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tv   This Is Europe Undocumented And Under Attack  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2022 9:30am-10:01am AST

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i say i heard in the 1st of a new series to people in new york city, use different tools and means to fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed a nation wide problem. network wires, a systemic solution generally can change on al jazeera mm. a algebra with no news. hello, i'm down, jordan don't. well, the quick reminder the top story 0 to al jazeera india's governing parties facing
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international condemnation of the 2 senior members made insulting remarks about the prophet mohammed. one of them was the b. j. peace. national spokeswoman, who has not been suspended. collins during a tv debate triggered protest by muslims across india. probably mattel as more from new jersey. critics point out that the actions of the party that is suspending one of the politicians and expelling the other. ah, you know, these actions are too little too late for us to fall. it's worth noting that these comments were not made this weekend. they were made a while ago. one comment was made on a national use television network, which has millions of viewers almost a fortnight to go. and the other comment was made on social media a week ago. all of this has come to a head because of the international backlash, especially in the gulf countries are there are a threats and cause to boycott indian products in on boys and ambassadors have been summoned in various countries. you know,
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these are nations that the indian government has spent a lot of time and energy building close strategic ties with officials in nigeria, se dozens of people are feared dead. dr. gunman open fire and detonated explosives at a church. it happened as worshippers, gavin, for sunday mass in the southwest, montana, ohio, and under state fire fighters in bangladesh had been working for 2nd day to put out a huge blaze of sift through a shipping container port, killing 49 people, many of the injured own critical condition the fire spots several explosions caused by chemicals stored in some of the containers. sal chris presidents says the north weapons programs reached a point where it poses a threat to world peace sold on washington. i 58 michelle's to was a seat. a day off to a similar launch by pyongyang, russia's foreign minister has been forced to cancel a trip to serbia off the neighboring countries close, aerospace to his plain sir gay lover was due to arrive in belgrade on monday. but bulgaria, north, macedonia,
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and montenegro all refused to allow his plane to pass through their skies. australia's prime minister, antony albanese, is in indonesia to shore up ties with his country's closest neighbor. visit is seen as an attempt to count at china. it's growing in france among asia pacific nations . so those are the headlines and news continues here now to 0 after this is europe . spectrum. thanks to watching back up. ah natural, best of get the award for the near mid. maybe hummadi are foreigners, are immunized module. how include barbara formula? good job, duck up was guilty. may albany are paul miller, dillon wish look at that. the average ahead not welcome joe.
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today. so one way big good celebration the day of pipes done, and that's why i, we are going to collect the things you can see here. well the road to we broke and we will broke. busy and you have to go from our country and this and that this is a from fascism. says i, the wood cabinet above head. your banner consider can take up nail to generous with
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he's immune doesn't mean that be casey. i branch on it. i'm glad i thought well it is monica to me when it comes to disorder. i'm okay. whoa said yeah. it was in a day clear. they're going to robot guy. and on, on the com got it. i haven't got a tenant in it, but i kind of got it there. what actually what we cesario? no no, but me know what he got to give that he gave got this pretty well not been in the basement of the piece and nice enough have gone. ne, north main yarbrough y had fairly be i know, but that was north. say yay or nay. can we put them on your hot?
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what's going on and we didn't miss any of them. you can please call me. we'll talk to him a little bit, but i'll be good with that. i've got that going around with information in life after natasha was on a man a she was get the piece on a deal for this gay after the telephone. lady tele, 30100, but italian, lift up. what leo? he now figured i'm missing a pair, lunas hannah school sooner now figure than it was often he was going to fiddle. these are going to come on monday afternoon. i shook the coma claudio between helena lud gained only the company. i don't know that the name was he did. he really knew why the mass
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but he never called me the mother law, but when he got to be allowed to go speak with the police on the after he got all who was pretty the 8 of those pretty high that he gave him and he cannot get away from home. oh, he's unto the thief on the oh, lashing oh on the road from where to pull. no more plumber go on. oh no, i can't do it at home. um he left but i knew i heard more people tell me if you really wanna bid the manual. if dora did wanna bloom it was from a meal more for journey in the school. go to our miss nepal. meadow, where he saw making a tina when they, when they moved, he says,
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get past elbows out of school. congo. could buy mcgee matter by? he got a could be a bit, but a little bit of it, but then again to look out to be able to play them. would you malice, co capital nova good. but going again monday, indigo. we're going to go daily, but you are in good jeopardy, or jill the law telling them listen eleanor . hello, my name is darla in the gulf. me land or like a la la di napoli or the other cut, the other police don't are then a whole bunch of people that are mess association had been
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a bit this before you neg diminish government. easy. got up off to evelyn as leafy easy for of the only did the cafeteria or the fake they yoshi and i can see the balance. i guess you got the woman got here, but not nearly violence will go through and illegal turn time though, the schedule has been f a, b, v a because when the guess he'll skin it rolled, actually call that up. as he had a table desk mir. good, now i thought thought updating man man or the fact that if you kill you say get less or sort of just go and lemme get more and is your thought thought the method or what somebody's been out of the bottom on this was fema quickly didn't oppose my son about his vehicle. he's not another met, jeanette got another one p d furnace linen in
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the middle. those that have to michelle may be the city for the city of midland. are going to be automatic. dramatic school credit, debit cards, or very much on what hello la monica. the banana that i've been active on about there. hello. hello matt, but not to some find them and they're going to be fine. i'm going to get out of the, the math and i got to do math and i got to get 2 of those. but then you could tell me what i need to send it to us. we gotta get on it. but then i will try to get some down. i've got
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a table lamp coming from a lot focused on that problem at the is live either my food but medical people bucks a unanimous demonica with wonderful. ha. so any so i don't. no, no, no. okay, kiki dot and jerry. but anyway, i am going to have your google danny, while on dinner. it's hard to hear your side too. oh, oh, okay. by luck, mag our you know what i bad movie that i'm do i like i chose what they drama. who took a little while to eat, rather than my looking whatever molecules global in the grill. when i back and i
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was gonna pull shannon, milan niggling chemistry, math lab, this will take me literally when i get enough. i can change a name. yeah, i checked her melinda, whom i monica didn't get my dog. what they're going to mother, are they going to buy them? ok, memorabilia i got again, not a lot america, vendor of us, long timing. nature generated by, you know, from get there. they give a saudi. oh, good media coordinator. okay. i sure. while the for to hong k, a y, i forgot that melanie palo will by the get her up with miss coll, money with my, my little belly. barbara, mary, i'm law whether or call them we're just in the data goal for please
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william gold. karnilia. till then a little more. they require michaela that don't are being protected quite miser lately. we got a lou flower like gum. i think you are one that the walking along with one kid monday last monday. somebody else a or you know by you will get to the corner ill or a dog in
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. ready and yadda, yadda, would that i'm a good day, i might have been, i'm albany and go inside. we'll get a hockey lea. lucky they'll still get the dad again. he is liada with a new modem. i as getty, what i'm be up mckinney to get on a night, tom was well, good me, my dad got a young law. i'll give
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a young law ela. i'm make you see mister lucas, i was asked he'll be, i'm gonna buy it to a regime. this is out to you later. hi you a lot of us get the home with
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him a good again hot deleon. yeah. but i've been out on the phone with
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the muslim key mother that the, who said a hotel, the who she hustled with about to get to work on a gun jedi getting a ah, when you're from a neighbourhood known as a hot bent of radicalism, you have to fight, to defy stereotypes. think on the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them. we know machine. well, let me take a look. some of the
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book says this is year on al jazeera. hello. the weather is hot and getting hotter. no surprises across the middle east. and lastly, clear skies. lots of hazy sunshine, little bits and pieces of fair weather. cattle it further north, but it's all about the temperatures. 14, i celsius of back. that 48 celsius. surf the q 8. we're touching 42 degrees, but look at port back there for tuesday. could get up to around 50 celsius for tuesday afternoon. so some searing heat, scorching, he continuing or quarters or horses that over to ward at east side of the mediterranean. plenty warm enough for some pleasant sunshine, for bay root, no sunshine across north africa and more cloud though, into algeria, into our morocco reign, bearing it is fair weather cloud, the rain se are further south, of course. so see some lie. v big storms into central and southern parts of nigeria
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been in toga garner, seeing some live the showers, ivory coast to over to ward. so liberia and even southern parts of marley could see some wet weather as we go on through the next couple of days. a showers they joined up with the showers that we have in to central africa. not as widespread as i should be in notice, but i'm pleased to say the shower is a little more widespread there into the eastern side of kenya. they have been some time coming, some heavy rain to coming in to mozambique eastern parts of the madagascar, but dry the south africa. ah, ah, the ward winning documentary is from around the world. on al jazeera indian products are removed from the shelves and some stores in kuwait as the
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international backlash against the growing the coveting b, j. p grows.


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