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when i'm to be my town quito, gina, you have you make a listening v. i don't get a short documentary by african filmmakers from molly, wanda, and cameron desert library. the young cyclist and happy africa direct on al jazeera ah al jazeera, with . ready ready who ah, the kremlin accuses the united states of purposefully adding fuel to the fire by
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supplying advanced rocket systems to ukraine, capable of striking targets in russia. ah, i've learned 10 verses, outta 0 live from london. also coming up the world's largest sugar producer limits its exports. india says is to keep local prices in check. shanghai springs back to life as the city eases cove at 19 restrictions ending a 2 month lockdown that confined millions to their homes. and with just months to go until kickoff, we look at the challenges facing the world cup whose nation cattle ah, hello, russia is accusing that the united states have deliberately adding fuel to the fire by supplying advanced precision guided rocket systems to ukraine. the biden
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administration ascending its most significant weapons package since the russian invasion began in february, the rockets helicopters and tactical vehicles, a part of $700000000.00 worth of usaid. a criminal spokesman says they don't trust us assurances that ukraine won't use the missiles to target russian territory, saying mr. ivy has more on how this may affect ukrainian efforts on the front line . while that announcement by the united states is sending more critical weapons to the battlefront here in ukraine will no doubt come as very good news. not just to present a lot of resilience. he's office but to his military and to the strategist that are operating the battle fields in the east, on the ground as well as the battlefield commanders who have had to for so many days. see the rush in advance take over and absorb and digest more and more of their country sadly for a place like separate than that, it is likely going to be help that will come to late. the mayor of that city has had the unenviable job for the last week to continue to document and report the
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slow losses that his city is facing. now, the ukrainian government only controls 20 percent of that city, 60 percent in russian hands. and the rest of it, a no man's land, certainly indicative of how the pace of the russian advance has been and hasn't just been there. we've seen in care sun for the last 2 days. that city has been completely cut off in terms of communication. there's been no ukrainian or mobile or internet service there for 2 days elsewhere in the den that's region across the board. we've heard reports just in the last few hours of loud explosions being heard in cities in the genetic region and sustained artillery fire going on since this afternoon. that began in spurts last night in nikolai, of loud explosions being heard in the last hour artillery showing very well. so certainly across the board in the east renewed attacks by the russians. so what exactly is the system that the americans have sent to ukraine? lea, a hi mas multiple launch rocket system, or m l r s. consumer tenuously fired multiple precision guided missiles. it's 80 kilometer
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range is twice that of the m triple 7. how it says ready provided to, to ukrainian forces a longer range version of the missile, which can reached targets 300 kilometers away, isn't being supplied to the ukrainians. us when she already has highmark units in europe, nature, allies, poland, and romania also have them. oh, what as 1st one, it can be how kit joins us live now. kimberly why did biden changer stance regarding sending these kinds of weapons to ukraine? well, very simply, there was concern that russia was making gains that the united states and as partners and allies were not comfortable with. so as a result, in an order to, in the words of us, president of the statement released just a few hours ago. this latest packages to designed to repel those russian advances to you as president is stephen saying we will continue to lead the world
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of providing historic assistance to support ukraine's fight for freedom. so what the united states is doing is releasing a very small number of medium range rockets that in the words of the united states will allow for ukraine to precisely hit targets in the battlefield, eastern dom bass region. what this will do is it will allow the ukrainian military to hit precisely russian artillery sites, also russian positions and to do so with an intensity that it has not been able to do previously. now, we should point out that this is the 11th military package that the united states has provided ukraine, but is the 1st time that the united states has been able to release military support from that 40000000000 dollar package that was recently approved by the us congress. and this is the u. s. concerned that these weapons could be used to, to hit russian territory. it certainly is
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a concern that was brought up repeatedly by reporters in a background briefing call that was held between senior administration officials and white house correspondent. now what that the officials are telling reporters is that there is obviously the concern that has been brought up of potential for direct confrontation. in fact, this is something that the russian side has accused ukraine of and the united states, perhaps a provoking but what we can tell you is that the united states says that it has instructed ukraine and been very specific in terms of how this weaponry should be. used that it should only be used inside ukraine's borders. that it has said repeatedly that this is what is designed for being used for. and this is not in any way to prolong the war, but just the opposite is the belief that with this ramping up of these capabilities,
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that this will allow for a potential cessation ultimately of violence. but of course, what we know from all of this is this is relying on self restraint on the part of the ukrainians. and we know in times of conflict that can often be in short supply . kimberly, how can thank you very much indeed. when the news conference alongside the nato, she general your sector state entity, blink, and said, he trusts ukraine not to use the new rockets against targets on russian soil with regard to weapon systems being provided. the ukrainians have given us assurances that they will not use the systems against targets on russian territory. there is a strong trust bond between ukraine in the united states, as well as with our allies and partners. germany is also sending more heavy weapons to ukraine. chancellor shots says the shipment includes arm and artillery and the iris t anti aircraft system. you're off here and. and then under that i hear a lot out of other countries and what is being discussed. and i will see clearly
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there are a few who may be think that this is the way to do this. so this will be over soon, but that can't be we will support the ukrainians as long as it is necessary with all the opportunities we have made possible. yes. the worst feeling a global food crisis. western leaders have blamed russia for holding the well to ransom. i blockading ukrainian ports the head of the roman catholic church has called for more to be done to free up much needed grain exports and deserve and their approval. but suny, the blocking of exports of wheat from ukraine is very worrying because the lives of millions of people depend on it, especially in poor countries. i make a heartfelt appeal so that every effort is made to resolve this problem to guarantee the universal rights to nutrition. please do not use wheat to a basic food stuffer as a weapon of war anywhere in another. better blo, india has announced to its restricting sugar exports. many countries will ready alarmed after india band we tech sports
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a few weeks ago. that new ital reports of new to pradesh on how local farmers are feeling the impact ah, after being packed and see this batch of sugars headed to the port. india has already exported a record 7 and a half 1000000 tons the season. now the government has kept shipments to ensure there is enough left over for domestic consumption. get your look in our log she lamps, company has been refining sugar for 90 years and he says the new rules, good effect farmers, incomplete the sugar season. it starts in november and the government would always like a minimum stock in the country of about 2 months, consumption or 2 and a half months conducted to somewhere around $6000000.00 tons. oh, it's been a bumper habit for the was top sugar producer. international demand is high sparking fears of domestic shortage during the festive season. me to this year when high global prices and a strong dollar have opened up business opportunities for farmers and traders.
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soaring inflation and concerns about food security back home had prompted the government to implement protective measures including restricting wheat exports. wheat farmers such as on j party hope to cash in on a favorable international market. prices rose after rushes, invasion cut supply from the black sea region, but a scorching heat wave in india, flattened output, and the government band most exports to control domestic crisis that affected farmers profit psychotic children. the government price was higher last year, so we saw them more. this time the rates are lower, read, production is much low, it kept dreaming, and there was water logan to, which impacted the harvest. economists say these restrictions to little to reduce inflation. india's credibility as a reliability order of primary our commodities is going to be a seriously damaged with this. i don't see this r as
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a good signal. i'll just hear asper a government comment, but we didn't get a reply. many countries have urged india to lift its ban on wheat exports. government leader said they would relax the bad, but a will consider requests from vulnerable countries. pardon him? ethel al jazeera, what the british in northern india, russia has cut off natural gas applies to denmark, because it's refused to pain. rubles president vladimir putin had signed a decree that foreign buyers needed to pay for gas in rubles from april because of western sanctions. but then mark's biggest energy company refused saying it proves that the e units to stop depending on russian energy. danish officials say cutting off supplies won't have much of an impact. russia's already turned off taps to finland, poland all guerria, and the netherlands. we know denmark looked set to join the european union's common defense policy. exit polls suggest more than 2 thirds of voters want denmark to
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stop opting out of the scheme for the 1st time in 30 years. danish officials could get involved in the use defense decisions and send troops to e u military operations. the referendum was called following russia's invasion of ukraine, which is also lead sweden and finland to end their tradition of neutrality and apply for nato membership. still had allowed to 0 a groups warner, the democratic republic of congo is the world's most neglected displacement crisis . the 3rd time in 5 years. and in preparing to st party, u. k. g is up to celebrate queen elizabeth platinum jubilee. ah, the that started june's going to disappoint in a few places, scandinavia with that swirled clad and probably porch go with the next one. i mean
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there's those 2 systems. you don't want to see the rest. well, most of europe is fairly settlers, not lot of clear ran temperatures are reasonable. there are a few showers around as you can see. this line in particular extends to the outs. but these stormy weather probably is that her over sweden and briefly in norway will, i think slowly improve. we just go at close. this is fridays forecast. the wind is gone. there's still a lot of clatter radios. we'd have to admit further west where we're celebrating the platinum jubilee. the queen. the breeze is getting up. so for london, specifically etobicoke breezy, 2 or 3 days, increasingly so i think with temperatures just hovering about 20 mark. but to be a few shows to now the warmer weather is to the south of that same line that runs across the pyrenees in the alps and lot of france and germany could see cloudy, overcast conditions. and same is true, the northwest of spain and portugal, otherwise it's quite warm. it's still warm to the east breeze answer the g in, but they t daytime chairs indicate that wants in turkey. quite
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a wind in north africa, particularly north west africa. look at this, the sand is up to some degree, and the wind is strong. ah, that is fill me in return to the village yet 20 years. that matters once on the right to education, give orth an independent, causing a generation me. an intimate study with lou
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ah, from under the top stories yellow 0, russia is accusing the united states have deliberately adding fuel to the fire by supplying advanced precision guided rocket systems to ukraine. a part of a $700000000.00 weapons package that also includes helicopters and tactical vehicles. russia is cut off natural gas supplies to denmark because it's refused to pay roubles and marks biggest energy companies, as it proves that the e. u is to stop depending on russian energy fall after french politician johnny commercial has made tackling the high price of gas and oil. a priority at a rally in paris had of legislative elections menache or has spent the past few weeks campaigning across france to try to gain control of the national assembly when the vote is held later this month. when our sean came 3rd in france's presidential elections in april,
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when smith has more from paris lease promising to fix the price of gas and energy puzzle, we know price is going up the cause of that war in ukraine. what mileage on has donnelly's heading a coalition of left wing, part of which includes the socialists, the greens and the communists, to try and win control of frances assembly in the election is melon, sean came a very close 3rd in the presidential election use of the socialist party, all but white out. what he's doing is stepping into that void with this coalition and hoping to persuade the french vote for him as it was enough of melancholy supporters on this block in parliament. then that will force emanuel macro on the present to make national prime minister that will put a hold on microns reform agenda. the way wants to liberalize the economy further reduce retirement melon jones group apart from as well as freezing the price of oil and gas. they want to freeze the price based needs,
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they want to reduce the retirement age to $60.00 increase, or the minimum wage. adding even introduce capital controls, a mouse on also withdraw from, from nato one form a socialist president. i said this makes this grouping. and electable chinese president ebert, which has delivered his 1st state of the union address and had continued protest and escalating violence in the country. or it has been in office for less than 3 months. but the approval rating of chiles youngest ever president has already fallen. is facing an escalating armed conflict with indigenous my foot. she gripped anger, soaring inflation, as well as student protests, demanding food subsidies and public school improvements. a 2 month code, 19 locked down in china's biggest city has finally ended. most of shanghai is 25000000 residents and are free to leave home or businesses will gradually resume operations. katrina, you reports from the capital beijing by restrictions imposed under china's 0
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current strategy. also been eased. millions of people in shanghai county down to midnight on wednesday, celebrating the end of a strict to month pandemic lockdown. there were scenes of joy and excitement as people socialized outdoors and drew their cars. for the 1st time in weeks, st barricades had moved supermarkets, restaurants and parks are reopening. public transport has resumed. china's biggest city and commercial center is slowly coming back to life. after being shut down at the end of march. more than 600000 korean alara's infections were recorded and what was the country's worst outbreak since the pandemic began. artists on june was visiting the city and became stuck at his hotel, an initial 5 day locked out stretched to more than 60 days. he is relieved it's
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over, but remains distrustful of the government government older. so they tell people only 5 days. so i think by that the, you know, the government always lie to people. busy more and more and more longer in the long run, the longer and no, andy, no people. when is to finish, there was widespread anger along with confusion of food shortages and a lack of access to emergency medical care. lockdown, also crippled supply chains and slowed the economy. properties, car sales, the service sector and retail consumption all plummeted in april and saved recovery . won't be quick, easy after the initial phase or there might be more disappointments because the reality is the consumer confidence is dampens. property market is still weak, although the weakness, the other part of the economy was due there and not address. and on top of that
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income growth has flowed significantly. so after the left of all the restrictions, i think there is a lot of work has to be done. shanghai authorities say the city has achieved a milestone in its battle against the virus in a letter. they thank residents for their patients and apologized for the inconveniences caused people in shanghai may be celebrating for now. but the memory of this one walk down won't easily be got. china's leaders refused to live with the corona virus, and any new outbreak can result in the lives of millions be offended without nurse . katrina you al jazeera aging. out of the media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist in the occupied westbank sharina. a worker was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment in janine, on the day, her funeral is really forces storm the procession and started beating. mourners,
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causing pull bears, was to drop her casket. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation of work. i was without 0 for 25 years, covering the story of these really occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine and the witching refugee council says the world is paying too little attention to mass displacements of people across africa. the 1st time, 10 of the most neglected crises are on the continent. a democratic republic of congo tops the list for the 3rd time in 5 years. it morgan has more close to $6000000.00 congolese forest from their homes, a 3rd of the population going hungry and all after decades of conflict. but the democratic republic of congo is top of the most neglected crises worldwide. according to the norwegian refugee council, the aid organization lists 10 countries. all of them in africa, which have displacement crises that don't get enough media attention. the countries
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include burkina, faso, burgundy, cameroon, chad, if you appear, nigeria and molly, south, sudan is number 4 on the list. the world, the youngest country faced conflict just 2 years after independence in 2011. a 3rd of its 12000000 people were forced from their homes, fighting largely ended when a peace deal was signed in 2018. since then floods have displaced nearly a 1000000 more. the youth thought this woman in sonya, i campbell was established 2 years ago and we killed from the north. but here we have humanitarian on issues. there is no food to no access to farming and no education for dan is also on the list. more than 2000000 have been displaced in the western region of dar for since fighting there started in 2003 hundreds of thousands remain and camps despite at these they'll find 2 years ago in may fighting in west are for forced around 35000 families from their homes the on the
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door, we were attacked and forced to leave our homes with nothing. now we have nothing to eat and are staying out in the open under the sun than a region. refugee council says the lack of media attention to the crisis has contributed to less humanitarian and political response. when the d r c is getting so little attention in the global media, it also leads to less a money going that compared to ukraine and other crisis that are in the limelight constantly. but also to reduce political diplomatic attention and initiatives to sort of the deep crisis in the, in, in the congo. so we're in a desperate situation as human and terrence on the ground, we're not getting the attention, not, not the funding, nor help to solve the crisis. and as the world's attention remains elsewhere, most of the funding appeals to respond to the crises in the countries on the list
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remain low aid organizations said that needs to change to improve the lives of millions, hip morgan al jazeera and aust round of quantifying matches for the fee for weld copper and away with ukraine facing scotland, security in crowd management. those games will be closely watched after chaotic scenes. and the champions league final in paris was just one of several challenges facing kata. when it hosts the world cup in november. as natasha name reports from doha, ah, there was chaos at club footballs biggest match in europe. a after the scenes of riots in paris or a reminder of the challenges, cut our faces as their prepares to host, one of the world's largest sporting events. cut our is coordinating with multiple countries to provide security for the world cup. the u. k. military is providing
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manpower to patrol the sea and skies and support counter terrorism operations. turkey is sending a team of about $3200.00 people, including riot police, special operations forces, and bomb experts. with less than 6 months to go before as many as a 1000000 fans descend on doha. the capital is a massive construction zone. the organizing committee has allocated $130000.00 rooms in hotels, cruise ships, and desert camps. cut our airways is partnering with airlines and neighboring oman, kuwait, saudi arabia and the emirates to fly fans to and from matches on the same day. however, the biggest concern is accommodation as hotels and other infrastructure are unfinished . accommodations will be up in supplies because the volume in every fall, even if it is in a big country like south africa, like russia,
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like anybody else, that has always been a shortage of accommodation. so we are not unique criticism persists about the treatment of the army of migrant workers who have made this world cup a reality. however, the government says it's implemented reforms and working conditions have improved is going to be while addressing the world economic forum in davos. the amir highlighted his hopes for the tournament already has suffered or so long. hosting to wait, drop will give hope to the youth across the region, and making the lasting contribution to the world. fee for estimates. as many as 5000000000 people will watch the cut, our 2022 world cup in the glare of the global spotlight. this country are fewer than 3000000 notes. all too well. it can't miss and of been gone. natasha
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name l 0. doha. one of india's most popular singers whose songs about love and friendship struck a chord with millions of south asians as died at the age of $53.00 crystal kuma, coo enough, who's known as k. k, died just hours after falling ill during a concert in calcutta. and minister says he may have had a heart attack in his prime minister has joined thousands of others in paying tribute. take a songs were used in some of bollywood smith, popular films in the ninety's and to thousands. final preparations are underway in the u. k. for queen elizabeth's platinum, jubilee celebrations, tens of thousands are expected at events in london, as well as st. parties. up and down the country to mock 70 years since she became queen he falcon looked back at the enduring popularity of britain's longest serving monarch. queen elizabeth looms large over the british capital,
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seemingly every street a wash with flags and bunting for weeks, soldiers from household cavalry task with guarding the bullock have been hurting their steps. the platinum jubilee is as much a celebration of british traditions as it is 96 year old queen elizabeth's long reign. ah, but in the 70 years she became queen a coronation. a year later, the queen and country have profoundly changed back then. many of europe cities was scarred by the horrors of the 2nd world war. and the british empire, the once ruled, a 3rd of the world was melting away. queen elizabeth would help shape britain's new historic purpose not as the queen of an empire, but of a common wealth of multi national, multi racial states. and also as head of a royal family. the word in the coming years become the focus of intense media attention. as a family grew, so to the challenges the death of princess diana in
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a car crash in 1997 provoked public anger, that the queen was in publicly mourning her death while millions were forcing her to break protocol and join the crowds. more recently, the royal suffice, intense criticism over the handling of racism allegations by the queen's grandson, prince harry and wife megan, while sexual assault claims against prince andrew forced queen elizabeth to strip her son was touted as her favorite child of his royal titles. over the decades president, some prime ministers have been and gone. some of the most iconic figures of the past century. queen elizabeth consistently doing her duty. i think she played very well exactly the role because she's the one she's the most charismatic. so the photograph, most famous women, the wild, but she's also very enigmatic. we hardly know her and i think being able to stay above politics, but seen as relevant and respected has been really important in the twilight of
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queen elizabeth's reign. a gentle reduction of royal duties after the death of her husband of 73 years prince philip. in the midst of the pandemic. a time when queen elizabeth's words to the nation, i've scarcely matted more. we'll be with our friends again. we will be with our families again. we will meet again, even as more, more people question the role and the purpose of a royal family. in a modern democracy, there is something of a cosiness of familiarity to her long reign and genuine public affection for women . and a queen who ties past and present generations together. nay. faulk al jazeera london ah.


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