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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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sons to the boy scouts of america, hoping they would gain skills that would improve their lives instead, countess young lives were ruined by predators within the organization. i knew there was so much, but i could not figure out where it was coming from me in a 3 part series, full plunge investigates, a massive scandal that wrote the united states scoutmaster part 3 on a. jesse eda ah, we al jazeera with foreign fighters arrive in the ukrainian city of seattle done yet because the battle with russia intensifies in the east. ah,
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no, no about this. and this is algebra alive from doha. also coming up. a protest in the democratic republic of congo over one does allege support for the armed group am $23.00 along the border for dead and dozens more injured during our train derailed in southern germany celebrations, continue in honor of the u. k. is longest, raining, monarch, queen elizabeth the 2nd herself miss. it is a special service you, at his warning, there will be no winter in ukraine. a 100 days after russia began its invasion. fighting continues to rage in the east with russian forces close to taking complete control of the don bus region. every fighting is being reported in the center of seattle. don yeske,
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members of ukraine's fallen legion of arrived in the city to help push back russian troops. while the west is imposing more sanctions and moscow, when it's latest move, the u. s. is once again targeted assets owned by all ox. businessman close to president vladimir putin. in the kremlin officials, the african union chief is urging put in to keep in mind, food shortages on the continent as a result of the war puddings denied blame for the mounting food crisis, affecting several african countries. during his meeting with matthew saul. say about, sorry, as more from keith there's 2 ways to look at the math here for resisting russia's intervention in their country. it is cost the country of ukraine, 20 percent of its territory on the other side of it is that ukraine, a 100 days later, is still in this fight. now we have to remember that russia was intending to take even a matter of days, and the best experts in the world estimated that after keith though, the rest of ukraine would follow in a matter of weeks,
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as russia continued to slowly digest ukrainian territory. something has been doing for years, but the fact that the country is still standing isn't it, is in and of itself, a major victory in this conflict. and that is exactly the point that ukraine's president made to mark this day. he's the leader of the faction is here. the head of the president's office is here. the prime minister shed, my hall is here. potter lack is here. the president is here. our teams much bigger . the armed forces of ukraine are here. most importantly, our people are here. the people of our state are here. we've been defending our state for 100 days. victory for us, laurie to ukraine, strong words they're from ukraine's top. comedian turned president, turned war time commander in chief and it really mirrors the same things you said 99 days ago. at the start of this invasion at the start of this war,
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he wanted to make the point that the country's leaders, given the opportunity to leave, have not left the country's leaders are still here and this fight will go on. now there is no se putting a spin on what is happening in the east of the country. russian forces have in the last few weeks for about a month or so, consolidated their forces in the east of the country. they've made tactical retreats from in and around keith and they are now in the east and the war. there is truly devastating, and the horrors of that conflict are being lived by those being taken into russian occupation as the russian advance continues. but when you cranium in places like even those parts of the country that are away from the battlefront, say that life must go on, that life must move forward that there must be something to look forward to what we've seen here in the capital key. there's a return to a kind of normalcy. we've seen businesses reopen. people have been moving back to the city. those that fled in the early days of the conflict. and there are people back out onto the streets. and what you craniums here tell us is they may not be on
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the front line, but simply returning to a certain kind of normal. that is the antithesis to what vladimir putin, his vision for this country is. and that in and of itself will return, will, will continue, and that will be against russia's aggression. it continued active, ukrainian, defiance. they wouldn't sit on a mocking the 3rd anniversary of the killing of a 128 people to sit in protests and cartoon victims. families and survivors still demanding justice after the attack by security forces in 2019, the group of protesters was demonstrating against a power sharing agreement between the military, council and civilian figures. lisco live to hubert morgan in cartoon for us. here we can see some of the crowds behind you what's going on. while protesters have gathered here in the southern forest of the capital harpoon to voice their anger at the fact that to 3 years down there still has not been just
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as they have been chanting. we've been listening to their chance. we've been listening to their demands and they've been saying that they want to see the military 1st of all be removed from power, especially after the military takeover last year. but they also demanding justice for the or nearly 130 protesters who have been killed at the pro democracy sitting in front of the army headquarters 3 years ago. now they say that they understand there has been delays, but that has not stopped them for a bit from their demands. security forces have barricaded many main roads leading to the presidential palace. that's the destination that many processors have been taking over the past few days. they've also closed major bridges and roads. and just a few minutes ago, around 14 g wicked, here live ammunition coming from the southern side of this protest and protested, saying that security forces are firing, live, ammunition. i'd them to try to disperse him from this gathering. so that their demands for justice is put to an end hebert. let's talk about b. m 's, the victors families, him survivors. as we mentioned,
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still looking for justice. is there any optimism that they're going to get justice even after the military takeover last october? what people had very low hope to begin with. they criticized the fact that the political movement, the political coalition that signed a par, sharing with the military actually signed that agreement they wanted. just as far as before, any power sharing agreement was signed. then a committee was formed for 2 years and did not present any result. that's committee despite the fact that the head of the military saying that the reason why he took over power was because of the politics and the chaos between the political parties . that committee had nothing to do with any political group, but it was suspended on the day of the takeover. so many people here feel that the military does not want to see just as being served. that don't want accountability, especially because many witnesses say that the sudanese armed forces and the paramilitary rapid support forces were involved in the dispersing of the city and an attacking protested in front of the citizen. despite that, rob we,
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the protesters who spoke to he has said that they'll continue with their demands for justice because it's not about a political party thought about the military. but it's about the fact that a lives were given for this revolution. and they want to make sure that justice, which was one of the more to was out of and the demands of the revolution is achieved. her morgan and courtroom her birth. thank you very much. opposition groups in democratic republic of congo, calling for the government to cut diplomatic ties with wonder, their protesting and the capital kinshasa over the wonders alleged support for the honorable group. and 23. 1 is denied support in the group that's fighting congress . these forces in the east marco minus, covering the story far from the kenyan capital, nairobi that protesting against what they say were wondering military aggression in the east of the country. there's reason attacks that have been blamed on the group and 23. the protest to say that random president importer gummy is behind it. they're saying that the congress government should cut diplomatic ties with rwanda
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. and there is no position politicians that have food for this protest on this occasion. the opposition to some extent, in agreement with the government, because the government itself has repeatedly claimed rwanda for providing military support to and france and 3 in the tax that have happened in recent weeks. more than 70000 people have been displaced according to the un. people in that part of the country really fear m 23 because of what is done in the past. executing civilians committing abuses. and so when the fighting gets close, people enter the towns in the villages in their thousands, in the u. n's, express concerned about a worsening humanitarian crisis there as well. pretty elizabeth has not attended a church service of thanksgiving in her honor as part of the platinum jubilees celebrations. looking upon us as a 96 year old experienced discomforts during events on thursday. friday ceremony was held his impulse cathedral in london and his part of 4 days the facilities
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under way across the u. k. to mark his 17 year reign. what we challenged isn't following developments in london. the palace said to that decision to keep her back at buckingham palace to watch the service unfold on television, was taken with great reluctance, but they just had to do it. prince charles, deputized for taking her place, especially. i think it makes it clear really doesn't it, that the palace is really trying to pace this long weekend set of rations for the queen. make sure that she has the energy to see it through. she's a frail, 96 year old woman. and over the last year or so, her health has not be particularly good. they've been several spells and hospitals . they just want to make sure that it's not all too much for her. the next julie event that she's supposed to take part in is going to the horse racing it apps on
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saturday tomorrow. you don't know yet with the she's going to make that one as to how the rest of this church service unfolded. well, as i said, perhaps, but the bullying of boris johnson when he arrived with his wife carry outside the church, the cathedral steps and walked up there which is as well. but i think if a country are sick jubilee crowd booth, the prime minister that does suggest client how bad things are politically for him at the moment. i'll just have a media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist in the occupied west bank, sharing a block that was shot in the head by israeli forces. while she was an assignment in geneva, on the day of the funeral, is there any forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pall bearers. thomas drop a casket that didn't stop thousands of palestinians marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral. and burial members of the international
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community of condemned or killing and continue to call for an investigation of walk that was with algae stated for 25 years. covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine still ahead on al jazeera, the new job opportunities in libya that are leading many young people to taste suite to success. plus, i'm allan fisher at the u. s. supreme court in washington, where a reputation as an independent arbiter of us laws is now very much in question. ah, the now every day the focus is heavy, rain changes in southeast asia, and i think the upcoming focus is going to be where you don't see much cloud now. so this is it. then for saturday,
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salloway see probably the southern philippines and west popular osh hours elsewhere . and the certainly obvious line goes up through sumatra, lynch, demolition in the western side of being born. in fact, this part of southeast asia, the mainland parties going to be particularly wet. i think in the next day or so, cambodia is a focus, said you want to read a searchable at that but other sundry or overcast with rain for next year. it's not that unusual. that is the season for rain and it's expanding in china to from the south, across the yangtze, further north. then you've got this norton system which when it went across the middle of hong shoe produce pretty vicious thunderstorms. that should be the improvement on saturday. but the rain is still, there are more was for than of late that gets heavy to shanghai, then southern or south korea and the southern part of japan leaving a breezy time in beijing with attention. eventually, coming down, the monsoon is officially reached, go off, but it's not really doing very much. to be honest. the heavier shells probably in the northeast. again, a warning you now some of heavy rain in the northern plains of india,
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the wind is up. it's not as hot, but it's still gusty and dusty. ah, killing the debate. wonderful as it is this the magic language. it really means nothing on the ground on it online. at your voice, please be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man wears the progress. i haven't seen enough re size. do you see sports journals that look like me? you need to listen to those voice perspective. even when it's hard it challenges some of our foundational thinking. listerine on out there for ah, ah,
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you want to go to see that reminder, our top story is this are fighting continues to rage in eastern ukraine, with russian forces close to taking complete control of the dumbass region. members of ukraine's foreign legion arrived in the city of seattle and yet to help push back russian troops even in savannah, mocking the 3rd anniversary of the killing of a 128 people to sit in protest and cartoon victims, families and survivors still demanding justice after the attack by security forces in 2019 opposition groups in democratic republic of congo, or calling for the government to cut to diplomatic ties with the rwanda there, protesting rwanda's alleged support, the armed rubber group, m $23.00, which could golly denies. okay, let me take you to a story unfolding in germany. a regional train has derailed in the south of the country. oh, that's good ball. from dominic came in berlin. dominic, what more to me? no. what will we know now is the police
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have revised down the total number of casualties that or suffered in this incident is now 30 people have been injured to varying degrees. we know that 4 people were killed in this incident. 15 of the 30 have been wounded sufficiently to have need to be taken to hospital. they have been taken to hospital. now the police had emergency services starting to, to turn their attention towards investigating what caused this incident. what we know is that a regional train was traveling from the alpine ski resort of garbage patton care can in the direction of munich when it d railed on a bend in the line close to the settlement of borg heine. it's this stretch of the line is parallel to the river laser and there is a band there. so far at least no calls has been communicated publicly for what
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happens. but clearly attention will focus on how it could be that no other vehicle, no other rail vehicle was involved in this incident and the weather conditions at the time of the incident as 4 hours ago now we're clements were blue skies. there was no obvious reason from a weather perspective, why this incident would take place. so to recap, for dead 15, severely injured, 30 injured, totally, and investigations on our underway. donna came talking to us from berlin, dominate. we're going to be checking in with you as get more information, but for now thank you very much. indeed. us president joe biden's appeal to congress to restore limits on the sale of assault style weapons and raised the minimum age to buy guns. a speech instructor gun last followed recent mass shootings. my county has more from washington, dc in the past 3 weeks, more than 70 people have been killed in mass shootings. the most recent, at
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a medical center in tulsa, oklahoma with 4 people were murdered by a man, said to be a disgruntled patient. police say the gunman then killed himself. he bought one of his guns just a few hours before we know through the help of r, a t f and their gun tracing that at 2 pm on june. the 1st mr. louis purchased a semi automatic rifle from a local gun store. the same weapon was used to killed 19 children and 2 teachers at a texas elementary school last week. the same weapon used to murder 10 people at a grocery store in buffalo, new york. 10 days before that. in both cases, the alleged gunmen were just 18 years old. the texas shooter killed at the scene. the buffalo shooting suspect was arraigned on murder charges thursday. in a rare prime time addressed to the american people, present invite and urged congress to impose federal gun controls. suggesting
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a ban on automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. raising the age at which an individual can buy a gun from $18.00 to $21.00. and removing the protections against litigation enjoyed by gun manufacturers. they had one message for all of this. do something just do something for god sake do something. some of these measures suggested by president biden are already being debated and may well be passed in the democratic controlled house of representatives. that they are likely to be blocked by senate republicans who were a particular target president by them's anger. my god, the fact the majority of the senate, republicans don't want any of these proposals even to be debated or come up for a vote. i find unconscionable we can't fail the american people again
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a message to for the american people that the majority should act and turn their outrage into making the issue central to their vote. my kinda odyssey for washington. the supreme court could issue a series of verdicts in the next month and contentious and challenging cases and unprecedentedly, suggest the court maybe about to take away a woman's constitutional rights to an abortion. it would be a decision going against prevailing public opinion. as alan fisher reports from washington, dc. oh, it's sport protests across the country. an unprecedented leak of a draft opinion showing 5 of the 9 justices on the u. s. supreme court would overturn roe vs wade. a controversial landmark 1973 decision which guaranteed the constitutional right to an abortion. the league itself is a little shocking,
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just in terms of how the supreme court operates. it's really only happened a tiny handful of times in history. the sometimes of the lee is, of course, in some sense, even more shocking, because it shows that the court intends till overturn about 50 years of president, on abortion in the united states. former president, donald trump, who 3 of the justices on the court. all 3 are conservatives. all 3 implied during the confirmation hearings that roe vs wade was settled. law is a president of united states supreme court. and one of the important things to keep in mind about roe v wade is that it has been reaffirmed many times over the past 45 years. i have an agenda to stick to the rule of law and decide cases as they come. the idea, the court would scrap the protection, has left some who voted to confirm the justices struggling for answers. i will just
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tell you that it it rocks my confidence in court 3 and 5 american support abortion rights. and you, paul suggests, even the idea of scrapping those protections i said the courts once high approval rating. the court has in the past ruled in an unpopular way when they band prayer in schools for example, or where they extended the right to an attorney for a criminal defendant. so it's not that the court has never been willing to go against public opinion, but in this case, they're taking an issue that seemed sort of saddled for the last 50 years. some justices have expressed the concern at the damage a leak can do and an investigation is underway. but what me do more damage is an unpopular decision. and while there are some who will welcome the direction, the court seems to be moving it. it's image could take a beating in the court of us public opinion. alan fisher al jazeera at the supreme
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court in washington took his annual inflation. rates jumped to a 24 year high of 73.5 percent. one think consumer prices rose nearly 3 percent in may. that was fueled by rising energy prices and the slight of the turkish leader against the dollar cutting se turkeys problems. i'm mainly due to president ridge of tie up our to once unusual financial policies. many people in sri lanka are going hungry. this price is an unemployment sore, and essentials are in short supply. it's currently experiencing its worst economic crisis since independence from britain more than 70 years ago. when al fernandez reports helping put food on the table. community kitchens like this are starting up a round chill anchor as people struggle with its worst economic crisis in more than 70 years, food inflation has hit nearly 60 percent, and many people are finding it difficult to cope. most of these community who are coming to there are been coming out riding me through me. so we are giving them the
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responsibility of survival on me and we are thing like movies affordable with one me. but a good, heavenly me. few. now get to eat this, well, i'm out at the meal. i am, it's very difficult. we rarely get food like this. only my husband is working, but what he earned for a day is not enough to feed the 3 of us now. tax guts, 3 years ago, slash government revenue by more than $2000000000.00. the tourism industry was then damaged by the easter bombings and the pandemic. now there is no money to import fuel medicine, cooking gas, or food right now. but for the, our, me and porkers, us, our food bags on carbon picketers and again, long to medium to a community gardens and home gardens because we can do rations. but it's for the short term the government is appealing for help. we urgently require the assistance of our friends in the international community to ensure that our immediate needs,
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in terms of the importation of essential medicine, food supply and pul army, in the and china have sent food and medicine in recent days. the opposition says the government as we can the economy through populous policies and mismanagement. ah, a nationwide campaign deb gotta go home, has been running for 2 months, calling on the president to resign. the government is seeking a loan package from the international monetary fund, or i am if critics say, to take too long, even if agreed and people need action. now, tens of thousands of for long pins are going hungry amid the countries was economic prices. indic heads community kittens like this can only feed a fraction of them. michelle fernandez are 0 colombo inflation in zimbabwe, climbed above 100 percent for the 1st time since last june. it now stands at
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a 131.7 percent for levels of hyperinflation. a hurting the local manufacturing industry and that are concerns. it could lead to job losses. ottawa toss it or post holiday. running a business in zimbabwe is tough. the constant uncertainty over the fall. a 1000 bobby dollar doesn't help. to make matters worse. banks are recently ordered to stop lending with immediate effect. the central bank temporary freezer loans aim to contain inflation and stabilize economy. entrepreneurs such as wonder manuals or panic. his business supplies mining parts. to get an order from the mine is to be cute, too big for me to do to handle myself. so i go to the bank and get is what the course of the loan. i do, the says i do the job. i have a big my long, so the don't get my business going. but when we had the use, it to us, it was, is a big disaster. was we can do either the, there's a few days later,
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the decision to stop lending was reversed and things went back to normal. but some economists say the damage was already done and dealt another blow to the mob is image internationally. the you expected more for this or is there not for the elections? so in the one who is didn't was involved with to lend money, we have to think twice. so men, we didn't, the global fan and your system is a contract until after the election of 2023. in july the bobby and struggling to cope with high inflation, are used to sudden announcements from the central bank. they know whenever there's a change in economic policy or banking roles, they can expect more how times many people here don't have faith in the isn't bobby and darla because of its a rapid evaluation. they prefer american dollars either to hold on to a security or spend on business transactions, but inflation keeps rising and that's led to a big increase in prices. a basic wants to help consumers cope with the high cost
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of living. the government is allowing people to import goods such as cooking oil and sugar tax free, but that's expected to fix the local manufacturing industry and lead to more job losses because of a 19 pandemic. and the war in ukraine is hurting economies worldwide. but maybe in some bobby's case, policy inconsistencies could also be to blame harder, mata out there. herani about 20 percent of libyans don't have a job among those who are unemployment. most of them to 1000000 people work for the state. and while most private sector companies tend to hard foreigners with skilled roles, the government's trying to change that. i'm trying to reports from tripoli. they've been training for months, learning how to build the playground equipment to international standards. it's part of the program sponsored by the ministry of labor, nearly 30 percent of liberals, 6800000 people are employed by the state. but the government is looking to save
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money by encouraging young adults to seek work in the private sector, the law law, huston, really salaries in the private sector, a much higher than government jobs. with the certificate, i have a better chance to find work. what about shabby? any mahmoud? alpha tacy has the economic and social development board. he says libya depends on oil exports for nearly all of its state revenue. by years of conflict have seen oil exports blockaded by armed groups several times, like a national ambiguity of him. if the government's long term strategic plan is to diversify and encourage the private sector, we're starting to change our economic policies to enhance the relationship between the public and the private sector. seeing young libyans learning skills and taking on jobs in various fields in the service market, it's a positive sign. we want them to stop depending on the state. although there aren't any proper statistics. the ministry of labor estimates the official unemployment rate and libya to be around 20 percent,
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but higher among young people. growth in small and medium businesses, such as this shop has helped create job opportunities. every morning young workers at this bakery rushed to fill their orders, supplying coffee shops and restaurants around tripoli, with sweets and deserts. abdul more hayman elmer thought he says he hopes to open his own bakery one day. one of i was looking for a government job, but learning a skill and joining the private sector was the best decision i ever made, that now i can get a job anywhere i want. i get paid on time and thanks to god, i'm paid a good salary. in previous years jobs, these were taken by foreign workers, but many have left because of the instability. for some young people such as ogden will haman. that's help them find a career in unlikely places mal trainer al jazeera, chablis.


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