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3 part series describes the struggle for the return of african art funded by colonialism and still housed in your opinion in today. the g 7 and nato hold key stomachs with the water, ukraine, and the growing global food and cost of living crises. this much to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world helped qualifies. i'm male biting opportunity for countries to secure their spot for cut our 2020 to june on al jazeera. ah, what we're going to do is take the opportunity to unite and deliver embattled u. k. prime minister boris johnson promises to bring his party together. after
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surviving a major leadership test, ah, hello, i made room for again. this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up. the un security council is told about the trafficking, an exploitation of ukrainian children and women by russian soldiers to wealthy brothers with close links to former south african president jacob zoom up, have been detained in dubai, a make or break moment. millions of students in china take that national university entrance exam on the pandemic restrictions. ah, the you case, prime minister says that it's time to draw a line on the questions about his leadership and move on. or as johnston survived, a confidence vote within his own party on monday, calling the outcome
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a convincing and decisive result that the scale of the rebellion is raising questions about his future. 211 conservative m. p. 's voted to support johnson, while 148 voted against him. that means that 40 percent of the prime ministers colleagues refused to back him out there as poor brennan reports now from london. a victory for the prime minister, but far from convincingly the vote in favor of having confidence embarrass. johnston's leader was 211 folks and a vote against was a 148 votes. and therefore, i can announce to parliamentary party does have ah, a raucous reaction from boris johnson, supporters with no disguising the enormity of the 148 m. p. 's who voted against their own leader. so convincing result, a decisive result. what it,
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what it means is that as a, as a government, we can move on and focus on the stuff i think really matters to people. misspeak had recently feverish speculation about polish. johnson's political future had been relegated somewhat by last week's 4 day national holiday in honor of the queen's batman jubilee. the public brewing which greeted the prime minister at friday service of thanksgiving for the queen was an ominous indicator. ah, a random sample of london commuters confirms a certain degree of public disillusionment. so i thought i would say tele, actually, that he copied. that was almost like africa turner, despite securing a solid atc majority in the general election just 2 and a half years ago. or as johnson has enjoyed months of controversy and criticism,
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which have steadily undermined his authority chief among them the party gates saga, where johnson and many of his stuff were found to have flouted cove, it locked down rules at downing street gatherings. johnson became the 1st p. m. judge to have broken the law while in office deficient inquiry into those events, criticized the lack of leadership. the british public off fed up set up with a prime minister who promises big, but never delivers. fed up with a prime minister who's presided over a culture of lies a law breaking. the heart of government, fed up with a prime minister, who is utterly unfit for the great office that he holds. it's a victory for boris johnson, but hardly a ringing endorsement of him and his leadership. one commentator on monday said johnson's appeal within the party was a mile wide, but just an inch deep. and so it seems. johnson himself will undoubtedly battle on fighting tooth and nail to retain his grip on power. but his options are rapidly
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dwindling. the current rules mean it will be at least 12 months before a new confidence vote can be caught. the questions about the prime minister's judgment and credibility remain and precedent shows that surviving a confidence vote often represents only a stay of execution for tory leaders, rather than a full reprieve. pull brennan, al jazeera, westminster. let's go live to london houses. there were a challenge. is in westminster at rory with 40 percent of the prime minister's colleagues refusing to back him what hope have for the prime minister and his loyalists of drawing a line under all of this while he's speaking to them. ers, we understand at the moment, see, is how hosting a cabinet meeting it seems. serv tried to avoid the cameras this morning. there are long lens photos of him using the back door of downing streets,
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but i think in that cabinet meeting he is going to be deploying his usual post to resume his boyish enthusiasm, his positivity, and saying, look, we can draw a line on this. we can move forward, we can put this as he puts a meteor obsession in the past. but i wonder whether in the quiet moments in that meeting, whether he might be looking around the faces of his suppose it allies and asking himself, how did you vote last night or you actually with me or you really a traitor. things take on a bit of a shakespearean atmosphere, don't they? when you're watching a wounded leader has power and authority slip away because that's how most commentators certainly most newspapers in this country are seeing things this morning. they are seeing a very damaged man. yes, this was a victory in the most literal sense, but to have a confidence both in the 1st place is wounding enough for
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a prime minister. but then is clearly lost the support of a $148.00 of his m p's. that just shows that predicaments that he's in and they're a big hurdle was coming down the road. there are a couple of for by elections in a few weeks, which the conservatives could well lose. and the cost of living really is biting on ordinary voices. in this country, what should we be watching for coming forward? well, i think there are several options that are open to a damaged leader in this kind of situation. trying to reset his authority, that's likely to be a flurry of policies announced that might well be a cabinet reshuffle. an outside chance is that there might be a snap election cold, but that it is very much an outside chance. also, we should be watching for any government resignations, if any of the main cabinet positions resign than that obviously burst this whole thing into play. once again, i'll 0. we're a challenge reporting live there from central london. many thanks indeed,
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worry. a human trafficking crisis is unfolding in ukraine, according to the united nations. it says the perpetrators are taking advantage of the wall. the un, special representative on sexual violence and conflict address the security council for predators and human traffickers will, is not a tragedy. it is an opportunity. women and children fleeing the conflict are being targeted for trafficking and exploitation. in some cases facing further exposure to ramp up their risk while seeking refuge, they've been multiple reports from survivors of rushes, soldiers breaking down doors to basements, where women were sheltering and raping them. these terrible acts were done in front of their children. and they were filmed by the russian soldiers. these are bone
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chilling accounts. let us go to the ranch, in enough accusations off russian service personnel committing crimes of his sexual nature. since the very beginning of our special military operation in ukraine has become a favorite tactic of the key regime and our western colleagues out 0, kristen salumi reporting from the u. n. says that it's difficult to determine just how bad things all they're worried that the actual number of women and children who've been sexually assaulted is much higher than the 124 cases that they have documented so far. given that 90 percent of refugees leaving ukraine are women and children, there's also grave concern that they're subject to human trafficking and sexual predators. course the outpouring of support for these refugees from european countries has been greatly appreciated. but the special representative,
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worried that predators were taking advantage of the situation and shared some disturbing stories of questionable people who had been circulating around these camps, offering rides to women and girls, and so on, that i could easily be preyed on in that situation. they say there's not a lot of vetting of the people who are coming to help in some of these instances. and they called for more vetting to ensure that trafficking is, is kept to a minimum rushes ambassador to the un storm door to the security council meeting. after moscow was accused of causing a global food crisis with its invasion of ukraine, vasily in the ban. zip left that european council president shall michelle address . the 15 member body looked did to the fox. the u. s. no. sanctions, audrey church shall sector in rochelle 0 and even our sanctions on tuition transport sector do not draw beyond our you bold us. you may leave the room. maybe
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it's easier not to listen to the truth. the ambassador, the u. s. has warning of a forceful and swift response if north korea pursues a nuclear test deputy secretary of state, wendy sherman, made the comments since in south korea where she's meeting senior officials. they say there are signs that pyongyang is preparing for its 1st nuclear tests. since 2017 sherman's visit comes of the after south korea and the u. s. 58 ballistic missiles. in response to a civil launch by north korea a day earlier. any nuclear test would be in complete violation of un security council resolutions. ah, there would be a swift and forceful response. ah, tis such a test. because as the international atomic energy agency itself has said, there is concern that they may conduct a nuclear test. is, would be very d,
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stabilizing up to the world security, and i believe that not only the r, okay, in the united states and japan, but the entire world will respond in a strong and clear manner. israel's coalition government has suffered a major setback. it's fail to pass a bill extending protections for his really settlers on the occupied west bank. the emergency regulations was expire at the end of the month of been in place for decades. they allow, as really, is living in illegal settlements to enjoy the benefits of citizenship while palestinians live on the military rule. israel's justice minister has warned that the governing coalition may not survive if it fails to pass the legislation. on al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid, independent, and transparent investigation into the killing of its journalists to the occupied westbank. sharon obliquely was shot in the head by israeli forces, while on assignment in janine on the day of her funeral is ready. forces stormed
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the procession and started to beat mourners, causing poll barris to almost drop her casket. that didn't stop thousands of palestinians marching through occupied east jerusalem to take part in a funeral and burial. members of the international community have condemned her killing and continue to call for an investigation. sharing a barclay was with al jazeera for 25 years covering the story of the israeli occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine. still to come here on out of here are the us pushes ahead with its summit of the americas, despite a, by caught by mexico's president and budget airline. ryan air provokes anger by requiring u. k. bounce of african passengers to prove who they are, by taking a language test. ah, the journey has begun. the 34 world copies on its way to catherine book,
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your travel package to day. hello, the foundry down, pause continued, cross parts of central europe, and they are drifting further east as you can see, the thunder head, which happy interrupting over the last couple of days. in fact, we did see almost 80 millimeters of re 24 hours into austria that were to whether you see the clouds. they're just pushing up in to check republic thought a military of low pressure which brought some very heavy rain for up across the low countries. easing across certain parts of denmark now at where to where the wall slide i, which was the baltic. stacy, how the rain does pare pop just around all the parts of the balkans and it really opens the gateway for more wet weather to come into western parts of europe. so we will see spells of cloud and rain coming through here, some heavy downpours for time caused northern parts of frances. we go to the middle part of the week, sliding across the low countries and by that stage wet or whether they are right across the balcony. starting right up towards the baltic states,
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we are going to see a clear skies across the far east of europe. warm sunshine continued across much of southern europe, extending into northern parts of africa. we have got the showers now pushing up to southern parts of nigeria. central areas of nigeria been in togo, seeing some very heavy right east, the waste pushing the showers further westwards. as we go one, over the next couple of days, cats are air weight, issue and line of the journey. how do you think, hold information? i know there's no google, if you try to search the war tenement, we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion. the headline died and that allowed the children to continue to die to how is citizen judd? listen, we framing the story. i'm here to document the war crimes committed by point 2 and his resume. the listening post dissects the media. on the al jazeera lou.
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ah, hello again. this is al jazeera, let's remind you of the might use this out. you case private subarus johnston has survived a confidence vote around 40 percent of his own. m. p. 's voted against him. despite that johnston's called it a decisive result. he says that it's time to move on. the u. n says that a human trafficking crisis is unfolding in ukraine. and the perpetrators are taking advantage of the wall. it says that conflicts related sexual violence, remains prevalent. with many cases going on, reported. the u. s. is warning of a forceful swift response. if north korea pursues a nuclear test. the comments from the u. s. deputy secretary of state come a day off to south korea, the u. s. 58 ballistic missiles. it responds to
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a similar launch by pill. again on sunday. south africa says the united arab emirates is detained 2 brothers who faced corruption charges businessmen. roger otto gulped up, who originally from india fled south africa in 2018. they're accused of using their relationship with the former president, jacob zuba, the prophet financially and to influence government appointments and policy into paul issued a rep notice, requesting their detention last year. let's go live out of johannesburg houses here as for me to mila. can tell us more. so the good to brothers a bit arrested the yet though to be extradited back to south africa. is that likely to happen? well, there appears to be increasing cooperation between south african authorities and those in the u. e. given that the rest has happened after that red notice was issued by into poll, and that's also after the u. k. and the united states also issued travel bands and
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acid freezes on the cook to family. and that's after they flipped south africa in early 2018. so while the risk has taken place, it may take some time before the expedition specifically happens, because that requires an application by the south african government. but it's likely the good brothers will fight that extradition, tooth and nail, given that they refused to appear at a south african government, a traditional inquiry into corruption in south africa. and that's been taking place of the last 3 years. so it may be many months or even longer before south african get onset from the group to brothers around their role in state corruption. and just the depth of the relationship with the former president jacob's duma and how they benefited from that. this is part of a broader fight against corruption in south africa. should we expect saw the high profile arrest will be so that we can
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government did indicate to estimate that at least 500000000000. so the african rand about $32000000000.00 was stolen during the president presidency of jacob zoom while he was an office for 9 years. and much of the scandal is related to his relationship with the group brothers and the group to family. and it's likely that the president, the former president, jacob's mom, was forced to reside in 2018 because of the scandal. we'll face more questions as well as people high ranking officials in state own entities to do with power. the delivery of power service delivery in south africa transport and even the state owned arms manufacturer the now they are expected to be further investigations into a. 1 number of allegations, but many sub africans would argue that not enough has been done. and so now even though current presidents look them up was a, has used the corruption issue as
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a platform to gonna support from south africans. but it, it's likely that this will open a can of worms for many top officials in south africa. amongst them, the former president jacob's duma l 0 for me to mila reporting live from johannesburg. from many thanks. indeed, mexico's president as follow through with a threat to boycott, the u. s. hosted summit of the americas this week on that as manuel lopez abra door is skipping the event because cuba, venezuela and nicaragua have been excluded. washington says that it understand this . lopez open the doors present position, but won't include countries that it considers undemocratic mexico and it's foreign minister in place of the president. in up with somebody, the last i made a guess, there cannot be a summit of the americas if all the countries of the americans do not participate will they can be. but we consider that this as a continuation of the old approach. the sonnets in los angeles aims to address how
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to reduce migration of the us mexico border. on monday, another group of refugees and migrants set off from southern mexico, heading north. they time their departure to coincide with the summit. now to serious manuel or apollo is travelling with the group referred to as a caravan near the mexico guatemala border. thousands of migrants set out from the city of tampa, chula, in the early hours of monday. many are mothers with young children who despite the heavy rain push to keep pace with the rest of the crowd. oh, there's numerous nationalities among them. but the vast majority or from venezuela . oh yeah, all one to reach the united states will not leave me, but i left my country in search of a better future with god's help. if he permits, i will reach the us border and find new opportunity and help my family. it's already been a long and difficult journey for most and many are now finding that mexico has its
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own challenges holloway, for this elderly woman. the inclement weather is too much. fortunately, paramedics are close by. her daughter says they're desperate for the nightmare to be open. in the morning and look and then i will, i will follow him with amy and we're hoping they'll give us use visa there. many of us migrants here. we need help. i just like this woman. there are many people here, children, and disabled people who get tired. many people died in the jungle on our way here, pregnant women and children, there are children who fated just behind us saying it's the largest migrant care van to set out from southern mexico this year. but for a group this size to stay together, frequent rest are needed, especially for families traveling with young children. after several hours of walking, the group has taken a break from the punishing heat of southern mexico. they're tired,
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you can see the exhaustion on many of their faces, but just about every one we've spoken to says they're also committed to continuing their journey to the u. s. southern border with more rain forecast. the decision has been made for the group to stay put. they'll rest for now, but the plan is to take to the road again after midnight and make it as far as they can before the heat sets in once again. manuel rap, hello al jazeera, she up as mexico investigators in bangladesh trying to determine the cause of a major fire at a shipping depot, at least 49 people died. the blaze which began on saturday, set of explosions that could be heard several kilometers away. al jazeera from via child re report style from silicon buff. people here still in sharp explosion that should then turn neighborhood around the depot mohammed or is one, is just one of the people who are badly injured. we are observing the fine, the deeper gate and then in a blink of an eye there was
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a major explosion and suddenly flaming metal debris hit me on my head. as i was running to seek shelter in a shop. authorities are still searching for the cause of the fire. i'm enough for them to get a miss burnett. what am that? that all we have initially learned from the explosion is that this happened you to a leak of hydrogen peroxide and it is quite likely crated the spark, nikia charities are helping victims and their families begun to hold the long noodle of we've provided ambulance services to those who were injured or died from the fire incident and alongside that we're also providing emergency medicine, food and clothes to those who are affected. although firefighters managed to bring the deadly blaze under control, the containers are still smoldering. clearance and salvage operation is still going on. you can see the level of devastation. i can smell film. that's chemicals on the ground journalist were only given few minutes to check out the premises. and then we were told to leave this area because there is clearly more danger around victims,
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families, crowd. the corridors of the hospital i met again, my li, i said, kelley, my nephew is truck. try that. he came to truncate to the container, des pay that night, but he never got the chance to unload the goods. and instead of severely injured due to the installation, the owners of the container depot said they will help the victims. i won't go in to look at that. one is, our main goal is to help those who are injured to help the families of the dead on an urgent basis. and the company will help the victims, families for the rest of their lives and even better children's education expands. many of the containers contain internationally recognized clothe brands and while safety standards have improved in factories in recent years, experts say more needs to be done across the entire supply chain than we children of jazeera sit, our condo, bangladesh, in the 12000000 students across china are sitting the university entrance exams, the dealing with the added pressure of cove at 19 restrictions students with
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symptoms, a swapped a moved into isolation to complete their papers the exam. so the exams are a national event. students quizzed on language maps and other subjects of that choice. katrina, you reports now from beijing. finally here in beijing, some measures have been eased. they have been able to get these infections down to 0. so now restaurant dining services have resumed, gyms and entertainment venues of also opened, but schools are not taking anything to chance. they've required that students taking the gal how and their families did not travel or do not travel in the lead up to these exams. when entering the school, they have the health kit checked, it needs to be green, they have the temperatures checked, and if they have any abnormal temperatures or fevers that quickly isolated so that they don't take their exams with their peers. and if you still live in an active area where there is an occurrence outbreak,
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those students are completing their exams under a closed loop systems as well. now, the gal co here, as it's known, is really considered decisive in a young person's life. it said to make or break your future. and that's because it determines ultimately employability and here in china because of the slowing economy. and because of the pandemic, it's harder than ever to find a job in the job market. according to some local reports, a few as one in 5 university graduates are able to secure positions this year. and that's why it's so important. and students typically spend about 2 years preparing this year or record number of students are taking the gal cow, almost 12000000. and throughout this critical preparation period, they've been living under the pandemic. so they've had to deal with locked downs, disrupted an online classes, some in areas that were severely affected by covered 19 they've even had to do with food shortages all the while preparing for these exams. new york state has title
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gun laws after a series of high profile. my shootings in the u. s. the new laws raise the age for buying a salt style, firearms, and restrict the sale of body armor. law enforcement. the u. s. stays already had some of the strongest gun control laws in the nation. a low cost airline is being accused of racism for asking south africans to prove their nationality. by taking a language test. ryanair says it's trying to prevent passengers with fake passports entering the u. k. but as julian wolf explains, only a minority of the population speaks africans. ryan air stepping into hot waters after forcing south african citizens to take a test in a language associated with a part height. brian, i should be careful. language is a sensitive issue. they may well end up in front of the human rights commission withers. the airline says it asks passengers to write an offer cards to prove their
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passports aren't fake. but the move is causing widespread condemnation. it's not on fe. is just discriminating athletes including o 7 south africa has 11 official languages with africans used by less than 14 percent of the population after zulu and closer. but africans was the language of segregation during white minority rule when black citizens were told where they could live, work, attend school, and own land. roughly 20 percent to the population of south africa, understand africans, but the rest don't. so you city was roughly 50000000 people who do not understand africans. and so i might as well have taken her zulu, which is the biggest language in south africa. and used that if they really wanted to use one of the bigger languages, while not a british government requirement,
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ryan air has so far refused to say if it will withdraw the test join wolf al jazeera. columbia's navy has discovered 2 more centuries old shipwrecks on the ocean floor. they were found while monitoring the wreckage of another ship, the san jose galle on which sank more than 300 years ago. historian say that its cargo of gold coins and all the treasures would be worth billions of dollars. the family of the writer whose article inspired the movie top gun is suing film studio paramount pictures for copyright infringement. they say the studio didn't have the rights to a hood. janese 1983 story before it released the sequel top gun. maverick last month. fullness nearly half a $1000000.00 at the box office since it was released 10 days ago for cash flow during bad.


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