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0 as wash as invasion if you bring the coaches, the $100.00 themes we bring you the latest on the grunt and the wars global impact . and you 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art club by colonialism and still housed in your opinion in today. the g 7, i'm nato, hold key summits with the water ukraine, and the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows and big picture examines francis struggled to live up to itself were claimed. ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world helped qualifies. i'm male blazing opportunity for countries to secure their support for cut our 2020 to june on al jazeera ah, the ukrainians have given us assurances that they will not use these systems against targets on russian territory. the us sending precision guided rockets to
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craig and russia warns against adding fuel to the fire. ah, hello, i'm sam is a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up the war and new crime prompts a vote in denmark on whether to join the use defense policy officer. so if he is of opting out phase of growing food protectionism and high up prices in the bands, bags full of sugar and malaysia, the same to chicken shanghai springs back to life as the city ease is covered, 19 restrictions ending a 2 month locked down. the kept millions in the homes now, russia is accusing the united states is deliberately adding fuel to the 5 by supplying a chance precision guided rocket systems to ukraine. the biden administration
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descending is most significant weapon package, since the russian invasion began in february includes rockets which have a longer range than the systems the ukrainians have. at the moment. a kremlin spokesman says they don't trust assurances, they won't be used to target russian territory. but a press conference alongside the nato secretary general, u. s. secretary of state anthony blinkin said he trusts ukraine with regard to weapons, sisters being provided the ukrainians have given us assurances that they will not use these systems against targets on russian territory. ah, there is a strong trust bond between ukraine in the united states, as well as with our allies and partners. when nato secretary general yen seldom berg says, the war has only strengthened the alliance plot you have seen of the law firm months is an unprecedented level. all unity among natal awesome partners in
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the response to russia, aggressive or war against the ukraine. and we have seen that when it comes to the provision of military support, imitating support or comic support, the alternative not to support your grain, not to will actually enable a president putin to win. that will be dangerous for all of us, and the price we have to pay will actually be higher than to now invest in the support for her ukraine. rosalyn and jordan joins us lie from the state department in washington dc. so rosen listening to the comments that seems the focus more was on emphasizing unity and continuing the war. if it wrong, then clarity on how to resolve it. that's correct. the emphasis was on a underscore and unity because there have been some whispers in some european capitals in particular that top her haps unity, the you, the european continent,
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members of nato, the united states. i am as part of that might be a fracturing particularly when it comes to the efforts to isolate russia, politically and economically. however, what we heard, both yen stall, timbered, the secretary general of nato and antony blanket. the secretary of state say, was that this has, are only strengthened the western nations resolved to not see this war spread beyond ukraine's borders. and in fact, is making it possible for nato to consider adding its 1st new members in almost 20 years. or i will leave it, i thank so much in germany is also sending more heavy weapons to ukraine. chancello a shalt says the shipment includes ahmed, artillery and the iris. t. anti and croft system. sure. all see else and,
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and then under then i hear a lot out of other countries and what is being discussed. and i will say clearly there are a few who may be think that this is the way to do this. so this will be over soon. but that can't be we will support the ukrainians as long as it is necessary. with all the opportunities we have made possible danes voting in the referendum on whether or not to rejoined the european union's common defense policy. then mark opted out of the policy 29 years ago. the rethink was called following russia's invasion of ukraine. danish military forces could join the you military operations . if there's a yes vote. now opinion polls they suggest 40 percent of danes are in support, but 20 percent remain undecided. i went in mike to be more well today if you differently and ok. yes. all along for a long time. i think you, we should be this the only way a lot of clear problem can be solved. this is when we do with the,
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in the site they, you, i think we got revenue of the, it's an old story. you know, there was a time where no people, nuclear weapons, all that kept peace in a stable. but i think that's an old story. i think that the in the country has to try to decrease weapon and not to so called the weapon industry. now then, market is just the latest country to have its gas supply cut off from russia after moscow turned off the taps to the netherlands on tuesday. then mark's largest energy company says moscow cut off its gas supply because they refused to pain roubles. natural gas supplies to finland, poland and bulgaria have also been halted. president vladimir putin is ordered for payments in russian currency to counter weston sanctions. global energy supplies are a major topic for discussion between brushes,
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foreign minister and his counterparts, the gulf, saudi arabia hosted, so good love robin foreign ministers from colorado, the united arab emirates, among coit and behind speaking. after those talks, the russian foreign minister, his house, at the european union for banning most oil imports from russia. so again, i've also accused the us of instigating the nations against it. go politically supports as a church to ation as such that any group of countries should not be allowed to dominate the international arena. and to put their own priorities and establish one singular polar world. but some of the countries are not hiding their true intentions. they don't allow any alternative thoughts. the war in ukraine is fueling a global food crisis. western leaders of blamed russia for holding the world to ransom by blockading. ukrainian ports of the head of the roman catholic church is now calling for everything to be done to free up wheat exports from ukraine. and this sandy frugal personae. the blocking of exports of wheat from ukraine is very
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worrying because the lives of millions of people depend on it, especially in poor countries. i make a heartfelt appeal so that every effort is made to resolve this problem to guarantee the universal right to nutrition. please do not use wheat to a basic foodstuffs as a weapon of war. and many countries are concerned about food shortages and putting the brakes on exports. belinda has begun restricting sugar exports and says, rising local prices are to blame. 2 weeks ago it band. we tax faults have natal reports from other pradesh on how local farmers of feeling the impacts ah, after being packed and see this batch of sugars headed to the port. india has already exported a record 7 and a half 1000000 times the season. now the government has kept shipments to ensure there is enough left over for domestic consumption,
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get to work in our log. she dance company has been refined sugar for 90 years. and he says, the new rules could affect farmers incomes and the sugar season and starts in november. and the government would always like a minimum stock in the country of about 2 months, consumption or 2 and a half months consumption, which is somewhere around $6000000.00 tons. it's been a bumper habit for the world's top sugar producer international demand high sparking fears of domestic shortage during the festive season. later this year, when high global prices and a strong dollar have opened up business opportunities, but farmers and traders, soaring inflation and concerns about food secure t back home have prompted the government to implement protective measures including restricting wheat exports. wheat farmers such as on j party hope to cash in on a favorable international market. prices rose after rushes invasion cut supply from the black sea region, but
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a scorching heat wave in india. threatened output and the government ban most exports to control domestic prices. that affected farmers profit. so got to go to the, the government price. it was higher last year, so we saw them more. this time the rates are low, let read production is much low. it kept dreaming, and there was war to login to which impacted the harvest. economists say these restrictions to little to reduce inflation. india's credibility as a reliable exp, order of primary. our commodities is going to be a seriously damaged it's. i don't see this r as a good signal al jazeera asper a government comment, but we didn't get a reply. many countries have urged india to lift its ban on wheat exports. government leader said they would relax the bad, but a will consider requests from vulnerable countries far from the middle al jazeera, with the british in northern india, and malaysia has temporarily band its chicken exports. as far as louis reports from
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column for the government says it's concerned about poultry shortages at home and rising prices. an important source of income for chicken farm, as in malaysia, has been cut off after an export band came into effect on wednesday. it's a fresh blow to an industry that's already really from rising costs. if we've been seeing up all, i don't mean you know, by me, any country that way i what do they get? another country supplier. so it's really hard to get them back to buy, but in the future. so this is what men will definitely be simple to re temporary solution, but we have a lot of them heading. the price of chicken feed has sort, with shortage, is caused by the war in ukraine and a heat wave blamed on the climate crisis. malaysia is not the only country cutting
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back on food exports. we've seen similar actions by other governments such as india and indonesia to restrict certain exports of food items in order to contain rising domestic should inflation pressures. because for developing countries, food accounts for a larger part of measurement of inflation and retail price inflation . it isn't just about price stability. the export ban is also meant to ensure the local market has enough chicken. it's consumers outside of malaysia will feel the bands impact neighboring singapore import at 34 percent of its chicken supply from malaysia last year. almost all of that live, the singapore government says it's looking for new suppliers and has urged consumers to switch to alternative meets. but food sellers is specialize in popular dish. no net chicken rice say it won't be easy to find a substitute for
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a key ingredient. they are concerned about a dip in business most eucharist thought he'd not 100 percent of chicken rice, not all use fresh chicken rice, basically bought a life slaughter. so the pen would mean we are no longer able to sell them and gone off in no bogus or maybe coca cola vocal. the malaysian government hasn't said how long the export bad will last. but officials say they hope supply and chicken prices are stabilized within a month. florence li, algebra by little employees who still had an al jazeera while most of the world's attention is focused on the conflict in ukraine. we report on the flight of millions of people displaced across africa and destruction in the wake of hurricane agatha will have the latest on recovery efforts among mexico's pacific coast. ah,
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richard, he has begun. the. the full world cup is on its way to cattle. whoop. your travel package to day. here's your weather in a minute 15. hello, everyone. thanks for joining in. so the monsoon rains are continuing to lift further north across india. now finding its way into go, or you can really tell here, right, the darker the color, the more intense the rain is falling and it extends rate through the bay of bengal, hitting coastal sections myanmar. so let's go in there for a closer look. lot of rain to be expected there, but also into bangladesh. so cox's bizarre could certainly see some flooding there . and then, oh yeah, we got these big storms in westbank all around calcutta, the windsor picking up could see some intense lightning and hail. those will be the big threats with those cells. they're south east asia. well the southwest monsoon is steering some heavy bouts of rain into northern sumatran militia and southern sections of vietnam. but not too long ago,
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it was northern vietnam where we had some pretty heavy rain around hanoi, destroying hundreds of homes. here's an update on this seasonal rains in one second across china. but 1st we got to talk about the philippines, both for loses and mid and now islands. we've got downpours on the forecast on thursday. here's a look at those caesar reins across china. the plumb rains really disorganized, so a lot of down ports to be expected. there and then meantime a week band of shower is moving across japan's honshu island on thursday. official airline of the journey across the world. young activists and organizers to rhonda move, move to vacate and politically engaged. the challenges they face couldn't be more daunting here. and we were the ones who had life on what was going on in a way that was me. neither did it. there's nothing start. think about the lebanon is always in the buy number for us formation. we have the agency to create the vibe
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of the generation change on al jazeera with ah, welcome back he or watching. i'll just hear, let's recap. those headlines rusher is accusing view as of deliberately adding fuel to the fire by supplying advance precision guided rocket systems to ukraine. the kremlin spokesman says they don't trust us assurances that the missiles, one target russian territory, global energy supplies dominated discussions between russia's foreign minister and his counterparts from gulf states they met in saudi arabia. g. c. c members will also hear from ukraine's foreign minister later on wednesday. the war in ukraine is
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fueling a global food crisis. india's begun restricting sugar exports and says, rising, local prices are to blame. it's the world's biggest producer and 2nd largest exporter after brazil, india capt. we'd take sports 2 weeks ago. now the secretary of state anthony blank, and his warning in a tow allied turkey against the military offensive in syria, saying it would put the region at risk. lincoln urge turkey to stick to cease fire lines established in 2019 after president rodge of ty, both wine renewed threats to clean up to northern syrians, cities of kurdish fighters. any escalation, ah, there. in northern syria. ah. is something that we are we would oppose and we support the maintenance of the currency far lines. the concern that we have is that any new offensive would undermine regional stability,
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such as it is, provide the line actors with opportunities to exploit instability for their own purpose. we continue effectively to take the fight through partners to, to dashed. isis are within syria and we don't want to see anything that jeopardizes the efforts that are made to continue to keep isis in the box that we put it in. israeli forces in the occupied west bank of shot dead, a palestinian woman. go flat on what was shot in the chair near and ro, refugee camp is rosemary says they open fire after an attempt to stab a soldier in hebron policy and foreign ministry. the students describing her killing as an execution. while on her way to work, the secretary of state has emphasized the importance of fully completing investigations and the killing of al jazeera journalist should now block le anthony blink and raise the issue during a phone call with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. early of the state
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department's focus and cold for a full accountability for the death of palestinian american john this job lincoln, even over the weekend, had another opportunity to reinforce this message with his counterpart, foreign minister. lucky as he told foreign minister le pete, we urge the israeli government to swiftly conclude their investigation into the killing of serina buckler. we expect full accountability for those responsible for her killing and to your questions i. e, we have urged that aside share their evidence with each other to facilitate that investigation. and we continue to call on all sides to maintain. com and to prevent elation. what would you say to my colleague alice morning sent you a letter today? if you would have, what would you say to assure that he can continue to conduct his job? i will, jarvis, i mean he's been doing this for a very long time. certainly appreciate his perspective. and the time he took to offer his recollection and his thoughts on the incident that
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tragically took the life of sharina, ucla we, whether it is in i'm sorry, and of course, and of course injured him as well. we heard from us not only in recent days, but going back to world press freedom day earlier this month and throughout the course of this administration, we stand with journalists around the world who are doing their jobs in situations that sometimes are unfortunately dangerous. now now desert presenter has been sentenced in absent theater. 15 years in prison by an egyptian court. i am at dawn. how was charged with spreading false news for an interview he conducted in 2018 with and then met him up and for door. he's the leading opposition figure and former presidential candidate. the i says, the routing is shameful and lacks logic. the network is describing the verdict as
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an attempt to criminalize journalism. arrazola, a novel one aca, the message is clear, but it runs against all values in norm, signed by egypt regarding press freedom and allowing journalists the opportunity to do their work. whoever took the decision to arrest air for colleagues who have been detained in egypt or to issue such an insulting sentence against me has actually insulted themselves. and how can i explain to the world that they have sentenced a journalist for 15 years in jail? because he interviewed a public figure, how can i explain such a ruling to the world? the egyptian president himself recently said that he is starting a new era where press freedom will be protected and political detainees will be freed. bob, how sane by you me, research is egypt and libby of amnesty international. these as the sentence shows the lack of press freedom in egypt. we are seeing that isn't so it is you continue to return your opponents and predicts, including shortest histories on this were arrested other
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examples as ations where it is have no intention of using a pressure. instead, they are shifting to different strategies where we're seeing a high profile iris and instead focusing more on people just the government can label or some with but over all we're not seeing improvement in terms of a suki or chris freedom is her a can nag 1st kill the least 11 people in southern mexico. 33 others are missing. following the strongest hurricane on my phone to hit the from pacific coast during may. minute apollo has more from mexico city. those numbers of missing persons and the number of deceased has not changed since federal and state
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officials gave those updates. early on wednesday morning, the governor of the state of 100 mood said also during a press conference. early on wednesday, that heavy rains associated with heavy with hurricane agatha brought widespread flooding and mud slides not only to the coast of haka, but also to se a number of small mountain towns near near the coast. now, well, i guess it was only a category to hurricane when it made landfall it does appear to be a significant storm. it was a quite a destructive storm system. unfortunately, the storm itself is not over. we've heard from weather forecasters who say that while the hurricane itself has already dissipated over the mountains of southern mexico, those remnant thunderstorms could regroup, potentially forming a tropical depression. as that storm system skims the gulf of mexico and the caribbean sea, today we should note is june 1st,
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wednesday june. first is the start of the atlantic hurricane season. so again, if the remnants of agatha were to reform into a tropical depression, if we were to see a center of rotation indicating the formation of a tropical storm, it could be the 1st named storm of the 2022 atlantic hurricane season. if that were to be the case, the name would change from agatha to alec bringing wind and rain to the u. s. state of florida. by the end of the week, sheila is president gabrielle bar and she's delivering his 1st day to the union address. he's been in office for less than 3 months, but the approval rating of she lays youngest ever president has already fallen. our latin america added to the c newman is watching the president's address. there is a sense that this president, who is the youngest sitting president right now in the world, is improvising that the government is improvising that there is not a clear roadmap as to what he's going to do. it's true that he has been hindered by
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unexpected and expectedly high violence in south central chile, which already existed, but it's worse and also crime and just violence in general has increased substantially. many believe it's because the president doesn't seem to have strong enough leadership, but there's also the sense that there is, as i say, improvisation and a rather haphazard way of, of getting accustomed to being not any longer in the opposition, but in government. and then he's also backtracked on many of his key promises during his election campaign. like for instance, reinstating a state of emergency in south central chile rather than starting what he had called is a deep dialogue with armed groups and others who are unhappy. and i'm speaking now about the inducement put groups who are claiming lands for that they believe is, has been owed to them. for the last 500 years. a 2 months cove, with 19 long down in shanghai has finally ended most to shanghai 25000000 residents
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now free to leave their homes. katrina, you reports from the capital b. j. millions of people in shanghai county down to midnight on wednesday, celebrating the end of district to month pandemic lockdown. there were scenes of joy and excitement as people socialized outdoors and to read their cars. for the 1st time in weeks st barricades have been removed. supermarkets, restaurants and parks are reopening, public transport has resumed. china's biggest city and commercial center is slowly coming back to life. after being shut down at the end of march. more than 600000 cruel virus infections were recorded in what was the country's worst outbreak since the pandemic began. utter soon shown was visiting the city and became stuck at his hotel, an initial 5 de locked down stretched to more than 60 days. he is relieved it's over,
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but remains distrustful of the government government the older. so they tell people all the 5 days. so i think by better you know, the government always lie to people. busy more and more and more longer and the longer and the longer and no, andy, no people. when is to finish, there was widespread anger along with confusion of food shortages and a lack of access to emergency medical care. lockdown, also crippled supply chains and slowed the economy. property, car sales, the service sector and retail consumption all plummeted in april. analyst save recovery weren't be quick, easy after the initial phase or there might be more disappointments because the reality is the consumer confidence is dampens. property market is still weak. all those a weakness, the other part of the economy was due there and not address. and on top of that income growth has flowed significantly. so after the left of all the restrictions,
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i think there is a lot of work has to be done. shanghai authority say the city has achieved a milestone in its battle against the virus in a letter, they thanked residents for their patience and apologized for the inconveniences caused people in shanghai may be celebrating for now. but the memory of this war walk down won't easily be got. china's leaders refused to live with the corona virus, and any new outbreak can result in the lives of millions be offended without nurse . katrina, you al jazeera aging. now that all region refugee council says the world is paying to little attention to mass displacements of people across africa, 10 of the world's most neglected crises. and now in the continent, is it morgan explains close to 6000000 congo leaves forth from their homes. a 3rd of the population going hungry and all after decades of conflict. but the
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democratic republic of congo is top of the most neglected crises worldwide. according to the new region, refugee council, the aid organization lists 10 countries. all of them in africa would have displacement crises that don't get enough media attention. the countries include burkina, faso maroon, the cameroon, chad if you appeal nigeria and molly, south for them is number 4 on the list. the world's the youngest country faced conflict just 2 years after independence in 2011. a 3rd of its 12000000 people were forth from their homes, fighting likely ended when a peace deal was signed in 2018. since then flood had displaced nearly a 1000000 more. you know something, so my son. yeah. i can was established 2 years ago and we came from the north by the here we have humanitarian issues. there is no food, no access to farming and no education. sedan is also on the list more than 2000000
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. have been displaced in the western region of dar for since fighting vest started in 2003 hundreds of thousands remain in camp despite the peace deal signed 2 years ago. in may fighting in west r for force around 35000 families from their homes when we were attacked and forced to leave our homes with nothing. now we have nothing to eat and a thing out in the open, under the sun than a region refugee council says the lack of media attention to the crises has contributed to less humanitarian and political response. when the d r c is getting so little attention in the global media, it also leads to less a money going that compared to ukraine and other crisis that are in the limelight constantly. but also to reduce political diplomatic attention and initiatives to sort of the deep crisis.


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