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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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multi $1000000000.00 business. we found one product, but about one 3rd horse danay in the us, which was just an incredible finding. during raids on one of the most notorious mafia gangs in calabria, italian police found consignments of fake olive oil made from industrial lubricants that were being exported to the united states. the main thing that we do when we carry out criminal investigations is to reconstruct the money flow and the flow of goods and connect pieces together. it office, broads, does profits that are easy to make and hard to ignore. perhaps it means that all of us should be a little more vigilant about what we put on our plates. ah, india's ruling party faces and international backlash after
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a top official makes remarks condemned as islam of phobic. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from dell, also coming up with dozens of catholic worship as a few dead after gunman storm a church. in southwestern nigerla, a show of force from south korea, the united states, the allies respond to a north korean missiles, launched by firing 8 of their own missiles into the sea. and running the front line troops ukraine's president. is it soldiers in the dumbass region? as russia takes aim at military, hard with gulf countries are leading international condemnation of comments about the prophet mohammed by unofficial of india's governing party. the b j. p has suspended national spokeswoman to poor sharma for making this law for a big remarks during a televised debate that been protest in india by muslim organizations which have
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been targeted by hindu groups. saudi arabia has described the comments as insulting while cats r, q 8, and iran have summoned indian ambassadors while in a treat cutters. assistant foreign minister cutty said these not my phobic discourse has reached dangerous levels in a country long known for diversity and cut existence. unless officially and systematically confronted the systemic hate speech targeting islam in india will be considered a deliberate insult against the 2000000000 muslims. while in its statement the b. j . b, declare that if strongly denounces insults of any religious personalities of any religion. adding that the b j. p is also strongly against any ideology which insults or demeans any effect or religion. while out there with property mental in new delhi explains how the backlash has grown since the contentious remarks were made. the comments offensive and seem to say the least, and i'll go to go to details, but they will made actually a few days ago,
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one comment was made on social media. the other one was new during a debate on a national news television network. now, in terms of the fallout immediately, they will up with these complaints that will file these to politicians. it all came to head on friday when, after the fighting, pres, group started protesting both protest on violence, they will pets and stones. dozens of people were injured, including many police officers arrest all being made. the police say the 5 cases against hundreds of people and security has been beat up in the city all gone for in northern india, which is where this violence of to please. now the b to b has difference. it says from these comments, it has condemned them. you know, one person has been suspended. the other one has been expect. what prime minister should i sharif of neighboring pakistan tweeted,
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i condemn in the strongest possible words, the hurtful comments of india's b j. p leader about our beloved profit. i've said it repeatedly, india under moody is trampling religious freedoms and persecuting muslims. the world should take note and severely reprimand. india will come on. hider is in islamabad and says it has the potential to trigger new diplomatic tensions. then re enter strong corn, them nation by the buggers. tiny foreign ministry in our statement. great said doug, or what do 100000000 bug it's donny, they're sent emmans, her heart and dad over a 1000000000 muslims around award would be feeling the same way. now. the bugger sony prime minister. going further by condemning the act saying that india under mo, d at ward trembling religious freedoms, persecuting the muslims. and he said that the international community should reprimand more. did government for this act should be remembered that even bugger
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stones out stead prime minister emron con, raised this issue internationally about islam of phobia. and about hurting the sentiments of there is some, a community to all the worried by a dead, all get 3 statements against the profit of islam. so indeed they say they are being taken very strongly. the religious parties are going to react as well. and this is one thing on wednesday that daughter consent says a crossed up. will it a good day? white. now, dozens of people, a fear dead. dr. gunman opened fire and set of explosives that a nigerian church had happened in the south western town of o in orlando state. where catholic worshippers had gathered for sunday mass on those regarded as a logical, peaceful part of a country plague by security issues. if governor and religious leaders have condemned, the attack of interest is fond of that development in the capital of buddha, that i fear of the number of dead could rise because of the severity of injury sustained by worshippers. i. when the gunman opened fire and wherever can we don't
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have to tack, intended to cause maximum damage. first of all, a definitive a device as people camper for safety and run out of the chairs to the open fire on them. there is no came of responsibility as we speak. however, there are so many suspects on the list. some suggestion that it could be criminal against the operating in bed as part of nigeria over the past years, especially in the north west of the country and north central partial nigeria. it's not clear whether these groups are responsible. these groups have been played as tara, which by the general government the last time there was any serious clashes between farmers and colonel hood in that part of the country in the southwest of the country was more than a year ago. so it's a big surprise and a big confusing situation for security forces trying to unravel the reason or the motive behind sundays attack. however, the president and the governor of the state of both issues, statement condemning the attack and boeing retribution and taking action to deal
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with those who carry out with these attacks. criminal games that i've been operating in various parts of nigeria, the north, which of the country over the past years, they have killed thousands of people and displaced tens of thousands from their homes. are creating a very desperate situation in terms of security in terms of security as well in the, in those spots of the country. now nigeria, so i want to close new to see how secure force is able to address this particular problem. now there are also concerns that the continued fathers in the country could actually my, the preparation to the general elections holding in niger next year. south korean president, units, look, yours, says north korea's missile and nuclear weapons programs have reached a point where they pose a threat to world peace. south korea and the u. s. a fired 8 missiles towards the sea of south korea's east coast comes a day after the north launched a barrage of short range ballistic missiles of its eastern coastline or robert bridge, all his life from the south korean capital sold at rob. so what more do we know than about these missile launchers by the u. s. and south korea?
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yeah, this was her direct response from south korea and it's usa allies to sundays launched the joint military command here in south careers as a total of 8. missiles were fired at they were fired from the east coast in gung one province. this is the province that borders with north korea. along the d, m. c. the missiles were fired into the c, a c's that separate the korean peninsula from japan. the south koreans in the u. s . said that this was a to demonstrate the capability. it says, of precision strikes it. origins of provocations, clearly indicating north korea. they're saying at condemning sunday's launch by north korea, of again, exactly the same number of ballistic missiles. 8 missiles being fired by north korea saying that the south and the u. s. will take corresponding reactions there each time or to what they call these provocations that has been reinforced by you or by units of y'all, the conservative a president of the south korean newly inaugurated here he has been speaking of that
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memorial day event. it's a public holiday here in south korea. his made a speech at the country's national cemetery, saying that he will respond sternly and firmly. he says there to any a future launch is by north korea saying that said the continued nuclear and missile programs by north korea pose a threat to peace and stability not only in the korean peninsula, but he says, the whole world. and rob, is there a sense that we're now returning to the bad old days of tit for tat launches and, and, and north korea pushing ahead with nuclear development. it does seem that way and, you know, the u. s. has said that it's willing to talk to the north koreans at any time. a south korea has said that if it had not grey gives up its nuclear program, then it will see incredible economic rewards from that. but the north koreans seemed to show no indication of doing any of that at the launches. on their sunday
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yesterday, with the 18th round of miss, our launch is so far this year, the 17th round of launch is that took place just under 2 weeks ago. and that was right after a meeting of the so called security quad of nations. this is the u. s. and allies in the indo pacific and meeting in tokyo, japan, the launches of the 17th round of our multiple lodges by north korea, are thought to have included an icbm and intercontinental ballistic missile flying at a much shorter trajectory than it's capable of. but the fear is here in a south korea that the north could well return to full scale testing of icbm is possibly even an underground nuclear test, which would certainly ratchet up the tension them. all right, a rama bryan life us there in saw rob, thank you. now emergency crews of continued working to put out a massive fire that's killed. at least 49 people in bangladesh had started in a shipping depot causing explosions and chemical filled containers. the army has
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been deployed to help in the southeastern town of such a condo as tanveer changi ripples laid on saturday night and massive explosion. rog, this container depot, fire them spread from one container to another, filled by chemicals stored in some of them. the blast was filled up to 4 kilometers away. about 4000 containers were stowed here, many were filled with clothes destined for western retailers. hospitals, so say the dep toll is expected to rise. i'll get up last night. i talked with my brother 10 minutes before the accident, we had no contact with him since the accident. we have no idea about his condition and whereabouts yet. rescue workers say more bodies lie under the deputies fire service. official suspect, the container of hydrogen peroxide exploded and flame spread quickly to other containers. the exact cause for the fire is still not known. the charter gram this segment station and the fire department has started a separate independent pro body to find out the real reason behind this fire.
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meanwhile, the government has announcer financial compensation package for the victims, family fire department, say several firefighters died, and others are missing. with the actual cause behind the incident will be revealed when it's investigated. as far as i know, the deputy commissioners office has formed the prob committee, the fire brigade must have launched a separate investigation or will do so. bangladesh has one of the worlds fastest growing economies, a new factories and high rise apartments have grown rapidly in recent years. but fires are common at industrial premises due to lack of enforcement of safety rules, inadequate acute men, a lack of stuff, and many experts say much needs to be done to turn that around and which audrey al jazeera taca. israel's media is reporting that the navy's transferring its version of the eye and dumb anti missile system to a disputed c border with lebanon. but earlier, they've been on board israel against any aggression in the waters where both states hope to develop offshore energy and is ready ship has arrived in the area for
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drilling operations. out of there, a media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and the occupied west bank. sharina barclay was shot in the head, buys, ready forces, watch was on assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral is ready for his storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pul barris, to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop. thousands of palestinians were marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. a black lay was without a 0 for 25 years carving the story of these railey occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. not more so to come here now does here including after much celebrated launch. 3 crew members arrive at china space station. the latest drive in beijing's orbital ambitions on the mountains of rubbish collected from the world's highest peak will tell you how it's also part of the fight against climate
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change. more than that status ah. with hello. very welcome to look at the international forecasts, please to say we got some quiet weather now coming in across florida. this is our tropical disturbance sits now go to name. this is tropical storm alex, so it's re invigorated pushing out into that western side of the atlantic. and it will gradually push up towards bermuda, making way for some storms to across central parts of the u. s. cross, a central place. these 2 systems, grassy make their way further east was that one pulls away. this next one runs across the plains around the higher valley, pushing down little further south with so some live storms coming in across this particular part of the u. s. easing up into ontario to that eastern side of canada . possible as if localized flooding here,
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violent winds. and we could see the or tornado mixed in another system. following on behind, over towards the west, it stays warm and dry for the most part similar pitcher. as we go on in to choose, they'd largely settle, at least for the time being, and their showers, say we're grassy, make the way across the plains. see whether whether they're easing towards eastern seaboard, but for the time being stays hot and dry. new york 26 and d c getting into the thirty's once again. now the trial and of our system of alex that will continue to feed well, whether it was a good part of cuba, eastern dollars, a sherry. ah. i from mother to daughter, an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarchy. news from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs, making this families place unique and to new z as rich tapestry. the threat on
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a da 0 ah ah, we'll come back and remind about top stories here at this hour. india's governing parties facing international condemnation of the 2 senior members made insulting remarks about the prophet muhammad. one of them was the b. j. p. national spokesman, who's been suspended. officials in nigeria said dozens of people, i fear dead off the gunmen open fire on death night explosives at a church. it happened as worship has gathered from mass in the southwestern town of oh, well, in the condo state of south korea's president says,
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the north weapons program to reached a point where they pose a threat to world peace. south korea in the u. s. a 58 missiles towards the see, a day after similar launched by young australia's prime minister is in indonesia to shore up ties with his country's closest neighbor, anthony alban, isi and indonesian president, yoko dodo, are expected to discuss climate trade and security albany. he's been quick to re engage in the region since taking office last month. 7 his visit is seen as an attempt to counter china's growing influence among asia pacific nations were jessica washington joins us live from jakarta. jessica, as we just came to that, we saw some live pictures of the leaders arriving for that meeting. so what do we know about the purpose about but each trip and what's on the agenda? hello, few different things. sterren. so as you mentioned, does any of an easy arrived in indonesia on sunday night? not just the prime minister, but with a delegation of senior ministers as well,
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the foreign minister trade minister and the industry minister. and he also brought with him a group of senior business leaders. so the stated ave of this trip is to improve relations with the indo pacific that includes across trade across a regional security and also collaboration on climate infrastructure and energy as well. earlier we heard from the st railey and foreign minister penny wong, who stated that indonesia is a very important partner for australia. crucial for our security. we share a region. i'll futures are tied to the region now. the albanese government had previously prior to the election accused scott morrison's government of neglecting relations with the region in particular with se asia and with these meetings today is at the, you know, albany. he meets the indonesian president and also meets the secretary general off the ozzy on group. the labor government is seeking to assure countries in southeast asia that it will not neglect those crucial by lateral time. it's only been
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a matter of weeks since australia voted in a new government, and yet we're already seeing this, this diplomatic re engagement in the region. well, that's exactly right. this government has already taken a very active fallen foreign policy approach. it's only been 2 weeks since they were sworn in the foreign minister. penny wong has already made it to deployments to the pacific. on his 2nd day in office, anthony albany, he went to tokyo for the quad summit. so this is the government that does aim to revitalize ties with the asia pacific. the foreign minister penny wong has stated that the region is being re shaped and that countries must work together to ensure peace, prosperity, and respect of sovereignty. and that is the stated aliases. straight as this delegation visits indonesia, of course some of the, of the focus of the media has been on the issue of beijing influence in southeast
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asia, but also in the pacific. we did recently, of course have the chinese farmington visiting countries in the pacific. more or less safe. so part of this trip is just to, to reassure partners that australia remains committed to the region in the face of rising influence of beijing. part of the challenge of this visit and, and all the relations in the region going forward will be to ensure countries in the region that australia, while having a different perspective on beijing influence still respects the, the capacity of other countries to have a different relationship with aging, and that going forward that this government will be respectful of its partners in the region. all right, jessica washington life of the in jakarta. jessica, thank you. an australian court has ordered google to pay more than half a $1000000.00 to a former political leader. john bolaro was serving as the deputy state premier of new south wales when he was mocked and to youtube, sketch videos. he was labeled as corrupt without evidence and called race. his
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name's bar lawler, who is, who has italian heritage suit. google, which owns youtube. the judge ruled by ranada was the victim of a relentless, abusive, and defamatory campaign. a ukrainian president vladimir zalinski says he's visited to towns near battle lines with the russian army and the eastern dumbass region. he says he met with troops in the town of le shanks and presented some with awards. the town is just a few kilometers from sabera. don, it's where one of the was biggest ground battles is taking place. the trips are rare, phys uminski, who has been enough the capital since russian forces invaded an russian missile strikes have hit the outskirts of key for the 1st time in weeks. the same bus robbie has moved on sunday for tough. the airy sirens here has been a constant reminder that every part of ukraine remains under threat from attacks from russia, from the sky. so certainly there is
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a certain basic level of preparedness, but they've become so routine that largely people don't really rush to bomb shelters. there isn't that much of a perceived threat of attacks within the main city center. but what we seen this morning, the dramatic events that happened in the capital city in the east of the city this morning, certainly do draw a line under one simple fact that ukraine is not a country that is in command and control of the skies over its territory, and as long as that remains the case, the threat of russian attacks anywhere in the country will never be 0. what we do know is that where there were at least 2 missile strikes in the eastern side of the city, east of the new pro river that runs through the center of the capital. keep these strikes. we saw that 4 missiles hit an area in an industrial area at a rail yard. 3 others hit a tank repair facility at this rail yard. these are industrial spaces. they are home to large manufacturing factories and large lots where there are warehouses.
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and what we're hearing from the ukranian government is that the missiles came from she 1995 the strategic bombers that were launched from the caspian sea. so certainly a very high profile attack on the capital today. now, exit polls suggest vote of in context on approved constitutional changes in a referendum. the countries leader wants to shift from what he calls a super presidential system and give more power to parliament suitable for both a potential turning point for cause. it's dawn, the president says the referendum will de centralized the political system. an outlaw nepotism. oh, becomes after peaceful protests over fuel prices turned deadly, toppling the former president's 3 decade rule. but the proposed reforms have surprised some and excited others. oh no, we were warned that there would be a referendum literally a month ago,
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and more than 90 percent of our society do not know or understand what a referendum is locals. the importance of constitutional amendments is obvious. i came to vote for the 1st time in my life and i'm 54 years old. so for me this referendum is very important. i even write to request at another polling station that they come to. my home said that my father, who is 92, could also vote. the changes to kazakhstan constitution, critic stay will only bolster the president's ambitions for 2nd term. there's a lot of questions about whether this will really will make that relations between the, the state as its citizens, which are pretty traumatized off to the violence in january. the president also faces another challenge, staying neutral on the warn ukraine, while maintaining security and economic partnerships with russia and the west joint wolf, al jazeera was really well. a crew of 3 has arrived at china space station where they'll spend 6 months working to get it operational by the end of the year. it's the latest drive in
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a space program that seen china land rover on mars and deploy moon probes. bring a group to her place. ah, 3 tie connotes a chinese astronauts carrying the nations pride and the ambition of making china the wools use space superpower. so the blasted off from the church one satellite long center on the edge of the colby desert. oh and in 15 minutes reached lower earth orbit. the launch was broadcast live wednesday television. a sign of china's going confidence in its technological might. ongoing long march to f. y 14 carrier rocket has actually said the shenzi 14 band spacecraft to the designated orbit. the solar panels of stretch and operated normally. no, i announce the sions you fortune man, spacecraft launch mission a success. the mission is full of symbolism. the 3 are part of china. second
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generation of astronauts. you young is among them. she was the 1st chinese woman in space, and it's now making her return after 10 years since it will, it gives me great pleasure to be able to grow up in this era to integrate my personal dream with the interests of the whole country and to be entrusted to complete the countries fast manned manual rendezvous and docking mission was the shin. so 14 spacecraft was assigned keeping temperature, oxygen levels, humidity, and comfort in mind. with advances in its talking system will tell her to what to do during previous rendezvous and docking the orbit control strategies were all decided and implemented by ground teams. in the current fast automated rendezvous docking all the orbit control strategies are generated from calculations by the spacecraft and then independently implemented by the spatial
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in 2003, china became the 3rd country to launch a man spacecraft into the earth's orbit 42 years after the former soviet union send the 1st human into space, but since 2016, under precedence she's in pain missions to the moon and mars have accelerated precedence. she says, toning china, into a space, superpower is a critical national priority. as space exploration becomes the new battle ground for chinese competition and influence bianca group, there are 0 non pool is campaigning to clean up the himalayas. its military has been leading community efforts to improve conditions on mount everest. under so far collected more than 30 tons of waste from ya to limber reports from cat monday, thin air and extreme cold. this team of shepherds and nepalese soldiers have been battling harsh conditions in some of the world's highest mountains for 2 months.
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their cleaning of waste left behind by mountaineers. actually the difficult worker, we have do think the rubbish in crosses. are like record under xerox stores or in the mountains were there is no rob source morales. so it's quite difficult. the team have collected nearly 35 tons of waste from some of the world's most famous peaks. every st. lucie content, younger ad, manasseh, blue and being that most amount of source of water in malaise, contributing to the people on the season. we need to protect it ah, to keep the sanctity and the kindness of this reason. it is diagram plagiarism to the environment. people dear health, as well as the missile contribution of the season. people living in the mountains are especially vulnerable to climate change. melting glaciers triggered flash
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floods affecting mountain communities, living downstream at other times is not enough rain. it has been a few years there to the locals, have been complaining that the production has been infected because of the chain from the in the rental pattern. and same as so for the heard those 2. yeah, coders because they are, he production is not good. and there is water shortages. so which is impacting the local communities climate change scientists say as more fossil fuels are burned globally, the planet is becoming warmer as the himalayas lose their reflectivity because of black carbon pollution particulates being deposited on the mountain. it causes the snow and ice to melt foster cleanup. get them to told you don't to do is a reflection of your story. go deep the seems, are celebrating both the end of their campaign and world environment day. but they hope they clean up will also draw the world attention to global warming and its
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impact on their pals, fragile mountain ecosystems, and communities premier to liberal al jazeera cut. one, do police and peru have fought with anti government, protested su, one president federal castillo to resign. officers pushed back demonstrate this in fight, tear gas in the crowd in the capital, lima government critics are angry about rising prices on the tuesday left. his lead a driving permit towards bankruptcy is to use bank inflation pandemic and the war in ukraine. columbus president says a court order for his arrest is unconstitutional. regional court found even do k failed to comply with a ruling which ordered the protection of a national park. the arrest and 5 days of home detention are unlikely to be enforced. columbia's president can only be investigated by a special legislative commission on trial by congress. ah.


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