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tv   Africa Direct Desert Libraries The Young Cyclist Happiness  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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too much for her as to how the rest of this church service unfolded. well as the highlights of perhaps the bullying of boris johnson. when he arrived with his wife carry outside the church, the cathedral steps and walked up them. there were cheers as well. but i think if a pantry are sick, jubilee crowd booth, the prime minister that does suggest quite how bad things are politically for him at the moment. and the organization for economic cooperation and development says global prostate waste and uses on trying to triple over the next study at yes, there you see the report estimate said dave, at 1200000000 tons of fossil fuel base. plastics will be produced every year by 2060 plus. we waste as expect succeed. $1000000.00 tons a plus a pollution estimated to kill more than a 1000000 sea birds annually. never 100000 marine mammals. ah.
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so this is out there are, these are the top stories and fighting is still raging eastern ukraine, but the, you and has warned that will be no winners. russian forces are close to taking complete control of the don bass region opposition groups in the democratic republic of congo, calling for the government to talk diplomatic ties with rwanda. a protesting against ruined as a ledge support for the rebel group and $23.00, which could be denied. at least one person has been killed in su, dunn's capital, thousands their market 3rd and the killing of 128 people at a sit in by security forces. in 2019, at least 4 people have been killed in thousands injured following a trained derailment in southern germany. regional train came off the tracks near a bavarian alpine resort town. us president joe biden has hailed the creation of an extra 390000 jobs by u. s. employees in may by the praise what he called
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a new historic low level of unemployment. at 3.6 percent headlines, africa direct coming. ah, what was no, no no, no, no, no. this is, i don't need to be here with you to look at me when you get to me, i just need you to whom and ya today. and i was going to give you what we said as well. they didn't put me on me. a lot of money out of them at the hospital gave me the one i don't
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want me shooting off the edge of the ah and a
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a with what guide them come behind to yeah, you when your kids have a viva a a a until we did that but i believe she was younger,
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we can go up. you wouldn't avoid him again to say kito gen ed. you inca cindy. gone to do catalin. who do you can a guy, ema, i know joe and complete for for sunday g luke i am. but until the modem that i can with, from her, with angela flesh. last week i went to hunt him this yema cat towel, wendy quito. gina, do i remain a color,
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cindy? i looked into kanaka that occur. yeah, he said more unto mecca, ink at the urine. i she look aside your di account and she been yes, coriso academy due to move to a security. and yeah, go ahead. i already bundis h indica window below. typically a guy you felt that when you in the manuscript you didn't you printer, i don't on a very good
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john on one of his suit. mm lou. did you know that? is it us continue for food. he said no voice you pull is a pull. the sunday, as it will add to, i'm going for you under he wanted to point forward a li, a bi monthly liskey policy. go ahead and see nothing. oh oh,
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better than it possible for you to do a little bit better for you? yes, you, because i bought a bunch of you who yeah. well yeah, no. okay. on the area. i know generally when i said you guys are home, so for a guy, jerry, darcy, good. well, wonderful. how may and hey, mr. hagar, i mean codes, well enough. i mean, you could when i, when that, why did you do a kind of a, do you think you didn't hate the case if i'm looking to keep janet of us and i day when i'd like to have, i should have been able to talk. but he had to not be
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a secretary. he machine. no, we don't like to. we're a husband of any of your who avoiding the deal was clear up what time he demand easier them up with all the money yet but i might not cause it. i you bottle tumble to going to get to teams on coconut community, the don't community you're calling it could, it will do that. then the technician program, the kill me because you also said, you know, when i'm, i can tell you that how about the quantity wasn't able that, that men died low concept of indic avoid lakaya and somebody should, i should've got to look on the car is the guy of what you can either call susie, i said i had to go to the, the them was in total can become a whoop when i got one, the one you got me, what can become a will give me when i got one which i want to go well,
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it was in the will, will see data which could have been the one that she will unless you launch was on. i will miss you will come in again this organization enough with a full little including with
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and so on. can you lee? how and in the if you many with your local liam up we had a conversation with oh anyway look, yeah, little boy that i have in mind with with that and even though i been the login, i knew when i didn't know i have to know about that i even had and was hosing denellin.
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namely when do you have a new room? so i want to why? oh, they wanted a guy was going to change isn't good. it wasn't until the mozy data. i don't like a day i was actually a blanket wrap vocal enough, but they really got to put them together, catch onto good, you hunting, you can hide it. oh, i work on your board. what do i want to use an ice on. okay. for a guy, a
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customer with a loops in the road. i'm a pretty new student in 111, hampton with no williams. a doing that i'm going to go oh damn. took what i said with what i can make up with you juggling again. i must get a hello,
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she simple, this is, this is susan. you still suda. this is suzanne. have with greg as guy? well actually, so could you email us? oh, i see see, to see and understand lounge open, gar. here when we were walking among the time we'll go jumping dash, don't worry, let's go quality min with to maria can take a get a got a quote im when the new when you go me wont be mckayden, can you place it wouldn't been on when? well, about it and i conditioned as melody as the bud us to come by, lulu, please. yes, we will. they will move on to that lease wells the one of the the but that will
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occur if this could send you clues of.
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a shania yelp community looming on gym would you like a general callback in georgia? a total of 801 resort zane with georgia getting a new let it go to. those are in ganging up the screen with a little a little mediate. i'm in nevada. ah yeah.
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a no, no. i will call knowing going on g as a copy. i sure would a neo discrete. i'll go by dickie guiding on that. if for sure. when the monday jeremy younger, my dear my to go when you know genes in the whole class from good, quite a lot. you go in by, you know, quick caught up in hiding in john july log through the whole guy. couldn't. rosie named wilma ford, our guns already got in the warriors was already in the water put up with this, you know, klingon geek squad leader in moses moves at thunder. what an
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estimate on moral gandhi channel. that's rosa. target cause removing nature. there's a change in my condition and i'll put all of to me and i was will log in because i got all the ones. when you look, when i try to do anything when we're done. i know you've done a good ah,
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galle hold and roll. go off of the god in no way way. a club is ready. gary elaine galbraith, publish it had come monday through the and i you call for shock green. been glad i'm come for sure. look, wanna get there isn't very lengthy. i don't want if they do i'd be loaded. i am ready for the policy call not only monday and what i'm getting when you use cheapest. now again, the lankin, you know, with a, [000:00:00;00]
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with a kitchenette blue. honda, wendy, we are good. i will call john betty. now again now langham usa, i'm member with z as in mary, may she shamal? our cold was like games one year. keep in now with the general zagging in and they were in the more full gay i the dealer with commercial mission over the night before formalism. oh good. thank
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ah with is a fair pause. lulu noval true. she don't sound pretty cheap. is a fit and wanted to see more for israel. ashley or made a resume on density? basil damage on key. he's not on good bus. yes. was he or knew your boss?
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i had to call it almost m o u e. i know that dumber don she me or susan dunbar, single girl you know, must be so my almost man auto song movies such as i say that i missed the 1st one. so you get your fucking treatment money's on with a my us, you run it the one on the walk, a walk through us. you start monday the one about you can go to somebody to see that don't show that there's a g n a go get done in the new soon as you can was announcing almost, i don't say i am, i think some of the items, i mean look actually be a welcome supplement stock. you did a double football. i just have a good day that i get them to go to focus on
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a shot for shot for shot piece comes up to him. i thought i did a little a little bit if you don't here only just to say to them on the on the on a
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3rd a blue a with
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with blue. betsy missiles, it is still piece of up. what is of jensen by able to dip? it won't face bowl bulk acoustic you sold when you say they bill. you know,
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i want to do them on to living could go easily book with. 6 is it going to assume a send me book on one that is to you that day you i made, i'm sorry. you for a bid for me yet. don't, don't do number just don't, don't be when they go don't you don't. if you don't, don't get, don't some fake. i did my that is like a killer. this will need a boss is all would have to be too big on dish i want to fix. last, when it was a non, when a bullet stuff, i mean, we keep up with it all in it, but in the stuff i mean, stella committee, it would prefer not to emit full to fun in it, but it suffer me. sas it, you know, to, for me to call me on ticket number one. emily? yeah. with that i could you log out of it, you know, follow us with
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a little volume. i don't get it. get up to the bar. no, you're good to go nervous. i've gone by joel to long if you do it tomorrow. yes. don't do that well. now that you have a vacuum is on configuration, we'll think about it, we'll get it, we'll get it to you on a him. otherwise, it won't bother you, but didn't need that stuff. could you barajas, you bobby, it ah,
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[000:00:00;00] ah, african narratives from african perspectives now, but it will now koya about his big daily. why shift blue? short documentary by african filmmakers from democratic republic of congo. and wanda, there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. he pleaded. what made you intimate connection between myself and rhonda diggers and merchants, and secondly, africa direct on al jazeera ah and
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join the debate. wonderful as it is this, the tom matic language. it really means nothing on the ground on air or online at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of safe because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress? i haven't seen enough racial as do see sports journalist. i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives even when it's hard when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this stream on al jazeera ah, allow government al jazeera with no


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