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tv   Fault Lines The Scoutmaster P3  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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70 years you have worked so is incredibly hard, not just for the people of this country, but for the whole commonwealth. where does it cost so? is barely 20 miles away. so if we cheer loudly enough, she might might just hear so many oh, joy. together. in the mid to celebration, i'm a sense of historic occasion. there is the realization of dis jubilee is likely one of the last opportunities to celebrate the reign of queen elizabeth during her lifetime. ah, poor brennan al jazeera london ah, talk a good check of the headlines here on out here at least 16 people have been killed
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and hundreds injured after fire talk through a container approach and southeastern bangladesh. the blaze triggered a large explosion. ukraine's eastern dumbass region is coming under intent. shelling from russian forces keeps as moscow throwing all its fire out of the city of several dannetta after ukrainian troops reclaim some territory. that opposition is growing in tennessee or to the president's plans to change the constitution. kai side sat, a government suspended parliament, and his ruling by decree protested in the capital, accuse him of staging. a qu, south korea's military says north korea as far at least 8 short range ballistic missiles, office eastern coast to comes a day to the south. and the u. s. held a joint naval exercise showing as low as 3 astronauts into space on board at san ju 14 spacecraft. the crew will spend 6 months living and working on the core module of the tango orbiting space station. he'll be completing assembly work. the
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estimates return to the landing site in december. so those were the headline news continue here on al jazeera after full lives staterooms. i'm watching bye for now. mm. ah no, not a from with to me as an honest, with a view to what he said or to what the hell that the put up with that one is a
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shooting abuto to a my name is how i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia, the chamber with me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo politics of the post 911 world ruin the life of an innocent b o mastery case on al jazeera. previously i'm thought once the equation,
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the extension that my father denied you, gave me o shirley, a low state the flag to happen, a boy scouts in many of our files. we see these perpetrators had a history that was known to the boy scouts for decades. walls was one of them played head games with the kids with a young friend and teach you to hunt. i want to teach you about say, man, i'm gonna teach you to kill. how did you tell your mom and sister, especially in the last thing. i told me that i am one of the like it always held up a lot family jack told him to kill his parents and his sister became involved and was also killed without the
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none of it happened because that needed the structure, the organization of scalps, to do what he did for a song again. ah, ah, ah, it was in the months after the stocks family murders that the scope of jack's abuse of the boys alone started to come out to white senior year. he fell completely apart. i saw in pain a lot of pain in wades eyes, a lot of pain. but when you don't know, might you fight? you don't know how to handle it. for years karen had wondered why her son weight was so trouble that it was just constant turmoil till i did not know what was going
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on. i couldn't get a new and there was so much evil, so much evil somewhere. but i could not figure out where it was coming from. she finally found out just before he started his senior year of high school, he took a gun out of our sight and brought jack to us at gunpoint. ah, he still had the gun to wet jack's hand. he sent a you tell my mom and my dad what you've done to me all my life and jack sandy shall tray. i looked at that man and josh, i didn't even know him. he looked like a little clock. evil. he was sweating profusely. he didn't even look human to me any more. that was the day karen found out that jack walls had
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been abusing her son. this is as years ago and you can tail. he's sick there. you can tale the dark eyes, you know, when you find out what's been wrong with your child for the last 13 years in one split 2nd. that's pretty powerful. actor. it was all over with. he said, yeah, we're supposed to die that day. and he 2nd he was supposed to kill all of us because we were putting things together later, we would tell us mother details of what jack walls had put him through over the years. he looked at me one day and he was so serious that he was so hard. he said it's karen data gave jack permission to write me and perform all that stuff on me. no, no,
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he said jack said you knew all about it and he was fine with. yeah. i am. and he said, i'm here, right. he said, no, it's okay because your mom and dad says it's okay. this with little knox family started every time. i mean, as far as getting this investigation going, i would talk to one child or one young man and they would give me names or the people that were victims. and then i would go to those people and they would give me other names and it just kind of blossomed out like that that everybody knew what was going on. but it was, it was the secret. so there was there, i just had to go out and find it. we
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had enough charges, enough evidence to get affidavits for wars and had him arrested in charge with it. jack walls was charged with 6 counts for being a minor, including wade knox and heat stocks. i don't know basis what i feel in my heart. i think it took me to bring him down because if a family member or might these kind of accusations i got, it's true. it's true. it took wide britain jack lost him justice because never he was never blade no victim was ever believed before. this happened, i felt vindicated. i enjoyed watching jack squire and we publicly
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because there was, he was trapped. there was no way out. i don't want people to know that he wasn't feel d as hale, that he did everything and lower than those scales said he did. and that he was supposed to be taken out of this as out of suicide. and as he was walking now, the court house that day i was standing there and he said, oh karen, i looked at him as if you go to help me with the investigation and trial brought about more and more details. so jack was abuse, and the boy scouts of america's failures to stop them. one of the stories wade recounted to karen, is of a camping trip to the still moscow branch. new mexico considered one of the boy scouts of america's most valuable properties in a trotter. scouts across the country for decades. there was
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a letter that i saw when jack was went to new mexico and they took a picture of him sitting with a bunch of boy scouts in new mexico. i knew there was a picture of that of him at the film on branch. despite losing his registration with the boy scouts of america. jack walls went to so martin 1993. something he later admitted to under questioning design as he stalks father. joe. ah yes, and he wasn't even supposed to be there to pause, but he continued doing the same things that he had been doing and never stopped. he just did under another name. why he said he tried to stay away from jack and he said i waited till everybody in the camp was asleep. and he said i sneaked
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out to the showers and he said i got end of the shower and was taken my shower and i turned around and jack was standing there. so he was also molested at film on 10 a white was and and you're sure that that was monday through the year out of the jacket already been put on the old baltar last no scout people, it feel mot had known jack for years and years and years, why was a hot, dan, why didn't somebody say something bad then those people up in feel might know that whole, that trajectory of walls involvement after they said he was ineligible, is outrageous. and the reason it's outrageous is because they knew he was a threat. and still they had all these openings, all these possibilities for him to figure out it didn't take him out of effort to
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get back into the system to find access to the boys. and so, you know, we know from the f b i that the average number of victims for any serial pedophile is about a 100 to a 150. so the numbers aren't surprising. ah, but, but at the same time i, he had no need to go warehouse to find more children there were being supplied to him by a system that was working perfectly for his ends. boy, scouts of america is not safe for kids. it is safer, but it's not safe for kids. michael johnson was the boy scouts of america's 1st director of the protection outs executive leadership in 2021. he spoke up publicly about the organizations failures in dealing with sexual abuse and scouting. if you look at what perpetrators need and want to sexually abuse boy scouts of
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america literally presents every potential for accessing these kids. opportunities to pa last them and the leverage to get the kids to go along with it and the keep him quiet. and during his time at the boy scouts of america, michael johnson tried to implement a policy that would require applicants to register with the government photo id. there is no government id required to register and scout to fill out an application and submitted or 2 right now they have registration. all i there is no governmental id verification of the person submitting the application wire. there no government id checks. i was told that it would be onerous on kidding volunteers to participate in scouting to ask them to show an id. so in hillman jack walls
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already put on ineligible volunteer list, correct. he still goes with his guardian group to film on. he signs him with a fake name, a sexually abuses, boys at fillmore. why is there? what would prevent that from happening again today? nothing. nothing. philmont doesn't have access to them. eligible volunteer fault councils don't have access to the adult volunteer far. it could happen again to the yes, what's, what's to stop? in 2020, the boy scouts of america declared bankruptcy over a flood of sex abuse claims larger than for any national organization in u. s. history. around 82500 cases, kato, mom, josh russia with alt lines. i josh, how are you? i'm good. it's nice to meet you. nice to meet you. as your chair james turley was the national chair of the boy scouts of america. at that time. what we've had,
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you've seen the, the cases you've, you watched the bankruptcy. ah, we've had, you know, many, many, many more cases than we expected. it's horrifying. how many did you expect? i don't know, but i didn't expect 80000. and, and if it's less the number, because i think that as a number, think about it is a person every one of these people was hard in our program. i wanted to know if the boys got america's doing to address the gaps in their system that could lead children vulnerable to predators. when, when, when people to register with the boy scouts, it doesn't require a government id, photo id. it is that a policy that you're satisfied when you feel safe with you getting in the details of our policies that, that, that are not something that i'm prepared to talk about. another policy i want to
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clarification on this, the boy scouts of america 72 hour rule. the 72 hour rule is for any scouting activity meeting or camp out or a fallen tearing adult does not have to be register that basically anybody who wants to help me or show up can hang around scouting scouts at meetings. and more importantly, have that access an opportunity at overnight camping activities as long as they leave before 72 hours. so about help me understand that. and once i not, i explain that making sense just to be clear of just because you're saying any adult in actually participate with boy scouts in as long as they don't spend more than 72 hours with them. i don't have to have
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a criminal background check. a government id no registered. no. no. that check. can you tell me what these 72, our rulers? i cannot that volunteers don't have to register with the boy scouts. if it's for less than 72 hours. it's one of the standards for protecting the children. what i can't tell you the details of. we all go through youth protection training every year while he said the devils are in the details here. if you're a pedophile looking to exploit an organization, there seemed to be some open doors that i would assume the leadership would wanna know about it for a little frankly surprised that you don't know who. sorry, you're surprised. do we have it streamed focused on protecting our youth? and if we have policies that need strengthening, we'd like to hear about it with her. if jack walls got out of prison
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today, thank you for your time. you and he moved to town where no one knew him and he said, i'm an eagle scout. former military, i'm retired alone. got plenty of time. you well a matter good. he'd do it without even reassuring yes. yes. you it without a government id. yes. what's to stop jack walls from doing something like that. jack was currently in prison, serving a life sentence is never been charged for any involvement in the stocks murders. he wrote letters to me denying, he played any part in them. and he accused he stalks of changing the story to try to get out of prison. but at his sentencing, the judge told jack,
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whilst that he stocks was despite his creation. and that he became what he taught him to be. in the very least, jack walls was indirectly responsible for the deaths of joe barbara and heather stocks. i interviewed heath on all the sexual abuse that was going on. this is some important information when you're sentencing somebody for 2 or 3 cows murder and wondering what happened. ah, it never got out. who stands to lose the most. jack was stands to lose the most. not heath every scout we talked to said, jack said, if you can't fix it, you kill it. so his motive was, you know, to teach them to kill foreign. they looked into it. i'm not a little you go on a case they did have read and you get the best to get on that case. and this
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particular case we get the best that we could get on out wish, which was basically life without parole for jack walls. so you back off them because there's nothing else that you can do. there's 11 thing that i wish i could have done better that i didn't, that i didn't do. and now was with wade knox. and that holds over me because wade is one of those 2 boys that came by my office all the time and would talk to me. and i retired like i ran off on him. you know, when i had a left him out there by himself. and that really sticks sticks on me. he had a rough time of it. why did i was hoping
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that in time we could put it all back together, piece by piece and get weighed a lot of help and everything would go back to normal. maybe he would a would get overcome what had happened to him, but best not the way child abuse works. you get into that brain and you're groomed. and you're threatened. and you're manipulated. ah, it's there. it's. they are very shy. always it was looking down in pain. obviously he could not stop the pain in the nightmares of what his uncle done to he was delusional. he couldn't
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carry on a conversation. i mean anything they took him to baptist hospital. so i called a day later and i said, oh, i went and i said his wife knocks at the psychiatric ward. they said yes he is. and i said, i want to sink and they stop me and don't sit out and you know what to say. so they would let me say, i said he doesn't know anything. he doesn't know anybody is just here just like this. it was just staring out into space or rocky. he was just constant turmoil, you know. and out of one episode go right back into an up 1. 1 night,
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i spent the whole night under a kitchen table with him, with a blanket over it. because jack walls was lookin fine. what happened to wait? my daughter had a baby and it was ma, spring break. it was in march. and, and she wanted us to come up and keep the baby one day for so we did and white said, don't worry, but he was good me and he said, don't worry about me. i will be okay. well, brooke, our oldest son was supposed to check in with him when she did, and his charlie's mother miss supposed to check in with, in which he she did. but one afternoon, i'm gonna call this is in multiple ways. did he shot him
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wrap before he died. he said, mom, we have got to make something good. come out of these. he said, we've got to write a book. we've got to go to the schools and tell them about people like jack. and he never lived to do. it felt like way did not get a fair shake at life. a fair chance at life. either band or you break when you're under stress. and i think way just kept bending and kept bending and dealing with life his own way until he broke he never got to behave
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8th was the version of he that jack and his parents told him to be and if they would have taken man seriously would have thought to be in the position he is today is so hard to explain to people and help them understand what it was like to have gone through that 13 years and, and believed it was coming to an end. and then realize 9 only did i failed to stop the abuse, but my abuse of good model family killed. when you look at heath, they think that the abuse with jack started when he was 10 years old and he went straight from that to prison. do you think you ever had a chance? no. sadly, no. because the poison that he was fed is far as it
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ruined the relationship with his parents. um that he the misplace trust in love in jack walls. oh. i don't know if he could have ever recovered from that. nobody knows if he is safe to be let out in this society. so he's a victim and he's a perpetrator. and it is a problem that the criminal justice system has to deal with when you don't get hail, how do you know if he can function in society? again, bmw was like, this is the only part of my brother that left so what would they want me to do? how they want me to feel and they would want me to love him even though he was a cause of their death. because they loved him so much in real life,
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they would love him. they'd still love him. and so that's what i felt that was best i can do it with no way there was a penny. a jack was no longer getting actually the whole matter called flower, a generation
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ability of all the things that we could have home with you had a white judge why prosecutor white cops and his black head, 16 when it happened gets kneeled. i've been in prison more years than i've been 3 on the street. there are some folks born bad if it's their child who is making
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these mistakes, they don't believe that they're born bad for climes travels to tennessee to investigate why the state has one of the longest sentences in the u. s. for juveniles convicted of murder. 51 years behind bars on a jessina al jazeera correspondence bring you the latest development on the war in ukraine. we had to take cover. this is what's happening on a daily basis. the medics is a, he is incredibly lucky. those coming out across the lines a no, no man's land where one of the few to gain access to this embattled parents, they take us to their basement, where we find others sheltering from the shelling. please evacuation now by 2nd 3 days journey. devastated buildings are now a grim reminder that the russians were here. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan dough. with a quick reminder at the top stories here.


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