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tv   The El Masri Case  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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when they will unite again, women and children heading west to relative safety, often leaving men behind among them. foreigners also trying to give out train rise of a free, but it's on a 1st come, 1st serve basis here at the bus station. there's only a few rides available and that's only to the surrounding villages. so people like for me in rose, now need to find another way to get out of the city. but for now they, like many others, would have to reach in hope. hoping tomorrow is a better day ah . ready tamra burleson and o hot the top stories on al jazeera, a 100 days into the invasion of ukraine. president zalinski estimates. russia occupies 20 percent of his country. the battle rages in the east with spheres
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fighting in soviet due. yet the fighting's force more than 14000000 people from the homes. meanwhile, the u. s. has announced a new round of sanctions against rationale, galks and elite suzanne bus. robbie has more from cave. if we go back to a 100 days ago, the whole world thought that ukraine would fall within just a few days, 3 days a week, maybe a few weeks. that was the, that was the estimation by experts and world leaders that ukraine could not withstand the, the force of the russian invasion. they come to its doors, but he is still standing many cities in the west. they are still standing. the russians have had to re mobilize to other parts of the country pulling out of places that they intended to conquer within the hours if not days. so that certainly does represent a victory in and of itself for the ukrainians. and now in terms of what's happening in the east, it is, it is difficult to forget that the war is, of course, still going on and is absolutely devastating much of the country in the east and
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the south. that those are the battlefront now and they are fighting is concentrated . they're what we've heard most recently from president zalinski with regards to service. the next is that even though 80 percent of the city is now under russian control, he says that there are some successes and pushing them away from the center of the city. that in and of itself is kind of a microcosm of this fight. they are still fighting for that city and ukrainians are still fighting for this country now as far as getting away from the east and looking at the rest of the country, there are still missile strikes we just a few days ago, saw missiles hitting a railway supply line in the levine region, but for the most part in much of the country, i dare say in the majority of the country, it is not as bad as it is in the east and people are moving on with their normal lives. there are people returning to the country now in life and cities, especially in keep are going back to normal years president joe binds,
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delivered an impassioned address on the to the nation on gun control after a series of mass shootings is called on congress to restore limits on the sale of assault style weapons and raised the minimum age to buy guns, biden's for the families of those killed in ovalo, the texas on buffalo, new york had one residing request do something. just do something. for god's sake do something. after columbine, after sandy hook after charleston, after orlando, after los vegas, after parkland. nothing has been done. this time that can't be true. this time which we must actually do something. usually face is one of conscience and common sense. for so many of you are at home, i want to be very clear. this is not about taking away anyone's guns. it's about villa not about vilifying gum on gun owners. in fact,
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we believe we should be treating responsible gun owners as an example of how every gun owners should behave. i respect the culture and tradition, the concerns of lawful gun owners at the same time. the 2nd amendment, like all other rights, is not absolute. turkeys annual inflation rate has jumped to a 24 year high of $75.00 times 3.5 percent. that was fueled by rising energy prices on the slide of the turkish levy against the dollar opposition groups in democratic republic of congo, calling for the government to cut a diplomatic ties with little wonder, their protesting and the capital can show wonders a lead support for the armed rebel group and 231 is denied supporting the group that's fighting congress forces in the east. last week, the congolese government band rwandan flights from its aerospace green. elizabeth, who's got to be missing from a church service in her honor. this part of the platinum jubilee celebrations,
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buckingham palace as the 1906 year old, experienced discomforts during events on thursday. friday ceremony is impulse cathedral in london. as part of full days of facilities was the headlines and these is going to continue here on. i'll just see them after the l must be case goodbye. ah me. ah, in 2004 calendar must freeze arrested during a trip to macedonia. he's interrogated and mistreated. nobody knows his fare, about 5 months later, he's released in a forest in a big thumbs
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investing through this time. so good. it's so dusty gospel, tennessee on that now. so get started with the nurse on line miss charlan. so these are parking excuse will be drunk knobs 3 buckets. she says the image one hand which was finished would've been efficiency form. and the calling i mass, we case basically revealed the entire underbelly of the secret american torture and prison system. ah kelly that must be made into national headlines. for years he fought in vain for explanations, injustice. he felt abandoned by his own government. as dar josh dots boob
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idea, agnes did fired footstep bonus, liberty dodge land on their big jojo on their themed films. the west could you ah ah color, it must resume to live in the every elf when i have no him since 2007. even then i wanted to make a film about him. but then his case took a bizarre 2 years after the kidnapping. he committed several disturbing crimes and in 2009 eat up the may alf loy. when, how did he come to this one who was probably most deeply involved in
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this story, was the lawyer mind for it needed from when he 1st met kal? it in my 3, in 2004 done sentenced by men, often direct for the can slide to your lung harage baltic mine. i know what is the gas on longest give and, and on the latter, your quote was 4 years from now than it had a vine and a no over the mere cleared fuss agnes. for defiance, i insulted him. not at, and monsieur anger fung 13 on had dickens actors interviewed ordinance phenomena. can i get fulton, alice? i'm her. hey, here at this is rob's debbie now as her bus white year for mia when dan had him his and basket site. now, when seneca, she still via d as, as deutschland, not macedonian give her a denver statically saw that. and i know as it should be,
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hutton nador im african os high system. put a done at an o sizes temple from i banyan d on got to school concerts for nancy dorian. i banyon when i come out. so do you believe or now? yeah, vin no. just alyssa, survive up historic isha good than most of this is oslyn as or it's august get money shows young order of it's is far there. ah, it about the same time as one foot to needed to new york times became aware of the case. so it may can it, it just started working here. she was still living in germany at that time. as vine are on the continental miles, continues little managed on church nom up. once i had her, i had sit like
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a shed and mom and, and, and at the state of fonts. damage of abilene, tractor is dusty. sean understands what mechanics on sir and practice based start at yarber is in c, ond danforth. bar of ash. my name is hyatt. i must vh in for nancy, i entered one is friday mission aus zana shimmer. does vine an a dings wooster. he all does. this anal zag also bush distance as far as that goes actually wont gigging dca. i am just as i'm director and griff getting in a mechanic guy, minced barnes and thus far from ish the course i shall say. no. i guess i missed the boat averse to some mountain. this is a hot it i must wait on vow hm saw to us guest at dca eden and true. tom ah, the $911.00. the tank of 2001 shop. the rest of the
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us was determined to use all its power to fight it had the backing of its allies. count him on my punishment. president george bush, you own anger, sank. consolidated thought frances organization ah, colors from lebanon. when the civil war began in 1975, he was 12 years old. 10 years later, he managed to flee to germany. ah, in 1994 colored became a german citizen. he wanted to build up something in the country that had granted him asylum. he tried to trade cars.
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1996. he got married. in 2002, he moved to a village near. at the time he lived with his wife and children in a 30 square meter basement. at the end of 2003, several problems at home, keller decided to take some time off. he booked the cheapest ticket, he could find a bus trip to macedonia for about a $150.00 euros at the serbian macedonian border. something bizarre happened. he had to leave the bus hours later. he was taken to a hotel in scorpion. he will do it. so my slow with, despite him filled the stockton admission dry, mental, cindy, by me, it would seem arguably been done. i was sick fargo pushed for half the pin,
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i should say as he opened wire sheylan all dog and brush or dancing bill. oh dot probably been long if you know dry forensic target, new bill fiscal is thought earnest telephone even although open pressure contact opened for him on this was finished by almost over ski borlin and i was shocked. okay. and the list contacts for those report shoved for another start about the daughter bowling with image depression. when belt that they say and keep them on my side, the fish are gonna run by shouldn't been. shall for stunned instructor skis on dun cindy and stay longer dungan and dom home hadn't ever backing gets broken a sewing machine. combat t legal does. he, she st. on these are fussy on baba leash and still the issue is he and other than
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been solid? i often bet. ah ah with ah ah ah thought august spirit are having sex. so mine is an impact. i skit, negotiable, or done, haven't emailed the album?
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the one in the oven, haven't dea steps is i get done or darcy about is thought an or suck in fluke, often healthier dish. tina. when i knew i see sten. yes, nancy and i know you been longer brock and thought bouldin's here, else we shall go. so dirty of a tool on dumb becoming schlagel from ireland. satan on the desk and there traffic didn't stand. they haven't the mission to play at dazzle, minor minor colmerton vector construct demarcus mark on sna own dunwoody ish in an blue cloud on shore spoke unsure been on survivor on influence. so according to the mish often warden give, often,
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or token run become a ship, but seldom shorter and gone by spoke to police 1st learned about the abduction in june, 2004. about 2 weeks after master's return, they checked his stories step by step and even made a hair analysis. and duck hunterman and going to be standing after and not on small. another mistake him or would our billing to isn't, would have his master thinking, but it's only my aiden hyphen quantum on emergency bow. these are our song without house thoughts. i'll meet the romans who are gonna be stating, ah, as well. no, i'm just wanting to be some better met via the gone blank on this. so to intestine hot in the oven eastern uniform house monson does the,
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the she stay in school. i'm assuming he's unclouded, it looks better than ham zucker that as he pull it's i, it's been on the way i just had she had good kitchen enough. i moved, but it is. she did a speech pass he had i didn't get play with him. starts a mild, odessa to me then is slope. it does so give huge past us assist us. the obstinate ish, undefined ambition, super steam that was put to shibel archivist. ah. just a months of research by swift, akin it to new york times, finally decided to publish this story or escalating that's i told offered
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say, but as ca on ethan, he says, my negotiations wise went the saw an all lovely chateau book on then comes he, legacies, to come house s desire to new york times 12 cartoonish. i'm the sunspots soup. advancing out by d asked on nothing. you can change the host, come is rubbish for them to the follow dimension. zzzz. but off of i to tata dusty c a r d west. when you, when calls come on, sang, didn't react absolute monsieur diminished. ah. when i was working at the german television show, panorama, a and when the story came out in the new york times, that sir kennedy had done about the kidnapping. and i remember feeling am
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shameful. that here was a case of a ca, kidnapping, of a german citizen. and you know, you have to ask yourself why we even exist. in 2005 journalists discovered the flight routes of cia jets. and us also the atmosphere flight tough gone, is done to spanish police were able to ascertain the camouflage names of the c. i. a hijackers who had made a stop over in my yorker with this information. john gets scored a call. he identified the addresses of this e, attacked us in the united states. good morning, sir. we wanted to ask you would model the emissions enough to in fuel and fun, call it i must be fog, get a pin. john goods from dodge and found in, you know, what we're talking about. this is evil. funny later,
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sir. want to talk about the kidnapped by satellite some kidnapping from college. i must be macedonian. you know what i'm talking about, sir, sir? sir? ah, the involvement of this year was already known by journalists alexander bush enough in early 2004, shortly after the abduction. mosley, whose name was on the if a list of most wanted people tied with a 911 attacks. however cult oh must be looking for was a spanish citizen and this this cult l. mosley with the same name. same surname is a german citizen. so he arised in one of 2 border stunning serbian border for policeman. the said to move it to scott,
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here in the hotel scope sky america. there's a hotel who was please, just behind the u. s. embassy, the old place, the use emerson's call. didn't wait any information from leon fast suit of interpol to find that is the passport is genuine or not. you start to inform the, the us embassy is copier and the form, i guess, washington or there are superiors over there who send the airplane to, to the mosque. my source officer in the military intelligence. i think that the children was too excited. there was the believe that if tech to big fish, they do become internationally famous by capturing one of the organizers of $911.00 attacks. it was just too big thing to keep. ah, to keep quiet or
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mm. oh, good fun. i wish dish pill fee i knew london all done hummed image in item go for home. give orphan will say that will give her signal to fetish, thorndike farm, and the modem ah, well done. handy mish as giving disc the spot on to the others on tele when the hub machine links on press on the vendor dish logon on print dyna taylor. so oh and then have dish is in the us in oakland were and taking them home on instinct. be the so
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spas air, dusty to these it say own food. i'm low 100 theory funded self stun. i know on mr. or back it, moth i'm of garnish. what gun membership? in fact, this is thinkin than i them inside under a care. i now blasted flasher is sold from dog drinking. now missing sectors. this is fast on missed so boys than others. so. and feel that order gets the gardens written with with other though my spirit in the not common barlow at the i live in spiteful moment.
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i missed your face, certain at hand cheering kitten anzuedo on gifford and her for her home. and these are for her home sessions by that i am re gonna to varnish for mentor gunston mile in cvd div austin gaskin out. darcy sh, also orland bitten on. thus in them was equal to a housekeeper or div austin. somebody should be upon them out of hungry darcia'll. just out. michel, uncommitted. ha, nima. we'll see. this is aldo from shanker mideast, us, a lender at up, not a leash on geometry. turner was dennis as an actor, lift from dirt butcher building bout narvie wilson from mix flu was finished with a still the so, ah
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ah ah. d hum sucked. duke m c. a miss nibble's. as will ins. consechi, ark homes, 3 installs a i n o, samaya, thomas, to ha lucia and an arm for i thought before. but for the on the front door, mister handouts, michelle dog and bust done home except rocky. it did not in home gushed rom, doesn't dine under. oh, skin mocked no bob garger printing the under the initial meal
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doesn't. how can de, off the hook combination you bleeding with them home? gosh, strike. try learn talk at children with aah! in new york in 2005 is human rights organization. a seal. you became aware of culottes case, they specialized and tracking this ca, ace abduction program. collins account of what happened to him was a credible story about united states involvement on the sea ice involvement. specifically, am in this program of transporting individuals to secret attention on torture.
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despite the fact that this was the home of his torturers college nonetheless got on the plane with man fred, his lawyer, even given no sufficiently leticia maternity leave you entreaty devotedly. but alice told them if these insured, you won't count on that incident of college and must be happy to keep them up with you. about francois you hoping yourself this the office dusty took also but the 2 pis less successful than anticipated. the courts refused to accept palatine masters case for reasons of national security. at least he can testify and the country of his subject us. i'm so proud to be able to introduce my client. colorado missouri is food se soon, garcia,
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foolish. get on home. what i really want is that they admit to me that an injustice was done to me. is who i know of level on diana. and she'll be gone ah, do on al jazeera as watches, invasion, cream approaches, the $100.00 day mark. we bring you the latest from on the ground and the wars global impact. and you 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art, funded by colonialism and still housed in european museums today. the g 7 am nato hold key summits with the water, ukraine, and the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis
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struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world help qualify. i'm male blazing opportunity for countries to secure their support for cut. our 2020 to june on al jazeera, joined the debate. wonderful as it is, that the magic language. it really means nothing on the ground on an online, at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man wears the progress i haven't seen in operations. do see sports journalist. i look like me. you need to listen to those voice perspective even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this dream on al jazeera, examining the impact of today's headlines yesterday. our electricity was sort of this all alive. setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes to
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garner from europe than never called an immigrant, the always known as next path. international filmmakers, a world class journalist, bring programs to inform and inspire. we live one people on this one planet and we've got to work the solutions together on al jazeera, on counting the cost the well bank was a global recession. so is the inevitable. the british government takes aim at storing energy bill, but will at ease the cost of living crisis. i'm talk us bonds. economy is on the brink of collapse. how many government pull it back out to the costs on al jazeera? [000:00:00;00] ah, not that isn't until the top stories on august a 100 days into the invasion of ukraine presidency. lensky estimates of russia
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occupies 20 percent of his country. the battle rages in the east with fierce fighting in seattle don't yet sc. meanwhile, the u. s. isn't a new round of sanctions against russian orthodox i deletes the. my savvy has more from keith on this day as we mark a 100 days of this war that has cost the country 20 percent of itself. that is indeed a very troubling figure. but at the same time, there is a silver lining to that the fact that 20 percent of the country has been lost in the last 100 is also represents the fact that they are still fighting for this country. if we go back to 100 days ago, the whole world thought that ukraine would fall within just a few days, 3 days a week, maybe a few weeks. that was the that was the estimation by experts and world leaders that ukraine could not withstand the, the force of the russian invasion. they come to its doors. us president joe biden delivered an impassioned address to the nation on gun control after
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a series of my shootings is called on congress to restore limits on the sale of assault style weapons and raised the minimum age to buy guns, opposition groups, and democratic republic of congo are calling for the government to cut a diplomatic ties with a lender. protesting for one does a leg support for the honorable group and $23.00, which could golly denies. one does deny supporting the groups that's fighting collies forces in the east last week because believes government bands for land and flights. miss aerospace sudan is mocking the 3rd anniversary of the killing of 128 people. that is sit in protest by security forces that were protesting against an agreement between the ruling military council and civilians figures over the power sharing agreement. turkeys annual inflation rate jumped to a 24 year high of 73.5 percent. that was healed by wising energy prices and the slight of the turkish leader against the dollar. at least 3 people have been killed and several others have been injured. falling
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a train crash in southern germany regional train derailed near the bavarian alpine resorts time tessa ceos called for a worldwide hiring freeze mill mosques. warranty electric car maker needs to cut stuff by 10 percent and those are the headlines. the use continues. he had an order 0 after the mastery case. goodbye al jazeera correspondence. bring you the latest developments on the war in ukraine. we have to take cover cases of happening on a daily basis. the medics he is a he is incredibly lucky. those coming out fast across the lines of no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled town. they take us to their basement, where we find others sheltering from the shelling. please evacuation now basic 3 day journey devastated buildings are now a grim reminder that the russians were here.
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ah, in 2004 colored l must re, is arrested during a trip to macedonia. he's interrogated and mistreated. nobody knows his fare. about 5 months later, he is released in a forest in albania. canada must remain international headlines. for years he fought in vain for explanations and justice. he felt abandoned by his own government. in europe, d. l masri case became a topic in 2005 former says public prosecutor, dick marty, member of the council of europe was made chief investigator against ca, activities in europe, colored than most, e, e lay a polar se, boulder book, who door type of gear and not modeled best sun. joy did new per box or a quarterly kill and have it, you know,
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not to rule or can pose dig. marty proved that the c i. e kept secret. prisons in poland and romania says i live more exquisitely. dca. so did despise shikes. tragedies here, she saw these act kimmy nell safe once at work followed the hold while saw these act, kimmy ned in berlin at the end of 2005 political bomb exploded. it turned out that the interior minister auto, she had long since known about the kidnapping on week monday, 20042 days after it must be returned from afghanistan. u. s. ambassador daniel coats had informed tv about it or 2. she had kept silent for more than a year and a half isde born as the girls and dodger boone,
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and in and out on by the indian insurance file involve yet slides. vegas with arms yonder, norman saunters, also invite americans. sherburne in diesel fuel is felton with vincent hastings. we have it out of our kind of kindness, a season going account. he notified that i tried to find his soc ah, the government knew in 2004, the head of the german chancellor. reap was frank fight osteen maya. it wasn't until the pressure got too big that he went public each other in uni spy 1000 on seer dois and, and that's fine verse bones and can't land them as an the gunners fundies and file a 1000 that these are man nuff these treachery. she bed eat this are the us females come as he called for
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fear a step. my daughter come up pet than yet dodged. i bob thompson doesn't or do you buy? i've ordered a truce. i negotiate to asthma, which still know it's an advocacy. mm. mm hm. me to else marvel dish from that seller on
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a hon. chin on alice. so for english from the to the broken to for her home. i'm dish thought sess. iona on describe. cake, sil dear on it's leash, she pushed them at meal dodge dessert. their song duncan, the only i'm a diamond or from lincoln. yeah. or. yeah it is. dish often see the some are going to be was finished for i'm finding so treatment effect. yes. i've effects him. i saw the soul in salmon. ern him? i said okay. then i searched out the cindy, it's here. alignment and under become yes. what kind us or clinton to come see horse our direct or to initial m far for sphere, misled lingo, the one own down we cannot vol in mission. does
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human varies castile here vast? ah, in the midst of the rising suspicion against the fisher style, my uncle attorney meant if it needed to received a compelling message. a photo of sam might have surfaced. satin is massey, i understand it. ah, unglamorous foot english construct us it said the man who called himself sam may be gathered in an official of the german federal criminal agency, kelley doug delicate mission. at that time, his existence was top secret. unexpectedly, montfort needed and his client was summoned by the police note when it had prepared
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to line up the day. suppose it sam had a german policeman, worked with the americans to him to kidnapping sam had disabled the vehicle. google might be the in afghanistan. bon often these estate on saw or be out there to spoken it thus far. phyllis ano, an unhappy feather. if she is in enough, unfeigned gives him up. i will open v heard tish thus gift that is leer. her deductible albany shall go from v. i was so an accent, faint for holton phone, a division can be a thus far, sam. ah, this is the science of miss you. the 2nd is the 20 you were sits in lousy. the up cleared on him. need him seated us in this house in what kinds of ice it so on? yes, i'm as he thought it be shifted. i'm finished and see thought about i'm been home.
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see her yet and save her since my clod on one. i'm calling the fest moron on dollars him. so does the upload is all clear on an emission as a see trouble dot com shante often silly for loud bow. the stats on via shaft lift a kind. there's even a happy boy to train. as it does hobbies not necessarily it contribute for in the meantime, weaknesses had emerged in macedonia. air statements cast another, questionable light on the german government and kept a scanner in macedonia. and oh, honey gift des acton, ny deduction burden banning from yep. see hm. you, martin, i'll stay on the phone and i would shaft daddy post michelle, finish madison gal, please contact me. i just need to what forced end us does justice. the student
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wanted boffin via demoss office, asked me to steal my lesion to start you on a silent and, and push them alice michelle. i am the sub managed alice. you presume a danish violence act of issued her understand her? this is unfair to us by its mistake. now, what lot number issue adobe illustrator guess she did miss top of the switch consequence. cut it is must really slow to a danger and released in a forest. there. a little later is picked up by albanian officials and without further ado, they put him on a plane to germany and from fort voice on. com on the controller trotter on as a come to turn. no dispute. that has shown no spirit. i see out also while yourself versus others. her beer in bill, paul holmes,
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you must under some beauty. feel shame. whoa. oh, sways from post. michelle kimbler sister bye. have no of okay, parental specialty. sure, yes ma'am. is to ensure gonna home on call michelle also. she's dusty it must reset duction lasted to 5 months. almost 2 years later, the questions were so serious that a committee of investigation was set up in berlin in march,
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2006. which road did the german government play? tell it unless we can tell his painful story on the grand stage. but the politicians turn a blind eye. no one approaches mastery. slowly, the wind begins to turn. suddenly and mastery is openly suspected. ah, my own e. f dash has often to hand them that when to zoom auschwitz in been simply in here for the nap, gordon, it's not a mastery but toilet. as i go. and los kit kit nipped, florida arbor var home by their deutsch, lebanese, and was lima from globe. so into send 50 with our via is harlot, a massey is a mastery knew, i honestly was up for it mostly is philip of oper, our best mitzy. i had of an interest under peasant in the flesh that you saw miss daughtry, and does a man is mr. village?
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oh, in the sudden caught emily continental spelling. ah, my hus, e po, would see it was still kate, be still thinking that mattel flushed dab work if wouldn't touch it would have plenty of poets. you'd said t dusky to load whenever the ill tune him in school. weaker. douglas hooper, since he blew onto the no at the sphere or that it can easily direct hit become full time start and it does a leaky in and shut feeling up. i will not it, he has on able to this inside the hinder naming. on may the 27th, 2007. khaleta must reset or for a wholesale market in night with him where he intended to do as much damage as possible. he gained entry by force and started
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a fire colored snipped because of a trifle. he complained about a broken mp 3 player. he felt provoked, treated condescendingly ah, well, it's ain't is exhaust, laughed it. dear ali and good site that he lost was ne, 5015 condiment. it's us half day to hoffman tomorrow. after the arson, the tech and mastery had to stand trial. the judge was understanding and i must reverse, given just a suspended sentence. then something remarkable happened. the munich public prosecutor's office requested
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a warrant for the arrest of 13 ca agents. the german government refused to even send the arrest warrant to the united states. they issued the arrest warrant for every country in the world except for the place where the kidnappers lived. the reasons that the german government best firming became clearer when vicki leeks released a document from that time in 2010 u. s. envoy john conic made it clear to his german counterpart that forwarding the arrest warrants would have a negative influence on the bilateral relations. the intention was not expecting germany, but rather to urge that the german government way carefully at every step of the way, the implications for relations with us. ah,
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in the same year, 2007, the u. s. supreme court ruled the better the mastery case would be admitted to court. ah, the highest american court declined ah, a friend had given colored and neglected property throughout the sum of 2009. he wrote to turn it into a garden. ah, this was the last time that i met him. ah, in september the 11th 2009 colored and mustard together, the 3 of his sons entered the town hall in night when stormed into the office and physically attacked. may i,
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gala new and deck. this act comes out of the blue for every one. now and back was only slightly injured. suffer from shock for life. finishes them, i'm gung, asserted bonded. nothing on. do you see to deal a petticoat, boys the swim. mm. now it's time to go hobbling. i'm finished mahash bomb under 6. ah, canada missouri was in prison for 5 years. as soon as he was released in
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2014, he went to the airport and disappeared. the secret ca report and his abduction became public in 2016. it sold some of the mysteries of these abduction others to remain open. plus, there was a clear conclusion. with his devastating testimony. callous innocence was finally proven. but to public heard nothing about him. his case was versus
3:51 pm
yet his story didn't easily. 8 years after our last meeting, i finally found him in austria. ah, after his detention color tried to find work in different countries in vain, germany was no longer an option for him. thus, he decided to trade arab goodson. austria was in the morning, a morgan or 17 youth has passed since colored subduction. it had also been
3:52 pm
a nightmare for his life, asia when he disappeared without a trace. on december the 31st 2003, she took her 4 children and returned to lebanon in desperation. then the heresy had asked us an under for alden that i hired out oregon, boston. so i sneezed when ernest calmed than keys are now highly random. is play when is mer here. msn, savage field for admission in binary, can touch it up, can make, does it a mother answer, the heart flushed e mentor informed on her, and what had angst her fear owns then, can you meet the kinder, vanished elaine game or daughter, akin fast mocking em. i think gans sigh,
3:53 pm
thanks sir to our it done that really now our vine in or that was a gun slow to should i am order it in fossil. yeah. on thus must all proclaim if it miss on it for my nick in that oh yeah. in 2009, when college went to prison, the family were separated again as if it wasn't already tough enough. asia got into a disagreement with the authorities. they wanted to convince her to put some of her children into foster care. in 2011, the situation escalated in panic. asia fled to lebanon again. i mean by al chow,
3:54 pm
her 17 years old at the time completed an apprenticeship in vienna with selection comes in for and it's for thousands, a centralized system. you know, a lot on my father bought a new roof. most of us are here for by the are both booked. this is our loan is on johnson lamp wood on dish cynthia, florida. mm hm. my father them, but the other people would be by the city just to go and fight the nozzle on that side. then you seeing us,
3:55 pm
of course artificial as well as well, and that's i thought was sunday my account was marcia out call ah, and almost 2 decades has passed since the abduction. the tragedy has not been forgotten . the senate investigative report dearest had explained parts of the ca,
3:56 pm
abduction program. they never apologized. mm. last, macedonia. on the other hand, not only paid 60000 euros and compensation in 2018, the small country formerly apologized. ah, germany closed the case in 2009 to you. the committee of inquiry presented its conclusions. 3 years after 2 begun.
3:57 pm
ah ah ah ah how and why did it become so obsessed?
3:58 pm
with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold corrupt individuals, human rights abusers accountable. they're going to rip this deal apart if they take the white house of 2025. what is the world hearing what we're talking about by american today? we take on us politics and society, that's the bottom line. the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine book, your travel package today. it's been snowing properly and it will continue. so to do in the chilean and these you see from that cloud there, this is salons which is north of santiago and all away south than to was a far tip. now that's only in the high ground, if you're in the li, if it all in argentina, really temperature part where they should be and it's really caught and sunny. the breeze is not that strong. the stalls we saw that were in southeastern brazil breaking up now that line still can be seen. it is not much to it, but there is an increase in this rain where we saw the flooding. what we could go in, for example, receive a heavier stuff still though, for the north in soren,
3:59 pm
ma'am, but a general swathe of showers through columbia, venezuela, and ecuador. but much of the energy the atmosphere is not being concentrated. this is the remains of agatha which came on board mexico on the pacific coast, went out through yucatan. it may well form and be re named the tropical cycling. whether it is or not, doesn't matter. the effect is going to be windy, a wet weather in western cuba, florida, and the bahamas over the weekend. at least i was kathy scrubbing on is the big picture of the u. s. and kind of about spray when to sits that swirling cloud there . and a big storm still in the south, but the lot of katerina spreading across the plains, states and throughout the mountains, cats are away. official ally of the journey on the streets of greece, anti immigrant violence is on the rise, the road you have to go from over the country and to send that brazil from fus ism and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. ha,
4:00 pm
viewed as slam is helping the pakistani community to find a voice. the stories we don't often hair told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack. this is europe on al jazeera. ah, knowledge is here. with every oh, this is al jazeera


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