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tv   Al Jazeera World Med Hondo Rebel African Filmmaker  Al Jazeera  May 31, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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on al jazeera, blue rivers, drying out greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife for migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this canyon needs more money for conservation. and with a corona of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors away. revenue from tourism isn't enough. here at the outset. national park, an annual ceremony has been launched. the ha parisha than individuals pay $5000.00 us dollars to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00. much of it for conservation initiatives. ah . hello, i'm marianna massey and on that look at the main story. the sour now governor of ukraine's la hon,
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screeching his sang russian forces are now in control of the majority of the city of civil done yet considered a key part of moscow's efforts to take the eastern dumbass region by russia has supported sap versus that for years same basra, the has moved from ukraine's capital cave. ah, pictures from a local ukrainian channel. widely circulated on social media. the woman says hello to her family. we are all right, we are okay. she says, what happens next illustrates the sudden severity of an artillery ukrainians worry. several donuts will be the next city to fall to russian occupation. the russian advance is slow, but it is steady. and russia now controls most of the city matches one is rosamille mumbled, and we'll do all of our plans are clear,
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we will de occupy our entire territory, which historically belongs to us. and in accordance with all international laws, this is our plan. now filled nicky block, we don't care about russia's plans. we are having difficulties in the east due to the shortages of the right weapons. you know this well this roy with ukrainian president villamor zalinski was speaking during a visit by slovakia as president. susanna copper tova came bearing gifts more howitzers, destined for the front line. as st. battles, rage, and several, the net russians are also striking other cities in east of ukraine, in nearby slow v ask residents, cleared debris from a russian missile strike on tuesday. and we have no place to go. where would we go? we have no place to go targeting civilians. infrastructure is one of the many allegations of russia's warcraft discussed by ukraine's general prosecutor with her international criminal court counterparts at the hague. a. we have more than
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$600.00 suspects. actually it is high level off top military military's politicians and propaganda engines afresh and figuration. how, when was speaking bar to war? grimes in ukraine? you know, we have me at 80 suspects people whom we identify as a role cream out and started to prosecute with them. the court confirms it will be opening an office in ukraine to investigate crimes and collect evidence. you know, was not brought up on the same day and have a 2nd war crimes trial concluded. 11th and a half year prison sentences for 2 soldiers, members of a russian artillery unit guilty of targeting civilian areas and car keys in areas that were retaken. ukrainians are still digging a bodies in shallow graves for autopsies and investigations. survivors and witnesses tell stories of rape, torture, and murder, ukrainians who have survived occupation attacks on their homes and are still at war
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with russia. they say that speedy justice when it comes to russian prisoners of war in custody will be justice served. then basra, the oldest era keith. meanwhile, in brussels, european union lead a se rushes war f. it's going to take a significant financial hit because of its ban on most russian oil imports. blockers wrapped up an extraordinary summit. tough to reaching the late night agreement. the toughest sanction yet on moscow despite compromise is to get across the line hungry slovakia and the republic all heavily dependent on washing energy was routed from the embargo speaker of labrenz parliament for the past 30 years has been reelected. a b barry was chosen by m p's in the 1st session of parliament following this month's election. before he was narrowly version new m. p. 's marched in parliament, calling for change. and the u. s. president. news, even prime minister of raise concerns about security agreement between china and
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the solomon islands during the meeting at the white house. joe biden interesting to discuss staffing engagement with pacific island nations. in order to counter china's growing influence in the region. can i bring those bad lines to our one you see later on? algebra world is a program coming up next? ah ah
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ah ah. with
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a b r at him or you think she may return? no. they're not super bowl that all. says alamo city city, supple see city school, he's please city selected, he goes on to come on. when albert, why was he? yes, he best of law mercy. i see to my yanni in to me larger the what i and i thought i heard a how about the and defense of the regina kind of lambda pub? i'm going to also, when i was us hub, who am i going to tonight after about? i kind of to turn the coffee and marcus and son and son, county him or harvey. he just seen him of atlanta to lead the animal can go and touch all the work. yeah. any cinema just had
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a woman can that she felt tractable a sub, her lot of hot the cinema allowed to be will every year in a cinema. it all in you nom in technique of regular kennel? profess holder machine. him up over the room. okay. do mod, who felt if he could make, we failed to feed him, going stale the way you would you some way you saw you saw the song they did, they could where they could or to do all of your last love. you're also seen, emma was all and she them a or tunnel producing. kimberly. as she knew, murky said, the residence, it is yours, does omit if i had, if now who could even bother and will fear by the end in tucker and bob lumina cottage, were but the guy who was, say, the alarm available to any one of the ship not had lot of actual were dish of nearby and colonel dana ill also look olla kens goodness off.
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and will the premise when xena generic failed often have just been super baskin promoted in while he's at 200000000 daniella about issues going factual lou. 52 su jake. no, it's not there. she does eve or pay on to kind of under for atmosphere which to my ear. yeah. and if i don't have your autoplay kind of thought, fiesta with every month me any time will be ready for cinema mg. i was in an automobile with your body and moreover, the excess of how i just fit, almond i'm. i've got i have your dominant moment the by had them. although i am glad to see them as how i just.
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2 wanted to know the deserves of miss hall behind you had this club i don't in the video is cleverly built a more know year duty building, so it's have a year swash shirley shirley shirley bay than live long before the present boy swash of asi. my cover you should have hussey and acquire kathy. we facility could also also be margie resolving more common, more north of a o c chalet she is okay. hospital year as city mazda bhaskar city, the outside bhaskar city, oregon. what javin lucky day basketball got up there and then will get you savvy.
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he landed on the malibu live tv last of gall compo, boy got a competitor, wanted issues to discuss up in the hot conte, be shop, sue, and upwards. as if i lived in paris to come suck again. he said he'll actually do she me out with the up in the doctor and he's gone back in the car. it only show him. i'm pretty patsy. met him. ok. that's not to to journeyed the cold. in lossy, the can, you see are la get to come up pretty and go on path. emerging a based on the initial review of your own will. i told the whole point was the initial in the met, namir please. the p kill and given the shark what it is, it, plenty le,
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dafter compare get in the manila shown to got the gone pat moore. i'm adapted to kind of in a mean here quickly and you have your corn fee. bhaskar. well, how about to be doing that kind of stuff? well, also that a nazi then, you know, when i get comma and the fact that i was i'm a boss. i got fun of him up on misty, yada, yada, and photo seems a well born and a kid for can you read? you have to had him by the best bag. martisha had seen him at the shop as cinema. accept your whole accept missouri. how could really any a but i couldn't watch so i could go and couldn't loom them. and i loved to have
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been hygiene over happened and sounded as if you will be elaine, north of e commerce, you not or no talk to you. she was yes. may bhaskar, son of ariana roberts, on the lack of bad money, could possibly be by the see the show me the ah, putting in a pretty cool on i can contact the office happen for further or was it the matter you can call me at the same except for their little asserted, you cool. the committee committed by bush welcome was w a. it looks like it was
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a failure. monday made the come to think it's good to sell us. welcome to folk who the premier need to buy in the best recovery. i don't need chris in and you know, send me off it is so i can keep our boss who are making it. they put all the money into the bam at a patio. my thought is that they have it. don't keep continue. yeah, i feel the coolie, it's a come sex. i kinda, you know, dr. echo mossey with the other kids in particular going above should salted lemon men. yeah. they may now new jersey. those are local mon, called amman de la. like maybe she didn't bother y'all to dam on magic it on a mon murphy, the maggi ellen upshaw's the dos shredded in upshaw's dawson. the fair
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ass on the display was shush wash lau, sheffield ishall. all my governor is also also cautious. i am in that i live in missouri and used to be this moment when i was the who said i can remember shed. so i'm kind of on home. i don't lead to an older one with a year. his mom. how about to him again that maybe her was but a just i do because i have, you know, i mean i put that i had a candidate, i'm an associate in with them a time and i thought honestly and as if well, one, the cyclical candidate. when as every other old number on the new dot it the, the messiah, out of about another 2 hours. so 10 o'clock and the, i'm going to be sick in where she is with him. is that when you thought about movement, dec i maybe you to miss i, you know, sir,
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what is she cute i have from his mythical and do an chaquita the min holiday should have an event. but actually thought to be honest with that the what it did they might have to issue d o. knowledge is a the place where you from each pooler, uncle coolant in africa, john the kia video to leesville mean your knowledge for today's you the movie, your false e last yell hold ski back to ms. and nico media, n, y, a school knowledge is great. from alaska to dr. e. ivy divisions until after he can pool. an latanya florentine says old he said o one model i misha fillum seen him a few bodies. if i had the alamo, i've got any cabinet been this bailiff had a anesthesia or a he. hey, aka sir todd body. i am the high above. i'm couldn't math,
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dissimilar, ohio own of sita mccullough, a woman. how arduous omen woman haul from the animal stuck. but me and you couldn't understand what the city was sabean. yeah. any kind of troy saw by omar other been this, belittle marjorie you can see. last said you seen the mcatella volusia, the cinema gutsy le fill actor, sit a pool volleyball. so perk seizures, your pulse cuz it says sac he, lou had done the law of each held you cinema city the i county kiss co sakelaris levied, you purple africa kiss, classic levy the new i'll false a we don't to don't to look see don't on to clearly pay occidental says actually i can take is knox totally feel makes pre made to leave him key. there fe, express mean south in the ivr insulting the falls the, the, the was the that africa. oh
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okay. lead will go, in essence with a nurse shift, shan, okay, i tell it available on did the ballad or some of those some the 2nd is she only like when he's shown these actually can like, will the soon these image gray aid ever this, he did fear she them apart, he q, i can play it, don't keep goodness said per dirt. the jockey pavilion day, he said on senior. he said more, there was something else in the cinema or a la, her power power the can call the ship constant them me there me it city around the out. he vs encore play. was hong kong play. assume see, book would prove my book prove my e mail to was yes. me person that he did a don't city some palm. you feel more don't quit dish. never, jamie tower, you position then march of events. that concept they don't call was not enough. a
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city upon your fax, talaya profession, and mom's a push to feel safin was it's young, sank. how many attempts are many of them now? what avi ver, midland, do oliver and that clinton cinema? yes. the little i'm why didn't i read it? the 7 with the why didn't it in the david shahan message that i had your me, you alam exactly. when that procedure who own of again, he's a login actually to on that show. say sure. sure. he on have it typewritten way. now to on their own says really make really cute of a c. y belongs at yahoo! do extend mo, february po, and kelly did a whole due february when the tim at north clam, one of the d carmina asap was they will come all sure. look, beautiful. i, liz, hector sicily,
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the sector off of your own can play. surely if him we're recover year with his act build the do. glad keep keep quin they say just you often it was a got more mark on harder film. good. a soft mock her natasha to jody. how to follow up with them in a different when i tell you who they alone, neil with a little and what does it have sus and michel letisha had to be met him to get him a get a chance. where did he call? who you talked to, one of y'all had the michelle and i said general what was the trade in been available today and i would consider yeah,
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what i can pay my other for them and know for the ha some are k for you. several be had the but if i, while you're in what case we're going on with that kind of how we can fit them. yeah. and the, i need her by the show. 100. hello. if we for applica. so you, i, the phoenix you in the, i can don't, i 6 younger, less, simmons i critique it to 6. your sample i don't can be reprieve on 6. you want 50 will do. can me kitchen 6, you can keep your to hook, exist to schulman nike, kitchen 6 you all the book who the few made it the 6 you and they i meant that i could kill city late. there were 50 well look out on the kitchen go 50 vile i said to navy on the scene in my media dawn to lay like a little patio don't don't play or they can seem fair of a vague you to lie on say
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a merely low child could flam. i'm a flamel letty at that, by the sham swell. i didn't know joe either today or at and do a sort of i had a thought that i are on the wall model, the solid them to them. and actually they couldn't say 3 or and as well how much and i let me and i said they can be in cinema field if you can just seen him and see if he'd like to do it. that would end of the honda lab would do until her death had help. oh sure jack. i am in room one room hospital in my room arrival and you had seen him with his young any even who
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in kenny and my dear a florida you should that of a good 100, a month of lamb sent out to somebody, not manhattan film that she had a lot of i should feel haven't come at all. not if you thought that was half of the he before the 5th year. is the mileage on the bus you had the family share. yeah. share with show him do that. ah, a bundle silman. fear of me why be the photo the and had one i had that feeling ramsey on this that he should done have been on the court on at least
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15000000. must fuel fi he soon? i'm and yet why she ended up going to be for just feeling michelle must be her. so what i thought i will volume him emily yet. and that he can act on the alto found the law suit. ah ah, ah, a good middle ground. i why more about you said for him he, i bet you gaunt army or said, will you send word e? can you build on purpose?
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good. i do. i now live on san travicia, a bunch come da mcclare. pass on. i mean, yeah, yeah, he's actually doc aaliyah. coffee is actually looking at ha, i'm wanting to teach, he could be deadly. and he might let to on the look enough, i saw you that because it the apollo chevrolet that really poked you joke enough. esl t separately. some got go my some guy get the i know mix time while they go see books up probably more or less actually they don't carry commit faucet moisture. he says shot or they explained morbid everyday god. that the tooth could burn. new put in kamali, maimed on the august of the la z jones. so, you know, i think, i think 20 the don't see that when they saw how yak, if they were ceiling coffin, a messina, at the helium feminine have been talking to you haven't seen
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a william manhattan instead of what and what would you like to do? i know have the nfl amendment. yeah. yeah. sure. the husband was mad and was that are those who use the hot button were calmer, yet pulling film the little what he was son lynn had cut dry meal. michelle had been how to, to flee de leon de bahati my for nea. a. we are be tomorrow. the as we move out in foreign sienna, one decide. if the saddle will not be her, they'll be not. but the one i was she and kathy on top it to be and, and had good the me what up the moth, daddy if it be due at the 2nd film? yeah, sure. let me out to see. mean, other than that, when you have time for them to know, what will you be in k for our model?
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what we had is, but he had to travel with alina to kind of michel it on by and for, and see, and can kind of build island, which i don't really look at the time. yes. i mean, nobody within the next couple kind of more jazz ended up on so he's on the day he's on. he didn't wasn't give it. yeah. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, i 2nd with him in that a, a sammy that a and it will stand then yet commission a lot better a jesus if i right. well, i see that i what well i'm and if you have been any, had been doing media been, can you not committed it into a cinema
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matlock without having a lot of the the id. but if you were wanting to add a bit of it, a map more to be happy with the other, i need help with the young and are having some issues with what i think not a problem with
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the story that determination. enjoy a new kiddo janet. i remain a, a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron desert library. the young cyclist and happy africa direct on al jazeera for over a century. american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countless young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from in
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a 3 part series, full plunge investigates a massive scandal that the united states scoutmaster part 3 are not just 0 cut on one of the fastest growing nations in the world news wanted needed to open and develop that school international shipping company to become a p middle east and pub, or trade and money skillfully enough, 3 key areas of development co filling up from it, connecting the world, connecting the future, won a cost cutters, gateway to whoa, trade. oh oh, i'm sorry, i'm new, muzzy. and then a quick look at the main stories of following now and governor of ukraine's la hans
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region is saying, rush and forces are now in control of most of our don. yet the city is reportedly being destroyed by heavy fighting, making it impossible to deliver him out of tearing supplies, or to get people out safely. those who are still trapped in the city of being advised to shelter in sellers. this is considered a key part of moscow's efforts to take that east and on the part of ukraine where i assure supported purchase for years, an estimated one and a half 1000 civilians are thought to have been killed since russia refocused. it's offensive on eastern ukraine. meanwhile, the president, to me as a landscape voucher again, all territory taken by russia miss as long as it is, emily mumbled our plans are clear, we will do occupy our entire territory, which historically belongs to us in accordance with all international laws. this is our plan when we put in the us, um with that we are not attached to the dates of the occupation. we are attached to the people rather than the de occupations. if our steps are operation on the d,
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occupation of a region will be linked to tens of thousands of victims among our people. then we will wait for appropriate weapons to save as many lives as possible. meanwhile, european union leaders, a russia's war efforts, gotta take a significant financial hit because of its ban on most russian oil imports. a block wrapped up an extraordinary summit in brussels, after reaching a late night agreement is the toughest sanction yet on moscow. despite compromises to get across the line, countries like hungary lack here in the chat republic all heavily dependent on washing and he away excluded from the embargo. and the speaker of lebanon's parliament for the past 30 years has been reelected at b, a berry was chosen by m. p. 's in the 1st session of parliament following this month's election before he was narrowly voted in new and peace. march to parliament calling for change. the white house is saying you as president joe biden is looking at executive actions to combat gun violence. this is the 1st funerals take place
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for those killed in last week. school shooting in the us state of texas, flowers and tributes continue to be placed outside, rob elementary, when 21 people died, 2 teachers and 19 school children aged between 7 and 10 years old. will bring you more in all of those stories in the news hour and 25 minutes time. i will see you then al jazeera well now continues. as the final 3 places at the feet will cut or decide it will light from the playoffs will gather reaction from across the globe themes festival. council 2022. the world qualifies special coverage on al jazeera. ah
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. with rob, don't just throw escapes or you could net council. sure. there is one that bit daughter she, molly book we moorish, where the boy the v. c, i o cia yet the sit bore toys a but before more i bally he made iep athlete for la basil you mo, medi he or maria tedney murphy. it's in the created. do.
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did you tell me it's i seemed to do double cab it in the next look sinister? yeah. lucy, no. k a med law says she chill l'oreal is or someone? yeah. lola. so yeah, no one possible you see a doctor on but they had tamala, best island mobile though a vehicle. it wouldn't mahogany without a bmo, george b. we actually bobby at the to army let in sunny would know said look at your son, look of law. who it is, god local s, what is some of the what i left him a hobbit a snob. oh, i must him, did a good. how cool my will body a cellphone and see what the tell but did insomnia will that dylan san she could count on all song that hidden sedaka? is he on t v long keanda by you whoa. e g h t pushed d o z a monkey to know get a pass child. said that mcclure for those that didn't need the dentist assuming
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danielson l plu. dba hennessy, 9. beyond the pep rally, it could. she could go produce only td's. could body forces martinis, common human for metal, assess, ordered to be sealed, it's and then, well, within the hub, it will fit only 10 for immediate, frequent si, nurses teeth to the festival. the racial fill of village eating over as cosette, the kid bootiful says, is that i q usually says look washes for produce minutes. it demanded buzzard pale. going to consider the measures to sit down with you soon after fussell meant city. still every soon every the but through the do the ne issues, it'd issues of the panel phone is pretty. let's honestly,
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whatever you brought to when you're level paul sound. the word, vascular fence, basil can fit in the me imagine le louis call belabor bar lafitte political 1111 toners me lacrisha. paulette l. a. ball shall the girl the sheila will have to feed me calmly portion of the world in person and not that so finally called a look. so sometimes people look over by linda hamilton door, a levy layer of the shop. i don't see a block on who, whoever the, until i'm a little thicker. why not? i prefer a few more t. okay. for kind of commercial platforms here. okay. for your country without a door and modular adam. okay. and we'll let the lydia. lydia held up the ts kit young ladies until when a deposit tamed back foolishly till he did bath or swear doctor fs. holy
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d g deposit. i came to the family, she twist seamless seal. if you can pull back, i'm only left by the police. and if you plan to pump the bleak, she called hopper linda hook, a shift facade. walk up is to marry him kimball more read uniforms. the merger, when they had this won't be who what i do now, but we're under mockup, what would have to be tough? you know, fail. i already knew r t i b b to get there. so vague refund. yep. that's how v g. a lot. i have done the blog, no more do the i e d f. we can do that. now. i think i'm kind of a thing, but i'm a world modern image of the other cordon julia. i love that to jerry him whenever i say, oh, how much is leanne with ah
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a with another plan. although we're a fatima desert, he is
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a backup other kind of masada hi i me, i just me to you. the article must have been, be home out of my be or bringing it cannot be hard at the common is minimal. the you know what? i'm the, to read than the whole diamond under what fee is luba but i'm and cinema now you month to month. i limit the jury was counter now will a little more than i would wish to marry. oh, which i now would why i was in a bit slow. how does a severe ludowici good show you that those who are the youth? no. soon regarding either of your li in the firm azalea working love, you already jumped my will. the will the if you you said or too much it was more.
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it's waterloo area. oh, nice idea. yeah. exactly where as with jewish. no sir. it demeria was we can to, with her pocket will tech and then each of mark jacket, mckinley by how get lab and t i did them. she had an antique to seal her empty to my place. and margaret did much when hannah set up, i thought you were like, well go wouldn't that this with her? with that, there was a read that this was going to be there, get a little more bull lou louis law, the cindy guy, the key of your leg, boost our museum law. libra. us go and take
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a quick. yes i am. i understand my philosophy mother. i'm eliana a little bit how pick up get a little have to get a doctor for the little. how can your job, would you, susan, will the job home for the job? the job will go to ask if you know how long you have a dock or a particular mean fatima it just good to to compare with you know, the put the keen ms armoire, while she was in the field relate for ticket elective. if you talk to to me her 2 minute on this, which i miss even sought in finnegan went to new jersey as michigan says it was michigan method in the area. oh, well get
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a tour of the film tell you. and if for for moke i will have to, i had another student gall marceau by the mac bremo show she to just do the last one was the one, but she told her that i had it about her, whose little susie number the appeal, elated to go to new jersey and the homeless that i need to have you had been getting to the money he will. how will that mean? who do need they seed that 50 a day to be in that it allowed me yourself the matter with an apple, but a deputy with sarah. and that'd be just the why they added another of the, you know, we had and then were hammered into the hazard of let me know what i meant and the model can any, a whole do. why i'm not sure. oh, bob, bob, you bob with the i have you said with connie. ready send you that the yeah. was the
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yo as will dan? yeah. was do that. he was the top of us and make sure that he had tonight and rick. yeah. lisa show. so yeah. i've got aiden ah, pen. do. and the total identity peer with i don't think i will if you miles the can with you my that to mom about my mr. lee, he kind of been too young. healing them that hon. i'm a big fan with cinema. was higher than most of the higher. and yet i'm and i'm in
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mr. i think of you the he, unless he and if the to mean them in a w o says, is that it, lamar mccannen just said m as in ear. wow, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. the talestine sassy at the mohammed door to let the account to or marcello, can you she mean that mean that mean that just her hector, hector hector, for the scene, we can see a copy of see her from care. how will she her up? she us was going to pass on us. can you add this on us from us? i had the one come superstars were bershard duty g 30. you get had. mm wow. yeah. a your, me yeah. no. but as you put the new within the leak or
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a padding. so here i just it's like a year bookkeeper, dylan i had moved her from missouri. yeah. give me a lesson or give you a better observe, get her dinner and so forth. i mean morale, do you know? yeah. now are synagogue algebra? them in the vehicle of poorly? jo. a for oswald, have you been a feather? me then had our city nemo, sensitive to our geography, leap as a ne kin sanky field vance. i met the large pamius, we met the puff window, santi subpar, gary sanity cox, at our parade them is on sex timor complex. claire thief, her properly said to set a sparse, no co pay, cut off, fain cut or faint. you can call me, i'll send you peers at the talk 2nd,
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cabella or to bed. come there. be too well. now for doing that is not you more key love a fe santa, the jar of our flag. that mr. hey, the curtain burns out. will not center the coffee just if your philosophy the bed is now. yes, you will be m khatri. the good. how come referred to as a may who could be easier for all of you to come on? the would you say and he didn't know did is it my my bus, the more with for mr. web. my, well, i can, we can get him from you will just as
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the other sort of threw him skin, getting the moon the yeah. so he did, i can move up doc, if you call leslie williams with mr. young. i can be or when i can look at him, kenny for thought and i thought i was in touch because you need a blood in touch was out kinda diamond. he will. how you about will slip that woman with the swim of lamb. if he, if i'm for, was he a desire? was the minimum that us we, you know, a flood that into me, lack of the didn't milano of insomnia, didn't to me a couple of laws on may every, by then this will be on this abuse. if the for question is the,
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the fin maple poolside pay, you will give us the lesson for, for the fact you know, where poorly salty the toners omitted this d b a june of u. c l 200 total don't. this is all doing here with can q star harko will not only 50? when do how can adjust, you might not to appear if y'all money in them say, yolanda valencia says, well done and ought to be of the matter. met by the rich melodrama. he did let him be alma john were hated the whole, not his uncle budget to his feet on his when he was suck. either. if demand bigger is chavira, then you can either mortgage of give you to job, belittle out to be left off. i would have seen them that way. yeah. and you had to delete the model. if it did the thin, nearly as it was,
11:50 pm
the souvenir didn't send the torn as johnny johnson. is it less sense if they could do the whole obviously, you know, no bell broom, the con, the business dr. keep the la broan death in our court. all can do at a comm blown sit down to supper, leaks it send killer. we've really fail. made it only, they say probably only saw a few meal kamani don't. well, you know, act up to, like i said, you'll see many of the show in that actually, you know, there's a trailer along the on to the call me now. yes, you will be getting mass pulling those in. if somebody's happy to leave it the only
11:51 pm
the level. so here bob, my howard scenario of let me box up the cinema and why you should get my in has i be should, could well who thursday'll sort? i day and you almost, i day it may be an issue about a 1000000 novels can be reliability. who do you to get in touch were being as, as, as seen him and one of the one hand one out to be hammered into can in to me either a cinnamon will not, didn't be tell you was you're probably down with matters could be many, should get in as he should get to the menu, the motion data will hammered into can you read any of the militia nowadays? chassis we've not had even at the she's, i mean, really felt you've seen him. i pulled him out. oh my, the cinema said that naughty and naughty expression is your spare, madras it, but the more basket viviane them than be that call tina,
11:52 pm
who couple vang depot. so there's also another bet county on picking it up next up by the lake here in, or could upon louis this. all right, it is you. ah, ah, 6 a by made say see, let, we let predominate whiskey don't the are you so could theo could meek door supper him or is it prima? he had to doing it? no, but good to skeeter faith. seem as you can for saying, what all do black repose, crissy noble double participate fully. tip that tail neo chris instead of treadmill
11:53 pm
cur, yakking ivis, tiana se, cache law mandel, vanessa pushy exxon ala. if you mostly do blush key, we've got mid day. do this be away show eva, or was on the feeder? yes, megan you the are awful. if eden, yet draw the posse shall we near clipping it? do pleasure, jimmy did the show evil by the viva. should the boundaries sure when you go sit there d r a b is where we're ye are you there marie always will be you know, emitted to don't use the see the metal graphic. we did the extra my speak to. yeah . you know me more liberal at. wow. it is she your kid?
11:54 pm
easier on my uncle. your shuttle. her men into i the a, the mfc and the little and we medicare been with covina, vertica sued with him and he will be there tomorrow. the middle fever and i'm, i'm going to be shocked me as it was coming up in his, in, had a bit in the middle fee. we mentioned do diversity there with me. i tell 20 more. you the i don't to do blanche made. it takes a breaks group from debbie to the, to the sound coffee shop. a love is a lovely, placid accountability liz, emily kelly z made the how come also fail. i fair enough, she escaped press it or not good for a we see at all left a acquisition, whether the more feel a feel of where the learned dollar seems like jeff is living with a plan. he's also got his or 5 on extra tenure. nick usual on this dyslexic,
11:55 pm
hopeful things that you guys, why do you merge people circulate your breast? it got sudden your own press r, the the mouthpiece, and they don't do me salary via email feat me. pull the live on who let me let she don't ever middle, no need, no fee. oh, i totally forgot that monday. now, what was it? what's that and if i be in warranty, in montana, if you do a commercial as to sure. sure. well, pseudo global, rheumatoid russia, probably a,
11:56 pm
some she's elevated poor, isn't it? it is up to part of it got caught on with you or not. some of the merlot can not really be a little bit different. and this year i've got a word and in my house, if you look at jason, i let the show who the yellow movie and what it means. yeah. what can a under any he, i love be shipley, an am. if you learn novelty, hayden will have, you know, but if you have more than one feel, another idea you love not doing that handy. necessity mohammed window come at that . how do we bob and i it, yeah. i live in a 10 assets on as soon as you can office and yet in, oh, are they mcmahon, video? yes. hello everyone, how ms into community, how about you, how to?
11:57 pm
and then who knew? well, i had a 100 a year where you had to her, you want to set about the only kind of what i added him to should because i didn't want any to a but then out of band if in name and canada will tell you. and with a couple of fun, i met him to come up with a can that a shot? gotta be a shout out. who hadn't been ah ah, ah ah, my hundreds of thousands follow wizards, they think have supernatural healing and fortune killing power. the one on 18th
11:58 pm
inches, the magical world of the buddhist who called on al jazeera the hi there. thanks for joining in. this is old plumb rains have really been doing a number on that southeast corner of china in fujian province. there was a landslide and that's killed at least 8 people and still in the stone. we've got more rain in the forecast on wednesday. the plum rains are also so keen, japan southern most islands, and i think just going to clip to shoes. so cargo shima can expect some showers on wednesday. meantime it's a dusty pitcher, air quality going down in beijing with the high of 33 degrees off to the philippines. i think the bulk of the energy here will stay out over the open water . but that western side of loose on seen some rain and also some downpours for mid to now. not too far away from the shower, as we go down under. they've been shivering through some cold here for the capitol
11:59 pm
territory. so camera 8 degrees, making it your coldest may day in 2 decades. we'll talk about that active. whether it's still going to be windy and rainy for victoria, looking at wind gusts here about 60 kilometers per hour. meantime, that flood of rain around the kimberly region. it's dipping south into that southern slice of the northern territory and we'll end in new zealand where it's a mess across both islands. but most of the action contained over the southern notes stay safe, take care, see sent, ah, outside of the conflict and ukraine, how concerned should we be about this on to build up? we bring the stories and different ones that are rapidly changing the world. we're living because the want to come roches new dollars, it becoming rushes new dawn counting the coast on al jazeera ah
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a with a ward winning documentary from around the world. one out 0, lou. this is al jazeera oh.


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