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tv   This Is Europe Undocumented And Under Attack  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2022 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera cutter, one of the fastest growing nations in the way lonnie cuts needed to oakland and development. international shipping company to become a middle east and trade and wanting skillfully mapped out 3 key is up to about filling up from connecting the world, connecting the future, won the cato cause gateway to whoa trade. lou and i are money insight into your top stories on al jazeera purchases in nicea rallying in the capital tunis to denounce an upcoming referendum on an ye
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constitution. president guy said that a vote for what he calls a new republic will be held next month by aid has been ruling by decrease since july of last year. he dissolved parliament and replaced the electoral commission. elisa waldman has more is a very focused protest around the building of the electoral commission. but certainly tensions and things are very high at the moment. this is such because the 1st serious campaign pending against the house sides proposed referendum. it's being led by the, the left just policies who have out she some burdens of holding back. they've been criticized, but this is the 1st time that they've actually led to demonstration. we've just seen how a have army who's speaking to the local press. so this is, this is quite a change we're events. russia is talking military and artillery centers in the new hands region of east crane. it's off to ukraine, regained some of its lost territory by sides,
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claiming control of significant pulse of the key city of savanna done yet hundreds of afghan refugees have held protests in islamabad, demanding the right to work, that they will. they want to be recognized as a sign him seek is most all from the has our ethnic minority that has faced centuries of persecution. events commemorating the anniversary of the atm and square massacre have been banned in hong kong. for 3rd straight year, police are out in force near victoria park. that's where tens of thousands normally gather to hold candle lit vigils. one of donald trump's former top advises has been charged with contempt of congress. a federal grand jury charged peace navarro to refuse to hand over documents or appeared before congressional select committee. pullman president trump says the investigation is politically motivated. the u. unsexy general has condemned the killing of a protest to ensue. don crowns were marching to demand justice for
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a 128 people killed during a crackdown on a pro democracy protests 3 years ago. argentinians demanding action to end violence against women, thousands of march to parliament on friday. okay. as he headlines nice continues here now to 0 to this is europe. ah, ah, natural based look at the award for the near mid the nearby hummadi, foreigners immigrant, small town colleague, barbara pamela. good job doug, up was community may up and our pool military would look at the average ahead not welcome georgia ah,
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today. so one where the big good celebration the day of pipes done. and that's why we are going to collect the things you can see here. well there order, we broke and we will broke and you have to go from our country and this and that this is a from fascism. there is no way that would our cabinet above head deal banner consider cad, take up nail to universe with
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so much of the match iga rama. that's why did my lead to your my buy stuff, like at games out in my leverage i out there becomes gone. someone can got me a dollar daily. you know, you 6 that you get each man you're not mad. i'm not sure. going to have managed to get a good education. we've got ocoee actually do have made it up there too many office we when i have auto selfish mit it will give them and that a khaki will give you those i got i know mother's got it. so we'll show alyssa coffee started on, which i don't think any news generally we could if you'd like to talk a little box, when can we did?
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hub yolanda, southern with immigrants. chaotic musician was gabby with mary. i left a good just now. was it just, it's up to you about them? i did it up. what's it must do to get started, but it wasn't a part is domonique. if it is some, this is up to like the bottom ones. i've got a minute. i got a side view. yeah. i started going to get another job. good. i got it. kind of a work order on food, nickel. i'm good on. good then got ah
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yeah. you're not me. nestle for us. the da julia get the heck a city for sure. from wardrobe. hey. avoiding how to handle bucky, you'll be greek who will come out ahead. won't own go home. your house in regarding it or internet. go to the about the vm offer moderate i you're not supposed to get home. licky capital got at the doctor in local nikki gate. kodachi good even was don't go. oh, those are more to shut the gunshot. i'm gonna dig b. joe, don't,
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don't come member get started. he get also up the tucker w. mom says i've got that. i want to look much as i've got a new one and your teeth door for more for them to get that. who get better. lucky up a lot, mom lost her job. won't miss it cuz she went to school. i'll get a starkey a the end of the month because my name he missed the custodial even when i went up but i was lucky because because of the world of us
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more levy you saw. yeah. i see they got mad at god gave me throw, met that. not as he said that like you said the day that you'd like you me that she's not in the home, but yes, you will budget studies. i'm going to get worried about our ownership, but don't give it to get a job how you get money. that's what i could get there had to be or whether someone went to school and a common take another, a complete set of courtney on camp albany,
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anita and on the demo it feels a lot of journalist legal papers number one moment to load it up. now for damage, so i say, you know, you get to see a dollar to you came in. if i, if i don't know that the capital looking accomplish a low mountain young, i forgot a bed became
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a particular to pick them and stop them from jumping up and get it done at that stop. but it will be with a bunch of the one on a minute. what are back to the matter or to minutes which somebody to get a minute located on the level. give a decimal, bog down with a man much john? somebody get nothing. when you're done him out of the work, i did not bother you. yes. if i could tell it doesn't need to speak with . oh
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yeah. a yeah. ah a either i'm glad i paid that somebody in their mouth. met those to walk us. yeah, no problem. but i think what they're saying before you go to south. yeah. see the mean doesn't mean that pci branch out it. i'm glad i thought well it is monica to
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me with the comp. da's sarah, i'm with whoa, senate yeah. it was in today clear. they're going to robot guy. and on, on the com got it. i haven't got a pen in it, but i forgot it or what actually what the chest i own on the on back me know what he got to be, but he got this pretty well and i've been in the basement of the piece and upon this enough have gone ne, north main yarbrough. will you bet that way the list had fairly be ideal, but that was nor say yay or nay. can we put them out and what was going on and we didn't miss any of them. you can please call me. we'll talk
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to him a little bit, but i'll be good to go and i've got that going on within shall nice name. and after natasha was on a man a she was gay. t piece on a deal for this gay after while the telephone lady tele 30100 but italian. lift up . what lee? oh he no figures. i mean a pair, luna, tennis court or sooner now figure than it was often he was going to fiddle. these are going to come with them on afternoon. i shook the coma, haughty of redeem it. helena lud. galen is a company. i don't know that the name was the mark that he knew was a mess. but he never, anyone follow smithy will never know what i was gonna be allowed to go speak
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to with the police on to the who he got all who's our audio and what was pretty good after sweetie. hi katie. you gave to him and he will be not going away from easyhome. oh, he's unto the thief on the oh, lashing oh, you're fine where to pull? no motor, plumber go warner. oh man, thank you. did at home on a bike. he left but you're more prepared if you really wanna make a manual. if dora did wanna bloom, it was a new meal. more for julian escamilla. you are miss anna paul metta where he saw making a tina good enough. they would. they moved. he says, oh these are the vehicle. i miss put on the to me or he dounia. there you are the
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author. good. yeah. i know these are martin. what is the name of the any on the alamo road. these are when it got the yellow and unemployed gate. i guess it will then it was due to another. normally to july, july buddy, wendy lyon. gilley duty is down in a little bit, but am in much madison monday may come with the vin number, but they never showed up. can they made it to so you know, 7 and 8 and card with them then if not and made it than hard. and then in man, in the new case, the income was totally damned on our side to javier dominic living
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down in a long while. and got one in, i'm going to give you the minute the swimming in on a good time. she adored his guides, enchilada and they got on live tv. now the jelly, that'll gum some of the some of it. i mean because he's a care food festival. the bag meant that our kid bucks the committee met him. most of us would start out in the go look at the on the all new for the, the route only do the one why the mind on the order did on us of the medical that to get i choose
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. ah, i love ma'am. i'm with the i got you nickel, i'm like a spending it by nea. been a lot, but even though give me the guess, does he get up in gloomy? don't become neglect them by july, the slim or i nibble at, but back a year. jewel demit to do so. so anna year, becky oh,
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skip past elbows out of school. come back by monday, mid urban he got a good your paper, little medical, but again, so got to be able to put leather will jamal a school capital nova good. but going again monday in the car, which got to go daily, but you other in good the other the other deal? the law telling them listen and the meta, i lose the money the in the gulf in the gulf. me then look, a le le been the play all the other. the other believe that our little bundle people are mess association had been a bit as you before you get the minister government now easy. got up off to. i want
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to see lucy. easy for of the only did the biggest feel the phrase they yoshi and i can see a balanced i guess you can. the cup here by nikki. violence will go through an illegal turn. turn the wheel has been the f a b v a b. this where the guess he'll skin it road and actually call that up. as you had asked, did you still do me a good? now? i thought i thought a better man, man of the fact that if you go he said let's just go and lemme get moan. is your thought thought the method what somebody's been on the bottom on is was fema equipment gathering up on his vehicle. not another met jeanette guy, another p d as toner limb in the
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middle. those that have to michelle, you may be the city for the city of midland are going to be automatic, dramatic school credit. debit card via or really am i somewhat hello la monica, my. the banana, got a 100. i've been at the one about there. hello. hello matt, but not to some fine. i'm going to be fine. i'm going to get out of the, the limb, but i'm at then i got like a method i got to talk to about, but then the content was abilene, they will know what i need to send it to us and they gotta get on it. but then able to go to the bottom down, got a table lamp. come to
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focus on the problem at the is live in my food on pub med, billboard. people back in the united along with wonderful. ha. so i me so i don't even know knock it out in the jury, but a wine of my younger italy, google, danny, while on the the in life it's hard to hear your side too. oh, oh, okay, great by luck mag i what a movie that i'm do i like i chose what did grandma, who took a little while. okay. robert, my looking whatever molecules globally when the grill, when you are back and i was gonna push and john on the glaring math and that is
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that this will tamia validity. when i got a letter, i didn't change anything. no, i checked her malaita, who monica didn't get a bug. what they're going to bother. are they going to buy them? ok, memorabilia a not a lot. america were but and then the other long, i mean richard generated by, you know, from get there. they give us ok. oh no good media coordinator value for to hong k. a y. i feel kind of tamela powerful feel by the get it up with ms. coleman with right now, little barely bought a job. maybe i'm login or column, which is in a room that'll fix goal for please room goals. karnilia till little
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marie and her class. michaela that don't a me today, a good quote michael. lately we've got it blue flower, like on a monday, the walking along with one kid monday, a lot of money a by you will get to the good it bill or a job in
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with i'm tina and yadda yadda. would that i'm a good day? i might have been i'm albany enjoying sahu, getting da da da da da da da da da da da. is clea id? let me give you a heads getty, what i'm be up make at each and i get on a name. tom was with me, my dad on a young gar, i'll give a young law ella,
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i'm make you see me a little too much for the regime for that to you later. hi you. a lot of us get done with. ready
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optima, rudy gay? hopefully. yeah, but i've been out on the phone with the muslim game of that. the who said was it a hotel pushing
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a coupon when i was about to get to work. my gum jedi getting i got up credit will get don't. it's with to the yes. always of interest to people. all right. the world people pay attention to what was on here and i did. it was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. the journey has begun. the fee for world cup is on its way to catherine book. your travel package today. that the 1st proper snow of the season is full all way down the indian chain wallace middle chile south, which to the point that still falling, i think,
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but less so than it was to saturdays forecast. was sunshine for the most part to the east, and the few big showers we saw in the southeast of brazil. they're more or less gone now as well. how to see the ragged line. but there is of the east coast, including in received fe where the floods were recently an increase in the likelihood of thunderstorms. and that's true for the north as well through sir m french garner garner itself through venezuela. but again, this though, seasonal rate is not as heavy as it has been, largely because the atmosphere is rather more concentrating up here. this is what's happening at the remains of what was a hurricane down here is moved across cuba. so haven't got what need length or need depth floods. the rain has stopped. now, this is what you can expect from this system. that was thought it might redevelop into a tropical storm. i don't think solely it will, but the effects are very similar, largely is quite windy gale force, but the amount of rain causes study for florida, the north bahamas weather tropical storm warnings as that goes on there. so the
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rest of the u. s. is rather more benign. the big thunderstorms you expect in southern plains and some rain on the west coast qatar, airway issue, airline of the john lou. ah, ah, ah, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it feel exceptional. katara always going places to go. ah, this is al jazeera ah.


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