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tv   My Tunisia Wajiha Jendoubi Hair  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2022 2:30am-3:01am AST

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we all now in the final pages of the era. queen elizabeth, the 2nd is the seeming contradiction that a modern parliamentary democracy still has an other elected, hereditary head of state. this is the kind of country britain chooses to be with queen elizabeth, stumbling for stability and continuity in i'm certain times leave boca out to sierra london more than 3500 beacons and being late across the u. k. and it's overseas territories to mock the paints fatten em, jubilee queen elizabeth triggered the 1st beacon from her home at windsor castle, a lemonade. your large trees culture covered in lies, said buckingham palace in london. akins will also be late in the capital cities of old commonwealth countries. i. we want to show you some live pictures now from the white house where present biden is a jew to come out very soon and speak about a rising, a gun violence across america. after a string of mass shootings,
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he will is expected to address congress directly asking them to take action. we'll bring that to you. as soon as he begins his paddock. all hey, now with a what to expect a now familiar scene in the us. police rushed to the scene of a mouse shooting this time in tulsa, oklahoma. this time a medical building wednesday, a patient targeting his doctor after he performed back surgery. that dr. another dr . a receptionist and a patient murdered the police say the gunman killed himself. he bought one of the guns just an hours before at 2 p. m. on june, the 1st mister louis purchased a semi automatic rifle from a local gun store. that semi automatic rifle was an a r 15 style rifle. the same weapon used to kill 1900 children and 2 teachers at a texas elementary school last week. the same weapon used to murder 10 people at
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a grocery store in buffalo, new york. 10 days before that, in both cases, the alleged gunmen were just 18 years old. the tech, the shooter killed at the scene. the buffalo shooting suspect arraigned on murder, charges thursday. and now in the house of representatives, a move to raise the legal age for gun purchases from o as a promise we're taking use of the winehouse, where you as president joe biden is about 5 times speech about the need for gun reform in america, crosses long rows and headstones and other emblems of belief honoring those paid the ultimate price and battle fails around the world. the day before we visited you valley, you valley, texas. in front of rob elementary school, we stood before 21 crosses for 19 3rd and 4th graders. and 2 teachers on each cross a name. and thereby,
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a photo of each victim, the jill and i reached out to touch innocent victims murder into the classroom has been turned into a killing fail standing there and that small town, like so many other communities across america. i couldn't help but think there are too many other schools too many other every day places that have become killing kills battlefields here in america, we stood in such a place just 12 days before cross my grocery store in buffalo, new york, memorializing 10 fellow americans, a spouse, a parent or grandparent, a sibling gone forever. at both places, we spent hours, but hundreds of family members, or broken, whose lives will never be the same dead. one message for all of us do something. just do something. for god's sake do something. after columbine,
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after sandy hook after charleston, after orlando, after los vegas, after parkland. nothing has been done. this time that can't be true. this time which we must actually do something issuing face is one of conscience and common sense. for so many of you are at home, i want to be very clear. this is not about taking away anyone's guns about villa not about vilifying gum on gun owners. in fact, we believe we should be treating responsible gun owners as an example of our every gun owner should behave. i respect the culture in the tradition, the concerns of lawful gun owners. at the same time. the 2nd amendment, like all other rights, is not absolute. was just, it was justice scalia,
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who wrote night quote, like most rights. right. the 2nd amendment by the, the rights granted by the 2nd amendment are not on limited, not on limited, and never has been wrong, been limitations on what weapons you can own in america. for example, machine guns have been federally regulated for nearly 90 years. and this is still a free country. this isn't about taking any was rights. so protecting children, protecting families, small protected, whole communities, spa protecting our freedom to go to school, to a grocery store to a church. not been shot, killed. according to new data, just released by the center for disease control and prevention guns are the number one killer of children in the united states. america, the number one killer,
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more than car actions, more than cancer. over the last 2 decades, more school age children have died from guns than on duty police officers and active duty military combined. think about war kid and on duty cops killed by guns. more kids and soldiers killed by guns. for god's sake. how much more corners are we willing to accept? how many more in this in american lives must be taken before we say enough enough? i know that we can't prevent every tragedy. here's what i believe we have to do. here's what the overwhelming majority american people believe we must do. here's what the families in buffalo and you've all d in texas told us we must do. we need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. and if we can't ban assault weapons,
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and we should raise the age to purchase them from 18 to 21. stress and background checks and acts safe storage law and red flag laws. repeal the immunity, the protect gun manufacturers and liability addressed a mental health crisis. deep into the trauma of gun violence and as a consequence of that violence, these are rational, common sense measures. here's what it all means. it all means this. we should reinstate to solven's van high capacity magazines that we passed, and 994 bipartisan support in congress. and the support of law enforcement. 9 categories of semi automatic weapons were included in that ban. like a k 40 sevens and a are 15. and the 10 years it was law match shooting went down, that after republicans left, a large fire in 2004. those weapons were allowed to be sold again. mass shoot is
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tripled. those are the facts. few years ago, the family, the inventor of the ar 15, said he would have been horrified to know that it's design was being used as slaughtered children, and other innocent lives. instead of being used as a military weapon to the battlefield. as was designed, that's who's dying for. i'm not enough. we should limit how many rounds a weapon can hold. why in gods name should an ordinary citizen be able to purchase an assault weapon that holds 30 round magazines that let mass shooters far hundreds of bullets and matter of minutes? the damage is so devastating you violently. parents had to do dna swab to identify the remainder of their children. 9 and 10 year old and nuff. should
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expand background checks to be keep guns out, the hands of felon students and those under restraining orders. stronger background checks or something that the vast majority of americans, including the majority of gun owners agree on i also believe we should have safe storage laws and personal liability for not locking up your gun. the shooter and sandy hook came from home full of guns. there were 2 easy access. got so i got the weapons, the weapon he used to kill his mother. and then murder 26 people including 21st graders. you own a weapon. you have a responsibility to secure it. every responsible gun on our agrees to make sure no one else can have access to it, to lock it up to trigger locks. and if you don't and something bad happens,
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you should be held responsible. we should also have national red flag laws so that a parent teacher counselor can flag for a chord that a child a student, a patient is exhibiting violent tendencies, threatening classmates, or experiences. suicidal heart makes them a danger to themselves or to others. 19 states the district columbia have red flag, was the delaware laws. ne, not do my son, attorney general ball biden, fort hood, texas 2913 data more than 30 injured margery stone. mon douglas high school park on florida, 2018. 17 dead, 17 injured in both places countless others suffering with invisible wounds. a red flag. c was, could have stopped both the shooters knew valley. the shooter was 17 when he asked
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his sister to buy him and saw a weapon. knowing he'd be denied because he was too young to purchase one himself, she refused. but as soon as he turned 18, he purchased 2 assault weapons for himself. because in texas, you can be 18 years old, a bio solomon, even though you can't buy a pistol in texas until you're 21. we can't banish all weapons. as we should, we must at least raise the age to be able to purchase $1.00 to $21.00. look, i know for some folks will say 2 rolls can serve in the military and fire those weapons. but that's a training and supervision by the best trained experts in the world. don't tell me, raising the age won't make a difference enough. we should repeal the liability shield that often protects gun manufacturers and be sued for the death and destruction caused by the weapons. so the only industry in this country that has that kind of
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immunity. imagine, imagine that the tobacco industry had been immune from being to where we be today. a gun industry, special protections are outrageous. it must end not to be no mistake about the psychological trauma, gun violence leave behind. imagine me that little girl, that brave little girl in the valley who spared blood offer murdered french body on her own face to lie still among the corpses in her classroom and pretend she was dead in order to stay alive. imagine, imagine what it be like for her to walk down the hallway of any school. again, imagine what it's like for children who experiences kind of trauma every day and school in the streets and communities all across america. imagine us like for so many parents, tugger children,
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goodbye in the morning. not sure whether it'll come back home. unfortunately, too many people don't have to imagine that at all. even before the pandemic, young people were already hurried. there's a serious use mental health crisis in this country. we have to do something about it. that's why mental health is the heart of my unity agenda that i laid out in the state of union address this year. we must provide more school counselors or school nurse and more mental health services for students and teachers. more people volunteering is mentors to help. young people succeed more privacy protection resources to keep kids safe in the harms of social media. this unity agenda won't fully healed or wounded souls, but it will help. it matters just told you what i do. the question now is, what will the congress do? house representatives already pass key measures. we need expanding background
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checks to cover nearly all gun sales, including at gun shows, an online sales getting rid of a low fall allows a gun cell to go through after 3 business days, even if the background check is not been completed. and how has plan even more action next week? say storage requirements? the bending of high command capacity magazines, res da da, by an assault weapon to 21. federal red flag law. ca, to find my band on goes guns that don't have serial numbers and can't be traced and tougher law to run, gun trafficking and straw purchases. this time, we have to take the time to do something and this time is time for the senate to do something. but as we know, in order to do any get anything done in the senate, we need a minimum of 10 republican senators. i support the bipartisan efforts that include
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small group of democrats republic consented trying to find a way but my god, the fact the majority of the senate, republicans don't want any of these proposals even to be debated or come up for a vote. our final unconscionable we can't fail the american people again since you valley just over a week ago, there had been 20 other mash shootings in america. each with 4 or more people killed or injured. including yesterday at a hospital and tulsa oklahoma, a shooter deliberately target, a surgeon using a saw up in the board just a few hours before his rampage. left the surgeon, another doctor receptionist, and a patient dead and many more injured. at doesn't count the carnage we see every single day. it doesn't make the headlines. i've been in this fight for
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a long time. i know how hard it is, but i'll never give up. congress fails. i believe this time a majority of american people won't give up either. i believe the majority of you will act to turn your outrage to making this issue central to your vote enough enough enough. over the next 17 days, the families and you volley will continue burying or dead will take that long and part because it's a town where everyone knows everyone and day by day they will honor each one day last children i met with the owner and staff for the funeral home is being strong, strong, strong, strong, to take care of their own and the people of your valley. morn as they do or the next 70 days. what will we be doing as a nation? joan i met with a sister the teacher who was murdered and his husband died. a heart attack 2 days
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later. team behind 4 beautiful orphan children. all now or sister ask us. what could she say? what could she tell her nieces and nephews for most heartbreaking moments? but i can remember. all i could think to say was i told her holding tight. hold them tight. since your visit new school. we attended mass at sacred heart catholic church and father eddie. in the pews, families and friends held each other tightly. as archbishop gustavo spoke, he asked the children in attendance to come up on the altar and sit in the order with you. as he spoke, there wasn't enough room. so mom and her young son sat next to jo, me in the 1st year. and as we left a church,
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a grandmother were just foster granddaughter, passed me a hand written letter. it read, quote, arranged the invisible line that is dividing our nation, come up with a solution, fix what's broken, and make the changes that are necessary to prevent this from happening again and of quote our from americans, enough novice time for each of us to do or part time to act. for the truly we've lost the truly we can save for the nation. we lo, let's hear the call on the cry. let's meet the moment. let us finally do something . god bless the families, you are herded. god bless you all from him based on the 91st storm song and my church met. he raised you up on eagles wings and bury
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you on the breadth of dawn. make you to shine like the song and hold you in the palm of his hand. as my prayer for all of you. god bless you. you as president joe biden, delivering an emotional prime time speech about the needful gun reform in america after a string of mass shootings in the us. recently he said enough enough enough, several times he said to many places in america have become killing fields in the they've been mass shootings in recent weeks at a grocery store in buffalo, new york, and elementary school in texas. and just as recently as yesterday at a medical building in oklahoma by den has edge lawmakers to pass new gun control measures making a direct appeal for action that spring in my county in washington dc. so at a very emotional speech there from the president,
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my talk is through some of the measures he wanted to see in acted. yes, indeed. yes. and a very rare primetime address to the american people by president biden are very emotional as you point out. but at the same time, at proposing tangible solutions and that lies with congress. now sources in the white house have made clear that president biden has exhausted any form of executive measure to combat gun control. it is now with congress and it's to congress that president biden directed his plea. he outlined specific items that should be done a ban on the sale of his soul equipments, for example of ban on high capacity magazines. and very interestingly as well. he also proposed that gun manufacturers be stripped off the protections that they are given under law. basically, a gun manufacturer cannot be sued by the relatives or any body officer person who's
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been shot by the gotten that was made by that manufacturer. president biden, pointing out that if this had been the case of the tobacco industry can you imagine, and he also directed a very strong attack on republicans in the senate to make clear they do not even want to debate any can control legislation. president biden, pointing out that it needs at least 10 republican votes in the senate to create a federal legislation with regard to gun control. now, such measures are likely or in fact will be passed and the democrat control house. but there's no indication that it will go before the senate to become national law to become federal law. so president biden making some tangible suggestions to law makers about what to do to curb this ongoing crisis of these ongoing manufacturing of killing fields. as the president said, saying that enough is enough,
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and he also raised one warning as well. and that is that the american people believe that enough is enough and they may well register their feelings with a vote. he was referring to the upcoming mid term election. i was going to ask you about that. how will this peach and the measures announced by the president be received? not just by congress and lawmakers that, but by the american people are american people in favor of stronger gonzalez was very difficult to see how any body could be opposed to some of the measures that president biden is outline lying, for example, the ban on assault weapons now this was done before way back in 1994, it was in place for 10 years. and after that was allowed to lapse by a then republican administration as president biden point, santa shootings tripled in subsequent years. now that would be a no brainer. it would appear to most americans to ban assault weapons. there is no
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need for them. high capacity magazines. why are they necessary precedent by them pointing not as well that this is a not an attack on gun own, as he encourages people to train with guns to relish guns to do what they want to with guns, but certain types of guns and to get the training required, also to have red flag tread check, so back any signs of instability would be picked up. so all these measures are not breathtaking. there is no call for an outright ban on hand guns for example, but there is which would appear will president biden would believe that these are common sense measures that the vast majority of american people would welcome it is not he maintained any infringement of the constitution. of the right to bear arms. what he is saying. it's the type of arms that are being used that are responsible for these killing sprees. all right, mike, thank you very much for the moment. my can alive there in washington, and we'll have more reaction and analysis to present biden's speech. i throughout
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the evening here on algiers, here. as 50 years ago in june, the wells face environment conference to place him sweet and sounding. the alarm about humanity is impact on the planet. half a century on scientists and politicians are again gathering his soc home to tackle what has become a global emergency. i environment editor mclaughlin sports, stockholm sweden, june 12th 1972, missus indira gandhi prime minister of india. arrived today to address the 1st united nations conference, if you would environment it is clear that the environmental crisis, which is confronting the world, will profoundly alter the future destiny of our planet. to make you would think the vance global awareness of the planet's predicament off a century ago would have corrected our trajectory towards climate catastrophe. but instead, more coal, more oil, more gas was burned. and we are where we are today in
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a world where bio diversity is in collapse, where deadly heat waves and wild fires tell a grim truth, where environmental disaster seems to be a weekly event somewhere in the world. the importance of this moment is well 50 years ago. those reports sat out very clearly what was needed to be done and the, and it hasn't been done. and of course, when i find ourselves pretty much on the edge of catastrophe, whether we're talking about waste pollution, climate growing inequality, poverty, stockholm declaration did presage the age of the environmental conference. what successes like the parents agreement in 2015 with these events or at the intersection at which science and political self interest collide. and progress can be elusive to say the least can you but progress is needed now on some perilously important issues. like how the planet feeds and
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powers itself. we couldn't be in a more, ah, important place in the history of society. i would, i would say. and so i think it is critical that people turned their eyes towards stockholm and really see it. i said key moment in 1972, we saw the early days of environmental activism. they awarded a series of prizes to the olympic champions on pollution. may we have the 1st award for automobiles, although the protest movements has moved on since the message is the same spearheaded today by another product of stockholm. this has been a time where we have been reminded of how vulnerable we are. a current predicament reinforces a point made 50 years ago, which today is more valid and troubling than ever. no one amongst us. what ever after this, strength or circumstance, can remain undetected. the have been certain victories like mending the hole in the
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ozone layer, or eradicating the production of leaded fuel. but those gathered install chrome 50 years on now confronted perhaps the ultimate challenge. to bring us back from the brink of a climate emergency. nick clark al jazeera. i say with us on al jazeera, i'll have more of the day's news coming up very shortly. that will leave you with the memories iconic showing apple actually. me. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. this is, i don't need to be here with me. when you look at me, when you get to me, i can just leave you a message. you open at the home and ya today. and we're going to give you what we said as well,
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cuz i'm a lot of fun at the book. if you're the one i know, i mean, i mean i shooting off the edge of the ah, from mother to daughter, an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarchy ah, from start to finish. old traditions, intertwined with new designs, making this family's place unique, and tony's yes,
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rich tapestry. the threat on a j 0 you ah, with casa one of the fastest growing nations in the world, news wanted casa, needed to open and develop it into national shipping company to become a p middle east, and trade and learning skillfully my 3 key areas of develop oh, filling a prominence of connecting the world, connecting the future. ronnie, casa cortez gateway to whoa trade. leavers are trying out
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greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife for migration. have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with the koran of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from towards him. isn't enough here at the embassy national talk. and you all ceremony has been launched the whole creation than individuals pay $5000.00. yes. dollars to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00. much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, they had one message for all of us. do something just do something for god's sake do something.


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