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tv   Witness Land or Death  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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in against african americans, gorilla, more of the california reparations task force says the recommendations come from looking into $92.00 centuries of history. the recommendations for reparations must include compensation restitution, which account for stolen land are still in. well, i'm still in opportunities rehabilitation. i mean, a free education, free health care is examples. i'm not saying that those are going to be the final recommendations. not all black people in the state of california will be eligible for reparations in the state. but those who are the descendants of free and as a black people living in the u. s. card in 1900 will be eligible. taliban leaders have begun enforcing a ban on poppy cultivation in afghanistan. the group wants to end the production of opium and heroine decision will affect millions of farmers who rely on income from the crop. ah.
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so this is our desert. these are the top stories in yemen, toothy rebels, and the saudi coalition of agreed to extend a truce by another 2 months. the u. n says it marks a significant shift in the conflict. it's been a drop in civilian deaths since the deal began in april. the world's leading, all producers have agreed to increase the output. members in opec plus partners will at $648000.00 barrels per day in july and august. the latest boosts will compensate for drop in russian oil. the current president has called on the west to step up its weapon supplies, saying russia now occupies a 5th of his country. one of his lensky told luxemburg parliament, his troops face almost entire russian army. the front lines covering more than a fountain to levels for days if facilities had begun in the u. k. to celebrate 70 years since queen elizabeth took the throne, tens of thousands of people gathered at central london to mark her platinum jubilee
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. yep. still headlines. more news come up here now to 0, right after witness. we'll see you later. me. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. this is i don't need to be here with the mac and i'm just gonna put them yet to me. i just need to get a message. can you open at the home and the yah today and we're going to view it would be so that's what the people could send me a lot of them. a lot of people give me one. i know. i
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them a lot of them, i think the whole all whole less love worse coil. i would if he was my know what the whole there was the fair. why do you me? who are the ones that can see there was, have gunk and there was soon to be somewhat able to do for her was like when all of her constructively 1000000000 for bank the but i
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mean, if we do a study, i mean that we will study if studying familiar with them, there must be 100 for the homie told me how did somebody tell? tell me one thing. i don't know. i don't know. because i know there was a 1000000 not you really had see feel organ. he says you and you know what you told me what the problem you study a noise in the city limits line taylor. what is that a motion?
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when you waiting for something, you know, you know much about who don't like what you can get for some of it. oh, you got my credit because it's almost been done. so in this to him to the new you got, i went to the middle me that i gave you that. i
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mean, they got the in the also, i'm sorry. yeah. with that, no social's least most the most eskimiya quarterly believe is some, again, i left a dilemma. you know, knock on a, you know, the same thing that a sign. yes. what does that sound good? i'll get the name was get a list that he thought he had. what that means is go with it on wednesday that we thought he was the last little emotional noted annisa the only get the name was one of them, but he ice and they will. he can also, one of us with i just, i must go. he wisco working with thing with a
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jesus lou fish. but in the hospital, they said they get in and he thought if he was lucky enough to spend money, that is still a lang if they don't get them be in, in form in fondle. if only am i being that i'm the but i lose. but i'm the legal basis. luckily, see that the me booky is like you played there. you know that i'm with the age are with the new they think they're really game with
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a lot of the lease out of money. a little bit of this with the see look, is he play him off it? it is how to my lemon. he isn't because he looked almost a settin and let me get it when he is going to see me. but unless you don't mind a little bit, if you know most from what we would implement them a few, i think we left immediately, but that was me and it will be more control territory. and i
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have been both of them are going out of my order or that are going on. that's going to be that fatal li live for me. so i'm, i'm really not pick up on me.
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but there was a little more book a little help with plessy to assume that was good. i mean out with nas 50, that they put it on the list on the ceiling with their own separate doesn't quite as it was you bill because it would get those and skin was it you know that we're getting like uh huh. when i give the good of them for going to see that those and then when i'm on the front the camera. oh, i'm up in a bus. i'm up a summer. go up one, which was it.
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oh, wow. and i think i had to call them and they will get me to want to go, what do they have? a child. i mean it, but i came in about one of the own us getting the place. elaine putting me to balance, i'm enough. ask him, was any one awful damn thing? we'll do more find you. a jayla say that again it to santa. now so i said the last so the language nasa, one of the members in lisa group on another spoke with his to the left of a baby. it's the villa had he lives, anita. this is a like
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a memorial. hey me, my phoenix is that the music got to continue this up is i do. i promote the audio mrs. ski and then fill up with the i. c as in lima. and the main as us in the little was called the local, many of them, it was one of those that a squadron she said some in us they weren't they not with me.
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ah with a mouse in about a year or no, i don't want to drop us off right away. i, you know, i mean, i do have a good
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work with the same simply the name was one of the funniest. this probably as it with the will not romanella how am was killed her berlin, which was called by needles village estates. been a bus in ah ah, i lose
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the aim. what is conditioner? i'm what i'm working with in the most k neal curriculum. nathan, you know, i, you know what the leave it is, it is as well. so we up but we looked at him, popped up seal. let me check on the other mother a, a, a
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e a is out. i don't find the most valuable the end. they say general boy, yes, that was going know something for give us in. yeah. i am as a guys if i don't mean about on the then. yeah. then yeah. what i, you know, seen finance a sanyo. jenny, me. what though you see is complete. i hope what if you was out in the home? yeah, cameras would probably be more a noise vienne skill will know the mama, the hela in 5 out of where he had been number unable, he had them up with this input. we weekly god, we say bail c i a momento, c. go good. okay. one second, 2nd game will probably buy really. i mean combine yet only a poor cambia. let me come. ne, me home. if bush doesn't look in us know look, if you're basically dental me helping your purchase,
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how are you? oh, oh, good. okay. the bud, the rich has on bill seems good. okay. we're still up. is that they can you see as to where them? where's salas? just went in while me or me, her know or me away will give her id, is to work on us miss am. i knows this up on planner, midday local for lovely young pain. the gap, i say, yes, i made you. and i hate when people equally glover and thought movies. okay. and
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what was the ways we feel with what are the what a gala is he at game hip? was it in london? could you are you by you a lily? i think i have no, it is on your but i had your a video which let it run to live. gets a little more low but i but under foot by the diana. yeah. nope. is i don't know why you're both down. no, i am the mom. i know my days busy doesn't really it's empty noise now at nancy sea island da da da da. not been up with you that i said yes. oh, la, what it is like if you go on the for lewis, i could,
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if you go on the post a miss elizabeth barrios clinton will upload a son. he felt that you put to me that is not feeling sick with little nico,
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selecting with been there. most gear, said he with king liskey. i said whatever it was to love you, you've almost had, i love you. he spent most, but i love you. i don't know, maybe i know nobody said a i thought his family returns home to the village he lacked. 20. yeah. only to discover that matches once unspoken, now hotly contested the right to education. divorce and independence causing
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a generational rate to hold an intimate study by traditional family grappling with changing town. witness trouble at home and now to sierra, with join the debate. wonderful as it is this, the fanatic language, it really means nothing on the ground on an online, at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these countries white man, where is the progress? i haven't seen enough racial as do see sports journalist. i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives even when it's hard. it went challenges
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some of our foundational thinking. this dream on al jazeera, the main mom, hundreds of thousands, fuller, whizzes. they think have supernatural healing and fortune towing powers one a 18th inch is the magical world of the buddhist to called on out 0 as the final 3 places at the fee bill will come or decide it will light from the playoffs will gather reaction from across the globe. as themes, this both counsel 2022. the world qualifies. special coverage on al jazeera. ah a warring sides in yemen agreed to extend a nation wide truce for another 2 months,


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