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is helping the pakistani community to find a voice. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack, this is europe on al jazeera. when the news breaks. no, no, i know the time. well moving. yeah, this is the family is receiving mourners inside after the body of this, what up shooting when people need to be heard and the story told with social media, we have no idea of what's written in that algorithm with exclusive interviews and in depth reports or than 22100 women al jazeera, has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and light knees. ah, the u. s. is sending more advance weapons to ukraine to help precisely target russian forces.
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ah, hello nick clark. this is al 0 live from to hall, also coming up. the laser imposes the temporary ban on chicken exports to protect the local supply and to control rising costs ah, joy and relief as shanghai lifted code 19 look down after 2 months. and which is months to go until kick off. we look at the challenges facing, woke up host nation. so the 90 states is sending advance rocket systems to ukraine as the war with russia continues by the most significant weapons sent by washington. since rushes invasion in february, the biden administration says, keefe will use the rockets to stop russian advances on ukrainian territory and vowels they will not be used on it's inside russia. i did your castro was more
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fortunate. there wasn't, it does allow the ukrainian military to extend its range resist, which is what it has been requesting from the us. this package is said to include the high mobility artillery rockets system, which has a range of some 80 kilometers. this is going to be part of a package that total some $7800000000.00. it will also include more helicopters, more tillery, and more tactical vehicles. those details will be announced by the white house on wednesday, but president joe biden previewed this in an op ed that was published in the new york times. and in a he went to specify that these u. s. a weapons will not be used within russia. he said that they are only for ukraine to use, to defend itself within its borders. i, the u. s. a u. s. security official saying that they have received assurances from ukraine that these weapons will be not fired will not be fired into russia. he
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specifically walked bath earlier, a statement saying he does not want to overthrow president putin of russia. earlier, he had set off the cuff, an assailant in poland. that pollutant could not remain in power, shall clarify in that point. and also the president writing to americans, that there is no sign that russia is wanting to use nuclear weapons in ukraine. but that if it does bite and says there would be severe consequences when the governor of ukraine's hands grades and says, russian forces are now in control of mo, most as for the next heavy fight is make it impossible to deliver humanitarian supplies or evacuate civilians. so the netscape is key to moscow's efforts to complete. the capture of lands makes a part of the east and gone by the region where russia has supported separately. for years. the city is about a 145 kilometers from the russian border and was one of the last pockets of the
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hands still under ukrainian government control. russia continues to target civilian areas in east and ukraine. at least 1500 residents are believed to have been killed since russia refocused. it's a tax on the region. same as rob has more now from the pictures from a local ukrainian channel, widely circulated on social media. the woman says hello to her family. we are, all right, we are okay. she says, what happens next illustrates the sudden severity of an artillery the ukrainians worries several donuts will be the next city to fall to russian occupation. the russian advance is slow, but it is steady. and russia now controls most of the city, natural, blonde, i mean, remember, all of our plans are clear. we will de occupied our entire territory,
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which historically belongs to us. and in accordance with all international laws, this is our plan, not filled. if we don't care about russia plans, we are having difficulties in the east due to the shortages of the right weapons. you know this well with ukrainian president vladimir zelinski was speaking during a visit by slovakia. as president susan, a couple tova came bearing gifts more howitzers destined for the front line. as st . battles, rage, and severed the nets. russians are also striking other cities in easter grain. in nearby slowly ask residents clear debris from a russian missile strike on tuesday. we have no place to go. where would we go? we have no place to go targeting civilians. infrastructure is one of the many allegations of rushes, walcross discussed by ukraine's general prosecutor with her international criminal court counterparts of the hague. we have more than $600.00 suspects. actually it is
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her level of top military, militarist politicians and propaganda edge and fresh and duration. when we speak about war crimes in ukraine, you know, we have a 2 sauce picks, people who i didn't fight as a war criminals and started to prosecute with them. the court confirms it will be opening an office in ukraine to investigate crimes and collect evidence. you know, not thought they're not on the same day and have a 2nd war crimes trial concluded. 11th and a half year prison sentences for 2 soldiers, members of a russian artillery unit guilty of targeting civilian areas in khaki. in areas that were retaken, ukrainians are still digging a bodies and shallow graves for autopsies and investigations. survivors and witnesses tell stories of rape, torture, and murder ukrainians who have survived occupation attacks on their homes and are
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still at war with russia. they say that speedy justice when it comes to russian prisoners of war in custody will be justice served. then basra b o. d 0 keith. the war and ukraine is fueling global food crisis. many countries concerned about shortages and rising prices and are putting the brakes on exports, valencia as opposed to temporary ban on the sporting chickens. louis reports now from calling them an important source of income for chicken farmers in malaysia has been cut off after an export band came into effect on wednesday. it's a fresh blow to an industry that's already really from rising cost. if we fit, then thing up all, all i don't mean you know, by me, any country that way i, what did they can you switch to another country? supplier. so it's really hard to get them back to by, but with lithium. and if you to this expert men will definitely be simple to re
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temporary solution, but we have a lot of them hitting the price of chicken feed has sword with shortages caused by the war in ukraine and a heat wave blamed on the climate crisis. malaysia is not the only country cutting back on food exports. we've seen similar actions by other governments, such as india and indonesia to restrict certain exports of food items in order to contain rising domestic should inflation pressures. because for developing countries, food accounts for a larger part of measurement of inflation and retail price inflation. it isn't just about price stability. the export ban is also meant to ensure the local market has enough chickens. it's consumers outside of malaysia who feel the bands impact neighboring singapore import at 34 percent of its chicken supply from malaysia last year. almost all of that life. the singapore government
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says it's looking for new suppliers and has urged consumers to switch to alternative meets. but foods, this is specialized in a popular dish known as chicken rice. say it won't be easy to find a substitute for a key ingredient. they are concerned about a dip in business. most eucharist thought is not 100 percent of chicken rice, not all use fresh chicken rice basically bought the ally slaughter. so the pen would mean we are no longer able to sell them and gone up in no bargain on maybe coca cola, with the malaysian government hasn't said how long the export band will last. but officials say they hope supply and chicken prices are stabilized within a month. florence lee al jazeera. why little important will after 1st blocking we, the exports, india has begun with stretching shipments of sugar to indian farmers. her the
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leading producers of sugar as of wednesday exported will need special permission to sell any sugar abroad for affairs that restrictions on rice exports could be next. an outage or a presenter has been sentenced in absentia to 15 years in prison by an egyptian court. i'm a tar was charged with spreading false news for an interview he conducted in 2018 with abdul one name, a mil photo, a leading opposition figure and former presidential candidate to us as the ruling and shameful. and lacking logic. the network as described, the verdict is an attempt to criminalize journalism. every solo other and now one actor, the message is clear, but it runs against all values in norms signed by egypt regarding press freedom and allowing journalist the opportunity to do their work. yeah. whoever took the decision to arrest air for colleagues who have been detained in egypt or to issue such an insulting sentence against me has actually insulted themselves. and how can i explain to the world that they have sentenced a journalist for 15 years in jail?
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because he interviewed a public figure, how can i explain such a ruling to the world? the egyptian president himself recently said that he is starting a new era where press freedom will be protected and political detainees will be free. lemme host bob office awfully. a palestinian woman has been killed by israeli forces in the occupied west bank girlfriend were rosner was shot in the chest near l. a rube refugee camp. israel's military says its forces open fire after an attempt to stop a soldier in hebron, palestinian foreign ministry disputes. this connie at an execution while she was on her way to work. violence is intensified and recently fully raised by israeli forces on palestinian territory in the occupied westbank. the secretary of state has emphasized importance of fully completely investigations into the killing of our desert journalist. she and i will likely, as the blaine can raise the issue during a phone call with palestinian president mahmoud abbas earlier. the state department spokesman, cool for full accountability for the death of the palestinian american journalist.
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job lincoln, even over the weekend, had another opportunity to reinforce this message with his counterpart, foreign minister. lucky as he told foreign minister louise, we urge the israeli government to swiftly conclude their investigation into the killing of serina buckler. we expect full accountability for those responsible for her killing and to your questions i. e, we have urged that aside share their evidence with each other to facilitate that investigation. and we continue to call on all sides to maintain. com and to prevent elation. what would you say to my colleague alice morning, i sent you a letter today. if you would have, what would you say to assure that he can continue to conduct his job? i will, jarvis, i mean, he's been doing this for a very long time. certainly appreciate his perspective and the time he took to offer his recollection and his thoughts on the incident that tragically took the life of sharina, ucla. we,
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whether it is in your i'm sorry and of course, and of course injured him as well. we heard from us not only in recent days, but going back to world press freedom day earlier this month. and throughout the course of this administration, we stand with journalists around the world who are doing their jobs in situations that sometimes are unfortunately dangerous. we're still ahead here now, is there a lebanon political newcomers march would change the new parliament reelect thing speaker, and we'll hear watch k pops, because does the white ah, there's been about 40 to 60 centimeters of snow across the australian l. so of
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course, scott low temperature's there, but not just in the hills. also laura ground. so waking up on thursday, look at this to below and camera dark of the blue, the lower the temperature here. let's talk about that act of weather. once again, another system winding up through the byte bad of rain is stretching pretty much from adelaide rate through to tasmania. if i take it further toward the north, that batch of rain that we had through the kimber lea region, it dip to the southern slice of the northern territory. now watch as it makes its way right along that border out with queensland and new south wales. and there will be some heavy rounds of rain to come here. some severe thunderstorm, alerts and play for their northland region of new zealand. also through the escape and the capitol region, weather alerts and play for the rain and wind, and some big waves here about 3 to 4 meters for the south island. most of the action over the southern alps on thursday. now for the philippines bursts of rain to be expected, both for lose on and mid now islands. and then we got to talk about our seasonal plum rains in china. it's really fragmented and disorganized so rounds of rain to
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be expected for southern sections of china. and a band of rain is moving across japan's honju island. so that's kicked down the temperature in tokyo on thursday. the th stories of determination enjoy. ah, with gina you have you mean a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly wanda and camera desert library. the young site and happy africa direct on al jazeera. oh,
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i think what you remind about top stories is our and the us to send to get phones. precision guided rocket systems to ukraine, but their range will be limited. so targets inside russia cannot be reached. the governor of the hands province, ukraine says russian forces control to throw days of fears. fighting if destroyed, 90 percent of the city preventing the evacuation. it begins the delivery of humanitarian. the war in ukraine is fueling a global food crisis. malaysia has imposed a temporary ban on exposing chickens. government says is to protect domestic supply and ensure price stability. food production costs rise. the speaker of lebanon's parliament for the past 30 years has been reelected. now the body was
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chosen by m pace in the 1st session of parliament following the election earlier this month before he was narrowly voted in m p. 's making that they be march to parliament calling for change and how to report now from. 4 it's a moment of change, the representatives of living on protest movement making their way to parliament. they walked past security forces, who once kept them out during massive demonstrations in recent years. it's the 1st session of the newly elected legislature. and these 1st time m p 's are hoping to bring change to a decades old system. there is no them. ok in lebanon. what the consultation and compassionate system. but we are here to read for them on, on duty. unfortunately, the rights wouldn't come out with any, any kind of compromises. compromises based on power sharing between the political
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establishment have long been how politics is done here. that's how parliamentary speaker to be. barry was re elected to have been in the position for 3 decades and for many a symbol of a failed system, riddled with corruption. but this time it was different, very failed to get the endorsement of a majority and one with the limit of much of a blow, but symbolic benefit. i know the problem has to be a habit for those who are hoping for radical change that hasn't happened. change in peace couldn't win enough. see, the status quote didn't change and it's 70 leaders who have been in power, who are expected to have the final say on what's next. so vote for a new speaker starts a constitutional process that includes the formation of a new government and in a few months is the election of a new president. but the current landscape in parliament, the lack of
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a clear cut majority means there could be protracted negotiations. an extended political vacuum won't help a state and an economy that has all that collapse. the parliament has failed over the years to implement or undertake any economic reforms for that matter. and during the crisis, in fact, the parliament obstructed economic changes and economy could be forms. politicians are also accused of struggling accountability for the baby port explosion that killed more than $200.00 people. 2 years ago, though in the state killed my brother, they are responsible and we want to know the truth. those who are confronting the system, no democratic change cannot come overnight, but today's vote appears to be the beginning that there was either a 2 month kevin, 1900 lockdown, and shanghai has finally ended. the
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grove gathered on the river side as the clock struck midnight, marking the reopening of china's largest city, shanghai 25000000 residents are free to leave home, while businesses will gradually resume operations. restrictions imposed under china 0 cave is trustee will to be east in the capital of beijing. wang is the chief economist that hangs in by china. explains last, the impact locked down the tide on china's economy. we had food shortage. oh, there was a lot of confusion, a lot of anger, and then when it came to the end, there was no clear signal when this was going to and so now thinking back, it was a very difficult time. a lot of unexpected things happen. and a lot of people, competence was shaken and also about the future of china. and this is a quite unexpected. and so far i think it's probably the largest challenge. china has phased in the past decade after the 1st phase of this initial phase of excitement for many people because people are dying to go back to work,
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and companies are dying to reduce their operations. but after the initial phase, there might be more disappointments. because the reality is the consumer confidence is dampens, property market is still weak. all those a weakness, the other part of the economy was due there and not address. and on top of that income growth has flowed significantly. so after the left of all the restrictions, i think there is a lot of work has to be done to restore the market confidence and to give subsidies to the people that are most needing it or concerns about the security agreement between china and the solomon islands. have been voiced in the white house, us president joe biden, and new zealand prime minister just and then discuss stepping up engagement with pacific island countries to counter china's influence. a, china's foreign minister is halfway through a term of 8 pacific countries, discussing security and economic packs. whitehouse crossman and company havoc. it
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has more. it was the 1st oval office meeting between the u. s. president and new zealand. prime minister, a chance for washington to counter china is growing influence in the indo pacific region. but for new zealand, it was also an opportunity to express that when it comes to business, there are no loyalties. he had an exchange of views on the pacific, currently very clear view on both sides that the pacific needs to determine ends is determining its own rules of engagement and as partners. we need to make sure that we're hearing what via critical focus in areas of interest are for us to partner on and partnership is k. it is not a donor donate relationship and nor should it be. and i think that's the approach that i hear from the united states. it's certainly the approach of new zealand,
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regardless of who within the pacifica, engaging with the meeting lasted roughly 90 minutes and included other topics like climate change, trade and even how the united states and new zealand could cooperate in space. and that included the vice president. com la harrison, that conversation. but there was also the topic of gun control in light of the shooting that took place last week in texas. and how the united states could potentially bound assault weapons when it comes to that effort in new zealand. unlike the united states, the new zealand prime minister says that effort in new zealand was met with unanimous support. the most president is welcome, the korean popstars beach. yes to the white house. the sing is visited. the officers use. i'm passengers to highlight crimes against asians in the us. they say the devastated by the recent surge of hate crimes against people of asian heritage . y'all in dying works is on the school's track, just women's experience,
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a crime 1st time. and i'm a 1st generation asian american i came actually was born in beijing, china, and i came here when i was 3 years old. so my parents faced the language barrier and the cultural barrier. and then also just being made to feel different because you look different or you eat different foods. and this started more than a century ago with the 882 exclusionary act where congress actually excluded in chinese immigrants for a period of 10 years to not be able to immigrate to this country. so xenophobia and racism has always been a part that has been targeted on asian americans. and it hasn't helped with the model quote, model minority mess, which is truly a myth because it's essentially a white supremacist concept that has made minority groups pit against one another. in true, instead of truly working together and having compassion as the pandemic was happening,
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i myself was running for office. and i faced a lot of direct discrimination, particularly around social media. that would say things like, you know, you're not an american. thankfully, president biden is an office and as i said, a completely different tone. unfortunately, we did have a president that felt it was ok to say things and it has, it did essentially allow make people who are xenophobic and racists feel like it's ok to act on those beliefs. so if cruise president is facing early test of his popularity and local elections, president use will kill, was sworn in 3 weeks ago with most every pre routing of any new coming from a broader post office. so with thousands of local government positions being decided across south korea, from rural county officials, to mares of big metropolitan cities, this will be
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a telling snapshot of which way the country is leaning politically. and whether conservative units of yields presidency will be given a boost since he won by the slimmest of margins of less than one percent over his rival in the us army dock. well, i like his character and will continue to support him, a little worthy as he remains to be seen if he will live up to expectations. but i think he'll carry out state duties better than the previous president. the liberal candidate defeated in the presidential race, the jameel is running again. this time for one of 7 national assembly seats being contested in by elections, seemingly asking voters for a 2nd chance when home and incompetent can send people to hell. remember that fact? i think holding people accountable for the past that was done in the presidential election, the vacant seat in, in john, which is far more blue color than neighboring soul,
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is normally considered safe for the liberal democratic party. but lee has been finding it unexpectedly tough, especially emerging from the pandemic will show her thought. i hope this market can be revitalized so that ordinary people can eat and have a better life of the color palette. i want them have said, democrats need to reflect a little more now. i hope they don't lose that original goals and do better in these same elections. 4 years ago, the democratic party scored a landslide. grabbing 14 of these 17 big city mare and provincial governor possessions now racked by in fighting over controversial policies. they face much closer races across the country. these elections will not just be a verdict on the new president, but also on the man and his party that he defeated rob mcbride al jazeera sol de la qualify matches for the fee for well cut. begin on wednesday with the crane facing scotland. security and crowd management will be closely watched after celtic scene
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to the champions league. final in paris on saturday is just one of several challenges facing cancer when it hosts the world cup in november. as in tuscany now, ah, there was chaos at club football's biggest match in europe. i think we did the scenes of riots in paris or a reminder of the challenges, cut our faces as their prepares to host, one of the world's largest sporting events. cut our is coordinating with multiple countries to provide security for the world cup. the u. k. military is providing manpower to patrol the sea and skies and support counter terrorism operations. turkey is sending a team of about $3200.00 people, including riot police, special operations forces, and bomb experts. with less than 6 months to go before as many as
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a 1000000 fans descend on doha. the capital is a massive construction zone. the organizing committee has allocated $130000.00 rooms in hotels, cruise ships, and desert camps. cut our airways is partnering with airlines and neighboring oman, kuwait, saudi arabia and the emirates to fly fans to and from matches on the same day. however, the biggest concern is accommodation as hotels and other infrastructure are unfinished accommodations will be up in shall supply because the volume in every fifo, even if it is in a big country like south africa, like russia, like anybody else, that has always been a shortage of accommodation, so we are not unique criticism persists about the treatment of the army of migrant workers who have made this world cup a reality. however, the government says it's implemented reforms and working conditions have improved
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is going to be while addressing the world economic forum in davos. the amir highlighted his hopes for the tournament. our region has suffered or so long. hosting to old tough will give hope to the youth across the region and making the lasting contribution to the world fee for estimates. as many as 5000000000 people will watch the cut our 2022 world cup in the glare of the global spotlight. this country a fewer than 3000000 notes. all too well. it can't miss an open gall natasha game, l. jazeera doha. ah . so this is our dessert. these are the top stories and the u. s. is sending advance.


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