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in style, he made a bracelet o friend, the word to me is a lead, was a fighter, his weapons were his mind and his intelligence met honda, rebel african, tell me on how to as the final 3 places at the feet. so we'll cut all decided, we'll light from the playoffs. we'll gather reaction from across the globe. themes . this school council 2022. the world qualifies. special coverage on g sierra ah, britain's prime minister bars johnson survives a major leadership test that moves forward to the we can grip on his own path. ah, hello,
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i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from tele, also coming up the you and warns of a human trafficking crisis targeting women and children fleeing the war in ukraine . leaders of the summit of the americas looked to address migration along the u. s . border. but mexico's president boycott to the event. an putting more than 11000000 students to the test, china's university entrance exams begin under the shadow of coping 19. ah 4th johnson has held on those british prime minister to surviving a confidence vote spock by members of his own party. he says the outcome was a convincing and decisive result. but the scale of the rebellion has raised questions about his future at westminster. 211 conservative impedes voted in johnson's favour. with a 148 against that means 40 percent of the prime ministers colleagues refused to
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back him. pull been reports from london, a victory for the prime minister, but far from convincingly. the vote in favor of having confidence embarrass. johnston said it was $211.00 folks and a vote against was a $148.00 votes. and therefore, i can announce to parliamentary party does have ah, a raucous reaction from boris johnson, supporters with no disguising the enormity of the 148 m. p. 's who voted against their own leader. so convincing result, a decisive result. what it, what it means is that as a, as a government, we can move on and focus on the stuff, i think really matters to people think i recently, feverish speculation about boris johnson's political future had been relegated
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somewhat by last week's fort a national holiday in honor of the crews button jubilee. the public brewing which greeted the prime minister at friday service of thanksgiving for the queen was an ominous indicator. ah, a random sample of london commuters confirms a certain degree of public disillusionment. i thought i was st. helena, actually that he got boys, i think that was almost like africa term despite securing a solid atc majority in the general election just 2 and a half years ago. or, as johnson has enjoyed months of controversy and criticism, which have steadily undermined his authority chief among them the party gates saga, where johnson and many of his stuff were found to have flouted covey, lockdown rules at downing street gatherings. johnson became the 1st p. m. judge, to have broken the law while in office deficient inquiry into those events, criticized the lack of leadership. the british public off fed up set up with
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a prime minister who promises big, but never delivers. fed up with a prime minister who's presided over a culture of lies. a law breaking at the heart of government. fed up with a prime minister, who is utterly unfit for the great office that he holds, its victory for boris johnson, but hardly a ringing endorsement of him and his leadership. one commentator on monday said johnson's appeal within the party was a mile wide, but just an inch deep. and so it seems. johnson himself will undoubtedly battle on fighting tooth and nail to retain his grip on power. but his options are rapidly dwindling. the current rules mean it will be at least 12 months before a new confidence vote can be caught. the questions about the prime minister's judgement and credibility remain, and precedent shows that surviving a confidence vote often represents only a stay of execution for tory leaders. rather than a full reprieve,
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pull brennan al jazeera, westminster. no human traffic in crisis is unfolding in ukraine. that's according to the united nations, which says, perpetrators are taking advantage of the war. the un, special representative on sexual violence in conflict has painted a stock picture. the situation for the security council for pretty it is an human traffic is woo, is not a tragedy. it is an opportunity. women and children fleeing the conflict are being targeted for trafficking and exploitation. in some cases, facing further exposure to ramp up the risk while seeking refuge. they've been multiple reports from survivors of russia. soldiers breaking down doors to basements, where women were sheltering and raping them. these terrible acts were done in front of their children. and they were filmed by the russian soldiers. these are bone
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chilling accounts. let us go to the ratchet enough accusations off russian service personnel, committing crimes of his sexual nature. since the very beginning of our special military operation in ukraine has become a favorite tactic of the key regime in our western colleagues. wilkerson salumi reporting from the un says it's nearly impossible to determine how bad things really all they're worried that the actual number of women and children who've been sexually assaulted is much higher than the 124 cases that they have documented so far. given that 90 percent of refugees leaving ukraine are women and children, there's also grave concern that they're subject to human trafficking and sexual predators. course the outpouring of support for these refugees from
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european countries has been greatly appreciated. but the special representative, worried that predators were taking advantage of the situation and shared some disturbing stories of questionable people who had been circulating around these camps, offering rides to women and girls, and so on, that it could easily be preyed on in that situation. they say there's not a lot of vetting of the people who are coming to help in some of these instances and they called for more vetting to ensure that trafficking is, is kept to a minimum rushes ambassador to the un stormed out of a security council meeting al, to moscow was accused of causing a global food crisis with its invasion of ukraine fastening the benzine left us european council president. charles michelle addressed the 50 member body birthday to the fox. the you has no sanctions. audrey church shall sitter in russia 0. and even our sanctions on tuition transport sector do not draw beyond our,
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you boulders, you may leave the room. maybe it's easier not to listen to the truth, the ambassador. but you are nuclear watchdog, you're sounding new alarms about a ukrainian plan that's under russian control. i h e. raphael grossey says a team is trying to reach these apparition plans to conduct safety checks cross. he says he's particularly concerned about warnings from ukraine's atomic regulator, which says has lost control of nuclear material at the plant. as upper region nuclear side is the biggest in europe. of course, i must say that whatever, whatever we will do at somebody tia is something that, that the ages he alone, he's going to be doing when he comes to safeguards or safety or security activities . and this is part of our legal relationship, boy, there you great. so we cannot to invite others 3rd parties too. but there has been
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some discussion. i cannot reveal everything because i'm stealing the process so far, consulting we, the ukraine, or north shore russia, that there could be some international presence to add on to the, to the team gotten there. mexico's president has fallen through with a threat to boycott the u. s. hosted summit of the americas this week and that his manual lopez orbital, skipping it because cuba, venezuela and nicaragua, have all been excluded. the u. s. says that understands his position, but won't invite countries. it seems to be on democratic mexico was and it's foreign minister and the president face in the whatever it last i made it, there cannot be a summit of the americans if all the countries of the americans do not participate will they can be. but we consider that this as a continuation of the old approach. well, the summit in los angeles amos to address how to reduce migration that the us mexico border. on monday, another group of refugees and migrants set off from southern mexico,
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adding north the time. the departure to coincide with the summit, are desirous manual, rapidly traveling with the group near the mexico, guatemala. the thousands of migrants set out from the city of dub schuler in the early hours of monday. many are mothers with young children who despite the heavy rain push to keep pace with the rest of the crowd. oh, there is numerous nationalities among them, but the vast majority are from venezuela. 2 0 yeah, all one to reach the united states will not allow me, but i left my country in search of a better future with god's help. if he permits, i will reach the us border and find new opportunities and help my family. its already been a long and difficult journey for most and many are now finding that mexico has its own challenges for this elderly woman, the inclement weather is too much. fortunately, paramedics are close by. her daughter says they're desperate for the nightmare to
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be open. in the morning, if they don't look at all, they love ease, i will follow him with amy and we're hoping they'll give us use visa. there are many of us migrants here. we need help. i just like this woman. there are many people here, children and disabled people who get tired. many people died in the jungle on our way here, pregnant woman children. they are children who fated just behind us, and it's the largest migrant care van to set out from southern mexico this year. but for a group this size to stay together, frequent rest are needed, especially for families traveling with young children. after several hours of walking, the group has taken a break from the punishing heat of southern mexico. they're tired, you can see the exhaustion on many of their faces, but just about every one we've spoken to says they're also committed to continuing their journey to the u. s. southern border with more rain forecast. the decision has been made for the group to stay put. they'll rest for now,
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but the plan is to take to the road again after midnight, and make it as far as they can before the heat sets in. once again, manuel did upolu al jazeera she up as mexico. 2 brothers facing corruption charges in south africa, had been arrested into by business men rogers and adul gupta. through originally from india, fled south africa in 2018. their friends of former president jacob summa, under accused of using their relationship with him to profit financially and influence government appointments and even policy. but grouped as deny any wrong doing interval issued a written notice for them last year. iris ellen is drawing outrage. the new test for self african passengers heading to the u. k. it's quizzing them in a language spoken by a minority of the population. julian wolf expects ryan air stepping into hot waters after forcing south african citizens to take a test in a language associated with the part height. dryness should be careful. language is
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a sensitive issue. they may well end up in front of the human rights commission. withers, the airline says that asks passengers to write an offer cards to prove their passports aren't fake. but the move is causing widespread condemnation. it's not unfair. it's just discriminating. above them. athletes in kitten o as in south africa, has 11 official languages with africans used by less than 14 percent of the population offers zulu and closer. but africans was the language of segregation during white minority rule when black citizens were told where they could live, work, attempts, school, and own land. roughly 20 percent of the population of south africa understand africans, but the rest don't. so you setting was roughly 50000000 people who do not understand
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africans so they might as well have taken her zulu, which is the biggest language in south africa. and used that if they really wanted to use one of the bigger languages, while not a british government requirement, ryan air has so far refused to say if it will withdraw the test join wolf al jazeera. so, so, so to come here and al jazeera, including investigators tried to work out how a deadly blaze began at a container demo in bangladesh and standing again, we'll tell you why things would be different. this time for kenyan presidential hopeful, reloading more than that ah! the journey has begun. the 34 world copies on its way to catherine book, your travel package to day. hello, what is all quiet across the good part of the middle east?
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we got a few showers just around turkey, but when i say quiet and we'd light when set means the heat, really picking up a 50 celsius a possibility for baghdad on shoes day. not a whole lot better as we go one into we're wednesday rather more pleasant. just remedies the side of the mediterranean elements in temperatures, getting up into the mid to high twenty's far more agreeable or into the forty's across the arriving peninsula here window, our temperature touching 43 degrees celsius. what has the sunshine coming through as a hazy sunshine across northern parts of africa? the cloud that we have around the north west may become thick enough at times to squeeze out a few spots of brain to clear the high ground of the atlas mountains, just into northern parson morocco. and also into algeria. the main show was a course across the gulf of guinea, pushing out quite nicely. now synagogue seeing some of their shows might even get a shower or 2, pushing into the gambia, going up in the showers across central africa, raw the more shells on the other side of the rift valley, on places, se, se, eastern part of central africa now started to see some chassis scenarios of kenya
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at last, seeing the rain, some lively showers there to, into a good part of mo sam big for south africa. it stays dry. i'm pretty warm, unless comedies. cats are air with issue and line of the journey. join the debate. wonderful as it is this diplomatic language. it really me laughing on the grounds on it online. at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man, where is the progress? i haven't seen enough resources due see sports journalist. i look like me if you need to listen to those voice perspectives even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking, this dream on al jazeera, ah
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ah, welcome back. i took him out of our top stories here at this allied british prime minister boris johnson has survived a confidence vote within his party hailing the result as decisive. but more than 40 percent of conservative m. p. 's voted against him off damaging revelations he attended. rubric him social gatherings during locked out a team for the u. a nuclear watchdog is trying to reach the russian controls operation of nuclear plant in ukraine. they're worried about warnings from ukraine's atomic regulator. this last, i'm told of nuclear material at the facility. and mexico's president is confirmed, he's boycotting the u. s. hosted summit of the americas this week and the manual lopez upper door objected to the exclusion of cuba and swell. i'm nicaragua, countries was washington considers an democratic. israel's fraudulent coalition government has suffered a major setback after failing to pass a bill extending protections, but illegal settlers in the occupied west bank. the emergency regulations would
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expire at the end of the month. i've been in place for decades. they allow illegal settlers to enjoy the benefits of his rally, citizenship, and law, while palestinians live under military rule. israel justice minister has worn the governing coalition may not survive if it fails to pass, the legislation are 0. media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalist and the oxide. westbank. sharina barclay was shot in the head by his ready forces while she was on assignment in janine, on the day of her funeral, israeli forces storm the procession and started beating mourners, causing poor barrows to almost drop her casket. well that didn't stop, thousands of palestinians were marching through occupied easter, ruthless to take part in her funeral and burial members of the international community had condemned her killing and continued to call for an investigation. a barclay was without a 0 for 25 years. coming the story of these railey occupation. she was known as the
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voice of palestine. investigators in bangladesh trying to find the cause of a massive fire at a shipping dep or at least 49 people were killed. the blaze which began on saturday set off explosions that could be had several kilometers away. tom via charge reports from silicon people here are still in shock the explosion that should then turn neighborhood around the depot mohammed or is one is just one of the people who are badly injured and the opposite bill of g o. 2. now, we were observing the fire near the deeper gate and then in a blink of an eye, there was a major explosion in suddenly flaming metal debris hit me on my head. as i was running to seek shelter in a shop houses. authorities are still searching for the cause of the fire. i'm enough for them to get a miss burnett. what am that all we have initially learned from the explosion is that this happened you to a leak of hydrogen peroxide and it is quite likely crated, the spark charities are helping victims and their families begun to hold the long
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noodle. we've provided ambulance services to those who were injured or died from the fire incident and alongside that we're also providing emergency medicine, food and clothes to those who are affected. although firefighters managed to bring the deadly blaze under control, the containers are still smoldering. clearance and salvage operation is still going on. you can see the level of devastation. i can smell film that's chemicals on the ground journalist were only given few minutes to check out the premises. and then we were told to leave this area because there is clearly more danger around victims, families crowd, the corridors of the hospital. i met again my li, i said, well kelly, my nephew is truck driver. he came to truncate to the container, des pay that night, but he never got the chance to unload the goods. and instead of severely injured due to the installation, the owners of the container depot said they will help the victims. i won't go on to look at that one little our main goal is to help those who are injured to help the
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families of the dead on an urgent basis. and the company will help the victims, families for the rest of their lives and even better children's education expense. many of the containers contain internationally recognized clothe brands. and while safety standards have improved in factories and, and years, experts say more needs to be done across the entire supply chain than reach audrey of jazeera sit, our condo, bangladesh, more than 11000000 students across china are writing the university entrance exams . and they're dealing with the added pressure of coping 19 restrictions. students with symptoms or swab done moved into isolation to complete their papers, exams, and national event quiz. students are language maths and another subject of their choice. but you know, you has more from vision. finally, here in beijing, some measures have been ease. they have been able to get these infections down to 0 . so now restaurant dining services have resumed, gyms and entertainment venues of also opened. but schools are not taking anything
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to chance. they've required that students taking the gal how and their families did not travel or do not travel in the lead up to these exams. when entering the school, they have the health kit checked, it needs to be green, they have the temperatures checked, and if they have any abnormal temperatures or fevers that quickly isolated so that they don't take their exams with their peers. and if you still live in an active area where there is an occurrence outbreak, those students are completing their exams under a close loop systems as well. now, the gal co here, as it's known, is really considered decisive in a young person's life. it said to make or break your future. and that's because it determines ultimately employability and here in china because of the slowing economy. and because of the pandemic, it's harder than ever to find a job in the job market. according to some local reports, a few is $1.00 and $5.00 university graduates are able secure positions this year.
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and that's why it's so important. and students typically spend about 2 years preparing this year or record number of students are taking the gal cow, almost 12000000. and throughout this critical preparation period, they've been living under the pandemic. so they've had to deal with locked downs, disrupted an online classes, some in areas that were severely affected by covered 19 they've even had to do with food shortages all the while. preparing for these exams. the new was trillion prime minister as hailed relations with indonesia during his 2nd trip abroad since being sworn in 2 weeks ago. anthony albany 0 working to re engage with neighbors and counter china's growing influence in the region. jessica washington reports chicata . blazes off helmets. on this diplomacy, indonesian style president joker widow or jacoby invited the new prime minister of australia to join him for a ride before gearing up for more serious discussions. a rough indonesia is on
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track to be one. all the world, 5 largest economies, revitalizing i tried an investment relationship is a priority for my government to hear open. the denisia president says economic collaboration dominated the talks isha santa with i welcome the initiative of albany. see related to cooperation and infrastructure and fighting climate change with the initial fund of $144000000.00 us dollars is, is our prime minister albany. he is joined on this trip by several senior ministers . this is the 1st by lateral visit for a sally as a new prime minister. it is a clear signal from anthony of uneasy that he intends to revive the countries regional diplomacy with the focus on se asia and the pacific. it comes as cambra and bay gene compete for influence in the region. we do have strategic competition in the region. we need to make sure that it's managed in a way that doesn't have catastrophic consequences. a full de rachel,
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the prime minister has offered support for major infrastructure projects, such as indonesia plans to build a new capital city. and has reiterated a $338000000.00 pledge to invest in development in southeast asia as part of efforts to revive relationships which his government says have been neglected recently. the relationship between us trying and in asia we, we have, we are to close neighbors, but do not deal with each other and off albany. he says he will attend the g 20 summit hosted by indonesia in november, despite controversy over the russian presidents purported plans to attend as well into themselves while b is set on focused on sitting with president with data. not sitting with president clinton, the prime minister and his delegation will visit the island of so the way see, next, seeking to prove australia is serious about engaging with its neighbors. in the
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north, jessica washington al jazeera chicata. before melinda, extreme right wing prime boys group is facing a new charge in connection with the january 2021 attack on the u. s. capital and rica. terry o and sales styled lieutenants are accused of plotting the riot and encouraging others to prevent congress from certifying president jo biden's election way. the new charge called seditious conspiracies rarely used, carries up to 20 years in prison. michaela has more from washington dc upping the ante. it would appear by the justice department as it continues this investigation . and now these conspiracy to sedition charges were also brought against a nother right wing group earlier this year. the oath keepers add that to the he lead of that group together with 10 of his live tenants was charged with the specific charge. now you've got the lead of the prod, boys, with 4th his left tenants facing the same charge. but to put this into a context more than 80 people have been sentenced in connection to the events on
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january the 6th. as some 30 have been subject to prison sentences. however, the charges in these cases ranges from felony to trespass. but the key conspiracy charge is far more serious carries a prison sentence of up to 20 years. but no to be as well. it indicates that the justice department is widening its investigation into those events attempting now to put together a case which creates a conspiracy. an intent to overthrow the government, forcefully or to forcefully interfere with the execution of the federal judicial system. so very much an uptick in terms of the justice department activities with regard to the events of january, the 6th new york state has tightened gun laws after a series of the high profile. my shootings across the u. s. the new laws raised the age of buying assault style firearms and restrict the purchase of body armor to low enforcement. now, the man who's tried and failed to become kenya's,
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president for time, is running again. this time though, riley dingo, as the backing of the political establishment which has worked against him in the past from nairobi, malcolm went reports on what's changed. ah, it's election season in kenya. riley. dingo has run for president for time as before. he launched his manifesto at an event in the capitol, nairobi will nuclear corruption, a threat to national security, and established a specialized departments in the secure judges for corruption surveillance. this, michelle don't good our fast 100 days in office. right. has been involved in politics since the 1980s, mostly in opposition. he's never been declared the winner of an election, where many believe he's been rig doubt of victories before this time. some things have changed is the 1st time the royal or a danger,
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learning with the support of the incumbent, outgoing president and harry kenyatta, with the support of the families that have dominated canyon politics and business. ever since independence of the british colonial rule. nearly 60 years ago, the 1st time that these, the chosen candidate of the historically dominant political establishment is to kind of backing that his main rival william rito had once hoped for. he's been deputy president in the last 2 governments. 10 years ago, retired teamed up with a hero kenyata. at the time both were facing chart is at the international criminal court for orchestrating crimes against humanity in the violence that followed the previous election in 2007. the charges were later dropped after witnesses retracted their statement. who ruined router's relationship since deteriorated?
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come america skip is a really to routine running without the support of his former ally. in spite of being in government for 9 years. and he's now promising change. she that he had to dana see, our problem is inequality. given i, economic modeling, the last 5 digit has been trickle down tight, which has only benefited the few creating halves in hub not. and who are just hustle us. we m to change these economic model. can years past elections of in mod by irregularities, allegations of rigging and sometimes violent this time. allegiances of shifted and factions, re aligned canyons, a g to vote. on the 9th of august, malcolm web al jazeera nairobi, kenya, ah, type of krycek on the headlines here on al jazeera, british prime minister barak johnson, a survivor.


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