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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2022 2:00am-2:30am AST

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documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruined the life of an innocent b o mastery case on al jazeera when the news break. oh no, no. i think i wrote with read that that family is receiving mourners inside of the body. that's what i've seen when people need to be heard. and the story told with social media, we have no idea what's written in that algorithm. with exclusive interviews and in depth reports or than $22100.00 women, al jazeera, has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied news . ah, all o protest as into nicea accused, president craig said of consolidating a qu, but pushing a new constitution and purging judges.
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ah, i'm carry johnston. this is al jazeera life and also coming russia, targets military facilities in the hands of ukraine says it's retaken, some territory in the east a grim milestone. carbon dioxide in the atmosphere surges to its highest level in human history. ah and party at the palace of thousands and strong central london for star studded concert market. queen elizabeth 70 years. threat ah to noisy as that judges will go on strike for we can protest off to present katy side dismissed. 57 of them. he's accusing the judges of corruption,
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but opponents say this is only the latest step in his bid to consolidate. one man rule side has already sacked the government and suspended parliament. and now he wants to change the constitution. demonstrators accuse him of staging, a qu, they z of or c'mon reports from the capital tunis. oh, scuffles with police is opposition. politicians lead protests against president chi side. oh, he's dissolved parliament and replaced the electoral commission in tunisia. now he wants a referendum next month to change his constitution. critic say his changes amount to a coup at the headquarters, the electoral authority, more scuffles with police, a gentleman who was new thought we came as political parties and activists to express our views. but we were attacked by the police who spread tier guys on our faces. oh, side has been poles in political advertising and told international election observers. they are not welcome to protest as don't believe the vote in july will
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be free or fair. they say side has too much power and democracy's in danger. many of those demonstrating on saturdays spent several years in prison under teenagers, former president zene and aberdeen and ali. they say they don't want to go back to an authoritarian regime. recently, side site, 57 judges giving himself even greater judicial power. judges from the association of magistrates say, president side could use the law to eliminate his opposition and say that it's what it yes, the president justified these dismissals under the pretext of fighting corruption. but the fight against corruption should not be conducted outside the law and outside transparent procedures that give judges the possibility to defend themselves. these procedures allow the truth to be unveiled and corruption to be exposed. president chi side says he's building a 3rd republic and cleansing tunisia of corruption,
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but his opponents accuse him of corrupting democratic institutions and reaching for absolute power and control over the country. elysium archman, al jazeera, tennis, or fidel alameda is editor in chief of the news and analysis website mish call. he says it's unclear how many tunisians intend to vote in the present slides plan referendum. support is targeted to wayne, but it's, it's difficult to gauge exactly how much until we have elections. what's clear is that there was very low participation in an online consultation that was about the new constitution, which will be put to a referendum. if there's, it looks like there may be very low numbers for the reprimand as well, though the president is trying to, to try and change that to really show that he does have legitimacy in a popular mandate. but that said, he still has managed to, to, to accomplish some of what he's about to do,
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but really is being sort of opposed by the entire political class. almost all of the political parties are really opposed to his project and saying that they, they disagree with the way that he's, he's conducted things. launching a national dialogue that they see is not really inclusive in which they have not been consulted. also people have raised alarm bells about that and moved to say that they're concerned that the referendum vote and even maybe perhaps on the mentoring vote later in december may not be as free and fair as the previous election. on top of the fact that the president has said that he would not like to the international observers, that international interference needs is, affairs, has also certainly raised alarm bells in international circles about the potential about elections, maybe not being quite as prepared as been in the past and certainly even the fact that there's a very short timeline for electoral body to get not just the referendum, but also the parliamentary lectures that people have called also for a postponement of the election. so they'll be time to really have
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a debate on the issues and to have a better registration. the ukraine says russia is showing massive fire power the key eastern city of severe on yes, of the troops reclaimed some territory. it was mostly under russian control as seen, heavy fighting in recent weeks, elsewhere, shutting spark to major fire to famous wooden monastery in the on the region. ukraine cranes, russian forces killed 4 monks there. in may, russian air strikes are increasing in the don bass region, which is now become the focus of most as well. not the most common item in the net direction. the enemy is shelling positions of our troops along the entire line of contact with mortars, cannon, and rocket artillery. it uses operational, tactical, and ami aviation. the main efforts concentrated on the sierra done yet and back more directions. fighting continues in the city or civilian airfields in ukraine's
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2nd largest city hall cave has been damaged by mister strike. has suffered sporadic attacks since ukrainian forces regained territory and pushed back russian troops. earlier this month, the city sits near the border with russia and was heavily bombarded during the 1st days of the war. thing was rob has more than from keith. the most fierce, fierce battles that are happening are currently in separate and that's what we're hearing is it is being turned into another mario poll. ukrainian say that they worry that what the russians are doing is what they did in mario poll, which is trying to erase that city completely off the map. just to give you a sense of sort of what's happening on the ground. the latest we have in terms of incident reports from the military say that the russians are blowing a bridges. so the ukranian forces are unable to resupply their military and bringing humanitarian aid for civilians. they say that ukrainians are fighting back,
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but the russian forces there are continuing to terrorize local populations with looting and bullying. now having said that, the latest information from the presidency here is that in the last 24 hours, what they have managed to do is ukrainian forces have managed to push back against the russians in separate that's and take back 20 percent of the city. now just yesterday, we were expecting severed the next to fall within days or weeks, but now that is less likely far less likely than it was 24 hours ago. now this is a city that's been contested for a month and ukrainian say that they are still in the fight. and they will continue to push back to try to make sure that the endeavor by the russian forces to try to take over all of the highest region and try to bring into their control. all of the administrative borders of a don boss is still something that will have to be accomplished at a high price in, in lives and in material from the russian side. several people have been
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detained in hong kong, off the authorities band, public commemorations of $989.00 gentlemen square massacre for 3rd street. yeah. white groups say the detentions are an insult to the memory of the victims. lexia o'brien pulse, hong kong, usually bustling victoria park. behind barricades and police for years it's been the scene of candlelight vigils to remember those killed in the 1989 at 10 am and square massacre. but this year it was blocked off shadows of clouds on the empty park illustrating what active is say, is an increasingly dark chapter in the territories history. o. d u haul read him is starting to decline the freedom in hong kong including freedom of expression, freedom of action. all of them are weakened. every one is remaining silent because they are terrified of getting arrested. dozens of police were deployed to streets around the park and a busy retail district of causeway bay. and go, come in,
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i just came here and there are so many police. i found it a bit troublesome. ah, police had warned the public not to gather in groups to mark the 33rd anniversary passes by were stopped or questioned. their bags checked. even this man who was carrying a toy tank, he said, had bought at the shops people 3 years ago. the 3 memorized gentleman's were just 3 years. everything thrilled with it was a 3rd grader in the spring and summer. this is the 3rd year all public commemorations of the event have been banned cove. it was the explanation last year and the year before. 02019 tens of thousands gathered around the statue of the goddess of democracy. she was built as a copy of this erected and tenement square by pro democracy protesters and 1989. that was months before military crackdown killed. what rights group say may have
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been thousands of peaceful demonstrators, chinese official, say 300 died. the footage of a loan protest, her standing in front of line of tanks, became one of the most powerful symbols that the late 20th century. but since begging implemented a controversial security, lauren 2020, the annual commemorations had become smaller this year. for the 1st time, none was planned. many protest leaders are in jail or an exile. the goddess of democracy, statue has been taken away. oh, i am disappointed because although no one's organized, any commemorative event, the authorities all ready on high alert. but candles did burn in the windows of the u. s. consulate, the white house accusing authorities and hong kong and china, of trying to suppress memories of the massacre. so sentiments echoed in taiwan. china views as a breakaway republic. there
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a copy of another famous hong kong statue was on show to commemorate the victims of gentlemen. a sign that despite china's efforts their descent will not be silent. i like sir brian al jazeera and some breaking news. now at least 5 people have been killed in a fire that tore through a container that in bangladesh. the storage facility is in the south eastern town of suit acount, where it's believed an explosion that caused the fire injuring about 100 people and estimated 20 of them on a critical condition. bangladesh inland contain association says some of the containers at the facility stored farmable chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide reduction has resumed at a baby formula plant in the u. s. whose closure in february field and nationwide shortage habit issued a recall and closed the plant in michigan after 2 babies died. a company controls
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about 40 percent of the u. s. baby food market and the closure letter. a severe shortage of concerns became so acute that present joe biden met virtually this week with infant food executives. i but now says it's starting production of a speciality form and his 1st will be in stores in around 2 weeks time. i'll just have me do that work continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation to a killing of its journalist and occupied westbank shrine. clay was shot in the head by israeli foot didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing. i continued to call for an investigation. i was with al jazeera for 25 years covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of pastime was to the head here on al jazeera threats of a boy called cloud,
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an upcoming summit in the u. s. strength and regional solidarity the band getting back to the roots of jazz. we report from the festival joint music, others to sunny go ah hello there. let's dot in central america. whereas storms brewing in the gulf of mexico, the remnants of hurricane agatha brought flooding rains to western areas of cuba. this was the scene in havana and strong winds. now this storm is set to move across florida towards the bahamas, where it's going to bring those drenching reins. it could strengthen to a tropical storm. we're keeping an eye on that, but it is going to move rather quickly towards the ne, taking that heavy rain with it. now it stops to dry up slightly for hispaniola as
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we go in some monday, but for trinidad and tobago. as you can see, we still have those isolated thunderstorms bringing a flood risk to the west of this mexico. we will still see some storms and showers popping off across the yucatan peninsula. but further north of this, it is a lot dryer for the likes of mexico city, a lot of heat building up into the north temperatures, touching up into the early forty's. now as we move to north america for those southwest states of the us, it's a largely fine and dry picture. we are going to see more intense storms building across a midwest, bringing west a weather to the likes of chicago across the great lakes will have thunderstorms. here as we go in some monday and once again the north west pacific. seen some really wet and windy weather sweeping in for oregon and washington state. ah, i'll just the rest correspondence, bring you the latest developments on the war in ukraine. we had to take cover. this
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is what's happening on any basis. the medics is a, he is incredibly lucky. those coming out after crossed the lines of no, no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled town. they take us to their basement, where we find others sheltering from the shedding. these evacuation now pike, 3 days journey devastated buildings are now a grim reminder that the russians were here. lou ah, you're watching. i'll just hear reminding our of our top stories. at least 5 people have been killed in a fire that cause an explosion or to contain a deeper and southeastern bangladesh. is believe that some of the containers was
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storing some of chemicals. martin 100 people are injured. opposition is growing into this year to the presence plans to change the country constitution. a testers in the capital accused him of staging a cou through a series of moves that given the greater control of the state institutions. ukraine's eastern don bass region is coming under intense shelling from russian troops. here it says that russia is throwing when its power, the key city of spirit on yet auto ukrainian troops. there were claimed some territory that scientists have issued a start warning about the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. u. s. climate agency says it's hit record levels 50 percent higher than during the pre industrial era. those levels were last reached about 4000000 years ago when temperatures were hotter and sea levels rose significantly. but instead of cutting back up fossil fuel use, the world is doing the opposite. 2021. that sort of 36300000000 that tons of c o 2
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emissions the largest amount recorded in a single year. while elizabeth with beauty is a climate activist and the founder of the green generation initiative, she's urging everyone to take the step scientists have recommended to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. i find the latest that are very terrifying and especially they're built on the implications. because the phone is very clear that you have to cut the emissions and that's the number emissions by 45 lessons in this be kid. but again, the emissions continue to rise in we are almost the warming of 3 degrees. and this is going to be really got the traffic for me just like mine that are already facing the watson of the climate crisis. and for a young class. and like we were spend time with community like losing what g county in karen who are facing prolonged job the rest cost for a to bring if he wants to stay. and i think it's really wanting me to think that she's only going to be a chocolate for them. and this is
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a come to that depends on 80 percent of their mosley coming from lifestyle. but i so the lifestyle dying and i saw people who have lost hope for the future and they're desperate because they impartially continue to rise. i think this is happening because it fails to be in concrete steps. that fancy must take opposition groups and the democratic republic of congo, calling for the government to cut and diplomatic ties with ruined, protest have been taking face in the colonies capital constructor. they say the one that was supporting the m $23.00 rebel group that's fighting congolese forces in the east. the violence there is being driven by thousands of armed groups and is complicated by national and ethnic rivalries. where chris sees a journalist and research on conflict security and democracy in central africa. he says there needs to be a peaceful resolution to the conflict. the 1st goal is the fact that the strategy under use of congo has been defined for very kinshasa based perspective. iran to,
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to get it, do not know very well the complexity of the conflict and, and use of congo. the 2nd thing is that the options, jordan were very militarized, this data of emergency inviting your gun and troops our military solutions. well, we could have had a more community based approach to working on the reinforcement stage, working on the dialogue between communities so that, that has been very, very difficult and residential to kids under a lot of pressure of time because of the elections to which are forthcoming and of course, it is in the context of bad relationships and especially between, between the neighboring countries. so we have been hoping that the multilateral institutions could provide a framework of context where people could talk,
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especially when google was joining east african community where run and you are already a member of. and then when we seen, you see at this moment that it's not really working. personally, i'm hoping for an initiative of regional leaders in booze moved to natural framework, which can allow gwin randa to deal with this in a non violent non violent way. the sonnets of the americas is set to take place in los angeles. on monday, leaders will need to discuss regional issues, but the event has been crowded by threats of a boycott. after the white house decided to exclude at cuba, venezuela and nicaragua, or latin america, added to loosening as well. once every 3 years, leaders from all over the americas meet at the only gathering where all $36.00
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countries sit at the same table. the summit of the americas, but less than a week before president joe biden is supposed to host his regional peers in los angeles. it's still unclear who'll turn up neither mexico, they leave, i threatening to boycott the summit. he after biden decided to exclude cuba, nicaragua and venezuela are doing. they don't meet the required democratic credentials. you know, you didn't, in the richer, no one has the right to exclude anyone. how can you call it a summit of the americas? where are the excluded countries from another continent and other galaxy, another planet? what a mala, honduras, and the caribbean countries as of block are also threatening not to attend wild, many of those who will plan to protest the reasons very mexico's president lot. before we have on, for example, says that this is a matter of respect to a national sovereignty. while here in chile president gabrielle bodied says that ice and nation and sanctions don't work. and instead calls for dialogue and
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engagement with the leaders who are accused of human rights violations, saying that they must be brought to the table and brought the task face to face. for fun, this year's agenda focuses on reaching a region wide agreement on migration. but with mid term elections around the corner biden doesn't want to antagonize conservatives by inviting leaders from countries that are viewed as authoritarian. i think by the needs president, blocked the ssl rather to come. because mexico is the most important partner the united states, in terms of trying to control the flow of migrants. but by ignoring regional demands for an all inclusive summit, washington is undermining the summit agenda. the exclusion of some other countries will mean that that issue will be centerpiece, primarily in the discussions among presidents. the failure to engage to properly
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engage with latin american countries is going to be costly for bathing. unfortunately, for the u. s. other countries do see latin america as a priority, particularly china. so i think the only one celebrating their way this summer is goin is china cuban venezuela. now say they won't go to the summit, even if invited a last minute face saving deal that may allow loper saw gravel road and the others to attend. but the damage may be done with many arguing that a precious opportunity to work with the united states as a partner has been squandered. to see a newman al jazeera santiago, a star studded concert has been held in central london, what's been described as the platinum party at the palace. his latest event in 4 days of celebrations at marking at queen elizabeth 70 year reign, hold brennan, as the mile leading to buckingham palace was already busy with well wishes. and
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sightseers from early afternoon union jack flags everywhere. this family came from gloucester to enjoy the festivities. i think for me it's because of a, something that my children are never going to experience. so it certainly is such a historical thing that needs to be hunting. and among the crowd, one or 2 who have actually met the queen. i not necessarily the queen. i've been the ambassador of the democratic republic of congo in this country. i met the queen more than 10 times in my life. every time when i come back to her, she remember all the things we did all we we we, we spoke fixed mouth before and day she come back as he was yesterday, basking in warm sunshine down here on the mountain. central london. the celebrations were the queens platinum jubilee rocha kind of sense of national well being that since a world away from the day to day problems of high energy costs in the war in ukraine,
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the monarchy has its supporters and indeed its critics. but the power of occasions such as this, the appeal across all walks of life the party at the palace was staged on especially constructed 360 degree platform. right in front of the queen's london home, buckingham palace, 22000 ticket holders got the close up view, but thousands more were watching and listening from the surrounding parkland and millions more on television. 2 and a half hour concert in honor of the queen, 70 years as a you case head of states. ah. the queen herself was never expected to attend to the concert her public appearances increasingly limited by physical frailty and mobility problems. none the less the attributes to her were heartfelt and sincere 70 years you have worked so incredibly hard,
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not just to the people of this country, but for the whole commonwealth. where does the castle is barely 20 miles away? so if we cheer loudly enough, she might, might just hear. so let's oh join together. in the mid to celebration, i'm a sense of historic occasion. there is the realization of this jubilee is likely one of the last opportunities to celebrate the reign of queen elizabeth during her lifetime. for brandon al jazeera london, on of africa's at biggest jazz festivals, has kicked off in senegal, where the kobe 19 restrictions lifted hunters. the tourists have been able to travel to the event. nicholas hack reports from the senegalese island of sanders
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ah, improvising on stage is malia and jazz artists bedrock with, with a band of senegalese musician, ah, taken by the music many in the crowd are unable to keep still. among them, melinda and richard, who travelled across the atlantic from washington d. c. to attend the event. this music is really at the room visit weren't jazz, came from the power originating with the green ocean, where people chanted their stories of their families. and they use traditional instruments to accompany it, and what eventually became american jazz. had its roots here in africa in particular west africa. and we'll go from washing ged, shoot a strong jacket about music scene and we're going to really enjoy. so we thought a be interesting to come back and get a deeper understanding of what just gone and how it sounds. you with cove
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restrictions lifted. this 30th edition of the st. louis jazz festival is bringing hundreds of visitors. the archipelago is a unesco world heritage site. during the 2nd world war, african american troops landed in this former colonial capital of french africa, bringing their music, explains the festival director, if windows or was have released from the mississippi river to here, there is a flow of music. perhaps african slaves brought their music to america, and african americans brought it back here. in this dialogue, there is the sound of this voice feels like a divine melody. mullin are disquieting wishes there could be a festival like this in war torn molly or ukraine, or sunni for all jazz is freedom. it allows you to escape somebody to be free from the blues and leave me worries behind none. oh, sounds from the benefit. oh,
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and the and goni transport the audience in a musical jury. ah, let me show you the insurance that he has on stage he's been using just before he picked up the guitar of cora, which is a 10 string instrument. and then on stage is also a calabasas which is another traditional west african instrument. this is what this festival is about, is to introduce alfred jones to a wider public right here in saint louis. this is the celebration of music of love and of the joy it brings to people no matter where they are from nicholas hawk al jazeera st. louis synagogue.


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