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tv   The El Masri Case  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2022 3:00pm-3:58pm AST

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reports series describes the struggles for the return of african art, plundered by colonialism, and still housed in european museums today. the g 7 m later hold key summits with the warden, ukraine, and the growing global food and the cost of living crises. this much to discuss is the influence of far right. politics grows. the big picture examines francis struggle to live up to the self proclaimed ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity. the men's world helped boulevard and middle blazing opportunity for countries to secure their support for cut our 20, 22 june on al jazeera. ah, i'm norrick island. doha. these are the top stories on al jazeera. the u. k. prime minister says it's time to draw a line under questions about his leadership and move on for his johnston survived
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a confidence boat in his own party on monday, calling the outcome a convincing and decisive results which supports his celebrated the boat. the scanner through berlin is raising questions about his future. 40 percent at the prime minister, his colleagues refused to back him. of everybody was gob smacked by the number of tory and peas that voted against the prime minister last night and just was reflecting on that 140 tourism piece with no confidence in their leader. it's a pretty big thing for a member of any party at parliament to come and see that the they have no confidence in the leader. so i, i thank them for that from the bottom of my heart this morning. but the prime minister needs to reflect on the fact that 40 percent, that is m p 's plus, but perhaps even more significantly, 2 thirds of the government backed ventures voted against for us johnson. now of course we've seen motions of no confidence in previous conserved to leaders, margaret thatcher. teresa, me, in the end,
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we can't run away from this kind of result that we saw last night was johnson will have to recognize that it doesn't have the trust to visit with parliament here is essentially doesn't have the trust parliament. well, it was going to replace him. nobody's gonna replace it. nobody stepped over is all right in our rebels, you know, 148 of them voted against the prime minister. who's for the heather baldwin? been brave enough to say on this country here. my policy is nobody so told up person steps or moms rope or woman's room says i'll get the disease amount of policy. this is what i want to do, but i'll support the parameters of the united nations has had accusations of human trafficking and exploitation, and ukraine that promote se perpetrators are taking advantage of the war. un, special representative on sexual violence in conflict addressed the security council. for plate, it is an un traffickers or not a tragedy. it is an opportunity. women and children fleeing the conflict are being targeted for trafficking and exploitation. in some cases facing further exposure to
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ramp up their risk while seeking refuge. they've been multiple reports from survivors of russia. soldiers breaking down doors to basements, where women were sheltering and raping them. these terrible acts were done in front of their children, and they were filmed by the russian soldiers. these are bone chilling accounts, shirad, sure enough, off accusations off russian service personnel committing crimes of a sexual nature. since the very beginning of our special military operation in ukraine has become a favorite tactic of the key regime and our western colleagues. israel's government has failed to pass a bill that would renew and uphold the status of his railey settlers and the occupied west bank measures which are expiring at the end of the month. we've been in place for decades. allows railey is living in a legal settlement to enjoy the benefits of citizenship on the palestinians still
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live under military rule. it's a major setback for israel's french. all coalition government to business men accused of corruption in south africa being arrested in the united arab emirates raja. the actual gupta had close ties with former president, jacob's duma, and into ball notice for their arrest was issued last year after they fed the country in 2018 mexico presidents has follow through with the threat to boycott the u. s. host. in summit of the americas this week, under his manual lopez, abra dos is skipping the events because cuba, venezuela, and nicaragua, have been excluded. washington says it won't include countries, it considers on democratic. molly's military rulers have proposed a 2 year timeline for return to civilian rule. as part of negotiations with west african block echo us to lift economic sanctions. the organization wants money to hold elections suna. ja mi had promised to hold a vote in february, but failed. nearly 12000000 students across china as hitting the university
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entrance exams, but they're dealing with the added pressure of coping 19 restrictions. students with symptoms all swapped and moved into isolation to complete that paper. those are your headlines. we back with more news after the mastery case. ah ah, 2004 calendar must freeze arrested during a trip to macedonia. his interrogated and mistreated. nobody knows his better about 5 months later he is released in a forest and not a dummy investing
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through this them so good little dusty gospel tennessee on that now. so we'll get started with the nurse for my and miss charlan. so these are far keen excuse will be drunk maps to buckets. she says the image front end which was finished, which been efficiency form and the calling i mass. we case basically revealed the entire underbelly of the secret american torture and prison system. ah, canada must be made into national headlines. for years he fought in vain for explanations and justice. he felt abandoned by his own government. as dar josh dots boug idea, agnes did fired footstep bonus, liberty dodge,
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london. their big yo yo idea themes filled the west hideous mist ah ah colored it must freeze used to live in every elf with i has no him since 2007. even then i wanted to make a film about him. but then his case took a bizarre turn. years after the kidnapping, he committed several disturbing crimes and in 2009 eat up the may alf loy. when, how did it come to this one who was probably most deeply involved in
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this story was the lawyer man fit needed from when he 1st met kelly, then mar, 3 in 2004. done sentenced by menache and direct for the counsellor to your lung. holly bell, tick, man, i know how to cigars on longest gibbons and on the latter yogurt was worthy. it's for me now than cedar divine and i know over the mere cleared fuss irish fortify inside solitude and had a massive anger fung 30 on had to his actors interviewed ordinance phenomena. can i get fall it out on alice a hummer. hey, here at this is rob's debbie now as her boss. what your foot meal when done, had i miss and passcode site? now when seneca she still via d as, as deutschland, not mad sit on your phone. but under statically saw that, and i know as it shouldn't be, hutton nador m r can os high assistant or done had an
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o sizes. temple fun i banyan b on go to school concerts, formats it all, you know, i banyan lex. uh huh. so do you believe all now? yeah, vin just alyssa, survive up. historic is yeah. good done. most of this is oslyn. as or it's august get money, shall see an order of us as far as their ah it about the same time as $1.00 foot to needed to new york times became aware of the case. so it may can it, it just started working here. she was still living in germany at that time, is fine on the continental miles, continues little managed, untouched, not map ones. m, hatta i had city, gosh to mom and, and,
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and at the sienna forms or damage of abas tractor is dusty. john understands what mechanics on so and practice based on that's what yarber is and see. aunt dad, what bar of amish my number's hired. i must vh been for nancy. i and for it. one is fatty miss young aus zana shimmer. does vine la dings? lucy, all does this anal. zach also bushed. a sincere as that goes to actually won't gigging dca. i am justice, i'm director and griff getting and i'm an accounting guy means barnes and thus far, famish the course. i shall say. no, i guess i just missed the boat of asked. he's a martin. this is a hot it. i must wait on volumes or to ask. i said to ca, eden, and her a tom ah. the 911. the take of 2001 shot to the so the
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u. s. was determined to use all its power to fight it had the backing of its allies behind him on my punishment. president george bush on anger sank. consolidated thoughts? lunsford position ah colors from lebanon? when the civil war began in 1975, he was 12 years old. 10 years later, he managed to flee to germany. ah, in 1994 cal, it became a german citizen. he wanted to build up something in the country that had granted him asylum. he tried to trade cars in 1996. he got married in 2002. he moved to village near.
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at the time he left with his wife and children in a 30 square meter basement. at the end of 2003, several problems at home keller decided to take some time off. he booked the cheapest ticket. he could find a bus trip to macedonia for about a $150.00 euros. a disturbing macedonian border, something bizarre happened. he had to leave the bus hours later, he was taken to a hotel in scorpion. then we'll do it so much slower despite him. feel fish document mission, dry, mental cindy, by me it would seem arguably even than i was chicago push for half been i should
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say, as he opened wire shaylin or dog and brush or dancing bill. oh, thought for been on the floor dries forensic darker new bill, fiscal is thought furnished. telephony run, although a congressional contact opened for him on beach was finished by almost dorski borlin. and i was shocked. okay. and the list contacts for daughter watch of the another start out by the door. chamberlin with image depression won't be out at the site and a tiptoe on my side. the fish are gonna run by shouldn't been august london sucked it skis on guns. cindy and stay longer dungan and de ma home hadn't ever bought and gets organ is sewing machine combat t little does he she sent on thesis fussy on barbara kush and sylvie, excuse me, another dumb been historic i often bet
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ah ah, with ah thought august spirit i haven't sex, so mine is an impact as get not those month old done hadn't be meal the album that one into oven haven't dea steps is i get done or darkly about is thought i and i
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suck into coffee. health is justina when i knew i sustained. yes, nancy and i know you've been longer brock and thought felons here up. felicia, closer to the tea of a tool on dumb, becoming schlagel from ireland. satan on the governor. traffic didn't stand to happen. d mission to play at dazzle, minor minor clermont and vic construct demarcus work on sna own dunwoody ish in an blue glayden shore spoke unto oak bin on survivor want influence. so come to me, often ward and give often,
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on token run, become a switzerland and shoulder gone by phone. the police 1st learned about the abduction in june, 2004. about 2 weeks after mar, 332. they checked his story, step by step, and even made a hair analysis. and talk on demand in currently, we're stating after and not him small. another mistake him or would our billing to estimate would have his master thinking, but it's only manhattan con demand and quincy bow. these are our song without had stewart. i'll admit that. i mean to act on be stating, ah, as of any one of his wanting to be submitted that via the want long the so to intestine hot in the oven eastern enough announcements in does the, the,
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she stay in ski, some streaming isn't clouded? yeah. little spirit, nam zuka gal about it as the police i it was only i just had she a cookie cup enough. i'm a but it is. she did a seat pass yet i didn't want to play with him. starts. am i to decide to me then is slope. it does so give you the cost us assist us the opportunity. sh. under fun ambition. super steam. that was politicians will archivist, ah still months of research by what they can it to new york times. finally decided to publish the story or escalating that's i told off it say, but as ha,
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nissan, he says my negotiations, especially thus far an english book bond that comes he legacy to come house asters i to new york times one to cartoonish. i'm the sunspots soup advancing out by he asked or not if you wish to host come is rubbish for them to the formal dimensions. ass rudolph. gov. i to dusty ca or daddy west, are you going to host come one song to me of taps, looped associate, amish. ah! when i was working at the german television show, panorama, a and when the story came out in the new york times, that sir kennedy had done about the kidnapping. i remember feeling am
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shameful. that here was a case of a ca, kidnapping, of a german citizen. and you know, you have to ask yourself why we even exist in 2005 journalists discovered the flight routes of cia jets. and thus also the atmosphere flight tough gone is done to spanish police were able to ascertain to camouflage names of the c. i a hijackers who had made a stop over in my yorker with this information. john gets scored a cool. he identified the addresses of the cia attacked us in the united states. good morning, sir. we wanted to ask you would modern the emissions enough to in fuel and fun college i must be fog. get a been john goods from dodge and found in, you know, what we're talking about. this is evil funny liter sir. want to talk about the the
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kidnapped by satellite. some kidnapping. fun call it i must be macedonian. you know what i'm talking about, sir sir? ah, the involvement of this year was already known by journalists, alexander bush. he knows p in early 2004, shortly after the abduction mosley, his name was on the if a list of most wanted people tied with the 911 attacks. however, cult oh my studio looking for was a spanish citizen. and this, this cult l mosley. with the same name, same surname is a german citizen or so he arised in one of 2 border stunning serbian border for policeman. he said to move to scott here in the hotel
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scope sky america. this could tell who was pleased just behind the u. s embassy, the old place, the use emerson's call. didn't wait any information from leon fast seat of interpol to find that is the passport is generally not, not. you start the informed. the u. s. embassy is copier and the form, i guess, washington, there are superiors over there who send the airplane to, to muscle. my source officer in the military intelligence. i think that the children with too excited, they're was the believe they have texture, very big since they do become internationally famous by capturing one of the organizers of 9 the loan at texas. it was just too big thing to keep ah, to keep quiet or
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mm. oh, good fun. i wish dish pill fee i knew london or done. hm. damage in item cofer, home give orphan or zillow will give her soon or definitely sunday farm and the modem. ah anonymous as give a discount on the spot on to the others on tele, on the hub mission links on press and the vendor dish logon on. cont dynasty. a little oh and then have dish is in thus in oakland were and try get him home on instinct. be the so
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spas air, dusty to these it say on food i'm low 100 the of a funded taylor stun. i know on mr. or bucket mckayden. muff ganesha would grandmother seemed like this extinct invalid. the night i'm inside under acre. i now blasted fleischer is sold from dog drinkin. now missing sack this, this is for us on missed. so boys that have exert and fear the last order gets still garnished with with other though, my spirit in the not common by low it. i live in spiteful moment. amish
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de fair, certain at hand. sharon catherine on survey either on gifford and her for her home . but these are for her home sessions via the tri americana, to varnish for montauk estel mile in cvd. div wilson guns cannot darcy sh. also orland bitten on, thus in them was equal to a housekeeper or div austin. somebody should be upon them out of hungry darcia'll just out, michel, uncommitted. her name was to this is aldo from shanker mideast, as a lender at that, a leash on camry. turner was denise as well. natalie, listen, the thought you building bout narvie wilson from mix flu was finished with a still a little. ah
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ah. ah. ah. d hum sucked. duke m. c. a. nicholas. as owen's consechi, articles 3 of missed holes. a iona osmani adamos to ha felicia and an arm boy. a thought before both waldo. on the front of mister handouts, mitchell to have been bust done home except bulky. he did not in home gushed rum. doesn't run under oscar mot. no. bob garger clinton
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d under initial mio. doesn't happen d, off the hook combination, you bleedin with him home gosh, strike. i learned. talk at school with in new york in 2005 is human rights organization, a seal. you became aware of culottes, case. they specialized and tracking this ca, ace abduction program, pallets account of what happened to him was a credible story about united states involvement on the sea ice involvement specifically. and in this program of transporting individuals to secret
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attention and torture. despite the fact that this was the home of his torturers colored nonetheless got on the plane with manfred his lawyer in from mother to daughter, an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarchy ah, from start to finish. old traditions, intertwined with new designs, making this families place unique and to nicea as rich tapestry. the threat on a da 0 in the hands on child working in asian africa. that me days where i'd be choosing and editing my iron stories in a refugee camp with no electricity. and right now where confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity is ever faced. and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise. because that's
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the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together. that's why is there is so important, we make those connections. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what lucy al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you out is in europe. ah, with
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to see never sit down with night tonight and shampoo and she investments ah hello again, i'm laura kyle and know how these the top stories on al jazeera, the u. k. prime minister says it's time to draw a line on the questions about his leadership and move on, where his johnson survived a confidence vote in his own party on monday, calling the outcome a convincing and decisive result. and supporters celebrates the vote, but the scale of the rebellion is raising questions about his future. 40 percent of the prime ministers colleagues refused to back him. the united nations has had
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accusations of human trafficking and exploitation in ukraine to promote se perpetrators, the taking advantage of the war you in special representative on sexual violence in conflict address. the security council for put it is a new line, traffic is what is known a tragedy. it isn't which energy, women and children fleeing the conflict, are being targeted for trafficking and exploitation. in some cases facing further exposure to ramp up the risk while seeking refuge. there been multiple reports from survivors of russia. soldiers breaking down doors to basements, where women were sheltering and raping them. these terrible acts were done in front of their children, and they were filmed by the russian soldiers. these are bone chilling accounts. let us go through the rochard and up our fax physician's off russian service personnel, committing crimes of his sexual nature. since the very beginning of our special
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military operation, ukraine has become a favorite tactic of the key regime. and our western colleagues is, as government has failed to pass a bill, it would renew and uphold the status of his race that was in the occupied west bank . the measures which are expiring at the end of the month of been in place for decades allows israelis living in illegal settlements to enjoy the benefits of citizenship while its palestinians still live under military rule. this is a major setback for israel's fragile coalition government to businessman, accused of corruption in south africa, been arrested in the united arab emirates, rogers and docile gupta had close ties with former president jacob summa and into poll. notice for their arrests was issued last year off, they fled the country and 2018. those are you headlines. i'll be back with more news hell on al jazeera, but now back fail mastery case. ah,
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in 2004 colored el masri is arrested during a trip to macedonia. he's interrogated and mistreated. nobody knows his fare. about 5 months later, he is released in a forest in albania. canada must remain international headlines. for years he fought in vain for explanations and justice. he felt abandoned by his own government. in europe, d. n. masri case became a topic in 2005. former says public prosecutor, dick marty, member of the council of europe was made chief investigator against ca, activities in europe, colored than musky e lay a furlough. se boulder book a door type of kya and not my mother, beth son. joy did that new up or back door,
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a courtly kill and have it, you know, not to rule or can pose. dick. marty proved that the c i. e kept secret presence in poland, and romania says i live more exquisitely dca. so did despise shy excursion. this year. she saw these act kimmy nell safe once at work, fuller de howard. wow. so, so these act came in in, in burly at the end of 2005, the political bomb exploded. it turned out that the interior minister auto celia had long since known about the kidnapping. on which monday, 20042 days after the mastery returned from afghanistan, u. s. ambassador daniel coats had informed tv about it or 2, she had kept silent for more than a year and
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a half isde born as the girls in dodger boone. and in and out on by the indian insurance file involve yet slides. vegas with arms yonder, norman saunters, also invite americana sherburne in disney films file in woodson. hastings it out of our kind of kindness a season corner. can he notified that i tried to find his soc? ah, the government knew in 2004, the head of the german chancellor. reap was frank fighter shine maya. it wasn't until the treasure got too big that he went public. is harbor in uni spy, 1000 unshared toys and, and that's fine. verse balloons and cancelling them as antagonists fundies and follow favlin. and these are
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mun enough exactly. she at iep is the us, she both come as he cop forced air, a step. my daughter, come off pet dan. yeah. dodge. i bob thompson doesn't or do you buy? i've ordered a truce. i know she's to asthma, which still in the woods and i'm his id. mm hm. me
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to estimate val. dish from that seller only hunching on alice. so for english from the tiller there, broken to for her home. i'm dish thought chess. i enter on . describe cake, sil. dear on it's leash. she pushed them at me. a dodge. she's a vessel duncan. the only i'm a tenant of often. yeah. or. yeah, it is. dish often city. some are going to be was finished for i'm finding so charming. perfect. yes. artifacts m i saw the soul in salmon and then i saki. then i searched out the cynthia thea. alignment and under become netflix and, and us oregon to come see house our director to in miss. so i'm far for us. feel misled lingo, the one on damn,
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we cannot vol in mission. does human varies castile here vast? ah. in the midst of the rising suspicion against officious day, my uncle turning benefit ne, decreased a compelling message. a photo of sam might have surfaced satin massey and distilled now under his foot english insect a success. the man who called himself sam may be gathered in an official of the german federal criminal agency, kelley doug delicate missions. at that time, his existence was top secret. unexpectedly, montfort needed, and his client was summoned by the police. the note when it had prepared
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a line of the day. suppose it sam, had a german policeman, worked with the americans to him to kidnapping sam had to celebrate the vehicle. google might be the in afghanistan. bon, often these estate on saw on be out there to spoken at this bar, fiesta area and and how be ours? faith enough, is she in up, anson? give him up. i will obey v heard tish thus gift that it be slower or destructive. albany shall go complete our st. accent. fain for holton phone. a division can be a thus far, sam. ah, is the science of makes you the 2nd it is fantastic. he was in law for the op, cleared on in, need him seen it doesn't in this also didn't work in kinds of ice. it sort of,
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yes m as in tom at be fantastic. but i'm finished and see what i've been going see here yet. and save her some of my clot one i'm calling to fest morgan on dollars him. so does the upload his op clearing emission as a see trouble dot com shante often silly for loud bow. the starts involved shaft lift a kind that he will have the boy to twin as it does. hobbies not necessarily it concrete, not for in the meantime, weaknesses had emerged in macedonia. air statements cast another, questionable light on the german government and kept a scanner in might said, onion oh, honey gift des acton nat deduction? burton banning from yet she hamilton, i'll stay mom faint and i would shaft yet. he pushed michel to miss madison. gal,
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please contact me. i just need what 1st end as does justice. the student wanted boffin via demoss office asked me to steal malisha the slideshow. i silent and, and mister marley's mission and the sub managed others. you presume a danish violence act of issued her understand her? this is unfair to us by its mistake. now. what lot number issue it on your stereo disc assisted miss thorpe pursued consequence cut it is must really slow to a danger into, at least in a forest. there a little later is picked up by albanian officials. and without further ado, they put him on a plane to germany. and from fort voice on. com on the controller trotter on as a come to drink more dispute. that was shown more your spirit i see out also,
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while yourself versus under her beer. billable homes. you must, under some beauty fuel shame. whoa. oh, sways from those mich michigan embassy. stop by happening for key bundles. tissue. sure, yes ma'am, is to ensure gonna home on call, michelle jose. she is dusty. it must reset duction lasted to 5 months. almost 2 years later, the questions were so serious that a committee of investigation was set up in berlin in march, 2006. which role did the german government play?
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tell it unless we can tell his painful story on the grand stage. but the politicians turn a blind eye no one approaches in missouri. slowly the wind begins to turn suddenly and mastery is openly suspected. ah, val e f as has often to hand them that won't assume ostrich in vincent can he didn't? he affording up gordon. it's not a mastery battalion as i go and los kit kit left walton harbor that home by their deutsch, really bad knees, and was lima from gloves, though. inter sent fiddy with awe via his talent. a massey is a mastery new and an exclusive offer. it must be, is filling up for our best mitzi, ahead of, and it was under peasant deflector. you saw mr. dodge and determine,
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is mr. village? oh, in the sudden caught emily continentals building? oh, my hus. e po, would see it was okay. be still leaking. the metal plus doub work if would touch it, would epilepsy upwards. she had said she dusky to load whenever the ill tune him in school. weaker. douglas hooper, since he blew onto the know how to specially art are thus ear canal devotee become for some start on to earth. does a leaky in and shut feed up. i will not it. he has on able to this inside the hinder name in on may the 27th, 2007 colors must re set off for a wholesale market in night. william, where he intended to do as much damage as possible.
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he gained entry by force and started a fire colored snipped because of a trifle. he complained about a broken mp 3 player. he felt provoked treated condescendingly ah, well, it's english this aust laughed it dear early and it's like that he lost us new fish . dean complimented us half day to offer more drama after the arsenal, tech and mastery had to stand trial. the judge was understanding and must reverse, given just a suspended sentence. then something remarkable happened. the munich public prosecutor's office requested a warrant for the arrest of 13 ca,
3:45 pm
agents. the german government, it would be admitted to quartier, the highest american court decline. ah, a friend had given colored and neglected property throughout the sum of 2009 hubert to turn it into a garden. ah, this was the last time that i met him. ah since september the 11th 2009 colored and must read together,
3:46 pm
that 3 of his sons entered the town hall in night when stormed into the office and physically attacked. maria gala new and back. the 2nd comes out of the blue for evelyn lulu. no undock was only slightly injured from shock for life. she misses them. i'm kung, asserted bonded nothing on to use teeth to deal to pay. the kind of boys needs to one mm mouse for tied to go hobbling. i trudged mail icon or to san discovery tattoo. ah, canada,
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missouri was in prison for 5 years. as soon as he was released in 2014, he went to the airport and disappeared. the secrets ya a report and his abduction became public in 2016 so some of the mysteries of this abduction others remain open. plus there was a clear conclusion. mm. with whom was his devastating testimony. callous innocence was finally proven, but to public heard nothing about him. his case was versus
3:48 pm
mm. yet his story didn't leave me. 8 years after our last meeting, i finally found him in austria after his detention color tried to find work in different countries. in vain. germany was no longer an option for him. thus he decided to trade arab goods in austria. a monument all
3:49 pm
17 years have passed since colored subduction. it had also been a nightmare for his wife asia when he disappeared without a trace. on december the 31st 2003, she took her 4 children and return to lebanon in desperation than the harring she had asked as an under for alden that a hired out it, although in boston. so i sneezed when only scant done keys are now hardly run it by when is mer here. one c, n sandwich. vedic for admission in by any can touch it up can make, does it a mother answer to heart flush, the mentor involved on to what had angst her feel owns than can you me,
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it kinda vanished elaine again or donna, ink and fuss, martin m, i think ganske site says to our it done net wilner, our vine, and although the dance lout said i am other in fossil yeah on. tess must awfully miss said miss aunt medford mannequins at all. yeah, in 2009. when college went to prison, the family were separated again. this, if it wasn't already tough enough, asia got into a disagreement with the authorities. they wanted to convince her to put some of her children into foster care. in 2011, the situation escalated in panic. asia fled to lebanon again. i
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mean by a chow. her 17 years old at the time completed an apprenticeship in vienna. we're vetoed selection very close it for ended for thousands, a centralized session to know a lot on my father, but hon. small, sure both of us are here for by the are both both muscle only use on johnson lamp wood on dish, cynthia, florida. mm hm. and father them, but the other people would be by the city just to go farther nozzle on that side, then you see some few car from us to
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help us fish as well as will. and that's i thought was sunday marika garcia out carol. ah, and almost 2 decades have passed since the abduction, the tragedy has not been forgotten. the senate investigative report dearest had
3:53 pm
explained parts of the ca, abduction program. they never apologized. mm . last macedonia. and the other hand, not only paid 60000 euros in compensation in 2018, the small country formerly apologized. ah, germany closed the case in 2009. that to you, the committee of inquiry presented its conclusions. 3 years after 2 begun. ah
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ah ah ah
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we don't simply focus on the pelican said the conflict, it's the consequences or the human suffering that he's a 4th on. it is one of the most serious about the violence in recent years. we brave bullet bomb because we give voice to those demanding freedom the rule of law, and we always include the views from all sides. the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine book. your travel package to day. hello. we've got some rather wet weather, just pushing across. so central and southern positively, a lot of clouds showing up have had some heavy down post to the south of santiago, every down. pause to between what a cirrus an already to narrow that cloud of rain stretches up across their paraguay, it to bolivia, chain of storms here, and the heavy showers will continue across and all the pos of the reach once you can examine central areas. western pos, brazil, or to same some big samples by wednesday. but i rained rudy popping up down towards
3:56 pm
the south over towards south paolo farther north, the st. very heavy. right. of course. across parts of the caribbean, still some lobby damsels coming across the bahamas from the trail and a what was tropical storm alex, which stretches down across south florida. still some rain, big down pulls, coming through here. possibly see some flooding western parts of cuba. rod along central america for moral away from by the oak tom peninsula to panama. see some heavy showers, longest bells of ray wet weather there across a good part of central america. the heaviest apples i suspect will be on the western side of the isthmus, just which was the pacific coast there. elsewhere across the car, been sunshine, his shouts, east not is not faring too badly. heavy rain continues, meanwhile, across the great lakes, pushing up towards eastern canada all making his way for the east. i saw airway official airline of the journey as the final 3 places at the feet, but will come, are decided, will live from the playoffs, will gather reaction from across the globe as teams vessels. council 2022.
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the world qualifies special coverage on al jazeera. how do states control information in china local go? if you tried to search the war tenement, we find it is trying to make the whole country forget how did the narrative improve public opinion? the headlight died and that allowed the children to continue to die to how assist us in journalism we framing the story. i am here to document the war. crimes committed by winter and his resume. the listening post dissects the media on al jazeera is abandoned as a child by his own ha, cristella alone is nothing of early life in the republic of hunger. after 40 years living in switzerland, cristella follows a fascinating paper trail that leads from his adopted home. to the country of his
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bare oh, and the most unexpected re union witness ill earlier on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello there, i'm laura kyle. this is the news our live from doha.


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