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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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a with a award winning documentary from around the world, which is 0 news. this is al jazeera. ah.
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hello, i, mary. i'm to mozy. welcome to the news our life from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. russian forces now controlled most of the city of sierra daniel ukrainians being advised to take shelter in their sellers. european leaders instead on rush early, you concluded summit after a late night agreement on sanctions oh, by public goals for change. lebanese politicians elected parliamentary speaker for his 7th straight term. and i've gabriel's on do it. new york city with a mayor has ordered the force for removal of all homeless and cabinets. it's proved to be highly controversial. that story coming up and in sport, ratner dell and know that jock venture currently battling it out for
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a place in the french open. last for waiting for the winner is alexanders of rab, the world number 3 knocked out carlos banker as to advance ah hello. and welcome to the news our, our top story, the governor of ukraine's lohan screeching is saying, russian forces. and now in control of the majority of the that are done yet. the eastern says he is reportedly being destroyed by heavy fighting, making it impossible to deliver humanitarian supplies or to evacuate civilians. though still trapped inside of being advised to shelter in their best sellers was given a don yeske is key to moscow's efforts to complete the capture of la huns, which makes up part of the east and dumbass region where russia supported separatists. yes, the city is about a 145 kilometers from the border with russia was one of the last pockets of land
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still under the control of the ukrainian government. well, an estimated one and a half 1000 civilians, a thought till been killed by since russia we focused its advance on the east and ukraine. same astronomy has more on this now from keys. with pictures from a local ukrainian channel widely circulated on social media. the woman says hello to her family. we are all right, we are okay. she says, what happens next illustrates the sudden severity of an artillery nation. ukrainians worry several donuts will be the next city to fall to russian occupation . the russian advance is slow, but it is steady, and russia now controls most of the city. matter. 11 is rosamille mumbled and will
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doable with our plans are clear. we will de occupy our entire territory, which historically belongs to us. and in accordance with all international laws, this is our plan. now filled mickey plot, we don't care about russia's plans. we are having difficulties in the east due to the shortages of the right weapons. you know this well this roy with ukrainian president villamor zalinski was speaking during a visit by slovakia as president. susanna cuppa tova came bearing gifts more howitzers destined for the front line. as 3 battles, rage and separate the nets, russians are also striking other cities and eastern grain. in nearby slowly ask residents clear debris from a russian missile strike on tuesday. we have no place to go. where would we go? we have no place to go. targeting civilians infrastructure is one of the many allegations of russia's warcraft discussed by ukraine's general prosecutor with her international criminal court counterparts of the hague. we have more than $600.00
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suspects. actually it is her level of top military, militarist politicians and propaganda edge and fresh and duration. when we speak about war crimes in ukraine, you know, we have a 2 suspects people who we identify as a war criminals and started to prosecute them. the court confirmed it will be opening an office in ukraine to investigate crimes and collect evidence. you know, we're not thought or they're not on the same day and have a 2nd war crimes trial concluded. 11th and a half year prison sentences for 2 soldiers, members of a russian artillery unit guilty of targeting civilian areas and car keys in areas that were retaken, ukrainians are still digging a bodies in shallow graves for autopsies and investigations. survivors and witnesses tell stories of rape, torture, and murder, ukrainians who have survived occupation attacks on their homes and are still at war
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with russia. they say that speedy justice when it comes to russian prisoners of war in custody will be justice served. then basra, the oldest era, keith, 80, no more nozer as a ukrainian citizen. now living in geneva, she was born and raised in scenarios on the ask family remains in the region. show us live now by zoom. and can i start by asking you when you last spoke to your relatives when you were last in touch with them and what a told you cut it. and that's been nearly 3 weeks as this will last poke. and it says there was last conduct with the city 3 weeks of no contact. and can you tell me? yes and tell me, can you tell me who is there? understand you have a grandmother. do you have parents or siblings or anyone else? i have my siblings and my grandma who decided to stay there and we know that
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mary, you to me and tired crisis for that. and people left our about any channel supply of gas, water, or electricity. and of course there is no connection there anymore. so we do not actually know the, the latest data or information on the application or the state of play on the wrong . but, but we do know that it's very tough and merrily impossible to watch. so very difficult to survive. and we have seen similar images and scenes paying out, for example, in the southern port city of mary pole. would you say the situation that or don't you ask? is that, is it similar to that or might it be was what did your friends and relatives tell you about the conditions inside of are done yet? sarah ask isn't due to the 2nd, mary paul, and i'm afraid to be on us that even worse at the cities being vomited and broken by palms that is teetering on the very edge of life right now. and been destroyed
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totally block by block to my knowledge, 90 percent of houses talk to the cities damaged and of these 60 percent cannot be recovered anymore. and now it is impossible to deliver him turn aide to the city because there are, have a st pies go on inside and people are still in desperate, desperate need of food and water supply. so running really low and rockets continuously fall on their homes. and there is no possibility to lease or to management. fortunately from sort of part control by credit troops. this possible. but it is very much for the chances of cape a very, very tiny yes, because the city has been encircled. it's significant to the russians. and because the fighting has become more fierce in recent weeks, it's very difficult to get humanitarian supplies in to get civilians out safely. but when the fighting 1st started, did your family make
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a conscious decision to stay in the city regardless of, of what happens and what comes next. when the war started, my family, the my, that congress, this isn't the state in the town and other to protect our homes. because back to the 24th of every, everybody had had his on her jobs and everything was kind of fine. and compared to what's going on there right now, but it is not fine there and more so i'm very glad that the majority of my family managed his cape and invasion key of right now. and but to be very, very much every day about the, about the life count 1000 of other people would still stay there. and of course i relatives for amanda can very much much help that that's the international forces. international partners will do help. and those
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will make the create an army able to, to fight for. and the friend each and every square meter of our region, and give people hope for having their, their elf and their, their crown, and their homes back back to normal. to people still have that hope because the suggestion is that perhaps even with weapons and artillery support from the west, the cranes are likely to retreat from the area even if it's tactical. it is about tactics, but it is all about tactics and we do understand that several mess as a key point for, for russian forces to control class. it's one of the case. it is in the don bus region. but as to this, the president of france said and has been confirmed, but the credit service redo will, will fight for each and every me to a land. and they will protest it's and we will not keep up and they will not check
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replies. and by any cost, any number nova, thank you very much for joining, giving us a sense of the conditions and what's happening inside. so that are done yet sc, eastern ukraine or conflict. and ukraine has also created a global food crisis, pushing a cost of wheat and other staples around the world. now, russia's foreign minister says moscow will guarantee the exports of ukrainian grain, but only with conditions. so gala rove who is currently visiting bahrain says, you must 1st remove all mines from its seaports. not later when you know pretty much the we've our friends in detail about the measures taken by the russian side for more than a month to ensure the free passage of ukrainian grain carrying ships which are currently trapped in ukrainian portals. but for this, ukrainian officials must clear minds from ukrainian territorial waters. the de mining problem which we have been drawing the attention of western colleagues for
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several weeks is resolved. the russian navy will ensure that these ships passing to the mediterranean and then to their destination. oh development, say united nation to saying that had constructive discussions in moscow and facilitating rushing grain and fertilize exports to global market. christian salumi has more on that from un headquarters in new york. the u. n. is attempting to work out a deal to allow more russian wheat and fertilizer to get to the market, as well as ukrainian wheat tab, alleviate rising food prices, which have hit the developing world particularly hard russia and ukraine account for about a 3rd of the world's wheat production and millions of times of grain have remained stuck in ukrainian silos due to the fighting. russia has blamed us sanctions for the problems exporting. it's green. united states ambassador to the un denied that but said the discussions are welcome. these are not being sanction,
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but companies are a little nervous. ah, and we're prepared to give them comfort letters if that will help to encourage them as well as insurance companies to support those efforts to get a grain out of russia. that again is very needed by the international community, but i will say rush is able to get his oil out and that's sanctioned. ah, they should be able to get their grain out that's not sanctioned to help get ukrainian wheat from ukrainian ports. turkey would play a role under the un proposal. the un says the talks have been constructive and are continuing all in developments elsewhere. you leaders have wrapped up an extraordinary summit in brussels, which was, of course, dominated by what's happening in ukraine, and was a shoot issue of unity though. the block, reaching a late, not agreement that to van most russian oil imports by the end of the year. it's the
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toughest sanction yet on moscow, despite compromises to get across the line hungry. so back here in the czech republic, all heavily dependent on russian gas. now, now they were excluded from the embargo. you might remember that in the sy the leaders decided to phase out the dependency on washing fossil fuels as soon as possible. we started with cold yesterday in the middle of the night, we decided then to have a band now on the fact to 90 percent of russian oil imports to the european union by the end of the year. and now diplomatic edison james base has been following those developments from brussels. what was achieved this summer as the e. u has finally passed the 6th round of sanctions, which had been sold for over a month. but they had to water down the proposals to get them past. the original plan was for a total ban on oil imports from russia. now they've decided on
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a compromise to keep hungry and hunger as prime minister victor oberon had been blocking this to keep him happy. they decided that oil that comes in on a ship from russia must be banned all coming in on a pipeline from russia. for now, it has a temporary exemption. now 2 countries, poland, germany say, even though they get there all by pipeline, they will voluntarily decide not to have that all any more to stop those import. but that temporary exemption, particularly for hungary. how long does that last for no time scale has been given, and it's interesting that the hungarian prime minister victor, or burn has been on facebook. you posted on facebook, a boastful post hungry is exempt from the oil embargo, so questions still on that issue. they also discussed food security and the problem of getting the grain that's trapped in ukraine out of the country. but one thing
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that wasn't discussed at this summit is the candidate status of ukraine to join european union that somebody that president zalinski once it's near the top of his list. that's been deferred to the next you summit, which take place in just under a month's time here than he is our life from london. much more still ahead on the program e 1st funerals, al, for the victims of last week's math shooting a texas elementary school. life begins to return to normal in china's to begin cities covered restrictions, ease and shanghai, and beijing. and then a chance or a big moment in major league baseball season. ah, now the speaker of lebanon's parliament for the past 30 years has been re elected now be a barrier was chosen by m. p. 's and the 1st session of parliament following this
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month's election before he was narrowly voted in new and peace march to parliament, calling for change as arizona. honda reports from the lebanese capital they wrote. 4 it's a moment of change. representatives of lebanon's protest movement making their way to parliament. they walked past security forces, who once kept them out during massive demonstrations in recent years. it's the 1st session of the newly elected legislature. and these 1st time m p 's are hoping to bring change to a decades old system. there is no them. ok in lebanon. what? because the patient and i completion that system. but we are here to read for democrats in lebanon, and today, unfortunately, i'm on the right. what gun on that if there was any, any kind of compromises? compromises based on power sharing between the political establishment have long
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been how politics is done here? that's how parliamentary speaker b barry was re elected to have been in the position for 3 decades and for many a symbol of a failed system, riddled with corruption. but this time it was different. bery failed to get the endorsement of a majority and one with the limit of march and a blow, but symbolic. and i know the problem has to be a habit for those who are hoping for radical change that hasn't happened. change in peace, couldn't win enough. see, the status quote didn't change yet, and it's lebanese leaders who have been in power, who are expected to have the final say on what's next. so vote for a new speaker starts a constitutional process that includes the formation of a new government and in a few months is the election of a new president. but the current landscape in parliament, the lack of a clear cut majority means there could be protracted negotiations. an extended
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political vacuum won't help a state and an economy that has all but collapse. the parliament has failed over the years to implement or undertake any economic reforms for that matter. and during the crisis, in fact, the parliament obstructed economic changes and economy can be forms. politicians are also accused of destructing accountability for the baby port explosion that killed more than $200.00 people. 2 years ago. though in the state killed my brother, they are responsible and we want to know the truth. those who are confronting the system, no democratic change cannot come overnight, but today's vote appears to be the beginning to be baptized investigative journalist and founder of the baby reports he joins as lives now. one of the parliament's immediate priorities and challenges. well,
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the big challenge is to get out the tremendous financial whole that love on it. that's one of the highest debts in the world. it has an economy that has been tatters. the local currency has lost over 90 percent of its value. that means if you have $100.00 in the bank, you get $10.00. people have seen their salary slashed. and so while this was a historic election and we have seen a lot of interesting developments, and the hope is that these new members of problem will bring a new culture of politics and will be able to, you know, be the eyes in the years of the public inside the chamber of parliament, the same time democracy alone will not save lebanon and then a note in her report, a power vacuum is not good for. ready economies and this parliament is very divided and so it's very hard to see how to be a united plan and only united plan will help a country in such a dire straight. i mean, it's one of the worst crisis that was ever seen to divide it parliament very fragmented between different groups. what does that mean?
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chord law can paralysis on the issues that matter most to the lebanese people. yeah, that's right. i mean now you know, has below that there is no majority in parliament, there's no majority coalition. so that's always going to be, that's gonna be a lot of paralysis, a lot of filibustering if you will. and hezbollah is now played against one of its arch enemies, the saudi supported group that close united states of america, and really is very militant and it's, and it's a missile of hezbollah. so we might see a lot of, you know, political grandstanding a lot of scandals, but that's kind of like, what's not really needed because the economy, the world economy needs to see love on, you know, building itself, making a product, selling things. we're a country that makes almost no product. we import 80 percent of our products, where a consumer country that lacks any major manufacturing industry. so, you know, democracy alone is a step forward that we are all celebrating. and we have seen even a member of parliament who's shot by the police being elected department,
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which is an amazing feat for democracy in lebanon or anywhere. but the fact of the matter remains is that countries need strong economies independent, not just democracy. how is this? is you say it's absolutely critical to address this. what many says already and existing economic collapse in the country for that has to be a progress and talks with the international monetary fund. but when you look at the timeline for the rest of the year, now, how is this division in polymer going to affect the very significant presidential election coming up in a couple of months in october? you know, lebanon is famous for massive delays in government formation and making a government and love. and i was like making world peace. you have to get your run . and i've said together the same page, that's very hard, that can take many months and years. and we've had times when there was no precedent lebanon for a year, almost 2 years. and so these boys will just be, you know, even worse for the economy. and it's already on the, on the base level, people are basically trying to get water trying to get like tricity,
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just the basic services they can't even afford gasoline to get to work anymore. and so it's hard to imagine how another political back into more political infighting will really help the country this point. right, so what happens and they're going to be polar, are all polarizing issues between has bolas, on the month talks at the i, m f, the banking system, government formation, presidential nomination, know that they're going to be divide all of this. now if it stays that way and people are stuck in a situation, was not enough food and as you say, not enough clean water in these living condition. does that mean tensions on the streets? well, we haven't seen that so far. the streets remain pretty common love and they've been through so much they've been through one of the biggest explosions in the world that we're seeing. they've been through the west of christ there were ever seen. and people have really, you know, just tried to, to manage. but we don't know how long that's gonna last, but for now we don't see any real interest in a war and not usually
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a war and love on means that foreign countries have to start playing weapons. and the international community doesn't seem to have an appetite for war and love at this point. so we might see more increasing crime, more desperation of people and more anger. but unfortunately, people who don't even have the means to get around town, it's going to be difficult to do anything more than that this point. so people are kind of really stuck and they're just trying to get out of this country if they can unfortunately have be better. thank you very much training staff from a work. if you the 1st funerals are taking place for those killed in last week's mast shooting at a school in the us state of texas mass for amory joe garza have been has been held at sacred heart catholic church. she was 10 years old. the congregation heard she loved to draw at her step father's request, some mourners dressed in her favorite colors of lilac and purple for and so she tried to use a mobile phone. she'd reset been given her birthday to call the police during the
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shooting. more funerals will be held over the next 2 and a half weeks. as people in ovalo, they say good bye to the 19 students and 2 teachers killed in the attack. meanwhile, u. s. president joe biden is looking at possibly executive action to combat gun violence. the white house is a bite once federal laws enacted by congress, but that he would also consider other measures. we are looking at other executive actions that we can possibly do this president has done more executive actions at this point than any other president, but it's not up to him alone. he cannot do this alone. this is what you heard him say to to kelly. oh, yesterday, and so congress needs to act so we can have federal law legislation on the books, so we can stop this epidemic that we're seeing across the country elsewhere, legislation to bam, the sale of hand guns has been proposed in canada,
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a prime minister just intruder says plans to tight and gun laws that already been in the works. but the recent mass shootings in the u. s. a fast tracked crackdown catch you love us diane reports. it's been seen as the most ambitious proposal yet to restrict firearms in canada. prime minister justin trudeau describes it as a national freeze of hand gun ownership. what this means is that it will no longer be possible to buy cell transfer or import handguns anywhere in canada. in other words, were capping the market for under the bill canadians who all ready have hand guns can keep them. but any one involved in domestic violence or criminal harassment will lose their firearm license. the size of ammunition magazines will be limited, and there will be increase penalties for gun smuggling. the crack down comes days
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after the school shooting and texas which killed $21.00 people. while canada has stricter gun laws on the us. canadians have suffered an increase of gun violence and recent years. in 2020 it band, semi automatic rifles after 22 people were killed in a mesh shooting inova scotia. some gun own or say they're contesting that van in court. the new legislation is expected to be enacted in the autumn, but a rush to by hand guns ahead of the band isn't expected authority, se sales are already heavily regulated. katya little piece of a young al jazeera. now the u. s. president and museum prime minister have raised concerns about security agreement between china and the solomon islands, during a meeting at the white house, jo, by that inches and are done disgust, stepping off engagement with pacific island nations to count a. china's growing influence biden is saying the us wants to partner with the
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region rather than dictate to those countries. chinese foreign ministers currently half way through a diplomatic tor the pacific, hoping to deepen his country's ties. that our white house correspondent, kimberly hulk. it has more. you know, it was the 1st oval office meeting between the u. s. president and new zealand prime minister, a chance for washington to counter china's growing influence in the indo pacific region. but for new zealand, it was also an opportunity to express that when it comes to business, there are no loyalties. he had an exchange of views on the pacific, currently very clear view on both sides that the pacific needs to determine end is determining its own rules of engagement and as partners. we need to make sure that we're hearing what via critical focus and areas of interest are for us to partner on a partnership is k, it is not
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a donor donate relationship and nor should it be. and i think that's the approach that i hear from the united states. certainly the approach of new zealand, regardless of who within the pacifica, engaging with the meeting lasted roughly 90 minutes and included other topics like climate change, trade and even how the united states and new zealand could cooperate in space. and that included the vice president comma la harrison, that conversation. but there was also the topic of gun control in light of the shooting that took place last week in texas. and how the united states could potentially bound assault weapons when it comes to that effort in new zealand. unlike the united states, the new zealand prime minister says that effort in new zealand was met with unanimous support. an alger zara presenter has been sentenced in absentia to 15 years in prison by a court in egypt. i'm a tar was charged with spreading false news for an interview conducted in 2018.
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with abdulla my name, i would for 2 leading opposition. figurative form of presidential candidate to has says the ruling is shameful and lacking logic network as described. the verdict is an attempt to criminalize the profession of journalism. of a solo, of a novel will not go, the message is clear, but it runs against all values. been norm signed by egypt regarding press freedom movement and allowing journalist the opportunity to do their work with whoever took the decision to arista for colleagues who have been detained in egypt or to issue such an insulting sentence against me has actually insulted themselves. and how can i explain to the world, but they have sentenced a journalist for 15 years in jail because he interviewed a public figure. how can i explain such a rule into the world unless the egyptian president himself recently said that he is starting in america? europe were press freedom, will be protected and political detainees. remember house bob office oxley armor,
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but the whole out of their media network has continued to demand a rapid independent transfer investigation to the killing of its journalist in the occupied west bank. sharina buckley was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment jeanine. on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pull barras to almost drop her casket magazine to national community of condemned her killing. and continue to call for an investigation. a blackledge been with al jazeera for 25 years covering the story of these railey occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine as well. oh rights groups including amnesty international and human rights watch of joint forces in london to denounce israel for carrying out what they say is the crime of a party in its treatment of palestinians. and you've bach asthma on this now. the killing of al jazeera correspondent, sharina o'clock on may the 11th by authority, forces spawn outrage around the world amongst journalists,
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and amongst leading human rights organizations as well. many of those groups represented here at this discussion. debating what underpins 55 years of brutality and violence against palestinian people among those talking here. oh my shaquille, director of palestine and israel a human rights watch. he himself was expel from israel for his work and those all too well about the situation on the ground. soon we're talking about the israeli palestinian context and we use the word apartheid. we're referring to israel, systematic oppression of millions of palestinians undertaken in a context in which there are inhumane acts serious abuses of the fundamental rights of palestinians, undertaken by a government whose underlying policy intends to maintain the domination by one people over another. so there's no shortage of international outrage over the killing of serene abilene clairol al jazeera colleague. but out of human rights
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organizations like yours, capitalize on that outrage. i think it's critical to understand that sharing a block less killing is not an isolated incident. it's taking place in a context in which palestinians, millions of palestinians live a daily reality, reality of structural violence, repression and apartheid. we need to understand the trina block, thus killing comes in a context of israel methodically using excessive force of killing journalists. the un commission of inquiry back in a report in 2019 document. how israeli authorities fired on journalist doing their job, knowing who they were, we must understand that is really, authorities. impunity is endemic. they regularly commit grave abuses and nobody's held to accounts. i think it's critical to situate schraner block las killing in this larger context. and to understand that to overcome this cycle, to prevent future killings of journalists, of doctors, of people like sharing
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a block law. there's a fundamental need to reevaluate our approach to this situation. we to call reality by what it is apartheid and we need to take the sorts of human rights based measures that are commiserate with abuses of this gravity. the leading human rights figures represented here, believe that like apartheid in south africa. and now is the time for the world to mainstream, the struggle of the palestinian people and put what's happening there very much in the past to to halfway on the program. they are the wells and biggest boy band y b t s was invited to the white house to discuss patient hate and it feels pretty good to be this f one drive right now have those details a little bit later. ah,
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here's your forecast for the 1st of june. good to have you and we're getting strike by some pretty solid bands of rain for western areas of hungry. good power up, some thunderstorms here, generating some powerful winds and also hail. let's press play. see where it goes. it cuts across hungry and pushes into romania. at the same time, we've got some rain running through pulling into bell roofs and that western side of ukraine and for greece and turkey, it's mostly sunny, but still the risk of seen some showers pop up across central areas on wednesday. that includes anchor with the hiv, $31.00 degrees, other side of the mediterranean, that it bind to grain. it's starting to move more inland here and it will take some time. but we will see an improvement in conditions and lisbon with a high 21 degrees on wednesday, some showers for the island of britain. so we're talking about scotland wales into that eastern side of england. and another run of rain through the baltic states in store for you on wednesday it remains windy and dusty through mauritania. that
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includes new ox shut, seem wind gusts there about 50 kilometers per hour. a slug of rain is cutting across central areas of mozambie, but for south africa we've got plenty of sun for you. on wednesday, kit towns got a high of 19 degrees, which is actually pretty well where you should be for this sub the year. that's it for me catch you later. ah ah ah, the shake hum odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information, go to w, w, w dot h, t, a dot q a slash e m. awe cut out one of the fastest growing nations in the world news ronnie casa,
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needed to open and develop. it pulls into national shipping companies to become a key, middle east, and pub trade and wanting skillfully, mcdowell, 3 key areas of develop. oh, filling up from connecting the world, connecting the future. wanted gotta gotta gateway to whoa trade. lou ah, one of the main stories now the governor of ukraine's at lohan screeching, his sang russian forces and now in control of most of 0 done yet. it's considered
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a key part of moscow's efforts to take the eastern dumbass region of ukraine by russia has been supporting separatist for years. meanwhile, european union lead to say russia's war f is going to take a significant financial it because of its ban on most russian oil imports. the block has wrapped off an extraordinary summit and brussels after reaching the late night. if we need to on the sanctions. and in lebanon speaker, the parliament for the past 30 years has been reelected. that b barry was chosen by m p. 's in the 1st session of parliament following this month's election. now k pop supergroup, p t. s has visited the white house to highlight a rise in anti asian hate crime in the united states. the seniors attended a youth, ambassadors, italian disease on basset, promoting message of respect and positivity. a say they are devastated by recent spate of attacks. have also held a close meeting with the president in the oval office from new attacks against
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people of asian descent have been rising sharply across the u. s. taking the since the storm. the pandemic. now, according to the center for the study of haitian extremism, instances of hate crime rose 30339 percent last year. compared to 2021 in 6, asian american adults reported experiencing a hate crime last year. one in 10 was cost aust baton, while $1.00 in 3 was told to go back to their country and anti asian sentiment is only on the rise figures show one in 5 americans now believes asian americans are at least partly to blame for covert 19 compared to one in 10 last year. well young and zang is the 1st generation asian american works in political strategists, joins us live now from washington. so pretty staggering figures that arise of what nearly 350 percent from one year to the next. can i ask you, 1st of all,
12:40 am
how fearful many asian americans are right now? thank you for having me. it's been, as bts said, it's been a devastating time. it's been very scary for not just myself, but for my family members, for friends of friends. and thankfully, i have a great community around me who has reached out, but i can tell you that as the pandemic was happening, i myself was running for office. and i faced a lot of direct discrimination, particularly around social media. that would say things like, you know, you're not an american this and that, and it was very, very hurtful and i know many others have whether i think fully do not know anyone directly, but no friends who have mentioned that others have been hurt physically, which is just disgusting and should never happen. but i do know that in my
12:41 am
immediate group of people they have faced it where people are said, go back to your country, you shouldn't be here. and unfortunately, asian americans have always throughout history been treated like the other or foreigners and not truly american. and why is that? what do you see as being reasons all the causes for that? well, i believe that it has lot to do with identity, just looking different and having a different culture. so i'm a 1st generation asian american i came actually was born in beijing, china, and i came here when i was 3 years old. so my parents faced the language barrier and the cultural barrier and then also just being made to feel different because you look different or you eat different foods. and this started more than a century ago with the 1882 exclusionary act where congress actually excluded in chinese immigrants for a period of 10 years to not be able to immigrate to this country. so as xenophobia
12:42 am
and racism has always been a part that has been targeted on asian americans and it hasn't helped with the model quote, model minority mess, which is truly a myth because it's essentially a white suspect. supremacist concept that has made minority groups pit against one another in true instead of truly working together and having compassion as b t. s. is staying at the white house in which i am truly thankful for what they're doing today. when you talk about the importance of working together in being a united front on condemning and opposing this kind of warrant behavior and racism, how have politicians handled it? mean, it's one thing now with president biden and the white house. but what can you tell us about inflammatory and, and sundry language use, particularly around the pandemic from former president. thankfully,
12:43 am
president biden is in office in as said a completely different tone. unfortunately, we did have a precedent, as you alluded to that felt it was ok to say things. and it has, it did essentially allow make people who are xenophobic and racist feel like it's ok to act on those beliefs. and that's the tone that we need to change now because unfortunately it's happening. it's happened in our history happening across the country with not just the atlanta mash shooting now. the buffalo mash shooting these are just a couple of examples. and just last week i was at the p a i yes. gala, which does a lot of work around empowering used a p. i a used to be engaged in politics and public service and vice president comma harris was there speaking. and she talked about the importance of working across
12:44 am
all cultures, making sure that we include people of all walks of life at the table so that they're not only having a seat at the table, but they're making their truly in a decision making role. and that's what we need to do the islands on. thank you very much for joining us on this. so are important topic from washington. thank you . and the united states as going opposition to way authorities at dealing with homelessness act activists in new york city of his house that rides on homeless shelters ordered by the maya gabriel lozano reports. that was boys. well no, not a symbol is no. neil seeing is in shock and feeling stressed. group seeing and his partner are homeless. the 2 of them live on a sidewalk in new york's chinatown neighbourhood in an encampment they call home this house i will go by. so he put on this day under the watch of police officers, city workers had come to dismantle it. effort all their possessions were thrown
12:45 am
away from everything a mile away, brand new, from blankets, so close to see good shampoo, nobody oh shoot. the order was everything was brand new still, cuz the guy the own it though, so how does that make you feel? i'll be real bad. it goes out. most of the time people camila were full. this is what i do all day collect bottles and chairs and metal. dozens of such sweeps of homeless encampments had been conducted in recent weeks in new york city. i'm homeless advocates say it's heavy handed and a waste of resources. how many cups were here? there was 2 vans of cops around the corner. troops responding to 2 homeless tends to do homeless people, intense that the amount of money that is spent every day on the sweeps on these raids, which is what they are can be $1.00 day can pay for a week's housing for everybody in this,
12:46 am
in camp president joe biden recently announced new initiatives to combat homelessness throughout the united states. it calls for among other things, more funding for affordable housing. but here in new york, the mayor eric adams says the 1st step is to clear homeless from the streets. and that's why he's ordered this sweeps, we have tolerated homelessness, won't pass our brothers and sisters who are living in tents on the street. and we normalized it. homeless encampments have increasingly become a national issue from los angeles, san francisco, portland, to boston in new york. as the sweeps continue, talk about cell a bell. so to this a protest in opposition to them. oh, many fear the sweeps will force them back into homeless shelters. they say are unsafe, i'm going to be facing homelessness soon. i would not choose an option off the
12:47 am
shelter. it's the worst place to put human beings. everyone is crowded there that the conditions all of that the, that the, the cleansing us inside of the shelter with that many people is not up to standard . it's not an easy issue. one person's eyesore is another person's home. gabriel's hondo al jazeera new york. now current of ours restrictions are ending the millions of people and china's to biggest cities. shanghai is lifting its 2 month locked down from midnight on wednesday, and he businesses can reopen and there will be fewer restrictions on going out working in beijing, the gyms museums and theaters are also reopening, but there will be limits on the numbers of visitors, katrina, you has more from beijing this is the busiest this area has been for weeks where invading eastern young district, the biggest district in the city where people have been told they no longer need to work from home. authorities in beijing say the current grown of ours outbreak is
12:48 am
basically under control and many restrictions on easing. public transport has resumed here after almost 3 weeks of being florida shopping centers moves, libraries in june can also open back up thought a limited to 50 percent capacity. resident say they're relieved that the capital has managed to avoid a hard lockdown and looking forward to getting back to me and change it on what your prevention control measures policy, which was really tough that was difficult time. now, life is part of the normal what a good feeling of i will be waiting for this stay for so long. yeah. finally, we can walk freely on the street. but in some parts of the city, especially in the cities west that are still some restriction in place and throughout all the aging schools sort of fall remain online and restaurants can only offer take out services. there are still a few core of ours cases being found in the community. and because of this, residents need to take a core of a test every 2 days in order to enter the public areas. will taiwan is military and
12:49 am
the us national guard of planning. what's being described as cooperation now, taiwan is present sign in when says that it's a sign of deepening security ties in outlook was made as a us senator visited the capital tie. pay train in here was the last july sen duckworth was one of the main sponsors of the taiwan partnership act, which received bipartisan support in the u. s. congress. as a result, the u. s. department of defense is now proactively planning cooperation between the u. s. national guard, anti ones defend forces. sen. duckworth also recently introduced a bill, but further prioritizes taiwan, security. as part of us military deployment in the pacific region. and at sneeze from mexico, the headless bit heavy rain and strong wind, still pounding the southern pacific coast off to a powerful still made landfall. on monday, august, there is the strongest harkins requoted region during the month of may. it arrived
12:50 am
as a category to storm, but it has since weakened in watching the news, our life from london. we're going to have all the sport very shortly and tell you about the american teenager who's lighting up rollin gauss level. the french open action coming out ah, cats are always official elling of the john with
12:51 am
a whole a fish and line of the journey blue. the point now is fine. thanks so much marianne world number one. know where chalk of edge and 21 time grand slam champion. rosmer dow are on court right now. the to 10
12:52 am
is heavy. weights are battling it out for a spot in the french open. last for waiting, and i mean for the winter of that matches alexander's of rab. well, number 3 knocked out, carlos alcortez to advance the rev winning the match in force that the german is looking when the 1st grand slam title of his career. look i think carlos is, as i said, one of the best players in the world right now. and it seems quite impossible to beat them. but i knew that i had to play my best from the 1st point on, i think, you know, letting him go ahead in the match. and him get the confidence was going to be a very difficult thing for me to come back from. at least 29 travison is through to the last 4 and the wins draw the unseat of higher b u. s. so been finalised, a layla fernandez in 3 sites. this is already her best performance at a grand slam. american teenager, cocoa. gov is also through the sammy's 18. c,
12:53 am
beating her compatriots, loan stevens, and strength fence to advance. eva. gov is looking to win her 1st grand slam title as well. water. ukraine's national football team will play scotland on wednesday for the chance to reach the woke up finals in qatar there qualifying knockout match was postponed after rushes invasion of the country. oh, rece reports from glasgow stepping on to the hamden park pitch is the end of a long and emotional weight, fee cranes, players. on wednesday, they'll play the 1st competitive much since the russian invasion of that country when that game against scotland and they'll be on the brink of qualification for the world cup finals and cattle village on it is a nice every ukrainian has one dreamed to stop this war when it comes to football, the ukranian team also have the dreams to go to the world cup. we want to give these incredible emotions to the ukrainians because they are deserving it so much.
12:54 am
almost that in this moment, almost yes remedy. ukraine's bid to reach cattle is being captured by documentary t u. hot to rescue their footage when the war started on february 24th. the scott is hoping it's lost much won't be filmed in glasgow. but in cardiff, the winners of scotland began, she cried, face wails in the final qualify there on sunday. glasgow was busy the day before kickoff, but not with football funds. experts, ukraine, supporters are expected on wednesday among scotland, friends. some were feeling divided loyalties. so you actually, what are you going to what i want you can to and yet, even though you gosh, no, i don't i'm, i'm bought in the back norm guntee all the way one away fund who has arrived. his step on watched the head of the ukrainian sport supporters club football means
12:55 am
nothing when the people dion kind of puts it in perspective, the sport doesn't matter. however, sport does unite and bring us a certain strength you find new plays tomorrow will be fighting for 44000000 ukrainians. ukraine may have a record number of neutrals behind them, but here around them park, they'll be up against the scotland side with the incentive of reaching that 1st world cup in 24 years. ending the long spell of under achievement, since from $998.00 will be the only focus come wednesday. nothing but good thoughts for them and good wishes for them except during the game. because obviously they want to go out and represent the country, but our players are desperate to take the country to water. got faint. so that's what we focus on past history stands at $11.00 for scotland, one of the ukraine. it's unlikely any future contest will have as much significance as this one pull rece aldi's, era, glasgow. liverpool football club or demanding an apology from. the french
12:56 am
government follows claims by the french interior minister that 70 percent of living for fans that saturdays champions league final. in paris had fake tickets for balls . european governing body wafer has now commissioned an independent investigation. french police fire, cheer, gas supporters waiting to get into the stab to france. the game against around madrid was delayed by more than half an hour. thousands of liverpool fans unable to access the venue. we are incredibly surprised that someone in that position would make comments in the 1st place at this point. when we haven't had adequate time to understand what happened. there hasn't been independent investigations, establish all the facts. you said on saturday that needs to be done. transparent investigation would have to match up. that's the start the process. so to be making
12:57 am
comments at this stage prior to any investigation. ready launched is completely inappropriate. we should know all the facts to make sure that the scenes that we've all seen, absolutely disgraceful from saturday, don't ever happen again. so making comments as deeply and helpful as that, we just feel that everyone should be focused on getting the investigation right and west about making inflammatory comments that attempt to deflect responsibility for what happened on saturday night a formula one, monaco grand prix winner. sergio pres has something else to celebrate this week. right. bill driver is having his contract extended until 202430 to your home race. alongside world champion mattress happened for at least another 2 years. for as, as most successful mexican f, one driver history is also the 1st driver from that country to showcase race. and finally, let's take a look at a big moment in major league baseball season. he's
12:58 am
a sanchez of mining marlins, having a huge home run in this game against the colorado rockies ball travel more than a 150 meters, making it the longest hit and the season so far. it was one of the few highlights for the marlins in this game as they finished out losing $7.00 to $1.00. okay, and that is all your sport for now. it's now back to marin and london. far. thank you very much. that's it for that he is out. i'll be back in a couple of minutes with more the days news around up of the top stories coming up very shortly. ah ah.
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