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ah, on the streets of greece, anti immigrant violence is on the rise. the road you have to go from. i will turn key and resend that great bruises from foss ism and increasingly migrant. farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. javiar are slam is helping the pakistani community to find a voice. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack. this is europe on al jazeera holding the powerful to account was we examined the u. s. his role in the world on al jazeera, ah, arab countries a lead international backlash, often indian,
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a governing party of fish. what makes remarks condemned as is, i'm a phobic. ah, no, i'm carry johnston. this is al jazeera life. and what also coming up for chemical fil containers, explode at a shipping deco in bangladesh by fire has killed at least 49 people. thousands of catholic worshippers fear dead off the gunman. storm a church in the south west in nigeria and heartbreak for ukrainian football fans. whales has ended the will toll nations hope's quantifying for the welcome ah gulf countries are leading international condemnation of comments about the prophet mohammed made by an official of india's governing party. the b j p has suspended national spokes shawna for making the summer forget remarks during
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a televised debate. they've been protests in india by wisdom organizations which have been targeted by hindu groups. saudi arabia has described the comments as insulting or cat r q 8, and iran have summoned indian ambassadors or in a tweet, katara assistant, a foreign minister who are hotter, said these i'm a phobic discourse has reached dangerous levels in the country, long known for its diversity and co existence and this officially and systemically confronted the systemic hate speech targeting islam in india will be considered a deliberate insult against the 2000000000 muslims. it's statement b, j. p declared that it strongly denounces insult of any religious personalities of any religion. i think that they are a tier to not a party is also strongly against any ideology which insults or the means any sect or religion. have the metal in new delhi explains how the backlash has grown since
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a contentious remarks were made. quote the comments offensive and seem to say the least. i'm not going to go to details, but there were made actually a few days ago. one comment was made on social media. the other one was new during a debate on a national news television network. now in terms of the fallout, immediately they look with these complaints. i will file these to politicians. it all came to a head on friday when off to the sliding quiz group started protesting those protests on violence. they will peddling stones, dozens of people were injured, including many nice offices arrest all being made for the say the 5 cases against hundreds of people and security has been beat up in the city all gone for in northern india, which is where this violence up to please, now the b to b has been, it says from these comments, it has condemned them. you know,
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one person has been suspended. the other one has been expect a cruise have continued working to put out a massive fire that's killed at least 49 people in bangladesh. it started in a shipping depot causing explosions in the chemical fil containers. the army has been deploy to help in the south eastern time. so the calendar, as tundra chandry now reports late on saturday night and massive explosion rocked this container depot. far them spread from one container to another, filled by chemicals stored in some of them. the blast was filled up to 4 kilometers away. about 4000 containers were stowed here, many were filled with clothes destined for western retailers. hospitals so said adept, all is expected to rise. i'll get up last night. i talked with my brother 10 minutes before the accident, we had no contact with him since the accident. we have no idea about his condition
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and whereabouts yet. rescue workers say more bodies lie under the deputies fire service. official suspect, the container of hydrogen peroxide exploded and flame spread quickly to other containers. the exact cause for the fire is still not known. the charter graham, this identification and the fire department has started a separate independent pro body to find out the real reason behind this fire. meanwhile, the government has announcer financial compensation package for the victims, family fire department, say several firefighters died, and others are missing. with the actual cause behind the incident will be revealed when it's investigated. as far as i know, the deputy commissioners office as formed the prob committee, the fire brigade must have launched a separate investigation or will do so. bangladesh has one of the worlds fastest growing economies, a new factories and high rise apartments have grown rapidly in recent years. but fires are common at industrial premises due to lack of enforcement of safety rules, inadequate acute men, a lack of stuff,
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and many experts say much needs to be done to turn that around and which audrey al jazeera taca, dozens of paper fed dead after gunman opened fire and set off explosives of the night. gillian church. it happened in the south western town of o. in under state where catholic worshippers had gathered for sunday must wonder, was regarded as a largely peaceful part of the country, beset by security issues. if the governor has condemned the attack as vile and panic, it auto and development form a feature that actually has that the number of dead could rise because of the severity of injury sustained by worshippers. i. when the gunman opened fire and wherever carried to tag intended to cause maximum damage. first of all, they defeated device as people camp for safety and run out of the church. the open fire on them. there is no claim of responsibility as we speak. however, there are so many suspects on the list,
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some suggestion that it could be criminal against the been operating in bed as part of nigeria over the past years, especially in the north west of the country and north central partial nigeria. it's not clear whether these groups are responsible. these groups have been played as tara, which by the general government. the last time there was any serious clashes between farmers and cuddled. hood in that part of the country in the southwest of the country was more than a year ago. so it's a big surprise and a big confusing situation for security forces trying to unravel the reason or the motive behind sundays attack. however, the president and the governor of the state of both issues, statement condemning the attack and bowing retribution and taking action to deal with those who carry that with these attacks. criminal games that i've been operating in various parts of the game in the north, which of the country over the past years, they have killed thousands of people and displaced tens of thousands from their homes. are creating a very desperate situation in terms of security in terms of food security as well
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in the, in those spots of the country. now nigeria, so i want to close new to see how secure force is able to address this but scholar a problem. now there are also concerns that the continued valez in the country could actually more the preparation to the general elections holding in niger and next year. south korea and the us have fired ain't miss asked to was the see of south korea's east coast a day earlier. north korea conducted a similar exercise on sunday at $58.00 short range ballistic missiles off its eastern coast. when the launch was the 18th by chung this year. oh, robert mcbride joins us live now from sol. and so rob more tit for tat missile launches. what? what more do we know? that's right, i mean this is a direct response to sunday's lodge from north korea, the joint military command for us and south graham forces. se total of 8 missiles were fired and they were fired of the east coast in gang one province. this is
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a province in the east, a verse ap career. it actually borders with north korea. along the d. m. z at the missiles were fired into the sea that separates the korean peninsula from a japan, according to the join military temporary military command. this was to demonstrate the capability of precision strikes at origins of provocations, clearly and meaning and north korea, as they have condemned to the miss are launches sunday by, by again, the exactly the same number of missiles, 8 ballistic missiles from north korea saying that they would south korea and the u . s. will take corresponding reactions. we have a new conservative administration here in south korea, which has promised to take a tougher stand with north korea condemning its continued launch of a missiles, saying that it will resume and resuming its commitment to joint military exercises with the u. s. which has been scale down a quite a bit over recent years. and in fact, we've just had the wrapping up of
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a military exercise and naval and maneuvers involving a u. s. aircraft carrier that seems to have been at the provocation. it seems for north korea launching missiles yesterday as sunday. and as you mentioned, there the, this is the 18th round of miss. our launch is a so far this year. and north korea seems to have and no indication of slowing down the pace of its miss out launches. and the fear being that it may resort to the launching and testing of much longer range, intercontinental ballistic missiles, the kind of missiles that it was testing back in 2017. okay. robert bry live for us in so thank you. a prominent figure in u. s. president joe biden's democratic party says he wouldn't shake the hand of saudi crown prince had been so adam shift said it during an interview after biden suggested he could visit saudi arabia soon. you may be added to the itinerary as he travels to israel in coming weeks. would be a start with verse off a bite, and when the past is just found,
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the baby should be made parias state with the murder of sorry, this is integer. malika shockey in 2018 us intelligence, said the crown prince ordered the can in which the kingdom vehemently denied. i wouldn't go, i wouldn't shake his hand. this is someone who butchered an american resident, cut him up into pieces and in the most terrible and premeditated way. and until a saudi arabian makes a radical change in terms of human rights, i wouldn't want anything to do with him. now i understand the, the degree to which saudi arabia controls oil prices. i think that's a compelling argument for us to win ourselves off a reliance on foreign oil and on oil more globally. so we don't have despots and murderers calling the shots. israel's major is reporting that the navy is transferring its version of the iron dome until nissan system to disputed seaboard with lebanon earlier lebanon,
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rhonda israel against any aggression in the waters where both states hope to develop offshore energy. and his very ship has arrived in the area for joining operations. al jazeera media network continues to demand the rapids independent and transparent investigation is the killing of its journalist and occupied westbank. sri and clay was shot in the head by any forces while she was on assignments in janine the day for funeral is very forces stone. the procession started beating moon. it was in order to almost draw her cost, but didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem take part in her funeral and burial. and because of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for investigation. i was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story is really occupation. she was known as the voice of pastime. this intense thunderstorms across france have caused
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a heavy flooding and damage. at least one person diving tuan in the northern province of normandy. the woman who was trapped on to a car after the swept away by flood waters, the storms have left thousands of homes without coming up after the weather. to this is opposition, wounds of a state of tyranny as protest, billed against the president. cleaning up everest will tell you about a campaign conditions on the wells highest ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world camp is on its way to catherine book. your travel package today. hello, we've got some very unsettle weather in the forecast. the southern parts of japan, central and southern areas, which pad actually at the moment to see this massive cloud here. and it all links
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back to this area of low pressure, very active system, which is also linking across sea. yet the seasonal rays, the my, you rain so they're gonna push their way further. east was q, she seen some very heavy rain for a time. the possibility of some localize or even flash flooding possibilities. so much slides as well as this very heavy re makes his way through horrible day on monday, very wet there, across a good part of hon. she made system grassy, made his way a little further east was for tuesday, but quite a legacy of showers coming back in behind. some showers there to across northern parts of north korea. the far northeast of china generally dry there for basing at $27.00 celsius. similar conditions therefore, shanghai, the seasonal raised the may a front that will continue to bring big downpours across southern parts of china with the risk of further localized, very some lively showers to went to the philippines, a scattering of showers across malaysia and on into were indonesia, some shout for indo china shall is too still a forecast across
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a southern parts of india. this is the light of the monsoon rains. the showers will pay pop for the west for tuesday. katha air with issue and line of the journey. ah, the shake him odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year for more information go to w, w w dot h t a dot q a slash e n. ah, ah ah,
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watching, i'll just hear a reminder of our top stories, firefighters and bangladesh have been working for a 2nd data without a huge blaze. sweat through a shipping container port, killing at least 49 people. fire sparked several explosions, was by chemicals stored in some of the containers. officials in nigeria say dozens of people, fear dead, often dumb and open fire and detonate. explosives of church happened is worshippers gathered from mass southwestern town in the state. india is that governing parties facing international condemnation after 2 senior members made insulting remarks about the prophet mohammed, one of them was the d. j p's at national spokeswoman, he's been suspended. a prime minister, chabarise sharif of neighboring pakistan tweeted, i condemn in that strongest possible words, the hurtful comments of induce b, b, j,
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p leader about our beloved profit. i've said it repeatedly, india under moody is trampling it with just freedoms and persecuting muslims. world should take note and severely reprimand india or come out hider is in is on a bad and it says it has the potential to trigger new diplomatic tensions. there has been a strong condemnation by the bug, a sunny foreign ministry. in our statement, we said that or what $200000000.00 buggers danny's, their sentiments were hard and that over a 1000000000 muslims around the world would be feeling the same way. now the bugger sony prime minister. going further by condemning the act saying that india under more de, at ward trembling religious freedoms, persecuting the muslims. and he said that the international community should reprimand more days. government for this act should be remembered that even bugger stands out, stared prime minister m ron con. raised this issue internationally about islam of
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phobia and about hurting the sentiments of there is some a community to all the world by our dead, all good, 3 statements against the profit of islam. so indeed they say they're being taken very strongly. the religious parties are going to react as well. and they said one thing on wednesday that total consent says a crossed up, will it a good day? white russian missile strikes of hit the outskirts of ukraine's capital kiva. for the 1st time in weeks, russia says tanks donated from the westward destroyed wherever this is disputed by ukraine, keith has largely been spared from major attacks since russia refocused its military campaign on the east. all swan sunday, russia's present threatened to hit new targets. if the west provides that ukraine with longer range missiles, the warning didn't specify what these new targets might be less than you booked in
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your book. so let's if they supply them with this, then we'll conduct our own appropriate conclusion. use our tools which we have enough of, and we will strike those targets, which we have not yet been hitting and ukraine's well cup. dream is over, the last one will to wales in their payoff match in cardiff houses here as poor races. miss ukraine's arrival in cardiff put their hosts in an unfamiliar position. the tiny nation of wales is normally a neutrals favorite. but the russian invasion of ukraine has given the ukrainian football team a large global backing as they paid for a place at the world cup. here the players had the support of thousands from the ukranian diaspora as well as refugees from the war. i leave invest in ukraine and i come to london. oh, i've to wire, but get in my guns in this my psych woodville my feel any sport it's already put in twice because we love each other. we love all her cool love
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that other guy and he was to quite very game raleigh's. the whole nation in support on the team, it provides rest, sport from the horrors of the war. the killings are happening, atrocities are happening on a daily basis. the welsh crowd applauded the ukrainian anthem, just as the scottish crowd had before ukraine's semi final victory in glasgow. but unlike him, glasgow, that great number of chances in front of gold didn't lead to them opening the scoring. instead, a free kick with 10 minutes to go in the 1st half, gave a chance to wales his former rel, madrid, stalking to jeris bail. and he took it thanks to a deflection of glasgow goal hero under a ja malenko. as he tried to head to clear this time at the way in the 2nd half another score in scotland,
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autumn dove big seemed like he would level for ukraine on a whales keep at wayne hennessy was there to deny him. the words is over full time whales, one you crate. no one's on the way to the finals at the end of the game. i think we just wanted to show our appreciation to them and to what, what they're going to as a nation. and i thought that she went out standing in the 2 games and on the does have a lot of credit for doing what they've done and, and their support as well. to show the support and travel at the did. we wanted to show them that respect was upon that. i think we did everything that we could, but i really want people in ukraine to remember our teams effort. i want to say, sorry that we didn't school, but this is sport. this is how it goes. and yes and last forwards, wales now go into a world cup group and katha with around the united states and england winning this
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game would have meant an enormous amount to the ukrainian and those able to watch at home. but for wales it's a moment they've been waiting for for a very, very long time. that 1st world cup. in 64 years poll race algae era, called if a strain court has ordered google to pay more than half a $1000000.00 to a former political leader, john berringer. i was serving as the deputy state premier new south wales when he was marked in to you chief sketch videos, who's labeled as corrupt evidence and called racist names. are narrow who has italian. heritage sued a group which only chief judge rooms. he was the victim of a relentless, abusive, and the family campaign. well, just to try exit polls suggest hasn't voters have approve the constitutional changes in a referendum? the central asian countries leader wants to shift from what he calls a super presidential system, give more power to parliament. julian wolf reports
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a potential turning point for cause. it's dawn, the president says the referendum will de centralized the political system, an outlaw nepotism. oh, it comes after peaceful protests over fuel prices turned deadly, toppling the former president's 3 decade rule. but the proposed reforms have surprised some and excited others. oh, who is now we were warned that there would be a referendum literally a month ago, and more than 90 percent of our society do not know or understand what a referendum is. level of the importance of constitutional amendments is obvious. i came to vote for the 1st time in my life and i'm 54 years old. so for me this referendum is very important. i even write a request at another polling station that they come to. my home said that my father, who is 92, could also vote. the changes to kazakhstan constitution critic stay will only
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bolster the president's ambitions for a 2nd term. there's a lot of questions about whether this will really will reset relations between the, the state as it citizens, which are pretty traumatized after the violence in january. the president also faces another challenge, staying neutral on the war and ukraine, while maintaining security and economic partnerships with russia and the west join wolf. al jazeera was remitted to nissan, tennessee, as i should say. opposition leader says the north african countries facing what he calls a state of turning. testers were confronted by police on saturday, rout demonstration against persons. i said, for months they've accused him of tempting a power ground after he sat, the government, when suspended. ah, we think the people must 1st meet to decide their goal, discuss that certain goal, and then work hard to achieve such a goal. all the parties must reach or approach more in order to be able to face
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their common enemy. the biggest threat is to not agree to stay in disagreement. we can shootings in 3, u. s. cities have killed 9 people and wounded 2 dozen more in philadelphia. an altercation between the 2 men escalated into a gum fight, but saw bullets sprayed into a crowded restaurant district. 3 people died. there are 2 other shootings happened in the states of tennessee. and michigan is the latest outbreaks of gun violence after 3, mast shootings and have renewed the cause for stronger firearm wars. bliss and peru have fought with anti government, protested, who wanted president pedro castillo to resign. government critics are angry about rising prices and accused left his leader of driving, proven towards bankruptcy, was to you, has been focused on inflation the pandemic and warn you. farmers in the brazil save fertilizer prices driven up by the war in the ukraine, or sending them broke. much of their supplies come from russia and by the roost,
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making them vulnerable to a conflict. thousands of kilometers away. on a community of reports from within populous farmers in southern brazil are feeling the economic branch of the warn ukraine. 3 months after russia's invasion, they are still able to secure fertilizers for their crops, but a very high prices or, but as you say, thought in all brazil is the world's largest soil producer, big good. and it's the only international giant green producer that is almost totally dependent on imported fertilizers, 86 percent of what the country needs comes from abroad, and much already from russia and bella rose's way to despite international sanctions against moscow, russian ships are still being able to dock, a brazilian poorer such a gumble. this is not enough for market as big as brazil's, the war has complicated the logistics of importing products from that part of the world,
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generating insecurity among investors. that's why fertilizer prices have skyrocketed . last to year, each of these bags, with one ton of fertilizer, is to cost $600.00. now farmers are paying twice as much for the same amount, brazil's president able, so mattel visited moscow shortly before vladimir putin ordered his troops to invade ukraine. he said latin america's largest economy would be neutral in the war because business with russia is fundamental fertilizers as sacred for sure. you're also not as stanley as the support of brazil's powerful agricultural lobby, even here in put them thought bodies were 75 percent of the population is of ukrainian descent and he's running for reelection in october. the cloud care marcus from what's happening in the green is terrible, but brazil has to think about itself. you cannot get involved because 30 percent of
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the fertilizers report come from russia and bella rose, which kind of thing from brazil has announced a 3 decade plan to reduce the countries dependence on imported fertilizers. but experts say it could also take decades before there are any results. need more farmers in brazil are hoping for the war to wend. monica, you're not give al jazeera, but then thought body's brazil. the pole is cleaning mountains of garbage in the himalayas. the armies leading community efforts to tardy up mount everest, collecting at 30 tons of rubbish so far. and we are to limit reports from catholic thin air and extreme cold. this theme of shell pause and nobody's soldiers have been battling harsh conditions in some of the world's highest mountains. for 2 months. the cleaning of waste left behind by mountaineers. actually, it's a difficult work. we have to seek the rubbish in caracas,
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or like liquor under sir ox hours in the mountains, or there is no ropes or somewhere else. so it's quite difficult. the team have collected nearly 35 tons of waste from some of the world's most famous peaks. every lucy country jungle binoculars and being that most amount of source of laughter in malaise, contributing to the people of the season. we need to protect it, to keep the sanctity and the cleanliness of this vision. it either directly unpleasant to the environment. people dear health, as well as the misery under this or not. this reason. people living in the mountains are especially vulnerable to climate change, melting glaciers trigger, flash floods, affecting mountain communities, living downstream at other times is not enough rain. it has been few years there. the locals have been complaining that their production has been infected because of
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the change from the in the rental battle and sim s. so for the heard those 2. yeah . coders because they're here, production is not good. and there is water shortages. so which is impacting the local communities climate change scientists say as more fossil fuels are burned globally, the planet is becoming warmer as the himalayas lose their reflectivity because of black carbon pollution particulates being deposited on the mountain. it causes the snow and ice to melt faster. do you not get them to told you? don't to do is a reflection of your salary, diety, these seams are celebrating both the end of their campaign and world environment day. but they hope they clean up. we'll also draw the world attention to global warming and its impact on their pals, fragile mountain ecosystems and communities. ramirez limbo al jazeera gut 12. 0.


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