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tv   Witness Trouble at Home  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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the bells will at ease the cost of living crisis. i'm talk storms, economies on the brink of collapse, how the new government pull it back. counting recalls on al jazeera african narratives from african perspectives now, but we're gonna, we're about his big dealership, blue, short documentary by african filmmakers from the democratic republic of congo. and wanda, there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. you ladies, what made the intimate connection between myself and rhonda diggers and merchants, and secondly, africa direct on al jazeera ah . ready ready oh, i'm marianne to missouri in london. our main story now endears
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b. j. p. policy is facing international condemnation of to, to senior officials, made insulting remarks about the prophet muhammad, and he has ambassadors to quite in count. i was summoned on sunday to receive official notes of protest, marcus downs, minutes, ministry. foreign affairs also issued a statement condemning the highly derogatory remarks and b. j. peace response and nationals folks omitted in a poor sharma was suspended from the party for offensive comments about the profit made during the t v debate. while the deli media operation had of the parting of in qu, my gender was expelled over and now to lead to tweet of me, michelle is in new delhi with more on this quote, the comments that were offensive. and it seemed to say the least, i'm not going to go to details, but they were made actually a few days ago. one comment was made on social media. the other one was new during a debate on a national news television network. now, in terms of the fallout, immediately they will with these complaints of a file to get these to politicians. it all came to a head on friday when,
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after the fighting, pres, group started protesting those protests on violence. they will peddling stones, dozens of people were injured, including many police officers, arrests, all being made. the police say the 5 cases against hundreds of people and sick, georgia has been beat up in the city all gone for in order in which is where this violence up to place. now the b to b has different. it says from these comments, it has condemned them. you know, one person has seen suspended. the other one has been exposed. officials and jerry is a dozens of people off the a dead after gunman opened fire and destination explosives, a church the tank compound in the southwest, in town of o and no state. a catholic church is worship is gathered for weekly mass on sunday, while parts of nigeria have struggled with instability and violence. although is
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why d regards it is one of the country's most peaceful regions. its governor condemned the attack as vile and satanic. 50 people have been killed in around 300 injured after a fire sparked a major explosion. shipping contain a facility in bangladesh. many of the injured are in a critical condition, believe chemicals with stored in some of the containers. hundreds of israeli settlers storm the alex almost compound at dawn, often under the protection of the israeli forces is led to confrontations with palestinian worship as follows. violence last week during his writing flag de march is in the muslim quarter of occupied east jerusalem. south korea held a national security meeting on sunday after north korea fight 8 short range ballistic missiles towards the sea, off its east coast. really, the missiles landed outside japan's exclusive economic zone. is the 18th launched by pyongyang this year. so says the latest launch was
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a test and challenge of the security readiness of south korea's new administration . witnesses coming up next, but we now leave you with memories of our colleague sharina i will actually ah, a with another donor. this is i don't need to be here from, with an honest, with somebody said at the home and a view to what we set up to what the hell that the put up with a
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that with you loud. little circle them to make any don't make and i back to a flood with my grandmother did with my syndicate nearly just for the entity done. so know what those did you, me up all those did you did get up on him in the body in a little says make sure did you get caught if one of them kind of the element of them almost done message me up take take,
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suggest bubble as well and then it will only all be gentle on the broiling, whatever you may said, when you say don't get him of them on a little hill by the time to get back. mr. feldman. miss you suggested i give you sir. again, let me give them to the yeah. oh yeah. oh no. they didn't. they didn't do it on the go
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did you live with someone you said yes. i didn't wanna leave the 75 plus on the phone to live. so car play with you on your a a to my go ahead again. considerably less a month ago. ah
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with loosens in it that you didn't give you cut me off in the middle think it would have been a vehicle that oversee so it would have been a glitch. i was like once was at the hotel, is it possible the colors of the federal could give me the nicest young listen. good sheesh. it's just an illness. clueless magazine, christian lincoln. emerson of you. you could help me.
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in some of the sites and then the minimum name is the new side took me some on a new search box mom again on the side, but other than that you'd have jumped back in it, so somebody giving me a further look and find the item we do security on it should give tell some b millimeters on the marriage and sunday the bazaars have sent the bazaar, which the secretary of all to the island. i think that colors did you lose the of them all the my will probably when i call should look on the sure. the elk on the shoes, the a lot of money. i just shrunk fixed clues, navy simpson, while while her yoke, sylvia montague, get nearer able, most customers you did this able that was bull mother could tell us to tell some of that, but the mom was terrible to get it done. although more sooner it is better
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than maybe to look at the history book. it gets her and then in a been, then we have to she will, i'm send consecutive lunch to confirm extends down the course. 60 will. i'm in conflict if you're nic once, every living in bins chilling in excel. michelle nicole casa for brooklyn, began to sandwich. nicholas took that kind of okay. do i like and then the 10 soda penny in the either be her mom. she can either
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be john smith and so it was just shed n falcon and a been in need him does any molars. towards molars blood, she has a minimum amount and im nickerson sherman cinemas still saved him. visual senior flane entered plenty of nimble and took stood of well known as us all the authorization benjamin closer to santa jones and check them again. they have done that to send a james a need to wisdom. gonzalez damages
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needed to look, thinking his reading letter . get that in addition, letesha, the chink salvage, the like the end of month month, the money there you go. ally a local lender because let's go way over there. and then you know what you mean when
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you when i mean, how can i get your, how about the controller you? but it was, you know, because i can get the goofy, but they never want to talk to him. it took me out of your love. you can not, i will never look hasn't yet it had some of the contributors, most of most of us who did mother goose. there was one of them because they said all of them, i don't know there's nothing on the list
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because i don't know that she has run them what they have to do a man inviting that the machine itself which i thought that just that
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e who uses it with the new with it that they how of investigative, i like to know how to do and then you haven't talked about doing, you know, the end of it. is it the 10 o'clock i meant about that? i know we did a we take a while, i didn't have the loo national. i to week. i have not, i was the one don't have yet to look that along with the, the kind of now i'm talking you street, i'm throwing away from you. so you're gonna fool it and another make right above above that percentage fixture deficient is what's not, not it. and now the way you had left with a younger son is shell, like they don't do children now. well, no,
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the city and i'm like a go macy school, paying money to that machine, a legal, a 45. and if you need to can mechanic deed the customer some trouble getting a bit higher. so you ship a matter because i'm holding a column with those certainty, if you're only due to showing you the sugar to the in sugar, to insure and it could, you just like to retain your cartridges to amazon about as any jacks really, whitaker? so we know the allison items are there, can you any bit of it to me?
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anger, number the gum. i live in lincoln, glen shipman, i should be there. someone else is in the rooms in williamson potential for marketing. anita said everything was on the job because of my been my name again, misty oliver, simon. them you some people who started suitable could you please amendment on a kid with joe in midway, joke fido that. mm hm. okay. and that's on a,
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a on bucky mode. that the students agreed you grew up with them.
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what? oh with
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m. i would need to use oh it has to be to his i took it i this'll take it or to the sean on occasion that additional project a mish mash on push on it. yeah, just to make monday, i told them shit, that initial muslim culture. don't go. m
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a young age abasement organizes are on the move. the day we do the work. i heard in the 1st of a new series to people in new york city, use different tools and means to fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a nation wide problem that level wires a systemic solution. generally, he change on al jazeera, the 1st episode of the series, expose the imperial origins of the drug, trade, commerce with wire on the pirate was good for the former. so these, thank you very much. want to go and opens passage from the far east to europe and the united states. gotten any money you owe you money in these mountains is ok.
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drug trafficking, politics, and power. the era of empires on al jazeera was been a hands on journalist working in asia and africa. there'd be days where i'd be choosing and editing myron stories in a refugee camp with no electricity. and right now we're confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced. and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise. because that's the only way we can try to solve any of these problem is together. that's why is there is so important we make those connections. oh no, i'm marianne realizing i'm going to quit. the main stories are following the sour.
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india's b j. p party is facing international condemnation of the 2 senior officials, made insulting remarks about the prophet muhammad. india's ambassadors took away to encounter with summoned on sunday to receive official notes of protest, pakistan's, ministry, foreign affairs issued a statement condemning the highly derogatory remarks and the b. j. p. 's response. national spokesman to push on was suspended from the policy for offensive comments about the profit during a tv debate, while the b j. p. 's deli media operation hadn't of income margin, though, was also expelled of, and now deleted tweet. during official se, dozens of people fear dead off the government opened fire and destiny explosives that a church happened in the town of all. whoa is worship is gathered for sunday mass. it's one of the country's most peaceful regions. nearly 50 people have been killed and around 300 injured after a fire sparked major explosion, shipping container facility and bangladesh. many of the injured are in
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a critical condition. it's believe chemicals are stored in some of the containers will have the news hour for you in 25 minutes time. but we do now leave you with memories of our colleague sharina clay. ah, no, not a from, with an honest with any of these. right. yeah. most of us can you also need to set up a a
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ah ah ah ah oh and that is all those songs impacted with young volume. did you get it? you'll find it we do is on one of them. but i'm, and i think that is i'm, i'm going to still fair that the legacy dentist is that i give them an estimate
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once i need to come on with him of us unless all it you've had enough. i deal with a day i will give us a liquid whether you hope you look like i think i love to be headed or shoveling about i do 1st read the buggy. i know was that i live in an ad movie i know in the home and i know is what alyssa i look i stuck with i think it was like skin like i both
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the show that they show that it's just like this take a pillar, extend to send it over to been good. i think that
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that's something that i need to talk to someone in the mail by the i o i don't know if
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i want to save another was in me. i did it with a talk while a mom with a bunch of movie, you know, into my mouth dashing deals with are more of a, a i like i'm such a new chevrolet. this is a
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shave, a a, as you said. yeah, i'm good with the i moved over the phone. i said, oh no, it's february, 2nd loaner last year. oh, is that the like? like a lay farms down with a height of it. hm. i pushed back at hampton and put up there for that and get a chance half. it's a little while here, but i'm pretty sure deep about where we go, but she couldn't pay when and when i when she hipaa supplies, she needs her wash with a d, y gene, veronica kelsey,
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how they think that the i what i can with or him he meant to share with me hello alicia. i am and i think a movie seems like it didn't make me to play it well, couldn't the shag leah for you to take it often enough and he'll nam them with her and feel clothes unloading between the leather seats you ever had a quote from a guy in the, in a smug who's in it. i'm a champion center. how can i help them with the life of us with
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a happy love to the public. good. okay. and the so to me, in the sense, well, you will have a lot of like massage with them with about hello. it was a kid that i only been there with the whole game of thrones. which one who since this is a a
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fun we've got that it's all done with one that has always i this with yeah, well i got a baby with so good in the middle of the day. oh
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boy. so i think that different give them a nerve with looking at a little after you have to do something with lemme see ah
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ah a had the hockey or a football and i walked over by then head with the 1st going to be help. but he was so as you know, had they are with us. i wish i put in 2 months ago and me shannon baker mean b as in the last name, it's already she did buy one or there. did she find them on bar? i'm sorry to help them all those i so so they never asked and i said, i guess oh, my gosh. but then both 9 a month and
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a half a c professor with another sheet that i really don't see. it had a, a mature mother dinner club. i saw that a marriage is long as you go, no problem. and i really did all my really don't know if you had there are a mat colonial look helene, you know, now we're going to go ahead to i spent the meanwhile, hey, i know that my way of day either gonna be do we do? i am not gonna get the most most you by law borrow them. you have no show gotten a go for some of them. you happy as you like. so into my oldest of hearing, the little girl who live not my will deliver a 100 my find out i i vehicle there's
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a lot unless unless i how can i find a g a a, a bunch of yes. i want to put them on a monday hike. not me. she. when you have been can i think oh wow.
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mm ah a huh. so yeah, hold on. sure. mean and sending that in j or whether he thought i thought it is so madden alicia. though we do not seem madam on miss. thank you. bought day upon mister aunt that down. mm hm. maybe me. okay. well there is no standing there
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. same cabin high, shall i live down to the 1000000? sure that the other one could look it up on your cuz the, the sand new cinema center pulled out their cachimba and her him. so my them on, which is how they have michelle picky bought a damage to member. get yourself making sure the so we're gathering down bala, you sound like you're sick of the one. the nuns is the contribute to sort of mand buster, mother, and berlin. here she although young so mother of them will not cut law much storm doesn't beat taliban because a man. yeah. a bed, a job or muslim. blue shoe on to your side of the seine on a cell membrane savage. it goes on. they don't get to assemble that, that one too, that we didn't want to check the whole name that well, not only jim, you've got a
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bottom of them begin meeting with a shout that i see the daughter did. so we kind of joke us, my get a bit of sheila and i'm a country with him. he's on the, on the home. are you doing good? and then the call mother me a just a mom was just, i need a little but not be a sunbeam. a lot of been about on the line, i think maybe if it takes you know much of the shoot you a good, i will not be the loser with a him g
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o. shirley a little a sunday sent them and i had a smile with both of them. when i'm on the la, you know, and their mother cannetta unfair. each other should have he does not feel a lot of work and he she is going to look at the show and let you keep house i showed hailey about. okay. and i had, i will see what i can see if you had any other than the nasa currently use. i don't wish you edition it. just look, you have the nika, mother's medicine movie. chromosome is awesome with ms. young with the mothers, not any move in phone, but i don't,
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i can probably because, you know, a lot of thought i knew, you know, must be huge in them being some particular to take missing it and it's missing interest them as much as they sit in their them lessons in the new johnson courses. so i'm gonna go to mass in the know them
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mega nicholas and gonna need some clothing and not let it extend the conditions that can reduce that when this and the question is in man. no, to any see, couple of them make, they will never me that much, much much sewage in washer muslims. and that was all my considered within a couple in many big company and said in japan, canada and what the,
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the package that was checked them came in the comes from getting closer and sent them both. and under the circumstances, i mean, maybe they get, it goes on nothing, they think they think they do sampson, it's not for them to look at some of that. the math and i'm on instance said cut the son bonded and proceeds on the bus and how to do them. so let him in and then both and then a little bit and then below muslim family monitor if there's any associated shapes
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to enter plums against it. when we have selected the matter plan get again mixed with mother he will not marry, which i think she don't know that mitch bunch of someone good to me and meet should do him. other shadowing mother should not be mckibbin will know. donna been the dog, couple of children. the basketball in the loan is 222-2021. i go to trisha lindsay a shot manuel to understand her shim, well, let me know, she said anything. and that's not very much longer than give you be interested in the thing in the much ok nature. yeah,
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trisha will much. ok, get in addition to jersey. let me see how this shall miller sharon know, this can you give me? one moment me. let me
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i i i me me pull up a carton in and out. she may come in. shirley with me about the limit up in unless done in the summertime. ah
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no job in detroit. uh wanting me to home shows sure. sure. let me a bit odd slice muttered it appears jack bailey. ah it abandoned as a child by his own cristella alone is nothing of his early life in the republic of
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hunger. after 40 years living in switzerland, cristella follows a fascinating paper trail that leads from his adopted home to the country of his back. and the most unexpected re union witness eller on al jazeera. ah ah
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ha! we're still got plenty of wet. so wendy. and when she weather in the forecast, the se, in parts of australia. nasty little area. bye pressure swirling away here. so showers rattling across victoria some parts of the south while still a chance of some wet weather there into a south australia but certainly very unsettled in to tasmania. so very strong winds still a little bit of a when she weather around the southern alps at wet weather that windy weather will make his way towards new zealand. looking at a line of cloud. just links back towards brisbin towards the sunshine coast, pushing up towards cans much of us looking fine and dry. having said that,
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we should stay settled here as you go through monday and on into cheese to bit by wednesday. this system will start to show his hand across western austria, and perth will turn increasingly wet and windy and by wednesday it is pretty wet and windy across a good part of new zealand. while the wet and windy to into were southern parts of japan at the moment, some very heavy rain sweeping across key issue, the southern half of honju much of honshu. we'll see some very heavy weight as we go on 3 monday with a possibility of some localized flooding. maybe even some much sliced, somebody to watch out for that will gradually make his way further east the mid week. ah, ah, this is al jazeera oh.


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