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tv   My Tunisia Wajiha Jendoubi Hair  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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that collapse, the parliament has failed over the years to implement or undertake any economic reforms for that matter. and during the crisis, in fact, the parliament obstructed economic changes and economy could be formed. politicians are also accused of obstructing accountability for the bay route port explosion that killed more than 200 people 2 years ago. though with the state killed by brother, they are responsible and we want to know the truth, remote, for those who are confronting the system. no democratic change cannot come over night. but today's vote appears to be the beginning than a hood. there alger cedar battled ah, i took richard of the headlines here in al jazeera, the united states is to provide ukraine with longer range rocket systems. the biden administration has confirmed a government official says these systems will be used by ukraine only to repel
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russian advances on ukrainian territory. they will not be used for targets inside russia. the 1st renewals are taking place for those killed in last week's mash shooting at a school in the u. s. state of texas. 19 students and 2 teachers were killed in a val day last week. there's been a widespread anger after emerge that police waited outside the classroom for over an hour while the children trapped inside. cool for health, shanghai as ease bit strict cobra 19 locked down out the 2 months. most of shanghai is 25000000 residents are now free to leave home, while businesses gradually resume operations restrictions imposed under china 0 covered strategy have also been eased in the capitol, beijing. so those were the headlines and use continues here on al jazeera. after might an easier, but before that we leave you with memories of sharing barclays, the voice of palestine al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid,
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independent, and transparent investigation into accounting of its journalists. in the occupied west bank serene was shot in the head by reading forces while she was an assignment in geneva. ah. was no no no, no, no, no. this is, i don't need to be here with me. when you look at me, when you get to me, i just need to make sure you open at the home and ya today. and we're going to give you what we said as well. they didn't put me a lot of money out of them at the book if you're the one i know,
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i mean, i mean i shooting off the edge of the to outside of the conflict from the ukraine. how concerned should we be about this on to build up? we bring the stories in different months that are rapidly changing the world. we live in the one become roches new dollar, or is it becoming rushes new door? counting the coast on al jazeera. ah ah
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ah, with in that is, mia was years and i was led to say a says money nomic dad. and i'm a dentist, they'll see my own. i'm had that had you to this little if snare have ada, thomas lumina. how dora tournament i little can with her tony lamara a fellow and will not let you kid have tons here didn't
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ah ah ah ah, that was all but i had a little boy there she had like i got one number that we didn't have that they're gonna love what additional money me really the mobile ac could have left left with mr. have call her for an i'll massey a mom to for me, w campbell, but hibachi can unleash one theory or after dick jemma have nak yamaha the early doors or early manage most lobbied young. can you put all me half what ella or ella may are for? she was through a column, anna mani lake and have a good idea that it got comedy. and had the little comic used to fuzzy the more
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little decent money walk the lease out of the thought i no, i finish coroner but oh yeah i'm she know what, but a humbling validity. helena valid us. then they have a, not a, a bunch of numbers for those of number in has in, messina, a, when in the nation, wanted to get more nash more. and i little were i busted or bushes that are a condition, national amador me today. cool. lot of kaiser has
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a heavy ballina, money off. wish we could inch mosher would just there with this and that a good a 100 percent on the matter or could it it didn't. a sama has used them clear as a public virginia, a tablet fly, tablet trees to harbor public flamel tablets. but a hazard. madeleine should din gara will cut the new love with dumb. why do you need to? i show you the is damina womanish goblet too. when i'm snuck albany, maria mr. hall was lee bush. natasha via will not do when i'm lanier o'clock. ah
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lou most your computer spectacular, but i'm just new. mozilla plugged it back up and i need to send a video to view sample going on your my the projects you're saying we're going to sauce product just in dana gosh, my liberal mom wants to model the model number model. good. wow. i need to have sustainable medical sample flanagan or connie soma, how nominating the rest of this will be connected with a bush. i mean, they'll work their number around in a minister. all the content has sort of new planning. i haven't had the
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problem, but i'll try that out while i'm a little concerned you know, to look at. but the problem has been fixed ease or should have been metal puts in order to fail from what practice will not be by have national money. and i think you're seeing it for d for 15, but the not a vacant lot of money if it came with the left leg, not a they could not except an id. su favey, a student a from a lesser shadow from a bus or it was your child that of his chest hurting her. you heard as a lips from bus on a white honda. and when will you be such a fool by the look ha,
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i say to them in my absence, you fool limit how heavy fella let her husband feed her. so she are on the watch espn and have the home button. if a move in a, somebody that a having meetings via a would mildly have medina. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, ha. i've been a pub a had to charlotte, they'll help bill. it man was the amendment that was about it. the other one when he was, nigel wasn't here. i should have been with
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you. i wish wyatt birthday gorgeous. if you don't accept a image of the 5th wheel, we should 2nd wanna talk with that goal for that. no, because of the moon had more quick with good with the microphone was as lead to fidel my. let them for the out. you need the suit, the limit i latoya yamaha a is a money at the speed limit i to see. and then i didn't have one in for to have the vision was to the mothers and how come to hollywood
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natania, shall i go a and here it was time to cease mcgee, had kamali, have come in, mangia has it for that is immune. i'm a low mind you wouldn't g wish to shines you button well, hi. see, to show you a to hush. neat. oh, cool. good question on 1st avenue in tennis with his me, who are legally with a miller curve with all day and other kid with that of the, with the family. oh, good with them in why don't
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you mom is immune is unity? image jeeps, nominee amy shaw. a 450 south or a mental naturally led. mr. hi, don't good will here and how wouldn't fuck what he men photo? what will not she and live as soon as live our love someone a more would visit the at the center if you had your whole life. live it now as she has done doby, ha, ha, ha. vehicle with godaddy analyst? i love it comes with was yet a, as in a with me that a little locked miss hamilton deck for determined no less. mcculloch smith left at each good lot of the and to left him a lot of the just the,
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the a manifest done with mom or had will my sonata. i'm not sure that he will come with couldn't michelin a ha, ha, to miss all alley. a motion with those ladies. i thought for this you just a lot of money and you laid out. think on how would you offer money? i'm a nurse to doctor's name. sheila bad if you miss your business. she did a bit . come on down with
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a, with a washer when it had been hello, when. okay, to send a home. there was a team of men in haiti, rocky committee. he didn't mind you had to say if i'm on the mobile,
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keep you from that are possible that the bus show that the money has from better thought before live them visual. my how can i need them to give them a few good people? many, i know that was, i think that, that made them all in america here. one moment, debra joie monahan lucian had that wish with all of the energy when you must lower leverage method budget, all i could i t o had a good thumbs. his jaw has amanda hut. i live a beloved mani sheet behalf. love or has africa, or the meet, meet luckily or failure creed. aliya la hasha pays them bottled. we're a passion lit to mom bishop the
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style more before i had to be 20 allowed to be back while i do hope this. yes huck bishop he to allah. allah. her ways to with her had a high 2000 did the did this in leon. mm. with with and that was yeah, in need not hosted domains artistic and he isn't prison physique in his also this please either want and of course are you my doctor suddenly is it a min minimum 50? if in us look very ins. hm ha, ha, ha, thought diana folders a deal a lot,
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then you can give is image of bench. uriah that he, that garage long enough as her will g and if they are more casual, bundled brohannon on earth given year on back, does to, to v man in a kind of civil fear, few butter has it. don't garden, how cut and how heavy a dinner with in on and you duvie nudism who live sure about a kicker, which is my been an amazon has him. there must have a time to call and i told her my stomach was a 100 again. the pumps shad i'm lodging and apparently the above you the end he day yet then that's easy. the legal with the black. i didn't know he day a bucket vibe roughly hadley, cuba, blush, malaise of men that a him?
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no man. i know. garcia, mac, the mac, the mac, the mac simple gazelle did not come santa willa that the, the egg satellite. huh. but senate without that, did you bet we'll see car with on did send it will let that. did it seem as to why they will cover oh somebody in a way and then we'll let that. did he then more not over. but i did the way. yes. do a good went in there with an internet that goes, you show my kid comes and a bit of a up nice job. i had the 50 to day on the d and dana luck, bucklin,
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missouri. i could get a full day. i know what it is, how can i help you? um, because none of had the flu fillmore, the house you could say, but there was but so manage it. there is no back to come to take a look. do you know the money to go? i had to do is i can help i'm deanna. yes, that is that molly, hey a. ready a dilemma your me to call you back that there was a middle man. i don't know if i didn't catch the bus or how that don't to sir. yes . look on the hollow love to. busy her gotten to put you on to proceed with the kind of stuff with the, with a budget and man in
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a i will be tomorrow with enough to know now a woman hello. mean, i can tell them as a as to how so how the hoodie with ma volney both never had that with me. i have one of the high bobo ha ha ha,
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la business owner home to live with us over. i had the 34 day. well, i saw what i mean. seldom was better than the luck. i have it a who i have been on i'm with judson beach. i love shall, clumsily, and then he says, lift pollution room. librium should that could move said still a limb as a national about an ash way, imagination clear the shot. i need them. i asked him, i had literally asked them all of the layers they need from let the who shane, i'm and her end. she normally kima low lit game. i hate i give
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give, give. the customer has been knox in with a lender. like a mean money suit and leave them shows. what are koya ma'am? i hope all happened. folk goodwood or no. from the man i do. i don't go to college, so the idea she 15 a to mom was coming up. okay. and that is the best solution. another math elite us now, how were g ha, the belive their well, let us know how for run to. yes, melinda, best pat. it. when i come back sunday, the man is send me just some day and then well, and then i and then put them on the maria. much timely. yeah. so you ought to be
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glad fill out a a c as in shape. uh huh. and then what else ah. ringback ringback ah, a noun, e o d c. and this is a financial, he's a high b b shop with a
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with a baby. and what i'm nick is where he could have been in a fashion with a bought a had i made a, i need to have them done. was a paid lab. so with the has with is a nike in in jeer. huh. got
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a new honda accord, new. hi jackie, have been doing it on a tv. she sounded like a kid, but i believe he's offered a job in the dub. the i live on the softer so i yeah, yay ah, but my patient did, i did some power in those. looked up at home up the armada of austin. you know the funny is because the back seat with her shift from america, i think up in the home we live that to those, those you not seen what could you or not the subject.
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ah no, not at all. my husband live there, they are on the the math, but i live in the corner to live on a black. yes, the, the toners, the michigan. lemme said enough enough, but i don't see either via what's in the not the been has her her, the local, she will data given the customer to look at those plans. it's calavera knob, but fear we'll see a fair, elliptical fair visual dollars left. what corolla, harley shaw,
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who got arma, that car for a did? how data have been? sure, they believe me, you know, melissa sherman, a year to help with the 0 load, a battalion with, with why do medical me not locker lucia. how, when she was still in hub soonest, when she had finished via for mr. michael fair as i have was humble. yes. well, how will use him? which no one is thought and who i speak, which no one will hit you who eyes feed. how lovely must be in about the allan soonest, and we have better been to the become available huck cuz she lives in the house cuz she knows in the money. have you seen the one the husband yet many holidays. mendoza was billy failed and there's ups
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stores in awe from mother to daughter, an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarchy ah, from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs, making this families place unique and to new z as rich tapestry. the threat on a da 0 the untold story. ah, we speak when others done. ah, we cover all sides no matter where it takes us. absolutely. a fan of my eyes and power and passion. we tell your story. we are your voice,
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your news, your net al jazeera stories of determination enjoy. i will not be luck. darwin, quito, gina. you have you make a good listening v. i don't get a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron, desert libraries. the young cyclist and happiness africa direct on al jazeera ah, the u. s. is sending more advanced weapons systems to ukraine to help precise.


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