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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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the right to education, divorced and independent, causing a generational rate. an intimate study by traditional pan happening, the changing times. whitney travel at 10 am now to see you revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al jazeera ah al jazeera with. ah, this is al jazeera ah.
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hello, i am sammy's a dan. this is the news, our life from dell. how coming up the next 60 minutes show lawns the ukraine war could widen off to washington agrees to provide here with advanced rockets. the ukrainians have given us assurances that they will not use the sisters against targets on russian territory. the war and ukraine promised a vote in denmark on whether to join the e is defense policy. after 30 years of opting out phase of growing food protectionism and higher prices in india, bands the exports of sugar laser does the same for chicken. the leader of chit a gives his 1st state of the union address, hoping the speech can boost his sliding approval ratings. and i'm he to stand with your sport majesty. united announced the departure of pauper and raphael madell beats know that jock of h to reach the french open semi final still on course for extending 14th title in
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canada. now we begin this news hour with the war in ukraine. russia is accusing the united states of deliberately adding fuel to the fire by supplying advanced precision guided rockets to ukraine, who are the by ministration it sending its most significant weapon package since the russian invasion began in february. includes the rocket system with a longer range than the ukrainians currently have. the kremlin says it doesn't trust caves, assurances that the rockets will not be 5 in to russia. it's going to live to our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit for more on there. so bit of a change in policy compared to what biden originally said on this. why kimberly the u. s. president has just released a statement and in it he said,
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the reason for this shift has a lot to do with some of the recent gains that have been made by russia in recent weeks. and as a result, the package that is being sent is to really halt the russian advances that have taken place. as a result, the u. s. presence say we will continue to lead the world and providing historic assistance to support you crave fight for freedom. and so this is really the crux of why the united states is decided to supply these media as well as long range rockets is a very small number, but what this will do is it will allow for ukraine to hit precisely a number of target to on the battlefield within the ukrainian border. now what this means is this will allow for a targeting of the eastern don bass region. the will allow for a targeting of russian artillery russian positions and will allow for an intensity
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that has not been seen before. so this is very significant, we should also know that this is part of the package that we have seen the u. s. congress passing very recently that 40000000000 dollar package that was passed by the u. s. congress. but in terms of the assistance, this is the 11th package that has been put forward by the united states in terms of its military support. all right, thanks so much. kimberly how can well, let's take a closer look at the weapon system. the americans will be supplying to ukraine. the him, ours, as it's known, multiple launch rocket system or m l r, asked consumers zealously 5, multiple precision guided missiles. it's 80 kilometer range is twice that of the m triple 7 howitzers, which already have been provided to cranium forces of a longer range version of the missile, which can reach targets $300.00 carters away or that is not being supplied to the
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crew to the ukrainians. the u. s. military already has him all units in europe, nato allies, poland and romania have them. for a while, chick is a senior fellow at the center for european policy analysis. he served as a colonel in the u. s. army. he says the decision to provide those rockets, ukraine was likely a difficult one. taken to even the odds. we saw that in the obama administration with the lethal weapon debate, you know, in the beginning. and then we get to the bible ministration and very incrementally, even as we saw the russian surrounding ukraine and like a drug or not around ukraine. very, very slowly and carefully making these decisions. those triple 7 should have been there a month, 2 months ago, for example. and these high mars as well. so the administration is following it,
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some pattern, they should actually announce that they're going to deliver the longer range systems capabilities. as soon as possible. of course, you know, the high mars or m r s system they're going to get, can shoot into russia, can shoot deep into russia currently, administration and talking about the shorter range of munitions. the system can fire the long range munitions and there's a lot of discussion out there. busy that may be the ministration will change or upgrade the plan as we move further to give them even more capabilities when the us step stuff does something demonstrable like this, others will follow with similar capabilities or other related capability. we're seeing that with the artillery, with the canadians, and the australians also supplying artillery systems and the poles, the poles are the point. they're state of the art very, very new, self propelled artillery systems. the same, but harvey's in here with more on the impact these weapons could have on fighting
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in east and ukraine. well, that announcement by the united states of sending more critical weapons to the battlefront here in ukraine will no doubt come as very good news. not just to president vladimir zelinski office, but to his military and to the strategist that are operating the battle fields in the east, on the ground, as well as the battlefield commanders who have had to for so many days. see, the russian advance take over and absorb and digest more and more of their country sadly for a place like separate than that, it is likely going to be help that will come to late. the mayor of that city has had the unenviable job for the last week to continue to document and report the slow losses that his city is facing. now, the ukrainian government only controls 20 percent of that city, 60 percent in russian hands. and the rest of it, a no man's land, certainly indicative of how the pace of the russian advance has been. it hasn't just been there. we've seen in care sun for the last 2 days. that city has been completely cut off in terms of communication. there's been no ukrainian or mobile
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or internet service there for 2 days elsewhere in the den. that's the region across the board. we've heard reports just in the last few hours of loud explosions being heard in cities in the genetic region and sustained artillery fire going on since this afternoon. that began in spurts last night in nikolai of loud explosions being heard in the last hour artillery showing very well. so certainly across the board in the east. renewed attacks by the russians. germany's also sending more heavy weapons, see a crane chance to the old shalt says the shipment includes ahmed artillery and the iris t. anti cross system here. and then, and then i hear a lot out of other countries and what is being discussed. and i will say clearly there are few who may be think that this is the way to do this. so this will be over soon, but that can't be we will support the ukrainians as long as it is necessary. with all the opportunities we have made possible. plenty more still ahead on the news
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hour, including awe, joy and relief in shanghai. as the city lifts its curve with 19 lockdown plus on dominant cane and berlin with the new ticket to ride with just 9 euros. i can travel pretty much anywhere in germany and in sport, ukraine's football team restarts his campaign to qualify for the world cup and cutoff. that's coming up with peter. ah danes have been voting in a referendum on whether or not to dree, joined the european union's common defense policy. denmark opted out of the policy 29 years ago. the rethink was called following russia's invasion of ukraine. danish military forces could join e you military operations. if there's
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a yes vote. opinion polls suggested 40 percent of danes are in support. 20 percent remain undecided. i went there mike, to be more well today if you definitely and or yeah. all along for a long time, i think you, we should be this the only way a lot of clear problem can be solved. this is when we do with the in the site that you, i think we got, we're been awful. it's an old story. you know, there was a time where no people, nuclear weapons, all that kept police in a stable. but i think that's an old story. i think that the in the country has to try to decrease weapon and the not to so called the weapon in st. the poles in denmark closed a short while ago for more in this talk to christine this, and she's
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a european security specialist and researcher, the danish institute for international studies joined us from copenhagen. good. have you with us? which way do you think the votes going to go? well actually we just kind of an exit poll here at 8 o'clock and it him actually a huge majority for getting rid of the opt out and becoming a full member of the common security and defense policy. so it looks like a very strong yeah. in fact. all right, so that's an exit poll. of course, it's not the final official numbers, but as a strong indication if that is indeed where this is going. that you know, such a big majority as you mentioned as well. i mean, how much of a game changer is that for europe in security? ah, i would believe that the danish, this decision to hold this referendum in the 1st place or, and, and also getting rid of it as it looks like is, is a part of
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a bigger story where we see this sir. his story called will in, in europe to increase a corporation on security and defense. and this is obviously due to a changing european security order where we have a new europe after the 24th of february, where putin invaded ukraine and brought back water. the european continent and which is pushing for this historical unity amongst european leaders. and this is a bigger story, of course, the, the magnitude of neutral city, such as the finland and sweden joining nato is a grander than denmark becoming a full member of the security and defense policy. but nevertheless, it is the part of the same story and, and namely, this general wish to, to strengthen european security and defense corporation. and as europe increasingly
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looked towards itself, ford, it can do to secure its own security. where does that leave nato and how the european mechanisms work with nice her and indeed there is some, no conflict at this point between a, a stronger e u. a and more of a nato this, this broader story of wishing to corporate more on security and defense is both a tendency or will push for a stronger role for european states in nato to i. i would believe also taking into consideration the realization that many member states. so you, european states are having that, that the u. s. has 4 years emphasized the need for, for europe to take more care of its own security. so nato is not becoming
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less important, quite the opposite is true. what we see is a general wish to strengthen our all european security and defense corporation. so we've got to talk about the, the elephant in the atlantic room, so to speak. what about relations with the us in the role the us plays, visit the european security, especially as elections the next round, the presidential actions all, nobody knows what kind of present that may be a lot. no, that's true. and of course it is also part of. 1 the general context, indeed the election of donald trump as you as president in 2016, this did push for a stronger e u. defense, as i mentioned. but of course, trump is not the 1st or the last president to, to emphasize that europe needs to, to do more and right now, currently on short term basis, we see more troops,
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american troops on the european continent that, that we have seen for, for many years but, but this is a short term situation. nevertheless, the u. s. is looking towards other parts of the world and is telling europe that it needs to take more care of its own security. thanks so much. good. talking to christine you too. thanks. denmark is the latest country to have its gas supply cut off from russia. after moscow turned off the tap to the netherlands on tuesday. then mark's largest energy company says moscow cut off his gas supply because they refused to pay in roubles. natural gas supplies to finland, poland, and bulgaria. well, they've also been halted and president of food and his ordering for payments to be made in russian currency. the count for those western sanctions. russia is vowing
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to find other buyers fruits oil. that's after the european union leaders agreed on monday to band more than 2 thirds of russian oil imports. by the end of the year. russia is the world's 3rd largest oil producer with around $11000000.00 barrels per day. the international energy agency says russia and around $20000000000.00 a month in oil sales before the war, 60 percent of its exports went to europe. but since then, the u. s. u k, and d, u, a whole 7 ties in some way and rushes turn to asia instead. india and china both increase their imports of rational since february. and let's say beijing imported $92000000.00 bows of russian oil per day in may. global energy supplies are a major topic for discussion between russia's foreign minister and his counterparts in the gulf. saudi arabia hosted saga laboratory and foreign ministers from katara, the nice down of emeralds, armand coit, and bahrain speaking. after those talks,
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the russian foreign minister hit out to the european union for banning most oil imports from russia. so gay live rob also accused the us of instigating your nations against your political supports as a chair to the tuition is such that any group of countries should not be allowed to dominate the international arena and to put their own priorities and establish one singular polar world, but some of the countries are not hiding their true intentions. they don't allow any alternative thoughts. but on the shower is al jazeera is senior political analyst. he says, gov countries now have more power in energy markets because of europe span on russian oil in ports. but primarily is to show that russia is not isolated. as their west insists, it is ordered should be in the sense that the russian foreign minister is able to meet not one, not 2, but even 5 for administered at the same time, showing that russia's foreign influence,
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foreign relations are remain intact, that russia is welcomed in fact, in some of those capitals that are closest to the united states like reality. and of course there is a some major issues such as oil and coordinating that with the major oil producers in the gulf. especially after yesterday's announcements by the europeans that they will eventually this year cut off 90 percent of their imports. the water ukraine might have been unfortunate for ukraine and for european security and so on. but it wasn't so bad, but i looks like speaking for gulf countries and others in the south that produced oil, the price of war that have jumped more than one half. so from 70 to over a 100. and that certainly means a more profit to those countries, and it enables them to exercise and project more power in terms of what's
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next for the energy markets. they are not only major exporters, they have the capacity to increase their exports in a way that could fulfill the needs in the west, which makes them ever more important. i said to day, far left french politician john, look man. and sean is holding a rally in paris the head of legislative elections. manor shaw has spent the past few weeks campaigning across from in a bid to gain control of the national assembly and devote his health later this month. i shall place 3rd in the presidential election in april. bernard smith joins us from marshalls rally in paris, so he's trying to take over the world again. a good foot. whole jury say in the legislative elections, what is the strategy? what's he trying to achieve? euro? well actually some of the high price of gas and oil is on high on the agenda of
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young luke melon, john, who's speaking now he's promising to fix the price of gas and energy, but we know price is going up the cause of that war in ukraine what man john has don, is heading a coalition of left wing parties, which includes the socialists, the greens and the communists, to try and win control of frances assembly in the election. is melon sean came a very close 3rd in the presidential election use of the socialist party all but why it out to what he's doing is stepping into that void with this coalition and hoping to persuade the french vote for him as if as enough of marginal support is on this block in parliament, then that will force emanuel macro on the present to make national prime minister that will put a hold on mac ron's reform agenda. the way wants to liberalize the economy further, reduce retirement mellon. shaun's group. apart from us. go are raising the price of oil and gas, they want to freeze the price baked goods,
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they want to reduce the retirement age to $60.00 increase or the minimum wage. adding even introduce capital controls amount shown to withdraw from from nato. one form a socialist president. i said this makes his grouping, and electable carry, pull is also burning. why? well, i getting close. i mean, the latest polls though, suggests that emmanuel microns coalition of centuries will lose its own rule majority in the assembly, but it will remain the single largest party. and if that happens, then that i might try and do a cert form alliances with small, a conservative party in the assembly. excuse me. that would then keep melanie shawn out, the men, some is also a challenge. a man shun, often supports of the losing kelvin from the presidential election. don't turn out to be centrally. elections,
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momentum is with macro and his party ranch on urging his supporters to go out and vote to try and make sure that he becomes prime minister. you thanks so much. berlin smith now a 2 month cove with 19 long down in shanghai has finally ended. most of shanghai is 25000000 residents now free to leave home while businesses will gradually resume operations. katrina, you reports from the capital where restrictions imposed on the china as 0 coven strategy are also beneath millions of people in shanghai county down to midnight on wednesday, celebrating the end of district to month pandemic locked down. there were scenes of joy and excitement as people socialized outdoors into their cars. for the 1st time in weeks. st barricades had been removed. supermarkets, restaurants, and parks are reopening. public transport has resumed. china's biggest city and
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commercial center is slowly coming back to life. after being shut down at the end of march, more than 600000 crew virus infections will recorded in what was the country's worst outbreak since the pandemic began. utter soon shown was visiting the city and became stuck in his hotel. an initial 5 day looked down stretched to more than 60 days. he is relieved. it's over. that remains distrustful of the government government the older. so they tell people only 5 days. so i think by better, you know, the government always lied to people. busy more and more and more longer and longer and longer and no, andy, no people. when is to finish? there was widespread anger along with confusion of food shortages and a lack of access to emergency medical care lockdown, also crippled supply chains and slowed the economy property. and car sales,
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the service sector and retail consumption all plummeted in april. analyst save recovery won't be quick, easy. after the initial phase, there might be more disappointments because the reality is the consumer competence is dampens property market is still weak, although the weakness, the other part of the economy was due there and not address. and on top of that income, growth has slowed significantly. so after the left of water restrictions, i think there is a lot of work has to be done. shanghai authority say the city has achieved a milestone in its battle against the virus in a letter. they thank residents for their patients and apologized for the inconveniences caused people in shanghai may be celebrating for now. but the memory of this one walked down won't easily be got china leaders refused to live with the corona virus, and any new outbreak can result in the lives of millions be offended without nurse
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. katrina you out to 0 aging. the war in ukraine climate change, the hunger crisis, the world has many emergencies to tackle. but the norwegian refugee council says 10 of the most neglected crises are in africa the a day or the nation says neglect is affecting the humanitarian response for millions. the democratic republic of congo tops the list for the 3rd time in 5 years. hello, morgan explains close to 6000000 congo lease force from their homes, a 3rd of the population going hungry and all after decades of conflict. but the democratic republic of congo is top of the most neglected crises worldwide. according to the new regent refugee council, the aid organization lists 10 countries. all of them in africa would have displacement crises that don't get enough media attention. the countries include
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per kina, fossil burn, the cameroon, chad if you appeal nigeria and molly south for them is number 4 on the list. the world, the youngest country faced conflict just 2 years after independence in 2011. a 3rd of its 12000000 people were forced from their homes, fighting largely ended when a peace deal was signed in 2018. since then flood had displaced nearly a 1000000 more. and so my son yeah, i can was established 2 years ago and we came from the north by the here we have humanitarian issues. there is no food, no access to farming, and no education for dan is also on the list. more than 2000000 have been displaced in the western region of dar for since fighting vest started in 2003 hundreds of thousands remain in camp. despite a peace deal signed 2 years ago in may fighting in west r for force around 35000 families from their homes. when we were
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attacked and forced to leave our homes with nothing. now we have nothing to eat and a thing out in the open, under the sun than a region refugee council says the lack of media attention to the crisis has contributed to less humanitarian and political response. when the d r c is getting sole little attention in the global media, it also leads to less a money going there compared to ukraine and other crisis that are in the limelight constantly. but also to reduce political diplomatic attention and initiatives to sort of the deep crisis in the, in, in the congo. so we're in a desperate situation as human, terence on the ground. we're not getting the attention not, not the funding, nor help to solve the crisis. and as the world's attention remains elsewhere, most of the funding appeals to respond to the crises in the countries on the list remain low. 8 organizations the that needs to change to improve the lives of
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millions of people, morgan algebra, and the still ahead on al jazeera destruction in the wake of hurricane agatha will have the latest on recovery efforts on mexico pacific coast sports, one of golf biggest scholars, the facts from the pga tour to join the rival theory back my found the ravia tells coming up with a hi heat and humidity across some parts of the golf. we'll get into those details right now. hello, everyone. good to see you 1st. here's the temperature. look at the temperature story on thursday. got 45 in q 8, but notice this wind out of saudi arabia. it's going to pump up the temperature in aleppo to $43.00 degrees. that's getting pretty close to
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a record. let's talk about the humidity around the gulf right now. so these arrows, that's an easterly wind. so it's going to kick down the temperature and door just a bit because the gulf waters at this time, the year a little cooler. and it's also going to bump in the humidity. so basically, an easterly wind means lower temperatures, higher humidity for dora. and this can be expected over the next few days. there is a seabreeze for karachi that's also bumped in the humidity there is wall looking at wind gusts of about 50 kilometers per hour, and then near record heat for tater on on thursday, with a high of 35 degrees. now for the boss 1st we're going to see those winds pick up on thursday is stumbles. got a high, 28 degrees off to central africa right now in a band of rain. i just that southwest corner of south sudan stretching into western portions of the democratic republic of congo, and for southern africa, not much to report. we've got a lot of sunshine and temperatures where they should be. ah,
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no answer was an arabic. my name is how i was abducted by the cia in 2004. a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the sea. i came up with me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruin the life of an innocent b o mastery case on al jazeera. ah.
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with lou. ah, welcome back here watching al jazeera time to recap, our headlines now. rusher is accusing view as of deliberately adding fuel to the fire by supplying advanced precision guided rocket systems to crane. kremlin spokesman says they don't trust cubes, assurances that miss house will not target russian territory. global energy supplies dominated discussions between russia's foreign minister and his counterparts from gulf states. beth and saudi arabia had a meeting of the oil group, opec class in austria on thursday. a referendum exit poll and denmark suggest the
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countries overwhelmingly in support of joining the european union, common defense policy. paul has 69 percent devoted in favor of the change. the national referendum was called following russia invasion of ukraine. the war in ukraine is fueling a global food crisis. western leaders of blamed russia for holding the world to ransom by blockading ukrainian ports. and the head of the roman catholic church is called for everything to be done to free up. we take sports from ukraine and discharge on the approval, but sure ne, blocking of exports of wheat from ukraine is very worrying because the lives of millions of people depend on it, especially in poor countries. i make a heartfelt appeal so that every effort is made to resolve this problem to guarantee the universal right to nutrition. please do not use wheat to a basic food stutter as a weapon of war. and many countries are concerned about food shortages and
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putting the brakes on exports after 1st blocking wheat exports. for example, india has now begun restricting shipments of sugar to india, and farmers other leading produces of sugar as of wednesday, exposes, will need special permission to sell any sugar abroad. there are fears, restrictions on rice exports, could be next and malaysia. well, it's temporarily banned. it's chicken exports and florence louis reports from quite a lot for the government says it's concerned about poultry shortages at home. an important source of income for chicken farmers in malaysia has been cut off after an export ban came into effect on wednesday. it's a fresh blow to an industry that's already reeling from rising costs. if we've been seeing up all, i don't mean you know, by me, any country that way i what do they get with another country supplier?
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so it's really hard to get them back to buy it and if you to so this is what men will definitely be simple to re temporary solution. but we have a lot of them heading. the price of chicken feed has sort with shortages caused by the war in ukraine and a heat wave blamed on the climate crisis. malaysia is not the only country cutting back on food exports. we've seen similar actions by other governments such as india and indonesia to restrict certain exports of food items in order to contain rising domestic should inflation pressures. because for developing countries, food accounts for a larger part of measurement of inflation and retail price inflation . it isn't just about price stability. the export ban is also meant to ensure the local market has enough chickens. it's consumers outside of malaysia who feel the
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bands impact neighboring singapore import at 34 percent of its chicken supply from malaysia last year. almost all of that live, the singapore government says it's looking for new suppliers and has urged consumers to switch to alternative meets. but food sellers is specialize in a popular dish known as chicken rice. say it won't be easy to find a substitute for a key ingredient. they're concerned about a dip in business. most eager i thought he's not 100 percent up to the rise. not all use fresh chicken rice. basically. he bought the life slaughter, so the pen would mean we are no longer able to sell his la gone off in nor burger, or maybe coca cola we buckled. the malaysian government hasn't said how long the export band will last. but officials say they hope supply and chicken prices are stabilized within a month,
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florence li al jazeera by little in point of germany as launched, a transportation scheme meant to combat inflation and the high cost of fuel. for 3 months, people have unlimited access to public transport for just $10.00 a month, because dominant came reports from berlin. some say the policy doesn't go far enough whether by tram train or bus over the next 3 months, journeys with these are much cheaper. for $10.00 or 9 years a month, passengers can now get unlimited local and regional travel around the country. we have prepared a bunch of bon as good as possible. for example, with additional train. 250 train every day in our network in germany. and we have additional person out on the train and also in the railway station. so we find the best to be prepared at
9:37 pm
a time when inflation is higher than it has been for a long time. ministers hope this policy will ease some of the financial pain caused by rising prices. this is what the package a get prevent 9 euro, a ticket to ride anywhere in this country which can be bought in the paper version on a smart phone. alms with one of the, theoretically i can take most of the trains, tramadol buses, the stop at the station, but most people who use this unlikely to be can you? so what do they make of it? i just thought it is great because i used to buy a 6 and now it's nice and i have to go to work every day. so i was the biggest friends i use public transport a lot different cities, unique, cologne, berlin. so it's very convenient by making public transport much more affordable if only for 3 months. this is a green policy. so the theory goes,
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but some people say it doesn't go far enough. we need to invest a lot more, especially in our real systems, and that's not something that you can do overnight. also not something that is done in 3 months, so we need more trains. we need longer train. we need to build more train tracks. we need more buses. these are all things that take take time. the cheaper season ticket has been introduced to coincide with a cut in fuel costs for motorists. the price of petrol, the pump has risen sharply since the war in ukraine. at 1st glance on wednesday, prices do seem now to be dropping. so taken together, the politicians in charge believe what they are introducing will make a difference. the next 3 months will tell us where the most germans agree. donate came out to 0. berlin. she lays president gabriel bonnet she has just finished delivering his 1st state in the union address. it's been in office for less than 3 months,
9:39 pm
but be approval ratings of today's youngest ever president has already fallen. pottage is facing an escalating conflict with indigenous put check groups. angry about soaring inflation is what a student protest demanding food subsidies and public school improvements. our latin america editor, let's see a newman joins us now. live form valid, but echo where that state of the union was just delivered. think it's over now. so what is the reaction the people feel like this is going to help him win back his writings i think it's too early to tell him fact the president w voting his planning to address the nation in a few hours on television when people get home for work the speech, the address rather didn't take place at 11 o'clock local time. it ended at 1 o'clock. so i would say most chileans really weren't able to follow it. it was a very long speech and it started off rather slowly with generalities. but then in
9:40 pm
the 2nd hour of this, to our speech, he got into more details. he promised to send a bill along the way to bill for pension reforms in all this to congress. feel so said that he is going to introduce in less than a month, a fiscal reform plan to try to stop tax evasion. he said he would continue to maintain a price on public transportation. but the main worries for most people are the economy and especially rise in crime and violence, not just in the region the to mentioned where my poor whether arms, my put your groups have been carrying out a tax. but also just in all of the cities, including in the capital santiago and for that he didn't make a rather bold promise. he said he was going to send a bill to congress to absolutely outlaw all ownership fire arms following, i would say his new zealand counterparts example. he said that he, they have seen very carefully what's been happening in other countries,
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an allusion to what is been taking place in the united states, particularly the attack on the school in texas, children and to the, would not allow that to happen here. so those are some of the proposals he made, how well this will go off or, or how people will take it will have to see in the following hours and days. what has been the focus of criticism on the new president was it that people don't agree with the policy that they feel he really had much of a policy to tackle the problems coming into office. i think it's more the latter, you know someone yesterday when an anal annalynn is and none this 10, sorry, was comparing it to a football game that he's only been in office for 82 days. why do they say that if you, if you compare this football game, it's only the 1st 5 minutes that's been played was that the one each team has been basically sitting around on the pitch. now they want to see him act. they want to
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see him take much stronger leadership to counter inflation rising crime, the uprising in the near region and also the feeling that they are improvising too much that there isn't that clear roadmap. that's certainly the try to the kind of message that he tried to bring across today, and that was to make it much clearer to put forth more details. but he has, as you say, he has lost a lot of support. gaining it back is going to be harder and probably will take longer than it took for him to lose some of that popularity that he had when he 1st took office. leave it then thanks so much to see us. how can i get her killed at least 11 people in southern mexico? 33 others are missing. following the strongest hurricane on record to hit some pacific coast during may 160 kilometers. now wind speeds and heavy rain flooded homes and washed away rose menu. out of paula has more from mexico city. those
9:43 pm
numbers of missing persons and the number of deceased has not changed since federal and state officials gave those updates. early on wednesday morning, the governor of the state of 100 mood said also during a press conference. early on wednesday, that heavy rains associated with heavy with hurricane agatha brought widespread flooding and mud slides not only to the coast of war haka, but also to se a number of small mountain towns near near the coast. now, well, i guess it was only a category to hurricane when it made landfall it does appear to be a significant storm. it was a quite a destructive storm system. unfortunately, the storm itself is not over. we heard from weather forecasters who say that while the hurricane itself has already dissipated over the mountains of southern mexico, those remnant thunderstorms could regroup, potentially forming a tropical depression. as that storm system skims the gulf of mexico and the
9:44 pm
caribbean sea, today we should note is june 1st, wednesday june. first is the start of the atlantic hurricane season. so again, if the remnants of agatha were to reform into a tropical depression, if we were to see a center of rotation indicating the formation of a tropical storm, it could be the 1st named storm of the 2020 to atlantic hurricane season. if that were to be the case, the name would change from agatha to alex, bringing wind and rain to the u. s. state of florida. by the end of the week israeli forces and the oxide west bank of shot dead, the palestinian woman from what i was shot in the check near the robe refugee camp . israel's military says they open fire after an attempt to stab a soldier in hebron upon the scene in foreign ministry. disputes that though described for killing as an execution were on their way to work. the secretary of state has emphasized the importance of fully completing investigations into the
9:45 pm
killing of al jazeera journalist, sharina walker. anthony blink can raise the issue during a phone call with palestinian president with our bass earlier. the us state department spokesman called for full accountability for the death of a palestinian american journalist, cherry blinking even over the weekend had another opportunity to reinforce this message with his counterpart. foreign minister. lucky as he told foreign minister le pete, we urged the israeli government to swiftly conclude their investigation into the killing of serina blocker. we expect full accountability for those responsible for her killing and to your questions i. e, we have urged that aside share their evidence with each other to facilitate that investigation. and we continue to call on all sides to maintain calm and to prevent elation. what would you say to my colleague, alice, will you sent you a letter today this morning? what, what would you say to assured that he can continue to conduct his job as a drama? i mean, he's been doing this for
9:46 pm
a long time. certainly appreciate his perspective. and the time he took to offer his recollection in his thoughts on the incident that tragically took the life of sharina block, the we, whether it is in your i'm sorry and of course, and of course injured him as well. we are from us not only in recent days, but going back to world press freedom day earlier this month and throughout the course of this administration, we stand with journalists around the world who are doing their jobs in situations that sometimes are unfortunately dangerous. an egyptian caught his sentence and al jazeera presenter in the absentee. it's a 15 the years in prison, atman thought i was charged with spreading false news. for an interview he conducted in 2018 without the modem. avenue for door is the leading opposition figure and former presidential candidate ah says the ruling is shameful and lacks
9:47 pm
logic. the network is describing the verdict as an attempt to criminalize journalism, oliver solo, other and novel one actor. the message is clear, but it runs against all values in norms signed by egypt regarding press freedom and allowing journalist the opportunity to do their work. whoever took the decision to arrest air for colleagues who have been detained in egypt or to issue such an insulting sentence against me has actually insulted themselves. and how can i explain to the world that they have sentenced a journalist for 15 years in jail? because he interviewed a public figure, how can they explain such a ruling to the world in the egyptian president himself recently said that he is starting a new era where press freedom will be protected and political detainees will be free for the final preparations are on the way in britain for queen elizabeth is platinum, jubilee tens of thousands are expected at celebrations to mark 70 years since she
9:48 pm
earth send it to the throne. ne fark i looked back at the popularity of britain's longest serving monarch. queen elizabeth looms large over the british capital, seemingly every street a wash with flags and bunting for weeks, soldiers from household cavalry task with guarding the bullock have been rehearsing their steps. the platinum jubilee is as much a celebration of british traditions as it is 96 year old queen elizabeth's long reign ah, was in the 70 years and she became queen a coronation. a year later, the queen and country have profoundly changed back then. many of europe cities was scarred by the horrors of the 2nd world war. and the british empire, the once ruled, a 3rd of the world was melting away. queen elizabeth would help shape britons new historic purpose, not as the queen of an empire, but of
9:49 pm
a common wealth of multi national, multi racial states. and also as head of a royal family. the word in the coming years become the focus of intense media attention. as a family grew. so to the challenges the death of princess diana in a car crash in 1997 provoked public anger, that the queen wasn't publicly mourning her death while millions were forcing her to break protocol and joined the crowds. more recently, the royal suffice, intense criticism over the handling of racism allegations by the queen's grandson, prince harry and wife megan, while sexual assault claims against prince andrew forced queen elizabeth to strip her son was touted as her favorite child of his royal titles. over the decades president, some prime ministers have been and gone. some of the most iconic figures of the past century. queen elizabeth consistently doing her duty. i think she played very well exactly the role of the constitutional one at she is the most charismatic. so
9:50 pm
the photograph, most famous women, the wild, but she's also very enigmatic. we hardly know her, and i think being able to stay above politics, but seen as relevant and respected has been really important here in the twilight of queen elizabeth's reign, a gentle reduction of royal duties after the death of her husband of 73 years. prince philip, in the midst of the pandemic, a time when queen elizabeth's words to the nation have scarcely matted more. we'll be with our friends again. we will be with our families again. we will meet again, even as more more people question the role in the purpose of a royal family. in a modern democracy, there is something of a cosiness of familiarity to high, long reign and genuine public affection for woman and a queen who ties past and present generations together. naples, al jazeera london sports coming off after the break, including the french open,
9:51 pm
where the world's best continues. amazing women speak ah
9:52 pm
with mm pool o a by football fans that's find out what's going on in the green. all right, thank you semi who dealt with woke up qualifying and the postpone playoff between ukraine scott and kicked off just a few minutes ago. the match was pushed back from march because of russia's invasion of ukraine. pul reese is in glasgow. this is a very emotional match for ukraine, but one that comes with
9:53 pm
a difficult dynamic on the one hand sport has no meaning compared to what their country is going through while their friends and families have endured. but on the other hand, their role is important. sport feeds international pride, national morale, and this gives ukraine a presence on the world stage that is beyond the diplomatic or the military sphere . now, the ukrainian players would normally have to stay in ukraine under the rules of martial law. in fact, many of them wanted to fight for that country on the battlefield. the zalinski government gave him an exception, decided that they have a greater role to play for their country in trying to reach the world cup in cat off. now whoever wins as much will go on to play the final qualify against wales in cardiff on sunday for scotland. what's at stake? a 1st woke up place in 24 years for the ukrainian players and even greater responsibility on and off the pitch. now to, to big football departures. first,
9:54 pm
popa bay is leading manchester, united on a free transfer at the end of this month. the french will win a re find for the club back in 2016 of the leaving events is for then re quote, fee of $100.00. $16000000.00 as united have been a team in decline since and finishing 6 in premier league this season for believes as new manager, it can ha, takes over. and to another former record signing garrett fail is confirmed. he's leaving around the drill off the 9 years at the club. the 32 year old whales, captain says it's been an incredible experience since joining from taught them in 2013 for $131000000.00 is called $106.00 goals. 13 spanish titles and 5 champions league crowns got a tennis now and will number one, eagles, fiance has stormed into the french open, semi finals of the beating american jessica pe gould in straight sets, extending her current. hon. speak with $33.00 consecutive womens post match the 21
9:55 pm
year old off of the thoughts on the lack of women's matching scene during the night . sessions that read and gas tournament director, emily mo, has some on the fire thing, the main to provide more attraction. well, it is a little bit disappointing and surprising because she was also in a t a. but you know, well, the thing is from my point of view, it's for every player is more convenient to play at normal hour. but for sure, i want to entertain, and i also want to, you know, show my best tennis. she on take will play daria catholic kena for a spot in the fun on the world. number 20 be fellow russian. veronica, could that method in straight fits? kina is $32.00 semi final page fiance, 3 times this year, losing heavily on each occasion. fresh me full 5th when i was member one that that
9:56 pm
talk of it's 13 time friendship and champion ref. madell was back on the practice court on wednesday. that became joke of it's in a marathon for l. a match that went into the early hours of the morning next up. the spanish mistake on germany's alexander very if, if the 21 time grandson had been can when that contest were playing sundays final afternoon and gary was now was shock in the golf world. former world number one, dust and johnson has defied the u. s. pga tour. busy to enter arrival series, back by saudi arabia. johnson who previously said he would stick with the pga now intends to play in the 1st live invitational tournament in england, where the winner will get $4000000.00. the to time major winner is the highest rank player on the field to the n h l. playoffs, and the colorado avalanche have taken an early lead in the western conference final against the edmonton oilers. that one game won by 8 goes to 6 with 2 of them. school by j t. comfort. but the simon one way to go in the best of 7 series games in thursday.
9:57 pm
and a quick update from the french open moments ago, cremation, marin chill it. she booked a spot in the semi finals role and gas for the 1st time. he defeated andrea rube live in 5 sets. that's what we'll leave it for now. i'll be here again later with more sports news. sammy, thanks so much peter. while i said for me and for this news our, the good news is lauren taylor is back with another full bulletin. me. oh no, no, no, no no, no, no, no, no. this is, i don't need to be here with you to look and i'm just going to put him on the list and most of the new home and ya today. and
9:58 pm
we're going to give you what we said as well. they didn't put me in. i'm a lot of fun at the one i know. i mean, i mean, i shooting them off and just ah and
9:59 pm
as the final 3 places at the feet, the will cup are decided will life from the playoffs will gather reaction from across the globe. a seems vessels with council 2022. the world qualifies. special coverage on al jazeera joined the debate. wonderful as it is that the pon matic language. it really means nothing on the ground. on an online ad, your voice, the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man wears the progress i haven't seen enough racial as do see sports journalist. i look like me. you need to listen to those voice perspectives, even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this dream on al jazeera stories of determination enjoy. i will allow you to be luck. thou. in the quito,
10:00 pm
gina duke. i remained listening. v. i look it up luca, short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron, desert libraries, the young cyclist and happy africa direct on al jazeera ah algebra with ah 2. ready ah, the kremlin accuses the united states of purposefully ad.


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