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tv   Witness Trouble at Home  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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reports series describes the struggles for the return of african art, plundered by colonialism, and still housed in european museums. today. the g 7 m, nato, hold key summits with the water, ukraine, and the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world help qualify. i'm male blazing opportunity for countries to secure their spot for cut our 2020, to june on al jazeera ah and carry johnston into the top stories here. now, british prime minister boris johnson, has survived a confidence within his party hating the result as decisive at more than 40 percent
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of conservative. m. p. 's voted against him or to damaging revelations of parties with staff during pandemic. locked out during the whole, has more from london on what lies ahead. while convincing decisive the words used by boris johnson but make no mistake, this was no comfortable wind for the prime minister. he's lost an enormous chunk of his own party. in fact, a larger chunk than teresa made his previous s a last in 2018 in similar circumstances. and within 8 months, she was gone. opposition party leaders, of course, circling, talking about his reputation in tatters. he's or 30 shots, but the real question is, what will those rebels do next to 148 of them? do they simply fall in behind the prime minister now or will they continue to look for other ways to frustrate his premiership? perhaps standing in the way of government policy or coalescing around a favored candidate to replace him in order to pressure him to quit. the problem is
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there is no stand out favored candidate. and so the prospect looms of a government in dysfunction of a number 10 downing street machine dedicated less to the welfare and benefit of the country. and to simply keeping boris johnson in power, mexico's president has fallen through with a threat to boy called us hosted some of the america this week. andras manual of his open door, his get you to cuba, venezuela and nicaragua, being excluded. the u. s. senate understands of those positions, but won't include countries it considers to be undemocratic. the meeting in los angeles aims to address how to reduce migration of us next to board among other regional issues. on monday, another group of refugees and migrant i saw from southern mexico. i think i know rafa is traveling with the group referred to as a caravan the mexico guatemala border. one thing that's very different from this
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migrant care event, as opposed to others that we've seen others that we've covered in previous years is the homogeneity of it. there's just an overwhelming number of that as well and that have that, that are taking part in this migrant care of and once again a care event that's coinciding with the start of the summit of the americas taking place this week in los angeles in the united states, but like other care events that we've seen, it's more or less a result of a policy of containment here in southern mexico. where there's a sort of bottleneck effect where the police and immigration authorities will contain migrants prevent them from moving north toward the united states. creating a pile up, stretching the limits of resources available to the government, reaching a point where there's really no other option other than for them to come together form these care events and then had north. the vast majority that we've spoken to says that there's really nothing that's going to stand in their way. their objective is to reach the u. s. southern border. a team from the us nuclear
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watchdog is trying to reach the russian control of a power plant in ukraine. they're worried about warnings from ukraine's atomic regulator. loss control of material at the plant. of course, i must say that whatever, whatever we would do at some point, it is something that, that the agency alone is going to be doing when it comes to safe guides or safety or security activities. this is part of our legal relationship with you. great. so we cannot invite to others, 3rd parties too. but there has been some discussion. i cannot reveal everything because i'm stealing the process of thought consulting with the drain and also russia, that there could be some international presence to add on to the, to the team gotten their, the former leader of the extreme right wing prod, boy's group is facing a new charge of the january 2021 attack on the u. s. capital rica,
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perio and self styled and tenants are accused of plotting the attack to prevent the congress from certify president joint biden's election. when bizarre, the headlines, news continues here on al jazeera, after witness to stay with us. ah . ready ready ah, ah butcher
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could i back to a flood? i think with a much she indicates nearly just you'll probably be a little bit done. so know what those did you, me up until all message and i did get up on him in the but if you let me talk a little mistake, make sure did you get caught up on those kids in the element of them or not? so then that 6 me up take, take such as long as you well and then it will only be i'm just going to do one
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level. could you me said, what did you say? i don't get a name of them on the 30. good luck miss m a meeting. i miss you suggested i give you sort of again, a little beginning about them deserve the yeah. oh yeah. oh no, they didn't do them, but the on the to go in and do that and check out even because it's in
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my mind you see the only issue that he's why because you know you can get g me. that's my question. you must have long coffee. i just want to get because then you have to move in just a do a deal with
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what you said. i didn't wanna leave with. so car payments to talk you on your a with somebody get ah
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ah ah monica you can let obadiah whom honey among chose to look a score asked me i will assume student student med plaza alone in cream at the shaggy day and day shift alien so shan't been in the same bus. one of mock must been at my house tomorrow it alpha al rosters of the liquor. okay.
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milly, dudley? oh me. oh ha. ah. with.
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with loosens in a district, didn't give you plenty of shim development to go with that. there's an article that oversee so what it had been with us was at the ha, ha ha possibly the colors of the federal with emerson. bush sheesh it's just an illness. clueless marketing personally given m m. as in all of you, you could help me with
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a full bathroom buffy. andrew. the nice salon with
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minuchi unable on would i get make one lead mobile me can i'd best make the get a kiss it. it doesn't look the problem while i must have some other children. the shudder. trish go to some wood, the shallow they can little bonilla took. you'd never take me to severe me. me on his service then the minimum name is the new side. took me some on a new search for him, but it looks mom again. his name is john,
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talk to somebody, giving him a further look in the item. you said it should give me some bidding me let me choose on the marriage and some of the results i've sent about other than that as soon as you get ready to. but i'm all today. i like i like be there be me that colors just. she's one of the of them all the more will probably call a shouldn't recovery. no call. should the elk on should the flood of bullying does all be shrunk, fixed. please name wilson. what will you accept? your monster gets nearer able. most customers, you did this able that was bull mother could tell us to tell some of that. but the mom was terrible to get it and all she never did is
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better than leave it and look at the history book. it gets in then in a pin and we have to, she will, i'm saying conceptually, the money to come from extends down the course example. i'm in conflicts to you, nick? once every living in bins, chin again, excel? michelle nicole casa for brooklyn. began to sandwich on the nicholas took that. okay. okay. well then the counselor honey in the either be her mom. she can either be or john smith and soda, machine info. know what we should and if you need him,
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does any molars steer towards your molars? polluted senior, the minimum amount and im nickerson sherman cinemas. saved in bayshore lane, 120, a nimble them took stood of well known as us all the authorization, bend them closer to santa jones and check them again. they have done that to synergy. okay. and the reason gonzalez damages needed
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to look, thinking is leading melodic into the gen edition letesha, the chink savage a lot, i can do like money the money there where you go ally the only a lot going on because i got a certain way. and then you know what you mean when you
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when i may, how can i get your other control? but it was, you know, i because i couldn't get the dizzy, but they never want me to talk to him. it took me out of yellow and i thought it was it was hasn't yet it had some of the concerns. most of most of us know who should have been mother goose. there was one of them about them and they said, all of them, i don't know, there's nothing on the list. look
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to her as she has run them. what they have to do a man inviting a damaging phone call to do that. just give me the name be. do you have to do
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that when you're double tomorrow. okay. i think i know we do. i know which will help. i didn't know you next week. i have not, i don't want you to go through i just got a fool. chris and another above done percentage gets hurt deficient is you know, it's not, it's not with a younger some issue like they don't do. i do not know the city and hong kong, emulating the yucca, a macy school
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monitor that machine, a legal, a body and english mechanic did the press from them so that we didn't you beat that higher use them you shouldn't matter because then i'm holding a column so he says 20 if she only due to showing you the shipper to didn't sugar to insure it in the could you just by clicking your cartridge of demoss analysis any job really. but of course the with items of that can young a bit of it to me and then um i live in lincoln shaking as she does somewhat early up is another one with some potential for
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looking and other than just an image. there was on the jump, cuz in my opinion, my name again is c, a law simon in w. flexible is sorry, tunable. could you please amendment on nick? give him a job in mid march. okay. okay. the side of that student who has a little bit of money and the one with the other building with, you know,
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if you grew up with with
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m. i would need to use oh it is. i took it either a to it or to them shot on addition that on additional check them ish bush and push on it just to make monday i should that initial lesson that culture don't valuable. mm. am
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i speaking mary from african perspective now, but. okay, now we're about his big daily, my shift, blue, short documentary by african filmmakers from democratic republic of congo. and one that there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. you ladies, what made the intimate connection between myself is dwanda diggers and matches, and certainly africa direct on al jazeera, under the filipino workers with a big explosion by landlords to make the pay exorbitant prices to leave over crowded. what are what age made? the big did, it exposes the business on al jazeera jew on al jazeera, as washes, invasion cream approaches, the 100 day mark. we bring you the latest from on the grunt and the wars global impact. a new 3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art
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club by colonialism, and still housed in european museums today. the g 7 and nato hold key summits with the water ukraine on the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world help qualified by mail blazing opportunity for countries to secure their support for cotton. 2022. june on al jazeera lou. i'm carriage austin down the top stories here and houses there, but it's prime minister bars johnson us survived the confidence within his party heading the result as decisive. but more than 40 percent of conservative,
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m. p. 's voted against him. of the damaging revelations of parties with staff during pandemic lockdown. turn the whole has more from london on what lies ahead. the real question is, what will those rebels do next? 148 of them to they simply falling behind the prime minister now or will they continue to look for other ways to frustrate his premiership. perhaps standing of the way of government policy or coalescing around a favored candidate to replace him in order to pressure him to quit. the problem is there is no stand out favored candidate. and so the prospect looms of a government in dysfunction of a number 10 downing street machine dedicated less to the welfare and benefit of the country. and to simply keeping boris johnson in power. mexico as president, has followed through with a threat to boy caught the u. s. hosted summit of the americas this week. i address manuel loop is abra door has skipping it. he's a cuba, venezuela and nicaragua,
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being excluded. the u. s. senate understands or been doors position, but won't include countries it considers to be under mcclintic. the meeting in los angeles aims to address how to reduce migration at the us mexican border among other regional issues. on monday, another group of refugees and migrant. off from southern mexico, heading north the time they departed to coincide with the summit. a team from the you and nuclear watchdog is trying to reach the russian controls up a reserve power plant in ukraine. but worried about warnings from ukraine's atomic regulator that they've lost control of nuclear material at the plant. that dominican republic, sir, environment minister, has been shot dead in his office. the family of orlando jorge mera says the suspected gunman arrested near the scene was his childhood friend. 2 brothers facing corruption charges in south africa had been arrested in due by lisman register. and i took to who are originally from india,
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said south african 2018. their friends of a former president of jacob zoom and they were accused of using their relationship with him to profit financially and influence government both deny wrong doing those are the headlines that he's continues hearing out here after witness stay with us. ah. oh oh.
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oh and that is all those awesome fucking nasty company. they're yelling volume, did you, did you get a feel funny? we do this on one of them, but i'm gonna think that is i'm, i'm going to still fair that the negative dentist is up and i gave them. and i need to come on the him of us like you've had enough. and even a do a study. but then he said, well maybe they won't give us a mentally i hope you will like i, i like i'm headed or shelly and i do if i spread the buggy, i know was that i live in am will be i know enough of it. i know of, and i love you. i know is melissa
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i oh i i needed to visit with my wife. i bought the show that they show that it gets any big take them because they didn't send it over
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to ben nicholas. i learned that that's on the card side that i need to talk to someone in the mail and i
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oh i listen, i will save another. was it in me? was it like with a talk? well, a moment, a whole bunch of movie. yeah. yeah, no my, my dashing deals with all of a
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a, like i said with a shave, a a, as you said. yeah. good with the i moved over the phone. i said, oh, it's bad. no. because i had a loaner matter. oh, is that the like? like to ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, chat haven't put up there for that. and get a chance. half it's a little want to play here,
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but i'm pretty sure do you have a girl because she couldn't a when and when i when she hipaa said why she needs wash with the lady, why do you need to buy a house? they have they think that yeah, what i tell with ohio he meant to share with me. hello alicia m m m m m m m m. i couldn't make me play it, couldn't the shag? leah see a hatred often enough? and you, ma'am, with an applause allow reading between let us take a po, had
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a quote from a line in the, in a smothered who's in the i'm a champion center. how can it about the month of the month it was for the epic level to the publisher. and he said to me, in the sense, well well, how does that have left a message with with hello. it was a kid that i don't even know if the whole
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game of through which one who since this is a a plugin that it's all done with the one that has always i know this with yeah, well i got a good
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a big, big a deal so i think that they can get in touch with
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somebody with a ah a funny how boy had the hockey r a d, a football. and i walked over by then head with the 1st going to hell.
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but he was so as you had they are with us. i will ship it in 2 months. going immune . shannon baker mean b as in the last name is already she did buy one out there to she fabian miranda, our sons, i helped move those 8th so. so they never asked and i said, i guess oh, my gosh, within by 9 a month i have not had a c professor with another stupid i really don't see it had a a mature medina club. like i said, i love a married you love a i was you no problem. and i really don't, margaret, don't know if you had there are a mabel colonial look helene. you got an ha ha ha ha ha. going to ask about the monroe. i had another way of day i'm
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gonna be do with you. i am not gonna get the most you by law barbara, i'm you happening? show gotten a call. i some of them you happy as you like. so into my oldest of hearing, the little girl who lived not my will, the manual, they've not done. i know, but it was, i will do my 100, my, you know, i, i be a law unless, unless i mean, how can i find i g a, b, so a so, so we got a bunch of years. i want to put them on a
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monday. she has nothing she can i think mm . ah a
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huh. so yeah, hold on. sure. dean and sending that in j. a. leather. ha ha ha. that is selma then alicia, though we could have seen madame on miss sidwell, had they upon mister aunt that down to admit him yourself, happiness, no internet and canon hi, shall i went down to the 1000000. sure. how that the health i was lucky. not the one you could, the, these are newsome is that up we'll down there question the mother and her him. so my then on which is how they have mission. thank you. bought a damage to member, get a kiddo making sure you were cutting down. dolly salad your 2nd to one of them's be 2nd to be to sort of mend buster mother and berlin here. shay. although young so mother of them will not cut long. much storm doesn't beat taliban because of yacht . people cover the same kind of you met anybody who called in to sell it. you buy
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out of them, joe, or muslim blue shoe on suit you. your son is the seine owner selma salvage. i think you don't get assembled at that one to that was didn't want to just me how it will not only just kind of they took me a 1000000 bottom of them begin meeting with a shout that i see. the daughter is how we kind of joke. so my get a bit of chill over the country. michelle, come with home. are you doing good? and then the call mother me a just a mom was just i need a little but not be a sunbeam. a lot of been a shoot. you
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a good. i will not be the loser with a him g a wellness and he sent them and i had a smile with both of them, but i wasn't gonna do bother some other you know? and they might have found out that there have, you know, a lot you know, the, she's going to look at the show and let you keep on how session hailey about. how do you see him seen him.
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so he had any other than us occurred in the day. i wish addition that just look, you have the nika mothers mattress and the movie trauma amazon. ms. young with the mothers move in front of him because got a lot of thought maybe she could be huge in them doing some particulars take missing of him to death and get missing it just
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a little while they sitting there, there was the new jump in the grocery corner literally sank on his duramax in the note him mega nicholas. and i'm going to kinda sorta jump in the building and that will lead extended conditions that reduce matter when you send out the question is in ms to any say
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a couple of them make. they will never made that much money been suited in washer muslims. and that was all my considered within the company. many big companies said in japan, get addicted to the packet. that goes to them, came in the comes from getting closer and sent them both and under the circumstances. and maybe they get, it goes on another day. think they lots of, they think they do not get them to live some of that month and on instance said the son bonded and saved on the bus and had to leave them. so let him in and then, and then a little bit in his art below must be the same as him. modest if there's any of those
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shapes to enter plumes against him sooner the better plan get again mixed with mother. he will not manage to think she don't know, mother mich, bunch of someone go to him and meet with the mother. she'll do mother should not be mckinney will not be in the dog. the couple of the children, the basketball loan,
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if needed to get the results for my daughter trisha, lindsey, shut the modem to understand her. she can let ms. new nation, know she, she has not been able to let them know mom to give you, be interested in them or took a nature can't get in touch with them much or get kicked. in addition, the teachers out as to jersey. let me see how this showing militia on the
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look this caliah me one moment. let me i i i me me pull up our shoemaker. with me not letting me about the
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limit up in my street in the summertime. ah no job in detroit wanted me to home shows sure there's no clue grandma without a bit odd slicing tomatoes it appears to be reached.
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ah is abandoned as a child by his own cristella alone is nothing of his only life in the republic of hunger. after 40 years living in switzerland, cristella follows a fascinating paper trail that leads from his adopted home to the country of his bath, and the most unexpected re witness ella on al jazeera. ah,
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with hello. we got plenty of hates across north america at the moment and plenty of sun storms. and of course we have got or remains of tropical storm alex, just making its way to the north of bermuda. next clutch of unsettled weather coming in across the plains, tied up with these areas of low pressure, some very heavy rainfall coming through. big hail and some gusty winds, pushing across the lakes, easing further east was stretching down across the appalachians towards kentucky, tennessee. and then we got the next area of onset weather coming for. but as you can say tab, which is quite why they get again to the twenty's or even into the thirty's as we go on through the next day or so. so shall come more. widespread easton down across the southern plains by the states we go on through wednesday. we keep the heat,
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it will be humid just around the eastern seaboard 33 celsius, the dc getting up to 26 in new york. we'll see your twenties there too because western parts of the us plenty of 1st sunshine stretching down across a good part of the region. mexico. i see plenty of sunshine now as well, but we got the trial and of what was tropical storm allies. still bringing some heavy showers across the western areas of cuba down to was you potentially good rash showers there 3 central america elsewhere? finance army ah. across the world, young exhibition organizes are on the move. you know what i heard in the 1st of a new series to people in new york city use different to means to fight institutional racism and police brutality. this is indeed
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a nation wide problem. network wires, a systemic solution, generate change on al jazeera. when the news breaks, a family is receiving mourners inside of the body. that's what i've seen when people need to be heard. and the story told with social media, we have no idea what's written in that algorithm with exclusive interviews and in depth reports more than $22100.00. when al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied nice. ah, i think it's an extremely good positive, conclusive, decisive result which enables us to move on british prime minister barak.


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