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tv   Witness Finding Selam  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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was who said lights on what was going on in the way that's most means to me, they didn't, there's nothing static, about liberal lebanon is always in the binomial, close formation. we have the agency to create the viable over generation trade on al jazeera. ah, i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents. and this is mean fighting both isis and a, the 2nd of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father, the son and the g hi. part to on al jazeera. ah, hello, i am emory anglin, and our doha headquarters. these are the top stories on al jazeera,
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the berlin administration has announced it will provide ukraine with a small number of advanced rocket systems. and u. s. government official says they'll only be used to repel russian advances and ukrainian territory. hardy jer, castro has the story from washington. it does allow the ukrainian military to extend its range resist, which is what it has been requesting from the u. s. this package is said to include the high mobility artillery rocket system, which has a range of some 80 kilometers. this is going to be part of a package that total some $7800000000.00. and we'll also include more helicopters, war tillery, and more tactical vehicles. those details will be announced by the white house on wednesday, but president joe biden previewed this in an op ed that was published in the new york times. and in a he went to specify that these u. s. a weapons will not be used within russia. he said that they are only for
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ukraine to use, to defend itself within its borders. ah, the u. s. a u. s. security official saying that they have received assurances from ukraine that these weapons will be not fired will not be fired into russia. he specifically walked back earlier statements saying he does not want to overthrow president putin of russia. i earlier he had set off the cuff and assailant in poland. that pollutant could not remain in power. so clarifying that point and also the president riding to americans, that there is no sign that russia is wanting to use nuclear weapons in ukraine. but that if it does biden says there would be severe consequences. the governor of ukraine's new hands grades and says russian forces and now in the control of most severe donations could the eastern city is reportedly been destroyed by heavy fighting. china's big city, shanghai has
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a stretch cove at 19 locked down after 2 months. most of the cities 25000000 residents now free to leave home or businesses gradually resume operations. malaysia has suspended, she can exports to maintain domestic supplies and keep prices down. the growing number of countries have taken similar action on some exports in response to a global food crisis. the 1st funerals are taking place of those killed in last week's mass shooting at school in the us state of texas. $900.00 students and 2 teachers were killed. at least 11 people have been killed and 20 others are missing after a powerful storm in southern mexico, i guess is the strongest hurricane on record to hit the region during the month of may. does the headlines then use continues here on al jazeera, after witness, but before that we leave you with memories of rain aqua, the voice of palestine. the 0 media network continues to demand a rapid,
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independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist in the occupied west bank drain was shot in the head by israeli forces while on assignment in janine ah, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, this is, i don't need to be here with you to look at me about how to put them to me. i can also mentioned you, can you open the letter home? and yeah, today we're going to be what we said as well. they didn't put me in. i'm a lot of people give me when i know,
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i mean, i mean i shooting them off and just oh ok.
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dead honest with yeah. what they'll take in but sometimes some permit sent them and hugs. sometime it doesn't matter. i never worked there for a ghost whose may v o, p and elders open the doors to their countries pass for me through their tears. i began to understand the promise and the agony that is ethiopia suddenly dig
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catholic. i'm a resume cervical. so this was a canal to horner, i'm unless minimum medicine for look whether there have been before my gesture for him at the little nominator my them they ask i don't wait a minute or so no matter if the year in the 1970s was a country at war with itself, an ancient land led by a powerful emperor that was being challenged by students who wanted greater freedom, the
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years of terror would follow under a military dictatorship, erasing an entire generation of young people, the me like most ethiopians, my relatives. i stayed silent about this dark era. were nearly every family who was affected by the disappearances and killings me. i grew up in canada strategy and my family's collective silence and raised my canadian mother. ethiopia was afar off and mystical land that i knew little about
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and didn't visit until i was an adult. but for so many, it seems that it's safer to forget than to remember. and there's so much trauma attached to their memories. at my grandmother's house, i was confronted with a new revelation. i noticed a photo prominently sat above the fireplace of a beautiful woman. i had another aunt, one that no one had ever mentioned. her name was alamo, 8 sally, or salon for short, meaning peace. how could there be a close relative that i knew nothing about it. mm hm. oh um. i have 4 other aunts who have grown closer to chipper is my
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aunt who's lived in ethiopia the longest. and she's trained as an artist that hasn't painted in many years. deborah has warned me that i will need a lot of patience to dig in to sally's asked to release that you like yeah. well, you know, what is it these brushes or think you find them here? what was my favorite color? with the so beautiful. oh so much. so now you just have to paint? absolutely, but i want them to. oh, thank you phone for my heart.
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ah ah ah see on a retired teacher is the youngest sister, like the rest of my family. she's dealt with a lot of loss in her life and yet somehow she manages to persevere. number one, and then we put in a minute. i know that asking her about the past will not be easy. i always felt like a foreigner wherever i was and see my locals here. i'm seeing the supporting. but it's not a bad thing. i don't think any of the doubt that family has ever felt. if
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yo pin because we moved so much as, as children and my parents never said, all we have to move again was never like that was yeah, we get to move again kind of thing. so you could put me just about anywhere and i think i'd be okay. did go. yeah, thank you. my left not meant to saddle, but i've been messing with alena, but hon. jewish met him and met that a gun. retaliate. the elder sister, a banker, has spent her entire career building, the financial systems in ethiopia. now retired. she hopes to become a voice for the people through her new tv talk show. what about the other topics that have been assigned to? did i say another topic, steve? i gave you a topics we went to do corruption, it's becoming very obvious whenever you go to us vision, government offices. so we're going to try to bring the issue up in the community.
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can discuss about the rob liddy think you say, can we considered inciting violence or upright? so literally your report can put you by mars because people get angry and you're inside your inciting. we have to be very careful, but that's what the show is all about. there's no program talking to the government, it's how you approach them and what you say period. ah maybe as he ain't that i know best as she lived in canada for many years. she's recently retired in ethiopia, after years of work for the united nations members, the keeper of all the family stories. and she often tells elaborate tales about her childhood. these were all things that my father who passed away nearly
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a decade ago, had never spoken about. i remember learning a lot about the family from you when i was a kid. but why do you think i never even knew that sallie existed until i was 330 . i do noon because she's in all our family, all boone soon. i mean, there was a lot of time to we did spend together, so i think it's, it's a timing issue. my father remarried when i was a young child and then slowly faded out of my life. any relationship or information i had about his family was through my own persistence to connect. i felt closest to my mr. hi, my late grandmother. as painful as it was for mamma to speak of sally
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before she died. she gave me her blessing to explore her daughter story. my father was the only son swallowed in a family of sisters. he grew up with his siblings in sudan, ghana, in nigeria, in the privilege household of n e v o, b and diplomat. my mom was very busy taken care of 6 kids running the household and as a wife of a diploma shadel or of responsibilities going to all those cocktails is a big responsibility. having cocktails at home is it responsibility? my dad had power in his job. you couldn't touch him when it came to the politics history, geography, languages. you couldn't touch. he was really and we talked about political things. the general political fisher was deep in that. and we were deep in that too because we were surrounded by his job. if you living in an embassy doesn't really mean you
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have a lot of money. she just had a lot of privileges. my grandfather spent his entire career serving the tube in people, and the emperor haile, selassie the emperor, had in fact, fostered my grandfather and his brothers after their own father had passed away. i remember him coming off the plane and as being right at the bottom of the stairs and handing him the flowers. i remember there was a hotline in the bedroom that only the emperor called on him. so i knew he was important in what was sally like as a child, the newer young together extremely fun, loving and chat, a lot of friends. she was popular, she was very kind,
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gentle. but really, really funny that they should up party. you know, sallie was not overweight. she loved it. she loved mini skirt, very, very fashionable, short skirts looked really, really good on her. she had laughed at cook chatter window, and she used it lots. she was very clever, very politically astute because she was bright. so she was very entertaining in the summer of 1968, the family was on the move once again, leaving africa for the 1st time to open a new embassy in canada. it was very interesting for us in the street because we would identify every black purse instantly and almost count look really look over there's like over hi, there were very few, very shortly after we got there. when our people even asked us of who was the supremes? because we had big fruit. 17 year old sally was enrolled at
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carlton university to study sociology, while her younger siblings attended. liz gar collegiate institute i remember one of the parties that my parents had been invited to trudeau peer, who was dancing with my mom, was saying, i've heard about all your beautiful daughters. you have a beautiful daughter and he was referring to my mother. my father was not impressed, and he very quickly said that is my wife. oh, after 2 years in canada, the embassy was closed and my grandfather was re posted to sudan in order for his children to complete their education, he decided to let them stay behind in canada, renting a modest apartment and leaving them to adapt to life on their own in those days for all our parties and our fun,
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our conversations were political. people took to the streets to lend their voice to whatever cause issues of racism. we were out, south africa, definitely. so we were very involved. and sally, whenever she dated anyone, she fell madly in love with them. and we used to laugh at her because like if she had the jamaica boyfriend and it was to be jamaican food, we'd have to make music to make them food, jamaican clothes. she shows very much like that. she explored like all of it. she always used to say, i'm going to have 8 kids. she left kids and had dreamers to have a house full of kids. ah, in 1973, if you're b as capital addis ababa was a modernizing and bustling city. it was also
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a country ripe for revolution. the emperor haile selassie was the 1st last and only law of the land credit. could you please explain your position in regards to and produce a loss? well, i hope i think these are one of the less legible, is paul to do is to see an end to the monica yog, virtually if along with the shooting of the students ethiopian students have been protesting. since the late 19 sixty's in many were being jailed not fully understanding the level of tension in the country. my aunts arrived for a summer vacation, courtesy of their father, who wanted his foreign res, daughters to know their routes. this trip would change the fate of my family for ever their way of life and loyalties would be profoundly shaken with
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having to help here. it was just so much fun. i think it's the 1st time that we discovered we were ethiopians. sally found very nice. cooper, print political, but that was the way we grew up. so it was more of a continuation of what we were doing in ottawa. but it was a much more close issue cuz you're sort of right in the middle of it here. and you knew these people and you heard it so in that way it was much more involving also for sally. so she just wanted to stay on. she had finished university and she was interested to try it out here. sally, an idealist, was attracted to a new group of friends who were members of the ethiopian people's revolutionary party, the p r. p, and underground communist organization. one of their leaders,
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so lota became sally's new boyfriend, a committed student revolutionary from a working class family. while sally had been schooled in diplomacy, so lota had been in and out of jail as a political activist. you could that i did like a local, local i to him and and quality can give you the medical minimum, the shade. miss lula taught all go, let him to me to reach us from at estimate like a senior in the sun and any guinea from debbie that the seller motor down to little what the the, the p. p. worked with the student and labor movement and embrace communism as a way to confront the imperial government. many believed that arm struggle was the
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only way to create the democratic change that they were hungry for. one of them i was just there in 1974. the university students started exposing the coverage of the 1st major famine in ethiopia to be shown to the world on television, outraged by the suffering of the people. sally and her friends took part in protests in the capital. they were soon joined by bank employees, taxi drivers, teachers, and other groups, demanding democratic reforms. the, the famine is devastating course. and perhaps the answer to that. and i think there
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was answers that was given the famine was concealed, it was told to the emperor, we don't know if that's true or not. but the point is it shouldn't have been so devastating me. i me, i guess what really brought it into light. it's also to television shows was shown internationally. very bad, very sad in the emperor, tried to make concessions, but he was unwilling to make any real change. as a result, soldiers started to mute, agitating for their own issues was not much out of this,
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a committee of lower ranking officers emerged called the derek. they took control of the country and removed the emperor from power. on september 12, 1974. them came this morning of the armed forces which had already spent the 83 year old number of his powers, moved him out of his power, dissolved the parliament and proclaimed the provisional military govern. announcing the end of the reign of emperor highlights alone the the rumor has it that you simply did i such a miserable death. i wouldn't wish it on anybody. the dirk saw itself as
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a guardian of the revolution. quickly stealing the momentum from the young people whose energy had driven the uprising to consolidate power. the dirt executed 60 so called counter revolutionaries. these were high ranking officials of the previous regime, many of whom were friends or coworkers of my grandparents. ah, he said he's been reselling it back to ethiopian. mm. and um, he was telling us he's going to go back and we all said he shouldn't. and he said, i have become anything wrong. some going on. when the dirt to cover, they called all ambassadors back to went back. one was about and the da wanted to use him as the face that people could look at and trust. a
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man known for his dedication to the country by placing him as minister of interior affairs. and who was like, a way for them to do all the terrible things that they could behind by bus face. that's all that was and he said no because he had got you don't say no to the dog. but when they wanted, they just come right to the house and ask him questions because they didn't know a lot of things about he threw up his involvement in the international arena. after killing those who challenged his authority and issued out colonel mingus do highly. mariam emerged as the leader of ethiopia as military governments. mingus do was using communism as a means to solidify his power by gaining support from the soviet union. his vision
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of a marxist state had little in common with sally's. with them, you know, when you rule with the power of the gun and you have lots of, then you can be as ruthless as you want to be. and they were as ruthless as you. you want to create something, you 1st break it and then you re molded. that's what they did with your 1st point of wardrobe. the family break, the tight and the family push people to accuse each other. tell things about each other. mccomb means to point became the hand of justice. so i could easily say i, i heard her said that the government is bad in the market. so i would need to say
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and you'd be gone. mm hm. great thing about being a nice presenter network, like i was 0, is that it's a truly global operation. if you will, child is here. you've seen news from parts of the world that other networks just don't come up. you're getting a truly global perspective. we have an extensive network of bureaus around the world. we have many, many colors, phone books in all corners of the globe. if you really want to know what's happening in the world right now, you need to be watching al jazeera. now the answer was an arabic, my name is how i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia. and he came up with me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the
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post 911 world ruling the life of an innocent b o mastery case on al jazeera blue with with hello, i am emily anglin, in dough headquarters. these, the top stories on al jazeera,
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the biden administration has announced it will provide ukraine with a small number of advanced rocket systems. a u. s. government official says they'll only be used to repel russian advances on ukrainian territory and won't be fired on targets inside russia. china as big as city shanghai has a, it's strict coven, 19 locked down. after 2 months, most of the cities 25000000 residents are now free to leave home and use public transport. while businesses will gradually resume operations. and the 1st females have taken place for those killed in last week's mash, shooting at a school in the u. s. state of texas. 19 students and 2 teachers were killed. those are the headlines. i'm emily anglin. the news continues here on al jazeera, after witness, but before that we leave you with memories of sharina aqua, the voice of palestine al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist in the occupied
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west bank. sharon was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment in jimmy me the what was known that we need to know that on this, which i don't need to be active in the mac and i'm just going to put him on your team yet and also mentioned you can just give me a message. can you open that at the home and ya today, and we're going to give you what we said. well, they didn't put me in. i'm a lot of them at the hospital gave me when i know,
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i mean, i mean i shooting off the edge of the me. ah, to sally's devotion to the p. p. had only intensified in the face of growing repression. me for mingus. do descent was to be washed me a manager or 3 of the revolution. durham declared
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a state of emergency and saying that anyone who was opposing them was a criminal who could be shot on sight. risking everything to sally pressed on, focusing her energy on empowering women. me used to be a good friend of mine, said it was suspicious. i was activists, i came back from europe. and when i saw what's going on in utopia their situation, the women situation, unity, obeying all this was bothering me. so i always talked to my friends in all days and i, we need to have some kind of women's organization. so one day our common friend introduced me to sally, and from the 1st day we saw each other. we clicked and we started talking about how to organize it, european women and fight for their and you called pe or education.
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because when she came to your billing, she'd see those one man, when she's who those smallest war boys make for the money. that's what are all the heard. i do not think for a minute that she has anybody say influence at all that the military government was looking for everybody who is not on their side. so they started going from house to house, searching for us for me and sally had a member, we would have been hiding at her grandma's house and it became very dangerous to stay there too. so we had to flee. they were becoming very secretive. they don't want to talk to people, they didn't want to be seen with anybody. and sally's appearance changed because she would not wear the western type. closing. she would say meet me at this place from that place. she was very careful for the family,
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very careful. that's why she didn't want us to visit her. she did not want to know who the people she was with. so she was protecting the family in that sense. mingus do was building of hasn't army, urging them to fight against the enemies of the revolution. the name, the e p r p. as public enemy number one, blaming them for all the ills of the country with mass arrests. disappearances in killings followed. many of sally's comrades were targeted. but the moment i grew up with the pin, what dang lift, right. we see people dank on the street when you are in that kind of situation. you know, you will be next. you know, your day to actually center might sinay
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a man to my name was in a one off dos lists. the government lists to be killed is so for us it was when that one day you know, that to be caught funny. what you wonder did was she wanted was not easily influenced by anybody. but once she met a lot it was totally different story. and she told me she was going to get married and i talked to my mom and mom told me she doesn't want the wedding. she doesn't want anybody. just the family. and that's not sally. sally wants to dress up, have people around her. so that influence was really i'm taking a lot of effect on her life's that an honored life as a whole. he was not just an ordinary member. he was one of the decision makers
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intention of infant one and none be led financial exam. one. in them analogy for good or no one, no jealous glory yet. ha ha zach i b a said then is them today if they're cetera, rosanna bells or not they're not somewhere shallow mode. but i'm to louisiana better. my father got leg with the cdn dish. you will only order jeanette hud digney. diana zillow swimmer, but deck and liquor show i don't think was just the husband. i think she also was committed because that's who she was anyway. so i think it was a very difficult decision for her. i think i don't know how to go underground
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because we were very close. 7, the family was close, we knew, and if they catch us, they will kill us. so i and sell em. we got up at any in the morning and we lived there as long as our choice except leaving the city and getting shelter. and we decided to go to a simba where they disappeared or be control. and we give her some secret tenants so that they don't noise by name cell are more so scared and i was so scared to make them suspicious that we either noted what we act. she had an id as a housewife. we were sure that they are going to catch us when we came out from the bus for salam, it was where they had to walk to the countryside. but she adapted even better than
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me because to be there and to help to the people was the most important for her. but it was very hard that you know what? we always think the cause is better than anything. people dive for the cause. sally, i had disappeared. we don't know where she was. we don't know if she was alive. that was when they came round. when you see the military come anywhere close to you is like something's going to happen. they said they know where my sister is. i said, i don't know where she is, because i didn't know. so they took me to the house. she used to live. that was my grand mom's house. and they told my grandmother, bring sally out right now. sally was not sallie hasn't been there in hulu in a long time. then they said, okay, they're going to take me in a few to bring sally they literally threw me 11,
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just sat there. and i said one thing to myself, nobody was touching me. nobody was touch my god, this was what 1st of this is the house. look at it now. so quiet the entrance to something you absolutely not know to afraid to ask where you are. they brought me here and this whole place was bloody. when you see the blood will say, is that going to be my blood on that wall to it's eerie. it
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makes no sense. we are so many people like that. people have become crippled, mentally. physically in the pick up from the street, you pick out from your home and bring it here for interrogation. and then this is not the only place where they kept it. what you called prisoners or suspects. there are don't, and also all over the city. for all these young people, in most cases they may not be free. like ours. i went home, i was lucky. but sallie was she, she never come back home. ah,
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i go sure. what was her husband? not all the time in the same place, but she met with him. what was she thinking? what was she doing? i didn't know. no military was getting stronger and stronger. so put it on low pass. there is a military training and military training is to live in a hard tissue and we knew how to shoot also just to protect ourselves. after she went on about one morning, i found a letter in my mail box. i found it on my way to work and there was an article about sagat. she was one for dead or alive. and in that article they had mentioned the fact that some members of the a pair p had blown it be fully airport. and she was the one who did it
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the p r. p responded to the government crackdowns by trying to assassinate key leaders, including mingus do. somehow i wasn't surprised to find out that sally had taken part in response. the military government called for the public to join its mass killings free naming the campaign. the red tear ah bodies of countless people were left on the street for all to see forbidden to mourn. frightened and grieving relatives were forced to pay the price of every bullet used to kill their loved ones. as a result of the red tear period, an entire generation of urban youth with at least
9:45 am
a minimal education, were lost. the remainder left so afraid that for decades, no expression of descent occurred. my grandparents survived this dark period searching desperately for their daughter, trying to avoid the daily tears. they wouldn't get any new information about sally for nearly another 10 years. not knowing whether she was dead or alive, it's really painful. we asked a lot of people and we had a friend who works with the state department. he would come and say, you know, we have some if you have people arriving in california, arriving in atlanta. so every time he says them, i would try to find out if she's one of them. we heard once that she had gone to sudan. so we sent cobra to look far. i didn't think she was dead until
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they told us why would she die? i never, ever, ever thought she was dead. i thought they were still doing their sink trying to come back to the government. satisfied this think she had passed away 5 years earlier. and i was a sadness. part. huh. having no contacts with him. oh. my husband jim passed away march 27, 84. he was driving to meet me when he got into a car accident. that week was when we found out saturday had passed the same week. and what were you told then, or what do you know now about how she passed away and she was ill
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and then her husband died very soon after he was shot, but she died for health problems. it took not warfare. how did the news of her death affect your parents? they were both there or play safe. they lost her daughter and lost her and then they lost her. finally i receiving the formation the chip passed away. it was easier i far than not knowing that not knowing as much more painful than having something in front of you. now, you have to come to grips with her. but you know, we're still didn't have very much information. they showed us the picture of sally's funeral procession. so it was
9:48 am
a very painful thing for her that she couldn't even find. now that she knew sallie passed away, she couldn't even find the grave site. she couldn't even see where she was now to this day to be done now, she danced. which seems to be able to tell me exactly how she bent. ah. that will be said that they were doing some for military undersized monday it's on disability. so you're con reaku, do this. i hope this would be wonderful to go talk to the people who've lived here
9:49 am
though her life from triangle to think of, or metal mikayla or as him who lived family that fighting telemarketing are my folks here that will feel gave out of where are ya? martino algebra and he had muggy, had you, he's out of young, you know up i will, marty, get what i are you looking my now did you know? even i would 80 again to be monday, a meter tarianna would akin it vanderhoof therapy to my nana jackie jeanette. come and know then doug would would read they are but it does not night, jackie maggie tomorrow or we should focus on helene
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than i. j lay them out dinner, how african kara, with her kindly cloverdale underwarner hanging ill lying erected, jimenez lee abby. he came in to get up with a real tolerably him tight gilt kerisha the had given dietary at the nagging air particle it. i tend to get a tightly do, do you dear? doric interrupted n r o maki. i will let you, but i am sorry i am again and i asked him, but they didn't appreciate a good dinner and my dear soap toilet maria, monsieur, she eva eva. sadly, you're happy lucky. can you ha,
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who be lucky valued good. there were india. yeah. he says her that we're new to have our kidney humidity. give her up there. good. and my had i my love dish dish. when ne, how they my little got dish. yeah. why did i believe me mad? i a day or be shady, marty. let's get the one from a i and you know i man or do the magnet or with in came out of the actor? no, no. now what i took was ernie. i do what they've decided the early learning will daughter of 3rd i to however, you could take already only oriole grove there. ah,
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i you see, i man or do it monday or in rover, and i mean at up hello. no, let's now the lady just told us that sally passed right here. there must have taken her out of her vermont. put her head. it's more peaceful. and she was buried properly. she said so, mean if it really died over there and went into my vouchers, she must have gotten some kind of infection entirely possible. they didn't have water for washing or were it's very possible. oh mm hm.
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to look her dead, my dad, we just took her to look mrs. the elder one, the big one. ah, and i'm next to look. c c c oh oh, i was not dead when she died at the next day and i after she died and everybody was busted because i know people when they were at they get sick. some of them when they get to really sick, they sent them to so that sally,
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if she gets sick, oh my god, she would there would have sent her immediately. but it was just sad and sad and nobody knows what he told us. that people around her, they were saying given until day and none till the last minute they said she was talking. shes laughing and everybody knew, sally, so when she died hasn't happened, it came from everywhere. we cried. everybody cried they church was so good for us. and the priests, and we buried her, mr. baked in. but as of another month.
9:55 am
wow. oh good. this a mob. all the wind was with human and not letting us in. and they thought it was enough. or does he a much better got matt, joe said, am i with the most of the fear of the blue eyed look enough out mazar vacuumed about on with a much enough lily, alert my button to her not knowing what to know. i'll have her just linen about them. no me. when i found out that sally and salute i shared a grave, i worked remotely with the church to have
9:56 am
a memorial stone built for them. and for all the other young people who died in the region. ah, i think that's what my grandparents would have wanted me for me. sally, is the gateway into understanding the complicated history of ethiopia, my family story as well as the contemporary landscape. mm hm. i wonder though, would sally fit into today's ethiopia? would she still be fighting the questions raised by sally and her comrades may be different from those of young people to day. but i know many of the values she risked her life for i just as important. i hope that a new generation of leaders can inspire the unity that sally dreamed of. i hope
9:57 am
that from years of bitterness, death and corruption that a renewed ethiopia can arise. good o, a rebirth from the ashes of the old i to the village. yeah. 20. yeah. that matches one from the right to education, divorce and independence, causing a generation to me. an intimate study by traditional painting, changing time travel and how did you
9:58 am
get ready for it across the gulf? the humidity is going to bump in big time here for one. thanks for joining in. let's get to those details and one sec. we've still got high temperatures, of course, bucked at at 46 degrees q 8 at 43. but let's go for a closer look around the gall. this all has to do with our wind shifting direction at times coming out of the north east and also the east. so that means temperatures are going down, but the humidity is shooting up. so at its worst, it will be 85 percent relative humidity by night. what that means is it will feel about 42 wednesday, 44 on thursday and 46 on friday, specifically in doha. ok. as we look toward a some of that stands, bish kick tashkent, that sean bay now that those showers starting to push out temperatures are on the way up and we've got showers not too far away from islam abad on wednesday. but i think as long obama will stay dry after turkey is a mostly dry pitcher here, including 4 is stumble, mix of sun in cloud there, but some showers through central areas and off to central africa. we've got this
9:59 am
slug of rain around bungie on wednesday. let's press play, see where it goes. it slides into the congo western side of the democratic republic of congo. and for south africa, it's a sunny pitcher in cape town with a hive. 19 degrees on wednesday. see you later. ah, for over a century american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countless young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from. in a 3 part series, full plunge investigates, a massive scandal that wrote the united states scoutmaster part 3 on a j 0 june on al jazeera as rush as invasion of ukraine approaches the 100 day mark
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. we bring you the latest from on the ground and the wars global impact. and you 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art funded by colonialism and still housed in europe in museums. today. the g 7 m nato, hold key stomachs with the water ukraine, and the growing global food and cost of living crises. this much to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world helped qualifies. i'm male biting opportunity for countries to secure their spot for caught our 2020 to june on al jazeera. ah us is sending more advanced weapons to ukraine to help precisely target.


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