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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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hello friend, whoa, to me, east a med was a fighter. his weapons were his mind and his intelligence. med honda, rebel african. tell me on how she's as the final 3 place is at the feet, the will cut all decided will life from the playoffs will gather reaction from across the globe. a seems. this full council 2020 to the world cup qualifies special coverage on al jazeera. ah o position grows antonia's president forges ahead with sweeping plans to reform a country's constitution.
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ah, lo i mariam the mazin watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. russia refocuses, it's offensive to capture a key city in east and ukraine after ukrainian forces take back territory as heightened security in hong kong y events to mark the 33rd anniversary of the tiana mon crackdown have been banned. also, i'm sorry, i've been job it at the world heritage site of iraq, so than marcia's, and i'll tell you how the centuries old inland wetlands system is slowly dying. ah, hello, and welcome to the program. we begin this, our developments in tunisia where opposition appears to be growing to president chi sides plans to change the country's constitution. a year after he sacked the
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government suspended parliament and gave himself power to rule by decree in the capital tuners protested, were confronted by riot police as a attempted to march to the electoral board headquarters to share the opposition to the proud to constitutional referendum. this is set to take place or opponent, say, vote is not going to be free or fair. and chinese and judges say they will go on strike in response to president sides decision to dismiss 57 judges this week. at an emergency meeting in tune is the judges said, in a statement that they strongly condemn the president's continued interference in the judiciary. members of the judiciary match before the demonstrations, where they also announced a sit in to protest against the president where it leads to evoke men. it is in tune isn't now explains why there is opposition to chi saeed. i saw you. he has gathered more and more powers. he's suspended to the judiciary
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authority and has, in his words reformed the elections authority. this week he sat 57 judges, and he'll say lay down to mister misses proposed notices that he's accusing her of acts of terrorism. and even acts of adultery which carries a final sentence here, tunisia as so the thing is i didn't resulting in the real problems that to me just icing, which is shortage is brain. and an economic crisis which is getting worse was rising prices. but what he seems to be doing is ramping up the sort of kind of populist narrative that he's been pushing that it's all the correct politicians. holt, and he's racing that gender again and appearing to do something by pushing for more prosecutions and mold jail sentence. says boy, what's he saying is that the corrupt people that have caused the problems? so i think that there will be an intense mutation that there will be more protests
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i know via sort of pushing back between the pro side and the anti side movement and things again to heat up in the next to the 6 to 7 weeks. as we run up to the referendum, which the protest is don't believe will be fat. and i think it's just a gateway. so opening to use your up to presidential system. that's a thorough terry and dictatorship. now he crane keith says that russia is throwing all its power at the key. eastern city of savannah dunny ask off to troops reclaims and territory. there was mostly on the russian control and the scene. some of the faces fighting in the country in recent weeks. elsewhere shelling sparks and major far a famous wood in monastery and that done yet, collegian ukraine claims russian forces killed for monks there. in may, russian, as strikes are increasingly hitting the dorm bass region, which has now become the focus of moscow's war. now the next coming up in the next
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direction. the enemy is shelling positions of our troops along the entire line of contact with mortars, cannon, and rocket artillery. it uses operational, tactical, and ami aviation. the main efforts are concentrated on the sierra done yet and back more directions. fighting continues in the city. well, a civil airfield and ukraine, 2nd largest city harkey has been damaged by miss l. strike. video reveals craters of explosions and damaged aircraft. are kiva stuff. it's sporadic attack since ukrainian forces regain territory and pushing back russian troops earlier this month says he sits near the border with russia was heavily bombed. during the 1st days of the war, many residents are now returning to harkey, but much of the cities infrastructure has been badly damaged out. there is a bas robbie is following developments from the capital case. the most fierce, fierce battles that are happening are currently in service and that's what we're hearing is it is being turned into another mario poll. ukrainian say that they
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worry that what the russians are doing is what they did in mario poll, which is trying to erase that city completely off the map. just to give you a sense of sort of what's happening on the ground. the latest we have in terms of incident reports from the military say that the russians are blowing a bridges. so the ukranian forces are unable to resupply their military and bring in humanitarian aid for civilians. they say that ukrainians are fighting back, but the russian forces there are continuing to terrorize local populations with looting and bullying. now having said that, the latest information from the presidency here is that in the last 24 hours, what they have managed to do is ukrainian forces have managed to push back against the russians in separate that and take back 20 percent of the city. now just yesterday, we were expecting separate the next to fall within days or weeks, but now that is less likely far less likely than it was 24 hours ago. and this is
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a city that's been contested for a month and ukrainian say that they are still in the fight. and they will continue to push back to try to make sure that the endeavor by the russian forces to try to take over all of the region and try to bring into their control. all of the administrative borders of a don boss is still something that will have to be accomplished at a high price in, in lives and in the material from the russian side. well, us, ambassador, ukraine has been cave offering support for war crime investigations. bridget spring match, ukraine's prosecutor general in the town of broad the young cur and took several damaged buildings in the area as well. shows. washington is committed to bringing justice to you for ukraine. the country says it's identified more than 10000 possible war crime so far. i think it's really important to bear witness to these horrible atrocities and being here today has only strengthened my resolve to help
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ensure justice and accountability. i think one of the challenges is that there are a lot of cases and how do you prioritize and order them and do them in the midst of a country in war. yeah, there are a lot of challenges, but that wanting to turn us well, the only developments one of 2 russian man accused by the u. k. of poisoning crammed in critic alexander levine, yankee in 2006 has died. russia stated his agency tass, says, dimitri cofton died of curve at 19 in moscow. that ven, yankee was a former k g, be spies who then became a british citizen. he died in hospital in london, weeks after drinking tea laced with radioactive material. hotel wade met the man accused of his poisoning kremlin, has always denied involvement. ah,
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now, several people have been detained in hong kong after authorities ban public commemorations of $191890.00 admin square massacre for a 3rd straight year rights group say the detentions are an insult. the memory of the victims, alexia bryan, reports. hong kong is usually bustling victoria park behind barricades and police. for years it's been the scene of candlelight vigils to remember those killed in the 1989 at 10 am and square massacre. but this year it was blocked off shadows of clouds on the empty park illustrating what act of a say is an increasingly dark chapter. in the territories history. o. d u haul freedom is starting to decline the freedom in hong kong including freedom of expression, freedom of action. all of them are weakened. every one is remaining silent because they are terrified of getting arrested. dozens of police were deployed to streets around the park and
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a busy retail district of causeway bay. and go from me. i just came here and there are so many police. i found it a bit trouble, so police had warned the public not to gather in groups to mark the 33rd anniversary passes by were stopped or questioned. their bags checked. even this man who was carrying a toy tank, he said, had bought at the shops. for 3 years ago we had the flu. lemme rise to non square just for years. everything through with the 3rd graders and songs. this is the 3rd year, all public commemorations of the event have been bent cove. it was the pollination last year and the year before. 02019 tens of thousands gathered around the statue of the goddess of democracy. she was built as a copy of this erected and tenement square by pro democracy protesters and 1989. that was months before military crackdown. killed want rights group say may have
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been thousands of peaceful demonstrators. chinese officials say 300 died. the footage of a loan protest, her standing in front of line of tanks, became one of the most powerful symbols that the late 20th century. but since begging implemented a controversial security, lauren 2020. the annual commemorations had become smaller this year for the 1st time. none was planned, many protest leaders are in jail or an exile. the goddess of democracy statue has been taken away. oh, i am disappointed because although no one's organized, any commemorative event, the authorities all ready on high alert. but candles did burn in the windows of the u. s. consulate, the white house accusing authorities, and hong kong and china of trying to suppress memories of the massacre. though sentiments echoed in taiwan at china views as a breakaway republic. there
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a copy of another famous hong kong statue was on show to commemorate the victims of gentlemen a sign that despite china's efforts their descent will not be silent. ha, lexia brian al jazeera scientists of issued a stock warning about the concentration of carbon dioxide in the planet's atmosphere. the us climate agents, he says it's reached a record level that 50 percent higher than during the pre industrial era. officials from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration is saying instead of cutting back fossil fuel use well, is doing the opposite last year. so the largest ever annual rise in carbon dioxide emissions. now, vast wetland in southern iraq believe to be the site of the biblical garden of eden is slowly disappearing. unesco heritage wetlands is suffering from government, neglect and climate change and as its vanishing. so the ancient traditions of
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people living that some of java reports from a who are in southern iraq if 5000 year old mode of transport is slowly disappearing from iraq unesco heritage marshes. to be heard of members that 6 decades ago, there was water in a har marsha's. i saw the ad was sent off. it's been 4 or 5 years on the water level is decreasing. gradually. it really affects us when there's water, the marsh has come to life and we can fish. when i was young, the marshes were a magnificent place. not like these days. we were able to collect marsh reeds and fish. now we're left with nothing. no one knows. as the water dries up, so does the demand to make the ancient machine or marsh boat. in addition to boat making, they used to be work for maintenance and upkeep. now most of the boat makers have left the swamps and rivers in said and cooper, buster and he left many of the 20 types of boats for hunting transport or
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passengers are not being made any more. the ones which are made use important materials. the ancient technique of making them a shoe or the marsh port is all but lost. the local board has been replaced by industrial timber. the arches are now being made with java wood. and instead of whale oil, they are using fiberglass and chemical. tar. in addition to climate change in drying marshes, but makers also face frequent pockets by the a 3rd generation boat builder and says it's quicker using more than equipment and imported materials are cheap, aton and learn how to put it in better than the old boat was made of wood, coffin, and nails. now all these materials not use now fiberglass is used. it's better than the old way. previously, people waited for a month to get a boat, but with low water level, there's no words. my biggest fear is the drought. no water means no work for us.
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one of the world's largest inland delta has shrunk from $9000.00 to just under 800 square kilometers. the marshes were dried for oil production and agriculture from the 970 than to combat armed groups in the 1990 s. and people from the marshes. c promises to help have just been quote, ink, and paper. linda shed that the government did not do anything for the marshes, no strategic plans, no health or educational projects. the residents are deprived of everything. the boat industry flourished once, but now the marshes are getting smaller and people rely on fewer boat. climate change is the main factor. it will become worse with summer evaporation levels. also upstream dams. in turkey and iran mean more than 40 river tributaries are totally cut off. the water buffaloes are an important part of the local dairy industry. but human and animal based is also a challenge for the fragile ecology, but making in this pristine habitat and its ancient heritage are all at risk. and
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without immediate action, this unique marshland is pushed closer to extinction every day. sullivan jo without the heart of southern iraq as is there, a media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its john list and the occupied westbank. sharina barkley was shot in the head by writing forces while she was on assignment. and janine, on the day of a funeral is ready for system the procession and started beating mourners, causing pull barriers to nearly drop her casket. but i didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial members of the international community of also condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation block. they'd been without his era for 25 years, covering the story of israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine in watching archers or ally from london wants to lead for you on the program. we
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had to be here to celebrate with everyone. oil well wishes pack, central london party of the palace. i'm nicholas hall in st. louis in northern synagogue, unesco world heritage site home to were unique jobs festival. find out x, y people from wrong travels with hello there. it's a combination of thunderstorms and heat dominating the weather across europe. at the moment. from the satellite image, you can see those intense storms pushing all the way east, working their way from france across the alpine region as well as italy hungry, austria, and onwards to the balkans. as in very wet weather here, we've got warnings out for much of france and we are going to see that wet weather
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intensify for the low countries and southern areas of england on sundays. also going to knock some of the warmth out of cities like london. if we have a look at the 3 day, plenty of cloud on sunday, the rain arrives on tuesday, but it is going to warm up slightly. for mac, scandinavia it is a clear picture, is a lot of heat. however, that's dominating across the south. that's the story here, fine and dry conditions for much of italy, some warnings out for heat in the south, places like sicily, as well as sardinia and for greece. well, plenty of sunshine for athens, with one or 2 storms popping off. and it's a hot a story. further north, you got heat warnings out for serbia, bosnia and herzegovina in the west as well. for spain and portugal sunshine continues to dominate in the south if you showers popping off across the north. but we will see heat and sunshine in malaga at the start of the week that she, whether ah
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ah, the shake hum odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e n. oh, a welcome back. a look at the main stories of following this now and now. and it's
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been nearly a year since president chi signed of tenicia suspended parliament gave themselves power to rule by decree. opposition is growing against his plans to change the country's constitution in the capital to his protests were confronted by riot. believe they attempted to march the electoral board headquarters to share the opposition to the referendum in july, a civil edfield in ukraine, 2nd largest city hart cave, has been damaged by miss el, strike. our key, which is close to the russian order receipts for roddic attacks. since ukrainian forces regain territory earlier this month. and several people have been detained in hong kong after authorities bond public memory actions of the $989.00 piano and square math because for a 3rd straight. yeah. side or not be as the regional director of the middle east and africa with the international commission of juris. he joined us now from paris for more on on recent developments in can
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easier of course. can i start by asking you then about the dismissal of these judges? what does it mean for the rule of law and judicial independence into museum? thanks for having me. i think the dismissal of judges and any semblance such additional independence, separation of power under rule flor indonesia, gives the prize. and then junior lateral power to dismiss judges interfere in function of the should. they should re and to make judge as effectively subordinated to the executive branch. the actions by the judges today just goes to highlights the need for ensuring independent judiciary and for presidents and the exclusive crunch. not interfering the work station dictionary or not. and reminding the gains of prize in particular to the punishment or an independent judicial system. an independence hi is this wisconsin president has said that he is taking
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these steps to preserve the reputation and the independence of the traditions. re. is there any evidence of misconduct? there is no evidence so far of such misconduct, and if such evidence exists, it's much at the edge of the k to tool. the court proceed. that guarantees the rights with the concerns judges to be presumed, in a sense, to defense and to appeal the decision. none of these guarantees were provided for none of these rights are expected. and even if such accusations do exist and are there, they must be educated by the traditional itself and why the hires? dish council and judicial accountability mechanisms. the president has no business interfering in this additionally. and sort of freedom in managing the career of judges, dismissing judges or promote or, or other aspects of the management of the career with judges. those are additional matters that should be dealt with by additional institutions, independent traditional institutions that the presence this established and within
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the respect of the guarantees, there should be a provider or concern. a judges the president does have his support as many vilma fed up with a deadlocked political system that's not been able to do anything to root out corruption or tackle of growing economic crisis in the country, particularly after the poet and amec. how to explain the timing of president chi sides move. now i think it's parts of a systematic efforts to this dismantle or the gainesville style pricing. there the constitutional order that was established and started on 14th constitutional institutions that were provided for an independent electoral commission with established and replaced by an electoral commission under the control of the president and independence highs. dish counselors this established and replaced by
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another cancelled that to subordinate the president and the constitution. that's where the product of a democratically elected to an assembly is now replaced by a constitutional process and not guarantee or meets basic principles of inclusive part patient without any democratic legitimacy. and just to respond to the desires of the president. of course, there are shortcomings in, in the way the constitution has been complied with by political actors. but if such shortcomings are to be dealt with, they should be dealt with within the constitutional framework. whether the guarantees provided for by the constitution and with sorts of respect of the rule of law principles in particular, separation of power and judicial independence. none of the presidents, action, and action since 2015 july, comply with the standard is none over to comply with the confusion constitution or with international standards for more rights. all right, side by now be a from each national clinician here. thank you for joining us from paris. thanks so
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much robin me. now i started. cancer is underway in london while it's being top the platinum party at the palace ally. the van is the latest in a series of celebrations. mocking the british queens 70 a reign as monarch po brennan has mall. the mile leading to buckingham palace was already busy with well wishes and sights is from every afternoon. union jack flags everywhere. she is the reason why we are so proud to be boyce ish, and we had to be here to celebrate with everyone. and unfortunately, we don't have to keep it to see the shy bot to at least behave with every one is more than enough for us. and among the crowd, one or 2 who've actually met the queen in person. i know best to lead the queen. i've been the ambassador of the democratic republic of congo in this country. i met the queen more than 10 times in my life. every time when i come back to f.
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shitty mumbo all the things we did to all we we. we spoke fixed mouth before and day she come back as he was yesterday and that she, she speaks very good french because i used to speak to air on, on lead sledge. that's mean there is she i left the key, fostering and warm sunshine down here on the mile in central london. the celebrations were queens classically, jubilee rocha. your kind of senses, national well being that seems a world away from the day to day problems of high energy costs in the war. in ukraine. the monarchy has its supporters and indeed its critics, but the power of occasions such as this, the appeal across all walks of life. this family came from gloucester to enjoy the festivities. i think for me it's because of it's something that my children are never going to experience. so it certainly is such a historical thing that needs to be done in a minute. like last year with an outside the hotel. we are coming to an end for the
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weekend and that's what we're doing. the party at the palace takes place on the specially constructed 360 degree stage right in front of the queen's london home. buckingham palace, 22000 ticket holders are getting the closer view, but thousands more can watch and listen from the surrounding parkland and millions more on television. a 2 and a half hour concert in honor of the queen's 70 years. as the you case head of state . the queen herself was never expected to attend this concert. her public appearances increasingly limited by physical frailty and her mobility problems. and amid the celebration and sense of occasion, there is the realization that this jubilee is likely one of the last opportunities to celebrate. during her lifetime, paul brennan al jazeera london, one of africa as big as jazz festivals as kate, off in senegal. club in 19 restrictions lifted, hundreds of tourists if unable to travel the van, which showcase is music inspired by the african continent. nicholas ack reports now
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from senegal. ah, improvising on stage is malia and jazz artists bedrock with, with a band of senegalese musician, ah, taken by the music many the crowd are unable to keep still among them, melinda and richard who travelled across the atlantic from washington dc to attend the event. this music is really at the room. yeah. so this is weren't house came from. ready power originating with the green ocean where people chanted their stories of their families and they use traditional instruments to accompany it. and what eventually became american jazz. had its roots here in africa in particular west africa. and go from washington to shoot a strong jazz music in really good. so we thought
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a be interesting to come back and get a deeper understanding of what just how it sounds. you with cove restrictions lifted this 30th edition of the salary, jazz festival is bringing hundreds of visitors. the archipelago is the unesco world heritage site. during the 2nd world war, african american troops landed in this former colonial capital of french africa, bringing their music, explains the festival director. if we can duffy, or with every loose from the mississippi river to here, there is a flow of music. perhaps african slaves brought their music to america, and african americans brought it back here. in this dialogue, there is the sound of this voice feels like a divine melody. mullin, artist creates a wishes. there could be a festival like this in war torn molly or ukraine, or sunni for all jazz is freedom. it allows you to escape somebody to be free from the blues and leave your worries behind. none oh,
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sounds from the bye left. oh and thee and goni transport the audience in a musical journey, ah, let me show you the insurance that he has on stage he's been using just before he picked up the guitar of core i, which is a 10 string instrument and then on stage is also a calabasas which is another traditional west african instrument, this is what this festival is about, is to introduce and for jazz to a wider public right here in saint louis. this is the celebration of music, of love and of the joy it brings to people. no matter where they're from. nicholas hawk al jazeera st. louis synagogue. ah just a great.


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