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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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rivers trying out greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife or migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all these canyon needs more money for conservation. and with the koran of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue for tourism isn't enough. here at the outset national park, an annual ceremony has been launched the ha parisha than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, boris johnson faces a conservative party confidence vote that could see him ousted as the u. k. prime minister. ah,
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my money inside this is out there. life and dough house are coming up. the global nuclear watchdog raises concerns about a ukrainian nuclear plant in russian control. plus. more chemical fell contain is explode at bangladesh. port fueling a fire that's killed at least 49 people. tensions rise between lebanon and israel, of maritime areas that both want to tap for gas ah, attest a survival for boris johnson. the u. k. prime minister will face a confidence votes from his own party later this monday. the challenge to his leadership has been triggered by the discontent within the conservatives. johnson his face caused to resign over a series of scandals, including a number of parties held in an around downing street during the height of the you
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case. corona virus lockdown support. the threshold of 15 percent of the following entry policy seeking a vase of confidence in the prime minister has been passed. therefore, vote of confidence will take place within the rules of the united states to committee. that vote will take place this evening in the house of commons between 6 and 8 o'clock and we will announce the result shortly thereafter. there will be arrangements for proxy votes for and you call you to call be present in person investments, and will make your colleagues of those arrangements in the near future. or we've already had for some, in johnson's cabinet defending him ahead of the vote. through the policy decisions he made on noble and difficult challenge. our economy opened up faster than other comparable companies, particularly the vaccine rollout. he has shown himself to be a good, strong leader. he gets a big decision, right. and it has
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a mandate from the british people. i think it would be arrogant, concession, n, p prime minister, 1st story, reason safety in war. the prototype also speaks really candidate advocate this case or a challenge. there's law for us in london, rory, what are we expecting in the next few hours? was interesting listening to check re smoke that basically reducing the, the discontent within the conservative party and the country. and hodge to cake. and whether boris johnson ate it or not at a party in damage rate. of course it's not just about like it's much bigger than cake. it's about values. and it's about whether the prime minister at he is to his own coven regulations, or whether he broke his own rules. and clearly he did because he's been fined by the police for doing so. jacob,
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re smoke and the lawyer that's within the conservative party within the cabinet. i think that this is something that is being exaggerated and that the effect that this is having on the populace at large things saturated. but poll after poll is showing that the conservative party is languishing behind labor consistently than forest johnson is significantly unpopular in this country right now. does that mean that he is going to lose the boats of confidence later tonight? no, of course it doesn't because it doesn't mean just because 54 m. p 's put in a letter of discontent to the 922 committee that a majority of orient pays are going to vote against the prime minister later this evening. $100.00 ac would be needed to unseat him. but whether he wins or whether he loses, the storm clouds a gathering for forest johnson. and even if he pleases,
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heard later on today. there are still going to be big problems. he has to face with his reputation, with the electoral viability. and those aren't going to go away just because of no comfort advisor, confidence. indeed. that's was quite interesting. he isn't it. the outcome of the vote could be pretty tight. and that could matter. yeah, it will matter. i mean there are plenty of m. p 's on both sides, whether they're rebel or whether they are lawyers who do think bars. johnson will when, when his test tonight. but that doesn't mean that he is clear. the hurdles, you know, the last time that a vote of confidence went against a sitting prime minister was back in 1979. so you can see that these things do come around. and usually they survive by the prime minister, but surviving
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a vote of confidence as to reason made by the way, did in 2018 doesn't mean that your sate theresa may of course, with an out of power about 6 months later, having a very confident just by the fact of it being there is an indication that you have essentially lost a significant parts of your party. and that is because many m. p 's are looking at their electoral viability. they're looking at what might happen at an ex general election. and now thinking that this prime minister boris johnson, who previously secured a boss, landside victory in 2019 the biggest in many, many is that that is essentially been eroded pretty much completely. that's boris johnson going into the next general election as the leader of the conservative party could well lose it for them. and that is what is going to be weighing on
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their minds when they cost that pilots later on today. yes, they will talk about values this. yes, they will talk about trust and, and honoring the electorate. but really, most m. p 's have at least one of their eyes on that jobs and they thing the restaurants may, will cost them that. okay, glory challenge. i live 1st in london. the russian foreign minister has denounced european countries for blocking his plane from entering the asked by calling it an thinkable and unprecedented move. second level was due to visit and study on monday, but was forced to counsel bulgaria, north. macedonia, and montenegro refused to allow his plane to pass through the skies. labrono says his subbing counts upon has now been invited to moscow. i should, i should only see were new to him. we've got a lot of questions from media about unprecedented decisions which were made by some
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member states of nato. this act by these countries impeded the visit of the russian foreign minister to the republic of serbia. of course, the unthinkable happened to me to contact them anyway. these relations won't disappear. we invited for mister nicholas tele corvette to visit moscow in a short time. i hope that his plan will not be disgracefully sanctioned by shameless brussels and it's clients in the head of the u. a nuclear watchdog has rise concerns about the safety of the ukrainian nuclear plant on the russian control. rafael gross, he says a team is trying to reach the operation plan to ensure that it secure ukraine says there is a risk. the facility supply chain could be interrupted. the i. e, a visit to the to novo nuclear site in april after rushes occupation, and found trenches dug in contaminated soil. tom cane has mo, from berlin. one of the starkest messages coming from mr. grossey, the director general of the i a, a regards the security,
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the safeguarding and the safety not only of the plant but the staff there. and he says that in the opinion of him and his agency, 5 of the 7 central pillars of nuclear safety are now compromised. and that the ukrainian government has told his agency that they are no longer in a position to be able to provide the details about what's taking place there because it is now in the hands of the russian forces. the interesting thing here is that mr. grossey said that he believes the safety and security and safeguarding off ukraine's nuclear facilities is now one of the most pressing issues that the world faces. and he says that it is of pressing urgency that his agency be able to get back into facilities such as at the support issue, to be able to see what has gone wrong and to try to put it right. so quite a stark message from mister grossey. interestingly, in so far as iran is concerned,
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mr. grosses view was that some of the behavior by the iranian government is making it more difficult to be able to bring some sort of positive statement from his agency v's avi talks. specifically, he cited 3 specific sites in iran, where his agency says it has evidence. that enrichment of uranium has taken place well, a disputed maritime borders causing tension between israel and lebanon. israeli media reports that the navy is deploying a version of its iron down anti missile system to the contested waters in the mediterranean. a lebanon is warning against what it's described as israel, aggression and holidays, and buried with the laces. israel is hoping this drilling ship will help boost its off shore gas output energy and power company aims to bring the career field online later this year. something long time enemy and neighbor, lebanon,
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opposes officials say these are contested waters and any development will be considered a provocation and hostile act. because for these readings and for the, for the us, this is not in this to the zone at this far away from the district. the zone, because for these read is that avenue board. those are weird lines. 23 is located and according to what number on has something 1011 to the u. n. 11 on those total confusion and contradiction and statements and in positions. israel in lebanon, have been indirectly negotiating about the 860 square kilometer patch of sea. but in recent months, lebanon expanded its claim increasing the zone by 1430 square meters, which included the courage gas field. this lead the talks to break down. webinar has never legally laid claim to the line $29.00 boundary president michelle lown didn't sign a decree to rectify a map submitted to the united nations,
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which would have effected israel's ability to move ahead with the operations to help warmer has the law is the most powerful actor in the country and has fought wars with israel in the past. a few weeks ago, it didn't just express opposition to negotiations with israel over the dispute. its leader house on the roller was confident no international firm would dare come to charisse or anywhere else in the disputed area. if hes below issues a clear and serious threat, so far, none has been made. this is gonna be a way for it has been a lot to gain as much as possible leverage to improve its position and government, the formation and my selection of forthcoming president. so if has been offered instant a look the way around, instead of starting a new confrontation with israel on us all the border,
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the israeli navy has been sent to protect the rig. but lebanon's leaders have called for a u. s. envoy to return so that the parties can resume talking. it's a sign of de escalation that appears to have been the result of back door negotiations center their l. shahita pe route. still head on al jazeera indian products are removed from shelves in some stores in kuwait, as an international backlash against the governing b. j. p. party, gross, and undocumented migration. in the americas no longer flows exclusively from south to north. i'm to see a newman in santiago, chile, and coming up. i'll explain why it's become a problem for everyone. ah . with hello, they will start in south asia and extreme heat across northern areas of india is
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leading to water shortages. those hot and dry conditions. continuing from many northern states, we have got heat wave alerts out, and it's a similar story for pakistan, temperatures here, touching up into the high forty's, we are expecting those heat wave conditions to last for at least 5 days. now further south of this, the new delhi was seen some blustery hot winds blowing in, but no relief in terms of rainfall for that we have to head further south, we're going to see some intense thunderstorms roll into maharajah. by the time we get into tuesday, the monsoon rains picking up, but much of the weather is going to be concentrated around the bay of bengal and the north east. a some has got a thunder storm, watch out some of that rain tricking down into bung the dish. lots of rain edging further east for me in my and thailand. and as we movies, we're going to see more rain for southern areas of china fears, thunderstorms in hong kong, the humidity on the up here. it's a similar story for taiwan. lots of what,
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whether it's an improving picture. however, further west for japan, the temperature in tokyo, slightly dipping down as that went to weather moves for the east. however, but lots of sunshine in shanghai that to weather update. ah, the talk to alger sierra, we ask you be more specific, how many jobs are you asking for? and what kind of military equipment we listen, asked the people of cuba in the street. if there is a difference between donald trump angel bite for them. exciting. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store restock matter. on al jazeera, unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from a london broadcast santa ana g 0. ah
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ah, we'll go back to watching al jazeera mind if i top stories this hour. you k prime minister boris johnson, is to face a vote of confidence by members of his policy. later this monday, his face calls to resign of a series of scandals including parties held a height of course of ours looked down. russia's foreign minister has denounced european countries that blocked his plane from entering the ass base. sec. elaborate was due to visit savvy on monday, but he was forced to counsel. i will gary at north macedonia and today, great. the head of the un nuclear watchdog is raised concerns about the safety of a ukrainian nuclear plants on the russian control. ukraine says as a risk,
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the facility supply chain has been interrupted. investigators in bangladesh trying to establish the cause of a major thigh at a container depot that is killed at least 49 people to play sparked and explosion when ignited chemicals stored in some of the containers that port near the southeastern city of tactic. graham on height is he responded to the emergency are among the victims. hundreds of people are injured, many of them in critical condition. tanveer chattering has the latest. talking to the assistant director training a fire, he told me that it's cleared danger there. still because lot of the containers do have chemicals and they said exposure to heat and if there's film inside, it could very well explode. so they don't want anybody nearby, but we still get a lot along lookers on spectators here, which really hampers clearing operation. now the units of our military and naval special operations broke, they're helping the firefighters who've been relentlessly working since last 38
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hours. i mean, you really got to give it to dime in this heat. they're still trying to diffuse many of the films inside the container. now we also know from medical sources that some of the bodies still can't be identified because they're just chas beyond recognition. so a special c i d team is trying to collect sample for dna identification. lot of loved ones are still waiting to know if any of their relatives among the victims of many of them still are missing. people who don't know where they are. now one of the question i asked was, what is, is that any particular haines, like what caused the fire? the assistant director told me i filed that he'd things on the team, things that the hydrogen peroxide when is exposed to oxygen and hid it could very well spark a fire. that could be one of the reason. and then the container exploded, but that's not totally yet determined. they're still investigating that 3 member, a separate 3 prob comedy has been found to find out exactly what's going on.
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india's ruling policies facing international condemnation of the 2 senior members were accused of making insulting remarks about the prophet mohammed. one of them was the b. j. b. j. p. national spokeswoman, who's now been suspended. critic say the parties response is too little too late. have any metal reports from new delhi products like these had become the latest casualty? as the international backlash against the new delhi government grows supermarkets in kuwait or removing indian, made goods as a way to protest islam of phobia available to johnson india. boy, according an in product, is obligatory for every muslim in every country, because this is a myrtle concerning the profit. the global outcry has prompted prime minister in the rain through mo, these party jent the party to take action against 2 members accused of making inflammatory comments. national spokeswoman to push emma has been suspended while
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the parties media head in new delhi november margin. that has been expelled, the b j p says it's strongly denounces insults against any religious personalities, as well as ideology that demeans any sect or religion. but critic said the response is to a little too late. countries in the gulf region including cut out any drawn, have some of the indian envoys and demanded a public apology. clearly there's a huge, well have you eaten only, you 12 security, a low battery. and that impress issue in growing in relationship between india and the gun. since i don't see that that is going to go away because of this incident. also, i think the book on both the india and the gulf states need a several international vice clubs have documented the rise and hate speech and
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violence against minorities since the b j. b came to power in 2014 the u. s. tech department draw similar conclusions in its annual report, which was released last week. however, the indian government has rejected these accusations. journalists, mohammed's bear, says the b g p had no choice but to take action against the 2 politicians action. noah was after li live only because it was some international prison. i'm sorry, and we've been asking for since 10 days there was no response but then in actually and praising them, supporting them only because of this international press that i was action or position parties have urged the government to take responsibility. they said the b j. p political discourse has made incidents like these commonplace and have now embarrassed india internationally. poverty metal al jazeera new delhi nigerian officials say they're searching for gunman who attacked
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a church in southwest nigeria. dozens of people were killed at the catholic mass in the town of all on sunday, i met at rest reports for mother jeff. scores of people came to this church to our 10 boss. the attackers came to kill us, maybe us because those who got out came under fire outside is quite own. believe it that somebody will come on, the intention was to kill everybody in that church. and those running out there will be shot from outside. just wait inside where be shot from inside the true to die months to blue of the all top down to the centauri. this kind of the secretion is only be done by legal medical workers fear some of the wounded may not survive. i appealing for help them live local dame has many people die within
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deals. people in bear with me to call my police. i seized nigeria as president, mama to body, and the under state governor have condemned the attack. save those responsible will be brought to justice. what is surprised many is the location of the massacre. the southwest of nigeria suffered little of the valor sweeping the north and the east attacks have killed tens of thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands law in those regions. during the last 10 years, security services have struggled to contain the fathers. nigeria is due to all general elections early next year. but with the violence spreading concerns that grow where the polling can be held in abby yes was affected by these attacks. ahmed edris al jazeera, appalachia, nigeria on the last day the candidates to confirm their participation in kenya's presidential election, former prime minister in opposition leader viola is running for president for the
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5th time. but it's expected to be a tight race between his rival deputy president william router malcolm webb, who is ly for us in nor ruby malcolm, who are all the front one us several candidates to submitted the papers to the electro couldn't commission to the run in the presidential election the deadline to do so is in just a few hours from now. but the 2 front one is he just mentioned the already been clear to run. one of them is william root. so he's the current vice president in vice president in the last 2 governments. and today right now he's been campaigning, usaa in northern kenya. he's his vice president. he began with an alliance forms with the current incumbent president who re kenyata that was before the election. 10 years ago, at a time when the 2 of them were facing charges at the international criminal court
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for the violence that followed the election 5 years before that those charges related drops following witnesses retracting statement, the international criminal court to the legend to gibbons with those witnesses and that the lions between kenyata and rito didn't hold up in recent years. it's crumbled. now, pushing with campaign, the other major front runner that you mentioned is riley every day, and he's got his political career to 98 the involved in opposition to most of it ever since he's run for time and before he's never been. and now the winner, well, they several of the elections of in mod by various but to various degrees by irregularities, allegations of rigging and sometimes violence. and we're right now is manifest. i launch event is expected to arrive here in a short while to launch his manifesto for this campaign. say, what's this about?
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is this fish time lucky? what's different this time wise? he running again? i was the choice is very different in so far as the incumbent. her kenyatta is backing a long time. my political opponent a long time, elliptical opposition leader royal or a danger that's unheard of before in canyon politics. now william roots are, in spite of being very much in the middle of government for the last 2 governments, there's a government that have been accused of being even more corrupt than the ones that came before them. i've been criticized for failing to deliver services and opportunities for the lease wealthy finance. that is one of the biggest economies in the region, but the benefits that i felt very on equally the political class and those around them really massive rewards. well, those in the rural areas, the poor, rural pair or as and in the slums really struggle to, to get by to this day. really great. i was promising change not resonating with
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younger voters. and it's widely seen that royal or a dingo was did not sense the strongest candida that the political establishment, the all political establishment could field against reserve. okay, thank you for that. malcolm web back for us in nairobi, the election will be held in august if this year mexican president andre manual lopez open door, says he won't attend the upcoming summit of the americas, he ascending his foreign minister instead as a protest because not all countries in the region half and invited a meeting ames to tackle an unprecedented migration crisis. spread through the region. after being seen for years is only a problem for the united states. this union reports ah 28 year old francisco flemish is more than 7000 kilometers from home. with 10 month old maria in tow, she sells sweeps for coins so that she can feed her baby and hopefully gather
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enough to rent a room to night to ha, work that way they won't have to sleep outdoors in the freezing cold valley. she arrived from venezuela 2 weeks ago after crossing the, at the camp desert and entered chile as an undocumented migrant. like hundreds of thousands of her compatriots. ah, will you be a bolivian guy helped us cross the border at night? we had to crawl, so no one would see us. we passed fences and trenches, and we couldn't make noise. the children couldn't cry so the police wouldn't hear us in a william our land will. yeah. frankie ski is among hundreds of thousands of travel to chile seeking a better light family. while tens of thousands of central american haitian and cuban migrants attempt to cross into the united states every day. but the migration crisis in the americas no longer flows exclusively from south to north. according
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to united nations, nearly 6000000 venezuelans have migrated to escape hardships at home with a majority heading south, especially to columbia peru, argentina, and chile. into regional migration has increased by 66 percent in the last decade, impacting public services and resources in the recipient. countries own up and they are gonna, but they're that they have the gym at right and their responsibility to guarantee stability and conditions their create well being for migrants to ensure that the irregular influx of migrants doesn't produce poverty. human trafficking and exploitation from your bank am i am, but i got a social of empire. julie's former foreign minister says it's now a major regional challenge. hearing the pardon, i think it is fundamental that happened in europe. it was uneasy and they arrived on assisting mo, code us of o a migrant. and i think something similar could,
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could be explored ugliest in the america. ah, do you? and he can only commission for latin america and the caribbean has presented a martial plan for central america. that requires funding, especially from the united states. u. s. president joe biden had offered $4000000000.00 to create better jobs and safety. but so far the money has only trickled in no, but it was important that we can't confront migration only with block borders, severe laws or wall and police. we need well been on the security and peace in the countries were migration originate, order the policy us. it's hoped that regional cooperation to tackle the phenomena will be the main theme at the upcoming summit of the americas in los angeles. even with the priorities of the united states now focused elsewhere to see in human al jazeera santiago. ah.


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