols to try and stop the vandalism. but there, hindered by the lack of like, a thieves are off to copper which sells for up to $20.00. a kilo on the black market with son is shipped overseas to ms. a beer or plaza casing,
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but they may need to get through it. and they take the copper out strains of copper cable inside and they burn dead plastic tracing to get to the actual company. power company say the demand for copper is higher than ever, and crime syndicates control the trade gayden, sell it to this is sort of a scrap metal deal us sometimes we get this, what we call packet hops, which ah, and which is that is scrap metal to last, that would be at level 2, then from level 2, they didn't take it to like, do i router cyclists in route to find them? if i notice in the other guys, then we'll gladly late this thing in bygone relating it a deformity. while official patrols happen about 3 times a month, residents gather nightly at their own risk, often facing heavily armed feeds. keeping an eye on the power lines in an attempt
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to keep the lights on, and the community saying that we tamela al jazeera silhouette of south africa. ah, let's take you through some of the headlines here. now. does your enough russian forces have seized control of half of the east in ukrainian city of seattle, on the ets is considered key to moscow's efforts to take law hans, which is part of the dumbass region. the international criminal court and ukraine's chief prosecutor say they're investigating suspected war crimes committed by russian forces. ukraine says it started prosecuting 80 out of $600.00 a legit russian suspects. european union leaders say russia's war ever. take a significant financial hit because of their ban on most russian oil exports. leaders in brussels reach to compromise. to overcome objection.


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