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her to the is really, are me told them just either that it takes measures to protect civilians during back the sizes. what is really, officers previously said, the trainings are used to push palestinians out 48 families once lived in this village called zeek. now, there are only 20 people here, say they have nowhere else to go. so they have to stay out until they're allowed to return to their home. after midnight, the military drill will continue for 3 days, which means they'll have to go through this again twice this week. ah, mm. mm. said one message for all of us to do something. just do something. for god's sake do something. there was president joe biden appealed to congress for
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a tougher gun laws after the mass shooting and texas that killed 19 children. ah, you're watching all to 0 life for my headquarters in delphi and daddy navigate the also a heads. 100 days since russia launched the war on ukraine fighting rages on the east l salvador extends a state of emergency to crack down on gangs. amnesty international warns of major human rights violations the new job opportunities in libya that are leading many young people to taste sweet success. ah, hello you as president joe biden has appealed to congress to restore limits on the sale of assault style weapons and raised the minimum age to buy guns. his speech on
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stricter gun laws followed recent mass shootings. my county has more from washington. in the past 3 weeks, more than 70 people have been killed in mass shootings. the most recent at a medical center in tulsa, oklahoma, where the 4 people were murdered by a man said to be a disgruntled patient. police say the gunman then killed himself. he bought one of his guns just a few hours before we know through the help of r, a t f and their gun tracing that at 2 pm on june. the 1st mr. louis purchased a semi automatic rifle from a local gun store. the same weapon was used to killed 900 children and 2 teachers at a texas elementary school last week. the same with the news to murder, 10 people at a grocery store in buffalo, new york. 10 days before that. in both cases,
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the alleged gunmen were just 18 years old. the texas shooter killed at the scene. the buffalo shooting suspect was arraigned on murder charges thursday. in a red primetime addressed to the american people present invite and urged congress to impose federal gun controls. suggesting a ban on automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. raising the age at which an individual can buy a gun from $18.00 to $21.00. and removing the protections against litigation enjoyed by gun manufacturers. they had one message for all of us. do something. just do something for god's sake do something. some of these measures suggested by president biden are already being debated and may well be passed and the democrat controlled house of representatives build it, but they are likely to be blocked by senate republicans who were a particular target president by them's anger. but my god,
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the fact the majority of the senate, republicans don't want any of these proposals, even to be debated or come up for a vote. i find unconscionable. we can't fail the american people again a message to for the american people that the majority should act and turn their outrage into making the issue central to their vote. my kinda odyssey for washington. well, the main gun lobby in the u. s. the national rifle association has tweeted a response to president biden's address and they say, instead of acting on functional measures unreal solutions that one implemented will reduce crime and will help those with dangerous behavioral health issues. all that the president repeatedly proposes will only infringe on the rights of those law abiding citizens who have never and will never commit a crime. this isn't a real solution, it isn't true leadership,
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and it isn't what america needs. and that's a shame. holly dexter was co chair of women against gun violence. she was also part of joe biden's, gun violence policy committee. when he was running for president, she says, republicans in congress need to be put under pressure. i think they have to have their feet held to the fire and not just by president biden, which i will say i would love for president biden. it tonight was a nice start. we would love to see an office of gun violence prevention opened up in the white house and have a task force working on this and making sure this gets past. he needs to do some traveling and shake hands and sit down with some of these senators. and really do the work that he knows how to do because he's done it for decades. he knows how to make deals. but really it's up to the citizens of america to hold these congressmen speak to the fire and show them for the cowards they are. and let them know, i know that there are a lot of republicans out there who are gun owners,
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who also agree that they want stronger gun laws passed because their children go to school to and they need their calling their representatives daily and letting them know i want change and i vote, i think that's the way that we do it. we have to change the culture just like we change the culture was smoking when we had to come up against the tobacco lobby. just like in the united states, we had to change the culture about marriage equality and everybody said that would never pass. you would never have gay marriage in america, and eventually the culture changed. and then the votes followed. and i think that's where we are with this right now. us media us as president, jo biden's visit is to visit saudi arabia later this month. it comes off to rashad, agreed to increase all production on thursday and extend the truce and war battered yemen. in february biden's sense of delegation, therefore talks on boosting, outputs as fuel prices began, soaring in the us. the 20 again be,
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has more on the extension of the truce in yemen. the sci fi between who the rebels and yelman's internationally recognized government was 1st agreed in april. it'll now last for another 2 months. yemenis have greeted the knees with relief and hope like epa on the job yemenis are mostly optimistic about the results. we hope the truce will be extended and other issues that haven't been resolved over the past period will be addressed as well, including the opening of roads and crossings. broader in yemen, started in 2014, when it ran back to the rebels, took control of the capitol center, forcing the internationally recognized government to flee. the saudi coalition joined the war the following year to try to restore the government to power more than a 150000 people have been killed during 8 years of fighting u. s. president joe biden, and the un have welcome the move to extend the truce. this is a pivotal moment for human human has the opportunity to continue this progress in
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choose peace instead of war suffering and destruction. the longer we can create a and keep and uphold a kind of cruise bubble. the more we hope that donors are will continue to fund our operations. the conflicts created one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. the un says more than 4000000 people have been displaced. 90000000 others are going hungry. analysts say the truce is a pathway to peace. the institution of a new presidential council in yemen. i think that's been key because there's new counsel. an 8 man council has really been focused on trying to change the trajectory of yemen, and it was significant, but some of the old war mongers were removed from leadership positions in order for this council to come in. so there's everything to play for now. there is still the problem with ties, a large city in yemen, southwest that still under siege,
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but up to 8 long years of fighting and misery. there is at least hope among yemenis that this devastating war might finally be coming to an end victoria gate and be al jazeera washington has announced a new round of sanctions against russian oligarchy and a leads the latest measures hit more kremlin officials on businessmen linked to president vladimir putin, it also targets their yachts aircraft on the firms that manage them more than a 1000 people have been sanctioned by the u. s. and other western countries following russia's invasion of ukraine in february. it's $100.00 days since russ's invasion of ukraine began. and in this time, russia has occupied a 5th of the country president of the landscape urging the west to supply more weapons. ukrainian troops are locked in intense battles in the east with fierce street fighting in some areas. it's one of several on yet is one of 2 major urban
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centers in the hunt screens and that russia hasn't taken if you can give me one of the binding variable i believe because as of now 20 percent of our territory under the control of occupies almost 125000 square kilometers. nearly 300000 square kilometers are polluted with mines, an unexploded bomb around $12000000.00 ukrainian or internally displaced people, including more than $5000000.00, mainly women and children who went to broadly. then bas ravi has more from keith. if we go back to a 100 days ago, the whole world thought that ukraine would fall within just a few days, 3 days a week, maybe a few weeks. that was the, that was the estimation by experts and world leaders that ukraine could not withstand the, the force of the russian invasion. they come to its stores, but he is still standing many cities in the west. they are still standing. the russians have had to re mobilize to other parts of the country pulling out of places that they intended to conquer within the hours if not days. so that
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certainly does represent a victory in and of itself for the ukrainians. now in terms of what's happening in the east, it is, it is difficult to forget that the war is, of course, still going on and is absolutely devastating. much of the country in the east and the south. that those are the battlefront now and they are fighting is concentrated . they're what we've heard most recently from president zalinski with regards to service dentist. is that even though 80 percent of the city is now under russian control, he says that there are some successes and pushing them away from the center of the city. that in and of itself is kind of a microcosm of this fight. they are still fighting for that city and ukrainians are still fighting for this country now as far as getting away from the east and looking at the rest of the country, there are still missile strikes we just a few days ago, saw missiles hitting a railway supply line in the levine region, but for the most part in much of the country, i dare say in the majority of the country,
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it is not as bad as it is in the east and people are moving on with their normal lives. there are people returning to the country now in life, and cities, especially, and keep, are going back to normal. their russia, the former president, sat down with al jazeera, as though i shall, as dmitri my videos, insist the u. s. his army, ukraine, with weapons that pose a threat to russia. he says moscow will have no choice but to retaliate. if chief decides to strike you money, i mean, you knew, but we noticed the change in approach in the united states at the beginning, president biden said the us would not sin multiple rocket out to the resistance. the key is especially the long range systems. later on, this approach was corrected and it was announced that certain types of the systems, especially high mars, will be delivered. these systems don't have such a long range capacity, but nonetheless, pose a real threat to our country. the americans justify it by saying that these weapons
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will only be used with an ukranian territory, but to, to certain reasons, they don't control the decisions, at least the final ones taken by the ukranian authorities. the 4 presents a clear 3 and we must respond to such a threat. and as it was said earlier, in case god forbid these types of weapons i used to strike within russian territory, they in russian armed forces will have no choice. but to respond by striking the control centers. el salvador has extended the state of emergency for a 3rd month to crack down on gangs. amnesty international says 18 people have died in police custody since the new measures began. 34000 others have been de change. most of the population supports president. now you become a strategy chunk home and reports the for salvador president kelly the ceremony. tomorrow, 3 years and face was a triumphant event. yet something to announce is almost
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a bundle. they're gonna get control up on the s. yes. let the point of winning the war against the cancer. lo be guilty as possible. that's not just the top lace and security forces with the whole population, you know, get their own through levona. he's referring to a 2 month long and ongoing crackdown on the image. 13 and barrow, 18 gangs, mass arrests and security checkpoints in the communities. they control. most of the population wholeheartedly support that. this is a land where gangs have killed, raped and exclusive for decades. garcia some every day, the less they play in the context ocean, many of lost their fair, a gang ad or that something will happen to a loved one. for the 1st time paper fading, the pace which i look at, i'm yeah. but there's another side to this. at least 34000 people have been arrested under a state of emergency which has seen some civil rights suspended. and inevitably,
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some innocent people sucked into the prison system along with the guilty mother's way or mass outside of the countries. jones, for news of their sons, the police admit they've been given arrest quotes as to me. amnesty international announced in their report this thursday, the due process has been swept away. i'm distinct unless you're not in control. camille, as amnesty international, has found that thousands of people are being detained without an arrest warrant. instead, the piece i'm making less arrests based on, i'm verified, anonymous accusations, or if people have a prison i called touch is or have a relative. and again, if they've denounced to please simply says are just because they live in a gang controlled community, non masking, or somebody candle. meanwhile, even as the president grapples with the gangs, another crisis lose. who kelly has gambled heavily on bitcoin, making the crypto currency legal tender in the country over here. but that great experiment had just one mentioned in his speech, 2 minutes from the end. a sign of how a celebrated policy has become a mil stove,
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elaborate mercy bit going so far. he's lost the country, tens of millions in buying up bitcoin before the price crushed. a $1000000000.00 bitcoin back bond that he announced with much fanfare last year has also been put on ice. it was all meant to help out. salvador pates mounting foreign debts. now economists worried the country will default. so even as president who kelly supports his chanted for his re election of wednesday night, a moment of reckoning could be getting closer. john homan, how does it still had on al jazeera, focused on hikes fuel prices, again, as millions struggle to make ends need clothes for cash and food as lottery prices are many are making ends meet in argentina. ah,
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the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine book. your travel package to day. there been some sparky storms across western europe in the last 24 hours as far north as london but principally focused in france because this thing is the kicker. if you like, bringing air up from the south. it's always warm. there's plenty of humidity there . so these is lauren centers, particularly of the outs, will be thunderstorms. this is friday morning as bit of rain of a part of the bridge ireland island and over scandinavia as big sways of wants. and denmark down to the dolemite with temperatures are in the twenty's or even the thirty's. now the rest, the day i think is going to be rather a wet one through thunderstorms in the ouse storms. typically what a shower in france and more significant rain in portugal, a northeast northwest of spate, probably where it's wanted. that is still warm sunshine in italy and down in greece could even call it hot sunshine naturally. but there's a bit of a disappointment in the british isles. again, that breeze comes off nor see,
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never very warm, said london forecast. catchy deteriorates over the next 3 days. with occasional rain, an overcast conditions, or rather chilly looking sunday, with the wind. and in contrast, athens is hot. that should be by about 5 degrees. now it's quite windy in the north . osgood surprised me. that line of shouts has brought a rare event to weston. so horror, a sputter to a brain. i saw official ally of the journey. join the debate. wonderful as it is that the plum matic language, it really means nothing on the ground on an online act. your voice, the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress? i haven't seen enough racialized do see sports journalist i look like me. you need to listen to those voice perspective even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this green on al jazeera
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lou, the hello, we got the top stories on al jazeera us president joe biden has delivered an impassioned address to the nation on gun control after a series of my shootings. he's called on congress to restore limits on the sale of his fault weapons raised the minimum age to buy gun $100.00 days into the innovation of ukraine. president landscape estimates. russia occupies 20 percent of the country. the battle rages in the east with fierce fighting and have euro done yet. meanwhile, the us out the new rounds of sanctions against russian oligarch leave el salvador is extended its data for emergency for
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a 3rd month as part of its cracked on gang violence. for amnesty international has accused the country of human rights abuses saying 34000 people have been detained so far. is really forces have shot and killed a 17 year old palestinians in media village, west of ram a lot in the occupied west bank palestinian officials say he was near the separation wall when he was shot. the teenager is the 5th palestinian killed in the past. 48 hours and the 63rd since the beginning of the year. meanwhile, a funeral husband held for one of those victims. he was killed in the occupied westbank during a demolition of a home belonging to the i am our share. in march, police killed him. our shame was accused of shooting 5 israelis. in my con reports from the town of yarbrough. o, sheltering out his moon is buried, palestinian below koba. the flags of palestinian factions including hunter, and i'm as wave in a moment of unity. i will all was killed by these railing army late in
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a rate on wednesday as it demolished the home of dia. hi, marsha, and 11 members of his family. dear homer, she was accused of killing 5 israel until it even march before being killed by israel police ambulance medic is. but how he says the raid was more intense than any he's previously experienced. what the 3rd commonwealth, the given saw, the semester is really army rated the town around 9 pm. it was barbaric. the 1st minutes of the raid we dealt with injuries to 3 individuals. a gunshot wound to the stomach, the jaw, and the neck. the survivors are in critical condition and are still being treated. the raid took place her a. what was the home herself, family home? d as uncle aimen how michelle has returned to what's left. now although deer was killed during his attack on israelis in march, his family have also been punished by the home being made uninhabitable and their belongings destroyed a form of collective punishment. this has long been
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a policy for israel. since 1967, hundreds of houses have been demolished in this way. according to israeli human rights organizations, no evidence has been given that the ha, michelle family were involved or even knew of dearest friends. law. of course he didn't tell us the israelis of purpose. they have already demolished homes. are all the owners guilty, 99 percent of nothing to do with it. while they say this is the house of a terrorist with the reasons a deeper they want to weaken you demolish you to press you home. there's no way the family will ever be allowed to live in this house again. if they try and rebuild, the israelis will come back and destroy it. not 11 members of the household that are now home, the 11 members that didn't know what plans that dia homer say had 11 members of the family who have simply been punished for living under the same roof. ron, calling out to the south west. the janine also is there. a media network continues
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to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of fits journalist than the occupied westbank should be. you know, block, there was shot in the head by is really forces while she was on assignments in janine on the day of her funeral is really forces storm the procession and started beating. werner is causing pull barriers to almost dropped her casket that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continued to call for an investigation. a barclay was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of the is really occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. around 20 percent of libyans don't have a job. and among those who are unemployment, more than 2000000 people work for the state. and while most private sector companies tend to hire foreigners for skilled roles, the government is trying to change that monitoring reports from tripoli. they've
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been training for months, learning how to build playground equipment to international standards. it's part of a program sponsored by the ministry of labor, nearly 30 percent of liberals. 6.8000000 people are employed by the state. but the government is looking to save money by encouraging young adults to seek work in the private sector, the law lambda huston, lake salaries in the private sector, are much higher than government jobs. with the certificate, i have a better chance to find work. what about shabby, any mahmud at food tacy? as the economic and social development board, he says, livia depends on oil exports for nearly all of its state revenue. for years of conflict have seen oil exports blockaded by armed groups several times lacking, and a lamp identity if, even if the government long term strategic plan is to diversify and encourage the private sector, we're starting to change our economic policies to enhance the relationship between
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the public and the private sector, seeing young libyans learning skills and taking on jobs in various fields in the service market. it's a positive sign. we want them to stop depending on the state. although there aren't any proper statistics. the ministry of labor estimates the official unemployment rate and libya to be around 20 percent, but higher among young people. growth in small and medium businesses, such as lisa has helped create job opportunities. every morning young workers at this bakery rushed to fill their orders, supplying coffee shops and restaurants around tripoli, with sweets and deserts. abdul more hayman elmer thought the says he hopes to open his own bakery one day. one of i was looking for a government job, but learning a skill and joining the private sector was the best decision i ever made, that now i can get a job anywhere i want. i get paid on time and thanks to god, i'm paid a good celery in previous years jobs. these were taken by foreign workers,
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but many have left because of the instability. for some young people such as ogden will haman. that's help them find a career in unlikely. places mal trina al jazeera shabley pakistan, her last fuel subsidies for the 2nd time in a week, pushing up prices by 17 percent. the former prime minister in mon. com had implemented the measure to curb inflation. but the international monetary font size, the sub says he broke the terms of a 2019 deal. argentina has one of the highest inflation rates in the world and people are struggling to cope with the rising cost of living by some estimates prices. they are increased by an average of 70 percent a year, not forcing people to try to find extra income to report reports on how fares in the capital are now offering food as lottery prices. blanca lupus comes
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to this fear 3 times a week to sell some of her clothes to get cash. she lost her job during the pandemic, and comes here with her disabled daughter. because it is the only chance she has to make a living. she put on my car up when i was working, cleaning houses, and during the pandemic, i lost my job. my daughter is receiving some government assistance and with that in the old clothes i. so we try to survive. people in argentina struggling with one of the highest inflation rates in the world about 6 percent a month, many who come here lost their jobs in the past years. he will come here to sell some food and clothes among other things, but also to participate in a lottery where they come and they food some food. the fact that you can see here some facts. and then they write their names in this little bag. the name that comes out is the winner. and that person take all this food back home. but food is not the only thing that's being raffled or carillo. yes,
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they sell tickets for a few cents each. the money he collects is also offered as a lottery price. he says increasing numbers of people come a year to try to win extra money. okay, and the guy mocking people are coming here because of the economic situation. people tell us they cannot find a job, and this is what they have. we are adding extra days so they can come sell something. this is the only way they have to get by on a day to day basis. the biggest price is around $3.00. the 2nd is $2.00, and the 3rd just one. it not only for the poor who now account for more than 40 percent of our gene tina's population. profoundly sad. i was happy with money she one, even though it will only last for a day. my lab, but every one is struggling. my husband has job my mom clean houses and they get the old clothes and i bring those clothes here. i have a 4 year old daughter,
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so i cannot book this i cant afford or jim penis government spends millions on projects to assist the poor. but people like a lot of unknown to say it's not enough. she works with an inflation rate of around 5 or 6 percent. most of the cash transfers is made by the state value. argentina has a strong state presence around 30 percent of the population already received assistance . aside from the pensions argentine a trying to jumpstart the economy. and generate quality jobs, but it has not been easy. fears like this one have become a crucial lifeline for many in times of economic distress. pity several alger theda . when a fight is tesla, chief executive has called for worldwide hiring freeze 11 months because warren, the electric car maker, needs to cut stuff by 10 percent in an internal e mail must says he has a bad feeling about the economy. must ordered all staff to stop working from home
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on tuesday for leave the company. tesla has around a $100000.00 staff globally. the u. s. has accused india, china, iran and me and mar, of supporting a tax on religious minorities, secretary of state anthony blank, and made the remarks as he released an annual report on international religious freedom. beyond these countries report documents, how religious freedom of the rights of religious minorities are under threat and communities around the world. for example, in india, the world's largest democracy and home to a great diversity of fates. we've seen rising attacks on people in places of worship. as the secretary stated in india, some officials are ignoring or even supporting rising attacks on people and places of worship. ah.


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