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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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ah, rivers are trying out greasing land is shrinking, and some roots long used by wildlife for migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with a corona of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake. revenue from torrison isn't enough. here at the embassy national park, an annual ceremony has been launched. the ha parisha than individuals pay $5000.00 yes, dollars to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, dead one message for all amish. do something. just do something. for god's sake do something. you asked,
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raising joe biden appeals to congress to enact tougher gun laws after a string of massachusetts. ah, are you watching al jazeera live from doha with me for the battle also ahead, warring sides in yemen, agree to extend a nation wide truce for another 2 months, but major differences remaining their effort to end the conflicts. pakistan cuts fuel subsidies for a 2nd time in a week to stabilize its economy, but 1000000 struggle to make ends meets and celebrating queen elizabeth platinum, jubilee britain kicks awful days of festivities to mock 70 years since she ascended to the ah thank you very much for joining us us present, joe biden has delivered an impassioned address to the nation calling on congress to
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act on gun control. is called on lawmakers to restore limits on the sale of assault, sty weapons, and high capacity magazines. after a string of mass shootings in the country, biden says the families of those killed involved in texas and buffalo. new york had one resounding request. they had one message for all of us. do something. just do something. for god's sake do something. after columbine, after sandy hook after charleston, after orlando, after los vegas, after parkland. nothing has been done. this time that can't be true. this time which we must actually do something new should. rephrase is one of conscience and common sense for showmen of your ho. i want to be very clear. this is not about taking away anyone's guns. it's about villa not
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about vilifying gum on gun owners. in fact, we believe we should be treating responsible gun owners as an example of how every gun owners should behave. i respect the culture and tradition, the concerns of lawful gun owners at the same time. the 2nd amendment, like all other rights is not absolute was just, it was justice scalia, who wrote and i quote like most rights. right. the 2nd amendment by the, the rights granted by the 2nd amendment are not on limited, not unlimited. and never has been roy's been limitations on what weapons you can own in america. that's bringing my cannot corresponding to washington d. c. so a very emotional speech from present biden is least fit earlier. talk us through some of the measures he wants to see enact yes, and
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a very rare prime time addressed by the president to the american people showing exactly the degree of concern with which he used this up to it in mass shootings in recent weeks. president biden, outlining tangible measures that should be taken by congress to crack down on a gun usage, basically, offering suggestions such as a total ban on automatic weapons, a limitation on the capacity of gun magazines at imposition of federal wide red flag laws. and very interestingly as well, the recommendation at that gun manufacturers should be stripped of their protections at present. you cannot sue a gun manufacturer if the relative or friend has been killed by a gun manufactured by that particular company. they are protected in terms of law, president biden insisting that these protections must be swept away. but above all, he is directing his message to congress whitehouse sources that says that president
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biden has done what he can on an executive basis at now needs congress to act. and in his speech, president biden made very clear his anger at those republicans who are opposed to any form of gun control pointing out that it requires at least 10 republican boats in the senate to pass any federal legislation, restricting or imposing gun controls and saying that he just cannot believe that many republicans still continue to insist they do not want to even debate the issue of gun control. so a very powerful message from the president biden, both to congress, but importantly to, to the american people who he points out can establish or port make their opinions known through the ballot box. mike, thank you very much for that. my can ally for i say in washington, let's discuss this some more now. with jason nichols who joined us from ellicott city. maryland is a progressive finance. well, and social analysts and lecturing african american studies at the university of man
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. and thank you very much for being with us it jason. jason. sorry. as mike said there, we had a powerful speech of from present by did an emotional speech. when did you make of it? he made some tangible suggestions there. do you think he can convince some of those republicans in congress to support some type of new gun loss? well, there seems to be right now a bipartisan effort to make some of these changes. i think of the assault weapons ban is going to be a nonstarter. i don't think that republicans are going to support that. but of ban on high capacity magazines and red flag laws, background checks, which are largely popular with the american people. but there have just been a know for republicans who were in the pockets of the gun lobby that these things don't change. and i think we've gotten to a point with mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting that the american people even responsible gun owners, are looking at those politicians and saying enough is enough. we need universal
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background checks. we need you not to be able to shoot off 50 rounds and not have to reload and that we need red flag laws we saw in buffalo on, i'm sorry, go ahead. no, no, go ahead. please finish your thought. yeah, in buffalo and o vall, day in particular, when we talk about vall day, you had a young man, a shooter who shot his grandmother. now imagine if his grandmother were able to report to law enforcement that she thought her son was having a mental health crisis and should not have his weapons. and then he who goes to a formal adjudication process in order to have those weapons removed. perhaps she wouldn't have been shot and even perhaps even more importantly, there would be 19 children who would still be alive and as well as the teachers. so this is something that the american people want. they see it as sensible. even gun owners support it, but it's just a few republican politicians who have been blocking this. and i think now with
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senator murphy and sen court and working together, hopefully we can get past it. but i don't think you're gonna get rid of an assault weapons now as you, as you say, they're a small group of republicans and democrats in the senate to have reported some progress this week. and i negotiations on legislation aimed at addressing gun violence and, and say they hope that this configures had deal to break the paralysis on this issue of guns in the u. s. and what difference is that specific legislation going to make? what impact will have? well again, i think particularly with red flag laws, if you can make sure that somebody cannot, oh, you know that someone can report a family member can report somebody who should not be in possession of a weapon because their danger not only to other people, but to themselves, this could save lives of our veterans. we have veterans who die. ah, you know, i believe it's every 22 days in this country. a veteran takes his own life. we. 3
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have domestic violence issues where some of the perpetrators should not be in possession of a gun. it could save women's lives. and it, of course, can stop some of these mass shooting situations that we've seen, you know, one after another. there was just one today and tulsa oklahoma, so i think that that is going to be really important. and i hope that they can it at the very least come together on that. now i wish that president biding had addressed some of the other underlying issues like white supremacy of like internet radicalization. i wish he had gone a little more into that. those. there are perhaps no easy fixes for that. but there's, i think, to keep people safe. we've seen a, with asian americans, asian american businesses of being shot out. we've seen it, of course, with buffalo, that person being radicalized and in 2019 in el paso. so i think that's another issue that the american people need to grapple with agreed that the i did
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a lot of underlying issues, as you alluded to, the majority of man can vote is seemed to favor strong. a gun can chose have got them at times coming up in november. what impact to what this issue dtc this issue having on voters and how it is i to vote in of him? well, i certainly believe that's why you're seeing some of these republicans comes to the table. they see that americans, of course we have our kitchen table issues. we have inflation like it is in many of the other industrialized nations around the world. busy we're dealing with high gas prices, but the most fundamental thing is life. and if we're now doing everything we can to protect life, i think that the american people will turn on their politicians, particularly of the republican politicians who have been blocking this year after year. and so i'm encouraged that that will motivate republicans to actually make a move on this if they don't. and the people who don't back this,
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i think that they are going to have the answer to their voters. jason nickos, very good to talk to you about this. thank you so much for joining us on al jazeera . thank you so much. and at the wild news now rival sides in yemen, civil war had agreed to extend the trellis hours before it was about to expire. the move has been welcomed by the un and present joe biden, who says it's time to work towards the permanent p. c o, a tour, a gate to be re force the sci fi between who the rebels in yemen. internationally recognized government was 1st agreed in april. it'll now last for another 2 months . yemenis have greeted the news with relief and hope like epa on the job yemenis are mostly optimistic about the result. we hope the truth will be extended and other issues that haven't been resolved over the past period will be addressed as well, including the opening of roads and crossings. roaring yemen started in 2014. when it ran back to the rebels, took control of the capital santa forcing the internationally recognized government
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to flee. the saudi coalition joined the war the following year to try to restore the government to power more than a 150000 people have been killed during 8 years of fighting u. s. president joe biden, and the un have welcome the move to extend the truce. the longer we can create a and keep an upholding kind of truce bubble. but more we hope, oh, that donors are, will continue to fund our operations. the conflicts created one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. the un says more than 4000000 people have been displaced . 90000000 others are going hungry. analysts say the truce is a pathway to pace the institution of a new presidential council in yemen. i think that's been key because this new counsel, an 8 man council, has really been focused on trying to change the trajectory of yemen. and it was
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significant. but some of the old war mongers were removed from leadership positions in order for this councils comments. so there's everything to play for now. there is still a problem with ties. a large city in yemen, southwest that still under siege, but of the 8 long years of fighting and misery. there is at least hope among yemenis that this devastating war might finally be coming to an end victoria gate and be al jazeera ukraine's president says russia now occupies a 5th of his country. ramirez landscape, urging the west to step up weapons supplies. ukrainian troops are locked in grinding battles with a russian army with front lines stretching across more than a 1000 kilometers. the ukrainian military says here, street fighting is taking place in sierra don't yet. russian forces control 80 percent of the city, which is one of the last major urban centers in the low hon speech. and that hasn't fallen if you can give them a binding variable. why luca, as of now new 20 percent of our territory is under the control of occupies almost 125000 square kilometers. nearly 300000 square kilometers are polluted with mines,
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an unexploded bombs around the $12000000.00 ukrainians. if internally displaced people, including more than 5000000, mainly women and children who went to broadly the wilds, leading oil producers agree to increase their output. opec members in their opec class partners will raise production by 640000 barrels a day in july and august. increase will compensate for a drop in supply from russia that fell by about 1000000 barrels a day in recent months as a result of western sanctions imposed after the invasion of ukraine. still add on al jazeera, the return of the castle. we visit a museum in seneca, showcasing the way of a spanish master. by decades after they were faced with the journey has begun. the faithful world copies on its way to catherine. your
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travel package today, great at a seasonal rains were behaving themselves. and on this forecast they still are from the yanks, you say was more or less, this is wet times a year. some of those are going to be outbreaks of heavy rain, which preaches some flooding hasn't yet reached japan. the significance for there is a circulation here, so there are a few showers in whole shoe. now you notice that beijing that about $33.00 degrees and this sand coming out is the mongolian interior a bit further west than that, which will drop the temperature a little bit. but it also helps to kick up the class for the south. so now you've got between the yangtze and probably the yellow river, increasing cloud and rain. here's a cord. lot of china is looking towards significant outbreaks of rain in that 11. she hadn't towards north korea as well. for the south began briggs, still a potential for lose all for vietnam and cambodia. maybe thailand as well, down through singapore, columbia,
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and northern see march or consequence of the organized rain. the monsoon from is going up through india, but how to spot where it is. it's officially aligned that's more or less through here. this is the slow advance and it will keep marching up. it's going to take a month to get to the north. of course it's still hot, dry and dusty not as bad as it was, but it still pretty hot. in pakistan. i saw official elling of the journey a turkish film. we can returns home to the village, checked with only to discover that matches once and spoken, and now hotly contested the right to education. divorce, and independence causing a generational rate to hold an intimate study of a traditional pan grappling with changing time. witness trouble that toner, and now you see your with
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ah, a watching al jazeera live from doha with me for the back. people are a reminder of our top stories. us present, joe biden has delivered an impassioned address to the nation. connie on congress to act on gun control, is called on lawmakers to restore limits on the sale of assaults by weapons and raised the minimum age to buy guns. after a string of national rival sides in yemen, civil war have agreed to extend the troops for another 2 months just hours before it was about to expire. the u. n. n u. s. say they've welcome to move and are encouraging a permanent piece. and ukraine surprised and says russia now occupies
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a 5th of his country, and ukrainian troops are locked in binding battles with the russian army with frontline, stretching across more than a 1000 kilometers in other news is really forces of shot and killed a 17 year old palestinian in our media village, west of ramallah in the occupied westbank palestinian officials say he was near the separation war when he was shot. the teenager is a 5th madison and killed in the past 48 hours. and the 63rd since the start of the year. and al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of a colleague, jared listerine blackly in the occupied westbank. she was shot in the head by israeli forces. while she was an assignment in janine on the day of her funeral is really forced to storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pall bearers to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her
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killing and continued to call for an investigation. showing that blackly was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of these really occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine by his son has slashed fuel subsidies for the 2nd time in a week, pushing out prices by 17 per cent. former prime minister m ron khan had brought in the subsidy because of inflation by the international monetary fund said the subsidy broke the terms of a 2019 deal. the i'm f. insist spike, his son must reduce his fiscal deficit before it resumes payments. on the 6000000000 dollar package command hydra, as more from his relevant well, what we have been able to see is long to add the few petrol stations that are still open and the state own one. i've already closed down because the price change is going to come into effect like a garage focused on that is consider bellanca. we have seen people are losing that
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tampa at the federal stations. and of course they finance minister announcing died less than a week before he had announced another price, sight of brandy. but then did you mention so indeed this is going to have a devastating effect on an already crumbling economy. a sort of god thing that this is a conditionality from the i m f. they want to be able to stabilize the economy, but this is going to have a devastating effect, particularly because of the political uncertainty as well. m ron khan who was out there that already. and now instead, that people should come out on friday to protest against the government, that political instability will also factor into pakistan is growing economic crisis. but it is indeed an unprecedented move to higher prices of fuel since the country independence girls with the i admit. but really you surely that the
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lifeline buckets on hope that the girl with a $900000000.00 drawn out of the $6000000000.00 that was under the i m f. d. now, 50 years ago, in june, the world's 1st environment conference to place in sweden, sounding the alarm about humanity's impact on the planet. half a century on scientists and politicians are again gathering in stockholm to tackle what has become a global emergency. i environment editor nicholas cripples, stockholm sweden, june 12th 1972 versus indira gandhi prime minister of india, arrived today to address the 1st united nations conference if you would environment . it is clear that the environmental crisis, which is confronting the world, will profoundly alter the future destiny afar can't make you would think that vance global awareness of the planets predicament off a century ago would have corrected our trajectory towards climate catastrophe. but
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instead, more coal, more oil, more gas was burned and we are where we are today in a world where by diversity is in collapse where deadly heat waves and wildfires tell a grim truth. we're environmental. disaster seems to be a weekly event somewhere in the world. the importance of this moment is, well 50 years ago. those reports set out very clearly what was needed to be done and they, and it hasn't been done. and of course, we now find ourselves pretty much on the edge of catastrophe, whether we're talking about waste pollution, climate growing inequality, poverty, stockholm declaration did presage the age of the environmental conference. what successes like the parents agreement in 2015. 0, with these events or at the intersection at which science and political self interest collide and progress can be elusive to say the least weakening,
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but progress is needed now on some perilously important issues. like how the planet feeds and powers itself. we couldn't be in a more awe important play in the history of society our i would say. and so i think it is critical that people turned their eyes towards stockholm and really see it. i said key moment in 1972, we saw the early days of environmental activism. they awarded a series of prizes to the olympic champions on pollution. may we have the 1st award for autumn avail? hello show. the protest movements has moved on since the message is the same spearheaded today by another product of stockholm. this has been a time where we have been reminded of how vulnerable we are. our current predicament reinforces a point, made 50 years ago, which the day is more valid and troubling than ever. no one amongst us. what ever
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after this, strength or circumstance, can remain undetected. there have been certain victories, like mending the whole in the ozone layer, or eradicating the production of leaded fuel. but those gathered installed chrome 50 years on now confront perhaps the ultimate challenge. to bring us back from the brink of a climate emergency. nick clark al jazeera, an exhibition of works by spanish artist pablo picasso has returned to santa gas capital, 50 years after his 1st displayed them. curators at the museum of black civilizations, want to show how p castle was inspired by african art nicholas. hark report, some de carr mama did you find his friend ibrahim, or in his school visit to the museum of black civilization, to see the work of pablo picasso. the guy gives an impassioned explanation on why picasso belongs to african art. you bremer, find it all boring,
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but my my due season because brush travison something familiar. and so he stays on . the mask inspired picasso or picasso, inspire the mouth. he wonders before realizing the answer lies in front of him. i know the mass been spied because of these are 2 master people. look at the form of the face and they are so similar. the artist you did this one is famous, the other one has been forgotten, but as much older. 19. 07 french painter. only my teeth took his friend picasso to a colonial exhibition in paris, where african artifacts and people from the continent were put on display, in what were referred to as human zoos. the exhibition radically changed the way because painted and sculpted the aim of the exhibition is to show the link between the casso and african art. on this side is a bronze sculpture from picasso, using mixed materials. and behind is a shot of a traditional horse with
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a human face. a typical animist african mask. because he never travelled to africa, but his work has. the exhibition is a copy of one that took place 50 years ago, but the public's perception of the artist has since changed just outside the museum . the contemporary art gallery diminish is challenging because his work, this piece by a french senegalese artists, quotes pablo picasso. it says, black art, don't know what it is, and some believe that this is an attempt by public because so to distance himself from what inspired him, the traditional african art others believe that the artist was making his statement, saying there's no such thing as black art it's just art either way in this exhibition, young african artists are reinterpreting public picasso's work, making it their own known because his face painting guernica, but perhaps as powerful the work of an ivory,
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an artist in this painting is an answer to because his work done with every new explained, young senegalese painter, artist sandra, figure, my painting seeks to confront the problems that i have with picasso, like the way women are portrayed and how african objects, when used by a man in the west are seen as genius. what i see in picasso are the objects and masks of my culture that were robbed, exposed, but devoid of meaning. a genius or a thief. a new generation of african artists are challenging the status quo for a young public, eager to break from the past and see because so in a new light, nicholas hawk al jazeera de car. now in queen elizabeth took the throne. it was the waning years of the british empire while the planet was recovering from the 2nd world war. a reign has seen 14 prime ministers and countless conflicts. tens of thousands of people gathered to see her at buckingham palace on her platinum
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jubilee. a vodka reports this girl is above buckingham palace. the deafening roar of flight objects on the balcony below, a woman who could comfortably claim to be among the most famous people in bolton history. 96 year old queen elizabeth the 2nd grandmother, mother of britain's longest serving bonnet there were notable faces missing from the moment. prince andrew stripped of his royal titles in the wake of sexual assault allegations and prince harry after his decision to leave royal life behind him. the day began with the tripping of the color, a display of military pageantry mocking the queen's official birthday and the start of several days of events and st. polities, commemorating her long reign the celebrations, of course on for every one, for those who would rather abolish the monarchy. queen elizabeth represents hierarchy and privilege. yet she still manages to appeal to many. although sir
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hereditary monica monica, and she inherited the throne, prince of wales, inheritable inherit trend. it has a, there is a damaged project purchase. i mean, unless the public support, the monarchy wouldn't suggest feminist because it shows popular on the green enjoys very strong appreciation in the vast crowds, the occasion brought the monarchy and the masses closer together. if only for a fleeting moment. some camping outside buckingham palace for days for a front row seat. it has been everything that great britain can throw at you. rain hail. no, we didn't get snow, but that's about the only thing we didn't get. among the well wishes we meet a tiny baby several weeks old, named elizabeth after the queen. the iraqi family came to britain as refugees last year. from all of a 1000 years, the history of britain as be measured by its monarchs,
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by who's on the throne divided into ears and epochs. despite all these celebrations, there is something of a bit of sweetness that perhaps we are now in the final pages of the era. queen elizabeth the 2nd, it's a seeming contradiction that a modern parliamentary democracy still has an unelected hereditary head of state. but this is the kind of tree brittle chooses to be with queen elizabeth, standing for stability and continuity in uncertain times. the parker out to sarah loved the more than 3500 beacons are being laid across the u. k. n. it's overseas territories to mark the queen's platinum, jubilee queen elizabeth triggered the 1st beacon from her home at windsor castle. it eliminated a large fries. culture covered in lights of buckingham palace in london. begins will also be late in the capital cities of old commonwealth countries. ah.


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