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tv   Witness Trouble at Home  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm AST

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aah! from the ruins of mosul, music as re emerged. these are some of 14 musicians who make up the weather orchestra in iraq, 2nd largest city, despite being bon bon muscle was occupied by i. so the melody survived. derfin christian curd are obscene needs and trias. these young men and women represent the diversity of iraq to be able to hear music. i'm in the ruins of muscles, old city, feel strange, but it brings home the resilience of residents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, they remain committed to bringing the city back to life. ah, i molly inside in doha here, tops toys on al jazeera, u. k. prime ins to bars, johnson is to face a vote of confidence by members of his party. later this monday,
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johnson, his face caused to resign over series of scandals, including a number of parties held in and around downing street during the height of the case . corona virus looked downs, rory challenz has moved from london. it said he looking pretty rosy for bar johnson, but there is a big difference between a small while a sizable minority, $54.00 m. p 's who have had in their letters of discontent to grand brady. that is very different to a majority. conservative m. p. 's being that disgruntled with boris johnson that they want to kick him out of office. and that's what it would have to be that the secret ballot is a, is a clean my job, majority base meet as needed. so that's a 180 m p 's. what brought this to a heads is probably party gates. i mean, that is the, the most pressing political scandal that is affecting birth. johnson and his government for the moment. but it's not the only one. i mean,
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there are plenty of other things that conservatives might have to be upset with birth johnson about, i mean, a lot of them are involved involving policies, his handling of the economy, his approach to tax and things like that. but the politicians, the m p. 's, who want him gone, think that that has so tarnished his reputation and the way that the populace at large the electorate see him that day a fearful that he will lose them. the next election and m. p. 's being by larger a fatty self interested bunch that i think what advice concerned about investigators in bangladesh trying to establish the cause of a major fire out a container depot that is killed at least 49 people. fire sparks and explosion when it ignited chemicals stored in some of the containers. hundreds of people have been injured. many of them are in critical condition. the cranium president has visited 2 towns near the front lines of the war with russia and east and don't bass region
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. both are just a few kilometers from so that a genetic where one of the was biggest battles is taking place ahead of the us nuclear watchdog has raise concerns about the safety of the ukrainian nuclear plant in russian control. rafael grossi says the team is trying to travel to operate your plans in order to ensure security. russia is foreign minister as the nouns. european countries for blocking is playing from entering the space, calling it on thinkable move level with you to visit on monday. but we're supposed to counsel his trip of the neighboring countries refused to allow his plane to pass through that guy's self career president says in all weapons program has reached a point where it poses a threat to world peace. so and washington have 58 myself. were to see a day off system launched by p. o young for connie. wow. these i'll be on north korea's nuclear missile threats are getting sophisticated. if i had various
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ballistic missiles yesterday, north korea's nuclear missile programs are reaching the levels that threatened not only the peace of the korean peninsula, but also in northeast asia. and the world is really media is reporting that the navy is deploying a version of its iron dome anti missile system to dispute the border with lebanon. both countries lay claim to an area of about 860 square kilometers in the mediterranean, early 11 on, warned as well against any aggression in the area where both states hope to develop off shore energy. to nitty as judges, the going on strike for a week or 2 president case i dismissed 57 of them. and national judges association held an emergency session cooling on its members to take part in fittings at the traditional headquarters site. as a keys, the justices of corruption, but opponent say it's just the latest step in his bid to consolidate power. high school students in the chinese city of shine,
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guy being allowed to return to school almost 3 months. they have to show and negative outage and test and passed through a thermal detector. before entering shanghai lifted its locked down last week with restrictions, slowly easing throughout the city. he is continues here now to 0 to witness. ah a
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get it in may. could i back to a flood with my grandmother did with she was nearly just you'll probably be a little bit done sooner than those that you me up until all those did you get up? all right, him, him to buddy. let me talk a little mistake. make sure, did you get one of them on the 11th of them or not? so don't message me take, take suggest bubble as well. and then it will only all be gentle on the broiling,
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whatever you may said, when you say don't get him of them on a little hill, the luck miss. if m a meeting that mission that us to list. yeah, i said again let me give them deserve the. yeah. oh yeah. oh no. they don't, but the list of dollars in questions and
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i was receiving because it's my even providing to know that i don't use mine. you see the only issue that he's why because you got to get g me. that's my question coffee. i will give it to you, then do you move in just a he has a so kind of a deal with
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what you said a legal somebody with it. so take a look here on your a with one, go ahead again with the somali ah
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ah ah will it be a good a little m. dia whom her mom's shows solisco us. they will as soon student student med plaza alone in cream at dinner, michigan day and age wishes to learn. so shall many me as ma'am bus one of us been a while to more it alpha al rosters of daily care. okay.
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with loosens any particular didn't give you carmel shemika thanked with a live in a vehicle that oversee so what i did with us was at the heart of sensing mostly the colors of the service with amazon. good. this is just a mil 1000000 clues market. you bush and lincoln m m, as in of you, you could help me with it. and
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didn't jump back to the so somebody giving me a further look in the item we do security on it should give us some big milliliters on the marriage and some of the bizarre i've sent about an estimate to get rid of all to the island. i think be they be me that colors just. she's losing them all the more will probably cause shouldn't mcgovern look on the sure? the elk on the shoot, the a lot of money for just all the shrunk pixel name, williamson while while her you're severe, montague, you know, help able most customers you did this able that was bull mother could tell us to show some of that. but the mom was terrible to get it and the old more seen it. it is
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the better been living and look a pity, like it gets her and then in a been unrealistic, she will madison conceptually they wanted to consume extends down the course example. i'm in conflicts to you. nick. one sibling didn't churning in excel. michelle. nicole, the coast there for brooklyn be get his hands on the nicholas took that kind of okay. do i like? and then the 10 soda penny in the either be hurt more than she can lie to be or john smith on soda, illustrious michelin 5. know what we should and if any student does any molars,
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stim georgia molars. plus the senior, the minimum amount and im nickerson chairman, cinemas, level saved in bayshore lane ended plenty. a nimble them took, stood up well known as us all the authorization, benjamin closure santa jones and check them again. they have done that to send a james newton to boost and gonzalez damages needed
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to look thinking his reading letter, get it. in addition, let us do the junk. salvage light, the engine light the money there you go. ally any luck with a lender because let's go way over there. and then you know what you mean? like in when you when i mean,
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how can i get your culture but it was, you know, it does like look is easy, but they never want to talk to him. it took me out of your love. you can not, i would look it was hasn't yet it had some of the contributors, most of most of us know who did mother goose. there was one of them because they said all of them, i don't know there's nothing on the list because i don't know that she has
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run the place they have. we do a man inviting that the machine itself which i thought that just to that he who uses it with the new what is it that the whole of investigative,
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i like to do and then if you haven't done that, doing, you know, the end of it is it the 10 o'clock i meant about that because i know we did a yeah. we take a now. well, i didn't have the little, they're small and i to week. i have not, i was the one don't have yet to look that going on with over that with now. i'm talking you street. i'm thrown away from you so you're gonna fool it. and another question, i got the bubble a fishing is, you know, it's not, it's not a month with now the way you have that with her and i'm going over there younger some more shall learn what i'm like. they don't want to do that. well, no, the city until sunday on like a macy school
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monitor that has a legal, a for that happened last friday. and if you need to can mechanic did the question them some 3 need to hire the stem in which should matters. because then i'm selling a column with those certainty, if she only due to showing you the sugar to her and sugar to insure and it could you just like to retain your cartridges. demoss and others as any, just really whitaker. so we have the allison items are there, can you any bit of it to me and remember the come i live in the lincoln plan, schmitling. i should get there. somebody up is in the 11th and williamson potential
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for working. i know linda, linda said everything was on the jack is a little bit. my name again, casey law, send one of them. you some people who, sorry, tunable. could you please amendment on give him a job if you did my job site that. mm hm. mm hm. and the one that's on a, on a home like, you know,
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if you grew up with
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i am i would need to use the customer to read it is i took it i. this'll look it over to them. sean, on occasion that additional check admission on it. just to make monday, i told them shit, that initial lesson that quote, yoga m
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just a you'd be more specific. how many troops are you asking for? and what kind of military equipment we listen, asked the people of cuba in the street. if there was a difference between donald trump and joe bite for them, it's the site we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store restock matter. on al jazeera, the 1st episode of the series expose the imperial origins of the drug trade. commerce was good wire pirate was good for former, so these, thank you very much. wanted to go and open this passage from the far east to europe and the united states. guns need money, only money in these mountains is ok. drug trafficking, politics and power. the era of empires on al jazeera. the heart wrenching good buys loved ones, not knowing when they were united to get women and children heading west to
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relative safety, often leaving bed behind among them. foreign is also trying to give out train rise of a free, but it's on the 1st come. first serve basis here at the bus station that only a few rides available and that's only to the surrounding villages. so people like for me in rose, now need to find another way to get out of the city. but for now, they, like many others, would have to reach in hoping to morrow is a better day, lou. i molly inside indo hi year top stories on al jazeera, u. k. prime minister boris johnston is to face a vote of confidence by members of his party. later this monday johnston,
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a space called to resign over a series of scandals including a number of parties held in and around downing street during the height of bouquets . current virus locked down the threshold all 15 percent of the parliamentary party seeking a vote of confidence in the prime minister has been passed. therefore, vote of confidence will take place within the rules of the notary to which 2 committee that vote will take place this evening in the house of commons between 6 and 8 o'clock. and we will announce the result shortly thereafter, there will be arrangements for proxy votes for any colleagues who can't be present in person in westminster and will most of our colleagues of those arrangements in the near future. investigators in bangladesh trying to establish the cause of a major fire at a container depot that is killed at least 49 people. the fire sparked an explosion when it ignited chemicals stored in some of the containers. hundreds of people are
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injured, many of them in critical condition. south korea, presidents as the north weapons program, has reached a point where it poses a threat to weld fee. so in washington of $58.00 missiles towards the sea, a day off, the similar launch pipes young. yeah. for connie, wow. these will be on north korea's nuclear missile threats are getting sophisticated. if i had various ballistic missiles yesterday, the north korean nuclear missile programs are reaching the levels that threatened not only the peace of the korean peninsula, but also in northeast asia and the world. israeli medias reporting that the navy is deploying a version if it's on don't anti missile system to a disputed c border with lebanon. both countries lay claim scenario about 860 square kilometers in the mediterranean, early 11 on warned israel against any aggression and israeli shit. recently arrive to conduct drilling operations their brushes, foreign minister has denounced several european countries for blocking his plane
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from entering the space, calling it an on thinkable move. second level was due to visit serbia on monday, but was forced to counsel his trip. those headlines needs continues here in, out there to witness a recent study shows at this preventable disease or cancer. 15 percent of all deaths of children under the age of production. i agree to receive early childhood education with
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oh and that is all those 1000 bucks with young volume did you did get a feel funny we do this on one of them, but i'm gonna think that is i'm, i'm going to still fair that the negative show vinnish design and i gave them an estimate once i need to come on the him of us and must solve it even enough. and even though you know study, but as you said, maybe they won't give us a mentally. i hope you will like i i like i'm headed or shelly and i do 1st, but i don't. maggie i know was that i live in an am will be i know enough. oh i know of and i love it. i know is what alyssa
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i look i stuff with how to get to visit with my wife. i both the show that they show that it gets any big take up external to send it over
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to ben nicholas. i think that it said that i need to talk to someone in the mail by the i
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the oh yeah, i know i have another was it in me? was it like with a talk while a mom with a lot of movie you know, into my mouth dashing details for more of a,
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a i like i'm such a new chevrolet. this is a shave, a a, as you said. yeah. good with the i'm will do it over the phone. i said, oh no, it's february 2nd loaner last year. oh, is that the like? like a farms down with when how high they put the modem back and chat happen and put up there for that and get a chance half. it's a little while here,
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but i'm because she knew deep about where to go because she couldn't pay when and when i when she hipaa supplies, she needs her wash with a d, y gene, veronica kelsey, how they think busy i what i can with or him he meant to share with me hello alicia, and i think a movie seems like it didn't make me to play with the shag leah theater. take it often enough and he'll nam them with her. and he'll close unloading between the leather seats you ever had
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a quote started from a line in the, in a smothered who's in the i'm a champion center. how can i help them with the law? let's be the how big level to the publish. and the so to me, in the sense, well you, well, i have left a message with them was about hello. there was a kid that i only been there with the whole
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game of thrones. which one who since there's a a plugin that is all done with the one that has always i this with yeah, well i got a i
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think it would be a good a big big oh boy. so i think that they can get in touch with
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somebody with. mm hm. ah ah a had the hockey or a football and i walked over by then head with the
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1st on the hill but he was so as you know had they are with us. i will ship it in 2 months, go and mean shannon baker, mean b as in girl, as an audi. she did buy one or there. did she find them on bar? i'm sorry to help them on those 8 so. so they never asked, and i said they get mud, douglas, but then both 9 a month and a half a c buffer source with another stupid. i really don't see. it had a a mature mother dinner club. like i said, i love you. hello. dolly married, you can love you go no problem. and i really did all my really don't know if you had there are a man colonial lou calling, you know, now we're going to go to a spend a minute. hey, i know my way of day. i'm gonna be do we do?
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i am not gonna get the letters to my mama most. you barbara dunn. you have no show gotten a go for some of them. you have actually so my oldest of hearing the little girl who live, nobody will the lab. no, no, no, no, lou, savvy. my 100 my, you know, find out i, i be a whole this not be in a law unless, unless i how can i find, i mean, although not a so a bunch of yes, i want to put them on a
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monday. she has nothing. she can i think wow ah ah a
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huh. so yeah, hold on. sure. dean and sending that in j. i love you about how that is selma, then i'll make sure that we do the theme that always think it will have to happen with the aunt that down. if the admitting yourself there is no send in that same cammon. hi. shall i live down to the building? sure. how thought the house i was looking hot? i wanna use this and new cinema center pulled out there. question linda and her him . so my then on which is how they have michelle picky bought a damage to member, get yourself making sure to so you were cutting down dollar. you select your 2nd, the one the nuns is the contribute to sort of mand buster, mother, and berlin. you she, although young so mother of them will not cut law much storm doesn't beat taliban because i'm at if you out of the book other than say,
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cosby met anybody who called in to sell it. you buy out of them, joe, or muslim blue shoe on suit you. you saw the just lose seine on a cell membrane savage or it goes on. they don't get to assemble that. that one too . that was didn't want to just me home name that well not only jim, you've got a may the bottom of them begin meeting with that as the daughter did. so we kind of joke . so it's my give you a nice bit of sheila and i'm a country with him. he's on the on the home. are you doing good? and then the call mother me, a lot of a mom was just, i need a little but not be a sunbeam. a little bit about on the line if it,
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if it takes you know, much of the shoot you, i'm good. i will not be the loser with a a little the ssl isn't then and i had a smile with of number one phenomena. the, you know, and they're not gonna be there each other. i should have, he does not feel a lot of work in the she's going to actually look at the show and let you keep on house. i show here we go ahead, i will see what i can see if we have any more
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than enough lunches. i don't wish. and in addition, if you haven't got another medicine movie, chromosome is near the end of the month of, you know, tell me more information on the end. but i don't live in time because got a lot of thought. surely i knew whether she should be she can be huge in them doing some particulars, stick missing of him to death and gets missing it. just lose
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a little while they sit there them listen to the new jumps in the groceries corner. literally sank on his duramax in the note him mega nicholas and that is going to kinda need some clothing and not medic. standard conditions that can reduce that when this and the question is in the notes or to any problem make,
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they will never me that much, much much sewage in washer muslims. and that was all my considered within a couple of many big company and said in japan, canada, and what are the package going to have them come in? the comes from getting cuz i sent them both and under the circumstances, i mean maybe they get it go on another day, think they think they do something not tell them to do some of the month and i've been on it and said that some bonded and couple feeds on the bus and how to do them . so i'll let him in then months and then a little bit and then below muslim some of them monitor if the news, any of those have
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to enter plumes against him sooner. the better plan of getting mixed had to model human us, which we think should know that mitch bunch of someone good to me and meet with the mother. surely mother should not be implemented when the donna been dug couple and should know basketball in and that
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one is 222-2027 know my daughter trisha, lindsey, shut the modem to understand her. she can you please let me know. she has not been able to let them cuz they no longer to get him to school. just thing in the much. okay. thank nature keeps it yonder. touchable. much look at it in additional deductibles. hard as studios thanks. hope let me see how this shadow militia. oh
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no, this is caliah me. one moment. let me i i i me me pull up cotton and she may come in, shirley, which my,
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me me about to limit up in stream, depending on the subject. ah no job in detroit, a womic home. it shows you to stay sure. sure. grandma dog, a bit odd slash muttered it appears vague.
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ah yeah, abandoned as a child by his own cristella is nothing of his early life in the republic of congo . after 40 years, living in switzerland, cristo follows a fascinating paper trail that leads from his adopted home to the country of his bath and the most unexpected re union witness. in earlier on al jazeera ah
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the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to the castle. brook your travel package today. hey there, let thought in south america, an unexpected snow had fallen in weston areas of bolivia. that was after a week of exception, the low temperatures, the some of the cities here. and to give you an idea, we have one of the lowest temperatures recorded in the city of our auto on wednesday. we haven't seen those numbers in about 24 years now. it has picked up in the day the temperature, but at night it remains rather chilly. however, it's going to be a wet weather that starts to roll in. it could pose a problem by tuesday. we could see some flooding rains from the storms, pushing up to the north north a season, thunderstorms across coastal areas of brazil in the south, but up in the north, it is a fine, a picture,
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some relief from the heavy rain in the north east. the thunderstorms continue for northern areas of columbia in ecuador, we could see some more localized flooding here. but down in the south is an improving picture for much of argentina. once those storms roll up north, high pressure in charge, keeping things largely fine and dry, which is some wind warning thought for coastal areas and towards the falkland islands. not speaking of islands. as we had to central america, we're going to see more heavy rain for cuba and the bahamas from the tail end of tropical storm attics. but for northern areas of mexico, plenty of sunshine and warmth. i saw official ally, the joy. ah, this is al jazeera ah.


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