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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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again, here most have tens of thousands of jumps to their names. each country will compete in 3 disciplines. freefall, skydive, accuracy, landing, and 4 way formation. men and women compete separately, but under the same flag. you know, i can't do a story about parachuting and not jump out of a plane as we climb up. the teams mentally prepare for their job. i try to do the same then minutes later, once the earth is just a blurb below, it's time to free fall. ah, this is al jazeera ah oliver, i'm the clock. this is the news,
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our life from doha. coming up for the next 60 minutes and all the tests for the british prime ministers, leadership, members of his own policy, get ready to hold a vote of no confidence. the global nuclear watchdog raises concerns about a ukrainian nuclear plant in russian controlled no invite for cuba, nicaragua and venezuela. summit of america's will still go ahead but questions over what can be achieved without all key players proceeds. ah, the u. s. and south korea test file weapons and new training drills as a response to the knolls, recent missile and launches and in sport raphael, an adult has admitted the injury, could yet bring an early and to his career. now dal says that he won sundays french open final despite having no feeling in his left foot. ah,
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ah, say that a test of survival for boris johnson, the u. k. prime minister, facing a conference vote from his own party later on monday. the challenge to his leadership has been triggered by discontent within the conservatives. johnson has faced calls to resign of a series of scandals and included a number of parties held in and around downing street during the height of the you case, current of ours locked outs. the threshold, all 15 percent of the parliamentary party seeking a vote of confidence in the prime minister has been passed. therefore, vote of confidence will take place within the rules of the united states do committee that vote will take place this evening in the house of commons between 6 and 8 o'clock and we will announce the result shortly thereafter, there will be arrangements for proxy votes for any colleagues who can't be present in person in westminster, and we'll notify colleagues of those arrangements in the near future. straight to
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london, rory challenged sustaining by fritz there outside parliament and rory, so that his booze is bar is walked up the steps a couple of days ago. now seem prescient, don't they may seem to be saying he'll survive the boat, but could be hold under the water line. yeah, i mean, this is sir, me, a very, very difficult time for maurice johnson, a very difficult time for at the conservative party boris johnson. as we understand is now addressing his m p 's trying to sure on support for that votes of confidence. later on this evening, he wrote a letter earlier on to day, trying to put this in a positive light of course saying that without your support, i believe to night we have a great prize within our grass. we can put an end to the media's favorite obsession or we can get on with the job without the noise is off, whether or not or his fur impedes will listen to that. cheerleading rally will have
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to wait and see. sadly, there are most people are. i think you're observing this and within the part you think he's going to sweep through just because 54 or more m p 's of given their letters into a graham, brady doesn't mean that there are going to be a $180.00 plus that's the majority would take to unseat him, but it is perhaps got to be a close run thing and it's got to be a very nervous afternoon for the prime minister. now we can be again here, jonathan les hosea, a journalist and commentator thinks by say, writing for a left when perspective given that, what do you think will be best for the opposition for the left wing in this country? is it better for, for us johnson to survive this vote of confidence or force him to go as labor has actually been asking for for a long time, get boris strong. turn out to that, who really want that? well, it's a really good question because to lay the party, i would be much better off if johnson stays,
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because he is there. great. his assets are the moments or he has lost all public trusts, and the country has made up his mind about him. the longer he stays on his point minister, the more he will drag his party down with him. so say much and lay parties interests . but he does stay. but i don't think that the lay party, terribly concerned if he goes because those so many existential problems faced the concepts party, even without johnson the parties problems will not magically disappeared. he goes now. okay, so who might replace or if johnson, obviously we've heard from jeremy hummers earlier on today who seems to be at on maneuvers are as the, as the phrase goes to westminster. saying that this is a, basically a choice between winning the elect next election and losing the next lesson. and he is going to be voting against doris johnson. but there are other potential candidates as well. so who might those b? and these are, what are the chances are this is the other problem, the conserves a party because before they had a camera in waiting,
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richie soon act and the chancellor or he was seeing verify, janet very talented, clever and ready to take the top job. he is now sabotaged his chances and by a series of self inflicted wounds. and so now there is no real. i can't get ready to take on the mantel or when the country list trusts is the like. he is kind at the foreign secretary, but she doesn't seem to have the christmas or 5 power to leave her party to election victory or at the labor we troubled by that and jamie hunt. i see you on the left of the party. so dozens, i won't take that many. i consulted with him straight, but so that look the 1st problem. the 2nd one is the concert, the brand has been really tainted like hot gate and pots by coded as well. so that's not going to massey disappear on the most important thing of all is we have a cost of living prices are possibly recession in the next few months. and unless the conservative party has a plan to get out of that, they're not going to win the election anyway. marty, who's in charge during this, jonathan comes later. thank you very much. so,
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recent polls sees seem to suggest that the british public wants boris johnson to go . i think the in the latest polls, 60 percent of the population say that the time is up for the prime minister. of course, it's not them that decides it is the conservative party m p 's and they will get their chance. later on this evening. the up me ranch lindsay are all unfolds, incoming owls royd from time bring thanks very much for a challenger in london. quilt party gate, as it quickly became known, led to a rapid unraveling of forest johnson's brand of personality politics. the british prime minister was accused of a reckless lack of judgment and lack of control over those who worked for him. so nega takes a look now at what got him to this point. the british public were ordered to follow the rules in a deadly pandemic. while the prime minister defied them, they stayed away from the beaches and the streets. only to find that those setting the rules. what breaking them. you must obey the rules. and as the country
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retreated into locked down under government orders, maurice johnson insisted that no restrictions were broken. but more and more covert rule breaking by government officials was leaked and splashed across the front pages, the public learning of weekly wine, evenings, and boozy leaving days. one bash was on the eve of prince philip the duke of edinburgh funeral with a country and national morning. and queen elizabeth forced to sit apart from her family downing street was forced to issue a statement of deep regret to buckingham palace. mister speaker, i want to apologize. and johnson is hastily apologized for attending a drinks policy in the downing street garden because he thought it was a work of added, he said, and within government rules, etc. now going to to to decent thing and resign the explanation. enraged m
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p 's and in fury a to the public career skirting control, the see what floundering ridiculed by a wine bottle wielding flash mob outside downing street and witnessing every day the broken spectacle of a prime minister mighty deceased. a deception and unable to lead the things what to get even worse for johnson with claims he had a surprise birthday bash. complete with cake had number 10 during lockdown, and then a bombshell announcement by british police. they were launching a criminal investigation into rule breaking at number 10. johnson was deemed to have broken the rules and find $60.00. a month later, the report by top civil servant su gray made its finding public. the $48.00 page report detailed 16 occasions that breached the law, describing
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a failure of leadership in downing street excessive alcohol consumption in the workplace, and gatherings without clean authorization or oversight. some behaviors you said was difficult to justify, against the backdrop of the pandemic. the question isn't whether burress johnson was at each and every party during a time of extraordinary pressure on those impala. it's about a tone of frivolity, that his leadership set undermining the most serious office in the country at a time of national crisis. very sunny acre al, jazeera london, the head of the you and nuclear watchdog has raised concerns about the safety of a ukrainian nuclear plant under russian control of rail grossey. he says a team is trying to reach these up, reach a plant to ensure it secure. ukraine says there is a risk. the facility supply chain could be interrupted. the i. e, a visited the chernobyl nuclear site in april,
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after russia's occupation and found trenches dug in contaminated soil, dominic cane as more now from berlin. one of the starkest messages coming from mr. grossey, the director general of the i a, a regards the security, the safeguarding and the safety not only of the plant but the staff there. and he says that in the opinion of him and his agency, 5 of the 7 central pillars of nuclear safety are now compromised. and that the ukrainian government has told his agency that they are no longer in a position to be able to provide the details about what's taking place there because it is now in the hands of the russian forces. the interesting thing here is that mr. grossey said that he believes the safety and security and safeguarding off ukraine's nuclear facilities is now one of the most pressing issues that the world faces. and he says that it is of pressing urgency that his agency be able to get
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back into facilities such as at as a procedure to be able to see what has gone wrong and to try to put it right. so quite a stark message from mister grossey. interestingly, in so far as iran is concerned, mr. grosses view was that some of the behavior by the iranian government is making it more difficult to be able to bring some sort of positive statement from his agency v's avi talks. specifically, he cited 3 specific sites in iran, where his agency says it has evidence that enrichment of uranium has taken place. russia's foreign minister has denounced european countries for blocking his plane from entering their airspace, calling it an unthinkable and unprecedented move. so gay leverett was due to visit serbia on monday, but was forced to cancel bulgaria, north macedonia, and want to negro refused to allow his plan to pass through the skies that rob says
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he has now invited his servant counterpart to moscow. should i? it should only so ignore them. we've got a lot of questions from media, but unprecedented decisions which were made by some member states of nato. this act by these countries impeded the visit of the russian foreign minister to the republic of serbia. of course, the unthinkable happened when we to come back the new builder. anyway, these relations won't disappear. we invited for mister nicholas seller coverage to visit moscow in a short time. i hope that his plane will not be disgracefully sanctioned by shameless brussels and its clients in london. was news of the cancelled visit emerged to group or prayer. ukraine demonstrate a celebrated outside the official bell. great residence of serbian president alexander which they held banners, thanking neighboring countries for blocking lebrun visits and saying to the hague, not well great, dana, serbia, emerald. to day, serbia has reason to celebrate because the representative of war crimes propaganda,
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the representative of aggression to the sovereign country of ukraine hasn't arrived in bel. great, thanks to the support that neighboring friendly countries offering to the free people of serbia. it would have been shamefully flatter off, came to pal, great, because he would have discredited this country. this country would have shown that crimes committed in ukraine are acceptable out of doors. a platinum or cell had often use ar including having for disputed waters, the israeli rig. that lebanon cause of provocation and a hostile act. steining for 5th time, kenya's former president faces a tight race for the top job. areas will come up to brazil, stalking off in japan as they continue their preparations to the world company. cotton sana will be here. ah, the mexican president, hundreds manuel opens oprah door has confirmed that he will not be going to the summit of the americas in los angeles. this week is been critical of the bide
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ministrations, refusal to invite cuba finance in nicaragua. one of the key issues on the agenda at the summit is my grudge mister newman reports now from santiago injury ah 28 year old friend, caskey flemish is more than 7000 kilometers from home. with 10 month old maria in tow, she sells sweeps for coins so that she can feed her baby and hopefully gather enough to rent a room to night. to ha was that way they won't have to sleep out doors in the freezing, cold valley. 6 she arrived from venezuela 2 weeks ago after crossing the, at the camp desert and, and to chile as an undocumented migrant, like hundreds of thousands of her compatriots. ah, what do you mean? oblivion guy helped us cross the border at night. we had to cross and no one would see us. we passed fences and trenches and we couldn't make noise. the children couldn't cry so the police wouldn't hear us. nor can william have landominium
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a boy. yeah. frankie ski is among hundreds of thousands of travel to chile seeking a better light family. while tens of thousands of central american haitian and cuban migrants attempt to cross into the united states every day. but the migration crisis in the americas no longer flows exclusively from south to north. according to united nations, nearly 6000000 venezuelans have migrated to escape hardships at home with the majority heading south, especially to columbia peru, argentina, and chile. into regional migration has increased by 66 percent in the last decade impacting public services and resources in the recipient countries. i own up a few available. but there that they have the legitimate right and their responsibility to guarantee stability and conditions their create well being for migrants to ensure that the irregular influx of migrants doesn't produce poverty. human
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trafficking and exploitation of and i am, but i thought he says he'll oftentimes chili's former foreign minister says it's now a major regional challenge. hearing the burden, i think, is so fundamental that happened in europe. it was an easy and they arrived on assisting mo, code us of o a migrant. and i think something similar could, could be explored ugliest in the america. ah, do you? and he can only commission for latin america and the caribbean has presented a martial plan for central america. that requires funding, especially from the united states. u. s. president joe biden had offered $4000000000.00 to create better jobs and safety. but so far the money has only trickled in no, but it was important that we can't confront migration only with block borders, severe laws or wall and police. we need well been late security and peace in the
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countries were migration originators. the policy us ha! it's hoped that regional cooperation to tackle the phenomena will be the main theme at the upcoming summit of the americas in los angeles. even with the priorities of the united states now focused elsewhere. you see in human al jazeera santiago or the coincide with the some to the america's a new carbon of migrants to setting off for the united states from mexico. southern border bun or apollo is there, and joins is now from maxine city of jeweller, near the guatemalan border. men will tell us where you are precisely what's happening around you. hello nick. yes, we'll give you a sense of what it's like where we are right now. we're on the road, just north of the city of south, actually with several 1000 migrants. this is without a doubt with the largest migrant caravans that we've seen in recent years. and unlike previous ones, where we've seen central american migrants or haitian migrants, this is
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a majority van as well in migrants. i'll give you the sense of where we are right now because people are taking a break. many the people that we have here next to us. you can see the look of exhaustion on many of their faces. many of them are women. many of them are children. they've been walking anywhere between 3 and 4 hours since the dawn hours of monday morning in the city of that. but sheila, through the through the rain now through the heat of the midday sun here in southern mexico. like i said before, many the people that we've encountered are from venezuela, the vast majority. we're also encountering people from elsewhere in the region from columbia, from central america. there are also migrants here from haiti, from other parts of the world as well. the reason as far as and our understanding goes, the reason why we're seeing such a mass mobilization now has everything to do with the policy being enforced by the mexican government here in the southern part of the country, which is the policy of containment. so what happens is, over the course of weeks and months, there is a pile up,
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a bottle necking of migrants, a large pile up to the point where resources are stretched to the limit. people have no choice but to sleep out on the straits. they end up forming these large migrant caravans making their way north. we've seen that with central american migrants, we saw that last year was haitian migrants were seeing that now play out with many been as well as it migration. of course, a key issue at the summit of the americas, the mexican president has said he's not going. how's that gonna affect things? mexican president on this one little piece of it. a lot of did confirm on monday morning. he said that he was going to be in the state of walk out this week of state that was recently impacted by hurricane agatha, essentially confirming that he's not going to be attending the summit of the americas in los angeles. superficially, nick, this could be seen as an embarrassment for you as president joe biden, because of this threat by the mexican president to not go to the summit of the americas did not attend, if not, every country of the region were invited. speaking specifically about nicaragua,
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cuba and venezuela, but with immigration being such a hot topic right now. and i mean, look around us where we are right now. there's absolutely no doubt that there is a migrant crisis playing out in the latin america region. the strategic logic behind the re, well, the reasoning really behind these actions by the mexican president are that this is a migrant crisis. that requires a multilateral solution and you can't have a multi lateral solution. if not everyone is invited to the table. my well thanks, abouts, mental repairs are reporting them from top to to thank you. mistake his own. we can now speak to maureen maria from los angeles in california. she serves as vice president for programs at the washington office on latin america. maureen, welcome to al jazeera at as one commentator put it, this is shaping up to be a summit of regional friends of the united states, and that therefore it's a lost opportunity for washington to deal with what all or what is a major, major regional challenge. i think the,
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the summit clearly would have been benefited by having mexican president, attend the foreign minister of mexico. marcella but i will be there as well. the majority of the other countries, the u. s. had been firm that they were not going to invite to benefit like cubic or i when leaders because they were the criteria was more countries that are committed to democracy and that had democratically elected leaders. i think what we're going to see in the summer there are lots of opportunities for regional leaders to discuss some of these pressing issues and hopefully reach commitments to address migration as one at top priority. also other areas like climate change, good governance, a lot of that the agenda on how to recover from them and 1070 several things that are actually driving migration from the region. so it's all there is this criteria for, for attendance, isn't it because you know, the st. i'm in the invited countries as it all go, you know, exactly paragons of the values via united states is, is demanding. so what can realistically be achieved, given that, you know,
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regional cooperation is what is required on a multilateral level. and not all the latin countries going to be the i think what they're hoping to achieve are declarations on different areas. we know there is the original declaration on migration and protection that the bi demonstration has been working on with governments throughout the region. so hoping to get support on not a lot of announcements of deliverables from both divide administration, but other how they're committing with other governments in the region on a key set of issues. you know, summits are always, are more of opportune to have parallel conversations and dialogues then a whole set of specific agreements. i think we want to see with this outcome though, is a set of plan of action really on how are the governments going to address particular jointly issues such as the regional migration flows that we're seeing right now to do, they will get a similar kind of arrangement that we're seeing in europe, that where you have countries that are coordinated and take responsibility across the board for this problem. i think that's the objective. this is one of many
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conversations on regional migration. there been 2 major regional ministerials on migration and recent months, looking at you know, what is the role of transit countries? what is the recipient countries, including mexico and in the case the caravan for example. and how to address the root causes which go across the board, but also international h and seeing more specific goals and objectives. a how that governments will reach their own commitments, but worked together on these issues which has really been lacking in recent years or more remar appreciate your perspective on this. thanks very much indeed. it's maureen mare from the washington office on latin america. thanks a lot. thank you. a disputed maritime borders causing tension between israel and lebanon, is ready media reports. the navy is deploying a version of its on dame anti missile system to be contested waters in the mediterranean. both countries lay claim to an area of about 860 square kilometers, but lebanon is warning against what it described as israeli aggression. and hota is
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in bay routes, and has the latest. israel is hoping this drilling ship will help boost its off shore gas output energy and power company aims to bring the career field online later this year. something long time enemy and neighbor, lebanon, opposes officials say these are contested waters and any development will be considered a provocation and hostile act. because for these readings and for the, for the us, this is not in this to the zone at this far away from the district. the zone, because for these read is that avenue board. those are weird lines. 23 is located and according to what number on has something 1011 to the u. n. 11 on those total confusion and contradiction in statements and in positions. israel in lebanon, have been indirectly negotiating about the 860 square kilometer patch of sea. but in recent months, lebanon expanded its claim increasing the zone by 1430 square meters, which included the courage gas field. this lead the talks to break down. webinar
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has never legally laid claim to the line $29.00 boundary president michelle on didn't sign a decree to rectify a map submitted to the united nations, which would have affected israel's ability to move ahead with the operations to help warmer has the law is the most powerful actor in the country and has fought wars with israel in the past. a few weeks ago, it didn't just express opposition to negotiations with israel over the dispute. its leader house on the roller was confident no international firm would dare come to charisse or anywhere else in the disputed area. if hezbollah issues a clear and serious threat so far, none has been made. this is gonna be a way for it has been allowed to gain as much as possible and leverage to improve its position and government their formation and in their selection of flour,
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forthcoming president. so if has been offered instant or looked their way around, instead of a starting a new confrontation with israel on, i saw them border. the israeli navy has been sent to protect the rig. but lebanon's leaders have called for a u. s. envoy to return so that the parties can resume talking. it's a sign of de escalation that appears to have been the result of back door negotiations center for their elders. eda paid roots out as her immediate network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and the occupied westpac. schraner boy clerk was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignment and genie. on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing pall bearers. to nearly drop her coffin, they didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continued to call for an investigation. i
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will likely was without a 0 for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine ahead here with al jazeera 1st top jakarta straight is the prime minister, takes his 1st trip abroad with china on the agenda. war contains filter chemicals explode in bangladesh and a father already killed at least 49 people. at his 40 i'm getting finals are square all through. they wouldn't performance by ah hello, they will have a look at africa in a moment, but 1st to the middle east. and it's a story of extreme heat in particular for iraq and western areas of iran, the temperature in baghdad, sitting at about 50 degrees. so dangerous heat here,
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and you can see from the ice a thumb chart that heat extending down south. we're gonna see temperatures on the up places like doha, and react in the days ahead. that was a move to north africa has been a story of extreme heat for the north west. places like algeria seen, the temperature sit, particularly in the south sit in the early forty's, but there will be some rain trickling into northern areas for the wet weather. however, we have to head to the gulf of guinea. we're going to have a rash of thunderstorms pull into nigeria. we could see some flooding here, and those storms are set to rumble across the congo. we could see some localized flooding from those storms and it remains a rather windy picture along coastal areas of tanzania and kenya and shop of thunderstorms for southern areas of ethiopia. but as we had to down to southern africa, a launch a quiet picture. we have got some warnings out for potential, felt fires for the north west of south africa. but for cape town, if we have a look at the 3 day, lots of sunshine with a chance of rain on thursday,
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that's the weather update. ah frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything changed their problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs, and you also contract in order for it to solve this problem informed opinions, international communities, on the goal of this, my security community, a government has no legitimacy in depth analysis of the data global headlines. this is going to be very hard to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, no, it's actually got 2 members inside story on al jazeera. ah, with,
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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah, okay, you're watching out 0 or mind about top stories. and the u. k. prime minister will face a confidence vote for his own conservative party in the coming house. it was triggered when 15 percent of the parties, members of parliament formerly requested the ballad to head of the u. s. nuclear watchdog cuz raised concerns about the safety of a ukrainian nuclear plant on the russian control. ukraine says there's
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a risk the facility supply chain could be interrupted. the mexican president gonzalez manuel opens up the door and, and he will not go to the summit of the americas in los angeles. this week. it criticized the u. s. his refusal to invite cuba, venezuela, and curriculum. it is the last day for candidates to confirm their participation in kenya's presidential election, former prime minister and opposition leader rather dingo is running for president for the 5th time. it's already received backing from the outgoing leader kenyatta. it's expected to be a tight race between a dinner and his rival. the deputy president william grew to who's leading in the polls. the election will be held in august. it's been not malcolm weapons live 1st in nairobi. so malcolm, tell us more about the front runners in the selection bull deadline for candidates to submit babies in just a few hours for now and several candidates have but the 2 front runners that you
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just mentioned have been approved by the electric emission to go ahead and they are william router who is the current vice president. he's been the vice president in the last 2 governments. and just a few hours ago, he was campaigning and rissa in northern kenya. and in a royal or a ding guy who's been involved in politics since the 1980s, mostly in opposition. he's run 4 times before where the launch event for his manifesto is expected to arrive here in just a short while. from now he's run 4 times before that he's never been declared. the winner and some of those elections have been mob by widespread allegations of irregularities. vote rigging and sometimes violence as well. so he's getting for 5th. i'm so what's different about this part where it was hopeful this time? oh, the alliance between vice president william root. so and the current incumbent president,
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the who kenyatta that was formed at the time that they were both indicted by the international criminal. or just over 10 years ago. the alliances proved rocky. they were indicted for their alleged role in violence in the election. it took place 15 years ago, the charges was subsequently dropped off to witnesses, retracted their statements and the alliance between router and kenyata as come apart in the last few years. and so in a, in a, in a twist of allegiance is a long term opposition. candidate ryder and anger is actually for the 1st time ever being backed by the incumbent who kenyatta. and he's widely understood to be the 1st choice of a candidate by the, on the part of the, of the families, the dominated kenyan politics on business. ever since independence from british colonial rule, whereas william brewed so now as it was seen as the outside of the newcomer, who's challenging the old political establishment in this paul as juice to take
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place. on the 9th of august, or at malcolm fix led to malcolm rope reporting that according chide, as issued a verdict against 6 opposition leaders. they were arrested after last month's violent protest against frances military presence. let's get the details now from him. morgan has fallen. these developments from neighboring sudan in the capitol cartoons are here. tell us more about the context. while of course in missouri, which is outside the capital in jermaine, in another state, issued a verdict of one year, 1010th for the sick members of the wicked chemical illusion. that's an opposition coalition that includes also political policies against the current transition military government. now this 20th sentence is a suspended sentence, so they will not actually be going to jail. and the public prosecutor had initially asked for 2 years in addition to or with $3000000.00 in fined for the damages that were caused in protest in on may 14th. and there was also
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a request of more than $200.00 per each person. each defendant accused of the sick members of the coalition, now they will be paying less than $100.00 each. they will be having a what they have been sentenced to one year suspended sentence, and they will not be paying the $3000000.00 in damages that was initially requested by the prosecutor, but they would rather be paying less than $300000.00. now, the wicked chemical alicia has been organizing protests since during the time of our home. our president, late president brother, it reset b and they had continued to organize protests. even after the transition military council came to power. they have been against the military rule calling for a civilian government, as well as calling for foot france to not interfere and chad in chad, politics. so they have been getting a lot of support from several groups. lawyers have been on track because of this current trial thing. they will be waiting for the verdict and now that the verdict
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is out, it's not clear if they will be missing their strike and continue to work, or if they will continue because they would regard the sentence as unfair, even if it is suspended. or i have a thanks so much i have a morgan reporting that from cut to investigate is in bangladesh, trying to establish the cause of major far to contain a deputy that is killed at least 49 people. the place bought an explosion when it's ignited chemicals stored in some of the containers at a port in the southeast and city of chatter, graham, firefighters. he responded to the emergency or among the victims. hundreds of people are injured. many of them in a critical condition. time the charger and the latest from the container facility in city condo. talking to the assistant director training a fire, he told me that it's cleared danger there. still because a lot of the containers do have chemicals and they're said exposure to heat. and if there is film inside, it could very well explode, so they don't want anybody nearby. but we still get a lot along lookers on spectators here, which really hampers
6:38 pm
a clearing operation. now the units of our military and naval spatial operations broke, they're helping the firefighters who've been relentlessly working since last 38 hours. i mean, you really got to give it to them in this heat. they're still trying to diffuse many of the fields inside the container. now we also know from medical sources that some of the bodies still can't be identified because they're just charged beyond recognition. so a specialty id team is trying to collect sample for dna identification. lot of loved ones are still waiting to know if any of their relatives among the victims of many of them still are missing. people who don't know where they are. now one of the question i asked was, what is, is there any particular haines, like what caused the fire? the assistant director told me a 5 that he things on the team, things that the hydrogen peroxide when is exposed to oxygen and here it could very well spark a fire. that could be one of the reason. and then the container exploded,
6:39 pm
but that's not totally yet. determined they're still investigating a 3 member, a separate 3 prob comedy has been found to find out exactly what's going on. in this ruling part is facing international condemnation. after 2 senior members were accused of making insult remarks by the prophet, muhammad, one of them was e b. j. peace. national spokeswoman, who's been suspended. critic say the parties response is too little, too late. of metal report now from you dully. products like these had become the latest casualty as the international backlash against the new delhi government grows supermarkets in kuwait or removing indian, made goods as a way to protest islam of phobia. asylum with adjusted india. boy, according in product, is obligatory for every muslim in every country. because this is america concerning the profit. the global outcry has prompted prime minister noreen through all these party gent, our party, to take action against 2 members,
6:40 pm
accused of making inflammatory comments. national spokeswoman to push emma has been suspended while the parties media head in new delhi november margin that has been expelled. the b j p says it strongly denounces insults against any religious personalities as well as ideology that demeans any sect or religion. but critics said, the response is to a little too late. countries in the gulf region, including qatar, any john have some of the indian envoys and demanded a public apology. clearly there's a huge, well have you eaten only this? is you 12, your security is a banker and that impress ah, is shown in growing in the growing relationship between india and the gulf states. i don't see that there is going to go away because of this incident old. so i think the book on both the india and the god states need to see this and of
6:41 pm
course condemned the hollow. several international vice clubs have documented the rise and hate speech and violence against minorities since the b j. b came to power in 2014, the state department draw similar conclusions in its annual report, which was released last week. however, the indian government has rejected these accusations. journalists, mohammed's bare, says the b g p had no choice but to take action against the 2 politicians action. noah was after lay living with you because it was some international prison. i'm for it. and we've been asking questions in 10 days. there was no response, but then if you actually are and praising them, are supporting them only because of this international press that i was action or position parties have urged the government to take responsibility. they said the b g piece political discourse has made incidents like these commonplace and have now
6:42 pm
embarrassed india internationally. poverty metal al jazeera new delhi. oh, let's 1st bilateral visit since being sworn in australia's new prime minister says l work to strengthen ties with se asia and indonesia. monte alban, easy pledged, stronger cooperation. but he said beijing is also seeking to expand its influence in the inner pacific. jessica washington reports now from jakarta. places of helmets on this is diplomacy indonesian style. president, joke of widow or chico. we invited the new prime minister of australia to join him for a ride before gearing up for more serious discussions or indonesia is on track to be one of the world's 5 largest economies. revitalizing i tried an investment relationship, is a priority for my government to hear open. the indonesian president says, economic collaboration dominated the talks, isha stamina with this is the 1st bilateral visit for australia's new prime minister, and is a clear signal from albanese that he intends to revive the country's regional
6:43 pm
diplomacy, but to focus on strength and relations. but its neighbors in southeast asia and the pacific prime minister albany, he is joined on this trip by several senior ministers. this is the 1st bilateral visit for australia's new prime minister. it is a clear signal from anthony of uneasy that he intends to revive the countries regional diplomacy with the focus on se asia and the pacific. it comes as cambra and bay gene compete for influence in the region. we do have strategic competition in the region. we need to make sure that it's managed in a way that doesn't have catastrophic consequences. a full, the rate of the prime minister has offered support for major infrastructure projects such as indonesia plans to build a new capital city. and has reiterated a $338000000.00 pledge to invest in development in southeast asia as part of efforts to revive relationships which his government says have been neglected.
6:44 pm
recently, the relationship between his trying in asia, we have, we are too close neighbors. but do not deal with each other and off albany, as he says he will attend the g 20 summit hosted by indonesia in november to spite controversy over the russian precedence purported plans to attend as well in kill himself while b is stay on fighter son sitting with president, with data not sitting with president clinton, the prime minister and his delegation will visit the island of so the lacy lacks seeking to prove australia is serious about engaging with its neighbors. in the north, jessica washington al jazeera chicata officials in nigeria say they're searching for gunman who had tied to church in the south west of the country. a dozens of people were killed at a catholic mass in the town of o. on sunday, ahmed address for post now from
6:45 pm
a boot. scores of people came to this church to our 10 boss. they attack us came to kill us, maybe us because those who got out came under fire outside is quite open. believe it that somebody will come on, the intention was to keep everybody in that church and those running out there will be shut from outside. just wait inside where be shut from inside the true today, 9 months to lieu of the all talk down to the sanctuary. this kind of a separation is gonna be done by legal medical workers, fia, some of the wounded may not survive. i don't think they're appealing for help. lead blockquote them. how many people die? are we debiose equal and bear with me to call my police. i seized nigerians president obama to body and the under state governor have condemned the attack. save those responsible will be brought to justice. what is surprised?
6:46 pm
many is the location of the massacre. the southwest of nigeria suffered little of the violin sweeping the north and the east attacks have killed tens of thousands and displeased hundreds of thousands law in those regions. during the last 10 years, security services have struggled to contain tomatoes. nigeria is due to all general elections early next year. but with the violence spreading concerns that grow where the polling can be held in areas was affected by these attacks. ahmed edris al jazeera, appalachia, nigeria. 3rd grade president noun circle says that north korea's weapons program poses a threat to world peace. sol and washington have fight 8 missiles towards the sea of south grids, east coast. it comes a day after the north launched a barrel of short range ballistic missiles, office, eastern coastline for connie la, these i l, v o hm. north korea's nuclear missile threats are getting sophisticated on it fired various ballistic missiles. yesterday's i,
6:47 pm
north korea's nuclear missile programs are reaching the levels that threatened not only the peace of the korean peninsula, but also in northeast asia and the world. and let's get the latest from sol with robert bride. this was a direct response from south korea and its usa allies to sundays launch the joint military command here in south korea. as a total of 8, missiles were fired, that they were fired from the east coast in gung one province. this is the province that borders with north korea along the dmc. the missiles were fired into the sea, a seas that separate the korean peninsula from japan, the south koreans in the usa that this was a to demonstrate the capability. it says, of precision strikes it. origins of provocations, clearly indicating north korea. they're saying that condemning sundays launch by north korea, of again, exactly the same number of ballistic missiles. 8 missiles being fired by north korea saying that the south and the u. s. will take corresponding reactions there each time as to what they call these provocations that has been reinforced by units
6:48 pm
of gold. the conservative a president of the south korean newly inaugurated here he has been speaking of the memorial day event. it's a public holiday here in south korea. his made a speech at the country's national cemetery, saying that he will respond sternly and firmly. he says there to any future launches by north korea saying that said the continued nuclear and missile programs by north korea pose a threat to peace and stability not only in the korean peninsula, but he says the whole world. so lead aaron, al desert. i'm paul recent card if where you cranes, football dream has come to an end. as whales reach their 1st world cup in 64, yes. ah
6:49 pm
ah ah ah ah
6:50 pm
ah ah, let's get on to the sports so thank you very much, nick. laura found the dog has admitted injury could yet bring an early and to his korea. the da says that he won sundays friends open final, despite having no feeling in his left foot. that 6 year old as secure the 14th at a time to let fall on garza on sunday. after beating, caspar root in the final, despite it is suffering with chronic cut foot pain and was only able to play off to take in a series of injections. adult is to have further treatment next week before deciding if he'll compete at wimbledon. i am playing with the ha, with no fillings on the food with the foot to sleep. oh, they go. they had the,
6:51 pm
the injections of anesthetic to the knife. but the problem is not all the, the much noise, the is the practices and the all the preparation are so yeah, i will never thought about the not playing here, but i thought that well, they will be very difficult to be gone. but e golden state warriors have level b, m b, a finals at one game apiece. steph kai was the key man for golden state as they beat the boston celtics by 19 points. so my, like reports, do we said somebody when steph curry is in the mood, it can be impossible to stopping. i would golden say, looking to draw level with boston indian gay finally, they needed this data player to deliver. and he did just that. the celtics, however, pushed hard in the 1st time eastern conference finals in bp. jason tatum remaining a constant threat. i would only to point separating the team that the midway point
6:52 pm
. tensions were beginning to sim. i already have a curry, though, held leave any feeling of anxiety for the home side. his efforts sole, golden st. move out of sight as they built up a 20 plus 3rd quarter lead curry ending with $29.00 points. as the warriors claimed a thieves leveling one 07 to 88 when there's definitely for me to be a grocer throughout the game to create draw attention. gotcha. and just continue to apply pressure for all of her. is that with the bucket of the night arguably came from one of his teammates, but with the golden se getting the when it didn't seem to bother him. so hale malik al jazeera m hours on target for brazil, as they continued their woke up preparations that with the win. if i sal mount star, scored
6:53 pm
a penalty to help his side beat to pan one knell and friendly in tokyo. of brazil have been drawn and alongside that a serbia, switzerland, and cameron for the finals in cut up kind of desmond that tim refused to play a game against panama on sunday. the plays are in dispute with the countries football association. the team wants a bigger share of woke up prize money, canada heading to the finals for the 1st time since 1986. they are due to play curricle and the conquer cough nations leak on thursday. you can walk up. dream is over the last one l to wells, and their playoff matching card if it brings to an end, a journey that had united the country in a cause other than the war with russia. police reports a bruce ukraine's arrival in cardiff. put their hosts in an unfamiliar position. the tiny nation of wales is normally a neutral favorite, but the russian invasion of ukraine has given the ukrainian football team
6:54 pm
a large global backing as they paid for a place at the world cup. here the players had the support of thousands from the ukranian diaspora as well as refugees from the war. i live in western ukraine and i come to london. oh, i've to wire, but getting my guns in this my sack woodville my feel any more it's already put in twice because we love each other. we love all who love that other guy and he was deployed very game raleigh's, the whole nation in support in the team. it provides respite from the horrors of the war. the killings are happening, atrocities are happening on a daily basis. the wells crowd applauded. the ukrainian anthem, just as the scottish crowd had before you cranes semi final victory in glasgow. ah . but unlike in glasgow, that great number of chances in front of gold didn't lead to them opening the
6:55 pm
scoring. instead, a free kick with 10 minutes to go in the 1st half, gave a chunks to wales, his former rel, madrid stalk garrath bale. and he took it thanks to a deflection of glasgow goal hero under a ja malenko. as he tried to had it clear this time at the way in the 2nd half another score in scotland, autumn topic seems like he would level for ukraine on wales. keep it. wayne hennessy was there to deny him is over full time whales. one, you, craig, no one's on the way to the news. at the end of the game, i think we just wanted to show our appreciation to them and to what, what they're going to as a nation. and i thought the team were not standing in the 2 games and on the does have a lot of credit for doing what they've done and,
6:56 pm
and their support as well. to show the support and travel at the did. we want to show them that respect shows up on the color. i think we did everything that we could on, but i really want people in ukraine to remember out teams effort. i want to say, sorry that we didn't, school will have said this is sport. this is how it goes, and yes, i'm lost for words, wales now go into a world cup group and cats out with around the united states and england. winning this game would have rent an enormous amount. so the ukranian lungs, hair on those able to watch at home. but for whiles it's a moment they've been waiting for for a very, very long time. their 1st world cup in 64 years. paul, race algae, era, cardiff, or shirley's. mindy lee has won the 2nd major title of her career. the 26 year old, close to us, opened by 4 strokes at the pine needles that course in north carolina. we collected
6:57 pm
the cash price of $1800000.00 that which is the biggest part 1st and women's golf slightly led to know greg lamond has given an an beat up beat reaction to being diagnosed with cancer them on is having treatment for leukemia, but says that the long term book notice is a very favorable, but the 6 year old american is the 3 time winner of the tour de france. that's for me. next sunday. we'll see you later. thanks very much. that's if this news, i'll be back in a couple minutes from about half hour news. see the bye for now. oh no, not a from with a
6:58 pm
view to what he said or to what the hell that the pull up with a shooting abuto to look. ah,
6:59 pm
a african narrative from african perspective now, but we're gonna, we're about his big daily. why she quoted short documentary by african filmmakers from the democratic republic of congo. and one that there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. euclidean, what intimate connection between myself and join that diggers and matches. and secondly, africa direct on al jazeera, you had a white judge why prosecutor white cops, and this black kid 16 when it happened, gets nailed. i've been in prison more years than i've been free on the street. there are some folks born bad if it's their child who is making these mistakes, they don't believe that they're born dad. full time travels to tennessee to investigate why the state has one of the longest sentences in the u. s. for juveniles convicted of murder, 51 years behind bars on a jazeera,
7:00 pm
with generations. this indigenous community has lived off of what the rain forest provides. but when they discovered that their territory was being invaded by gold mining projects all along their river, the community brought a lawsuit against a po to us government. you've won, you want the unprecedented ruling obliges the state to consult communities over oil and mining projects that impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny, seen a lawyer community has won a huge battle, but it may not necessarily have the last word. since the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests. ah, another test for the british prime ministers,


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