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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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this is europe. on al jazeera, the heart wrenching good buys loved ones, not knowing when they will unite again. women and children heading west to relative safety, often leaving been behind among them. foreigners also trying to give out train rise of a free, but it's on a 1st come, 1st serve basis here at the bus station there only a few rides available and that's only to the surrounding villages. so people like for me in rose, now need to find another way to get out of this city. but for now they, like many others, would have to reach in hope, hoping tomorrow is a better day. ah, the russian armies are sold in the east grinds armed forces slowly close in on the city of savannah. don. yes.
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ah, hello, i'm darned. jordan, this is al jazeera ally from dough are also coming up despite public colds for change. lebanese politicians elect a parliamentary speaker for his southern straight term and office. the 1st year olds are held for the victims killed him last weeks. my shooting at a texas elementary school, plus i'm gabriel's onto in new york city, where the mayor has ordered the forceful removal of all home listen cabinets. it's proved to be highly controversial. that story coming up. ah. the governor of ukraine's lance grecian says, russian forces are now in control of most of several don. yet the eastern city is reportedly being destroyed by heavy fighting, making it impulse woods is that the humanitarian supplies, or evacuate civilians,
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though still trapped in the city a being advised to shelter in their sellers. most of our danny ask is key to moscow's efforts to complete the capture of lance, which makes up part of the don bass region. but russia has supported separatists for years. the cities about a 145 kilometers on the russian border and was one of the last pockets of the hands still under ukrainian government control. while an estimated 1500 civilians are thought have been killed in eastern ukraine since russia refocused its advance on the air. sandra's robbie has more now from the capital keep. ah! pictures from a local ukrainian channel widely circulated on social media. the woman says hello to her family. we are all right, we are okay. she says, what happens next illustrates the sudden severity of an artillery war.
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ukrainians worry, several donuts will be the next city to fall to russian occupation. the russian advance is slow, but it is steady, and russia now controls most of the city. national 11 is rosamille mumbled, and we'll do all of our plans are clear. we will de occupy our entire territory, which historically belongs to us. and in accordance with all international laws, this is our plan. now filled mickey plan, we don't care about russia's plans. we are having difficulties in the east due to the shortages of the right weapons. you know this? well, this roy with ukrainian president vladimir zalinski was speaking during a visit by slovakia as president. susanna cuppa tova came bearing gifts more howitzers, destined for the front line. as 3 battles, rage and separate the net russians are also striking other cities and eastern grain in nearby slowly ask residents clear debris from
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a russian missile strike on tuesday. we have no place to go. where would we go? we have no place to go. targeting civilian infrastructure is one of the many allegations of russia's warcraft discussed by ukraine's general prosecutor with her international criminal court counterparts at the hague. we have more than $600.00 suspects. actually, it is her level of top military military's politicians and propaganda edge and so fresh and situation when we speak about war crimes in ukraine, you know, we have a 2 south picks people who i didn't fight as a war criminals and thought it to prosecute them the court confirms it will be opening an office in ukraine to investigate crimes and collect evidence. you know, we're not talk. they're not on the same day and he's a 2nd war crimes trial concluded. 11 and a half year prison sentences for 2 soldiers, members of a russian artillery unit,
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guilty of targeting civilian areas and car keys in areas that were retaken, ukrainians are still digging a bodies and shallow graves for autopsies and investigations. survivors and witnesses tell stories of rape, torture, and murder, ukrainians who have survived occupation attacks on their homes and are still at war with russia. they say that speedy justice when it comes to russian prisoners of war in custody will be justice served. then basra b o d 0 key russia. foreign minister says moscow will guarantee the shipping of ukrainian grain, but with conditions speaking in bahrain, barbara says restart in grain export by c requires ukraine to remove mines from exports. the lay of the when you have heard you, mr. booth, we have reached our friends in detail about the measures taken by the russian side for more than a month to ensure the free passage of ukrainian grain carrying ships which are currently trapped in ukrainian ports. but for this,
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ukrainian officials must clear minds from ukrainian territorial waters. if the de mining problem which we have been drawing the attention of western colleagues for several weeks is resolved, the russian navy will ensure that these ships pass into the mediterranean and then to their destinations. meanwhile, the united nation says it's had constructed discussions in moscow on facilitating russian grain and fertilizer exports to global markets. chris in st. louis has more from you in headquarters in new york. the u. n. is attempting to work out a deal to allow more russian wheat and fertilizer to get to the market, as well as ukrainian wheat tab, alleviate rising food prices, which have hit the developing world particularly hard russia and ukraine account for about a 3rd of the world's wheat production and millions of tons of green have remain stuck in ukrainian silos due to the fighting. russia has blamed us sanctions for the problems exporting. it's green, united states ambassador to the un denied that but said the discussions are welcome
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. these are not being sanction, but companies are a little nervous. uh huh. and we're prepared to give them comfort letters if that will help to encourage them as well as insurance companies to support those efforts to get a grain out of russia. that again is very needed by the international community, but i will say rush is able to get his oil out and that's sanctioned. ah, they should be able to get that there. green out that's not sanctioned to help get ukrainian wheat from ukrainian ports. turkey would play a role under the un proposal. the un says the talks have been constructive and are continuing. e u leaders are wrapped up a special summit in brussels, dominated by the war in ukraine. on monday they decided to partially ban russian oil imports by the end of the year. it was a compromise deal to overcome objections by hungry and other member states,
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which are more dependent on russian energy. you might remember that in the sy the lead us decided to phase out the dependency on ration fossil fuels as soon as possible. we started with comb. yesterday in the middle of the night, we decided then to have a van now on defacto 90 percent of russian oil imports to the european union. by the end of the year turns bays as more from the summit in brussels. what was achieved of this summit, as the e u has finally passed its 6th round of sanctions, which had been sold for over a month, but they've had to water down the proposals to get them past. the original plan was for a total ban on oil imports from russia. now they've decided on a compromise to keep hungary and hunger is prime minister victor alba, who'd be blocking this to keep him happy. they decided that oil that comes in on
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a ship from russia must be banned all coming in on a pipeline from russia for now has a temporary exemption. now 2 countries, poland and germany say even though they get their all by pipeline, they will voluntarily decide not to have that all any more to stop those in port. but that temporary exemption, particularly for hungary. how long does that last for no time scale has been given, and it's interesting that the hungarian prime minister victor, or burn has been on facebook. you posted on facebook. a boastful post hungry is exempt from the oil embargo, so questions still on that issue. they also discussed food security and the problem of getting the grain that's trapped in ukraine out of the country. but one thing that wasn't discussed at this summit is the candidate status of ukraine to join european union that somebody that president zalinski wants is near the top of his list. that's been deferred to the next you summit, which take place in just under
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a month's time. the 1st minerals are taking place for those killed and last week's mash shooting at a school in the us state of texas, 900 students and 2 teachers were killed at an elementary school in a valley. there's been a wide spread anger off at emerge. police waited outside the classroom for over an hour, while the children trapped inside call for help john henry reports. this was supposed to be the 1st week of summer vacation for the students of rob elementary school. instead. on tuesday, 10 year old armory, joe garza was laid to rest and the 1st of 21 funerals for the victims of last week's mash shooting and evolved a texas. it will and they're really ready. but of course you keep theories close, kathy. there's pictures of her everywhere. services for 10 year old might to you leona rodriguez or also being held at a funeral home across the street from the school where she was killed for the upcoming funeral of eli garcia. her family plans to mourn her in an open casket
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despite her wounds present and joe biden, who visited of all day on sunday, lamented to new zealand prime minister jacinta ardor, the frequency with which he tours the scene of human devastation. there's an awful lot of suffering we've been. i've been to more mash shooting aftermath and i think any present american history of it is so much of it is much of it is preventable. devastation is amazing. new zealand tightened its national gun laws within a week of a 2019 mass shooting there that left more than 50 dead. in the united states, political gridlock has prevented any similar action. the shootings in ovalo, they were so horrific that may or don mclaughlin says this site should be raised to the ground. i don't think anybody's plans are, but to tear that building down and it needs to be torn down. i would never ask,
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expect a child have to ever walk in those doors ever and ever again. with funeral homes overwhelmed by the number of victims in this town of 16000 services for all 21 are expected to take weeks to complete. john henderson al jazeera, also to come here and out as they are including visiting the white house will tell you why k pops biggest stars have been to see the president and canada looks at bombing the sound of hand guns falling recent. my shootings in the us, mourners. ah ah, let's go with here a weather report for the americas heavy one. i want to start off with hurricane agatha making landfall in southern mexico. this was a big deal because it was the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in may
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in the eastern pacific. let's go to the here and now track out where it is, the remnants leftovers, still sliding through southern mexico and pushing a lot of rain into the yucatan peninsula. so extreme downpours not too far away from can't qu well, thunderstorms, or break in the heat in the lower great lakes. and look at this temperature divide . we have between new york and d. c. new york. 19 degrees. washington, d. c. 36 off to the west. we go in that june sun. yeah. wednesdays the 1st day of june. it's really warm and things up in portland. 26 degrees. that's a temperature you'd expect to see in july. so your month ahead of schedule, still breezy through the bay area, san francisco, looking at wind gusts of 50 kilometers per hour. and we've got some storms bubbling up. oklahoma kansas are right into missouri and through kentucky as well. moville has a high 32 degrees top end of south america, still a steady stream of rain for that northeast corner. brazil and rock in storms still locked into place for that southeast corner of brazil, still cool air dominating the river plate region on wednesday. see you later
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ah, with frank assessments, what are the political risks of batting russian oil, a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports. harassment was informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jedi, still, resumed india, going to be teaching from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera blue. ah,
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welcome back about about top stories here. this out, the governor ukraine's the hans region says russian forces now in control of most of several don yet east and cities reported leaping, destroyed by heavy fighting, making it impossible to deliver humanitarian supplies. european union leaders say russia's war effort will take a significant financial hit because of that band of most russian ornamental exports . leaders in brussels, reached a compromise to overcome objections. m e u members more dependent on the russian energy and the 1st funerals are taking place for those killed him last weeks. my shooting at a school in the us state of texas. 19 students and 2 teachers were killed at an elementary school in about to speak of lebanon's parliament. for the past 30 years has been reelected. knobby berry was chosen by impedes in the 1st session of parliament following an election early this month before he was now devoted in and peace making that debut, marched parliament, calling for change. santa held
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a report from beirut. oh, it's a moment of change. oh, representatives of lebanon's protest movement making their way to parliament. they walked past security forces, who once kept them out during massive demonstrations in recent years. it's the 1st session of the newly elected legislature. and these 1st time, employees are hoping to bring change to a decades old system. there is no democracy in lebanon. what the consultation and completion of system. but what are your duty words, democrats in lebanon, and do you force me in the right? what gun on that if you, with any, any kind of compromises, compromises based on power sharing between the political establishment of them have long been how politics is done here. that's how parliamentary speaker in to be. but
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he was re elected to run a 100 and he has been in the position for 3 decades and for many a symbol of a failed system, riddled with corruption. but this time it was different, very failed to get the endorsement of a majority and one with the slim of march in a blow. but symbolic and i've been, i know the, the mom had, they looked at her that the age of her bed for those who were hoping for radical change that hasn't happened. change in peace, couldn't win enough seats. the status quo didn't change. it was only and seventies leaders who have been in power, who are expected to have the final say on what's next. so vote for a new speaker starts a constitutional process that includes the formation of a new government and in a few months is the election of a new president. but the current landscape in parliament, the lack of a clear cut majority means there could be protracted negotiations. an extended political vacuum won't help a state and an economy that has all that collapse. the parliament has failed over
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the years to implement or undertake any economic reforms for that matter. and during the crisis, in fact, the parliament of structed, economic changes and economy could be forms. politicians are also accused of obstructing accountability for the bay report explosion that killed more than $200.00 people. 2 years ago. though in the state killed my brother, they are responsible and we want to know the truth. those who are confronting the system, no democratic change cannot come overnight, but today's vote appears to be the beginning then who their elders ita, labeled. the us says it's urgent israel to carry out an investigation into the killing of a journalist showing of israel has said it's not investigating the case, but the state department spokesman says he expects full accountability for the death of the palestinian american journalists. terry, blinking even over the weekend,
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had another opportunity to reinforce this message with his counterpart, foreign minister. lucky as he told foreign minister le pete, we urge the israeli government to swiftly conclude their investigation into the killing of serina blocker. we expect full accountability for those responsible for her killing and to your questions i. e, we have urged that aside share their evidence with each other to facilitate that investigation. and we continue to call on all sides to maintain. com and to prevent elation. what would you say to my colleague, alice, will you sent you a letter today? if you would have, what would you say to assure that he can continue to conduct his job as a job? i mean, he's been doing this for a very long time. certainly appreciate his perspective and the time he took to offer his recollection and his thoughts on the incident that tragically took the life of sharina, ucla. we, whether it is in your i'm sorry and of course,
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and of course injured him as well. we are from us not only in recent days, but going back to world press freedom day earlier this month and throughout the course of this administration, we stand with journalists around the world who are doing their jobs in situations that sometimes are unfortunately dangerous. see you as president a new zealand prime minister express concern about a security agreement between china and the solomon islands during a meeting at the white house. joe biden and jacinta are done discuss stepping up engagement with pacific allan nations to counter china is growing influence biden. says the us wants to be a partner rather than dictate to the region. the chinese foreign minister is currently half way through a diplomatic tour of the pacific, hoping to deepen his country's ties. that a white house correspondent, kimberly help it. it was the 1st oval office meeting between the u. s. president and new zealand. prime minister, a chance for washington to counter china is growing influence in the indo pacific
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region. but for new zealand, it was also an opportunity to express that when it comes to business, there are no loyalties. he had an exchange of use on the pacific. currently, very clear view on both sides that the pacific needs to determine ends is determining its own rules of engagement and as partners we need to make sure that we're hearing what beer critical focus in areas of interest are for us to partner on. and partnership is key, it is not a donor donnie relationship and nor should it be. and i think that's the approach that i hear from the united states. it's certainly the approach of new zealand, regardless of who within the pacific were engaging with the meeting lasted roughly 90 minutes and included other topics like climate change, trade and even how the united states new zealand could cooperate in space. and that
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included the vice president. com la harrison, that conversation. but there was also the topic of gun control in light of the shooting that took place last week in texas. and how the united states could potentially bound assault weapons when it comes to that effort in new zealand. unlike the united states, the new zealand prime minister says that effort in new zealand was met with unanimous support korean pop super group. bts have been at the white house to highlight crimes against asians and people of asian heritage in the us. this, the singers attended as youth ambassadors promoting a message of respect. they say they're devastated by a recent spate of hate crimes. they've also held a closed meeting with president biden in the oval office. while attacks against people of asian descent have risen sharply across the u. s since the start of the pandemic, according to the center for the study of hate and extremism,
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instances of hate rose 339 percent last year. compared to 2021 in 6, asian american adults reported experiencing a hate crime last year. one in 10 was coughed or spat on, while one in 3 was told to go back to their country. and anti asian sentiment is only on the rise figures show $1.00 and $5.00 americans. now, believe asian americans are at least partly to blame for coven 19 compared to one and 10 last year. well, yelling jang worked as a political strategist as experience hate crime 1st hand. i'm a 1st generation asian american i came actually was born in beijing, china, and i came here when i was 3 years old. so my parents faced the language barrier and the cultural barrier. and then also just being made to feel different because you look different or you eat different foods. and this started more than a century ago with the 882 exclusionary act where congress actually excluded in
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chinese immigrants for a period of 10 years to not be able to immigrate to this country. so xenophobia and racism has always been a part that has been targeted on asian americans. and it hasn't helped with the model quote, model minority mess, which is truly a myth because it's essentially a white supremacist concept that has made minority groups pit against one another. in true, instead of truly working together and having compassion as the pandemic was happening, i myself was running for office. and i faced a lot of direct discrimination, particularly around social media. that would say things like, you know, you're not an american. thankfully, president biden is an office and as i said, a completely different tone. unfortunately, we did have a president that felt it was ok to say things and it has, it did essentially allow make people who are xenophobic and racists feel like it's
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ok to act on those beliefs of history. people have been killed and 5 i was missing after powerful storm. it's southern mexico. agatha is the strongest hurricane on record to the southern pacific coast. during the month of may. it brought winds of more than a 160 kilometers an hour of the rain, flooding homes and washing away robes. the storm has weakened since moving in efforts by new york city authorities to tackle the surgeon homelessness are facing growing criticism. activists accuse the man regardings of ordering unnecessary and heavy handed operations to remove encampments. dublin is on that was boys will not wait, not a symbol is no. neil seeing is in shock and feeling stressed. have a group seeing in his partner are homeless. the 2 of them live on a sidewalk in new york's chinatown neighbourhood in an encampment they call home. this house i will go by. so i will put on this day under the watch of police
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officers. city workers had come to dismantle it. effort, all their possessions were thrown away from everything a mile away. brand new, from blankets, so close to sleep. good. sample, low body ocean, the order of every good was brand new, still kids, the guy, the own it. oh so how does that make you feel? we will bab nichols out mozambie leukemia were full. this is what i do all day collect bottles and canada and metal. dozens of such sweeps of homeless encampments have been conducted in recent weeks in new york city. i'm homeless advocates say it's heavy handed and a waste of resources. how many cups were here? there was 2 vans of cops around the corner. troops responding to 2 homeless tends to do homeless people in tents that the amount of money that is spent every day on the sweeps on these raids, which is what they are can be $1.00 day can pay for
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a week's housing for everybody in this camp. president. busy joe biden recently announced new initiatives to combat homelessness throughout the united states. it calls for among other things, more funding for affordable housing. but here in new york, the mayor eric adams says the 1st step is to clear homeless from the streets. and that's why he's ordered this sweeps, we have tolerated homelessness, won't pass our brothers and sisters who are living in tents on the street. and we normalize the homeless encampments have increasingly become a national issue from los angeles, san francisco orland to boston in new york. as the sweeps continue, rest, talk about santa bell. so too is a protest in opposition to them. many fear the sweeps will force them back into homeless shelters. they say, are unsafe,
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i'm going to be facing homelessness soon. i would not choose an option of the shelter. it's a worse place to put human beings. every one is crowded there that the conditions. all of that though that the, the cleansing us inside of the shelter with that many people is not up to stand it . it's not an easy issue. one person's eyesore is another person's home. gabriel's ando al jazeera new york. canada's government has put forward legislation to ban the sale of hand guns. prime minister just intruder says tougher laws were already in the works. but recent, my shootings in the us have given the proposals, a new sense of urgency catching up as all the young reports it's been seen as the most ambitious proposal yet to restrict firearms in canada. prime minister just introduce describes it as a national freeze of hand, gun ownership. what this means is that it will no longer be possible to buy cell
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transfer or import hand guns anywhere in canada. in other words, were capping the market for under the bill canadians who already have hand guns can keep them. but any one involved in domestic violence or criminal harassment will lose their firearm license. the size of ammunition magazines will be limited and there will be increased penalties for gun smuggling. the crack down comes days after the school shooting and texas which killed $21.00 people. while canada has stricter gun laws on the us. canadians have suffered an increase of gun violence in recent years. in 2020 it band, semi automatic rifles after 22 people were killed in a mass shooting in all the schools. ya, some gun own or say they're contesting that van in court. the new legislation is expected to be enacted in the autumn, but
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a rush to by hand guns ahead of the band isn't expected authority. se sales are already heavily regulated. katya little piece of the young al jazeera, a 2 month coven, 19 locked down in shanghai, as finally ended. o crowds gathered on the river side as the clock struck midnight, marking the reopening of china's biggest city. most of shanghai is 25000000 residents are now free to leave home use public transport and drive their cars, restrictions imposed on the china 0 cobra strategy. i've also been ease in the capitol. they say there's a, i think that i'm excited but also confused because i am but it that i gone get used to this. what are you in a good as the young i feel today is the same as chinese new year. i have a strong feeling of excitement feeling there's something bryce in front of me. ah.


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