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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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rolls, long, fussy, and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims of vicious beatings, jovial as slam, is helping the pakistani community to find a voice. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack. this is europe on al jazeera, on counting the cost, the well bank was of a global recession. so is the inevitable. british government takes aim at soaring energy bells, but will at ease the cost of living crisis. i'm pakistan's economies on the brink of collapse, how the new government pull it back. counting the cost on al jazeera ah india's ruling party faces an international backlash after
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a top official makes remarks condemned as islam of phobia. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera alive from dough are also coming up a show force from south korea ambien nighted states. the allies respond to a north korean missile launched by firing 8 of the missiles into the sea. australia's new prime minister makes a push for deeper ties with indonesia as talks and president yoko would go to begin in jakarta and heartbreak for ukrainian football fans. whales has ended. the war terminations hopes of qualifying for the work. ah, gulf countries are leading international condemnation of comments about the prophet mohammed by unofficial of india's governing party. the b j. p has suspended national spokesman to push sharma for making these lemma phobic remarks. during
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a televised debate. there been protests in india by muslim organizations, which have been targeted by hindu groups. saudi arabia has described the comments as insulting while cut argue 8 and iran. i've summoned indian ambassadors will in a tweet, cat as assistant foreign minister, lower al, katya said, the islam of her big discourse as reached dangerous levels. my country long known for its diversity and co existence unless officially and systematically confronted the systemic hate speech targeting islam in india will be considered a villa, but insult against the 2000000000 muslims. well, in it state that the b j. b, declare that it strongly denounces insults of any religious personalities of any religion. adding that the b j. p is also strongly against any ideology which insults or demeans any sect or religion. what pap natal in new delhi explains how the backlash has grown since the contentious remarks were made. quote, the comments offensive and seem to say the least. i'm not going to go to details,
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but they were made actually a few days ago. one comment was made on social media. the other one was new during a debate on a national news television network. now, in terms of the fallout, immediately they look with these complaints that will file these to politicians. it all came to head on friday when, after the fighting, pres, group started protesting those protests on violence. they will peddling stones. dozens of people were injured, including many nice offices, a rest all being made. the pretty say these 5 cases against hundreds of people and security has been beat up in the city all gone for in northern, which is where this violence up to please. now the b to b has been, it says from these comments, it has condemned them. you know, one person has been suspended, the other one has been expelled. dozens of people are fear dead off. the gunman opened fire and set of explosives at a church. in nigeria,
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it happened to the south western town of o and under state, where catholic worship as a gathered for sunday mass unders regarded as a large peaceful part of a country plagued by security problems. if the governor and religious leaders have condemned the attack address is following developments from a boucher that actually has the number of dead could rise because of the severity of injury sustained by worshippers. i. when the gunman opened fire and wherever can we don't have to tag intended to cause maximum damage. first of all, a definitive a device as people can't buy for safety and run out of the chair to the open fire and them. there is no claim of responsibility as we speak. however, there are so many suspects on the list. some suggestion that it could be criminal against the been operating in various parts of nigeria over the past years, especially in the north west of the country and north central parts of my. it's not clear whether these groups are responsible, these groups have been played as terrorist by the general government. the last time
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there was any serious clashes between farmers and cuddled. hood as in that part of the country and this outpost of the country was more than a year ago. so it's a big surprise and a big confusing situation for security forces trying to unravel the reason or the motive behind sunday's attack. however, the president and the governor of the state of both issues, statement condemning the attack and bowing retribution and taking action to deal with those who carry that with these attacks. criminal games that i've been operating in various parts of the game in the north, which of the country over the past years, they have killed thousands of people and displaced tens of thousands from their homes. are creating a very desperate situation in terms of security, in terms of food security as well in the, in those spots of the country. now nigeria, so i want to close new to see how secure force is able to address this particular problem. now there are also concerns that the continued fathers in the country could actually my, the preparation to the general elections,
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holding in niger next year. soccer and president human secure says north korea's weapons program has reached a point where it poses a threat to world peace sell in washington. $58.00 missiles towards the sea of south korea is east coast and comes a day after the north north. the barge of short range, ballistic missiles of coastline rubble. brian has more salt. this was a direct response from south korea and its usaa allies to sundays launch the joint military command here in south korea. as a total of 8, missiles were fired, they were fired from the east coast in gang one province. this is the province the borders with north korea. along the dmc, the missiles were fired into the c, a c that separate the korean peninsula from japan. the south koreans in the us said that this was to demonstrate the capability. it says, of precision strikes it. origins of provocations, clearly indicating north korea. they're saying that condemning sundays launch by north korea, of again,
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exactly the same number of ballistic missiles. 8 missiles being fired by north korea saying that the south of the us will take corresponding reactions, each time to what they call these publications that has been reinforced by you, by you. and so all of the conservative president of south korean newly inaugurated here he has been speaking at a memorial day event. it's a public holiday here in south korea who's made a speech at the country's national cemetery, saying that he will respond sternly and firmly. he says to any future launches by north korea. thing that said, the continued nuclear and missile programs by north korea pose a threat to peace and stability, not only in the korean peninsula, but he says, the whole world. a prominent figure, us president joe biden's democratic party says he wouldn't shake the hand of saudi crown prince. mom i've been so mon, adam shift said it during an interview after biden suggested he could visit saudi arabia, assuming everyone a kingdom may be added to the artillery as the president travels to israel in the
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coming weeks. it would be a stock reversal for biden, who in the past suggested read, should be made a pariah state of the murder. saudi dissident jamal shall be in 2018 us intelligence found the crown prince ordered the killing allegation. the kingdom has repeatedly denied. i wouldn't go, i wouldn't shake his hand. this is someone who butchered an american resident, a cut him up into pieces in the most terrible and premeditated way. and until a saudi arabian makes a radical change in terms of human rights, i wouldn't want anything to do with him. now i understand the, the degree to which a saudi arabia controls oil prices. i think that's a compelling argument for us to win ourselves off a reliance on foreign oil and on oil more globally. so we don't have despots and murderers. calling the shots, emergency crews and bangladesh have continued working to put out a massive fire that's killed at least 49 people. it started in a shipping depot,
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causing explosions and chemical fil containers. the army has been deployed to assist in the southeastern town of such a condo as tanveer charger poach laid on saturday night and massive explosion. rog discount in our depot. fire then spread from one container to another, filled by chemicals stored in some of them. the blast was filled up to 4 kilometers away. about 4000 containers were stowed here, many were filled with clothes destined for western retailers. hospitals, sources adapt, all is expected to rise. i'll get up last night. i talked with my brother 10 minutes before the accident. we had no contact with him since the accident. we have no idea about his condition and whereabouts yet, rescue or cra say more bought his lie under the deputies. fire service officials suspect the container of hydrogen peroxide exploded and flame spread quickly to other containers. the exact cause for the fire is still not known. the chapter graham, this segment of station and the fire department has started
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a separate independent pro body to find out the real reason behind this fire. meanwhile, the government has announced a financial compensation package for the victims family fire department, say several firefighters died, and others are missing a little. the actual cause behind the incident will be revealed when it's investigated. as far as i know, the deputy commissioner's office has formed the prob committee, the fire brigade must have launched a separate investigation or will do so. bangladesh as one of the worlds fastest growing economies, a new factories and high rise apartments have grown rapidly in recent years, but fires their common at industrial premises due to lack of enforcement of safety rules, inadequate acute men, a lack of stuff, and many expert, se much needs to be done to turn that around and recharge re i'll jazeera, dr. australia's prime minister is in indonesia to shore of ties with his country's closest neighbor, anthony albanese and indonesian president yoga we, dodo,
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are expected to discuss climate trade and security albany. he's been quick to engage in the region since taking off his last month, visit seen as an attempt account at china as growing influence among asia pacific nations. jessica washington. as more from jakarta, dusty albany arrived on sunday night, not just the prime minister, with the delegation of senior ministers as well as the foreign minister trade minister, the industry minister. and he also brought with him a group of senior business leaders. so stated, aim of this trip is to improve relations with the indo pacific, and that includes across trade across the regional security and also collaboration on climate infrastructure and energy as well. earlier we heard from the trailer and foreign minister penny wong, who stated that indonesia is a very important partner for it's really a crucial for security. we share a region i'll future is tied to the region. now, the albany is the government has previously prior to the election accuse,
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thought more the government of the lifting relations with the region in particular, the southeast asia. and with these meetings today is at albany to meet the innovation president and also meets the secretary general of the groups. the labor government is seeking to assure countries in se asia that it will not neglect those crucial by lateral files. of course, some of the, of the focus of the media has been on the issue of staging, influence in se asia, but also in the pacific. we did recently has the chinese foreign minister visiting countries in the pacific j more or less states. so part of this trip is just to win to reassure partners that's a trailer, remain committed to the region in the phase, the rising influence of beijing. israel's media is reporting that the navy's transferring its version of the i and anti missile system to a disputed sieboldt with lebanon, with early lebanon,
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warned israel against any aggression in the waters where both states hope to develop offshore. energy and israeli ship has arrived in the area, the drilling operations out there. a media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and the occupied westbank. sharina barclay was shot in the head, buys, ready forces. while she was an assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral, israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing poor bearers to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take bothering her funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continued to call for an investigation, a block. it was without a 0 of 25 years coming the story of these ready occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. still to come here, not just here, including to his years opposition warns of a state of tyranny as protest billed against the president. and after a 2 day absence, britton's queen elizabeth returns to the spotlight in the final day of her jibley
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celebrations. more than steamers ah, the journey has begun. the fee for world camp is on its way to cattle. your travel package today. hello, the weather is hot and getting hotter, no surprises across the middle east. then lastly, clear skies. lots of hazy sunshine, little bits and pieces of fair weather cadillac farther north. but it's all about the temperatures. 14 i celsius of baghdad. 48 celsius serf a q 8, where touching 42 degrees, but look at poorer back there for cheers. they could get up to around 50 celsius for tuesday afternoon. so some searing heat squatting. he continuing or quite as her horses that over to was at east side of the mediterranean. plenty warm enough for some pleasant sunshine for bay route. not the sunshine across north africa in more cloud though into her algeria,
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into morocco. rain bearing it is fair weather cloud, the rain se are further south of course. so see some lively big storms into central and southern parts of nigeria been in toga garner, seeing some lively showers, ivory coast to over to ward. so liberia and even southern parts of marley could see some wet weather as we go on through the next couple of days, a shower. they join up with the showers that we have in to central africa. not as widespread as they should be in notice. but i'm pleased to say the shower is a little more widespread. they're into their eastern side of kenya. they have been some time coming, some heavy rain to coming in to mozambique eastern parts of the madagascar. but try the south africa. i saw airway official airline of the journey. how do states control information in china? there's no can go. if you try to search the war, can a men we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion? they had live died and that allowed the children to continue to die to how is
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status in journalism re framing the story. i'm here to duck you, man, the war crimes committed by what did, and he is resumed. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera. ah ah. well to back everything about about top stories here at this. our officials in nigeria said dozens of people, a few dead after gunman open fire and death, and i did explosive to the church. it happened as worship, as gathered for something mouse on the southwestern town of o n on district south korea's president says the north weapons program has reached a point where it poses a threat to world peace sold on washington to $58.00 missiles towards the sea. that
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they offer similar launched by film on india, governing parties facing international condemnation of the 2 senior members made insulting remarks about the prophet muhammad. one of them was the reject peace national spokeswoman has been suspended. what prime minister shabbat sharif off neighboring pakistan tweeted, i condemned the strongest possible words, the hurtful comments of india's b j. p leader about our beloved profit. i've said it repeatedly, india under moody is trampling religious freedoms and persecuting muslims. the world should take note and severely reprimand india welcome all hide as in islamabad and says the incident could trigger new diplomatic tensions. there has been a strong condemnation by the pakistani foreign ministry in a statement. great said doug or what do 100000000 bug astonished. they sent emmans her heart, and that over a 1000000000 muslim, that armed award would be feeling the same way. now the bugger sony prime minister
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. going further by condemning the act saying that india under mo, d at ward trembling religious freedoms, persecuting the muslims. and he said that the international community should reprimand more. did government for this act should be remembered that even bug sustan's ousted prime minister emron con, raise this issue internationally about islam of phobia, and about hurting the sentiments of death. is some a community to all the world by a dead, all good, 3 statements against the profit of islam. so indeed this is being taken very strongly the religious parties are going to react as well. and this is one thing on wednesday that daughter consent says a crossed up willing to go to de white ukrainian president vladimir zalinski has visited. 2 towns may a battle lines with a russian army in the eastern dumbass region. he says he met with troops in lashaun
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scan, presented some of the woods cities just a few kilometers from sabera. danielle square, one of the was biggest battles, is taking place. the front line trips a ran for zalinski was barely left the capital since russian forces invaded. and russian missile strikes have hit the outskirts of the capital key for the 1st time in weeks the same as robbie has more on sunday's attack. the air raid sirens here has been a constant reminder that every part of ukraine remains under threat from attacks from russia, from the sky. so certainly there is a certain basic level of preparedness, but they've become so routine that largely people don't really rush to bomb shelters. there isn't that much of a perceived threat of attacks within the main city center. but what we seen this morning, the dramatic events that happened in the capital city in the east of the city this morning, certainly do draw a line under one simple fact that ukraine is not a country that is in command and control of the skies over its territory, and as long as that remains the case,
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the threat of russian attacks anywhere in the country will never be 0. what we do know is that where there were at least 2 missile strikes in the eastern side of the city, east of the new pro river that runs through the center of the capital. keep these strikes. we saw that 4 missiles hit an area in an industrial area at a rail yard. 3 others hit a tank repair facility at this rail yard. these are industrial spaces. they are home to large manufacturing factories and large lots where there are warehouses. and what we're hearing from the ukranian government is that the missiles came from she 1995 strategic bombers that were launched from the caspian sea. certainly a very high profile attack on the capital today. also on sunday, russia, president threatened to hit new targets if the west provides ukraine will longer range missiles. the warning didn't specify what these new targets might be faced,
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then you will send you the list if they supply them with this, then we'll conduct our own appropriate conclusion. use our tools which we have enough of and we will strike those targets, which we have not yet been hitting. the russian foreign minister has been forced to cancel a trip to serbia. the neighboring countries close their ass base to his plain saga elaborate was due to arrive in belgrade on monday. but bulgaria, north, macedonia, and montenegro all refused to allow his plane to pass through their skies. several european countries, a place sanctions on moscow because of the war in ukraine. but serbia has chosen to maintain ties and ukraine's woke up bream is over. they lost one mill to wales in their playoff match and cardiff out as he was poor reese was this. ukraine's arrival in cardiff put their hosts in an unfamiliar position. the tiny nation of wales is normally a neutral favorite, but the russian invasion of ukraine has given the ukrainian football team a large global backing as they paid for a place at the world cup. here the players had the support of thousands from the
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ukranian diaspora as well as refugees from the war. i leave invest in ukraine and i come to london. oh, i've to wire, but keep in mind guns, these mice like would, will my feel any more? it's ready wasn't wise because we love each other. we love all who love it. other kindly who's deployed does very game raleigh's. the whole nation in support in the team. it provides rest. boyd from the horrors of the war. the killings are happening, atrocities happen on a daily basis. the welsh crowd applauded the ukrainian anthem, just as the scottish crowd had before ukraine's semi final victory in glasgow. but unlike in glasgow, that greater number of chances in front of gold didn't lead to them opening the scoring. instead, a free kick with 10 minutes to go in the 1st half gave a chance to wales his former rel,
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madrid stalk dejaris bale. and he took it yet again, thanks to deflection of glasgow goal here are under a yar malenko as he tried to head it clear as time at the way in the 2nd half another score in scotland, autumn dove big seemed like he would level for ukraine on wales keep at wayne hennessy was there to deny him. the weight is all that full time whales. one, you crate. no ones are on their way to the finals at the end of the game. i think we just wanted to show our appreciation to them and to what, what they're going to as a nation. and i thought that she was standing in the 2 games and on the devil, our credit for doing what they've done and, and their support as well. to show the support and travel at the did, we want to show them that respect was upon it. tell me. i think we did everything
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that we could, but i really want people in ukraine to remember our teams effort. i want to say, sorry that we didn't school, but this is sport. this is how it goes. and yes and last forwards. wales now go into a world cup group and catherine with around the united states and england. winning this game would have meant an enormous amount to the ukrainian guns and those able to watch at home. but for wales it's a moment they've been waiting for for a very, very long time. that 1st world cup. in 64 years poll race algae is era called it. exit polls suggest voters and carfax, dawn of approved constitutional changes in a referendum country's leader wants to shift from what he calls a super presidential system and give more power to parliament. julian will report a potential turning point for kazakstan. the president says the referendum will decentralize the political system. an outlaw nepotism oh becomes after peaceful
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protests over fuel prices turned deadly. toppling the former president's 3 decade rule. but the proposed reforms have surprised some and excited others. oh no, we were warned that there would be a referendum literally a month ago and more than 90 percent of our society do not know or understand what a referendum is locals. the importance of constitutional amendments is obvious. i came to vote for the 1st time in my life and i'm 54 years old. so for me, this referendum is very important. i even write a request at another polling station that they come to. my home said that my father, who is 92, could also vote the changes to cause exxon's constitution critic stay will only bolster the president's ambitions for a 2nd term. there's a lot of questions about whether this will really will reset relations between the, the state and its citizens,
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which are pretty traumatized off to the violence in january. the president also faces another challenge, staying neutral on the war and ukraine, while maintaining security and economic partnerships with russia and the west join wolf. al jazeera. to me is opposition, leader says the north african countries facing what he calls a state of tyranny for testers were confronted by police on saturday while demonstrating against president chi psi you for months that accused him of attempting a power grab. after his suck the government and to spend upon yeah, we think the people must 1st meet to decide their goal, discuss that certain goal, and then work hard to achieve such a goal. all the parties must reach or approach more in order to be able to face their common enemy. the biggest threat is to not agree to stay in disagreement. police and peru afford with anti government, protested, who want the president federal castillo to resign. officers pushback demonstrators and fired tear gas on the crowd and the capital lima government critics are angry
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about rising prices and use the left as leader a driving permit towards bankruptcy. prestige has been inflation and demick on the war in ukraine. columbia's president says a court order for his arrest is unconstitutional. original court found that even do k failed to comply with a ruling which ordered the protection of a national park arrest. and 5 days of home detention are unlikely to be enforced. an australian court has ordered google to pay more than half a $1000000.00 to a former political leader. john bolero was serving as the deputy state premier of new south wales. when he was marked in to youtube, sketch videos was labeled as corrupt without evidence and called racist names by the judge ruled by alara was the victim of a relentless, abusive, and defamatory campaign. intense thunderstorms across france of caused heavy flooding a damage. at least one person has died in ren in the northern province of normandy . woman was trapped under a car, being swept away by flood waters,
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the storms of their thousands of homes without power. britton's queen elizabeth was wrapped up celebrations for her platinum jubilee, vowing to maintain her record breaking rain. 96 year old monarch made an appearance on the buckingham palace balcony on sunday, after mobility problems forced her to pull out of other events, but in bother reports from london. ah, at $93.00, he's just a few years younger than queen elizabeth and for allow for tennis. this special jubilee luncheon east london was a chance to entertain the community. ah, late playful all. all for upward log flicker. you. busy won't climb the friend much longer. my boy lived all morning on trip with pigeon has gathered at the center for a free traditional launch of
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a sing song. but they were joined by other residues for the last day of the 4 day jubilee. i do remember the silver jubilee. when i was young, i was probably about 7 am and this feels quite lot similar to thoughts. it's gonna be more community based. but they would like for this to carry odd, not every year, maybe, but just to get together with communities and to be some legacy there. for the older generation, the queen's been a force of stability ever since her accession to the throne 70 years ago. people like michael, who's received numerous awards for his time in the army. the last of them being a special plotted of jubilee metal will of the queen will love been having a row of family and will love the community spirit there. it brings together for each and every one of them. and the queen can do that and she does to every day. there have been events like race, a community centers in residential streets, across the country. and even for people who don't consider themselves so it's
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royalists. many will tell you it's a great chance for generations to come together and for those too young to remember, even the diamond jubilee 10 years ago. there were other attractions to what's the best thing about oh, didn't help. oh yeah. something comes out takes of all shapes and sizes were on offer at the oval cricket ground and south london, prince charles b i to the throne and his wife camilla were here for a somewhat bigger jubilee lunch. and at windsor castle crowds gather to try to break the world record for the longest picnic but for thousands of people, it was about keeping it local as well as marking a milestone. ah ni nadine baba al jazeera london ah.


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