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tv   Witness Trouble at Home  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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this is europe on al jazeera, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions. from our london broadcast center on al jazeera activists, radical and the founder of african cinema, out of the world, tells the story of the more italian direct your body of her with his, from making the style for that he made the brake fluid sooner. a friend, a way to me is a mode was a fighter. his weapons were his mind and his intelligence met honda rebel african found, make on house ah hello, i'm lauren taylor in london. the top stories on how to 0. russia is accusing the united states have deliberately adding fuel to the fire by supplying advanced
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precision guided rocket rocket systems to ukraine. bowden restoration is sending its most significant weapons packages since the russian invasion began in february . the rockets helicopters and tactical vehicles, a part of $700000000.00 worth of usaid. a criminal spokesman says they don't trust u. s. assurances that ukraine weren't use the missiles to target russian territory . him or russian forces have fought their way into the center of the eastern city of sierra jeanette closing in on a major strategic pipes prize in their battle to seize the dumbass region and miserably explains how more weapons from the u. s. could help ukrainian forces on the front line. well that announcement by the united states of sending more critical weapons to the battlefront here in ukraine will no doubt come as very good news, not just to president vladimir zalinski office, but to his military and to the strategist that are operating the battle fields in the east on the ground as well as the battlefield commanders who have had to for so
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many days. see the russian advance take over and absorb and digest more and more of their country. sadly, for a place like, separate than that, it is likely going to be help that will come to late. the mayor of that city has had the unenviable job for the last week to continue to document and report the slow losses that his city is facing. now, the ukrainian government only controls 20 percent of that city, 60 percent in russian hands. and the rest of it a no man's land, certainly indicative of how the pace of the russian advance has been. it hasn't just been there. we've seen in care sun for the last 2 days. that city has been completely cut off in terms of communication, there's been no ukrainian or mobile or internet service there for 2 days elsewhere in the den that's region across the board. we've heard reports just in the last few hours of loud explosions being heard in cities in the genetic region and sustained artillery fire going on since this afternoon. that began in spurts last night in
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nikolai, of loud explosions being heard in the last hour artillery showing very well. so certainly across the board in the east. renewed attacks by the russians. russia has cut off natural gas applies to denmark, because it's refused to pay roubles. president vladimir putin had signed a decree that foreign buyers needed to pay for gas in rubles from april, because of western sanctions. but then mark's biggest energy company refused saying it proves that the e u. these to stop, depending on russian energy finish. officials say cutting off supplies won't have much of an impact, or she has already turned off the tops to finland, poland bulgaria, and the netherlands. is there any forces have killed a pass indian man in the occupied west bank? a man was shot in the town of. yeah, but when he's ready, he says it was conducting an operation to demolish home in health ministry says the man was hit multiple times by live bullets and died at hospital in jeanine. there's
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the headlines that witness is up next. before that we leave you with memories of sharing a work li, the voice of palestine. ah, no, not a yeah . a
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a little electrical cycle. them to me, get it in may. could i back to a flood with a lot my syndicate. you li. just, you'll probably be a little bit done. so know what does that mean? you know, all those did. you didn't get up on him in the finance when you're in the, the little mistakes make sure you did you get on those kids in the 11 of them almost doubled. and that's it. to me. if i take the search bar as well,
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and then it will only all be gentle, bullish do whatever you may said when you say don't get him of them on a little tell by the 30 good luck miss. if a meeting i miss you suggested i give you a little beginning about them deserve them. yeah. oh yeah. oh no. they didn't do them, but the on the go a lot of them in as soon
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as he even because of the smile on the know that he's mind you say that was issued that he's right because you know, you can get me. that's my question is and see coffee. i will give a call to say thank you digital movie. so the testimony feels like some kind of do i like to know? do you live with
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what you said? a lot of ego, 70000. so carson, play with a a a one go ahead again with somebody get
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loosens in a district didn't give you come on in the middle. i'm going to go with that. there's an article that who read misty was told that it hadn't been viewed which i was like once was if at the hottest housing postal code or something for will. could you read a message to young? listen good sheesh. good afternoon, miss clueless. my kitchen christian, megan emerson, of you. you got a hold of mr. gordon
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with repairs i felt like as soon as the furnace. okay. one bedroom, buffy. andrew. nice alone
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on a new search for books. mom, again, my name is john, talk to somebody new father. and i let me do 2nd should give you some bidding me latrice on the female origin center, the bazaars, absent. but other than that, as soon as you get ready to pull all to the island, i think be there be mean that colors gcs would be a little more all the more pleasant course. shouldn't mccarthy no call? should the elk on the shoot, the bullying does all be shrunk. pick 6, name johnson. what will you accept? the monster gets nearer able. most customers you did this able that was bull mother could tell us to tell some of that. but the mom was terrible to get it and all the more se, nope, it is better
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than living in look at history book. it gets her and then in a pin and we update, she will i'm send consecutive limited to your conflicts to turn the car. 60 will, i'm in conflict in your nicholas every living in bins, cheapening in excel. michelle, nicole the coast there for the request to get his hands on the nicholas took that kind of care or letter like the counselor and he can either be her mom. she can either be or john smith
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on them so it was just shed f. i know what we should and have been needing. does any molars stem towards your molars? blood? she has a minimum amount and im nickerson sherman cinemas. saved him visual senior flane ended plenty, a nimble them took, stood up on that in his us all the authorization, bend them closer to sammy jones and just mom again. they have done that to send to jane k needs to be staying. gonzalez damages needed
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to look cuz her sankey is living melodic into the in addition, let us students think savage, like the engine, like the money there, where you go ally, the only luck with us on because i got a 2nd later on in, you know what you mean,
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when you when i get your, how about the controller you but it was, you know, of it does a lot more like a look is easy. they never want to talk to him. it took me out of your love not i will never look it was hasn't yet it had some of the concerns. most of most of us know who should have um, a modem, kid. there was one of them and they said all of them, i don't know, there's a lot to also look at the look here because
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i'm moving to her as she played, they have to do a man inviting a part of the machine itself which i thought that just he who uses in mean do they do they do that?
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they help us investigate. i like to know how to do and then the end of the back doing you know, the end of it is a big 10 ram. oh god. i meant about that. i know we did a deal with well i didn't have you know, small i to eat. i have not having this one don't have. yeah. look that going on with the to come now. i'm talking you street, i'm thrown away from you. so you're gonna fool listing it and another big question above that percentage for fishing is, you know, it's not, it's not it. and you can either to have that the way you have that with a younger 7 shell like they don't do. i don't do that. well, no, the city i'm calling them on like
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a macy school monitor that has a legal a and if you need to can mechanic deed because from them some truth we did in the higher the semen shipped matters because then i'm selling a column with those certainty if she only due to showing you the sugar to ruin sugar to the insurance, and could you just make the okay, your cartridges demoss and others as any just really record the return of allison items. are there, can you any bit of it to me? anger number the can i live in,
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glen shipman. i should be there. somebody up is in the other room and williamson potential for lack of a lower than just the limit there was on the jack of the might be a modem again. missy. a la synonym them, you, some people who, sorry, tunable. could you please amendment on? okay. hey, what you think you made with the site? that's helpful. okay. and the one that's on a, on a phone like,
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you know, if you grew up with
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m. i would need to use oh it is. i took it i. this'll allow it to them. sean, on occasion that additional project m ish, which one is a bank an amended damage and i'm sure that initial muscle, nikoto valuable m.
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it's missing populated, recheck in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera al jazeera is here to report on the people often ignored, but who must be heard. how many other channels can you say? we'll take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas. of course we cover major global events, but our passion lives and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like how this find libya, yemen, the south region, and so many other,
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we go to them, you make the effort, we care. we straight across the world, young actor basement organizes around the move. okay. we do the work i heard in the 1st of a new series to people in new york city, use different tools and means to fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a nation wide problem. network wires, a systemic solution. generally you change on al jazeera lou. hello, i am learn tighter and under the top stories and to 0. russia is accusing the united states of deliberately adding fuel to the fire by supplying advanced precision
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guided rocket system as the ukraine, about an administration to sending its most significant weapons package since the russian invasion began in february. the rockets and tactical vehicles are part of $700000000.00 worth of us age. russia is cut off natural gas supplies to denmark, because it's refused to pay roubles. president vladimir putin had signed the decrees at foreign buys, needed to pay for gas in rubles from april because of western sanctions. but then marks biggest energy company refused saying it proves that the you need to stop depending on russian energy. is really forces of killed a palestinian man in the occupied westbank. a man was short to the town of. yeah, but where these really army says it was conducting an operation to demolish a home. the palestinian health ministry says the man was hit multiple times by live bullets and died in hospital in janine there's the headlines. witness continues
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next before that will leave you with memories of shearing abruptly the voice of palestine. ah no, no, not a view to what he said as to what the hell didn't the pull up with a possible doing for this thing? yeah, i know you're the one i know a
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a veto to live. ah oh i a ah ah
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oh wait on stuff. yeah. and that is all those awesome fucking with yelling volume, did you get a feel funny? we do this on one of them. but i'm, i'm going to think that is, am i going to still fair that the negative august is nothing and i get it. and i need to come on with him. and even though i even agentless daddy, but as you send me with a, i will give a make believe. i hope you will like i, i love you, hadn't o'shelley about how did you 1st read the my give you. i know was that i live in a movie. i know the whole week. i know and i love you. i know is what alyssa i,
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i, i, i needed to visit with my wife. i both the show that they show that it is taken by the
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name of the senate. nicholas i learning that because i did, i need to talk to someone in the mail and i
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oh i listen, i will save another was it to me? was it like with a talk while a mom with a bunch of movie you know, the into my mouth dashing deals with are more of a,
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a chance half. it's a little want to play here, but i'm to clean the she new teeth won't be doing that she can. and when and when i, when she a hipaa supplies, she needs in wash with the baby. why do you need to buy a house? they have they take the day with the middle. hey, he met with hello. yeah. alicia m a m. i couldn't make me play it. okay. let's see. i hate it often enough and him now i'm done with her and feel close, allowing me between let us take a go. had
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a quote from a learned in the in a smug who's in i'm a champion center. how can he about the, the myth of the life of us. we have big love to publish and he started with me in the sense well, who has a lot of like massage with some of them with about hello. it was
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a kid that i don't even know if the whole game of thrones which one who will since there's a sort of a funny about that it's all done with him and his mother has always i this with yeah, well i have a.
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2 baby with so good with so i think that they can get in touch with
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somebody with a ah a i had the hockey r a e d. and i walked over by then head with
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a couple of freshmen to help. but he was so as you know, had they are with us. i wish i didn't do much good m u sharon baker. mean b as in love them it already. she did buy one or there. did she find them on the are sorry to help them on those? i so, so 1st thing about us and i said they get mud. doug smith in by 9 am, monday, i don't know have a a buffer source with less unless you collaborate. they'll see it had a, a mature medina club. and i said, i left a message. you can learn a little foggy. and i really did all my written down, but if you had there, are you in mal colonial look helene, you got an ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, spend
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a minute i do i'm gonna be do with here. i am not gonna get the most you by law barbara done. you happening show gotten a go. i some of them you happy as you like it. so into my god. also hearing the little girl who live not my will the level, there's no no lose. i will do my 100 my find out i i be a law unless unless i mean i'm glad you. i'm not fine. i mean, although not a so a bunch of your so to put them on a. 7
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bad not, i'm home alone. i know i have nothing she with i think wow, mm mm mm hm. a
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huh. set up, hold on. sure. dina and sending that in j. or whether he's ha, ha, that is selma then i'll mr. though we can seen matter of mistake, it will have to happen with the onset down. if the admitting yourself hunting is no standardized, st. cammon. hi chanelle. i went down to the 1000000. sure. not that the health i was lucky, not the one. you could, the, these are newsome is that up without their cachimba and her him and then on which and how they have michelle. thank you, bought a damage to member, get a kiddo making sure you were cutting down. dolly salad, you're sick of the one you got the nuns be sick and do be too. so to mend buster. mother bernard, you shay. although young so mother of them will not cut. lunmark storm doesn't beat taliban because of the book of the se. se cosby met anybody who called in the sammy
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giovanni out of your all muslim blue shoe on suit. you your sided, your food seine on a cell membrane savage. i think it was on that on to get assembled at that one too . that was the, the mortgage company, whole name that will not only jim, you've got to give me a 1000000 bottom of them begin meeting with a shout that i see the daughter did. so we kind of joke. so that's my good listeners. make it matthew cell. know that little my gillian nesbit of children and i'm a country we shall come with is a good in your kitchen and we, i think he's on the, on the home. are you doing good and then the calmer them me like is there a lot of them a mom was just, i need a little but not be
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a sunbeam. a lot have been met on the line. i think maybe if it takes you know, much of the shoot, you and i will not be the loser when someone calls a him g o, shirley, a little, a sunny santana. i had a small and people came out of number one phenomena a tell you and monica annette. there you do end up calling it. he does not feel a lot in the she's going to actually look at the coupon house. i
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show nearly all i had, i will say horner, i think you have seen him. so he had bought a car that you don't wish to look. you have in your mother's medicine, the movie trouble. some of them with miss young with the mothers move in phone and then, but i don't like him because a lot of thought maybe she could be huge in that particular to take missing of him to death and gets missing it just lose
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a little while they sitting there then was in the new dumps in the corner, literally sank on his duramax in the note him mega nicholas, and that is gonna need ms. meadows standard going shows that reduced lunches. and the question is in miss nope. to take
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a couple of them. make they will never me that much money and sewage in washer message. and that was on my considered within the company. many baker them and company and said in japan, get it. and what the, the package that was checked them came in the comes from getting close. i sent them both and under this had been sent and maybe get it cuz i know that they think they, they think they did not get them to live. some of that month and i've been on it and said that some bonded and saved on the bus and had to leave them. so i'll let him know when months and then a good and his are below muslim. some of them monitor the news. any of those have
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shapes to films again to to put that on to that plan. it's getting mixed into model of humanness in which i think she's doing that. mitch budget to someone good to me and meet with him on the shoulders. mother should not be making it. well, not donna, been the dog, couple of children,
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the basketball loan internet to 2202 i go to trisha, lindsey shes madeline to understand her. she'll let me know. she should not be much longer to get him to school. turns to him on the much. okay. thank nature. okay. yeah, nutrition so much. okay. good. in addition you did, you have food hot as should years through
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those. i wish you home this shouldn't let me know. sure. oh yeah. this become mm. on the man on let's see. ah ah ah ah ah ah,
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all the continental stuff done it with her so our she may go in city with my me a minute about a minute i st. funded out of town with ah, that somehow just means it turned on it and just to be done in the sure is pierce t shirt is dennis grandma tonya. i'm regards to clear shadow lucky jones kiko are subbing. i slicing
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appear ridge ah ah. when to proper as distant victorian out was it snowed. it snowed fairly heavily. $20.00 to $40.00 centimeters in many places, which of course the skis. go loving his coat off to produce artificial star to go
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on top of that. so a nice start the season. now the real cold is gone. east woods for the air is still coming up from the south, were settled over from south. so you got light time blows out about freezing and camber at 70 melville. but he's going to be cold wrapped in the matches themselves . this is thursday night on friday. they might be want to snow showers up on the mountains himself, but the next band of rain, which might get some more, snow's coming in only slowly, further west. now the big picture, this is saturday now still gets, gets cloudy. conditions in use as well as an increase of this brain has gone. this is will reaction down here. and in purse, we're hanging onto a team. we've come down a couple of degrees. now, new zealand, after lot of rain recently is a little bit better, but still quite a stiff southerly with a few showers and snow on the merits of course, otherwise rain, the heaviest, right in the southeast asia is concentrating. i think in southern time, particularly cambodia and may be southern vietnam. of course, the monsoon rains are to the west of that. the monsoon officially has just about
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reached go and that's where the concentrated rain will be. ah, for over a century american parents have entrusted their sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives. instead, countless young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from me in a 3 part series full plans investigates a massive scandal that the united states scoutmaster part 3 on a just 0 in the early hours of the morning. these palestinian families are being forced to leave their homes and belongings. these are the military sometimes uses this area in the north of the occupied west bank as a training ground. exclusions like these often break the piece here. i feel for the
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children they get scared and i tried to call them down there, but we're scared to. these really are me told them just either that it takes measures to protect civilians during back the sizes. what is really, officers previously said, the trainings are used to push palestinians out 48 families once lived in this village called z. now, there are 20 people here say they have nowhere else to go. so they have to stay out until they're allowed to return into their home after midnight. the military drill will continue for 3 days, which means they'll have to go through this again twice this week. ah, this is al jazeera ah.


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