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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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a 20 year i need to discover that matches one from spokane and now hotly contested the right to education. divorce and independent, causing a generational rate. an intimate study by traditional pan, cooperating the changing times. whitney travel at 10 am now to see you. there are some of the media stories, a critical look at the global news media cast right on al jazeera government shut off access to social media. move this is al jazeera. ah,
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hello, i'm sammy's a them. this is the news i live from dawn coming off in the next 60 minutes. russia continues its advance in the don bass. it's false is inch closer to the center of the audi. don't the ask. the regents largest city politicians, very free officials and propaganda agents. crimes to talk prosecutor says over 600 war crimes suspects have been identified as lebanon's political newcomers march for change, the new parliament reelect the same speak for 7th term fences. come down. life returns to the streets after china. ease is covered 19 restrictions in 2 of its biggest cities. plus ive gabriel's are due at new york city where the mayor has ordered the force for removal of all oh, listen cabinets. it's proved to be highly controversial. that story, coming up,
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alan's more rapidly. dell faces now that jack of it shortly in a french open quarter final showdown. earlier american teenager cocoa golf reached her maiden grand slam sammy final with a win over compatriots sloan. stevie ah, we begin in ukraine where a fierce battle for control is being waged along its eastern front line. tuesday may the 31st on the 97th day of the war and this is what the map looks like. there you go. areas in red, are controlled by russia and it's separatist allies. russia is focusing its main combat efforts on the city of seattle, john. yet skin lance, ukraine says it's in control of most of the city. a russian shelling is making it impossible to deliver humanitarian aid that is heavy fighting in these parts of the
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dumbass region. russia is trying to break through those ukrainian defenses and encircle its forces. now on the southern front or their ukraine is pushing a counter offensive to try and recapture harrison international criminal court and ukraine's chief prosecutor say, the looking into possible war crimes committed by russian forces. ukraine says it's identified 600 elijah russian war crimes suspects. and it started prosecuting 80 of them the i c. c, as described ukraine as a crime scene. this is a criminal investigation. i've said when i was in boucher, in fact with the prosecutor general, that unfortunately the reality seems to be that ukraine is a crime scene. and we'll do our best to focus our resources, to make sure we couldn't get to grips with what has taken place and elevate the most serious, apparent crimes for investigation. and we'll keep going, hopefully earlier on tuesday,
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ukrainian called sentenced to russian soldiers to 11 and a half years in jail for shelling civilians. ukraine has also accused russia of looting its resources with several reports that moscow has been trying to move funded goods. on choose day, a separatist leader from done the exc announced thousands of tons of metal had left mother you pull for russia. se basra is in give, he explains why ukraine is pushing for these prosecutions. now. the, i see confirm that it will be opening often and office in ukraine to collect evidence and investigate crimes and the allegations of war crimes since the russian invasion began. so it's definitely a key part of the ukrainian strategy to, to internationalize what is happening here. and the prosecutor general speaking very openly and candidly about the level of, and the scale of how many were crimes they intend to look into. as you said, 600 suspects have been identified and she detailed it, those included politicians,
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senior commanders in the russian hierarchy as well as people that peddled propaganda. but she very crucially stated that there are 80 people in custody and they are war crime suspects were criminals, that they intend on prosecuting and everything is going very quickly today on the day that she was meeting it at the i c. c, with a prosecutors there. the 2nd war crimes verdict was handed down. and what has to be said these, these war crunch trials are moving very fast, but speedy justice is what ukrainians consider justice served at the moment. there is a great deal of anger from the ukrainian people at what has happened and there's a great deal of appetite by the ukrainian government to satiate that anger by being seen to be doing things quickly. disturbing pictures have emerged ukrainian, and foreign journalists along with ukrainian soldiers coming on, the fire video
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was verified by our team and al jazeera. the exact location is not known. journalists clearly marked with press fests can be seen falling to the ground as a shall landers. yesterday, a french journalist in frederick la clerk himself was killed in the hands of 24 journalists, had been killed in ukraine since the conflict began over 3 months ago. oh, god knows aside is a program coordinator at the committee to protect journalists. she joins us from new york. good to have you with us. so we've just seen disturbing images of the latest incidents of killings of journalists. what do you think when you see pictures like that? well, we have seen these panels, videos and photographs repeatedly since the war started in weight. everybody, because what it's seen is that already is it or have not
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respected journalist twice reports from the conflict. zeus and the french journalist. you mentioned frederica with the knives, you're always wanting try that. who was killed while engaged in news gathering. henry ford from the conflict. so, but we at the community to protect your own channels. so we'll get into the killing sofa police 6 other at your earliest try and use the cause of they are in there have been other, at your earliest in you listed in the ukrainian army who volunteered to fight and have been killed as why you may hear different numbers, especially if they come from bo payan prestige organizations higher. but what is important here is to say that generally is harvey come a target without discrimination. and perhaps being the journalist can easily become victim of shelley in bombing because the troops hadn't to refrain from targeting
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civilian infrastructure or residential areas. and it was the case in the case where the frame journalists, if you manage your income, boy, you mentioned they're jealous of become targets without distinction. do you believe that journalist, though are being deliberately targeted it's very difficult to say universally, because each case is different. we see p j time to move at the circumstances, but what we have heard again and again from people on the ground including the earliest you were insured along that your own killed is that the stories have been wearing pres, insignia. 5 very clearly, sometimes there were in the market and visible from a distance, a source. the fire was each keys and whether
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the target was the joy therapy cost or in general, the residential areas or you know, conflict in general. but what is clear is that what has seen little respect work generally is really key and why is more? so actually a why we have repeatedly called or parties is more respect. your own is why is because their civilian is, they're protected by international humanitarian law, is civilians and all this the killing each and every, every charlie a skill in your plan so far will on that point. how confident are you that there will be accountability for the killings of these journalists?
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well, i hope be, i mean, you know, this is not the 1st time when there is a conflict in ukraine warehouse in general is being killed when crimea was occupied in 2014 and our south eastern areas in ukraine were under the control of fresh aback, separated and multiple journalists, including 4 in our correspondence work, you know, in some cases, you know, there were investigations. of course, it's very difficult to say how these were whole and, and unfortunately we haven't seen this situation improving in any way and are we haven't seen that russia that attack ukraine is going to change any tactics particularly towards joy covering the war. but this is something that needs to be done and i hope that all those who are right
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now, gathering evidence and conducting investigation into the war crimes will also work on investigating the killings of these jeremy and were we'll see justice in their killings each time. there's a major conflict because we see technology developing and, and now it's believed that they some journals to speak to them in ukraine, talking about their phones, being tracked as a means to tracking the military units that they're embedded with and so on. is it time perhaps to review some of the practices of journalism in light of where technologies is taking us? i think is a multi college is a double edged sword in a way, because many journalists have been able to keep each other informed of their security threats and risks in different areas in ukraine because they have created
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different groups, child groups in or what so or other messengers in their apps and also the communication, particularly with the training for it is voice probably easier than it was in 2014, 2015, a crimea, and on boss, for example, a. but at the same time i, i am aware of the concerns that you are on the community has invest, why? we have called on governments to are allowed. you're always to keep reporting without infringing, they are right to do so, and definitely not to use any spyware. anti spyware and the, the work on it is a big part of our work at the committee to protect generally, what have hold on the governments and also into governmental organizations and international organizations. to you know,
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refrain from using technology to eliminate, press freedom. and johnny's, if you're a teacher report ok, thank you so much for your thoughts on that. those aside, thank you. the leaders of ramped up an extraordinary summit in brussels, dominated by the war and ukraine. on monday they decided to partially ban russian oil imports by the end of the year. well, that was a compromise deal to overcome objections by hungry and other member states who are more dependent on russian energy. you might remember that in the sy the lead us decided to phase out the dependency on russian fossil fuels as soon as possible . we started with coal. yesterday in the middle of the night, we decided then to have a ban. now on defacto 90 percent of russian oil imports to the european union
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by the end of the year, jane space as more from the summit and brussels. what was achieved at the summit as the e. u has finally passed its 6th round of sanctions, which had been stored for over a month, but they've had to water down the proposals to get them past. the original plan was for a total ban on oil imports from russia. now they've decided on a compromise to keep hungary and hunger is prime minister victor oberon had been blocking this to keep him happy. they decided that oil that comes in on a ship from russia must be band oil coming in on a pipeline from russia for now has a temporary exemption. now 2 countries, poland and germany say even though they get their all by pipeline, they will voluntarily decide not to have that all any more to stop those import. but that temporary exemption, particularly for hungary. how long does that last for no time scale has been given,
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and it's interesting that the hungarian prime minister victor, or burn has been on facebook. he posted on facebook. a boastful post hungry is exempt from the oil embargo, so questions still on that issue. they also discussed food security and the problem of getting the grain that's trapped in ukraine out of the country. but one thing that wasn't discussed at this summit is the candidate status of ukraine to join the european union that suddenly that president zalinski once it's near the top of his list, that's been deferred to the next you summit, which take place in just under a month's time now the war in ukraine is pushing up prices in the years and reaching another high in may. the 8 point one percent inflation rate is the highest since records for the euro began back in 1997 or the increase. it's partly due to a 39 percent rise in energy cost this year. food, alcohol,
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and tobacco prices of all that stuff. well that's been rising. it's now risen 7 and a half the cent. eric cheney is an economic advisor with institute maintain. that's a think tank dedicated to public policy in france in europe. he says, savings accumulated by households during the pandemic has led to a surgeon consumer spending. but he expects economies to go into recession. it's partially due to the war in the grant with the russian aggression to ukraine. but the truth is that inflation was already creeping up before the beginning of the invasion. and it's a kind of global phenomenon which started with the pers copied recovery. and all the bottlenecks in economy around the world. so yes, the war in ukraine as added to this pre existing inflation through energy
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prices and progressively through food prices. but when you look at the numbers in detail, as i do, you see that unique labor costs are also rising. and companies are pilling, that they are going to in grease prices because their input prices have been increasing. and the impact on consumption is not very high because there is a very high level of savings which i can related during the coffee crisis. but a very important point if that despite the rising inflation 8 percent, that is quite a lot that these more than during the german unification where inflation was a 6 percent up. this should lead to a drop in consumption because the for chasing power of families of wage earners is going down. and this is not really happening because a lot of savings of been actually related over the last years,
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which allows people to spend even though their incomes ah dented by inflation. and that makes things very complicated figures. when you look at the numbers and we have very detailed numbers, i can say that for the french economy, it is about 80 percent of households that i could related savings during the cubby crisis because they were subsidized by the government. all wage earners were subsidized and there is a lot of savings. 130000000000 euros of excess savings. now for the really lower part of income, there is a lot of government simple. you know, that is the mantra that you should not let people suffer from the rise of inflation . ah,
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valley speaker of lebanon's parliament for the past 30 years has been reelected. nearby berry was chosen by and please in the 1st session of parliament following an election earlier this month before he was narrowly voted in and peace, making their debut march to parliament calling for change. then hold reports from beirut. 4 0, it's a moment of change. oh, representatives of lebanon's protest movement making their way to parliament. they walked past security forces, who once kept them out during massive demonstrations in recent years. it's the 1st session of the newly elected legislature. and these 1st time, employees are hoping to bring change to a decades old system. there is no democracy in lebanon, what the consultation and completion system. but we are here to leave wars democrats in lebanon, and to reinforce even the right. what gun on that if you,
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with any, any kind of compromises, compromises based on power sharing between the political establishment of have long been how politics is done here. that's how parliamentary speaker to be. but he was re elected to run a 100 and he has been in the position for 3 decades and for many a symbol of a failed system, riddled with corruption. but this time, it was different, very failed to get the endorsement of a majority and one with the slim as of march him a blow, but symbolic, annoyed tom on how they looked at her, created her bet for those who were hoping for radical change that hasn't happened, change in peace, couldn't win enough seats. the status quo didn't change. it was only and it's 70 leaders who have been in power, who are expected to have the final say on what's next. so vote for a new speaker starts a constitutional process that includes the formation of a new government and in a few months is the election of
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a new president. but the current landscape in parliament, the lack of a clear cut majority means there could be protracted negotiations. an extended political vacuum won't help a state and an economy that has all that collapsed. the parliament has failed over the years to implement or undertake any economic reforms for that matter. and during the crisis, in fact, the parliament of structed, economic changes and economy can be forms. politicians are also accused of obstructing accountability for the route port explosion that killed more than $200.00 people. 2 years ago. that was, the state killed my brother. they are responsible and we want to know the truth. those who are confronting the system. no democratic change cannot come overnight, but today's vote appears to be the beginning of their elders. eda beta paula jacobi on is a lebanese member of parliament. took part in that march. she accuses levance
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political elite of buying votes. this, marsha is very powerful. we have no doubt. we were definitely hoping that there be more independent empty, more and be coming from october 17 uprising. however, leaving realistic since the beginning we so there are huge campaigns all over 11 on the money is spent. and this time in this election day, both people in buying people in lebanon is becoming cheaper by today with the economic men down with the financial crisis. so let's, these and police were elected again because they spend a lot of money now because they were chosen by the people that there are 3. well, we got 13 and peace, thanks also to the 11 is ex facts that they couldn't buy. i'm not saying that they
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would everyone, but they bought a lot, a lot of people, and unfortunately we're trying to tell people this time used to vote your voice to change things in lebanon, but don't, don't sell your votes. and unfortunately, here we are again, stuck with the, with the same people, but the statute has changed. i heard that your report receptacle is the same. i don't agree on that last time. very good. 9065 and there's 5 or 6 employees who doesn't want to reveal that the voted for him if they were, they voted for and then in the darkness they were saying that when that was for him, so not things are changing. it's slow, but we are going to change once. this is the 1st time they do read proper elections without knowing beforehand what's the outcome they were sweating.
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nobody knew if he will get 65, they to get the vice president elected to the cc 4 votes, and we also did not accept this. so it wasn't this time, it was hard to get the results. so even then doing years and years survey impreza and alexander, which has been sworn in for his 2nd term in his inaugural speech, which is said the country will continue on its path to you membership. the war in ukraine has put service under pressure to choose between ties with moscow and his aspirations to join the e u. but despite voting in favor of 3 un resolutions condemning the invasion, serbia is the only european state that has not joined sanctions against fresh and new york's mayor as being criticized for how the city treats homeless people.
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activists are accusing eric adams of ordering unnecessary and heavy handed raids on shelters. gabriel, as on their reports. so i am not a stimulus. no neil seeing is in shock and feeling stressed. i sing and his partner are homeless. the 2 of them live on a sidewalk in new york's chinatown neighbourhood in an encampment they call home. i will go by so i will put on this day under the watch of police officers, city workers had come to dismantle it. effort all their possessions were thrown away at the everything a mile away. brand new from blankets so close to sneakers. so shampoo low buddy. oh shoot. the order is everything is brand new still kids? the guy the own it. oh, so how does that make you feel? i'll be, we'll bab, it goes out mozambique leukemia were full. this is what i do all day collect models in care today and metal. dozens of such sweeps of homeless encampments have been
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conducted in recent weeks in new york city. i'm homeless advocates say it's heavy handed and a waste of resources. how many cups were here? there was 2 vans of cops around the corner. troops responding to 2 homeless tends to do homeless people in tents that the amount of money that is spent every day on the sweeps on these raids, which is what they are can be $1.00 day can pay for a week's housing for everybody in this, in camp president joe biden recently announced new initiatives to combat homelessness throughout the united states. it calls for among other things, more funding for affordable housing. but here in new york, the mayor eric adams says the 1st step is to clear homeless from the streets. and that's why he's ordered this sweeps, we have tolerated homelessness, won't pass our brothers and sisters who are living intent on the street. and we
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normalize the homeless encampments have increasingly become a national issue from los angeles, san francisco, portland, to boston in new york. as the sweeps continue, talk about santa bell. so too is a protest in opposition to them. many fear the sweeps will force them back into homeless shelters. they say are unsafe, i'm going to be facing homelessness soon. i would not choose an option of the shelter. it's a worse place to put human beings. every one is crowded there that the conditions, all of that though, that the cleansing us inside of the shelter with that many people is not up to standard. it's not an easy issue. one person's eyesore is another person's home. gabriel's hondo. i'll just eat a new york. we'll still have an al jazeera. we'll tell you how copper thieves in south africa are crippling the countries electricity supplying and counting that
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looks at banding. the sale of hand guns falling recent mass shootings in the us. i'm. it's for the big moment in the major league baseball season. details coming up miles ah hello we have they shamal wind easing now across the arabian peninsula, particular cross at eastern side of the peninsula here. so things will quiet down for us here in doha temperatures. 40 wrapped around $37.00 celsius be have some thick with easterly fade on our wind. so it is gonna feed increasingly humid by night elsewhere. more lifted dust and sand in the southern parts of saudi arabia. pushing towards yemen, pushing towards our mon, quiet weather,
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but hot weather there for baghdad. m for ki weight. where into the forty's here. now. high thirty's. therefore, damascus one or 2 showers for a time. a cross sir turkey, but essentially hotline sunny pretty much sums it up across a good part of the region. on sunday, 2 of us, northern parts of africa generally settled 36 celsius there in cairo near 27. therefore algiers, with the dust and sand across the har as per usual, and then we got the, a seasonal rain started to push it nicely across the good part of west africa. southern parts of molly guinea, seeing some heavy showers. so you have showers there for liberia joining up with the showers that we have across the central belt, starting to see a few more showers just coming into that eastern side of southern africa was to go on through the next day or so. so welcome shells. pushing across the cans in there into kenya, but try to the south ah . across the world, young activists and organizers ronda mac motivated and politically
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engaged. the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting. here in battle, we were the ones who had life on what was going on in a way that was me. soniega didn't, there is looking start, think about the lebanon is always in the buy number for us formation. we have the agency to create a viable alternative generation changed on al jazeera for over a century, american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countless young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from. in a 3 part series, full plunge investigates, a massive scandal that wrote the united states scoutmaster part 3 or not just the euro. lou
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ah, welcome back here watching out just in time to recap our headlines now. russian forces have sees control of most of the eastern ukrainian city of c. we have done yet. it's considered kate moscow's efforts to take law, which is part of the don thus region. that is where russia has supported separatists for years. european union leaders say rushes war effort will take a significant financial hit because of their ban on most russian oil exports leaders. brussels reached a compromise for recall objections from you. members. more dependent on russian energy, international criminal court, and ukraine's chief prosecutor say they're investigating suspected war crimes
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committed by russian forces. brain says it started prosecuting 80 out of $600.00 russian suspects. toby cabman is the co founder of gordon nick, a group and co head of god of nick, a 37 international justice chambers in london. he says the timeline for the investigations will be a lengthy one, but it's important to document crimes. as the invasion continues. one of the greatest challenges that they do have is that the, the war is raging on as we've seen, where we're also seeing mass graves being uncovered even even today. so it is a very, very difficult task. i think what's important is that we are saying unprecedented resources being, being given, to the prosecuting authorities and with the joint investigated tough forces that are bringing together countries like parents, lithuania, countries that have an interest in investigating and prosecuting these matters
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domestically. i think that the resources are being placed, but i think what we would like to see much more is the strengthening of the prescript general's office and support been given to her officer that they can be properly investigated. as we know, the court will not be able to deal with everything the length of time, what kinds investigations by that nature are complex and can take many, many years. so i think we'll be looking at the situation in ukraine for many years to come as we have seen in other areas such as governor where they're still prosecuting crimes from united to $95.00 conflict in terms of whether we can get the perpetrators before court. yes, of course, the majority of the perpetrators are going to be russian military and political figures that will not necessarily cooperate with an investigation. but that's why the documentation of these crimes has to know so that the evidence is safeguarded.
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so even if we're not able to get through to court today or tomorrow, we will be able to get the most senior trades before our court. one day, 10 days after australians voted in the general election has been confirmed that the labor government has secured a majority in the lower house of parliament. that means prime minister anthea bernice won't have to rely on independent them peace. the pass legislation recounting of votes continued for days after the election on may the 21st because of type races in some constituencies in the center left leader campaigns on stepping up, australia's climate commitments and setting up a new anti corruption commission is current of iris restrictions and china as to biggest cities of finally easing for millions of people who have been stuck in doors. shanghai is lifting its 2 month, locked down from midnight on wednesday. many businesses can reopen and there'll be
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fewer restrictions on going out and working. in beijing, gyms, museums and theaters reopening, but with limits on visitors, katrina, you reports from bay gene. this is the busiest this area has been for weeks where in beijing he's been young district, the biggest district in the city where people have been told they no longer need to work from home. authorities invading say, the current corona virus outbreak is basically under control. and many restrictions on easing public transport has resumed here after almost 3 weeks of being florida shopping centers moves, libraries in june can also open back up thought a limited to 50 percent capacity. resident say they're relieved that the capital has managed to avoid a hard lockdown and are looking forward to getting back to normal tension. what prevention control measures policy, which was really tough, that was difficult time. now i love you back to normal. what
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a good feeling i'm going to we've been waiting for this day for so long. finally, we can walk really on the street. but in some parts of the city, especially in the cities west, the austin, some restriction in place and throughout all of the aging schools sort of fall, remain online and restaurants can only offer take outs services. there are still a few core of ours cases being found in the community. and because of this, residents need to take a corvette test every 2 days in order to enter the public areas. spain's coastguard is rescued, a number of refugees and migrants from the atlantic ocean. women and children are among around 50 people, taken to grand canaria in the canary islands. the tree is a frequent destination. people smugglers, on the west coast of africa, close to $6000.00 migrants have made the dangerous crossing. so far. this year. results from the 1st round of columbia presidential election on sunday took many by
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surprise to anti establishment candidates who now face off in the 2nd round. on june, the 19th, a leftist former rebel fighter will be up against the populous candidate who was little known until recently, i understand that i'm past the reports from bobo tar downtown book. i was com the day after one of the most consequential presidential results in column in history left his former rebel fighter who have a pedro came on top, but will now face unexpected appeal battle against the surprise. second place candidate that go to federal and they are right. leaning populist anti corruption, crusader managed to capture unimportant section of voters, didn't chanted with the status quo, and monday he spoke to supporters. yes, social media every day. they will come up with something or a business that i am patricia, or that i am neutral, that i am being investigated. but the truth is, my only allegiance is with the colombian people. but many working class colombians
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who were thrilled at less hope of any story takeover of the presidency felt deprived. i say they send me money that what you're projected i'm, i'm sorry i want to petra to win because he defends elderly. some people say he is bad, but we don't care. we're not interested in this past life. we're interested in the project. well trailing 12 points behind that. and then that could spoil the less hope by capturing the majority of the conservative voters that back to the establishment candidate on sunday. and whose biggest fear is the possible arrival of a true less stim power. in this rose, in the poles, within its orthodox campaign and social media, focusing on a single message against corruption, m. c. m. as a colombian tramp and fear, some of his proposals are and democratic or simply awkward. like promising to close embassies to pay off to the loan and saying, all colombians will have the right to visit the sea,
9:39 pm
at least once at the government expense. its chief communication strategist phase in this straight talk appealed to many voters, disgusted by politicians. we prioritize the candidates truthfulness, a candidate without any makeup, without any distractors and a candidate book frankly, about all the matters and obstacles, the country need to overcome it to move forward. it will have counted on a change versus stablish narrative to when the president, in the 2nd round, he now has 3 weeks to radically rethink his strategy, hoping to convince enough other than this voters that he does. it represents real change in that he will fall in the hands of the old establishment. it could prove to be a difficult challenge. allison, that i'm as you know with a president of pharaoh says he'll bring in the law to end immunity from prosecution proceeding. government officials, the same time federal castillo has rejected the investigation against him for legit
9:40 pm
influence peddling. state prosecutors expanded the inquiry against you for legit corruption in the purchase of biodiesel and military promotions. he denies corruption accusation not to get into finance. yeah. if they want transparency, i must tell them i ratify myself from here that i have not stolen a penny from the country and i will not steal from it because i have not come for that. emergency crews in ne, some brazil are looking for more than 25 people off to severe floods and land slides of the weekend. at least 91 people have been confirmed dead, many in the city over the sea fe, thousands, a homeless mechanic here for paulson. rio de janeiro o l i rescued teams are working around the clock with covering bodies in searching for those still missing. thousands have been displaced
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. losing all of their belongings. heavy rainfall began on wednesday in brazil's northeastern state of been unborn flooding streets and triggering mud slides. entire house is collapsed with the force of the water, while desperate neighbors help fire fighters dig up their loved ones. under the rubble, this man lost his sister requoted the law. the search party found my sister's body there this evening. they found her and 4 other bodies that still looking for my brother in law. this is the 4th major flooding event in 5 months in brazil, in february, more than $200.00 people died after torrential rains. if the city of patropolis, 80 kilometer is from rio de janeiro meteorologist, say a phenomenon called la nina, which cools down the pacific ocean waters helps explain the excessive rains in been
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on bulk or in other parts of northeastern brazil. a nicky vocal there is no doubt that climate change in the rise of temperature in the atlantic ocean are also responsible for these extremes. cold weather, hot weather, droughts, and rainfalls they've all become more severe than it is sides. bad weather. poor urban planning and low income neighborhoods in many brazilian cities is also responsible for the number of deaths and the mud flights. hearts of slums built on hills were swept away by watering. my this woman saw her neighbor's house collapse . hold on that body wampa. the whole family died. the father, the 2 children, the wife all died. president able so narrow toward the region in a helicopter, but was told it was unsafe to land. when the 1st one was awarded purser, we express our sorrows to the relatives. our main objective is to come to the relatives and to help her ovulation was february. also matters said the government
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can make available 200000. i was dollars to help victims of natural disasters. meteorologists expect more rain and been a bulk or a neighboring states in the coming days. the danger of more mud slides in the regions is far from over. minor keianna give all jazeera rio de janeiro calendars. government is trying to ban the sale of hand guns. prime minister justin trudeau says tougher laws who already in the works, but mass shootings new as of spurred more action catalogue has already on now. it's been seen as the most ambitious proposal yet to restrict firearms in canada. prime minister justin trudeau describes it as a national freeze of hand gun ownership. what this means is that it will no longer be possible to buy cell transfer or import hand guns
9:44 pm
anywhere in canada. in other words, we're capping the market for under the bill canadians who already have hand guns can keep them. but any one involved in domestic violence or criminal harassment will lose their firearm license. the size of ammunition magazines will be limited, and there will be increase penalties for gun smuggling. the crack down comes days after the school shooting and texas which killed $21.00 people. while canada has stricter gun laws and the u. s. canadians have suffered an increase of gun violence and recent years. in 2020 it band, semi automatic rifles after 22 people were killed in a mass shooting inova scotia. some gun owner say they're contesting that van in court. the new legislation is expected to be enacted in the autumn, but a rush to by hand guns ahead of the ban isn't expected. authority say sales are
9:45 pm
already heavily regulated. katya lopez, leanne al jazeera. now south africans are struggling to keep the lights on. electricity blackouts are affecting millions as power stations can't supply enough demand and fees, stealing electricity cables will then just worsening. the problem is for me, the miller reports from janice book students at the university of johannesburg. and so where to demonstrate following weeks of intermittent powers, which have hampered their studies, the university's management plane, he's stealing electricity cables for the black us enforce lurise east of johannesburg. more power cuts because of crime. nicely. le sharpie owns a small food business, which is costing more to keep open because she has to buy gas to replace the electricity supply. and so already because that might be more so we normally start
9:46 pm
at 5 am and that's when we get most of our customers. we have to tell them there's no power. and so we lose those morning customers, school children and commuters landed by the past. the demand thieves have been video taking up cables, sometimes in broad daylight much of the theft takes place at night during the electricity black house, while south africa battling to keep its lights on because of issues like aging facilities. the problem being worse and by ramp and crime, electricity cables are being stolen at an alarming rate. and officials are trying to stop as much of it as possible. in sweater frustrated people and police go on night patrols to try and stop the vandalism. but they're hindered by the lack of light with thieves are off to copper which sells for up to $20.00. a kilo on the black market, new through some is shipped overseas and is a very hard plaza casing,
9:47 pm
but the minister get through it and they take the copper out streams of copper cable as i and they were in debt and classic casing to get to the actual comp, how a company say the demand for capa is higher than ever, and crime syndicates control the trade date and sell it to. this is sort of a scrap metal. sometimes it get to this, what we call bucket shops, which ah, and was just that is scrap metal to last that would be at live and then from level 2 they didn't take it to like, do you out a cyclists in route to fight it at a fight others and all that a guys then would gladden late on this thing in bike. i'm relating it date deformity. while official patrols happened about 3 times a month, residents gather nightly at their own risk and often facing heavily armed beads, keeping an eye on the power lines in an attempt to keep the lights on,
9:48 pm
and the community saying that mita mila al jazeera. so way to south africa was still i had an al jazeera in sport, that feels pretty good to be this f one driver at the moment. details coming up. ah ah
9:49 pm
ah ah, oh lou . ah welcome back, archaeologists in egypt of unveiled another massive whole of priceless all the facts though, found in these her car necropolis site near cairo are many ancient treasures have
9:50 pm
been discovered. julian wolf has more honor that a cemetery south of the gives a pyramids. this latest discovery is the 5th big reveal by archaeologists who have been working at the site since 2018 hundreds of ancient egyptian coffins with mummies inside, along with dozens of bronze statues. of their gods, dating back some 2500 years with them, i have had a derby in one wooden sarcophagus. we found for the 1st time a complete and seal to piracy. immediately this preposterous was moved. the egyptian museum for sterilized zation. and in order to conduct the needed studies, i think this for piracy is similar to the ones that were discovered 100 years ago. and that talk about the book of the gates and the book of the dead on the coffins are expected to be put on display at the grand egyptian museum to the open leader this year. and with only a quarter of the site excavated there. sure to be many more treasures to unearth
9:51 pm
chilling woof al jazeera all right, time to catch up with all the sports his follow family. thank you so much. ruffin adela novak chalk, that chair about the battle for a place in the french open. semi final one man that's already through is alexander's of wraps. the world number 3 knocked out one of the tournaments other leading players. carla van. read winning the match in the german is looking to win the 1st grand slam title his be. italy's martinez travison is through to the last 4 in the when a strong young us open funnel is layla for analysis and reset. this is already her best performance. american teenager, cocoa golf is through the last 4 of the 18th. being her compact. we had some students in rate with them is looking at when her 1st grand slam title. i mean, i know no matter how good or bad my career is, i think i'm
9:52 pm
a great person. so i think that's a message for all the young players out here that your results and even in life, in general, your results are your job or how much money you make doesn't define you as a person. so just know that if you love yourself, who cares anyone else? thing. liverpool, football, club or demanding an apology from. the french government follows claims by the french interior minister that 70 percent of liverpool fans. that saturdays champions league final in paris had fake tickets. footballs. earpiece governing body wafer has now commissioned an independent investigation. french police fire tear gas at supporters waiting to get into the start to france. the game doubts around the jury was delayed by more than half an hour with thousands of liverpool fans unable to access the venue. we are incredibly surprised that someone in that position would make comments in the 1st place at this point
9:53 pm
when we hadn't had adequate time to understand what happened. there hasn't been independent investigation to establish all the facts. and as we said on saturday, that needs to be that independent transparent investigation and what happens and that that's the start the process. so to be making comments at this stage prior to any investigation. ready is completely inappropriate. we should know all the facts to make sure that the scenes that we've all seen, absolutely disgraceful from saturday, don't ever happen again. so making comments as deeply and helpful as that, we just feel that everyone should be focused on getting the investigation right and west about making, where amatory comments that attempt to deflect responsibility for what happened on saturday night with ad casablanca, have become champions of africa for a 3rd time american teen beat alley of egypt to nil and the final. eddy richardson
9:54 pm
reports a hobby due to covey 19 funds. haven't witnessed an african champions league final since 2019 their return brought with it. controversy you are comfortable with the match was being staged. in morocco, the home ground of one of the finalists without casablanca about their gyptian opponents. lastly, had failed. in an appeal to half the gang moved to a neutral country. the moroccan team dominated from the stone. oh, z we're only tara gee produced a gold worthy the occasion. hotly, we're aiming to win this title for a record 3rd straight season. and the tense on champions did have that chance. his dog with that. but this night was to belong to only to raji. he scored his and with that 2nd just after the break, ah,
9:55 pm
with please late efforts reflecting a season of near misses fit gyptian football which saw the country losing out in the africa cup of nations final and feigned to qualify for the world cup without finishing up his to know when his and champions of africa for the 3rd sign on the richardson algae 0 for my line, monica grand, prix winners. sergio pres has suddenly out to celebrate this week. ramble driver is having his contract extended until 2020 for the very to you over rate. the long side world champion match for sap and for at least another 2 years for as is most successful, mexican f, one driver in history, and is also the 1st driver from that country to win the showcase raise. the new york rangers are back in the eastern conference finals for the 1st time
9:56 pm
since 2015 having been to is 0. down in this playoff series with the carolina hurricane rangers won the decisive game 6 to that he will now place he time defending stanley cup champions. while the tampa bay lightning gave one of that series is in new york. on wednesday it is status. think a look at a big moment in the major league baseball season. he sees sanchez at marlin putting him home run in a stream, hole rattle, rocky. the bowl travel more than a 150 meters making at the longest hit of the season so far. wonder one of the few i like for the marlins in this game as they finished up losing 271. okay. and that is all use for our family back to you. thank you so much for. well, that's it from me. let me say that for this news out of the good news is not even know all the way back in a moment with all the days top stories for that. believe you now with memories of
9:57 pm
our colleagues, when i watch the voice of palestine al jazeera media network continues to demand of rapid independence and transparent investigation into killing in the occupied west bank. chevy and walks. i was shot in the head visor, the forces while on the fineman engineering, members of the international community have condemned her killing and continued to call for an investigation as well. the no, no, no, no no, no, no, no, no, no. this is, i don't need to be here with me. when you look at me, when you get to me, i can also you can just leave you a message. can you open the home and ya today? and we're going to give you what we set up
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for a studio. i'm a lot of money out of the book. if you're the one i don't want in shooting off the edge of data. ah and
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join the debate. wonderful as it is this, that to magic language, it really means nothing on the ground. annette or online at your voice, the queen is be removed as had a safe because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress i haven't seen in operations? do you see sports journalist i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives even when it's hard and when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this green analogies era june on al jazeera, as wash as invasion of ukraine approaches the 100 day mark. we bring you the latest from on the ground and the wars global impact. and you 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art, plundered by colonialism, and still housed in your opinion in today. the g 7, i'm nato hold key summits with the water ukraine on the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss as the influence of far right. politics
10:00 pm
grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to itself proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world helped qualifies. i mailed icing opportunity for countries to secure their spot for cut out 2022. june on al jazeera, he made ma hundreds of 1000 follow visits they think have supernatural healing in fortune telling powers one a 18th inch is the magical world of the buddhist, who called on al jazeera, unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from a london road car santa, on me the russian forces now control most of the city of sylvester, danielle.


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