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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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some relief from the heavy rain in the north east. the thunderstorms continue for northern areas of columbia in ecuador, we could see some more localized flooding here. but down in the south is an improving picture. how much of argentina wants those storms roll up north high pressure in charge, keeping things largely fine and dry, which is some wind warning thought for coastal areas and towards the falkland islands. not speaking of islands. as we had to central america, we're going to see more heavy rain for cuba and the bahamas from the tail end of tropical storm alex. but for northern areas of mexico, plenty of sunshine and warmth. i the joy. ah, this is al jazeera oh.
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hello, money inside the news, our life day hall coming up in the next 60 minutes. forest johnson faces a conservative party confidence vote. that could see him as soon as the you case prime minister. can you? the global nuclear watchdog rises concerns about a ukrainian nuclear plants and russian control. and, ah, south korea, in the united states test fire weapons following the north, latest miss all launches on tensions rise between lebanon in israel, over a maritime area that both want to top the gas and swore the golden state warriors bounce back in the m b finals. steph curry, putting in a big performance to level air series with the boston celtics at one game. oh hm . hello, welcome to the program,
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a test of survival for boris johnson. the u. k. minister will face a confidence vote from his own party. later this monday. the challenge to his leadership has been triggered by discontent within the conservatives. johnson his face caused to resign over a series of scandals including a number of parties held in and around downing street during the height of the case corona, vars locked downs. the threshold, all 15 percent of the fall of injury policy seeking a vase of confidence in the prime minister has been passed. therefore, vote of confidence will take place within the rules of the united states to come and see that vote will take place this evening in the house of commons between 6 and 8 o'clock. and we will announce the result shortly thereafter. there will be arrangements for proxy votes for any colleagues who can't be present in person investments and will make your colleagues of those arrangements in the near future . let's go to story to london. i'm a correspondent,
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rory challenz. rory is time up now for boris johnson. well certainly the storm clouds gathering for him harm. and i'd have to say that the number of m. p 's, who put their letters in to the 922 commission that's 54 shows the various at least a significant minority of conservative m. p 's, he wants him out whether that actually transposes into a majority, which would be a $180.00 or more. we shall have to wait and see til tonight. find out we don't have long so have but obviously bar johnson is trying to put a positive spin on things. he had said that with your support, i believe tonight we have a great price within our grass. we can put an end to the media as favorite of session, and we can get on with a job without the noise is off base to be entering the fray. now off some,
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perhaps the people who might be joking for the position is replacement. subarus johnson, jeremy hunt, a former health minister, and that presumes candidate. today's decision is to change or lose. i'll be voting for change. that crystallize is really, i think, what many m p 's things that he or johnson is now an election loser. and therefore it's in their interest, some of them anything to get their mouth, but responding to jeremy hunting areas broadside on. 6 switch was one of the bars. johnson's most like. i don't know what the word is, rabbit, you could say that or certainly most enthusiastic lawyer less. nadine delrays, who accused jeremy hunt when he was health minister of being found one thing and inadequate in preparing for 6 years election. panoramic preparations basically essentially criticizing her own governments. it's a strange lessons for this conservative party to be in. but we can talk about this
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more, where steven barbara, who's professor of global affairs at regency university senior. how have we going here? i say it's a remarkable, was announced that a very big question. but i mean, essentially we've got here because of the behavior of the prime minister boys johnson who has acted with impunity time and time again, who has treated parliament and the constitution almost as he is play thing. and as we see through the, the perhaps most damaging episode, this party gates absolutely drank on for months and months, months it, he's not been willing to even are by, by the rules of his own government. the rules that he put in place himself. and we're in a position now that there are the local actions that happened a few weeks ago which were disastrous for his party. there's a couple of pile actions over the horizon which very few tory empties believe can be one. and at a conservative m p. 's are now looking at their, their majorities and they, they fear that they're going to lose their seat to boys. johnson remains as prime
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minister lots. lemme talk about values. i talk about a loss of trust, but you've just hinted at something there. is it about that or, or is it about safeguarding their seats or the next election? where are we looking? i mean, look at the crunch point is a partial to behave like this. since you've been prime, its impact is behave like this is entire, i guess a political life one might say his entire life. and so they knew that what they were getting info. it looked like he was teflon until perhaps last autumn and then then things began to slide quite dramatically for him. i think less, let's be clear, tory m. p. 's who are putting in the letters to day. ah, ah, they may talk of wanting change and they may talk all are of valleys. i'm but, but that the hard point is that they're worried about losing their seat in the heartland to a resurgent liberal democrats. and then in the north and the midland, in the so called, ah, red wall seats to a more sensible labor party than was there at the last election. but i think if we were going to be fair to them, ah,
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there must be many tory and peace and perhaps even those in the junior ranks of her, of the government who must think well, i'll be just going to continue doing this for the next 2 years until an election where every policy announcement is made really just to sustain the prime minister in office, or i'll be going to actually achieve something that, that i got into politics force, i guess is a balance. but that, you know, the hard point is, am i gonna lose my faith? has there been a, typically i'm, i think there's been several tipping points. i think part a gate most certainly has been that the broad issue which is obviously dragged on since ah, sits in shirt towards the end of last year. actually if you want to like a really big tipping point, it was probably the or in passes an affair where i can serve m p found to a broken the rules and push on to try to change the rules. actually when you look at the polls that was as a series tipping point, it wasn't necessarily a civic series tipping point for, for tory and peace. and the way that our hot gate has been investigated by the the
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met police that you bought johnson a lot of time. ah, but i think he's been hobbling for it for a long time now. eh, if tory, i'm, he's weren't sure. then those local elections, which were disastrous, must have been a real wake up call and, and certainly when we start seeing a liberal democrats taking heartland tore seat, ah, date they say was, he borrowed that johnson really isn't the man to be able to take them through the next election stephen brother, thank you very much. thank you. so of course we will have to wait until later on this evening to work. find out where the forest johnson can hold on to his position as prime minister or not. and then what might happen next? obviously that could be a leadership contest or it could be back to business as usual for this government might now the you, the head of the you, a nuclear watchdog has raised concerns about the safety of the ukrainian nuclear
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plant under russian control. rafael grossey says a team is trying to reach the zachary's, your plan to ensure it is secure. ukraine says there is a risk the facilities supply chain could be interrupted. the i a e, a visitor, the chernobyl nuclear sites in april after rushes, occupation and found trenches dug him contaminated soil. skate live to dominate. kane, who is in berlin. dominic, what else of the i a a say about the plant. one of the starkest messages coming from mr. grossey, the director general of the a regards the security, the safeguarding, and the safety. not only of the plan but the staff there. and he says that in the opinion of him and his agency, 5 of the 7 central pillars of nuclear safety are now compromised. and that the ukrainian government has told his agency that they are no longer in a position to be able to provide the details about what's taking place there
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because it is now in the hands of the russian forces. the interesting thing here is that mr. grossey said that he believes the safety and security and safeguarding off ukraine's nuclear facilities is now one of the most pressing issues that the world faces. and he says that it is of pressing urgency, that his agency be able to get back into facilities, such as at as a procedure to be able to see what has gone wrong and to try to put it right. so quite a stark message from mr. grossi and dominic, or the nuclear watchdog, has also been talking about these ongoing nuclear talks with iran. what is he got to say about that? interestingly, in so far as iran is concerned, mr. grosses view was that some of the behavior by the iranian government is making
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it more difficult to be able to bring some sort of positive statement from his agency v's avi talks. specifically, he cited 3 specific sites in iran, where his agency says it has evidence. that enrichment of uranium has taken place, use the word anthropogenic, which basically means by human hands. in other words, where uranium has been rich to a level beyond what it would normally have been now, he and his agencies say that until and unless the iranian government or forties are able to say what has happened to that material when, when the material is and what has happened to the equipment that was used to enrich that material? then his agency is not able to comment on the compliance as it were of the iranian government, with the declarations that it itself has made. and he says that loop holes are being used in his opinion by the iranian side to make it harder for his agency to
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go about doing its work. certainly some rather stark messages coming from mister grossey, not only about around, but also about that. as i said, the situation in ukraine. okay, thank you for that dominant cane there 1st in berlin. let's get more on this. we can speak to ali hush him. he joins me here in the studio. ali, what has iran had to say in response to these concerns? by the nuclear watchdog 1000000, with a gross is saying that iran hasn't presented anything that could reduce the concern over sir nuclear program. the iranian and foreign ministry is spokesperson said, hotly absurd. it said that this the report is based on israel games. now the are the iranians right now are linking between gross, his visit to israel a few days ago, and his meeting with these really prime minister, natalie bennett. and with this report, add to that the a you and united states,
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a pressure on iraq as are the statement to a take your on once again into the corner. so their indians are saying that this was near the fair or objective, and this will have a black impact on the, or ordered the hurdled, a talks to revive the jessie p. o a or the new care the how are those talks going at the moment? i mean, they're not going, are they? well, it's going to not going because that the talks in vietnam has stopped a few months ago. but there were attempts by the e. u, mainly by the you'd chief negotiator and rekey mora and joseph. what else to kind of convey messages between the iranians and the americans? because mainly on the technical side, many things have been sought now with respect to other issues. in the past, there were a, the issue of the i r g c being listed on the f t or the foreign terrorist organizations. this in the united states was a main issue. now, a few days ago,
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the iranians said this is not an issue anymore. and now the other issues are the guarantees and lifting the sanctions and that the iranians should verify that the sanctions are being lifted. so now we're left in this in this point on this corner, whereas no one really knows what is the problem. oh, okay, thank you. for that only has him are here in the city for us. russia as foreign minister has denounced european countries for blocking his plane from entering the space, calling it an unthinkable and unprecedented move. so again, lever was due to visit and be on monday, but was forced to counsel for gary at north dania and montenegro refused to allow his plane to pass through the skies. labranz says his serbian counterpart has now been invited to moscow. i should, i should, i wish you knew them. we've got a lot of questions from media about unprecedented decisions which were made by some
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member states of nato. this act by these countries impeded the visit of the russian foreign minister to the republic of serbia. of course, the unthinkable happened to me to contact them anyway. these relations won't disappear. we invited foreign minister nicholas seller coverage to visit moscow in a short time. i hope that his plane will not be disgracefully sanctioned by shameless brussels and it's clients joining me now. washington, d. c. profess daniel greene, he is the director of the russia institute at kings college london. money, thanks for speaking to us on the news out. this has the head, russia writes not being able to fly where they want to fly. how, how do you expect russia to retaliate? well, there's a whole other works from a can do to tell you every reality is this is, this is an annoying story. i think that was really, would've enjoyed the opportunity to, to poke a little bit to show that it can be a spoiler in another region where you has as interesting where you've been
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struggling to pursue those interests in the, in the western balkans to, to make some noise really in your backyard, but i don't think that this was really all that on expected. the reality is that seeing that issues of the culture of aerospace on western borders has been an issue since the beginning of this war. and so the idea that this would have been terribly surprising to moscow, i think, is a little hard to develop. ok, could you use this also to demonstrate to subs and others in the balkans that russia is not a reliable partner anymore? well, i think that this does you speak to a certain extent exactly to that problem? governments ticket, the serbian government, but not only have been able to use the relationships with moscow to search and the relationship with beijing in order to create some leverage for the integration processes. and the economic support process is that they are negotiating with,
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with brussels and with, with germany, with other u member states. and so uh, with, with the advent of the war with the, the pressure that this war is putting on a bucket governments to, to, to, to shoe size. i think this will be maybe extra arguments in terms of your favorite, but of course one of the things that that was it was what was meant to be doing as part of the negotiation was to go shooting new gas and hydrocarbon contracts with, with serbia, with with perhaps greater residents for the rest of the region. and so you're going to have to come up with, with something other than just us air, blockades, and, and rhetoric to, to, to offer of economics to, to, to, to what governments, professor green, this continued growing backlash, this tit for tat against russia. is it achieving anything?
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i mean, if anything, could it be making some form of revenue resolution, even less likely? look, i think if you're thinking about revolution in, in russia, the reality is that revolution is never terribly likely. and it's not going to become much more likely as a result of sanctions and isolation, but it's not really the point. the point of the sanctions, the point of the isolation is degrade, the ability of russia to, to fight this war. if that has the actually side effect of, you know, raising questions among ordinary citizens in the leaps about whether or not we do have a, a stake in the continuation of government. that might be a benefit that western governments would take. but really, this is a, a tool for, for, for western countries, united states for europe in general to, to contribute to create war effort without having to put on the ground. and you create itself. professor samuel greene directed the russia institute at king's
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college london. thank you for your time. thank you. lou disputed maritime borders causing tension between israel and lebanon. israeli media report that the navy is deploying a version of it. i and i'm anti missile system to the contested waters in the mediterranean lebanon is warning against what it described as aggression in the area and has a story from there. it, israel is hoping this drilling ship will help boost its off shore gas output energy and power company aims to bring the career field online later this year. something long time enemy and neighbor, lebanon, opposes officials say these are contested waters and any development will be considered a provocation and hostile act. because for these readings and for the, for the us,
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this is not in this to the zone at this far away from the district. the zone, because for these read is that avenue board. those are weird lines. 23 is located and according to what number on has thousands, 11 to the u. n. 11 on those total confusion and contradiction and statements and in positions. israel in lebanon have been indirectly negotiating about the 860 square kilometer patch of sea. but in recent months, lebanon expanded its claim increasing the zone by 1430 square meters, which included the courage gas field. this lead the talks to break down lebanon has never legally laid claim to the line 29 boundary president. michelle lown didn't sign a decreed to rectify a map submitted to the united nations, which would have affected israel's ability to move ahead with the operations to help colma has the law is the most powerful actor in the country and has fought wars with israel in the past a few weeks ago, it didn't just express opposition to negotiations with israel over the dispute.
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it's leader. how semester i was confident no international firm would dare come to kurdish or anywhere else in the disputed area. if hezbollah issues a clear and serious threat so far, none has been made. this is going to be a way for has been allowed to gain as much as possible. leverage to improve its position and government formation and selection of forthcoming president. so if has been offered instant look the way around, instead of starting new confrontation with israel on us on the border, the israeli navy has been sent to protect the rig. but lebanon's leaders have called for us and void to return, so that the parties can resume talking. it's a sign of de escalation that appears to have been the result of backdoor the negotiations center there. elisha zita,
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pe routes has got more than that. you can speak to now he's, he's a journalist and a young fellow of the washington institute. he joins us live now from tel aviv. does israel have legal jurisdiction over this particular piece of water if you like? well, in israeli mine, they do the, their own firm ground, so to speak in these naval waters. usually government has very clearly said today and then use some days. but this is fully part of its exclusive economic zone maritime waters. and that it's not part of the small area in dispute with lebanon, that has been in mediation now for, for several months, how all these maritime borders determined? well, initially it was un mediation, and there was an exchange of maps, as your correspondent alluded to, but more recently, there has been un me, us mediation, rather between israel and lebanon indirectly,
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trying to come to some kind of compromise over that smaller part of the disputed gas field in economic waters. there had seemed to be some progress made, at least last year with regard to these talks. but it seems like domestic politics and lebanon, primarily the role of his beloved, eventually undermined these talks and put a stop to them. the hope now is that this, this latest spect and diplomatic escalation will perhaps lead to lead talks. that's at least what the really government is calling for earlier this morning. what's a steak if israel? well, i think what's the for israel is and this is, would be the 3rd offshore natural gas field to come online. so obviously that helps with israel's own energy security and big picture. israel is looking to export additional natural gas to europe, whether through liquefied form or through in future
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a pipeline. so in terms of israel, the stakes are primarily i think economic for lebanon, though i think mistakes are, are much higher. we all know that it's going through a major energy crisis and economic crisis. it's not a political crisis. and that any kind of natural gas field comes on line may be able to ameliorate those domestic problems inside lebanon. who's that the hope? israeli media reporting that the navy is now deploying a version of it's on don't anti missile system onto that disputed seaboard. do you think israel could go to war this? no, i don't believe so. the deployment of iron dome in enable format and other security measures are not new and not unique to this specific gas rig. and the specific natural gas offshore. ringback field, these are precautions that have been taken out for several years to safeguard israel, be used as an strategic asset off. sure. and i don't believe lebanon despite the
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rhetoric coming out of their route. and his belie, in particular, will go to war over natural gas. there are other areas of dispute between his role and his below primarily that couldn't touch off work. i don't believe natural gas. one of the ok, never easy, but journalist, an adjunct fellow at the washington institute, thank you. my pleasure. the south korean president units took your oath as north korea, as weapons program poses a threat to world peace. so and washington, $58.00 myself to see of south korea as each day after the new ownership hours, a short range, ballistic missiles off its eastern coastline. for connie wow, these i'll be on north korea's nuclear missile threats are getting sophisticated. if i had various ballistic missiles yesterday, the north korean nuclear missile programs are reaching the levels that threatened not only the peace of the korean peninsula, but also in northeast asia and the world. rob mcbride has more than story from sol
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. this was a direct response from south korea and its usaa allies to sundays launch the joint military command here in south korea. as a total of 8 missiles were fired, did they were fired from the east coast in one province. this is the province the borders with north korea along the dmc. the missiles were fired into the sea, sees that separate the korean peninsula from japan. the south koreans in the us said that this was to demonstrate the capability. it says, of precision strikes it. origins of provocations, clearly indicating those career. they're saying that condemning sunday's launch by north korea over again. exactly the same number of ballistic missiles. 8 miss house being fired by north korea saying that the south of the us will take corresponding reactions that each time to what they call these publications that has been reinforced by you, by goal of the conservative president of south korean newly inaugurated. here he
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has been speaking at the memorial day event. it's a public holiday here in south korea. he's made a speech at the country's national cemetery, saying that he will respond to sternly and firmly. he says to any future launches by north korea saying that said the continued nuclear and missile programs by north korea pose a threat to peace and stability not only in the korean peninsula, but he says, the whole world was time for the weather. his kara hello, that will have a look at africa in a moment, but 1st to the middle east. and it's a story of extreme heat in particular for iraq and western areas over round the temperature in baghdad, sitting at about 50 degrees. so dangerous heat here, and you can see from the ice a thumb chart that heat extending down south. we're going to see temperatures on the up places like doha, and react in the days ahead. that was, we moved to north africa, has been a story of extreme heat for the north west. places like algeria seen,
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the temperature sit, particularly in the south sit in the early forty's, but there will be some rain trickling into northern areas for the wet weather. however, we have to head to the gulf of guinea. we're going to have a rash of thunderstorms pull into nigeria. we could see some flooding here, and those storms are set to rumble across the congo. we could see some localized flooding from those storms and it remains a rather windy picture. 6 long coastal areas of tanzania and kenya and shop a thunderstorms for southern areas of ethiopia. but as we had down to southern africa, it's a largely quiet picture. we have got some warnings out for potential, felt fires for the north west of south africa. but for cape town, if we have a look at the 3 day, lots of sunshine, with a chance of rain on thursday that she weather update still ahead on al jazeera, more contain is filled with chemicals explode in bangladesh in a fight that's already killed at least 49 people, undocumented migration in the americas no longer flows exclusively from south to
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north. i'm to see a newland in santiago, chile, and coming up. i'll explain why it's become a problem for everyone. at his full raphael nadal reveals how he won a record extending title of the french open while suffering with chronic pain. ah, al jazeera world meets 2 arabs, both built successful life brought pirate scholars have made enormous contributions to science such as are mathematics, astronomy and medicine, a cutting edge dr. formulating u h, i b drug treatments in south africa. and the specialist in engineering science is changing lives in malazan villages. i purify polluted water and turn it them to drinking water arabs abroad. the pharmacologist in the scientists and al jazeera, gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the world. news wanted cars on needed
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to oakland and development school international shipping companies to become a key, middle east and trade and wanting skillfully knocked out 3 key areas of develop, who filling up prominence. so connecting the world connecting the future, won a cost cutters, gateway to whoa trade, lou ah ah, welcome back to watching al jazeera lined up on top stories. this power u. k. prime minister bars johnston is to face of those of confidence by members of
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his party day to this monday. he's face calls to resign of a series of scandals including policies held at the height of corona virus lockdown . russia's foreign minister has denounced european countries that blocked his plane from entering the ass space. like a lever off was due to visit soviet on monday, but it was supposed to counsel fi, bulgaria, north, macedonia. unable to neglect the head of the u. a nuclear watchdog has raised concerns about the safety of the ukrainian nuclear plant under russian control. ukraine says there's a risk of the facility supply chain being interrupted. for now, and our top story boards, johnson's looming confidence motion area, we heard from a minister in his cabinet, who defended that u. k. prime minister ahead of the boat through the post on noble and difficult challenge. our economy opened up faster than other compiler companies, particularly the vaccine rollout. he has shown himself to be a good,
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strong leader. he gets a big decision, right. and he has a mandate from the british people. i think it would be arrogant with concerns with m. p. prime minister, strong reasons in war the whole time also speaks with really candidate advocate investigators in bangladesh. trying to establish the cause of a major fiat, a container that po that has killed at least 49 people ablaze spunk to an explosion . want to ignited chemicals stored in some of the containers at a port near the se in city of chatter, graham, by fighters, who responded to the emergency are among the victims. hundreds of people have been injured. many of them in critical condition. tanveer chattering has the latest talking to the assistant director training a fire. he told me that it's cleared danger there still because lot of the containers do have chemicals and they said exposure to heat and if there is film inside, it could very well explode. so they don't want anybody nearby,
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but we still get a lot along lookers on spectators here, which really hampers that clearing operation. now the units of our military and naval spatial operations broke their helping the firefighters, who had been relentlessly working since last 38 hours. i mean, you really got to give it to them in this heat. they're still trying to diffuse many of the fields inside the container. now we also know from medical sources that some of the bodies still can't be identified because they're just charged beyond recognition. so a specialty id team is trying to collect sample for dna identification. lot of loved ones are still waiting to know if any of their relatives among the victims of many of them still are missing. people who don't know where they are. now one of the question i asked was, what is, is there any particular genes like what caused the fire? the assistant director told me a fire that he'd things on the team, things that the hydrogen peroxide when is exposed to oxygen and hid it could very
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well spark a fire. that could be one of the reason. and then the container exploded, but that's not totally yet. determined they're still investigating that 3 member, a separate 3 prob comedy has been found to find out exactly what's going on. australia's prime minister is in indonesia to shore up ties with his country's closest neighbor, anthony up uneasy, an internet nation president joker we, dodo, i expected to discuss climate change, trade and security of uneasy has been quick to engage the agent since taking off his last month his visit is seen as an attempt to counter china's growing influence among asia pacific nations. jessica washington has the latest from jakarta. does the oven easy arrived in indonesia on sunday night? not just the prime minister, but with the delegation of senior ministers as well. the foreign minister trade minister and the industry minister, and he also brought with him
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a group of senior business leaders. so the stated aim of this trip is to improve relations with the endo pacific that includes across trade, across regional security, and also collaboration on climate infrastructure. and energy as well. earlier we heard from the israel and foreign minister penny wong, who stated that indonesia is a very important partner for a stray li, crucial for us security. we share a region. our futures tied to the region. now, the albany, the government had previously prior to the election accuse scott morrison's government of big lifting relations with the region in particular with se asia and with these meetings today is at the new albany. he meets the age of asian president and also meets the secretary general of the algae on group. the labor government is seeking to assure countries in southeast asia that it will not neglect those crucial by lateral time. of course, some of the focus of the media has been on the issue of beijing influence in
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southeast asia, but also in the pacific. we did recently, of course have the chinese foreign minister visiting countries in the pacific and team or team or less state. so part of this trip is just to, to reassure partners that australia remains committed to the region in the face of rising influence of beijing. international backlash as growing against india off to ruling party official made islam of phobic comments. during a televised debate, the b. j. p national spokeswoman nor poor sharma is accused of making offensive comments about the prophet muhammad saudi based organization of islam. it cooperation has condemned her remarks, saying they come in a context of intensifying hatreds to as muslims in india. iran's foreign ministry has summoned the indian ambassador to to her aunt to express its displeasure. and pakistan has released a statement cooling on the international community to take notice of the grievously
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aggravating situation of slim a phobia in india. and catcalls, foreign ministry has called for public apology from new delhi. meanwhile, number of shops in kuwait are removing indian products from their shelves. chalmers comments have prompted a boycott of indian goods in the gulf. nation or sharma has since been suspended by the b j. p. and the statement, the party said that as strongly denounces insults of any religious personalities of any religion. adding that the bar tia, do not a party is strongly against any ideology, an insult. so domains, any sect, or religion. a prominent figure in the u. s. president, jo biden's, democratic party says he wouldn't shake the hand of saudi crown prince bahamas bin salman adams. shift made the comments during an interview off to bob and suggested he could visit saudi arabia soon. the kingdom may be added to the itinerary when the president travels to israel. in the coming weeks, it will be
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a shop reversal full biden. who in the past suggested riyadh should be made a pariah state of the 2018 mazda of the saudi jealous jamal, shoji. u. s. intelligence found the crown prince ordered the killing and allegation, the kingdom has repeatedly denied. i wouldn't go, i wouldn't shake a sand. this is someone who butchered an american resident, a cut him up into pieces in the most a terrible and premeditated way. and until a saudi arabia makes a radical change in terms of human rights, i would want anything to do with him. now i understand the, the degree to which shows saudi arabia controls oil prices. i think that's a compelling argument for us to win ourselves off a reliance on foreign oil and on oil more globally. so we don't have despots and murderers calling the shots. but it is in kazakhstan,
4:39 pm
have overwhelmingly passed to referendum to change the constitution. the counties leader wants to shift away from what he calls a super presidential system and get more power to parliament. gillian wolf reports a potential turning point for cause. it's dawn, the president says the referendum will de centralized the political system, an outlaw nepotism. oh it comes after peaceful protests over fuel prices turned deadly. toppling the former president's 3 decade rule. but the proposed reforms have surprised some and excited others. oh no, we were warned that there would be a referendum literally a month ago, and more than 90 percent of our society do not know or understand what a referendum is locals. the importance of constitutional amendments is obvious. i came to vote for the 1st time in my life and i'm 54 years old. so for me, this referendum is very important. i even write to request at another polling station that they come to. my home said that my father, who was 92,
4:40 pm
could also vote. the changes to kazakhstan constitution critic stay will only bolster the president's ambitions for a 2nd term. there's a lot of questions about whether this will really will make that relations between the, the state as it citizens, which are pretty traumatized off to the violence in january. the president also faces another challenge, staying neutral on the warn ukraine, while maintaining security and economic partnerships with russia and the west joint wolf, al jazeera. dozens of people are fed dead in nigeria of a gum, an open fire and set off explosives at a catholic church. in tac happened in the south western town of o in on those states where worshippers had gathered for sunday mass on day is regarded as a largely peaceful region compared to other parts of nigeria that a plague i security issues is quite open. believe that somebody will
4:41 pm
come, the intention was to keep everybody in the church. i'm those running out there will be shut from outside. just wait inside where be shut from inside the true true. they're not month to lose all the all. talk down to your sanctuary. this kind of this or christians don't really don't like google and that address is following developments from a boucher there actually as of the number of dead could rise because of the severity of injury sustained by worshippers. i went to gunman, open fire, and wherever can we don't get to tag intended to cause maximum damage. first of all, a definitive a device as people camper for safety and run out of the chair to the open fire on them. there is no claim of responsibility as we speak. however, there are so many suspects on the list. some suggestion that it could be criminal against the operating in bed as part of nigeria over the past years, especially in the north west of the country and north central partial nigeria. it's
4:42 pm
not clear whether these groups are responsible. these groups have been played as terrorist by the general government. the last time there was any serious clashes between farmers and colonel hood in that part of the country in the southwest of the country was more than a year ago. so it's a big surprise and a big confusing situation for security forces trying to unravel the reason or the motive behind sundays attack. however, the president and the governor of the state of both issues, statement condemning the attack and boeing retribution and taking action to deal with those who carry that with these attacks. criminal games that have been operating in various parts of nigeria, the north, which of the country over the past years, they have killed thousands of people and displaced tens of thousands from their homes. are creating a very desperate situation in terms of security, in terms of food security as well in the, in those spots of the country. now nigeria, so i want to close new to see how secure force is able to address this particular
4:43 pm
problem. now, there are also concerns that the continued fathers in the country could actually ma the preparations to the general elections holding in niger next to the mexican present on the manual lopez open the door says he won't attend the upcoming summit of the americas. he sending his foreign minister instead as a protest because not all countries in the region of an advices, amazing aims to tackle an unprecedented migration crisis. and i see on human reports from santiago ah, 28 year old friend, caskey flemish is more than 7000 kilometers from home. with 10 month old maria in tow. she sells suites for coins so that she can feed her baby and hopefully gather enough to rent a room to night. to ha was that way? they won't have to sleep out doors in the freezing cold family. she arrived from venezuela 2 weeks ago after crossing the, at the comma desert and, and to chile as an undocumented migrant,
4:44 pm
like hundreds of thousands of her compatriots. ah, what do you mean? oblivion guy helped us cross the border at night. we had to cross and no one would see us. we passed fences and trenches and we couldn't make noise. the children couldn't cry so the police wouldn't hear us. no, william have land full yet. frank caskey is among hundreds of thousands who traveled to chile seeking a better life family. while tens of thousands of central american haitian and cuban migrants attempt to cross into the united states every day. but the migration crisis in the americas no longer flows exclusively from south to north. according to united nations, nearly 6000000 venezuelans have migrated to escape hardships at home with a majority heading south, especially to columbia peru, argentina, and chilly into regional migration has increased by 66 percent in the
4:45 pm
last decade, impacting public services and resources in the recipient. countries, i don't know, but, but they are gonna, but they're that they have the legitimate right and their responsibility to guarantee civility and conditions that create well being for migrants to ensure that the irregular influx of migrants doesn't produce poverty. human trafficking ant exploitation a bang am i am, but he thought he saw seal often pine chillies, former foreign minister says it's now a major regional challenge. hearing the burden, i think is so fundamental that happened in europe. he was an easy and they arrived on assisting mo code of, of oh, or migrant. and i think something similar could, could be explored ugliest in the america. ah, do you, antique, and on the commission for latin america and the caribbean has presented a martial plan for central america that requires funding, especially from the united states. u. s. president joe biden had offered $4000000000.00 to create better jobs and safety. but so far the money has only
4:46 pm
trickled in. no, well, it was important that we can't confront migration only with block borders, severe laws or wall and police. we need well being only security and peace in the countries were migration originate, oral stakeholders. yes. it's hoped that regional cooperation to tackle the phenomena will be the main theme at the upcoming summit of the americas in los angeles. even with the priorities of the united states now focused elsewhere. to see in human al jazeera, santiago, police and perio have fought with anti government protesters were calling on president pedo castillo to resign of us as pushback demonstrators, and 510 grass gas on the crowd in the captain, lima, many peruvians angry about rising prices and kings the left, his leader of driving the country to as bankruptcy. a theory blamed inflation,
4:47 pm
the pandemic and the war in ukraine. for days, a platinum jubilee celebrations for persons. queen elizabeth have wrapped up 96. your monarch made an appearance in the buckingham palace balcony on sunday. after the bill, as he problems supposed it to pull out other events during the festivities to market $78.00, still ahead on al jazeera in sports, mazda calls from steph curry on possible is biggest state m b a actually ah ah
4:48 pm
ah ah whole ah
4:49 pm
ah, ah, times the sport is farrah, moline, thank you so much. the golden state warriors have leveled the and being funnels one game of peace to time most valuable player steph curry was in fine form as they beat the boston celtics by 19 points. so how malick reports, do we said when steph curry is in the mood, it can be impossible to stop it. i would golden fe, looking to draw level with boston indian gay finally. they need this star play to deliver. and he did just that. the celtics, however, pushed hard in the 1st time eastern conference finals in bp. jason tatum remaining a constant threat. i would only to point separating the team that the midway point . tensions were beginning to sim. i already have a curry, though,
4:50 pm
helped relieve any feeling of anxiety for the home side. his efforts, sole golden state move out of sight as they built up a 20 plus 3rd war to lead. curry, ending with 29 points. as the warriors claim to steve leveling $1.00 oh, $7.00 to $88.00. when it's stephanie for me to be a grocer throughout the game to create draw attention to shasta in this container, blood pressure. all of her is that with the bucket of the night, arguably came from one of his teammates, but with golden se getting to win, it didn't seem to bother him. so hale malik al jazeera name are was on target for brazil as they continued their preparations for the wall cabin cattle with a win a paras azure man. starr scored a penalty to help his side beat japan one nel and a friendly and tokyo. brazil had been drawn in a competitive group back hats har,
4:51 pm
2022 among site serbia, switzerland, and cameron. headlight is men's team hold out of a friendly with panama? that was due to happen on sunday. the players have been locked in a dispute with the countries football association over several issues, including financial compensation. the team have refused to train in recent days, accusing canada soccer of jeopardizing efforts to advance the game of players calling for better leadership and a 40 percent share of wall cup prize. money canada. heading to the world cotton for the 1st time since 1986 canada soccer continues to be responsive. we remain ready and available to continue to work immediately with the players towards our collective goal of performing our bus at our best. as we approach cutter. in the mean time, canada soccer will continue its preparations to get all of our national teams ready for the respected competitions to compete with excellence. in the coming months.
4:52 pm
ukraine's work at dream is over a last one knell to wales in their play off matching card. as brings to an end, a journey that had united the country and a cause other than the war with russia hall race reports. ukraine's arrival in cardiff put their hosts in an unfamiliar position. the tiny nation of wales is normally a neutrals favorite. but the russian invasion of ukraine has given the ukrainian football team a large global backing as they paid for a place at the world cup. here the players had the support of thousands from the ukranian diaspora, as well as refugees from the war. i live in western ukraine and i come to london. oh, i've to wire. begin in my guns in this, my sick. what will my feel any more? it's very important was because we love each other. we love all her who love that other guy and he was the court does very game raleigh's,
4:53 pm
the whole nation in support on the team. it provides rest boys from the horrors of the war. the killings are happening, atrocities that happened on a daily basis. the welsh crowd applauded the ukrainian anthem, just as the scottish crowd had before ukraine's semi final victory in glasgow. ah, but unlike in glasgow, that greater number of chances in front of go didn't lead to them opening the scoring. instead, a free kick with 10 minutes to go in the 1st half gave it chunks to wales, his former rel, madrid, stalking to gareth bail. as he took it thanks to the flexion of glasgow goal hero andre ja malenko. as he tried to had it clear this time at the way in the 2nd half another score in scotland, autumn dove big seemed like he would level for ukraine on wales. keep at wayne hennessy was there to deny. what is all that full time whales?
4:54 pm
one, you crane. now, when i was at the end of the game, i think we just wanted to show our appreciation to them and to what, what they're going to as a nation. and i thought the team were not standing in the 2 games. and on the deliver la credit for doing what they've done and, and their support as, as well, to show the support and travel at the did we want to show them that respect shows up on a delux. i think we did everything that we could on, but i really want people in ukraine to remember our teams effort. i want to say, sorry that we didn't score, but this is sport, this is how it goes. and yes, i'm lost for words. wales now go into a world cup group and catch up with around the united states and england winning this game would have went an enormous amount for the ukranian lungs, hair on those able to watch at home. but for whiles it's
4:55 pm
a moment they've been waiting for for a very, very long time. their 1st world cup in 64 years. paul race algae era, cardiff 22 time grand slam winter. ruffin dal says he will play wimbledon later this month if his body allows him to. a 36 year old one, a record extending 14th of owen gauss had on sunday. after bidding, caspar rude in the final spaniard has been suffering with a chronic foot pain and was only able to play at the french open after taking a series of injections. that numb does fight. he had the treatment before every match. wimbledon is a priority. hallways have been a priority her. if i am able to play with and implement doris. yes. oh, to play with her. i missed esick injections. no, i don't want to go put myself in
4:56 pm
a book in that position again. kim can have alons, but now he's not the philosophy of life that they want to follow. for the n h l. now in the tampa bay, lightning had pulled the game back in their conference finals against the new york rangers. andre palette scored, which is seconds left in a 3rd period to give to have a bay, a $32.00 victory temper, still trail the eastern conference finals, 2 games to one. but we'll have home advantage when the host, again, for on tuesday, as early as men. julie has won the biggest prize and women's goals, the 26 year old clench, the u. s. opened by 4 strokes clear of american lina, har gay lea pocketed a $1800000.00 for a victory from the record total purse of $10000000.00. this is her 2nd major title and cycling legend. greg, lemme has revealed that he's been diagnosed with cancer. american is a 3 time tour de france, winner,
4:57 pm
a 60 year old posted on his website that he has leukemia, but added that it's not life threatening. he's confirmed that he won't be traveling to this year's tour to france, where he's worked as a broadcaster since his retirement in 1994. okay. and that is all your sport for now. my lang back to you. thanks, fara. and that's it for me, molly? inside for this nice hour, i'll be back in just a moment. when more of the day's news. me the what the problem was. we need to know that on this, which i don't need to be here with you to look at me about how to put them to me. i can also mentioned you can just, you know, the, the, the new open. we've got a home and yeah, today we're going to give you what we said as well. they didn't put
4:58 pm
me in a lot of fun when i know, i mean, i mean me shooting off the edge of the to the latest news as it breaks, leave all the town square features. $21.00 white crosses, one for each of the victims of today's massacres. with detailed coverage and with from around the world with good here, they will read, you know,
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the mind of go to go home, remain unchanged. on counting the cost, the well bank was a global recession. so is it inevitable? the british government takes aim at storing energy bill, but will at ease the cost of living crisis. i'm talk a sounds. economy is on the brink of collapse. how many government pull it back and counting the cost on al jazeera. now the answer was an arabic, my name is how i was abducted by the cia in 2004, a german citizen was kidnapped and tortured by the cia, came up with handcuffs, led me into interpretation. a new documentary tells the story of how the junior politics of the post 911 world ruined the life of an innocent deal mastery case on al jazeera ah,
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rivers are trying out greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife for migration. have been blocked by human settlements to deal with all this canyon needs more money for conservation and with a corona virus pandemic keeping many visitors away revenue from tourism isn't enough. here at the outset national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the ha pressure than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, forest johnson faces a conservative party confidence vote that could see him ousted as the u. k. prime minister.


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