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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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scholars have made enormous contributions to science such as a mathematics, astronomy and medicine, a cutting edge dr. formulating new h i. b drug treatments in south africa. and his specialist in engineering. science is changing lives in malazan villages, but purify pollutant water and turn them to drinking water arabs abroad. the pharmacologist in the scientist on al jazeera with bold and untold stories, the asia and the pacific. i'm out here. ah, another test for the british prime minister's leadership members of his own party, get ready to hold the confidence. ah,
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11 o'clock this is out there. a life window are also coming up. the global nuclear watchdog raises concerns about a ukrainian nuclear plant in russian control no invite for cuba, nicaragua, or venezuela. the summit of america's will still go ahead, but questions over what can be achieved without all key players pressed tensions rise between 11 and israel ever. a maritime area that both want to tap for gas. ah, so a test of survival for boris johnson, the u. k. prime minister will face a confidence vote from his own party later on monday, the challenge to his leadership has been triggered by discontent. within the conservatives, i johnson, straits called to resign over a series of scandals that included a number of parties held in and around downing street during the height of the you
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case corona virus. lockouts. the threshold, all 15 percent of the parliamentary party seeking a vase of confidence in the prime minister has been passed. therefore, evasive confidence will take place within the rules of the united states to committee. that vote will take place this evening in the house of commons between 6 and 8 o'clock. we will announce the result shortly thereafter. there will be arrangements for a proxy vote for and you call you to call be present in person investments and will make your colleagues of those arrangements in the near future. i. let's me to report a gentle who's studying by 1st outside parliament. so janet, take us through the process, how will things panel lars johnson has been rallying the troops this afternoon, promising m p 's that this is a golden chance to move on to put the past behind them unite as a party and deliver on their promises to the nation, but it remains far from certain that anything like that will in fact happen. the
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vote is underway. as of now, the ballot will be open for 2 hours, and fees will be filing into the $922.00 committee room in the house of commons behind me sticking their boats into about a box that in conditions of great secrecy, very stringent secrecy, to ensure that there is no undue influence from party, which deciding, of course, simply whether they believe that boris johnson should remain his leader of the party and leader of the country. or whether they believe that his time is up $54.00 am peasy took to trigger this contest that was 15 percent of the parliamentary party. many more may have sent in letters. we will never know that number is secret, but the next magic number is 180. that is 50 percent plus one vote among the conservative parliamentary party that would be required for boris johnson to keep his job. of course, he'll be hoping to win by a much larger margin than that if he wins well,
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then he gets to stay in office or at least immune from this sort of challenge by his own party for the next 12 months under the current rules. if he loses this vote, well then there is no going back. his tenure as prime minister will end, and he will stay on as a caretaker. while his party exxon undertakes a leadership contest through the summer to decide who should replace him. and what's, what's the sense there in the corridor was behind you about how this could develop a, it's extremely difficult even to make an educated guess quite simply because it is a secret balance. and even those m. p 's who have professed public support from a prime minister made in the event a vote against him. it is generally thought that he will win because there is a large proportion of m. p. 's who are on the so called government payroll and peace, have been given jobs by the government as m. p. 's or parliamentary sector is or other that that will take him close to that mark. and he doesn't need that much
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more to across it. but that is by no means a certainty. and even if he does win by that narrow majority, forest johnson will undertake a crushing blow to his authority governing a party that is divided with cliques of m. p. 's working against him, potentially. within the next couple of hours, we will know whether the conservative party wants johnson to remain as leader or whether they want him to go. all right, let's see how it developed, sir. john, thanks for that gentle reporting that from westminster. well, party game, as it quickly became known blitz were rapid unraveling of forest johnson's brand of personality politics or the prime minister was accused of a reckless lack of judgment. i'd lack of control over those who work for him. so nagger takes a look no of what got him to this point. the british public were ordered to follow the rules in a deadly pandemic. while the prime minister defied them, they stayed away from the beaches and the streets,
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only to find that those setting the rules. what breaking them. you must obey the rooms. as the country retreated into lockdown under development orders, boris johnson insisted that no restrictions were broken. but more and more covert rule breaking by government officials was leaked and splashed across the front pages, the public learning of weekly wine evenings. and boozy leaving dues one bash was on the eve of prince philip the duke of edinburgh funeral with a country and national morning. and queen elizabeth forced to sit apart from her family downing street, was forced to issue a statement of deep regret to buckingham palace. mister speaker, i want to apologize. and johnson personally apologized for attending a drinks party in a downing street garden. he thought it was a work haven't he said. and within government rules, is he now going to take
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a decent thing and reside the explanation enraged mpi and infuriated the public. the rear skirting controversy was floundering oh, ridiculed by a wine bottle wielding flash mob outside downing street. we were witnessing every day, the broken spectacle of a prime minister minded to seek to de section an unable to lead. but things were to get even worse for johnson with claims. he had a surprise birthday bash complete with cake at number 10 during lockdown. and then a bombshell announcement by british police, they were launching a criminal investigation into rule breaking at number 10. johnson was deemed to have broken the rules and find $60.00. a month later, the report by top civil servant su gray made its findings public. the $48.00 page
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report detailed 16 occasions that breached the law, describing a failure of leadership and downing street excessive alcohol consumption in the workplace and gatherings without clear, authorization or oversight. some behavior, she said, was difficult to justify, against the backdrop of the pandemic. the question isn't whether boris johnson was at each and every party during a time of extraordinary pressure on those impala. it's about a tone of frivolity, that his leadership sat undermining the most serious office in the country at a time of national crisis. very sunny guy, eagle al jazeera london, the head of the u. a nuclear watchdog has raised concerns about the safety of a ukrainian nuclear plant under russian control. rafael grossey says
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a team is trying to reach these up manager plans to ensure it secure. ukraine says there is a risk the facility supply chain could be interrupted. the i. e, a visited the chernobyl nucleus, sighted april after russia's occupation and found trenches. duncan contaminated soil, dominic cane has borne from berlin, one of the starkest messages coming from mr. grossey, the director general of the i a, a regards the security, the safeguarding, and the safety. not only of the plant but the staff there. and he says that in the opinion of him and his agency, 5 of the 7 central pillars of nuclear safety are now compromised. and that the ukrainian government has told his agency that they are no longer in a position to be able to provide the details about what's taking place there because it is now in the hands of the russian forces. the interesting thing here is that mr. grossey said that he believes the safety and security and safeguarding off
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ukraine's nuclear facilities is now one of the most pressing issues that the world faces. and he says that it is of pressing urgency that his agency be able to get back into facilities such as at the support issue, to be able to see what has gone wrong and to try to put it right. so quite a stark message from mister grossey. interestingly, in so far as iran is concerned, mr. grosses view was that some of the behavior by the iranian government is making it more difficult to be able to bring some sort of positive statement from his agency v's avi talks. specifically, he cited 3 specific sites in iran, where his agency says it has evidence that enrichment of uranium has taken place. russia's foreign minister has denounced european countries for blocking his plane from entering their airspace collier and unthinkable an unprecedented move. so gay
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lovegrove was due to visit serbia on monday, but was forced to cancel bulgaria, north macedonia, and montenegro refused to allow his plane to pass through the skies. never av says he has now invited his serbian counterpart to moscow. should i? it should only should know them. we've got a lot of questions from media, but unprecedented decisions which were made by some member states of nato. this act by these countries impeded the visit of the russian foreign minister to the republic of serbia. of course, the unthinkable happened. allow me to contact you the anyway. these relations won't disappear. we invited for mr. nicholas seller coverage to visit moscow in a short time. i hope that his plane will not be disgracefully sanctioned by shameless brussels and its clients, and wondered when his news of the canceled visit emerged, a group of pro ukraine demonstrate his celebrated outside the official bell. great residents of the serbian president alex onto the church that held banners, thanking neighbouring countries of blocking liberals, visit and saying to the hague. not bell great sled here on out 0 more
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containers filled with chemicals, explode in bangladesh in a far that's already killed. at least $49.00 people plus ah, 1st of jakarta, australia's new prime minister takes his 1st trip abroad with china on the agenda. ah hello, that will have a look at africa in a moment, but 1st to the middle east. and it's a story of extreme heat in particular for iraq and western areas over round the temperature in baghdad, sitting at about 50 degrees. so dangerous heat here, and you can see from the ice a thumb shot that heat extending down south. we're going to see temperatures on the up places like doha, and react in the days ahead. that was
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a move to north africa has been a story of extreme heat for the north west. places like algeria seen, the temperature sit, particularly in the south sit in the early forty's, but there will be some rain trickling into northern areas for the wet weather. however, we have to head to the gulf of guinea. we're going to have a rash of thunderstorms pull into nigeria. we could see some flooding here, and those storms are set to rumble across the con goes. we could see some localized flooding from those storms and it remains a rather windy picture along coastal areas of tanzania and kenya and shop of thunderstorms for southern areas of ethiopia. but as we had down to southern africa, to launch the quiet picture, we have got some warnings out for potential felt fires for the north west of south africa. but for cape town, if we have a look at the 3 day, lots of sunshine, with a chance of rain on thursday that to weather update. ah
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frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs. and use of contract in order for it to solve this problem. opinions on the course i was noticing in depth analysis of the days global headlines. this is going to be very hard to explain to the public. instead of pushing back. no, it's actually got members inside story on al jazeera lou. ah, and again, you're watching out as her one of our top stories this and the u. k. prime minister
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will face it no confidence vote from his own conservative party the company out. it was triggered when 15 percent of the party's members of parliaments, formerly requested the ballot. the head of the you and nuclear watch tacos raised concerns about the safety of a you crated nuclear power. on the russian control. ukraine says there's arrest v facility supply chain could be interrupted. the mexican president on to his men were lopez open. the door has confirmed that he will not be going to. the summit of the americas in los angeles is week is being critical of the, by the ministrations refusal to invite cuba, venezuela in nicaragua. one of the key issues on the gender at the summit is migration and an unprecedented migration crisis. it's in human reports now from santiago, eventually ah, 28 year old frank caskey flemish is more than $7000.00 kilometres from home, with 10 month old my ear in tow. she sells sweeps for coins so that she can feed her baby and hopefully gather enough to rent
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a room to night to her what that way they won't have to sleep out doors in the freezing cold. oh yeah. she arrived from venezuela 2 weeks ago after crossing the at the come a desert, an antique chile, as an undocumented migrate. like hundreds of thousands of her compatriots. ah, will you be a bolivian guy helped us cross the border at night? we had to cross and no one would see us. we passed fences and trenches and we couldn't make noise. the children couldn't cry said the police wouldn't hear us in a little yamaha landominium full. yeah. francesca is among hundreds of thousands who traveled to chile seeking a better life family. while tens of thousands of central american haitian and cuban migrants attempt to cross into the united states every day. but the migration crisis in the americas no longer flows exclusively from south to north. according to united nations, nearly 6000000 venezuelans have migrated to escape hardships at home with the
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majority heading south, especially to columbia peru, argentina, and chile. into regional migration has increased by 66 percent in the last decade impacting public services and resources in the recipient countries. i don't know but, but they are gonna be prepared if they have the legitimate right and the responsibility to guarantee stability and conditions there. create well being for my grants to ensure that the irregular influx of migrants doesn't produce poverty. human trafficking, ant exploitation from your bank, my him, but he says he'll often pine chillies, former foreign minister says it's now a major regional challenge. hearing the burden, i think is so fundamental that happened in europe. he was an easy and they arrived on assisting mo code of, of o or migrant. and i think something similar could, could be explored, or at least in the america, ah,
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do you and he can on the commission for latin america and the caribbean has presented a martial plan for central america. that requires funding, especially from the united states, u. s. president joe biden had offered $4000000000.00 to create better jobs and safety. but so far the money has only trickled in. no, well, it was important that we can't confront migration only with block borders, severe laws or wall and police. we need well been police security and peace in the countries were aggression originate order us the policy us. it's hoped that regional cooperation to tackle the phenomena will be the main theme at the upcoming summit of the americas in los angeles. even with the priorities of the united states now focused elsewhere. that's yeah. to see and human al jazeera santiago. well, it is moment we'll get the latest on the summit of the americas from our white house correspondent company helicopter. first, let's go to manuel or
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a fellow who's in the mexican suit up with tula, or that's near the guatemalan border where a new caravan of migrants is setting off for the u. s. money specifically to coincide with the summit. that's right. as no that's why we'd heard that this a migraine caravan was being formed that it would be leaving the city up at eula on monday. and that's exactly what, what, what we've seen over the course of the day. it's now been several hours since that initial group left the city of tampa, chula, where we are right now somewhere north of the city where migrants are and the organizers are the ones that are actually that so, so are, are helping to, to tell them where to go and when i told them to stop, to sort of take a break from the punishing son here in southern mexico. but this is without a doubt, one of the largest more migrant care events that we've seen in recent years of comparable to that one that we saw with haitian migrants that were trying to reach the united states. and one of the reasons that we keep hearing why they're such
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a large sort of mass mobilization of migrants has to do with a policy being forced by the mexican government, which is a policy of containment. a policy that prevents migrants from moving beyond the southern border of mexico, the southern part of mexico, essentially acting as the u. s. southern border at a sort of unofficial policy that exists between the united states and mexico, which is why mexico's president had met, had made such a big deal about their being as many countries as possible. attending the summit so that a multi lateral solution can be applied to a, this migrant crisis that continues to play out. not just here in southern mexico, but across the region of latin america as a whole. are our money thanks very much. did is of course, a migration big issue at the summit of the americas being held in los angeles. but as many was leading to that, the mexican president is a no. charlotte speech committee. hell could of whitehouse cross one company. so how is, how is that by demonstration reacting to that new well,
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we had hope to have a few more details for you. there was a background call organized by the by the administration to kind of give report is a sense of the upcoming summit. but to it has been postponed for now, so it appears things are a little bit chaotic behind the scenes with regard to this announcement that the mexican leader will not be a 10 day. of course, that is a big headline, her name, and this is a bit of an embarrassment for the biden administration who has been unable to finalize this gas list with the summit now imminent. and the reason that the white house says that i, it was not comfortable extending an invitation to all of the nations in the hemisphere, it's excluding cuban, nicaragua, and venezuela. which led to this boy caught by the mexican leader, is because of the concern about human rights. but at the same time, the biden administration is turning a blind eye to some of the concerns about human rights and saudi arabia where the
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president is expected to be planning an upcoming trip later this month. so little bit of a problem for this white house likely to have some questions about it. the upcoming press briefing in a few hours time. or can we think about that? can we help get reporting that from the white house now that i disputed maritime borders, causing tensions between israel and lebanon, israeli media reports the navy is deploying a version of its on dame anti missile system to the contested waters of the mediterranean. both countries lay claim to an area of about a 160 square kilometers, but levin hm is warning against what it described does is really a question. said orders and barrow to post the latest. israel is hoping this drilling ship will help boost its off shore gas output energy and power company aims to bring the career field online later this year. something long time enemy and neighbor, lebanon, opposes officials say these are contested waters and any development will be
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considered a provocation and hostile act. because for these readings and for the, for the us, this is not. and this to the zone at this far away from the district. the don't, because for these read is that avenue board. those are weird line 23 is located. and according to what lebanon has sent 1011 to the u. n. 11 on those total confusion and contradiction in statements and in positions. israel and lebanon have been indirectly negotiating about the 860 square kilometer patch of sea. but in recent months, lebanon expanded its claim increasing the zone by 1430 square meters, which included the courage gas field. this lead the talks to breakdown lebanon has never legally laid claim to the line 29 boundary president. michelle lown didn't sign a decree to rectify a map submitted to the united nations, which would have affected israel's ability to move ahead with the operations to
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help cool. mom has the law is the most powerful actor in the country and has fought wars with israel in the past. a few weeks ago, it didn't just express opposition to negotiations with israel over the dispute. it's leader house on the law was confident, no international firm would dare come to charisse or anywhere else and the disputed area. if hezbollah issues a clear and serious threat so far, none has been made. this is gonna be a way for it has been allowed to gain as much as possible and leverage to improve its position and government, their formation and my selection of law forthcoming president. so if has been lawford instant, or looked their way around, instead of a starting a new confrontation with israel on us, how them bordered the israeli navy has been sent to protect the rig. but lebanon's leaders have called for a u. s. envoy to return so that the parties can resume talking. it's
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a sign of de escalation that appears to have been the result of back door negotiations center for their elders. eda pe routes out the 0 media network continues to demand a rapid, independent and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalists in the occupied west bank. sharina bar eichler was shot in the head by his really forces while she was on assignment and jeanine. on the day of her funeral israeli forces storm the processions started beating mourners, causing pallbearers to nearly drop her coffin that didn't stop thousands of palestinians from marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in her funeral burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continued to call for an investigation of wagner was without reserve for 25 years, covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine june. it is judges are going on strike for week after president casey dismissed $57.00 of them. the national judges association held an emergency session cordial
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its members to take part in citizens at the judicial headquarters side accused the justices of corruption. but opponent say is just the latest step in his bid to consolidate. power is already sac the government and suspended parliament. now he wants to change the constitution, could execute him of stating a qu, investigators in bangladesh, trying to establish the cause of a major fire at a container deputy was killed at least 49 people. the place sparked an explosion in it ignited chemicals stored in some of the containers at a port in the southeastern city of chattel graham firefighters. he responded to the emergency or among the victims. tamara charged his latest from the hospital where many the injured had been taken. various volunteer agencies as sat up bullets died across the playground medical hospital. not that providing free food clothings medicine for the victims family as well as for the victims in the hospitals. many
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of the patients relatives are anxiously waiting here. some people are waiting to know about the condition of their family members. others are waiting because the patients are already booked. they're in the burn unit. it is quite a long medical college hospital. the facilities are inadequate. just too much cloudy, and it's almost chaotic over here. as you can see, some of the people waiting here one to know about their missing relative. many of them, what is have not been identified because they're charged so bad. now the criminal investigation division is collecting dna to match their family members, so people are anxious to know within poster outside which hosted family members speak just saying that they're missing a lot is still on, accounted for that. want to know whether the family members are dad or they're missing. we still have to find out and inquiring to police and other authorities to know what is the condition of their family members, whether they in the hospital or that actually missing. and that body is still not
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found on his 1st by natural visits and is being sworn in, australia's me prime minister says he'll work to strengthen ties with se, asia and into needs him to help and easy tried stronger cooperation. but he said badging is also seeking to expand its influence in the in their pacific. jessica washington reports now from jakarta. places of helmets. on this diplomacy, indonesian style president joking, widow, orange county, and find at the new prime minister of australia to join him for by the for gearing up for more serious discussions. indonesia is on track to be one. all the world's 5 largest economies, revitalizing had tried an investment license, ship is a priority for my government to hear open. the indonesian president says, economic collaboration dominated the talks, isha stamina with this is the 1st bilateral visit for australia's new prime minister, and is a clear signal from albanese that he intends to revive the country's regional
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diplomacy, but to focus on strength and relations. but its neighbors in southeast asia and the pacific prime minister albany, he is joined on this trip by several senior ministers. this is the 1st by lateral visit, 1st rally as a new prime minister. it is a clear signal from anthony of uneasy that he intends to revive the countries regional diplomacy with the focus on se asia and the pacific. it comes as cambra and bay gene compete for influence in the region. we do have strategic competition in the region. we need to make sure that it's managed in a why that doesn't have catastrophic consequences. upfold, the rachel, the prime minister, has offered support for major infrastructure projects, such as indonesia plans to build a new capital city. and has reiterated a $338000000.00 pledge to invest in development in southeast asia as part of efforts to revive relationships which his government says have been neglected
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recently. the relationship between us trying in asia we, we have, we are too close neighbors, but do not deal with each other and off albany. he says he will attend the g 20 summit hosted by indonesia in november to spite controversy over the russian president's purported plans to attend as well into himself while b is se on focused on sitting with president with data not sitting with president clinton, the prime minister and his delegation will visit the island of so the way see, next, seeking to prove australia is serious about engaging with its neighbors. in the north, jessica washington al jazeera chicata. ah, sir, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories, and conservative members of parliament in the united kingdom have begun a vote of confidence in the pri.


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