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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Jose Mujica  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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are you crane with all jazz is freedom. it allows you to escape it, ready to be free from the blues and leave? no worries behind a sounds from the bus i and the in goni transport the audience in a musical jury. ah, let me show you. the answer is that he has on stage he's been using just before he picked up the guitar of cora, which is a 10 string instrument. and then on stage is also a calabasas which is another traditional west. oh, good instrument. this is what this festival is about is to introduce and for just to a wider public right here in st. louis. this is the celebration of music, of love and of the joy it brings to people, no matter where they're from. nicholas hawk al jazeera st. louis synagogue
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ah, this is al jazeera, these you had told stories, at least 37 people have been killed and 450 have been injured. and a massive i and bangladesh. the blaze broke out that a container storage was gonna see where it's believe flammable chemicals of ain't kept. several missiles strikes have hit the outskirts of ukraine's capitol, keep injuring at least one person. said he, since ad from major strikes for several weeks off to russia refocused, it's offensive to the east of the country. south korea's military says north korea has fired at least 8 short range ballistic missiles off its eastern coast. the projectiles i believed had landed outside japan's exclusive economic saying hundreds of israeli was to be the most compound at dawn under the protection of his writing in cousin led to the confrontations with palestinian worship.
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okay. as you headlines. nice. continue your now to 0. after talked out there, stay with us the what, what do we need to know that on this which i don't need you to look at. i'm just going to put them to me. i just need you to whom and ya today. and we're going to give you what we said as well. they sent me all of them a lot of them at the book. if you're the one i know
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i'm not i shooting them off. and just as the final 3 places at the feet. so we'll couple decided we'll live from the playoffs. we'll gather reaction from across the globe. a seems vessels. council 2022. the world qualifies. special coverage on al jazeera, when he was once known as the world's poorest president. i left when guerrilla revel in his youth. jose pico was captured 4 times by the authorities, and survive,
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team humane treatment, in military jails in the 19 sixties and seventies. monique, i was freed when the constitutional government returned in 1985, and later became a politician, determined to fight for his ideas of justice and equality. cosima pico was elected president of your why in 2010, making headlines worldwide for not changing their modest life. he was used to. he was a precedent with no palace, no motorcade and no pomp. he led his 5 year government by example, with a terry t donating a big part of his salary to social cost, driving his old volkswagen beetle and leaving in his farm house and that where we got up with him. this week, we view the state of the world with a man known the world over as the humblest of leaders, cassim peacock talks to jesse iraq. ah,
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thank you so much for talking to 0. it's been difficult 2 years because of it and damage coronel lyra. but there's people say that there's a lesson to be learned. what do you think of that? they don't want more than the loony guanine. my lead, go go by a little bit saturday, every single. now me my beauty salon, my know i bring the more brought him in the, in my dearly gone, or she, me in the low, the normal hover in these all if in my, the a one the goal it deal lemoine. there are, if age in every middle filner called sorry, that bridge. and then those o'neill, wonder through man the who with all of what are the won't call it the shall f. but then this it is she is going to zoom in though. but she blew and i said, we're going to handle him on the lovely man born or the home i. now michael leverage l a. our i think in or not,
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and i was helping deal. neither. surely i don't, i want of course he, you know, with them will help in their get in. definitely been there more own or the or the know boy on the route to get for me. i'm grad better refuse module 940. you brought it africa. doria, belinda mahogany, would you have liked to see that vaccines reach the whole? well, do you think that that's exam an example of what capitalism does? bush of wisdom for mileage. the main bulletin. now broberg gonna fume in door killer, illusory money that you're going to see me and less important. thank though, in a su reller, nancy a little him, but if you don't address, he's gonna be this boy will never,
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i will not say it. definitely she'll get them in a minute, but then let me just pull up dan door. noise need to get out there monday. i'll forget, since i won't be on the government in a noisy good, very good. only golf game in her ear. it politically, they won't do it up, believe the go. no, believe me, always said it go who doing that? if you are born in one of the things we're seeing in the world right now, is that the leftovers of economic impacts of the and then make but also a war that is making the prices of food to increase every day. what do you think is a problem here, and how should it be solved? my mom for vargas very la showings in the ocean. we do pressure on audio. important thing. for good of boys and leaf,
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dan repels real formula only. i only get a little bit more me died on mona in barbados. but i'm that there are there it more do out him in him or when we're through repeat, do i have going on here? hey, you don't get a doors bullied. these extra lane own danasia and on the limb put into it. and look, he go geisha, phenomenal evolution ovalia's freshman audio, enjoy lois, and then mono coma bar. there is a show ship, but it since done in a 2nd, this unit. oh, good on ya. double k, but we've done the roof, young grammar, gray, and thrown in port of duns. debrel dory. but the gram into the get, i know you're the gosh,
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the del important darnesha. he normally yogurt had brim every day through and moon, the air, even blood men defrauded study shift dog. it was in on the moon, the e u sugar 0. then the duck in it on the will nimble bowman, low holy men to whom them and their main thing pulled up aren't e yellow or that i wish the lane poor don't see a bullied the guy. they are in new will shalley other fan alec, either a damp do you think it could have been stopped now whereas that again, genuine though a 1000000000 the uniform data, the annual loan, dia i'm in the, in a financial year and i know that it loses
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a good car bowl of the old donna said that a fit, they're luly bull didn't input us in doubly in the who the lane are not, you know, part of the legal billing only. i get him for games. yeah. i got any more color going to be a lead. me more dance. yeah. but his daughter, really born in a good there in, in a wonderful. gotcha. no, no. but we did also need to know, permitted tina le, 8011 to get an insurance. and we could be mon, well, no, no, why not put in the deal issue. so you'll bring, she's gonna be the login or dablin that are no silly. we'll be that lower than the part of the delay w will yield all gonna very good dna. does he go well, oh my going back to the situation in the world today, and the price is for this,
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this forces government to make important decisions and to confront with powerful organizations. you have been in a place where you have to make important decisions. how do you think governments should handle the situation right now? when i was marcia, but she would were seated in burma. no f e n t in last year than they said go to her, you need our little boy then. then they got a burglar was as we're on their no bus on this, i give a gunshot, i needed the, i will say 30 my very little son located in missouri. if you were part of the armstrong in the 19 seventy's, you were imprisoned to have any regrets. no. if you had them yet burger
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low some or if they me dimple dealership financial. him a dimple. mr. completion of young are going to be mano thing. what i've been doing wrong is going to do more issues or you would go, you will have a you know, the heavy then in part of gillian immigrants shall you would. i did have a job in really a, in the she talk soon. he says, i love the go killer die rather than the some joy, important thing, but i get a good in the was going on the go show more he while you until or late bill them over this year. no. her go, you know, get him on who was our picture really? the mom is hearing hopper. my speaker is in the receiver. if my him or good out the gun in boat, it you know boil by and i will well got open my very good thing. no show i live and
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then they let me know in, in, in the blood. it also is you, i now concent only larry geisha, but loosen the sooner they see what that goes. it's actually they bought it of out of my for that awesome it going the nan thing a bit annoying dancing. she or it can be a race. it was harder than you thought. and also dropping saw gay. get freely you, liam militia. you say a book on em, but it won't tell you i would, i would just do that annual easy recall and then they'll get in. now they know me go in and didn't, and i get no more out as a result of that. one will convince she'll the column on that our whole air back. hello, hello glen this in, ya know who i am. i know either i will get that comment. she's all, danny,
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i'm afraid any internet been answer it. carol, is there david here, unless of course, we don't know a kiddo who in hawaii didn't if been answer the warning went away again. marcia, know i love the law the other day i'm going to i'm looking it dan and then gloria through different wednesday haley. marsha right. no, no, no, no, give us a little bit there. when when the organ made me real quick. let me go back here and not a fellow in the canadian. i little fishy. i'm going to get the shower dorothy in bit on all the air.
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he soon be avoid thou join him de no. i'd rather really a lot of my luck almost in my fuel hogan will show in the morning or the better of him than me. but you there in him i oh, now go back to karen near the home. you know that everyone that went away has been an example of democracy in the region. it has managed to, to keep development back, in spite of the changes between the left and the center on the right. what do you see in the situation in the country right now? what do you think of the situation in the country right now? god. and if they're going to an end, they go, not for sure. a guy life isn't phenomenal. like running on denominator
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as where do i go last one of their lives in the internet. they show me, but it up on me notion of year issue, but i don't want to go to work with them. i said, is he doing me all? won't them? but on i'm in diction. thing. when i go home, we are, you know, when i'm or you down mom, if you allow me the gay show me now that we're agenda, they get laurie corner. good girl in both. this is taylor from my law to him, but we need they need that ranma navigation. i mean it's got you agree with it? and when does gino been off? we went to, you know, from gwinnett of us, he entirely generally called around with owen. but all in the stomach karnicia was
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shown. i in the little jo, leah gang gala was also off. no, i got a little job board. give it to the extent of my building. only have johnson and olga e. good. going to show that i'm, i'm pretty sure we're still here and that's not the case in a really i don't know if you'll get bus m. you'll be in so good, dean, martino, burma didn't. he didn't live normally, but she had a good own as if he doesn't guerrera into good. good, good feller. domino forgive her if she were last is elam from elim aggression to brain w notion of progress shown by the black body. the actual now young you saw that last, you know, left him, they give you the gay idle marriage,
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roy lane do bugging birds in the dye. because within the reader, in the lab, the field fully glass door, the li and with a bully, guy is dumb, consumed in the, in the chemo brazilian dinner. but if you don't really handle gun, the got a phone call when our former enroll didn't get in. i've got other i'm digital see if in your know will be more in the book and once you got the job, any of them you know, that group and i didn't just, you know, go to the record on it there. and i'm really glad to know her immortal yes or no. the rotors shall look in the jewel girl. get up. well, if you got to get in political didn't give you my jewelry boy renewal more. you will let me know really if there is that course, i have been so
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a little bit all they don't know paul garner who bought me for a shabby fish vision guest philip in the 31 blue got out but if he's on the shower on them this year we in the building not go live with him in good one. it will drop a console. if you know we need to buy a happy larry, they whenever may lose what he is in last year. and we the if florida they go more the board of good the good im barbara saloon. netflix again did, they won't be long enough thin in that bundle. clearly dollar ear it, they're going to call him. he says they don't hear gummy, who was in the middle of the hall below dog, and then it is no bless her. doing manually are going to equal i think america
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latin america bought it in t lay may be new life coming back in brazil. do you think see that once again, maybe there is going to be a regional block? like the one you were fired a while ago. you're she'll girl, the lady. i was a gentleman on the regular the in. i'm going to get i didn't, i didn't do my who to get billed or above them on the years. and then the re go by. they've been there. they gaze, she woke up boss. yes, she was here. she carries it just isn't wrong. a burning my gay can with down rival gum, which will gamble down one who gumby label. graham girl,
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you get. but you much and mindful. done the going assume and bill you're going assume in bill. good thing about us and then him with everyone up for a very center from judge she know, and i get out by our be sure him on the legal and can see burn away, get what you're thinking of several sort of unplugged. the simpler than surveillance will get in the question for machine thing. you can devi, you've got all if your data, if you remember demon ago, he's had a lack of day mark, get one more get on the bill than they have on there. so that when i was young, here's your list of movies and get them over to them. emily and then i guess you should get wonder if somebody sit there her can figure out who paid a woman k k, a k for after can you hear him?
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but i don't what one of their, the issues that we're seeing in the region right now is a situation in venezuela, in our, with human rights abuses. how do you think the region should handle the ongoing situation there? what, what do you think should be done? what's your opinion of what's happening in those countries? don't don't road vision, but i'm, i'm good in a good relevent when relevant to should i know about the rug and the other ones here. no doubt whether she they give me william with jim or any get our be may lou initial email really the record don't as liberation of where you. baloney will. yes. read or a bug you should be on it go. throughout the lessons julia had gone home again when data because rosie bertram well lancey,
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when the cigarette the less your body to load through, you'll get 5 and you'll be able to black doesn't look a sudden my whole eagle one of the times. so the police, because you're not up on the gun, don't mean that a 40 day hour in you got i won't. religion duration i am not able, isn't there bonanza? gone there. only delruda to read is shown in per the i don't, i didn't really, i don't know whether or not a balloon are going to show me financially. what i would look and they lost me lily in the last month that you're gay. jewel for re re re or even if there are is 11 units are going to be better all but all i know is
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a sheila griffin. thank you so much for talking. 120 will cc my head off if what are not gonna fall off. i see that i'm, i'm in the water for a while. mainly gotta get out to vicki if they to talk to me they don't, i don't know, judge or him. furthermore, he shit aren't good on them. is a good number in the message to be minimally alone. if the, if the in that this isn't already by now, think montoya millie alone. and when you see more, can you look as if we had a lot of, i think you put them up here. if you go marketing fe santa fe,
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don't forget that you did get them on those who got a whole she had their mean or joe, me measure it. but shauna, whenever you can call me on the, the belinda bush or gonna be almost a week or a, but they mark or why my own little girl, a girl. we're hearing lots about environment and climate change and what's happening in the world. do you think the the world and government around the world are doing enough? no, no, no, no, no, no, we're going to withdraw you it day. you know, bloomberg shallow to the he did slow it the double sancho in a. i see the book all going pretty literally gay here, bro. and going assume in the national,
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near. but i don't know if the current will go up a shot a month. the girl was bearable. it is a bery much bloom, i believe not the pneumonia, ford of sullivan, that eagle who's doing that is even that he will don't know my 4th day, but he'll get me a few letters usually fully a lot. but a i guess, as in every one there, she long listen, any minute you are going to see me for the key battery zachary girl who callo money, they dropped below him or you'll get but she was in the radio and this year boy sitting nor auntie it was coming to the dollar walking robot leader, but she listens good girl for me,
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new jersey and then are here i did all my own out of the body or even me the regular then to go go now that you area boy, you know, illustrator, amelia elder sally, she del on. when you're john schumacher, laquata sienna. se, i think you never think i'd have had my love on me and double walk on the seat and work on the big earlier one abolla how you want to settle on it or not nobody in stock, it didn't go out by mingled in a hole yet on a p in selling the blocks in my leg, steering of being off the doors. right, let me go if i go see in front of my leather you see in front of my boys not much interim he or renee, go through more of monkey the long run or curry john prego and really
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company i feel i almost i thought a lot of this radical and the founder of african cinema, out years in the world, tells the story of the more italian direct with his from making a style with how he made a breakthrough into a friend. the way to me is a med was a fighter that his weapons were his mind and his intelligence med honda rebel african. tell me on how to stand for over 15 years at co verdes, the armed conflict, the natural disasters in the political upheaval in the philippines. parents tell us they walked for hours with their children just to get those stories of orphans windows, rebels and soldiers. during witness to not only their suffering,
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but also the hard one victories of ordinary people. as a filipino, as a woman, it is a rare privilege to tell the stories of my own people. so a global audience. when the news breaks, i read that the family is receiving mourners inside of the body of judy when people need to be heard. and the story told with social media, we have no idea what's written in that algorithm. with exclusive interviews and in depth reports or than $22100.00 women, al jazeera, has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied knees. ah, sir, the answer was an arabic. my name is helen. i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia. and he came up with hancock . them led me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the geo
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politics of the post 911 world brewing the life of an innocent feel mastery case on al jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines yesterday, our electricity was turned off. this is our life setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussion. if somebody comes to gardener from europe than never called an immigrant, the always known as an ex pat, international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inform and inspire. we live one people on this one planet and we got to work the solutions together on al jazeera. ah at least 37 people are dead in bangladesh.


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